Sunday, May 19, 2013

Christine Ng on Work, Friends & Gossips - Keeps It All Superficial

Friends think Christine Ng is the "female Anthony Wong" or the "female Eric Tsang", but she's actually not. She is not like the former, frequently trying to be the "Super Righteous Man" nor is she like the latter who makes the wrong comments and offends people. You can say she is conducted with propriety. Some people might think, just by her physical appearance, that she can really be offending or she likes to spread gossips. Looking back at her record, Christine rarely has any gossips, except for the high-profile fall out with former good friend Joel Chan. Towards her job, friends, gossips or the media, Christine will always just touch on it and leave it there, making sure she doesn’t overdo anything.


From 2005 - 2010, Christine was nominated every year for the best actress and best supporting actress awards, but she leaves empty-handed each year. Christine said she doesn't take it to heart, but still has hope. "Actually I'm personally in the calm state already, but I want to emphasize awards is absolutely not the reason why I decided to participate in Beauty At War."

Christine said she waited 9 years for this sequel to happen. "I watched War and Beauty and at the time I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if I could be in the sequel. I waited so many years, I'm old now and thought it would never happen! Later, I found out Beauty At War was a proposed series and they were recruiting artists. I went to meet TVB executive Catherine Tsang and producer Jonathan Chik to recommend myself." Because of this series, Christine Ng recommended herself to the producer for the first time. This is something most artists are unwilling to do, especially for those at Christine’s level, this action is called ‘casting’. "I said to them, if you are casting, I am willing to accommodate you. They felt surprised, for what reason would I want to do this ‘casting’? I also told them, ‘you can still audition me’. In the end, they didn't do the audition, lucky. Haha."

The FaDan Assessment

She expressed when thinking about the awards, we cannot just look at Beauty At War, there are other series and FaDans too. Christine has been in the industry for 24 years and should have the qualification to assess the current FaDans. She expressed: "Ah Yi (Tavia Yeung) is strong and grounded; Myolie Wu is rather modern, she can do some exploring and try out other things; Sharon Chan, I'm definitely familiar with her. She has a lot of room for development. I think she's too tall and her legs are too long, hahaha. Many guys are not as tall as her." Previously Kate Tsui was rumored on bad terms with Christine, what does she think about her? She said: "I collaborated with Kate in one series. I watched her improve continuously, but I don’t know her well enough, so I don't dare to say too much about her."

Purely A Game

Don't dare to speak? All along, everybody thought there isn’t anything Christine wouldn’t dare to say.. She's given us the impression like she's very casual, straightforward and does things as she pleases. Just like at the Mr. Hong Kong shows, Christine behaved like a wolf, like a tiger, but it turns out everything she did was just to accommodate the show and to create some atmosphere. "The producer told us if the atmosphere was like this or that, it would be great."

We thought Christine is a person full of enthusiasm, but she's the complete opposite: "You think I'm a person with a 100 friends, but actually I don't even go out. I don't like lively atmospheres, I like peaceful atmospheres. For instance, Sharon Chan loves lively atmospheres, but I just can't follow through with her extreme liveliness. She might say to me, 'Sister, let's go eat. I want to see you everyday, I love you.' I say to her, ‘I love her too, but I can only see you once a month. Can you still be my good friend?’ If so, then carry on. I am that type of person. If you invite me out for dinner and I say I need to go home and take a shower, then you can just count me out. Haha. Or perhaps you ask me, why are you not enthusiastic with me? I would ask you enthusiastically, 'Why do you think I'm not enthusiastic?' It's interesting, its a like flirting personality."

Not Talking to Joel Chan

Can other people easily upset Christine? She said she’s not a person who easily gets upset: “I know what you’re trying to ask. Its not easy! Not easy!” Exactly, I did want to want to ask about Joel Chan. We never mentioned his name, but the conversation implied it. Christine added: “I look like someone good at arguing and falling out with someone, but I only had very few fall outs in my life. I just want to tell you, I’m a peaceful person. Honestly, you’ve seen me in the industry for so long, I rarely have any enemies because that’s my personality, I don’t like having enemies.”

“But if someone pisses me off, I won’t talk to them. I would be really, really upset and say ‘I’m not talking to you!’ If you ask me about that person, I’m still not talking to them, no comment. When I’m not forgiving or talking to someone, then I definitely have my reasoning. It should be said this way, I am not a reckless person. Each individual has some kind of chemistry with the other person, whatever happens between them or whatever episode they get into, I don’t think its necessary to be so frank about it.” In all honesty, will Christine really not forgive Joel? “Actually I don’t want to talk about him. All the questions relating to him, that you previously asked me, I’m not responding.” OK! FINE! No problem, I’m just trying to ask the questions I should be asking.


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