Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yoyo Mung Talks About 7 Year Love Marathon with Ekin Cheng

Since Yoyo Mung left TVB, she is now a freelance artist and appears on iCable for the first time. She was a guest on the talk show Star Chatroom and talked about her 7 year love marathon with Ekin Cheng. Yoyo said: "I decided to entrust this 'big kid' for a lifetime and it is all because of my grandmother's passing in 2007, which was a huge impact on me. At the time, I had only been dating Ekin for half a year, but he called me early in the morning and told me to go to his house. He said I should not face this alone. It was that moment I acknowledged him as a man I could rely on."

What Yoyo admires most about Ekin is that he knows how to cherish family. "Before the widespread of smartphones, Ekin's father already knew how to use WhatsApp and send pictures. Clearly, Ekin really spent the time and patience to teach his father how he could communicate with him. When Ekin has a day off, he will drive his family around on a joy ride and take them on vacation. He really loves and cherishes family, and I believe he would treat me the same way. I'm very sloppy and rarely clean the house. People had complained about me before, but he really shows tolerance me."

Yoyo disclosed Ekin made the marriage proposal ring himself. "He secretly made the ring while I was not home. It is an one of a kind silver ring and he made it to surprise me." When speaking of her plans to have children, Yoyo expressed she will not consider children for now. "We are afraid we won't have anyone to take care of us when we get old, so we have to exercise more while we're young. We want more technology products, such as a massager and voice machine to help us get up from bed."


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