Thursday, May 16, 2013

Linda to be TV Queen first before wife

Her outstanding performance during her appearance on the reality prank show, "Office Of Practical Jokes" seemed to have boost a lot of self-confidence for TVB good girl, Linda Chung, who revealed that she hopes to win TV Queen in two years' time.

Popular Asians reported that recently, the actress expressed her surprise at the positive reactions her performance on the show received.
The actress made a guest appearance on one of the episodes of the prank show, and was able to fool magician Lou Yan and Hong Kong viewers who thought that she was the one who was being played on.

The actress stated, "I never knew I would get such praises from everyone. I just followed the script to be on the show! I'm surprised at the love I'm receiving and it really helped me regain my confidence."

The actress, who admitted that she once believed that she would eventually be forgotten by viewers, stated that her next goal is to win the Best Actress award, and get married.

"I hope that the next two years will allow me to win the Best Actress award. I hope to win one before I turn 31 years old. Then I can plan for the next stage in my life, and think about marriage," the actress enthused.

When asked if her ideal husband is rumoured boyfriend, Philip Ng, Linda answered, "I prefer to keep things underground until I make any official announcement."


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