Friday, August 31, 2012

Fala Chen rather sing with hoarse voice, refuses to lip sync

Fala Chen appeared at the Switzerland skincare brand La Prairie's evening banquet with a hoarse voice. She reveals she's been coughing for half a month and still hasn't recovered yet. However, she's still trying to withstand it, so she could continue shooting her new series (TITS2) and go overseas for stage performances.

Fala said: "Lately, I've been flying all over the place for work. I just got back from Toronto and haven't had time to see the doctor yet. I've just been relying on generic medications. That day, there were 5,000 people watching me perform, initially I was afraid my cough would affect my voice, but luckily Grace Wong, who accompanied me on the trip, prayed for me. When I got on stage to sing, I was surprisingly fine, but after I completed the first song and went backstage, I started coughing nonstop again. Such a miracle!" Is Fala's boyfriend worried about her? She said: "We haven't had time to see each other, but he told me to take care." Fala feels singing with a hoarse voice is a style of its own, therefore even with her sick voice, she still insisted to sing live. She explained: "I've never lip-synced before because matching the lip movements with the song is very difficult. It's risky. I rather just sing live. It's been a month since the release of my album, I was informed earlier that my album has maintained a spot in the top three best selling albums at the HMV CD stores. I'm very pleased to hear this."

Yoyo Mung reveals Ekin Cheng's proposal was more frightening than surprising

Yesterday Yoyo Mung and Alex Fong were at TVB City working on new series A Great Way To Care. First time responding to the marriage news, Yoyo reveals boyfriend Ekin Cheng proposed to her on her birthday (August 3rd). When asked how Ekin proposed? She said: "It was more frightening than surprising. As to what happened, it will be in our memories, I'm not going to tell you. We'll let you all know a few days after our marriage." Coincidentally, that day Yoyo and Alex were shooting at the church, when asked if she's especially nervous? She said: "How so? It's not my first time working at a church. (How is the preparations going?) Haven't done anything yet. (Picked a date yet?) No specific date, December 31st is still next year. Whenever we have time, then we'll just call up our lawyer friend and have them come over and do an impromptu marriage. We may just get marry at home. (Wear a wedding dress?) Nope, keep everything as simple as possible! (Do a wedding photo shoot?) Depending on my mood that day. We should take the wedding pictures on that day, if we take them prior to the marriage, then why not just look back at our everyday life pictures."

Asked if she plans to hold a wedding banquet? Yoyo said: "It's best not to make it too complicated. Where ever there are open seats, then we'll do it. Holding a 2 table banquet won't be too difficult, it's just a wedding. (Honeymoon?) We'll go on a trip if we have time." When asked if they're getting married because of the elders? She said: "In the recent years, my grandmother and mother have already passed away. I only have my Daddy left. I told him I'm getting married and he had no reaction. He just gave me an "Oh", then asked me if I wanted to drink soup." To some extent Yoyo and Ekin are getting married because of the elders, she said: "Perhaps its just our own thinking, as long as we're happy, family will be satisfied enough."

It was rumored Yoyo wanted Ekin to split his assets with her. Yoyo said the author of the report put words into their mouth: "Ekin already denied the rumor before that report was published. The magazine couldn't get any evidence, so they made up some nonsense. It's been written like this for so many years, the only thing I got from him was cat litter and cat poop because his three cats are very important. I'm responsible for picking up their poop."

Yesterday once Alex saw Yoyo, he shouted "Mrs. Cheng". She happily thanked him, but Alex teased: "Finally you're getting married. I'm happy for you two. Next year, you definitely have to let us all know, so we can all come early." Yoyo refuted: "And you didn't notify me earlier?" Alex joked: "Because I don't have enough money, forget about having 2 table banquet." Yoyo joked back and asked: "Will you sponsor a few more tables for me?" Alex replied: "Must make it big, being able to marry at this age is such happiness!"

TVB Anniversary TV Queen Battle: Linda Chung challenges Tavia Yeung

There are still three months before the TVB Anniversary, but the TV Queen battle discussions has already started becoming audiences' nightly topics at the dinner table. Last year's TV Queen, Myolie Wu, rapidly gained popularity and started shooting in Mainland more often, giving TVB FaDans a chance to make breakthroughs. So far, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung's are getting the most noise. The other two FaDans are just accompanying them on the race, this year Kate Tsui only has one series coming out Highs and Lows and Fala Chen had been focused on her singer career and reduced her appearance on the TV screen.

Last year Linda gained heavy support and recognition based on her role 'Miss Koo' in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir. Her extreme cool image left a deep impression on audience. In one scene where Linda cries severely after she found out Moses Chan's character cheated her love, got very positive feedback and Linda's acting was praised by audience. TVB also made a Miss Koo spinoff Witness Insecurity, which had also been well-received.

It was understood, Linda had always had a pure and innocent image, but this year she made a breakthrough in House of Harmony and Vengeance. She played a villain and had several sexy appearances. Also, Linda had always avoided talking about her rumored boyfriend Philip Ng, but recently she started making the relationship known and implied she and Philip met the parents already. She also praised her 'boyfriend' having "an amazing and good looking outer appearance, and is actually very attentive." Aside from House of Harmony and Vengeance, Linda also had L'Escargot, Daddy Good Deeds, Witness Insecurity and she just completed new series Ferris Wheel Happiness. She has 5 series on hand creating strong momentum to get the TV Queen title this year.

Tavia at an Advantage with a TVB Anniversary Series

TVB has another well-behaved 'biological daughter', Tavia Yeung, whom they have heavily promoted, but unfortunately she never had fate to get TV Queen title. This year Tavia has 5 series as well. Aside from the earlier The Hippocratic Crush and Three Kingdoms RPG, she also has the unreleased Justice Pursuit & Attack, A Great Way to Care II and upcoming TVB anniversary series Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles co-starring alongside veterans Damien Lau and Idy Chan. However, Tavia's latest series Three Kingdoms RPG was heavily criticized and she had little screen time, losing some momentum.
Linda V.S Tavia

Age: 28
Education: Studied two years at University of British Columbia as an education major.
Debut: 2004 Miss Chinese International winner.
Filmography: Heart of Greed, Yes Sir Sorry Sir, [2012: L'Escargot, Witness Insecurity, Daddy Good Deeds, House of Harmony and Vengeance]
Awards: TVB Anniversary Awards - 'Most Improved Actress' (2006)

Age: 33
Education: Form 5 graduate (high school)
Debut: 13th TVB Artistes Training Class
Filmography: The Mysteries of Love, The Other Truth, Yes Sir Sorry Sir, [2012: The Hippocratic Crush, Three Kingdoms RPG]
Awards: TVB Anniversary Awards - 'Most Improved Actress' (2003), 'Best Supporting Actress' (2008), 'My Favorite TV Female Character' (2009)

Potential TV Queens' Love Lives

- Ekin Cheng: Rumored in 2005 after collaborating in Always Ready, both denied the relationship.
- Raymond Lam: Collaborated in 2007's Heart of Greed. At the time, this on-screen partner of hers strongly pursued her. The relationship was well-received and the two often attended events as a couple team.
- Philip Ng: Collaborated in the 2007 film Love Is Not All Around. The two were 'acting turned real', and were spotted having Thai food together in Tseung Kwan O. Earlier this year, a photo of them out at karaoke circulated. It was rumored the two ended their 5 year relationship, but actually they just went underground. Recently Linda publicly talks about the relationship and even implied they met the parents.

- Ron Ng: When the two collaborated in Twins of Brothers, it was rumored the two sparked love after they went for karaoke, but the underground relationship only lasted 6 months.
- Nam Wai Kit: In 2004, Tavia and this businessman were dating, but broke up in 2007 because of Chris Lai.
- Chris Lai: After 12 years of friendship, the two started dating. Last year Tavia was spotted going in and out of Tseung Kwan O gates with Chris in her car. Their 3 year relationship was exposed then.
- Him Law: Last year she collaborated with him in The Hippocratic Crush, love sparked as the days went by. They were spotted BBQing together on Halloween and 'transferred love' through SMS. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

T-ara releases handwritten apology letter to fans

The members of T-ara, who have been going through a rough time due to rumors of alleged bullying involving former member Hwayoung, released a handwritten apology letter to fans on their official website on August 29 KST.

The contents are as follows:

We’ve written this after a lot of thought. The past month has felt much longer than our trainee days and the days we’ve promoted receiving our fans’ love. First of all, we sincerely apologize for causing concern and disappointing so many people. We feel that it was very foolish of us to not have resolved differences of opinion between the members and to have aired our personal issues in a public space. We’re reflecting deeply on our actions.

We sincerely apologize for acting thoughtlessly. We’ve been troubled every day by the thought that all of this could’ve been avoided if we had understood each other and compromised more and if we had acted more maturely. When we look back, we all worked hard together for the same dream and overcame obstacles, and it was really painful to see all the good times we’ve had together being cast in a negative light.

T-ara also had a message concerning Hwayoung as well: “We also think that Hwayoung has been going through a very hard time after being misunderstood as [ostracized]. We were surprised by the outcome, which no one thought of or wanted, and we’re disappointed that we can’t all be together now. We only hope that Hwayoung will no longer face [hurtful things like this].

The letter went on, “We apologize to everyone for causing concern with this recent issue and disappointing those who’ve loved our music. We feel that this hard time has been a lesson for us. We’re supposed to give people strength, and we’ve now learned how much responsibility is on our shoulders. We’ve also realized that we must act responsibly and seriously.

For our parents who live for us, for our fans who’ve continued to stay by our side, for the people who listen to our music… and for those who we’ve worried and disappointed, we’ll work harder to receive your forgiveness instead of being frustrated. We genuinely apologize. We also hope that you give your support and love to Hwayoung, who must be having a harder time than we are. We too will always support Hwayoung. From all of T-ara.

K-BOYS release MV for debut track “K-Boys”

The K-BOYS have released the music video for their debut song, “K-Boys“!

The new idol group released their first single album ‘K-Boys 2012 First Album‘, which includes the tracks “K-Boys” and “Love“, earlier this month. Producers NSB PD, SM Entertainment‘s ROY, ZAZA‘s Kang Min Hyung, dancer Gimchan, and music arranger Hwang Hyun Jun among others worked on the album.

Check out Gohyun, Kwanghun, Dohyung, Jongchan, and Sunglee in their debut music video below!

Hwayoung speaks on the controversy surrounding herself and T-ara

After keeping her silence for nearly a month, T-ara‘s former member, Hwayoung, has tweeted in response to the controversy and the way the situation has been unfolding.

Hwayoung wrote,

“Having come across articles about Eunjung unni’s leave from her drama, my heart felt uneasy. It is true that there were confrontations due to differences in opinions with the T-ara members while I was promoting as part of T-ara. However, with the stories about bullying going around and the situation growing worse, my heart was in pain. Both sides have also been really upset and hurt by the distorted facts [that have come out].

However, there were times when I was happy while we were all under one roof, so I want to forget about the past and want us to cheer each other on with smiles on our faces. You all showed so much love, care, and attention to T-ara, so I’m very sorry for having caused concern and worry through this incident to everyone.”

What are your thoughts on her words?

류화영 @RHY422

이번 은정언니 드라마하차기사를 접하고마음이좋지만은 않았습니다. 티아라활동을하면서 멤버들과 의견차로인해 대립이있었던건 사실이지만 이로인해 왕따설이돌고 상황이악화된사실들에 마음이 아팠습니다. 또한 서로 왜곡된사실들로 인해 상처받아 많이속상했습니다.
28 Aug 12

류화영 @RHY422

하지만 한솥밥을먹고 지내며 행복했던날들도있었기에 지난일은 잊고 이젠다시웃는얼굴로 서로를응원하며 지내고싶습니다. 티아라를 많이사랑해주시고 아껴주시고 찾아주셨는데 이번사건때문에 여러분들에게 많은 심려와 걱정끼쳐드려 죄송했습니다.
28 Aug 12

Moses & Aimee Chan keeps it safe, won't accidentally get a baby

Moses Chan and Sammy Leung attended the promotion for a ski park resort. Moses said he feels ashamed that he's never been skiing before. Asked if he'll go skiing with girlfriend Aimee Chan? He laughed: "We could! She should know how to ski, since she grew up in Canada. I really want to go on vacation. (Go on vacation together?) That's a good thing, but it's difficult to match the schedules. (When are you planning to get married?) Working at it. (Have a baby first?) No, we're safe! (Go on vacation as two, but come back as three?) Don't give me so much pressure. (Lightning marriage?) I don't know either, working hard now."

When asked who's prettier, his girlfriend or this year's Miss Hong Kong? He didn't want to say it, but then he said: "Of course Aimee! (Are the top three your picks too?) No, not in it." When speaking of the server crash at Miss HK, Moses strongly supported TVB: "Actually it was a good idea, and allows more interaction with the audience. It's just technical difficulties that can't be predicted."

JJ Jia heads over heels in love with Louis Fan despite being called the '4th Party'

JJ Jia's bitter love with Louis Fan, first it was exposed he had an 'ex-wife' and children, then it was rumored he actually has another intimate girlfriend in Hangzhou. JJ went from a 'third party' to a 'fourth party'! However, JJ is still loyal to the man she chose to love.

Yesterday JJ accepted an interview at TVB City and expressed the moment she heard that she's being called the 'fourth party', she felt terrible, but that didn't damage the trust she has for Louis. She said Louis already issued a statement to explain their relationship.

Since JJ and Louis' relationship was made public, she's been more troubled than happy. Asked how she's feeling now? She said: "Actually the whole issue isn't really related to me. It is other people's business, there is no need for me to feel unhappy. As long as I know he didn't lie to me. I believe him! (It was said Louis is a scum, do you feel bad for him?) That moment when I saw the reports, I was unhappy, but I already explained several times and it's still written this way. Perhaps its because no one said anything before, so there are misunderstandings. All that needs to be done is to explain the whole issue."

As for going from the 'third party' to the 'fourth party'? JJ said: "I know. I felt terrible the moment I saw it, but he already explained our past relationship in the statement earlier. Every individual has their past. At this moment, I love him and I will pardon his past. It's only because he's an artist that the media is writing about him this way, but in reality, it's not that complicated."

When asked if their relationship is even more stable now? JJ said: "It puts our relationship to the test. I've learn to be firm, be firm on the romance I've chosen for myself. This is my decision and there is no reason why I should give up just because there are some difficulty. The whole world thinks he lied to me, but I know he didn't. I've never dated a man with a background like him, but I'm satisfied enough to know that, at this moment, he is treating me well. I will try to show tolerance, he's a responsible person."

Reporters teased she really loves Louis Fan? JJ started feeling emotional and wanted to cry, she frankly expressed it was only this moment that she has realized how firm and stubborn she is. "After this issue happened, we were just communicating by phone. He's working every day. Honestly, the whole world is calling me, telling me to be careful because they don't know the whole story. He keeps everything to himself. I have to thank everyone for your concern. Please trust me, I didn't choose wrong."

42 year old Florence Kwok falls for 24 year old Joey Law?

TVB sitcom Come Home Love cast members Chris Lai, Queenie Chu, Lau Dan, Florence Kwok and Joey Law attended the promotional event yesterday. It was announced that there will be another 120 episodes added to the sitcom (initially 180 episodes), making it a grand total of 300 episodes.

It was reported Florence Kwok has been 'seeing' Joey Law, but Florence laughed loudly when she heard about the rumor: "It's a 42 year old with a 24 year old, that feels like 'Arabian Nights', such a joke! But, I really do love him, he's so well-behaved. You all shouldn't have too many delusions, and I'm sure he's never been delusional either. I'm not some young lady (referring to Joey's ex-girlfriend Christine Kuo) , so I'm definitely going to be fine!"

Joey also laughed and denied the rumor. He expressed Florence is a very good person and when he finds something he doesn't understand at work, she's willing to give him advice. As for the pictures published on the report, it was when he conveniently dropped Florence home.

Earlier it was said Queenie was going around teaching her co-stars how to act, and even badmouthed TVB executive Catherine Tsang. Did she tear up because she felt wronged? Queenie said: "No, just I'm going through a lot of stress. I'm worried I won't do a good job and there are all these negative news. I just felt very emotional because my colleagues and the executives have given me a lot of encouragement. It's an emotional feeling knowing how much love they have for me, and that's why I teared up."

It was rumored Chris was one of the artists Queenie tried to teach, but Chris thinks it's good when colleagues discuss about the work, giving advice mutually. However misunderstanding that she's trying to teach others how to act is not too good. He said: "Queenie had too many negative reports before, we should all give her a chance. She's been very hard working all along and perhaps put too much pressure on herself."

When speaking of good friend Yoyo Mung finally marrying boyfriend Ekin Cheng next year? Chris said: "Congrats! Congrats! They really match, most important is they have common interests. Yoyo thinks of Ekin as her family, it's about time they move on to another stage in life."

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Joe Ma's thoughts on his female co-stars: Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh, Flora Chan & Sonija Kwok

Joe Ma has been said to have vigorous peach blossoms (girls), indeed he has had countless rumors since his debut. Almost all of the female artists he had worked with gets a rumor with him. Of course, time proves everything, many of his so-called rumored girlfriends are in fact his good friends.

JOE: Many people call me a "FaDan Killer". Actually Moses Chan has that title too! Haha! Honestly, there are just two types of rumors in this industry, two artists are dating or two artists are on bad terms. Well, I rarely have any bad term rumors, it's usually just dating rumors!

I've worked with many actresses, such as Maggie Cheung, Jessica Hsuan, Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Flora Chan, and many more. Let's talk a little bit about Ada Choi. She's a very good artist to learn from because she treats people very well. She makes the people around her feel comfortable and because I'm a Cancer and I've been a police officer before, I'm very defensive. That's why I don't have many friends, she is the one who opened me up.

I still remember one time we had to shoot early in the morning in the studio. That time I lived in Yuen Long, and couldn't awake up. At the time, I was shooting the series with her, so I called her right away. I told her I overslept and I'm flying over there. Ada heard this and immediately said: "Whatever you do, don't speed! I'll put on my makeup slowly and try to stall a little." Before she hangs up, she asked me if I had breakfast yet. She's really that good of a person!

As for Charmaine, I collaborated with her in several series. The first one should be in 2001 Country Spirit. People say she's always letting out her 'electricity', but I only feel one thing about her, she's just amazing. She is the only person I've seen that could withstand working overnight. We could get our days and nights confused, but she still manages to maintain the same good looks, nothing changes. She's an actress that never gets overworked! Sometimes we shoot continuously through the nights, she says she's very tired, but she still looks so awake and high spirited. I think she's just a natural beauty, haha! Also, Charmaine's EQ is extremely high. She has a very good temper and sometimes when she hears negative comments, she'll just laugh it off. You will never see her upset. This is the deepest impression Charmaine left on me.

Sonija Kwok is a person that can really eat. That time we were shooting for several months in Mainland. The environment in Mainland is pretty hard, but she didn't complained at all. She has a straightforward personality.

My wife in Triumph in the Skies, Flora Chan, she's actually technically my senior. That time, she was already very popular. She taught me a lot. I remember when we were shooting the first scene in TITS, it was pretty intimate. She said I don't have to mind at all, just put my hands on her. In fact, sometimes in kiss scenes, the actor is actually not unnatural than the actress. After all, men can easily get misunderstood. If the actress is as open as Flora, then you feel a lot more comfortable to do the scene.

Niki Chow's 33rd birthday, still an 18 year old inside

Yesterday Niki Chow, Mandy Wong and Vincent Wong started their first day of filming for TVB new series A Good Heart Goes Haywire. Tomorrow is Niki's 33rd birthday (August 30th), so Mandy and Vincent prepared a birthday cake to celebrate with her. The child star (Lam Wing Yu), who played the young Niki in Bottled Passion, brought a birthday gift for her as well.

Niki reveals her birthday is coincidentally on the same day as the Chinese Ghost Festival (July 14th, Lunar Calendar). She decided to celebrate with her family early and comforted herself: "Nothing is taboo for young people. Can't do anything about coincidences. As I get older, I don't want any big celebrations, but I still maintain a mental age of 18 years old! (Do you have to work on your birthday?) Yes! I didn't take a day off or anything, it would be best if the crew automatically gives me the day off. Actually the majority of my time is shooting with Bosco Wong, wait until he comes back to HK first, not sure when that is though. (Any pursuers that asked you out?) Nope, just friends and family taking up all my time. Also, I have a lot of jobs and I got a pimple today on my forehead as a gift!"

The single Niki reveals its not her first birthday without a boyfriend, so she's used to it. When speaking of her birthday wish, Niki smiled: "Don't ask me when I'm going to start dating, so stressful! But, if I'm really am dating and the relationship is stable, I would admit it. (Any one-night stands during your trip to Europe?) No! They are all people I know." Asked if she conveniently brought a wedding gift for her sister Kathy Chow, who is getting married next month? Niki expressed she didn't and avoided to respond to questions related to her sister's marriage. "I didn't schedule anything, just let her marry peacefully and happily! If she wants to say it, then she'll say it. I'm following orders, I cannot answer questions on her behalf."

Ekin Cheng announces he's marrying Yoyo Mung next year

Last night at Ekin Cheng's final show of his Hong Kong Coliseum concert, Ekin was pressured to announce his plans to marry girlfriend Yoyo Mung next year. Ekin's parents, girlfriend Yoyo and good friends Angela Tong, 'Young and Dangerous' brothers Jordon Chan, Chin Kar Lok, Jerry Lamb, Jason Chu and director Lau Wai Keung all supported him at the concert.

On stage, Ekin's brothers chatted happily and then switched the topic onto Ekin's love life. Chin Kar Lok said: "You promised me before that you will have something to say tonight!" The crowd immediately went wild after Kar Lok made that comment. Ekin answered: "Yes, say that you're getting married!" Jordon interrupted him: "Let me say it, but you can't be upset, please welcome Yoyo Mung!" Ekin initially tried to wave his hands telling them to stop, but Jordon kept going and invited Yoyo up on stage. Ekin immediately stopped him: "Ok! I will say it myself. My girlfriend and I are very personal, I don't like to take our relationship out and let people see it! I admit I'm a very romantic person, otherwise how can I sing love songs to everyone?" However, the audience were displeased by Ekin's answer and kept booing him.

Then the special guest Leo Ku suddenly comes on stage, he said: "Today the producer called me and said why don't I give Ekin a surprise. He said you're going to make an announcement tonight that I'm invited to your banquet." Ekin smiled embarrassed, but Leo continued: "I said invite me to his celebration banquet! How about this, I won't say the word 'marry', I'll say 'dodo' instead. Everyone repeat after me, Ekin and Yoyo dodo!" Ekin laughed: "If I dodo, then I will definitely invite you!"

Later, Ekin accepted an interview and when speaking of all the pressure his brothers gave him and he still wasn't willing to announce the marriage news? He said: "After all, I'm not married yet. If I do get married, I will definitely let you all know." After reporters asked Ekin again and again when he's going to admit it, he finally said: "It will be next year, but I won't say when and where. This is very personal to me." As for Yoyo, she accepted an interview over the phone and had difficulty covering her joy, when asked if Ekin ever officially proposed to her? She said: "He did half of it, the other half he'll do it when he has free time." She stressed Ekin is focused on his work and hopes the public can put the attention on her boyfriend's career instead.

Miss HK Carat Cheung gets attacked by Netizens, heavy support for Tracy Chu

This year's Miss Hong Kong 2012 "one vote per person" system turned into a laughing stock as it ended with a server crash. HK citizens were not only unable to vote for the winner in their heart, Tracy Chu, but even the 'voting prize' (Mini Cooper) disappeared and became a mystery. The entire city is angered! To expressed their dissatisfaction, yesterday there were 527 complaints, and today another 229 complaints were added to that number, yielding a total of 756 complaints within two days. This broke the previous record of 343 complaints set by Joyce Cheng kissing Ron Ng during their performance at the Children Song Awards back in 2005.

In addition to Netizens voicing out their dissatisfaction, there is also someone taking revenge on Miss HK winner Carat Cheung because they believed she doesn't deserve the title. The person did a major background check on Carat's personal life and defamed her as much as possible. Yesterday a reader exposed Carat is a "Stamp Collector Miss HK" and Netizens uploaded a photo they claimed to be Carat and her 'boyfriend'. They heavily bashed the 'boyfriend' that he looks like Mainland gossip king Zude Song. However, based on the research done by reporters, the 'stamp collecting evidence' given by the reader were just normal photos Carat took with other artists. In reality, Carat used to host a television show in Vancouver, and interviewed several artists such as Eason Chan and Steven Ma. So, it's normal she took photos with artists. As for the 'boyfriend', his real identity is Carat's younger male cousin. As for first runner-up, Jacqueline Wong, she also got miserably denounced by Netizens. Supporters of second runner-up, Tracy Chu shouted: "Give Us Back the Cooper!"

In regards to Netizens' defamation, Carat was not upset at all, but laughed: "This proves audience pays attention to Miss HK. Netizens does not represent all of HK. (Are you afraid there will be a HK wide poll and you may get less votes?) I was satisfied with my performance that night." As for Carat's great uncle, he said she's "not that pretty", Cara calmly said: "That proves that I'm not relying on relationships." As for Tracy Chu, she's just very grateful to have Netizens' support.

Gordon Liu recovering from stroke, Mrs. Liu rumored money hungry taking all of his assets

Gordon Liu (real name: Sin Kam Hei) was hospitalized last year due to having a stoke. Last month it was rumored because he's seriously ill, his second wife from Thailand had a scheme to take all of Gordon's assets, which includes a several million dollar property. As this damages her reputation, yesterday Mrs. Liu and her son (Kris Sin) speaks out from Thailand for the first time. She said she never had the motive to take Gordon's assets and exposed beginning last month, someone prevented her children from seeing their father. She was furious by this and decided to stand up for them and hope her children can see their father soon!

Gordon is a famous martial arts actor, he has been in showbiz for nearly 30 years. He became an international known star based on Hollywood film Kill Bill. Last August, Gordon accidentally fell and suffered a stroke. He had partial right-sided paralysis and speech impairment as a consequence of the stroke. The strong and robust Gordon was greatly impacted from this accident and stroke. At one point, he was depressed and isolated himself, but fortunately he eventually got out of the haze. This year, Gordon's physical therapy has been going smoothly and made improvements in the recovery. The only trouble he's facing is the recent rumor that Mrs. Liu directed her children (Kris and Sonia Sin) to ask their sick father for money and even wanted to swallow his 800 square feet property, which currently holds a market price of over HK$7.5 million. Regarding to the negative news, the low-key Mrs. Liu had to break out from her silence and accepted an exclusive [Oriental Daily] interview yesterday with her son. They did the interview with [Oriental Daily] all the way from Thailand.

R - Reporter ; Mrs. Liu - Gordon Liu's second wife ; S - Kris Sin, the son.

R: There has been a lot of rumors lately. It was reported you're money hungry and want to take all of Gordon's money while he's sick?

Mrs. Liu: There is no such thing! I came with him to Hong Kong in 1991 and we were married then. We have a son and daughter, but unfortunately after we had our youngest daughter, we realized our personalities didn't really match. He likes to drink and has a playboy personality. All along, I've just relied on my religion and concentrated on raising my children to maintain the marriage. Until 2009, Gordon said he wanted to send our son to Singapore for his studies, and I thought, isn't it time to start a new life? So, under Gordon's arrangements, I signed the divorce contract. At the time, I told him I'm willing to get a divorce, but our oldest son's name must be added to the property, giving him half of the ownership. I just hoped my children have some security and then I went back to live in Thailand.

R: Are you and Gordon officially divorced then?

Mrs. Liu: I'm not sure myself. I already called the HK lawyer, [he/she] said Gordon got a new lawyer, so I couldn't get any answers.

R: After Gordon had the stroke, did you visit him back in HK? Did you ask him for money?

Mrs. Liu: After he had the stroke, I immediately went back to HK to look after him. Because I'm not doing too well financially, I borrowed $20,000 from a relative to use as living expenses. Actually when we signed the divorce papers, I didn't ask for a penny, why would I be hungry for his money! It is just because a few years ago I had ineffective turnover from my business and have borrowed $30,000 from Gordon. At the time, Gordon didn't get the stroke yet. After he suffered from the stroke, I have never asked him for any money nor have I asked him to change the house title to my name.

R: It was said you wanted to bring Gordon back to Thailand for treatment?

Mrs. Liu: Actually I already suggested for Gordon to get treatment in Thailand in March. After all, its more convenient for me to look after him in Thailand. However, from then on, someone did whatever they could to prevent me from sending Gordon over here, but since I separated with Gordon, I didn't persist on. Up until the end of last month, someone was trying to prevent my children from visiting their father. Also, all those negative rumors started circulating then. I just feel its necessary for me to speak up this time! Firstly, I want to clarify the false reports and secondly, I hope my children can visit their father because its a very normal matter for children to see their father.

R: When was it, where you could no longer visit your father Gordon Liu?

S: Last November. I went to HK from Singapore and went to visit my father as usual in the late evening. I hope he gets well soon, but starting March of this year when my mom suggested that we bring my father back to Thailand, there were a lot of strange rumors that started circulating. Late last month, someone transferred my father to the nursing home without notifying me. I tried a lot of different methods to find out where my father was living. I wanted to visit him, but the nurses stopped me at the door. The nurse said my father doesn't want to see anyone. I don't know what is happening, I just want to visit my father! I really want to know my father's current condition!

R: How are you and your mom doing financially now?

S: Last year when my father had the stroke, I decided to take 1 year off from school and go back to take care of my father and younger sister. Although my father gives us $5,000 a month for living expenses, through his manager, we still want to reduce the financial burden. I'm currently working as a waiter. We are doing fine now.

R: Gordon has always loved his children very much?

Mrs. Liu: Yes, very! Whatever our children wanted, if Gordon could afford it, he would buy it for them. Each week, he takes them out. On their birthdays, he would throw a huge birthday party and make them very happy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Joe Ma: Regret Didn't Get A Single TVB Award in 18 Years

Prior to Joe Ma's entry into showbiz, he was a police officer and has been in G4 (VIP Protection Unit) before. He protected several political figures including former governor, Chinese high official, and even Prince Charles and Princess Diana. This year is Queen Elizabeth's 60th anniversary on the throne and since Hong Kong used to be under British rule, the people of HK have a special feeling for royal family of England. Joe feels honored to have protected the Prince and Princess before! Joe had been with TVB for 18 years and gain recognition from Triumph in the Skies. He said it was all based on luck, even if it he's promoted to a Siu Sang, he still got no awards!

JOE: I was a police officer before I entered showbiz. At the time, I wanted to help my family out and thought police was a stabled job. Also, I was very passionate back then and wanted to contribute to society. After spending two years at the police training school, I graduated and became an uniform officer. I remember my first time on beat with a colleague and wrote the ticket wrong. That time, I thought being in the police was like what you see in those cop and robber movies, but I didn't encounter any big cases, it was quite peaceful.

The most frightening time was when I was chasing after a thief. Actually I'm considered athletic, but when you have to run in an uniform and carry a police duty belt, it is a different story. I really think the police uniform is set up all wrong, and we had to run in leather shoes while holding onto our cap too. The entire uniform is like over 10 pounds, it's basically impossible to catch the thief, so stupid! A year later, I switched to being an officer responsible for handling disturbances and demonstrations, but then after another year, I switched to being a police without the uniform. I still had to carry a gun, but never used it. People say it's a good thing. I used handcuffs before to detain the criminal though, but then I didn't feel it was challenging enough, so I applied into G4. At the time I was only 20 years old.

Protected Prince Charles and Princess Diana

G4 is primarily responsible for protecting political figures. I've protected Prince Charles and Princess Diana before, as well as former Singapore prime minister (Lee Kuan Yew), former Chinese high official and the former governor. I really think I'm lucky, since I could be on the same elevator as the royal family. Prince Charles is a gentleman, who gave me a strong feeling of nobility. Princess Diana is very nice and friendly. One time she was shopping in Central and asked me to carry her bags, but I said I cannot do that. She was very understanding and carried her own bags.

After 3 or 4 years in G4, I changed jobs and became a model. I was in the police force before, so I had and ideal body figure for a model. Then I encountered a TVB person and they told me its a good company. At the time, my salary as a police was HK$12,000, and at TVB it was only HK$9000, but there will be other income when your an artist, so I decided to sign a contract with them.

When I first entered TVB, they were preparing to shoot a Wynners' series The Chord to Victory and said I was going to be Kenny Bee or Anthony Chan, but that never happened. Wallace Chung took the role. My first official series was Heroes From Shaolin, I was a really annoying villain. Actually I never learned acting before, but what I remember most was one time we were shooting at a Buddhist monastery, I didn't know anything. Luckily Eddie Cheung and the other artists led me into character! The first few years at TVB, all of my roles were villains. I asked the producer why I'm the only one playing these roles? He said I'm tall and good as the antagonist.

18 Years with TVB, Didn't Get a Single TVB Award

I was in the industry for 7 years before I finally got to participate in 2000's The Threshold of an Era. Although I was still a villain, at least I got a supporting role. I was no longer in the third or fifth line. At least when I go out, there were reporters who wanted to interview me. That time, I still remember I had scenes opposite of Liza Wang, she is a very serious and a prepared person. She's always advising me and said that artists should always be aware of surroundings, even if I'm not working. I thought Ah Jeh (Liza) was very professional. She's definitely my idol and mentor!

Then I was given a role in Triumph in the Skies. It was my first time I got a taste of being popular. Later, when I was helping Flora Chan shoot an MV in Stanley, there were suddenly 30-40 students chasing after me. It turns out they just wanted to take pictures and get my autograph. TITS was such a success, but I didn't even get one My Favorite Character award at TVB. At the time of the anniversary awards, only 10 episodes aired and my scenes didn't come until after 20 something episodes. The next anniversary was already too far, so sometimes it's about luck. Actually Revolving Doors of Vengeance was a pretty popular hit too, but I still didn't get any awards. I've been with TVB for 18 years and didn't get a single award, even I think that is one of my regrets!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ron Ng & Tavia Yeung celebrates birthday together with over 100 fans

Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung celebrated their 33rd birthday together at a hotel with over 100 fans yesterday. They had a 20 table birthday banquet. To boost the atmosphere, Ron pointed to his cheek signaling Tavia to give him a birthday kiss. However, when speaking of people not accepting ex-girlfriend Viann and her new boyfriend Chen Li? Ron refused to respond: "I"m not commenting on other people! (Feel bad for her?) No. (Call and comfort her?) Not responding."

Ron said he will not respond to any questions relating to Viann anymore and will not comment on whether he will draw a line with her. He stressed he is currently just focused on work and won't think too much about relationships. Ron reveals on the day of his birthday, September 2nd, he will have to spend it through work. Asked if he'll feel lonely on his birthday? Ron calmly said: "It's about the same every year." He also said he hasn't played with Weibo in a long time: "I got a new phone and stopped going on Weibo." He also said he changed all of his personal passwords.

Tavia appeared very excited at the birthday party. When asked how rumored boyfriend Him Law will celebrate with her? She said: "I'm going to celebrate with my mom first. From what I know, Him has to shoot the pilot series [TITS2], he's very busy. (Do you want to get a ring from him?) I can't just accept that, but Ron gave me a ring before. (But you just said you can't just accept rings?) I think of Ron as a girl. (Tell Him he doesn't have to give you a ring?) When it's a suitable time." He's not suitable yet? Tavia immediately changed the subject: "Not sure if it's a good day today?" Also, asked if she'll comfort Ron? She said he's looking good and he gained weight too, no need to comfort him.

*Note: Tavia's birthday is on August 30th. Ron is on September 2nd.

Carat Cheung crowned Miss Hong Kong 2012; TVB failed with new voting system

Miss Hong Kong 2012: Carat Cheung (#17)

First Runner-Up: Jacqueline Wong (#19)

Second Runner-Up: Tracy Chu (#4)

Special Awards:
Miss Photogenic: Jennifer Shum (#12)
Miss International Goodwill: Carat Cheung (#17)

Commercial Sponsored Awards:
Best Display of Accessories Award: Jennifer Shum (#12)
Miss Fashion Icon: Jennifer Shum (#12)
Miss Tourism Ambassador: Roxanne Tong (#28)
Miss Aviation Ambassador: Carat Cheung (#17)
Beautiful Sublimation Ambassador: Roxanne Tong (#12)

Last night, the Miss Hong Kong 2012 final was held at TVB City. As this is the 40th anniversary, TVB decided to make it big and attempted to boost the ratings. This is the first time 20 Siu Sang and FaDans got to interview the contestants, the audience get to take part in voting for the winner and contestants were voted out through a cruel reality show.

When the top three finalists were about to be announced, there was technical difficulty for the first time in Miss HK history. This year, the selling point is TVB and the audience each get to cast a vote for who they think should be the winner, but unfortunately the Miss HK App and website crashed before the guests and live studio audience could cast their votes. Myolie Wu frowned: "It doesn't work!" MC Eric Tsang then announced because of the heavy traffic, the system crashed. In the end, TVB ended up making the final decision on who the winners were. The audience immediately started booing, and many Netizens complained suspecting that this was all decided internally. TVB really made a fool out of themselves. After the event ended, TVB made a public apology and expressed they are still unsure if it was a hacker, investigation is in the process.

Carina Lau was one of the judges, she expressed Carat Cheung was her choice as well. She praised she is highly educated and appeared calm. When asked if she thinks TVB failed majorly on the new voting system? She said: "There will bound be problems with computers. Each year, the judges are selected too. I hope next year it will be better. (It was rumored your pregnant?) No! I'm still shooting a new film and gained a little weight."

As for Miss HK winner Carat Cheung, she said excitedly: "I'm very happy! Never thought I'll win!" Asked if the results were affected by the crash of the system? She said: "I'm not going to think too much."

Myolie Wu shakes head no hope to reconcile with Bosco Wong

Myolie Wu invited the cast of Ghetto Justice II out for dinner and to enjoy the finale together. As Kevin Cheng is not in HK, he was absent; Christine Kuo and JJ Jia were also absent. When speaking of JJ and Christine's rumors, Myolie admitted she comforted JJ, but was afraid to overdo it. Myolie joked she can't even help herself. When speaking of herself, Myolie said she's fine, but once Bosco Wong was mentioned, she begged for mercy: "Please don't say his name again. If we keep talking about that issue, it will never end." It was rumored Bosco madly tried to patch things up with her, knelt on the floor begging for forgiveness and proposed to her with a 5 carat diamond ring. Bosco also lost 20 pounds because of the break up. When asked if there is a chance Myolie and Bosco may get back together? Myolie shook her head: "No, he won't do things like that. (If he really does, is there hope between you two?) No, I know him. He won't do that."

Last night the two hour finale aired, but the Ghetto Justice fans were still actively discussing. It was a happy ending, but some people had doubts on the Law Ba's murder case. In the series, Law Ba killed Dai Chiu Long (Evergreen Mak), but used "self-defense" as a reason, and the court eventually ruled him not guilty. Netizens actively discussed online, stating that there is no legal evidence that this could happen.

There were also a lot more other scenes that Netizens fussed about. It was said a pair of elders, near 70 years of age, had young school-aged children. It would be more appropriate if they were the grandparents instead. Also, Wong Si Fu (Myolie Wu) took in the blame for Law Ba, which was an obstruction of justice suit, but the story never explained it.

Netizens praised Myolie's valuable tears. In the two hour finale, Myolie cried 9 times and cried 9 different ways. She displayed expressions of pain, helplessness, guilt, panic, etc. Netizens said her performance was just perfect.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ella Koon praises her boyfriend is perfect, Ron Ng can't compare

The day before, Ron Ng's ex-girlfriend Viann Zhang announced she and new boyfriend Chen Li have been dating for two months. She praised Chen is a "responsible and sincere man". Viann said when she was with Ron, she loved him with all her heart, but there were a lot of problems in their relationship, such as the distance, she said: "I tried forgiving and insisting on keeping the relationship, but it was already damaged and how can I tolerate being cheated? Chen confessed his love to me after Ron and I separated. There was no third party in the issue. I need a boyfriend who can give me security." Reporters contacted Ron to ask about Viann's new boyfriend, he said: "As long as she's happy."

Yesterday Ella Koon attended an event and when asked if she heard of the reports that there was a third party between ex-rumored boyfriend Ron and Viann's relationship? She said: "Haven't followed the news, and I won't comment on other people's news. (You're finally out of it?) Not responding. (Did Ron try to reconcile with you?) Not responding." When asked if her current doctor boyfriend is better than Ron? She said: "My boyfriend is perfect." However, she expressed she and her boyfriend do not have plans for marriage yet and it's not because her company doesn't allow it: "I don't want to live with him yet because I'm always playing with musical instruments, it will affect him. If living me, then should always wear ear plugs or install a sound-proof wall."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Niki Chow in love with Michael Miu, waiting to kiss Bosco Wong

After signing with her new company, Niki Chow returns to TVB later this month to start shooting new series A Good Heart Goes Haywire, where she plays a policewoman once again. Niki said: "It's different this time, I got promoted to senior inspector." Niki expressed this series is a challenge for her because it's her first time shooting a 30 episode series and they have to shoot in the summer. Whether if its her acting or physical ability, it is a challenge. Although she already has experience being a policewoman, she is still in the spirit of learning. Niki laughed: "Initially I thought I could take advantage of this opportunity to change my hairstyle and get my hair cut short. But then the director said they're not looking for a tomboy policewoman, and even ordered me to grow my hair as long as possible in order to bring out the femininity."

As she'll be shooting this series for a full 3 months, Niki joked: "I don't have to be dry anymore because I have the matured '3 Gor' (Michael Miu) and the 'young woman killer' Bosco Wong. (Bosco just broke up with Myolie Wu?) When we accepted this series, that didn't happen yet! (Bosco often has intense kiss scenes with his co-stars, will you avoid those scenes during this sensitive period to prevent rumors?) That is not what a professional artist does. After all, if it's necessary for the plot, then we'll do it. What's most important is that I have the ability to portray the role and have a good explanation for the producer. Can't think too much about gossips and rumors."

In the new series, Niki is involved in a love triangle with Michael Miu and Bosco Wong, but when speaking of Niki being an actual love triangle in real life? Niki frankly expressed: "I don't have two guys to choose from. This series satisfies me completely, I believe I'll be very moist in the next three months. I will enjoy my time being entangled between the two men and no longer have to be dry." In real life, Niki frankly said she doesn't get affected by situational pressure and rush to find a boyfriend just because she has to marry and have children.

Her sister Kathy Chow is finally getting married. Niki happily said: "I'm so relieved now that she's getting married. So happy! (Afraid you can't get married?) No, modern women have nothing to fear. It is a matter if I want to or not. What I'm happy about is that my sister is going to unfold a new page in life." Niki anticipates to see her sister become a mother the most. She wants to see the motherly love side of her. She said: "I think she'll become a mother very soon. I believe she's not far from this phase in life."

Pierre Ngo plans to be married in December; Hopes 'Rosy Business 3' actually happens

Wayne Lai, Kent Cheng, Pierre Ngo, Natalie Tong, Janet Chow and Vivien Yeo attended TVB new series King Maker promotional event. It was reported Pierre is planning to marry his girlfriend in Canada this September. Yesterday Pierre explained he's going to Canada for a stage performance in September, but his girlfriend is accompanying him on the trip to visit her parents and talk about the marriage. Pierre said: "We've been dating for 12 years, and have plans to tie the knot in December. (So rushed to get married, she's pregnant?) I wish, but no she's not pregnant. We are in a stabled relationship, and already agreed to keep our marriage low-key. We won't be holding a wedding banquet, just a simple dinner with family and friends (Will your parents be going to Canada too?) No, they are getting old." It was rumored Rosy Business III is starting in March next year, Pierre hoped the news is true too and will leave everything to TVB.

When asked about the average ratings for King Makers? Wayne said: "Last week's ratings were really just average because there hasn't been much happening in the story, but it will later start getting exciting. I hope the ratings will go back up by then."

In regards to the rumored Rosy Business III, will Wayne and Sheren Tang have the opportunity to work together again? Wayne admitted he did hear about the news that the series is going to start shooting next year. In the meantime, he'll be shooting a modern series in November first. Wayne expressed he knows a lot of people are anticipating to see the Rosy Business franchise and he also hopes the third installment will really happen as well. Whether if it's going to be the original cast or not, we will have to wait until next year to find out. Will you help call Sheren Tang back to participate in the series? Wayne laughed: "I'm not qualified to do that. Of course I do hope to work with her again, and whenever I have time now, I watch the re-runs of Rosy Business. I've discovered there were at least 12 commercials during the breaks, which is just as many as during the prime time hours. I have to ask TVB to give me some commission."

[Oriental Daily] contracted producer Lee Tim Shing to ask about the Rosy Business third installment. He said over the phone: "It's made up! I am planning to start a new series in February next year and do plan to cast Wayne Lai, but not Sheren Tang! If I were to choose a female lead, I would choose a newcomer, I'm considering JJ Jia or Christine Kuo! (Retiring?) This year I'm retiring, but I promised TVB that starting next year, I'll shoot one series per year. TVB said they wanted to start one in February, their really trying to rip me off!"

Frankie Lam hasn't started working for CTI but already started 'shoe polishing'

Frankie Lam, Kate Yeung, Carlos Chan and John Chiang attended the costume fitting of CTI new medical drama Three Face Shaped Doctor (Plot). Frankie hasn't started working for this new company yet, but is already praising their good policies: "It's a lot more comforting here. We don't need to work from day to night, then from night to day. At most its a 12 hour work day."

As TVB invited Lawrence Ng back to rescue them, Frankie disagreed: "I don't think it's a war. (You and Lawrence are both playing doctors, afraid of comparison?) Just do my best on my own part. Also it has been said several times in television history, even if you are coming out for war and you are clearly going to win, you believe your chances of winning is high, but you may still lose in the end. Nothing is absolute."

Anne Heung to make a comeback in TV series

Anne Heung left showbiz four years ago to work for the company owned by Loretta Chu's husband in Shanghai. There is news that Anne resigned from her position in the company. [Apple Daily] contacted Anne in Shanghai yesterday and chatted about her next steps.

Anne said she learned a lot in the last several years, and really want to thank her two bosses. However, she really hopes to have her own career, therefore she and a friend from HK are planning to start a company, specializing in helping Mainland clients plan their weddings overseas. She will invest 6 figures into this company. She also said she signed with a new management and will make a comeback in TV series. Her boss, Loretta Chu, greatly supports her decision.

In fact, Anne's two TVB series The Legend of Lady Yang and Love is Beautiful were quite a hit in Mainland, and in the last two years many people have been asking her to shoot TV series or stage plays. Since acting is still one of her interests, she decided to work simultaneously on her business and go back into acting. She said her manager is discussing her future jobs in showbiz; it is estimated that she'll make her comeback at the end of the year, but she's focusing in Mainland. When asked if she'll come back and shoot TV series in Hong Kong? Anne said she enjoyed working with Marianne Chan, Gigi Lai, Wayne Lai and everyone else back then, and really does hope to have the opportunity to work with them again.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wayne Lai hopes to 'date' Samantha Ko

Wayne Lai, Natalie Tong and Sire Ma attended the end-of-filming dinner of TVB new series Detective Columbo. Initially the cast was going to each pitch in to pay for the meal, but Wayne took initiative and just treated everyone himself to reward the crew for all their hard work. He spent approximately 5 figures. Wayne said shooting the series for three months was truly difficult and now that they finally finished, it's time to celebrate. In the series, he had 5-6 different costumes, which has been the most among all the series he has done in his career. Wayne reveals this is a heavy and serious series, but it has always been his desire to shoot a light-hearted romantic comedy and it would be best for his female co-star to be a young actress, such as Samantha Ko or this year Miss HK winner.

Christine Kuo cries denying 'car shaking' with Michael Tse

TVB executive Norman Leung hosted a banquet for the cast and crew of Tiger Cubs to celebrate the high ratings and success. The cast including Jessica Hsuan, Kenneth Ma, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Oscar Leung, Christine Kuo and Vincent Wong attended.

Recently a tabloid magazine (East Week) reported that Christine Kuo and Michael Tse were 'car shaking' (sex in the car). The magazine even published the photos. Yesterday when reporters approached Christine for interviews, tears immediately formed in her eyes. She expressed the 'car shaking' was just a scene from new series Justice Pursuit & Attack. She stressed the 'car shaking' was necessary for the series because the scene was about her seducing Michael in the car. There were a lot of other staff at the location. She said in tears: "My mom called me from Canada this morning, actually I didn't know what 'car shaking' means, until my mom told me. I just feel so wronged! (Unhappy?) People have limits, I don't want to make my family unhappy! I'm starting to lose my parents' trust, the negative news and rumors are just coming one after another, it's normal that I'm worried. Also, my parents aren't familiar with the nature of my job. I hope to bring them over to HK and live with me as soon as possible, so they can understand more about what I do at work."

Since Christine's debut, she has got herself a long list of rumored boyfriends including Kevin Cheng, Oscar Leung, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho and more. When asked if she's afraid to get near her male colleagues after this? She expressed: "A little! Sometimes it's just necessary for work and I can't control it! (Give up being an actress?) I don't give up that easily! Also, even if I wanted to give up, that won't solve anything. I should face the problems with courage."

When Oscar Leung saw Christine crying, he handed her a tissue and attentively comforted her: "Don't cry! If anything, I'm here!" However, Christine kept her distance from him: "Get away! If you come near me, I'll be in trouble!"

Michael Tse: I want to cry too!

Also, yesterday Michael accepted an interview over the phone and when speaking of Christine crying over the 'car shaking' incident, Michael joked, "I want to cry too". He felt sorry for Christine: "She's a girl, usually girls are thin-skinned. Aside from crying, what else could she do? She's just trying to vent it all out! (Are you upset?) I'm already numb to all this! Actually the producer already said we were filming, and it could still be written like this! I've been in this industry for a long time, I can understand why she (Christine) feeling emotional. It's really hard to get accused like that!"

Jessica: 'Tiger Cubs' is male dominant series

Jessica was asked if there will be a sequel to Tiger Cubs? She expressed: "Not sure yet! Still discussing! (Start shooting next year?) I really don't know! But, it should be done while it's still hot! I heard TVB already scheduled the series for the first half year, and temporarily there isn't any news on the sequel." Jessica added the public response was better than expected, and she's already satisfied that her 'farewell series' did well.

Since Tiger Cubs was such a big hit, based on TVB's convention, there may be a film version of the series. When asked if there really is a film version, will Jessica participate in it? She smiled: "Even so, it may not be with the original cast! Also, the entire series is focused on the male role, the female roles are not important!" Jessica reiterated that artists are actually very passive in terms of what roles they get, anything work related, we will all have to wait for TVB to make the arrangements and decisions.

JJ Jia turns into third party: "It's So Difficult For Me"

It was exposed earlier that 29 year old JJ Jia has been dating martial arts actor, Louis Fan, 10 years her senior (39 y/o). Because Louis is already married and has children, JJ turned into a third party! Yesterday it was said Louis has a 15 year old son and 10 year old daughter, and the mother of his children implied Louis is an unfaithful man.

As JJ has been called the third party, she felt emotionally hurt. Yesterday she accepted an interview and cried expressing several times that its been very difficult for her. She admitted she and Louis did have a relationship, but now that the situation has developed into this stage, she's holding back! JJ frankly expressed she met Louis Fan earlier this year at Timmy Hung's wedding. Not long after they met, she already had feelings for him and admitted they took their relationship a step further. However, yesterday it was rumored Louis is a married man and has a family, JJ was greatly hurt: "I don't know any more than what outsiders knows. It's been so difficult for me. Louis has contacted me and expressed he will explain the whole issue. He should have a written statement soon. (Any comments on yesterday's rumor that Louis' wife was complaining tearfully?) I cannot accept it at all, so difficult. The issue isn't that simple. I'm still trying to see what the situation is like. If you all are really that concerned, please see what the statement says..."

Throughout the entire interview, JJ had a sobbing voice, she said she already burst into tears. She implied she didn't want to be a third party and friends have been worried she might do something silly (commit suicide). "No matter what I say now, it's useless. It's really difficult for me too. I have never thought I would be....I'm just a normal girl, just want to find a normal guy, then date, get marry and have children. I don't know anything else. (Will you develop with a married man?) If he can make it clear, if everything is clear, then I can accept, but at this moment, I really can't accept it. Wait until he clears it up and see what happens! Friends have comforted me, they know what type of person I am. They were scared I would... ... thank you all for your concern."

It has been said for many years that Louis is already married and have children, but he never responded. However, yesterday JJ cried and expressed how hurt she was. Louis finally broke his silence and issued a written statement to clarify the whole issue. He admitted he does have children, but he isn't married, "When I was 23 years old, I decided to live with the mother of my children. In the beginning we had a naive relationship, and never thought of getting married." Louis said because they could no longer communicate and they were separated for long periods, they eventually broke up 4 years ago, "I asked her earnestly to let go of this mutually tormenting relationship and it is impossible for us to continue the relationship."

Although Louis separated from his girlfriend, but he still placed the majority of his time on her and his children. He explained he had a low-key relationship for many years and it was all because he didn't want to affect his family. Today he decided to make this confession, it is because "don't want the speculations to hurt innocent people", clearly he is standing up for JJ.

Louis said he and JJ officially started dating a month ago and she is absolutely not the third party: "She is not a third party, like what the news said about her, who broke my family up. I hope you all don't misunderstand her." He stressed before starting the new relationship, he already explained his past relationship. As Louis' statement clearly supported JJ and did her justice, will she continue to develop further with Louis? JJ replied through SMS: "Thank you!" She did not respond to anything else.

Chin Kar Lok shouts: I'm A Father!

Yesterday Chin Kar Lok, Liza Wang and King Sir attended the promotional event for TVB new series Divas in Distress. When Kar Lok introduced his character, he suddenly shouts: "I'm a father! But I'm just talking about the series. As for real life, I'll talk about it later!" The cast were all very happy for him and congratulated him. Kar Lok played happily with the children at the promotion, seems like he's preparing himself well for the future.

Chin Kar Lok reveals the wedding banquet is planned for November with 50 tables, but he and Angela Tong gave up on getting married on a small island: "It's not convenient. Just want the two of us have an explanation to parents and elders, so having the wedding in November is pretty rushed. (Why is it so rushed?) I want to get marry this year. After going to the hospital and seeing the report, I knew we couldn't wait any longer." As for Angela's pregnancy, Kar Lok smiled: "talk about it later." He refused to admit, looks like it's really not pass the 3 month sensitive period yet. "I don't want to lie, just wait until things mature first. I will definitely let you all know!"

When speaking of Angela shooting new series Cousin, You Are Good, she will have scenes where she gets pushed down? Kar Lok expressed: "I'll be her stunt double then, our body figures are just about the same anyway and I'm a martial artist. (She's going to Guangzhou for outdoor shooting?) If I go to Guangzhou, then there is something to worry about, but if she goes, no problem. She hasn't reported to me on what type of shooting she's doing, but I believe her co-stars Roger Kwok and Bob Lam will take good care of her. (Bob was spotted smoking near Angela?) I don't know if that is true. They are all good people, I'm not worried."

Ada Choi busy hitting mosquito while driving, gets into accident & fined HK$950

Earlier this April, Ada Choi was on the road driving when a mosquito distracted her. Because she was busy trying to hit the mosquito, she lost control of the car and crashed into the lamp post. Her car suffered minor damages, but she didn't have any injuries. After the accident, Ada called the police immediately and the officer charged her for careless driving. Yesterday afternoon, Ada appeared at the Tuen Mun court for her hearing and she pled guilty. She was fined HK$950 for her accident.

Yesterday afternoon, Ada groaned on Weibo: "This is the first time in my life that I've gone to court. And the reason was because I was hitting a bug...ahh...I really really dislike court, it feels so uncomfortable... I hope this is the last time in my life that I'll have to go to court."

When Ada left the court, she shouted to reporters that she has no makeup on, so don't take any pictures of her. Then she waved goodbye and left.

Later, Ada accepted an interview over the phone. She frankly expressed she wasn't scared, just feels uncomfortable to go to court. "I just hoped to get it done as soon as possible and leave!" She also reveals she's not sure if there are extra fines or if she'll get points, she just feels so innocent: "It's not like I was doing anything, my friend advised me that if I encounter the same situation, I should just open the window and let it out!" She said her husband Max Zhang laughed at her look without makeup: "He asked me why I didn't put a hat or makeup on when going to court, because I would scare people with that look!"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Carina Lau wants to work with Bosco Wong if she's back at TVB

Yesterday the 10 Miss Hong Kong contestants attended an event and met with the five judges including Andy Lau and Carina Lau. This is Andy's first time on the Miss HK judging panel, he frankly expressed his ideal Miss HK is a girl with long hair and eyes with spirit. Also, he expressed Miss HK should have strong verbal ability and a balance of goodwill and beauty. In regards to the constant gossips floating around Miss HK, Andy said he hasn't paid attention to any of it, but believes there will bound be such misunderstandings when participating in the contest. If you're the winner, then the gossips will follow you for several years, so it's best to just get the first or second runner-up. When asked if Andy will allow his daughter to participate in Miss HK? He avoided the question.

The elegant Carina put pressure on everyone at the event, she believes Miss HK should not only have the beauty and wisdom, but also advance with modern society, increase EQ and face the news. Carina expressed she was conservative back in the day, so she never thought of participating in Miss HK. She said back when she was in the Artistes Training Class, the teacher suggested that she run for Miss HK, but at the time she couldn't accept wearing bikinis. When speaking of the gossips revolving around the Miss HK contestants? She said: "Artistes have gossips too. If we don't go through this path, then how would we know how the scenery is like out there?" Carina laughed and said if she participated in Miss HK, she may not have had the opportunity to meet her husband Tony Leung. She said fate is hard to predict, if there is fate, they can meet no matter what.

When speaking of TVB inviting Andy back to shoot a series for them, Carina expressed she has always been open too. "Especially for TVB, they're my cradle. We have a relationship. Money is not an issue, have to look at the script." Andy mentioned he really hopes to be in an idol drama? She said: "Really? He's currently my idol too, but can he still be a teenager?" She laughed and said if they were to shoot an idol drama together, that wouldn't be too good because she's more suitable as a metropolis matured woman, but Andy is her first choice for a co-star. She said: "He brings me luck! (How about Tony Leung?) I bring him luck!" Carina expressed if she were to choose among the artistes, she would choose Bosco Wong: "I met him personally before, he has the taste of a star."

*Miss Hong Kong 2012 final is held on August 26, 2012.

Jason Chan & Linda Chung waiting to be a couple team

A few nights ago, Linda Chung and Jason Chan hosted an end-of-filming dinner for the cast and crew of TVB new series Ferris Wheel Happiness. Linda praised Jason for performing well on his first leading role, but he was stressed because he had too high expectations on himself. Jason was asked whether if he had fallen for Linda after their collaboration? Jason blushed and expressed embarrassingly: "I should say we had a great time working together and quickly developed chemistry." Linda added: "Yes, luckily we didn't have any arguments."

The single Jason expressed he has never met with Linda in private before, but they had a pleasant collaboration. In the future, he will invite Linda and other friends out for dinner. He also welcomes advertisers to hire them as a 'couple team', so they could earn money together. In regards to rumored girlfriend Sarah Song spotted on a date with Kevin Cheng? Jason said: "We are just friends, but we're been rumored for so long, it's not convenient for me to comment on her matters."

Annie Man's 5lbs 14oz baby girl is born

Yesterday Annie Man gave birth to a baby girl at Canossian Hospital. Her husband Jason reveals the baby was 5 pounds, 14 ounces. When asked who the baby looks like? He laughed: "Look like me, then its big trouble! We haven't decided on a Chinese name yet, but we have an English name for her. (Were you afraid to see the cutting of umbilical cord?) Nope, because I didn't get to see."

Annie announced on Weibo late at night:

"To all my fans and friends, I want to let you know I just finished giving birth. On August 20th, I gave birth to a little Dragon girl. She was 5 pounds, 14 ounces. Her English name is Jamie. We haven't given her a Chinese name yet.

Before I went into labor, I had a cough that never went away, so the doctor and anesthetist feared that I would cough nonstop during the delivery and affect the C-section stability. They suggested that I get full anesthesia, but I insisted on getting only half. I said I can handle it because I wanted to see the entire process. In the end, I went through the 1 hour operation without a single cough. I'm really grateful! The moment I saw my baby born, a living life before my eyes. Life is so wonderful!

Jason was responsible of video taping the entire process. Once the baby heard her Daddy's voice, her little eyes rolled over and looked at him. Then she smiled at him. I saw how loving my husband looked when our daughter looked at him, he looked more loving than when he looks at me (*angry face*). Haha, but he did thank me for all the hard work. Fine forgive him... finally of course I have to thank you all for the care, concern and support you had for baby and I. I will do my best on being a good mother."

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