Thursday, May 23, 2013

Selena Li Will Consider Kenneth Ma If Still Single in 5 Years

Yesterday Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Lin Xiawei, Pierre Ng, and Yoyo Chen took part in the costume fitting of TVB new series Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon. Kenneth disclosed he and Selena are a married couple in the series and to demonstrate the husband-wife love, he will ask the producer to add kiss and bed scenes, but Selena said she won't kiss men with a mustache. Kenneth said he'll try his best to persuade her. Reporters teased whether Kenneth isn't attractive enough? Kenneth shook his head and expressed its not related. He saw Selena and Ruco Chan's many kiss scenes in Slow Boat Home, he will have to search for his shortcomings.

Selena mentioned before if she still can't find somebody in 5 years, she will consider Kenneth and that she loves Chinese. Kenneth said: "I'm a pure Hong Kong boy! Tell her to consider me!" In regards to Kenneth wanting to add kiss and bed scenes, Selena laughed and said she will have to see if its necessary for the plot, but it is a fact she does not like men with mustache. Kenneth asked her to consider him, Selena said embarrassingly: "I'm not in a hurry. Five years later, if we're still single at that age, then that's quite miserable. That's ok, let's give it a try!"

It was widely rumored Aimee Chan withdrew from this series because she's pregnant and Lin Xiawei replaces her, 'filling her shoes'. However, Lin Xiawei did not mind at all, she frankly expressed she had always admired Aimee's performances. Although she was notified of this replacement on short notice and does not have much time to prepare, she will still take Kung Fu lessons to accommodate her role as the master of martial arts. When speaking of her cousin, Raymond Lam and Karena Ng's rumored secret marriage in the U.S? Lin Xiawei expressed the U.S trip was purely for her younger cousin's graduation (Raymond's brother). At the airport back in HK, Raymond was only willing to help his girlfriend push her luggage and Lin Xiawei had to take care of herself? She laughed: "I'm independent, I like to push my own luggage!"


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