Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kate Tsui's Painful Backwards Fall Injuring Tailbone, Rushed to ER

Kate Tsui is currently busy shooting for TVB new series My Prime Lady. Last night, she and her co-star Dayo Wong were shooting inside TVB City in Tseung Kwan O, the scene was about Kate splashing water on Dayo with a cup. Unfortunately Kate, who had 5-inch heels on, accidentally slipped on the wet floor. She fell backwards and basically body slammed on the ground. Dayo, producer Man Wai Hung and the other staff were all very concerned and went forward to help her, while Kate was still on the ground sobbing in pain. The security personnel quickly called the ambulance to take her to the emergency room. Dayo and Producer Man accompanied her.

At around midnight, Kate was seen sitting on a wheelchair waiting for her turn. Soon after, the doctor came to treat her and did some X-rays. The doctor confirmed Kate's tailbone was not broken, just injured and suggested her not to do any walking. She should stay home and rest for a few days. Kate's manager, Candy Ma, pushed her to the ER exit. Dayo patted Kate and said: "You take care!"

Kate was initially suppose to attend My Prime Lady's blessing ceremony, but due to her accident, she was unable to attend. She accepted a telephone interview and expressed after the accident, she could not move at all: "I was really scared, didn't know what to do, so I started crying! Luckily the doctor said there are no broken bones, but that area is swollen. I have to take antibiotics. But because I used my hand to reduce the force during the fall, I ended up spraining my hand as well. I will just have to take a good rest at home and try not to move around too much. (Still going to film with heels on in the future?) I still need to if necessary, but I'll be more careful. Also, I don't want to take too many days off, it won't be good to affect the filming progress." It was understood, Kate is returning to work today (5/29th).


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