Saturday, May 11, 2013

Christine Ng Gets Excited Seeing Hot & Sexy Men

Christine Ng had always been a bold and straightforward person, even if her husband Kasey Tong is by her side, she still has the courage to speak her mind. Last night, Christine and her husband appeared in Macau to watch TABOO The Show of Secret Fantasies. When Christine saw two sexy and hot Western men, she got so high. The MC teased Christine, she might get too excited and run up on stage! Kasey said: "No fear, prepared for that!" She started hugging and touching the half-naked men and pretended to kiss one of them. Christine laughed and said she's watching this show to learn some tips on how to perform super sexy dances and because the couple wanted to try something new. She joked: "I'm very old school, I just wear a sleep dress, close the windows and pretend to pole dance. It's a funny version!"

When speaking of Beauty At War, Christine had one scene where she was about to commit suicide with scissors, but Netizens later took that and made it into a spoof, telling her to "hurry up and go die!" Because of this Christine and Netizens got into a war of words. She said, still with an upset tone: "The Weibo world is freedom to publish. Whether people like me or not, I don't mind. But telling someone to go die, don't mention whether I'm upset or not, I want to ask why do artists have to withstand these things? I'm not upset, I was just telling them that there should be mutual respect and I wanted to defend artists from getting scolded randomly. One Netizen said, 'eat too many salty fish, deserve to get thirsty'. I didn't care about that, it's just everyone has their own limits."


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