Monday, May 27, 2013

Sheren Tang only temporarily suspended

Following news saying that actress Sheren Tang has been suspended by TVB's top management, it has now been reported that the issue is not as serious as it sounds, but just an action on TVB's part to mend the problem, as reported on Groove Asia.

The controversy began when TVB's General Manager Mark Lee recently made a statement against the actress, who has been voicing out her dissatisfaction regarding the piecemeal scripts that has been given to the cast during production of "Beauty At War".

Mark stressed that the actress has not been collaborative and preferred to air their dirty laundry to the media instead, thus the company will no longer work with her.

However, when asked about TVB's decision to cut her off, TVB Assistant General Manager, Peter Au expressed, "Don't use the word 'cut off'. It is just like a quarrel in the family. We didn't say we won't collaborate again; we just want to settle the issue first. I do hope this incident won't happen again."

Peter continued, "Team spirit requires a common goal. As a member of the team, one must sacrifice their beliefs and honour to reach that goal. TVB just hope that our artistes will not express their views through the media, and destroy the hard work of the other staff. Don't use the TV ratings to determine win or loss."


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