Saturday, May 4, 2013

Joe Ma to Shoot "Tiger Cubs 2", Comeback Isn't to Rescue TVB

Yesterday Joe Ma and Oceane Zhu attended the promotional event for the TVB Pearl broadcast of American TV series The Following. Joe's TVB contract had already ended, he expressed once he completes filming a Mainland series, he'll be coming back in June to shoot Tiger Cubs 2. Asked if he's coming back to rescue TVB? He said: "Don't say that! Last time, I hard a great time filming the series. This time, I'm very excited to be the leader of the SDU team." Joe expressed the sequel will be airing during the normal prime time hours. Does he have confidence to help TVB win back some face? He said: "It's hard to say, but there are currently not many police series that are this tough around. Last time, the audience really enjoyed it. So I hope they'll continue to support us."

Although Oceane is in the sitcom Come Home Love, which had been rated higher than the other two series, she stressed she catches the two series herself. Asked whether she has trouble understanding the stories too? She said: "Why won't I understand? I think if you watched from beginning to end, it would be a very good watch." As for Christine Kuo's poor Cantonese, the audience are having trouble understanding what she's saying? Oceane defended her: "I understand all of it, very clear! After all, she did come back from overseas and has really worked very hard. I hope everyone can be a little more lenient on her. Actually her Cantonese is better than mines. I can see she speaks better than me. She has motivated me to put even more effort into my Cantonese." Oceane directly expressed she hopes to date a HK guy and practice her Cantonese. Asked whats her boyfriend standards? She said: "Just as long as he's taller than me. I don't mind him being fat, but not too ugly. He should have some kind of talent in art, the best would be if he can draw and make music."


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