Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Veteran Actor Lau Siu Ming Bids Final Farewell to Late Wife

Veteran actor Lau Siu Ming's beloved wife (Cheung Wai Ling) passed away from cancer. Yesterday the memorial service was held at Holy Cross Catholic Church. Her remains were sent to the Hong Kong Catholic Cemetery after the service. The guests who attended the memorial service to bid their final farewell included Anthony Wong, Damian Lau, Sunny Chan, Amy Kwok, King Sir and Elaine Ng.

The grieved Lau Siu Ming created a photo book in memory of his late wife. When he opened the book, his tears came running out continuously. Lau and his two daughters hummed a farewell tune to the late Cheung Wai Ling. He expressed he and his wife had been married for 50 years, many precious memories were left behind, but all these images can no longer appear. His wife's last words were moved him greatly, he said: "My wife said to me before she left, I am the dancer in the sunset glow. She told me that I should not be grieving over her death I have to live under the brilliant sunset glow."

Sunny Chan expressed he played Lau Siu Ming's 'Master' (See Fu) before in a series. He felt his the wife of his 'apprentice' had a very satisfactory life. "She is the model for females. Her entire life revolved around her family and her husband. Until she had cancer, she had a long period of time where her husband took care of her. From her, I can see how the oriental woman transform."

Baby Fala Chen Poses For Halloween with "Westerners" Francis Ng & Nancy Wu

Yesterday many artists celebrated Halloween despite busy shooting for new series. Even the cast of Triumph in the Skies II including Francis Ng, Fala Chen and Nancy Wu played along. Yesterday the three posed for pictures in their Halloween costumes and Francis shared it on Weibo. Fala was dressed as a cute baby, Francis and Nancy were disguised as Westerners. The three looked Chok in the photo and it looked very funny.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lee Hi releases MV for debut single “1,2,3,4″

The countdown for ‘K-Pop Star‘ finalist Lee Hi‘s debut has ended with the digital release of ”1, 2, 3, 4” and its corresponding music video

Yesterday, her agency YG Entertainment revealed a timer on their official blog to usher in the soulful singer’s October 29th release. Since Lee Hi is still a rookie, Yang Hyun Suk is personally leading all the decisions for her debut.

The music video director for 2NE1‘s “Lonely” and Big Bang’s “Blue” and “Monster“, Han Sa Min, directed Lee Hi’s music video and the investment made in her video is reportedly twice the amount of a generic music video!

Watch the MV below and tell is what you think!

Psy’s new song will be in half English and half Korean?

Psy recently sat down to discuss his widespread fame with CNN, and during the interview, the singer dropped some new details about his upcoming song!

There had been some confusion initially about whether his new release in the U.S. would be done in Korean or English for it was said that his label had suggested he keep his songs Korean, while later it was revealed that Psy and his representatives were in discussion to produce a song in English.

However, in the latest interview, Psy specifically mentioned, “It’s half Korean, half English, so I kind of united them together. And it has another dance move. I cannot predict that it’ll be stronger than the ‘horse’, but still, I’ve got a really nice feeling about the choreography.”

He also went on to reveal that he is not expecting the new release to top “Gangnam Style“, saying, “I cannot beat ‘Gangnam Style’, I don’t think so.”

In addition to the details about his new release, Psy also discussed his reaction to his rise to worldwide fame as well as what he believes was the key to the spread of his music.

miss A’s Suzy Takes a Hard Fall on Stage

miss A’s Suzy had a nasty fall onstage during yesterday’s episode of KBS’s “Gag Concert.” The members of miss A made a guest appearance on the popular comedy sketch to explain Suzy’s controversial kiss with comedian Kim Joon Hyun this past August.

During the sketch, Kim Joon Hyun, disguised as Suzy, tried to kiss fellow comedian Song Joong Geun much to everyone’s surprise. The real Suzy then ran across the stage, yelling “Wait!” However, she slipped on the slippery stage and fell. Shin Bora, Song Joong Geun, and her miss A members rushed to her side to help her. However, Suzy stood up as if nothing happened and said, “Hello. I’ m Suzy from miss A. I’m here because I really wanted to explain what happen last time. Our lips really didn’t touch, but everyone believed that it did. So I will reenact the same scene here.”

Song Joong Geun asked, “Can I be part of this reenactment?” to which Suzy answered, “Nope. Joon Hyun oppa…” She paused and took a look at Kim Joon Hyun who was dressed like her. Suzy continued, “I’ll do it with Joong Geun oppa.”

Leeteuk chops his hair off for the army

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk had hinted that he had cut his hair on the 27th with his tweet, and he has finally been spotted with his newly cut hair.

On the 27th, he had tweeted, “My look wasn’t just based on my hair… It wasn’t.. kekekekekekekekekeke“, and fans had guessed that he was either satisfied with his new buzz cut or was telling himself to be satisfied with his new haircut.

Photos of his hair hadn’t been seen, leaving fans curious of how he looked with his new army cut. The leader of Super Junior was finally seen with his new hair, and fans were relieved to see that his short hair wasn’t nearly as bad as they might have expected.

In fact, Leeteuk seemed to have left the top of his hair a little longer than the traditional buzz cut, leaving fans to wonder if he was taking the transformation in steps.

What do you think of his new hair?

Kate Tsui Denies the Rumors with Leon Lai & Bosco Wong

TVB series Highs and Lows starring Kate Tsui, Raymond Lam and Michael Miu has been doing very well in the TV ratings. Kate especially hosted a celebration dinner with the entire cast and crew.

Recently, Kate's gang rape scene has been getting heated response on the internet and Netizens have been actively discussing. Kate's recent rumors are also pretty shocking as well! A magazine reported that the divorced Leon Lai sparked love with Kate while working in Mainland. Another magazine reported that she hooked up with Bosco Wong, who had just fallen out of love. That day, Kate laughed off both rumors. She said she hasn't seen Leon since they collaborated in a commercial many years ago. It was also said Leon had fallen in love with women with thick lips? Kate refused to admit that she has thick lips. She laughed: "I haven't been following the news, the magazine are trying to categorize those women, I don't think I have thick lips, I really don't think so!"

As for Bosco, she said she encountered him a few days ago at the car racing competition in Shanghai. Kate said she was busy partying with her fans in Shanghai and basically had no time to be with Bosco. As for the photo published on the magazine of her hugging Bosco after winning the race? Kate said: "I hugged everyone when I won the race. They (the media) just took that one photo and published it. That's it." She revealed in the next film she's shooting, she and Bosco are going to be a pair again. Perhaps that was to prepare the start of the rumors. She is mentally prepared for that, "I can't help it. It will keep coming, and this isn't the first time. We all understand, basically there is no such thing, so I just laugh it off and move one." When asked if she had comforted Bosco after his break up? She said coldly: "Bosco, I didn't care about him, nor do is it necessary. He's a big man, he doesn't need me to care about him."

Cheung Wing Hong "Fan Kan" Wedding Photo Shoot with fiancée Angie Lai

TVB artist Cheung Wing Hong, gained popularity and recognition based on his role as "Fan Kan" in Three Kingdoms RPG. Next month on the 8th (Nov 8th), he is marrying Scoop's host Angie Lai. As the marriage is just around the corner, and the couple are still busy working on series and hosting, they don't have much time, but fortunately things are going smoothly. Angie's parents, residing in San Francisco, just made it back to HK and are preparing to take part in their daughter's wedding.

Although the couple are busy, Hong and Angie made a special trip to Macau to take a set of wedding photos and hired a famous photographer, CM Leung, who had done wedding photo shoots for many popular celebrities. The outcome of the photos were excellent, Hong expressed: "We love to take pictures. (The photos are very romantic too!) Yes, but actually that day during the photo shoot, we went to so many places, I look so tired. Well, just had to cover it up with my acting."

Mimi Lo & Power Chan Welcomes their 7.3 lb "Long Leg" Baby Girl Jan Chan

TVB artists Mimi Lo and Power Chan's 7.3 pound baby girl, Jan Chan, was born yesterday at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. The nurse praised Jan's big eyes and pair of beautiful long legs! When asked whether Mimi was emotional or cried? Power said: "She was rubbing her eyes and even said other babies crying sounds annoying, but when her baby cries, she thinks she sounds cute. I went in to cut the umbilical cord too. What I was most nervous was, I was afraid the scissors might hurt the baby! (Go for another baby?) I think we'll have another one in the next one or two years, so our daughter could have someone to play and grow up with her, but leave it all to fate."

When asked who the baby resembles more of, the mother or father? Power laughed and said 80% of the people think Jan looks more like her mother. Their daughter is named after Bruce Lee's character "Chan Jan" in the film Fist of Fury, which is also Mimi's favorite film. As a father for the fist time, Power reveals Mimi was crying when she told her mother-in-law over the phone and expressed they aren't young anymore, but are already matured when they welcomed the new life into this world.

As for Mimi's comeback? Power said his wife will be reducing working on-screen, but will have a performance in Mainland in December. He hopes the family of three can work together in the future, so her daughter can see more of the outside world and expand her horizon. When asked if Mimi is the type to get a tattoo? He said: "Tattoos hurt the nutrition. She'll be breastfeeding as well and also she's a singer, she can still sing even without tattoos. She won't mind." Also, Mimi posted a photo her with her newborn and husband Power on the hospital bed. She wrote: "Mission accomplished!"

Monday, October 29, 2012

Louisa So's Severe Menstrual Pain While Filming, Ends Up in Emergency Room

Recently, Louisa So became the spokesperson for a pain reliever drug. Yesterday she was shooting the commercial for the product. During the interview, she exposed one of her embarrassing moments. One time when she was filming a TV series, coincidentally her period came and she was eventually sent to the emergency room because she couldn't handle the severe menstrual pain. She said: "One time while I was working, my menstrual pains was hurting me badly, but because of the time constraint, I tried my best to hold it in. Then the pain started getting worse and I couldn't even walk anymore. A colleague saw the drastic changes in my facial expressions and rushed me to the emergency room."

Louisa laughed she has really good personal integrity as an actress. When she's working and feels unwell, she will just persist until the end. That was on her only experienced, where she couldn't handle it. She said: "I affected the entire crew, now that I think back to it, I feel stupid."

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bosco Wong's "Feminine Man" Charm Defeats Kate Tsui

Yesterday Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui attended the ELLE Style Awards 2012 opening ceremony. The two TVB Siu Sang and FaDans were pressuring the group of Mainland celebrities at the event. Kate was dressed in a strapped black evening dress, showing off her shoulders and Bosco had on a pink leather jacket accompanied by a fringe handbag, selling "feminine man" charisma and made the Mainland fans scream loudly.

When asked if Bosco had confidence to become TV King? He said: "Didn't think about it. Everyone is so good! Moses Chan and Raymond Lam are strong opponents." He also supported ex-lover Myolie Wu's performance in Ghetto Justice II. Also, yesterday Kate took part in a car race in Shanghai, where she drove as fast as 100km and became the winner in the female group.

Wayne Lai Doesn't Dare to Compete for TV King again: "I'll Get Kick Out of TVB"

Wayne Lai accepted an interview on Timothy Cheng's RTHK radio program. He expressed he has confidence on his upcoming new series The Confidant and reveals TVB is making it a grand occasion. On October 31st, The Confidant premiere will be held at Elements HK Shopping Mall, where the first episode will be shown in advance. Recently Damian Lau has been very well-received by the audience for his performance in Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles, Wayne said: "Yes! I have also noticed that glamorous dancing scene of his." Wayne thinks it is a good thing that both anniversary series get good feedback. If he could defeat a strong opponent, then he'll be even happier.

Silver Spoon is doing well in the TV ratings, but Wayne believed The Confidant will also match the ratings. A magazine reported, in this series he's going to be a 'dog' again? Wayne clarified: "I'm not a dog. In the series, I start off as an eunuch and climb up from there. When I first entered the palace, I was bullied, which is similar to Chai Gau (Rosy Business) because he starts from the bottom and then works his way up to success." He joked and said The Confidant certainly doesn't have a "strong aftertaste" as Silver Spoon because there won't be any glamorous dancing scenes, but he does have a bed scene with Nancy Wu.

Would he want a sequel if there are high ratings? Wayne said: "Yes, because we didn't touch on Lee Lin Ying's later years in the series. If we have support from the audience, I hope to shoot a sequel and tell a story about Lee Lin Ying's later years where there is some violation between him and Empress Dowager, there will be great changes then." Reporter suggested he could depend on this sequel to fight for the TV King title next year? Wayne laughed: "Again? That's enough! It's hard to survive in TVB if get the award too many times, I will get kicked out the door!"

Friday, October 26, 2012

Kevin Cheng Gets 10 Stitches On his Eye

The other day, Kevin Cheng injured his right eye, bursting the blood vessels, while shooting for Mainland drama Ip Man. He immediately stopped working and flew back to HK for surgery and treatment.

Virgina Lok appeared at the Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital to handle the paperwork for admitting Kevin into the hospital. She said: "I got a call and learned of Kevin's injury. He's a little frustrated, perhaps because he's in a lot of pain and has to come back to HK alone." Because of the accident, Kevin loses over a million HKD worth of canceled jobs.

Yesterday at 1pm, Kevin was wearing an eye patch and sunglasses as a white car pulled up to the hospital to pick him up. When reporters asked about the accident and what exactly happened? He did not respond. Kevin later accepted an interview over the phone, "I got 10 stitches, the doctor said he used a very thin thread for the stitches and the scar should be very small. That's why I had to get more stitches. I think by next week, when my eye stops swelling, I can start working again. There will bound to be accidents in filming, luckily filming for the series is almost complete. I'm in a hurry, I want to go back and finish it up. (Worried you might be disfigured?) Can't worry or think too much. It has already happened, just got to deal with the circumstances!" Virgina expressed Kevin did not have to do a resurfacing surgery, but will have to go in for a followup visit next week to remove the stitches. Good friend Ben Wong accompanied Kevin to the hospital, he expressed Kevin is doing fine and is still handsome despite the 10 stitches.

Alex Fong No Standpoint: There Will Be Double TV Queens This Year

Alex Fong and the cast of A Great Way To Care II had an end-of-filming dinner yesterday. Some of the cast including, Tavia Yeung, Aimee Chan, Edwin Siu and Yoyo Mung were absent. Alex joked: "Aimee is in Malaysia having coffee and Yoyo went to some island in the South Pacific to do something I don't know! Tavia went to Australia for work. (Is Yoyo and Ekin Cheng planning their wedding there?) I don't know!" However, it was understood Yoyo is just working in Shanghai. Alex expressed now that he has completed this series, he is going to take a break and spend some time with his family. When speaking of the TV Queen battle? He said: "I've been working in Mainland in the past two years, haven't been following! (Tavia or Kate Tsui?) Pretty good, maybe we'll have two TV Queens this year! (Film more series and join the TV King competition?) I'm not a TVB Son, didn't sign a contract with them. How can I be TV King?!" It was rumored, Tavia was out partying while she was working in Mainland? Alex supported his partner: "She is professional. Besides the drinking incident she had earlier, she gets to work on time every day. (Were your frightened by Tavia's Pinocchio nose?) Didn't really pay attention to that, I don't know!"

Gigi Wong: TVB Highly Disrespects "Green Leaf" Veteran Artists

Yesterday Gigi Wong was on a radio interview and groaned, "TVB is extremely disrespectful to the older artists (veterans). No matter how great their acting is, TVB will not mention them. That's why there are so many people leaving!" When asked if she has considered moving over to CTI? She said: "At least they treat the veterans like humans and artists. However, when we were discussing Divas In Distress, I found out I get to collaborate with Liza Wang and forgot about it! (You mind turning from a FaDan into a housewife?) All goddesses will get old eventually, I accumulated experience and for every age, I want to portray a role that matches my age."

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wonder Girls’ Sohee takes risque photos on a bed

Risque photos of Wonder Girls‘ Sohee, titled “Devlish Sohee” were uploaded online.

In the photos, Sohee is wearing a black see-through outfit and smiling sleepily, her hair messily spread around her. She awed fans with her flawless skin, sharp jawline, and good looks. Her short shorts revealed her legs, and created a sexy mood along with the see-through shirt.

Fans who saw the photos said, “There are a lot of pretty idols lately, but Sohee has a different charm from all of them“, and “Her body is amazing“.

Raymond Wong No Intentions to be a TVB 'Son'

Yesterday Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong and Whitney Hui attended the costume fitting of TVB new series Master . Understands (tentative). Raymond reveals he'll be shaving his head soon, "I'm very happy to be the lead actor again. (Will you sign a management contract with TVB because of this?) TVB had always been giving me opportunities. I will be focusing more on shooting TVB series, but I want to maintain this relationship for now." He expressed once he finishes shooting the two series he has on hand, he will be taking a break and go on vacation wit his family.

Priscilla Wong takes on a leading role once again, but can no longer use the 'newcomer' excuse, which puts greater pressure on her. When asked if she's afraid she may get a lot of gossips? She said: "I'm already prepared for these types of news. I hope to do better!" As for the rumor that she has Yu Wing Shan (head of the TVB Variety Shows department) backing her and is getting boycotted due to this. Priscilla said helplessly: "Can't help it. I'm just a small potato. Audience can remember me more if I have some sort of nickname. However, I have nobody backing me." She expressed earlier on her birthday, she had a crab fest celebration with the cast and crew of Heart Road GPS, which proves she's not being boycotted.

First time in a costume drama, Whitney Hui (2011 Miss HK second runner-up) expressed she does not mind having to hide her beauty because she plays a female constable in this series. She boasted that she has good Chinese and won't need a translator. She just has bad memory, so she has to copy down all her lines for it to absorb.

Bosco Wong Angered on the Street, Niki Chow Has "No Eyes To See"

Breaking up with Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong has been trying to forget the relationship and concentrated on his work. Last night, Bosco drove his Mercedes S350 and parked it on the street in Mongkok, where he went straight to work on TVB new series A Good Heart Goes Haywire. At the filming location, Bosco was shooting the scene with Niki Chow and attracted a lot of onlookers. The scene was about Niki, who became blind after an accident, walking down the street when a group of young guys surrounded her. Bosco was secretly protecting her and came flying out with a 'drop kick' to rescue Niki. Bosco showed off his waist strength when he did the drop kick and won applause from the surrounding audience. As for Niki, she was total into character, acting just like a real blind girl. The onlookers praised her good acting skills.

During the interview, Bosco was asked if there were any sparks between him and Niki? He said: "We're just acting, but we are a pair in the series and we have kiss scenes. It's not too intense though." As for ex-lover Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui battling for TV Queen, asked who he supports? Bosco said: "Myolie! She has a good chance, she did very well in Ghetto Justice II. If she does win, I will congratulate her!" However, Bosco also said if Kate or any one else gets the award instead, he'll be happy for them as well, "They are all my friends, I'll be happy for them!" When speaking of his chances for the TV King title? He said: "Every year, I don't have much confidence, but this year the competitors are so strong."

Niki expressed this is her first time playing a blind person, she thought it was quite special, "There so many things to play with in this series, challenges my acting skills!" When speaking of the kiss scenes with Bosco? She said: "We collaborate pleasantly and able to accommodate. We're friends, so there's no awkwardness!"

Kevin Cheng Severe Eye Injury from filming, Rushes Back to HK for Surgery

Kevin Cheng has been busy shooting for Mainland TV drama Ip Man in Kunshan, where is paid a total of 10 million yuan for participating in this drama. Yesterday he severely injured the corner of his right eye during the filming of a martial arts scene and rushed back to HK for treatment at the hospital.

Yesterday afternoon, the producer of Ip Man was notified that an accident occurred while Kevin was shooting a fighting scene. He injured his the corner of his right eye and it was not a minor injury. He suggested that Kevin immediately go to Shanghai for treatment at the hospital or go back to HK. The photos of Kevin's accident was sent to Virgina Lok for consultation, the doctor in HK recommended that he get the injury treated in Shanghai first, and then come back to HK for follow-up treatments. However, Kevin wanted the doctors in HK to treat him instead, so the crew immediately bought an air ticket for his return. When Kevin landed in HK, he was rushed to the hospital immediately for surgery and may need to get stitches.

Ip Man's producer explained the situation: "Earlier when Kevin Cheng was first invited to take part in this drama, he loved the script, but was hesitant to accept it because he had been working nonstop for 20 months. He was worried he won't be able to physically handle it. Now, filming of Ip Man is wrapping up, there is only ten days left and the fighting scenes are the main focus within these ten days. I believe he truly is exhausted, that's why this accident happened." The producer expressed when Kevin got hurt, it was like a bolt from the blue and the crew stopped filming immediately. The health of each and every one of the actors are important. "Artists rely on their face to make a living and the injury this time is on his face, that is heartbreaking to me. We all feel heartbroken." Although Kevin was injured, he still insisted to continue and finish the scene first.

TVB executive Virgina Lok was asked how serious Kevin's injury was? She said: "I still haven't gotten the details yet, I just know it's not a minor injury. We have already made arrangements for him to be back in HK for treatment. (Worried Kevin might get a scar?) He's a little unhappy, but he's a man, it's no problem. However, he has a lot of other things to worry about because he has to attend an event tomorrow, but now we will have to see how to resolve it."

Ip Man's lead actress, Chrissie Chau, was very shocked when she learned her partner was hurt, "I already completed my scenes. I just got back to HK a few days ago, I'm very worried about Kevin's condition, hope he gets better soon."

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Linda Chung Suspended Up on 7th Floor, Risk Life For TV Queen Title

TVB anniversary awards is approaching soon, the TV King and Queen battle is the center of attention. This year's TV Queen top five include Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Michelle Yim, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung. "Netizens' Favorite" Linda had just been accompanying the race for several years, but this year she can no longer be ignored since her performances in L'Escargot, Witness In Security and Daddy Good Deeds were outstanding. Unfortunately, those series were broadcasted too early, looks like its quite a disadvantage for Linda.

To win the momentum back, recently Linda has been busy shooting new series Big Wheel and is putting exceptional effort into it. Yesterday she personally filmed a dangerous scene herself without using a stunts double and putting her life on the line. She just hopes to gain some appreciation from the TVB executives and audience!

Yesterday Linda and Ruco Chan were working near a large industrial building in Kowloon Bay, where Linda was suspended on wires up from the 7th floor of the building. She posed like a superwoman in front of the cameras and appeared excited. However, the staff helping her buckle up the safety belts were a lot more tense, checking and testing the positions over and over again.

After Linda was suspended up to the 7th floor, it was lead actor Ruco Chan's turn to climb out from the window to save her. Because they had to accommodate the different camera angles, the two did the same scene several times. At one point, Linda started screaming because it was necessary for the scene, and that attracted a lot of bystanders. When she finally finished shooting and came down, the bystanders applauded and cheered for her. Then Linda and Ruco got back on wires and did a scene where they both fall from the 3rd floor down to a cargo truck.

Linda expressed the moment she was suspending on the wires, she was a little frightened: "I was a little scared at first! But then, I just pretended that I'm on a free amusement ride and I've done costume dramas before where I had to pretend to jump off a cliff. TVB bought insurance for me." Dressed in the 90s fashion, Linda laughed and said she had to borrow her mother's wardrobe and her mother even became her costume director. Ruco plays a police officer in this series, and also praised Linda for being so calm. He reveals he has a lot of car chasing and gun fighting scenes, "The action director and other staff are well experienced, I trust them that they will take all the safety precautions needed. What I have to do is make myself fitter."

Linda and Herman Ho are just like Father-Daughter

Also, Linda had just signed under Star Shine as one of the singers. It was said Star Shine's boss Herman Ho gives her special treatment, which has frightened her. Regarding this rumor, Linda frankly expressed over the phone that Herman was already helping her since her debut album. Up until now, it's been three years of collaboration. Because of this, they have a closer relationship, but it is just the father-daughter type. Linda said: "I just think it's strange, every time I release an album, news like this will pop up. I feel scared inside, but I'm not scared of my boss. Also, these reports always say there is some 'insider' exposing the news, but just who is this 'insider'? I hope they don't act like this anymore!" When asked if she'll keep her distance? She expressed no because they have collaborated for many years and she denied the rumor that Herman gave her diamonds.

Nic Tse Overcomes Melanoma, Cecilia Cheung: Bad People Won't Die That Quickly

It's rare that Nicholas Tse accepts TV interviews, but he appeared in last night's episode of Tell Maria, hosted by Maria Leitao (黎芷珊). As there is a convention on this talk show, each interviewee must share a small secret with the host. To our surprise, Nicholas' small secret is that he had skin cancer! When he discovered a black mole on the left side of his scalp, getting larger and larger, he went to check it out with a doctor. At the time, the doctor told him that he won't be able to remove the mole via electrolysis and discovered he had melanoma. The doctor said Nicholas had skin cancer and must be treated immediately. Last month, he was admitted to the hospital for the surgery to get the skin cancer completely removed and got 5 stitches. At the time, his mother Deborah Lai accompanied him to the hospital, but his father Patrick Tse did not know about it at all.

Last night Nic and his father Patrick arrived at the HK airport, they had just got back from Beijing. He causally accepted an interview, when asked how he's doing now? Nic said: "I'm ok, I'm ok. I'm fine! I just mentioned it in the interview and already said I'm fine." Nic was wearing a cap and it appears he hasn't shaved yet, he expressed its not because he's trying to cover his wound, just his hair is too short. He said he didn't tell his father about his condition: "He found out from the reports yesterday, but actually a lot of reporters showed more concern for me. I already said in the interview that I'm fine, but even if I'm not I won't say it!"

Nic frankly expressed the moment he found out about having skin cancer, he mind went black and he was most worried about his two sons, Lucas and Quintas. He immediately told his ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung about it: "She was very optimistic and told me not to worry! She said the Heaven won't let bad people die so quickly!" He repeated several times again that he is fine and that he won't be taking off from work. Instead, he told reporters not to make it such a big deal. When he was leaving, the media wished him good health, he responded: "Same to you!"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

B.A.P releases ‘Stop It’ single album + MV

B.A.P has finally stopped the teasing for their new single album ‘Stop It‘ has just been released!

The single album consists of three songs “Yes Sir”, ”Stop It”, and “Happy Birthday”, and is sure to be another release that fans will want to add to their collection.

With the single released, the members will be holding their first fanclub inauguration ceremony, ‘1st Baby Day‘, on the 27th. The ceremony will include not only performances of the group’s hit songs, but various fun events to interact with fans.

In addition to the album, the boys have also brought out a music video for the title track “Stop It”, so check it out below!

S.H.E ogles handsome Italian men in Milan

While in Milan for their new album cover shoot, Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. has enjoyed every moment despite the hectic work schedule.

Besides sightseeing, shopping, and eating, they also had a good time scoping out the local guys. The girls are most attracted to the Italians' physique, especially their well-toned behinds.

Hebe jokingly commented, "The people here are all so well-toned. We'll review and rate their [bum] whenever we're free. We Asians need to accept our fate [not having such a well-toned behind]!"

This trip to Milan has given S.H.E a chance to reunite, especially since Selina and Ella have both gotten married.

Both said, "It's good to leave your other half sometimes and spend quality time with your best friends."

S.H.E recently released a 30 second preview of their new song, Hua Dou Kai Hao Le on Oct 22. The full version will only be released globally on Oct 24.

Stephen Chan Recruits Wong He back to CRHK as a Radio Host

A few years ago, during the time when Stephen Chan was on trial for his corruption case, Wong He helped him hold the umbrella and now that Stephen is the CEO of CRHK, he especially made arrangements for his favorite to join the company. After 17 years since he left CRHK, Wong He is back to host a late night program "起來!大龍鳳". Terry Leung, who gets to lead the new blood in the company, swiped all his 'friendship cards' for Wong He and invited Joey Yung, Carol Cheng, Tanya Chan, Jim Chim, Koo Ming Wa, Mani Fok and FAMA as his guests. Yesterday, the press conference was held for the new program.

At the event, Wong He did all his homework and appeared dressed as the God of Wealth. It was rumored Wong He and Virgina Lok are on bad terms, but he decided to call Virgina up late in the evening to discuss the hidden rule of the entertainment circle. He wasn't worried that she may refuse to answer his call or hang up on him, nor did he fear he may offend her because he's not trying to start a fight. He just wanted to discuss, the smell of 'gunpowder' won't exist, but Stephen questioned him: "Gunpowder smell? I don't think you ever had any fire in you." Stephen was asked if he already recruited all his favorites into CRHK? He frankly expressed he hopes more friends can join and make the company even more lively.

Joey will be a guest on Wong He's radio program, when asked if she's worried Wong He might ask her to call boyfriend Wilfred Lau on the show? She helplessly expressed: "I don't think so! I don't know! I helped him, who will help me?" She also reveals earlier when she had her concert in Genting Highlands, she almost got into a car accident while driving up on the mountains. She was so frightened, she shouted she doesn't want to die yet. At that time, who was the first person that came to mind that she will miss? Joey expressed she'll miss her fans the most, but when asked in what position does Wilfred Lau take in her heart? She said helplessly: "I don't know!" Regarding the incident where she yelled at the security for pushing her fans? She expressed: "Was I really bold? But, it is not because I want to look cool, rather it was because I saw my fans were all girls and feared it would really get out of control. However, thinking back now, whatever I said was useless because the security there don't understand Cantonese. Basically they didn't know what I was saying, but they did eventually stop."

Koo Ming Wa "So Gay" Does Not Think TVB is Ignoring him

Yesterday Koo Ming Wa (So Gay) attended Metro Radio's Karaoke Marathon 2012. Because So Gay has been so popular after Divas In Distress, his appearance really boosted the atmosphere. Although he got off-key when he was singing, but he still attracted a lot of audience singing along with him. So Gay frankly expressed his jobs and income has increased, "It's better than the time of zero. TVB is treating me well, and helping me get more jobs. At the end of this month, I will be going out for stage performances, but the most important is that I'm enjoying my work. I cannot worry too much about money, trying to make money in a rush is no good."

However, a popular artist comes with a price, So Gay expressed: "Recently, in some interviews, questions about my daughter has been asked. Because she's at the awkward age of 14, she does mind that I mention her and felt a little unhappy. Life changes is quite contradictory, so I will have to learn to be more careful."

When speaking of good friend Wong He, speaking up for him on a radio program, that because Virgina was playing favorites, So Gay wasn't able to be part of the TVB big group picture. When asked if he feels like he's getting ignored? So Gay expressed: "Nope. In the past, when I had financial difficulties, I was able to get some dubbing jobs. TVB has so many artists, how can Miss Lok look after everybody? But when it comes to me, TVB treats me well and have already arranged me to take part in the awards ceremony in Malaysia. (But then you're not part of the TVB awards?) The nomination list hasn't been announced yet. It's already enough that the audience knows me. In fact, the 'one person per vote' may not be fair either because its going to be a competition of who has the most fans." Wong He was standing up for him, is he worried Miss Lok may be upset? "I understand he (Wong He) just wants to speak up for those artists with talent, but does not get the opportunities. We all just want the company to keep on improving."

Kate Tsui - The War Begins: Interview on Acting Career & Awards

The annual TVB Anniversary Awards is approaching soon. According to insider news, the TV Queen battle is between Kate Tsui and Tavia Yeung.

This isn't Kate's first year nominated for TV Queen, but when the media and audience think she's qualified for the award, there will bound to be many gossips and rumors spreading around. Basically, the actresses who are lucky enough to be on the headlines are either first line FaDans or those seen as good actresses.

To some extent, even if the FaDan ends up losing the award, they still won the opportunity for more exposure and momentum.

Kate said honestly: "In the recent year, I haven't had too many gossips, but that means I don't have anything to do. There will only jobs when you have more news! It was rumored Tavia and I don't get along, but will that really make me popular? If so, then I don't mind the rumor!"

Many artists have said before, "It doesn't matter whether if I'm popular or not. The most important is that there is always a role for me and songs for me to sing." Do you believe this? Raymond Lam came from a wealthy background, but he's still working real hard to gain recognition from the audience.

Kate is very frank, she wants both the fame and awards. Since Highs and Lows began broadcasting, there has been a lot of positive reaction in the public and many are complimenting Kate's performance. In the series, she plays a Drug Queen, which is rarely seen in TV series. There were several beyond television-scale scenes that appeared in this series, such as Kate injecting drugs and getting gang raped. This is considered quite risky to an actress' reputation. She said, "Telling an actress to go do drugs, not everyone can accept it. Audience will either like it or won't like it."

Earlier Raymond Lam said in an interview that no other actress fits this role as much as Kate does. It is clear that Raymond is her supporter. Kate helplessly said: "Many people have been telling me the same thing within these last two or three years. Actually, it's kinda difficult on me. Every time I play such an extreme character, yes there is a lot of room for development, but I will never be liked by audience. On average, audience like to see more of the Linda Chung types, the good girls."

Tavia Yeung Cries Amazingly

It's only two months left before the TVB anniversary awards, Kate and Tavia's news and rumors have already started popping up on the headlines.

"I really enjoy being on the list because it's quite nice that people are talking about me. If you're not too stubborn about it, those fabricated news are actually beneficial to artists. I just want some noise! Every year at the awards ceremony, I'm just sitting there. If there is an opportunity for me to say a few words, I would be happy even if it was just one or two camera shots. I'm dressed so nicely for the ceremony, don't let it go to waste!"

Tavia has been in the industry for 13 years, and it's only been 8 years for Kate. Based on qualification and seniority, Kate loses to Tavia, but recently Tavia's "car shaking" news has really damaged her image. Perhaps Heaven is trying to help Kate, her chances of becoming TV Queen suddenly jumped.

"It's not calculated like that. My image had never been that good either! Before I entered the industry, I already liked watching Ah Yi (Tavia) in costume dramas because I thought she really fits with the ancient feel. I've watched her acting in the studio next door before. Wah! She was continuously doing a crying scenes for 3 takes and her tears still came out like a faucet! She's seriously amazing. I'm still training myself, my goal is to be able to control my tears."

Tears, indeed requires practice. Actually, a normal person living a happy life won't just start crying out of the blue, but as an artist, it is necessary for them to control their emotions just as if they are controlling their hands and feet.

"When I was young, my nickname was 'Crybaby Kate'. My dad was fierce, he would beat me until I stop crying. He disciplined me like I was a boy. The first few years after my debut, crying scenes gave me a headache. I remember back when I was shooting Price of Greed, we were shooting some 10 scenes a day, and I had to be crying in 5-6 of those scenes. If I couldn't cry, then I get yelled at! The staff would stand next to you and nag in your ears, 'Hey it's time to eat, are you done? Still can't cry? Are you serious!' One time, someone stood in front of me and started yelling at me, using profanity too, but I knew they were just trying to help me."

Now that Kate's older and has more experience, she can just cry when she's asked to. In Highs and Lows, she is the drug queen Chan Ka Bik, a girl coming from a pitiful background. Kate got too into character that she actually did feel down emotionally: "When I drive home after work, I would just start thinking that the lives of humans are so hard, then I start crying."

Newcomer Award Backfired

In regards to awards, it's not like Kate hasn't won one before. In 2004, she entered the industry as a four-award Miss HK winner. She truly understands that it's all based on the right timing, so she will first have to do the best on her own part. "When I was participating in Miss HK, I thought to myself, its either I don't get any award, or I get it all. You have to understand the Miss HK system, we start by signing a contract, if you get an award, then you have to stay with TVB for a year. As for the salary, it is based on how many awards you win! My first award was the sponsored, Fitness Award, if I couldn't get the other awards, then my monthly salary would have been a few thousand dollars. How will I be able to survive? I told myself, 'No that won't do, work harder!'"

The so-called hard work, is to treat yourself like a good student and the Miss HK personal assistant is your instructor. If they tell you to walk left, then you must not walk right.

"Must handle everything seriously. Attendance is taking daily, so I tried my best not to get a tardy. One time, we were suddenly given an assignment, which was to write a 200 word self-introduction. I first wrote a draft and counted exactly 200 words, no more, no less, before turning it in."

In 2007, she cut her hair really short for On the First Beat, but people heavily criticized her for looking ugly, having a swollen face and poor acting. Fortunately in 2008, she participated in Johnny To's Eye In the Sky working alongside Film Kings Simon Yam and Tony Leung. She gained recognition and won the 'Best New Performer' at the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards.

You would think Kate helped TVB win an honor, but will her colleagues really be happy for her? Sorry, people weren't waiting to congratulate her, but to give her the cold shoulder.

"Actually the experience the award brought me was greater than expected. To me, the newcomer award is given to the newcomer that had expectional performance, but it wasn't that simple. Although you gained recognition in the film circle, but back in the TV circle, people had higher expectations on you. They would say, 'You're great, won the award, why are you back here shooting TV series?' There were a lot of nasty comments behind my back. There was actually a director that once said to me, 'I believe you came back thinking you know everything and now you're not listening to what you're being told to do!'"

"My work ethics was the same as before, but people thought I turned cocky. Then later I realized after I got the award, I have to be even more modest, low-profile and look down on myself more than before."

Even if this year, Kate is a hot favorite for TV Queen, she said: "I have a shadow, I'm really afraid what happened before will happen again because there will always be people that think I don't deserve the award."

Paul Wong & Athena Chu Share Photos of Their Baby Girl "Roast Pork Bun"

Last night at around 8pm, 48 y/o Paul Wong announced good news on Weibo, the day before his 41 y/o girlfriend Athena Chu's birthday, "Hello everyone, a very beautiful, fresh out of the oven 'char siu bao' wants to let all her friends know: 'My parents and I have safely made it home. Happy Yang Festival everyone." Paul also uploaded three beautiful photos of his newborn baby girl "Char Siu Bao" (roast pork bun).

The baby had thick hair and single-eyelids just like her father Paul, but her nose and little lips looks a lot like her beautiful mommy Athena. She's a natural born beautiful girl. Little 'Char Siu Bao' is certainly one cute baby girl, just a few days ago and already actively moving her hands and feet and even knows how to smile. She was so cute, one would want to take a bite of her chubby cheeks, no wonder Paul nicknamed their baby "Char Siu Bao".

Yesterday reporters tried to contact Paul throughout the entire day, but unfortunately he was too busy looking after his newborn and taking care of Athena, thus did not answer the calls. He did, however, replied through WhatsApp, "My brain is confused, I'm speechless!" Good friends from the industry including, Monica Chan, Ada Choi, Evergreen Mak, Alice Chan and Paul's good brothers from Beyond congratulated the couple.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kenneth Ma gets High at the Bar & Girls Surrounding Him

Kenneth Ma has been in the industry for 12 years and rarely had any rumors. His list of rumored girlfriends only switches back and forth between Margie Tsang and Nancy Wu. Kenneth's good boy image left a deep impression on audience and plus he has been frequently given important roles in the recent years, which gradually help his career grow. Since Moses Chan was taken by Aimee Chan, it's no wonder Kenneth is now seen as the last 'best deal' within TVB.

Since Kenneth broke up with Nancy two years ago, he hasn't had any new girlfriends. His ex-girlfriend Nancy recently made her new relationship public, but Kenneth is still a lonely single man. Many of his good friends are concerned of when this 'best deal' will be able to settle down, therefore often arranges him to go on blind dates. On Friday night, Kenneth was spotted at the bar in Kowloon Tong with a bunch of friends and meeting girls.

That night reporters spotted Kenneth sitting near the corner of the bar surrounded by four girls. The funniest moment was Kenneth still maintained his good boy image at the bar, as he avoided alcohol and only had lemon tea the entire night. During the night, girls of all ages approached him, there were some matured women, middle-aged women and some young ladies. Kenneth seem to have enjoyed himself that night and chatted happily with the group. Then he even took out his phone to take pictures with them. At one point, Kenneth even danced in his seat to Psy's Gangnam Style. The girls around him were laughing loudly.

At 1am, everyone paid for their own drinks and left the bar. Outside the bar, he politely gave the girls goodbye hugs and then picked up his car at the nearby parking lot.

Kenneth Ma explained today: "Actually, an old classmate from Vancouver came to HK. She hasn't been back to HK in over 10 years, so we had a friends gathering. She already went back to Vancouver, but I was happy to see the report. It was the first time I got followed like that, and I'm happy because they (the media) reported the truth. I really did only drink lemon tea, since I had to drive that night."

Vincent Wong Has An Extraordinary Eye For Beauty

That day during the interview, a 'sick voice' was heard from Vincent Wong, but once the discussion topics unfolded, Vincent's voice started getting louder and louder. First topic was "beautiful girl". Vincent developed this discussion on his own...

"When I was young and there were a lot of girls around, I would only focus on their outer appearance -- if they looked attractive and if their body figure fit my standards? But when I matured, I began to think, just by looking at the girl's outer appearance is not enough. Girls with wisdom are even more beautiful."

Married a Beautiful Model

Saying Vincent has an eye for beauty is definitely not an exaggeration. His wife is Yoyo Chen, who is considered one beautiful woman. "It is such sunshine fate to be with her. Back then before I entered the industry, I already knew Yoyo was a very popular model. One day, I was on the streets and saw a poster, the girl on the Ad was Yoyo, who was less than 20 years old at the time. I was immediately attracted to her looks and qualities! I thought to myself, if such a beautiful girl like her could be my wife, that would be wonderful." Today, Vincent's dreams came true and after dating her, he had discovered Yoyo's inner qualities.

"Yoyo is indeed a girl with the good looks and wisdom. She is not only attentive in what she does, but also plans everything in detail. Also she doesn't get anxious when there are changes in the situation, she remains calm. Compared to her, I feel ashamed because I'm impatient. Fortunately we are opposites and it's really a match from heaven." That day, Vincent was performing in the musical Barefoot in the Park (辛辣人妻) and publicly proposed to Yoyo. She was so touched, she agreed immediately. The couple were married on November 11, 2011 (11/11/11). The couple made a life promise, "one partner for life". Marrying such a beautiful wife, what more can Vincent ask for?

"Siu Long Lui" Wong Jing Kiu Comes Into The World

"Happiness" is written all over Vincent Wong, but this is only the first half chapter of his perfect family. When Yoyo gave birth to a beautiful little princess (Wong Jing Kiu) earlier this April, their newborn made his relationship with Yoyo even richer. Her father's a handsome young man, while her mother is a beautiful woman. Little Miss Wong possess the qualities of both parent, how can she not stand out in public? Everyone, please write down this name, you never know, she may be the Miss HK winner 10 years from now!

When speaking of his daughter, Vincent sweetly said: "Her looks changes day after day, so I take pictures of her daily and capture her every move on video. It's truly amazing!" Vincent frankly expressed his parents had a business when he was young, and didn't have too much time to be with him. Thus, now that he's a father himself, he's grasping every opportunity and cherishes every moment to hug and kiss his daughter during these few years. Time flies, in a blink of an eye, she'll be all grown up.

Vincent's daughter is already 7 months old, but when asked of the most memorable moments? He said: "Till this day, the moment Jing Kiu came out of her mother's womb, it is still very vivid. This will be my Top One memories -- I accompanied Yoyo into the delivery room and videotaped the entire process. When I personally cut the umbilical cord, one cut at a time, I was so nervous, my hands started sweating. Yoyo held onto my hand the entire time and didn't let go, while I was on the side constantly supporting her. Watching my daughter come into this world, from not being able to make a sound, to crying out loudly, then to her little hands grabbed my finger, all these events touched me to tears..."

Since little "Siu Long Lui" Jing Kiu stepped into Vincent and Yoyo's life of two people, as the father, Vincent felt the responsibility on him was even greater. Whether to his wife or daughter, he has a lot more responsibilities. "Actually I had always thought I would have my own family and children. Today, it has all come true, right before my eyes."

Hard to Pull Out of Tiger Cub's Role

Vincent had an outstanding performance in 2010's TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey. He gained much popularity from the role, and was honored with the "My Favorite Most Promising Actor" award at the MY AOD Favourites Awards Presentation 2011. Also, his latest drama Tiger Cubs was well-received as well. In both series, Vincent played a police officer, but has he ever thought of becoming a police officer in real life? Vincent smiled: "I believe becoming a police officer is a dream job for many guys because in movies and TV series, they are always heroes with a positive image. I've considered going to police school and becoming a police officer too, but my family thought the job was too dangerous, so they didn't allow me." Vincent frankly expressed after Gun Metal Grey and Tiger Cubs, a lot more people would call him 'Ah Sir'. Because Vincent had gotten too into character with his 'Yau Chun Hin' role in Tiger Cubs, it was difficult for him to get out of the role. We can see how great of an interest he has for acting.

Hong Kong Style Love Songs Is His Favorite

In reality, Vincent's familiarity with music didn't start from acting, but in fact when he was working as a graphic designer, he was already humming to songs at his company. His colleagues also knew he could sing. Later when he was at karaoke, a manager at Neway Star, spotted him and took him in for auditions. In 2008, he officially became a singer and released his first individual album. After his contract ended, he worked at TVB8 as the host for a music program and recently he started focusing more on TV series. "All along, I thought my favorite music genre was R&B, but recently I found my true love. I actually like Hong Kong style love songs the most, like classic songs by the Heavenly Kings -- Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lau, Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung and many other seniors." As the 2012 Miss Chinese International guest performer, what song will he choose to perform? He said he will keep that a secret, but reveals: "I guarantee, it be a memorable performance." We will have to wait and see then.

Super Junior bundles up for winter in ‘High Cut’

Some of the Super Junior members took the time out of their busy schedules to participate in a new pictorial.

Donghae, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Yesung and Kyuhyun spent their last photoshoot with leader Leeteuk before his enlistment for the latest issue of ‘High Cut‘. The concept of the photoshoot was a winter vacation, and the members showcased their usual energy. As the representative ‘variety idols’, they conducted the photoshoot through unending laughter, and had no problem with the outdoor look with outfits provided by Northface.

In the interview, Leeteuk said, “Before I enlist, I think I’m going to go around the broadcast stations and thank the PDs and writers that helped me so much.” On leaving his main MC spot on ‘Star King‘, he shared, “I just got to taste how it was to be an MC, and to be honest, I am a bit sad to be leaving.”

Leeteuk also talked about his plans for getting a girlfriend before enlisting as he commented, “It’s true that I tried hard to make a girlfriend. I tried to have one because I heard that a letter from a girlfriend was a big source of strength [while serving in the military], but others told me, ‘but you’re going to the army’. I’ll have to try to find one after I come back.”

HyunA releases new mini-album ‘Melting’

Unfortunately another artist has fallen victim to album leaks. Earlier today, popular siren HyunA‘s new mini-album was publicly leaked without permission. Although her agency, Cube Entertainment tried to prevent the songs’ widespread distribution, as expected it was futile. Cube is currently investigating the source of the leak and has decided to officially release the album earlier than its October 22nd release date.

HyunA’s new mini-album ’Melting‘consists of five tracks including title track, “Ice Cream“.

“Don’t Fall Apart” opens the mini-album depicting HyunA’s feelings on releasing a new solo album.

The idol attempts the ‘teen-pop’ genre with “Unripe Apple” which sings of a girl who wants to be seen as innocent in front of her boyfriend. BTOB‘s Ilhoon participated in the rap for the song.

Hyuna helped write the lyrics for the next track, “To My Boyfriend“, which is HyunA’s take on an emotional ballad.

The album closed out with another notable track, “Very Hot“, which is a song she participated in both the writing and composing process for the first time. The song was recently banned by KBS and MBC for referencing popular SNS app KakaoTalk.

The long-awaited full music video for HyunA’s title track “Ice Cream” is finally here. Check out the ‘bubble bath’ scene and all the other sexy and sassy scenes we have come to love from a HyunA video. Does the music video live up to her previous hits? Was it what you expected?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joey Yung Defends Fans, Angrily Scolds the Security: "Don't Push Them!"

Last night, Joey Yung held her Number 6 World Tour Concert Genting Highlands, Malaysia. She appeared in 6 different looks - sexy, glamorous, wild and cute. When fans were singing along with her, Joey suddenly shouted to stop the music and scolded angrily at the security personnel, "Don't push them!" She appeared very angry because she saw the security violently pushing the fans, so she had no other choice, but to help stand up for her fans.

After Joey finished performing one song, she asked her fans: "Are you guys hurt? I hope everyone just comes here to listen to music happily. There should absolutely not be any use of fists, you can use your eyes to glare at them!"

Then Joey performed several of her classics, and when she got to Accustomed To Falling Out of Love (習慣失戀), she suddenly expressed her feelings: "There will bound to be ups and downs in love, just have no fear, bring out the confidence and keep on going through the path of love. One day, you will find someone who matches you. I want to say, if you haven't fallen out of love before in life, then how will you know what you truly love in the end?" Looks like she's speaking to Wilfred Lau.

Christine Kuo Opposes Sex Before Marriage

Yesterday Christine Kuo attended Plaza Hollywood's 5th Crab Festival and boasted that she is good at making soup, desserts and brewing coffee. Unfortunately she's not dating yet and can't share her skills with anyone. It was said she had zero interaction with Edwin Siu while they were shooting together? Christine explained: "He has heavier screen time, so he's exhausted after shooting and every time there is a break, he would go rest. I am not afraid of rumors, and I'm prepared that there will be spread of gossips. I will no longer cry because of that."

Christine joked she just wants rumors with Yoyo Mung, "Because I'm Christian, so nobody will believe lesbian rumors." Asked if she's a virgin? Christine avoided the question, "You all know, no need to ask and don't ask, I'm shy." She is committed to her religion, therefore she opposes sex before marriage. In regards to Grace Wong, who rejected her boyfriend's sexual desires, and eventually broke up with him. Christine said: "I haven't encountered such situation. If something like that happens, that proves he wasn't her Mr. Right."

Kenneth Ma Rushes to the Bridal Chamber with Rebecca Zhu

Yesterday Damian Lau, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Rebecca Zhu, Vincent Wong, Jess Shum and the other cast of TVB anniversary series Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles took part in the promotional event. The three couples from the series were dressed in wedding attire. When Kenneth read out the marriage vow to Rebecca, he frankly expressed he's in a rush to go to the 'bridal chamber' (洞房) and then joked to his 'love rival' Ron Ng, "I get her body, you get her heart!" This left Ron in embarrassment. During the games, the grooms were blindfolded and had to guess who their bride was by feeling their hands. Kenneth appeared very antsy, no matter if it was a man or woman, he grabbed everybody's hand to touch. In the end, Kenneth successfully guessed who Rebecca was just by feeling her pair of hands.

Tavia attended the promotion with a leg injury, but when she changed into the wedding dress, she still displayed a blessed look on her face. She expressed although she has worn wedding dresses several times, she is still looking forward to her future marriage, "When I was younger, I envisioned myself getting married and having children at age 25, but now I don't really think about it anymore. Leave it all to fate. A life with just two people isn't bad either." Tavia believed children aren't used to keep her other half. When asked if she has met her Mr. Right yet? Tavia said: "I hope. (Him Law?) Still in the observation stage, need some time to get to know him more. Work is the priority now." When speaking of Him's recent rumor with a girl from Beijing? Tavia casts her vote of trust for him, "I just think this is fabricated news. There is no need to ask or mention it. It's old news, nothing special. This month is 'fabricated news month'. After all, he is a person worth my trust."

Jess Shum was spotted on a date with her new wealthy boyfriend. She smiled and said since youth, she spends a lot of time dreaming of her future wedding, but she and her boyfriend just started dating, so there are no plans for marriage yet.

Also, it's been a while since 'Siu Long Lui' Idy Chan has participated in a TV series. She hoped everyone will not think too excessively of the old times, she said: "Siu Long Lui is too long ago, I'm not at the suitable age to be her anymore. Nobody should be out of touch with reality, it's not practical!"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gallen Lo Announces his Wife is 3 Months Pregnant

49 year old Gallen Lo remarried Mainland actress Sophie Su in 2009 and the couple had been working hard on getting pregnant. Lately, they had good news to announce. Gallen announced his wife is 3 months pregnant and he's a father again.

After Gallen's announcement, good friends and fans congratulated Gallen on Weibo. He replied thanking everyone for the blessings. He expressed Sophie is already 3-4 months pregnant, and the baby is very stabled. He turned down jobs to spend more time with her. Gallen reveals he found out about Sophie's pregnancy earlier when they were on vacation, and was very happy to hear the good news. The baby looked very active in the ultrasound, as if [he/she] was waving to them, but they still don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet. For him, he does not mind whether if they have a boy or girl, but his wife hopes for a daughter because they already have a son. When asked if their eldest son knows about the pregnancy? Gallen said: "He knows he'll be getting a little brother or sister soon, very happy. I'm currently helping my wife take pictures of her belly, watching it grow day after day, and I'll be taking pictures until she goes to labor."

Sonija Kwok & Maggie Siu Turns Down Role, Christine Ng Fills the Shoes

Sonija Kwok is currently shooting TVB's Lunar New Year series, Record of the Fifth Day Opening and TVB initially intended to cast her in producer Tsui Wing Hong's new series Transfer of Love Firm (傳愛事務所) co-starring TV Kings Moses Chan and Wayne Lai. The other cast includes Fala Chen, Sire Ma and Susan Tse. However, Sonija's daughter is her utmost priority, therefore she decided to turn down the series and spend her first Christmas with her daughter instead. Although TVB high executives personally called her to discuss the series, Sonija still politely turned down the job.

Reporters contacted Sonija, when asked if she turned down the new series? She admitted one of the executives did call her, but because shooting Record Fifth Day is already too exhausting and the filming schedule of the two series are too close, she decided to turn it down. She said: "I'm pretty tired, its getting better now though. Before, I was working every day. I considered my current situation, if I had a month off before I start another series, then that wouldn't be a problem, but since I can't physically handle it, then I don't want to be working like this." When speaking of the cast for Transfer of Love Firm are all good actors? Sonija said: "I know! It's a pity, every one of them are really good artists!"

It was understood, Maggie Siu was first casted in this series, but then Sonija replaced her and in the end, Sonija withdraws as well. Christine Ng ultimately 'fills the shoes' for the two actresses who turned down the series. Christine accepted a telephone interview and expressed: "Actually I don't mind how many 'shoes' I have to fill for, just as long as the role fits me. Also, there are TV Kings Wayne and Moses in this series. What more can I ask for! Fala and I are very close, she's in this series too, so I really want to be part of it."

Toby Leung & Janet Chow Launches Their Own Lingerie Brand

Recently the two close friends Toby Leung and Janet Chow partnered in a lingerie business. They designed and modeled for their bras and other products. Today, Janet is already 7 months pregnant, she plans to wear her own designed lingerie in her maternity photo shoot. Not only can she use this for memories, she can also advertise the brand. Toby does not only give her inputs on the designs, but also plans to start other businesses with Janet. The two good sisters hope to have their own career and save up more 'personal money'.

TOBY: Me and Janet's lingerie brand finally launched, so exciting! It feels just like me and Janet's baby is born! I told Timmy Hung, I'm riding over you! Haha...

JANET: Our brand uses two colors, black and white. It's very special. I like it a lot. Perhaps because I like it, good results came from only half the work. Lately, I only spent two months preparing and the production took about 4-5 months! If you really had to calculate it, from designing to launching, it only took about 6 months! The theme for our lingerie products are quality and comfort. On the back, there is a zipper and a band, just like styles from the Victorian era. There are many uses for it and it's not just to look sexy when wearing it. You can wear to show your husband and also wear it by itself like clothing! Later, I'll be wearing my own designs to do the maternity photo shoot. However, I gained a lot of weight, look like a pig!

TOBY: Hong Kong people always think being slim is considered beautiful. It is natural for a pregnant women to be fat. We're also designing maternity lingerie now. When wearing them, you can also look sexy!

Mutual Trust, No Arguments

JANET: We've known each other for 4-5 years. Many people say good friends cannot run a business together, it will damage the relationship and eventually end the friendship! However, we have never had any arguments, actually I'm learning from Toby!

TOBY: We are just too good friends, and she really trusts me. The business plan, Janet lets me make all the decisions, so there's not many chances for us to argue. Actually, she and Timmy argue sometimes and I help stop them. I tell them to calm down! Now that we're both married, we even talk about how to get along with our husbands. Don't look at Janet and think she's very gentle and laid back, actually her character is like a man. She knows how to protect people. As for me, I look tough on the outside, but actually she protects me!

JANET: Yeah! I fooled my husband too! I throw temper tantrums on my husband, well because he's the closest person to me!

TOBY: Janet and I have many dreams, besides lingerie, we want to do a makeup business too. Women don't just stay at home and be wives, having something to do, will give us a sense of accomplishment because not all female artists are that lucky. Women really have to have their own savings!

Plans to Start a Makeup Business

JANET: One of the reasons why I participated in Miss HK was because I wanted to get into makeup. Before when I was living in Canada, my circle was very small. It was an eye-opener when I came to HK. Miss HK can put on makeup and look pretty, and that's how I was able to come into contact with makeup. But, we're still in the planning stage. We should first focus on our lingerie brand!

TOBY: Yes... ... I'm already a Wedding Planner, so I'm slowly trying to bring all the services into one. It would be best if we could provide 'all-in-one' services. In the future, I will be opening a makeup school and let my good friends try out a business they like to do; let them enjoy a little!

Admires Toby Speaks to the Point

JANET: I really admire Toby's ability to express. I think of it as a learning experience when collaborating with her. Just like how she speaks, she can be so persuasive and really have a point in what she says. When she was explaining the details of the business to me, basically I didn't need to ask any questions, she already answered everything I wanted to know. My mom praises Toby too!

TOBY: I do all my homework before I meet clients, but I really envy you because you're going to be a mother soon. I do plan on having a baby myself, but I want to take the opportunity before I turn 30, I hope my company gets even better. Then I can really be relaxed and focus on having children, then I will just concentrate entirely on taking care of my baby.

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