Thursday, February 28, 2013

Priscilla Wong Strives to Wash Away Bad Image

Priscilla Wong's debut TVB series Reality Check has been airing and naturally a newcomer like Priscilla will feel pressure. The pressure comes from whether the audience accepts this TV anchor turned actress. She said: "To me, the 'actress' title is really far and high. I really want this title, but I feel an actress should have some luck. I hope the audience will like this series, my personal goal is to become an actress who actually knows how to act. That is how I can continue to be in acting." When speaking of the series airing during the Lunar New Year period had never really done well, she said: "I don't have any idea on the TV ratings, leave that to Louise Lee and Ruco Chan."

Priscilla joined TVB not long ago and her opportunities have come rather quickly. Due to this, she easily attracted rumors that there are TVB executives supporting her, she said: "I think its because nobody knows who Priscilla Wong is, so this extra title is given to me. I hope I can count on my own hard work to wash the title away."

In the series, Priscilla has a "Chaozhou Angry Father", when the father-daughter meet, they often get into arguments. She said in reality, her father is from Chaozhou too, therefore she was able to easily grasp and get into character. Priscilla said: "My father is from Chaozhou too, he wanted a son, so that's why he had the 5 of us sisters. The difference is, he loves the 5 us, but he had always believed girls aren't as good as boys. Therefore, my sisters and I have the same thoughts and really work hard together. We worked really hard in our studies and wanted to show that we can succeed."

Kenneth Ma Blurts Out Natalie Tong & Amigo Chui's Relationship

Lately it has been rumored because Kenneth Ma got in between Natalie Tong and Amigo Chui's relationship, which angered Amigo and madly scolded Kenneth. Last night, Kenneth and Natalie were recording for a TVB show. Natalie expressed she asked Amigo about it: "He said he didn't yell at anybody. What really happened was his pimples came bursting out, but he he didn't burst at anyone. (He has enough trust in you, that your heart won't change?) I'm not in a relationship nor can I feel anyone pursuing me." Kenneth also denied the rumor: "Amigo and I are friends. I don't believe he yelled at me. Also, I don't go pursuing my friend's other half, that's awkward." It appears Kenneth just blurted out that Amigo and Natalie are a couple!

Raymond Lam & Karena Ng's 3 Vacations in 1 Month, Guarantees No Baby Made

Since Raymond Lam started dating 19 year old Karena Ng, the couple had been on three vacations within a month! Following their Tokyo and Okinawa trips, last night the couple were spotted at the airport coming back from their 3rd vacation in Milano. Raymond was first to appear pushing out his luggage, when asked where he just got back from? The impatient Raymond said: "I'm on vacation now, so I don't have to explain. (Where is your girlfriend?) I don't have to give you the schedule right? (3 vacations in 1 month?) Good morning! (Girlfriend will come out after you?) I don't have to tell you. (Came back to HK early because your girlfriend has work?) Thanks!"

Ten minutes later, Karena BB came out with a pleasant smile on her face. There was a group of male fans waiting for her at the airport. Walking with just her two hands in her pockets, it appears her boyfriend had already taken care of her luggage for her. It also seems like she and Raymond prepared their responses to the media. When asked why they're leaving the airport separately? She just said "Thank you" as a response. When asked if she turned down several jobs because of this relationship? Is her company upset? She defended herself: "I was shooting a Mainland drama for 3 months. (Why are your hands in your pockets?) I'm on vacation, I don't want to talk too much about my personal life." But when Karena took one of her hands out of her pockets to open the taxi door, she 'carelessly' revealed a ring on her left index finger. It looks like the 'wedding ring' has been exposed!

Last night, Karena attended the celebration dinner for the film Hotel Deluxe with Ronald Cheng, Fiona Sit and Lynn Hung. She smiled sweetly and admitted she went on vacation with Raymond: "This time, we went to Milano and Florence. We went for several days mainly to look at the architecture there. Raymond had studied there before." A few weeks ago when the couple came back from Tokyo, Karena stuttered and denied staying in the same hotel room as Raymond, but the public criticized the response is too fake. This time when Karena was asked whether they stayed in the same hotel room, she chose not to respond. "That is too personal, I am not responding. (Secretly married?) Nope. I will tell you all of the happy events. (You're wearing a ring?) I bought it myself, he didn't give it to me. I will only accept it at a different stage in the relationship. (Plan to get married over there?) Haven't thought of that far into the future. (Are you afraid of getting pregnant?) That definitely won't happen. Take it step by step. Marriage comes first, that is one of the biggest events in life and very important to a girl. It is necessary to have a full and complete plan."

Calls Lover By Real Name "Ah Man"

Karena BB later exposed Raymond has not changed his weakness of being late all the time. "Usually he has this problem, I have to rush him. (Why did he want you to take the taxi?) I suggested it, I want to keep a low-profile. We knew there would be reporters. (He's a big man?) No! (He's romantic?) Usually, I can guess everything he does. (How do you two refer one another? Honey?) I don't call him that, I call him by his real name Ah Man." (Raymond's real name is Lam Wui Man)

Raymond's manager responded on his behalf during a telephone interview: "Raymond's vacation is over today (2/28). He'll be attending an autograph session on March 3rd. (Raymond and Karena's secret trip to Milano?) I knew he was on vacation. (Karena has a ring on her, rumored they're secretly married?) I haven't heard about that, personal matters, have to ask them." It was understood, Raymond and Karena's 3 vacations within a month cost them about HK$500,000.

Tavia Yeung's Love Won't Shift to 'Best Deal' Kenneth Ma

TVB new series The Hippocratic Crush II (On Call 2) held its blessing ceremony at TVB City yesterday. The cast including Lawrence Ng, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Tracy Chu, Louisa So, Jerry Koo, Benjamin Yuen, Mandy Wong and etc. attended. Tavia continues her fate with the recent hottest 'suen poon' (best deal), Kenneth Ma, in the sequel as a married couple.

Although Kenneth has been surrounded by rumors lately, it will probably be hard to get any rumors with Tavia since she already has her actual boyfriend Him Law 'supervising' on the set. Since Him is in the same series, will there not be any rumors with Kenneth? Tavia said: "Huh? Who? Then I'll have less opportunity for promotions? Kenneth is a suen poon, that's nothing strange, he's basically a rich single man. In the series, Kenneth and I are married, not even a strong storm can split us up. (Who is better, Him or Kenneth?) Doesn't matter, they are both handsome guys, they both have a lot in common. (Is Him afraid you'll have rumors with Kenneth?) I don't know, you all go ask Him Law. (You don't have enough concentration?) I've been in this industry for a long time, I am very stabled and concentrated. (Him has several female companions in the series?) Well I'm not sure, I didn't read up on how his romantic storyline develops."

Lawrence and Tracy are a couple in this series, but there are no kiss scenes yet. Lawrence praised Tracy's performance: "She performs well, better than when I was a newcomer. She's not nervous and prepares herself well." It's been 8 years since Lawrence been in a TVB series, he said the feeling is positive and for now, he's only shooting 1 or 2 scenes per day. It's very comfortable and he believes he'll shoot one series a year.

Louise Lee believes family is work

Award-winning Hong Kong actress Louise Lee revealed that family is not strictly dependent on blood ties, but is shaped through hard work such as interactions and communications between people.

According to Jayne Stars, Louise is currently starring in "Reality Check", where she plays the biological mother of Owen Cheung and the adopted mother of Ruco Chan. However, her relationship with her adopted son is better than her relationship with her biological son, which prompted reporters to ask her the question.

An example of the point that Louise made is her close relationship with her sister. Even though the two live far apart, they made efforts to go on vacations together. Louise is also happy that her daughter Leslie Yip is independent, never relying on her mother's celebrity connections and only needing her when she [Leslie] was divorced.

Louise elaborated, "For many years, I never had to worry about her. The only time she needed me by her side was when she was divorced. Now that she has remarried and the couple is happily working together at A1 Chinese Radio, I don't have to worry. She never asked me for a single cent."

Louise is also a mother to two non-human children, which are her adopted dogs, Milk Tea and Man Man. The two came to be when she was recuperating from cervical cancer a decade ago, to keep her company at home when her family was not there.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wong Cho Lam saving for wedding

Plagued by the many questions about marriage at the wedding ceremony of actress Mandy Lam, "Inbound Troubles" star Wong Cho Lam revealed that he is indeed saving up for his own wedding.

As reported on Popular Asians, the actor, who attended the wedding with his girlfriend of three years, Leanne Li, revealed that he is indeed planning to propose to her, but added humorously, "Because I cross-dress so much, I'm afraid that Leanne will end up being the groom, while I became the bride at our wedding. That will be quite a hassle!"

To this, Eric Tsang quipped, "That is a possibility. But since you've already done so much, your cross-dressing won't be a surprise to anyone anymore. It's better to just go naked."

Meanwhile, Wong Cho Lam also dismissed reports about their Thailand vacation recently, poking fun at the media's absurd habit of speculating about celebrities' relationship and activities during vacations.

When asked if they stayed in the same room while in Thailand, Cho Lam joked, "Of course. What's done is done. She is now pregnant with my child, and we will get married tomorrow. Same room, same bed, and we are living together," before adding, "However, my mother was also with us!"

Earlier, the actor revealed that Leanne bought home a HKD 5000 specially made license plate that read "Handelababy" – the name of Cho Lam's cross-dressing gag role in the 2010 variety show, "Fun With Liza And Gods".

When asked if he used it on his car, the actor quipped, "Everyone would know that the car is mine if I use it! It's her way of trapping me."

Kate Tsui Takes the Baton in April, Pairs with Dayo Wong in New TVB Series

It has been widely rumored Dayo Wong will be back to shoot a TVB series this year, aside from the opportunity to work with his You're Hired! partner Charmaine Sheh again, producer Tsui Wing Hong also had intentions tho shoot a sequel to 2000's popular sitcom War of Genders with Dodo Cheng. However, it was understood Dayo is actually returning to TVB in April for producer Man Wai Hung's new modern comedy series. The female leads are Kate Tsui and Sharon Chan. Dayo will continue his light-hearted and humorous acting style in the new series. The other cast includes comedian Louis Yuen, Benz Hui, Jazz Lam, "Siu Bo" May Chan and Elena Kong.

Producer Man Wai Hung previously worked on You're Hired! with Dayo, yesterday he accepted a telephone interview and when asked if he has intentions to bring Dayo and Charmaine back to 'continue their fate'? Producer Man frankly expressed: "We really wanted to get Charmaine back, but she couldn't make it work on her schedule." As for Dayo making his comeback, does he have any special requests or opinions? He said: "He's very nice, we had pleasant discussions. Earlier Dayo was busy with his comedy show world tour, but now we are planning the concept, story and direction of the series together."

Kate Tsui, who is paired up with Dayo in the series, expressed she cannot describe how happy she is. She said: "I have many friends who are Dayo fans. I believe after the news comes out, my friends will be visiting us on the set all the time. However, I'm still listening to the story and haven't seen Dayo yet." Reporters teased she replaced Charmaine, she said: "Impossible, how am I qualified? But having this opportunity, I will definitely give it my greatest effort." Kate expressed she knows Dayo is a very serious artist and most of his series have been highly rated and well acclaimed, so she's feeling stressed and nervous.

The other female lead, Sharon Chan, frankly expressed she greatly admires Dayo's talent and really looks forward to work with him. In the series, Sharon plays Kate's good friend, but has a crush on Dayo. They'll end up in a complicated love triangle. She said: "I watch Dayo's stand-up comedy shows! (Do you have a romantic storyline with him?) My role has a small crush on him, it's the misunderstanding type.. He plays my boss and enthusiastically tries to change me, making me turn from someone lacking self-confidence to a successful person. So, I thought he liked me."

Ben Wong Takes the Lead, No Fear Wong Cho Lam Stealing Screen Time

Yesterday Ben Wong and the Inbound Troubles cast Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, Louis Cheung, Bob Lam and Siu Bo (May Chan) attended the costume fitting for TVB new series Food for Slaves (tentative). When asked about the same 'Inbound' cast? Wong Cho Lam expressed: "No, its just a fourth of us, already have some chemistry, but we will strive to break this small circle up and maintain good terms. If Joey and I want to be situated at TVB, cannot rely on us, must include others as well."

Earlier, it was rumored a producer disliked Wong Cho Lam stepping over the line on his behind-the-scenes work. Cho Lam made it clear Food for Slaves has nothing to do with him, he is purely an actor this time. He did not participate in the script or casting at all. Cho Lam laughed: "Getting so much gossip isn't enough? I have to do what is told this time, I'm just the actor." For this series, it is necessary for Cho Lam to get his head shaved and he'll even share his bald look on Weibo. Wonder what his girlfriend Leanne Li would think of his bald look?

Joey said she asked the producer if her role is another 'middle-aged woman', she laughed: "The producer said my role is a 25-26 year old girl and that I'll be forced to marry Wong Cho Lam. Don't say I'm a middle-aged woman again."

As seen in the Food for Slaves sales presentation, Raymond Lam, played the emperor, but Ben Wong eventually replaced him. When asked if this is Ben's first leading role? Ben expressed he had a leading role in the 1997 series Triumph Over Evil before and is grateful that he ran into this opportunity again. Does Ben wish to get the 'My Favorite Male Character' award this year? Ben laughed he does not know when this series will be airing, but he will cherish the opportunity. He revealed he'll have many scenes opposite of Wong Cho Lam, but is not afraid he'll steal all the screen time. "We each have our own brilliance. I had always wished to collaborate with Wong Cho Lam, he's a very talented artist."

Also, yesterday Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards announced the voting results from November 2012 - February 2013. Wong Cho Lam and Joey Meng made it in 2nd place; 'Jackie Chan's Protest Restriction' in 4th place; HK Chief Executive CY Leung ranked 8th place; 'When Heaven Burns Re-run' in 10th place.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kate Tsui & Ruco Chan Cheated through 10km Marathon; HKTV Artists Jogged the Whole Way

TVB, HKTV, CRHK and other individual artists signed up to participate in a marathon yesterday. Although TVB sent out over 40 artists, only half of them were really jogging, the other half faked it. Kate Tsui, Ruco Chan, Sai Sai Lap (May Chan), Jerry Koo and Priscilla Wong just did the jogging for an hour and was done with it. Ricky Wong's HKTV sent out 20 artists and jogged the whole 10km. The artists included Noel Leung, Leila Tong, Yuen Wah, Kwok Fung and Catherine Chau. There were massaging and buffet services as well. Hilary Tsui and Annie Liu were fully prepared to face the challenge. They jogged for 58 minutes and 1 hour and 5 minutes respectively. They each broke their individual records from last year.

Kate and Ruco did not seem dressed appropriately for the occasion. Kate was dressed in black leather pants, while Ruco had jeans on. They explained because they still have to go to work after the marathon. Asked if they feared that people will say they only have the posture and not the actual practice? Kate said: "I tried my best. I have a supportive heart. I got out of bed at 2am and got here at 5am." She claimed her health isn't good, she was afraid participating in this 10km marathon, she still wouldn't finish if she walked for 2 hours. "To avoid embarrassment, if I jogged until I ran out of breath, that would be embarrassing." When asked if she's helping TVB counter HKTV? Kate said: "How am I qualified? After all, TVB told me to come."

This is the first marathon 200 pound Sai Sai Lap participates in. She laughed: "I've never really do exercise. The majority of my exercise is napping. Actually, this isn't considered a really long run, just along the East District's slanted highway , but it still feels like a long run. I'm so tired. This is already enough challenge for me." She laughed, next year she'll consider actually participating in the competition: "Exercise is good. If I can't jog, I can walk. The organizers will supply water and bananas. 10km, I can eat 10 bananas."

The 10km Marathon Results
Mark Ryan - 36 minutes
Kelvin Kwan - 51 minutes
Kathy Yuen - 57 minutes
Hilary Tsui - 58 minutes
Annie Liu - 1 hour, 5 minutes
Stephanie Cheng - 1 hour, 5 minutes
Sherman Chung - 1 hour, 10 minutes
HotCha - 1 hour, 15 minutes
Jade Cheung - 1 hour, 40 minutes
Completed half marathon: Deep Ng - 2 hours, 8 minutes
Completed whole marathon: Steven Cheung - 5 hours, 50 minutes

Myolie Wu Gets Intoxicated From Drinking Milk; Kenneth Ma Accidentally Calls Myolie "Nancy Wu"

Yesterday Myolie Wu, Nancy Wu, JJ Jia, Kenneth Ma and Oscar Leung promoted for TVB series Season of Love. After the promotion, Myolie has to fly over to Beijing for work. When asked if she's rushing over to see her Mainland rumored boyfriend? She said: "Who? Don't speak nonsense. I'm not hurried to be in a relationship, leave it to fate!" Last night, Myolie reportedly intoxicated herself at good friend Nancy Wu's house? Myolie laughed: "I didn't drink, just coincidentally the reporter took pictures of me catching the taxi with squinted eyes. I already explained on Weibo. All I drank that night was milk. Fans teased me too, milk can't intoxicate people, just people intoxicate themselves. (Still single, feeling really worried?) No, I'm very happy! Aide from love, friendship is really good too, that night Nancy cooked up big feast for me. (Friends are in relationships, you don't envy them?) Can't rush these things, leave it to fate! (Did Nancy introduce any guys to you?) Not deliberately, I really don't have those plans. (Do you mind if it actually happens?) No, just like meeting a new friend, but why are you all so anxious! (Because you've been hurt before, you don't dare to date again?) No, really just leave it to fate."

Nancy praised Myolie is doing very well, both physically and mentally, she doesn't need to introduce guys to her. Just be natural and that can attract excellent guys. Has Myolie been resisting? "No, she had always been career-oriented. In the past, she really worked too hard, I told her that she needs time to have her own life. After all, we are over 30, no matter where our career is now, we still have to think about marriage, having kids and starting a family. We cannot just incline towards our career, there needs to be a balance. Myolie is doing very well now, let nature take its course."

Kenneth joked during the Lantern Festival, he had several girl friends accompany him. He also thanked the media for giving him so many rumored girlfriends, Natalie Tong, Rebecca Zhu and Eliza Sam. He laughed: "My mom thought it was so easy to meet girls. (Who does your mother choose?) She's not as concerned about my love life as the media is." However, he does hope people don't misunderstand because the girls may not think he's a 'suen poon'. Among the three, which one is suitable to be Kenneth's actual girlfriend? He laughed: "The 3 of them are very good. If the media continues to write about us, it won't get anywhere. There will be lots of peach blossoms, but none of them are true." Also, at the promotion Kenneth accidentally called his on-screen girlfriend "Ting Yan" (Nancy), which is actually suppose to be Myolie, looks like he hasn't forgotten about his ex-girlfriend yet and Myolie had to correct him. What an embarrassing situation!

JJ Jia exposed she has a passionate kiss scene with Oscar Leung in the series, and even now she can still remember the taste. Oscar teased JJ asking if her boyfriend Louis Fan could feel it? Asked JJ if her boyfriend is jealous? She expressed: "No, but that scene really left a deep impression. We had to do the kiss scene on the first day of work. It is the most kissing I've ever done. I told him (boyfriend) after we finished the scene. (Did you're boyfriend ask you to do it another time?) Cheh, not necessary. This only happens in acting."

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grace Wong Waited 6 Years, Reconciles with Ex-Boyfriend & Tells Her Love Story

After Grace Wong went through three relationships in her love life, she had been single for 6 years. Her Mr. Right finally appeared, Grace Wong announces she's dating again! When the public guesses who her current boyfriend might be, it turns out he is still he, he is her ex-boyfriend!

GRACE: Before when I was still living in the US, I worked as a waitress and at the time, I met my third boyfriend at the restaurant. I still remember he initially wanted to just cut through the restaurant to the parking garage, but he was stopped by me, I asked him: "Do you want to eat here?" Once he heard that, he was immediately stunned and nodded. A cigarette was still hanging on the corner of his mouth. Then I told my waitress friend, "That man is handsome." Unexpectedly, my friend said to me: "He's my friend!" I was so embarrassed and blushed on the spot, then I quickly ran into the restroom.

Personally Made Him Coffee

One time, he and a friend came to eat. I took care of them and took their orders. His friends all ordered alcohol, except for him, he ordered a cup of coffee. I already thought he was different from others, then I rushed into the kitchen and personally made a cup of Mocha for him. From then on, he would come to the restaurant on Fridays or Saturdays to drink a cup of coffee I make for him. Later, he finally put up his courage and asked me out to have Korean tofu. At the time, he asked me what my ambition was, I said I wanted to be a Hong Kong pop star. Once he heard that, he suddenly said: "Good, I support you." I was so touched because he did not think I was a girl just dreaming to become a celebrity. Later, I came back to HK for my career development, and plus I thought our personalities, one is out-going and one is quiet, I thought it would be better if we just stay as friends and then we broke up.

Maintaining A Long Distance Relationship

But, I think I got a really good gift from God last year. Actually, he is a very hard working, ambitious and an honest guy who has never lied before! In the past when I communicated with him, many times when we couldn't get something straight, he would get upset, but now he started believing in God too. God can help us resolve the issues. I'm very happy that we can still mutally support our careers. Sometimes he would accompany me to the coffee shop to study the scripts, that's very attentive. Although he'll have to go back to the US soon, we will continue to maintain a long-distance [relationship], but we're always chatting, showing care for one another and get to know each other more!

Although Grace is hot and sexy on screen, holiness is actually her true hertiage. Since she disclosed she's a virgin last year, she instantly brought up a sensitive topic. However, if we go back to year 2010, Grace has actually already committed herself to become a holy woman. After 2 years, there is still fierce response from the public, Grace does not understand why, but she learned long ago of her principle on love.

Upholds Principle, Sacrifices First Love

GRACE: Regarding love, I have one principle: If I cannot say 'I love you' to my partner, then we cannot have a sexual relationship; If I cannot die for him, then I cannot say 'I love you' to him. Since I was 7 years old, I have already been committed to this principle until today. My first love happened when I was 17, at the time I was dating a devout Christian Korean guy. He's a very good guy, even a kiss it would have to be separated by two thumbs because he thought even a kiss is very important to a girl. Later, I thought he was too behaved and he was not my Mr. Right. We dated for 2 months, then broke up!

My second relationship was with a Caucasian man, I liked him for a year before we started dating! We met when we played a dancing game together. At the time, he was the second best player of that dancing game in all of New York. I really admired him! Later, I even met his family, but his family were very upright and refined people. They were like wooden, it felt really difficult for me. Also, I believe they wanted their son to have a Caucasian girlfriend more than a Chinese girlfriend. I slowly began to think our gap increased more and more. One time, I blurted out to him: "I think you aren't the one, I cannot give my purity to you." He was very upset when he heard that and was angry because of this. I later realized we didn't make any sense, so I broke up with him. The next day, he apologized to me, but I told him we shouldn't waste our time. We only dated for 2 months before breaking up.


For chastity, Grace carries a consistent style of persistence. Even when talking about today's young women engaging in compensated dating, she deeply felt heartbroken and sighed: "Sometimes when I read the news, I'm shocked to see those young women are even knocking on people's doors, asking them if they need that service. I really want to ask them, do you know what you are selling? Also, will doing this hurt your future husband? So, I think they should really spend more time studying instead." After listening to Grace's thoughts, if the government wanted to hire Grace to do anti-compensated dating promotion, it will sure be extremely effective!

Lawrence Ng Starts "On Call 2", Shows Off HK$600,000 Sports Car

Last night, Lawrence Ng started working on TVB new series The Hippocratic Crush II (On Call 2) with Miss HK [second runner-up] Tracy Chu in Wan Chai. After 8 years of absence, Lawrence turns to TVB and is investing a lot into it. Aside from using 6 figures worth of clothing from his own wardrobe, he also drove his newly bought HK$600,000 luxury Mercedes Benz to the filming location.

Lawrence appeared very fit and expressed he's already used to filming series back at TVB. In the series, he and Tracy are paired up, when asked if he's afraid newcomers would NG a lot? He praised Tracy: "I'm not worried, I know she's a newcomer, so I taught her how to prepare the scripts. She's very smart and learned quickly. (Any kiss scenes?) For now, no."

When speaking of On Call 2 is the next series scheduled for studio filming after Love Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate, but the lead actor Bobby Au-Yeung's mishap caused a delay? Lawrence said: "Yes, there was some trouble because after On Call 2, I'm starting another Mainland drama, so now that date has been postponed as well. It's fine though, the most important is Bobby's health."

Tracy appeared calm shooting her first series, but as a newcomer, she had to shoot a crying scene on her first day. Because she wasn't able to get her emotions out in time, she had to use eye drops. Fortunately, the director was very understanding and attentively taught her how to get into character. Regarding his debut series, Tracy expressed its inevitable that she'll be nervous: "I told myself don't be afraid of NG. I hope I can relax myself as much as possible. (Do you like the mature type of men, like Lawrence Ng?) Just as long as we have things in common, age is not an issue."

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bobby Au Yeung Discharges from Hospital, Emotionally Thank his Wife in Tears

'TVB Lucky Star' Bobby Au-Yeung was having a Lunar New Year celebration with friends - Michael Tao, Michael Tse and Ron Ng - when he suddenly felt unwell and fell unconscious. He was rushed to the ER immediately, but due to the criticial condition, Bobby was sent to ICU for several days. Many good friends including Lawrence Ng, Esther Kwan, Nicholas Tse, Ron Ng, Michael Tao, Florence Kwok and Toby Leung were all very worried about him and visited him during his hospitalization. Luckily Bobby remained strong and got through the crisis.

Yesterday morning at 11am, Bobby's manager (Lydia) and his wife (Rosanna) appeared at the hospital to take Bobby home. Bobby appeared in bundled up and a beanie on his head, it was clear Bobby lost a lot of weight, but he's still well-spirited. When taking pictures, he put up the 'V' sign with his hand and had a wide smile across his face. During the interview, Bobby frankly expressed his condition has improved 80-90%, "It was all because they rescued me during the critical period. The doctor praised I had good willpower. I fell unconsicious at 3am and didn't wake up until the next afternoon at 2pm. When they hooked me up to the tubes, I felt something, I was aware of what's going on, just I couldn't move." He also joked he's now healthier than before being admitted to the hospital, "Earlier when I was hooked up to the tubes, it was very difficult, I really don't want to try that again." When speaking of Bobby losing a lot of weight, he said: "My wife lost even more, my heart is aching." Bobby frankly expressed he really feels thankful of his wife and signaled his wife to go by his side, the couple engaged in a deep embrace. Rosanna was immediately touched and teared up. Lydia was also emotional as she said to Bobby in tears: "I'm not that much younger than you, don't scare me like that again!" Bobby said: "Actually, my wife was really startled this time. She definitely needs to nurse her health more than I do. I promised her, I will be more cautious on drinking from here on out. Moderation to everything, I won't go too far in playing and eating. I have many friends and colleagues who care about me." When Bobby made his little speech, he started feeling emotional and teared up along with his wife and manager. Then Bobby gave his wife a kiss on the cheek, thanking her for everything she done during this period. The scene was very touching.

Bobby disclosed the cause of his mishap, he said he ate too much the previous night, he had sea urchins and fatty beef, then the following day he went out late at night with friends. The food went down the wrong way. When asked if it has anything to do with alcohol? He said: "I did drink, but not that much. (Give up on drinking?) I don't want to make empty promises, drinking isn't poison, I can't just drink tea during social gatherings! Unless I find a new group of friends, but I will drink in moderation in the future."

As for his work schedule, Bobby expressed he'll be resting for several days before resuming work. Then he'll be heading to Foshan to wrap up th filming of TVB series Love Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate. There will be many gun battles and chasing scenes, he said: "Because I got some shots earlier, so I cannot stretch my arms too much now, can't hold a gun yet." When asked what's the first thing he wants to do after discharging from the hospital? He said: "I want to go home and see my dogs. My wife said our dogs really miss me and is always going into my room to find me."

Esther Kwan: The whole crew will be serving Bobby

Bobby's partner in Reverse Three Lifetimes, Esther Kwan, was filming the series yesterday, she said: "I know, Bobby discharged from the hospital. He called me to let me know he's doing fine." Esther expressed after she completes the scenes from yesterday, the crew will be taking a break from filming until Bobby returns. On March 5th, the entire crew will resume to wrap up the HK filming and then the Foshan outdoor filming will be postponed to April. She said: "But even when Bobby gets back to work, the schedule cannot be too tight. We have to see if he can physically handle it or not. When the time comes, the whole crew will be serving him, I'll bring my chair for him to sit on. He really injured himself this time, the biggest problem was his lungs and that's okay already, but he had to hook up to those tubes, which damaged his veins. That needs time to recover too." When asked if she'll host a non-drinking party to celebrate with Bobby? She laughed: "We'll see how it goes, he can only drink water."

Rebecca Zhu plays Bobby's mother in the series, she joked: "He got through the crisis this time, he needs to look after his health. I hope he won't get sick again. When he comes back to work, I will attend to him with tea and water, a mother looking after her son is the right thing to do."

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nancy Wu - Am I That Bad

Nancy Wu has been working at the same company (TVB) for over 10 years, but is getting promoted slower than others. After enduring for 10 years, she finally gets a leading role, but it was just a leading role in one of the four stories in the episodic TVB series Season of Love.

"In the past ten years, I've seen many of my colleagues easily becoming lead actresses. At first, I asked myself: 'Why is it not Nancy Wu?'" Asking herself the same question too many times, eventually she naturally just stops asking. Nancy Wu came to one conclusion: She's not pretty enough. If not pretty enough, then you will be classified as a character actor/actress. A female lead must have some beauty and just stand around, unlike a character actress who has room to develop her acting skills?

"All along, producers have just described me as the second female lead. How could the audience not have this definition? It's hard to bear, but then again I'm used to it. Last year, I got some supporting actress awards and encouragement from many people. If I say I don't expect to get promoted, then I'm lying. In the upcoming new series, Food for Slaves, many people thought my wish came true, but actually up until this moment, I'm not certain at all. The best I could do is comfort myself, I don't have the looks of a mui jai."

Failed this time, try again next time. "I cannot control the ability of others, so I can only control my own abilities. I will just have to try my best and let the audience recognize I am someone worthy of challenges."

Luckily There is Wayne Lai

Wayne Lai sits firmly in the lead actor seat, surveying the TVB FaDans, it is hard to believe Linda Chung or Kate Tsui could be a romantic couple with Wayne. By inert theory, it is expected Nancy can portray a couple with Wayne.

"From Rosy Business until The Confidant, I was paired up with Wayne, like there was finally no comparison. I was even paired up with Ngok Wah before. It is because I encountered them, that I began to feel more confident in moving forward in my career."

Indeed that is an enlightening story, an actress lacking the beauty was initially a weakness, but Nancy was able to turn it into brightness. Next is probably the explosive fabricated news, such as her on and off relationship with Kenneth Ma. She just let that relationship slip away, then turned around and announced she got a boyfriend, the boss of an advertising company.

"I've always lacked the talking point. I live a normal life. Nancy Wu's business, who really cares?"

A Substandard Girl

If her relationship with Kenneth Ma remained ambiguous, then definitely the public would have strong interest in her love life, She didn't leak a single thing. "The relationship was unstable, basically haven't even acknowledged he was the one. Then what's the point in publicizing the relationship?"

The secret was only out after the break up? Nancy: "It was because he didn't want the trouble, couldn't stand the media asking him the same question day and night. He childishly thought admitting the relationship would end it all. If you ask me, I think there is a better way to handle the situation. Unlike now, created even more trouble."

The troubles include Nancy being called a gold-digger, just because she wanted a wealthy boyfriend, she heartlessly dumped the 'suen poon'. Some said she had 'princess sickness' too.

Nancy questioned: "What did I do wrong? Why did I get written so badly? My last ex (Deep Ng) had a bad image, so you thought I was good; Now Kenneth has a good image and I turned into a bad woman?"

Kenneth wanted to help clarify the negative news. "The more clarification, the more miserable it gets. Everyone thought he was trying to defend me, so his reputation got even better and made me look even worse. Even my mother couldn't help but ask me, 'Why such a good girl can be insulted like this?' I didn't know how to answer her. Kenneth isn't especially rich either, you think he's the best deal, then am I a substandard girl?"

Again, back to the same question: "Am I that bad?"

This is the One

Nancy: "You ask me what's the benefit of publicizing a relationship, I think it's just we don't have to lie. Mentally, it keeps us relaxed. Kenneth and I, our foundation wasn't stabled, there were too many doubts, a vicious cycle and thus it was inevitable that our relationship ended."

So, this time Nancy was smarter, once she got photographed with her new boyfriend, she immediately admitted it. "First off, he's not someone in the industry, so there are less worries. Secondly, the most important, I have never had this feeling before, where I can see my future with someone. Women, what do they wish for, it's not a Chanel handbag. When it all comes down to it, women are pursuing nothing more than spiritual stability."

"If there are no accidents, this is the one." Ten years in the industry, Nancy had never dared to say it, nor could she say it. Every relationship is just to pave the road for the next. This time, Nancy is still believed to be tying herself to a wealthy boyfriend no matter what it takes. She smiled sweetly: "If a female artist's boyfriend isn't consider in poverty, then is he definitely rich?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Joey Meng declines TVB offer

"Inbound Troubles" actress, Joey Meng has decided not to sign a management contract with TVB - expressing her comfortable situation of working flexibly with the company.

As reported on Popular Asians website, a source close to the actress, who signed a three-year per-serial contract with TVB in 2012, revealed, "Joey is very loyal. Although it has an attractive remuneration package and would also guarantee her a lot of freedom, Joey thinks it would not be fair for everyone."

"If she signs the contract, she would always have to turn down offers, and that would not be very fair for the company. She also feels very safe and satisfied with her current manager. TVB has been treating her well, which is why she immediately agreed to film "Food for the Slaves" and has already saved room in her schedule to film the future "Inbound Troubles" sequels," the source clarified.

It was earlier reported that TVB executive, Virginia Lok has offered to sign Joey and her manager for a hefty sum of HKD50,000 per episode, the right to choose her film and television offers, and would be promoted as TVB's "next Charmaine Sheh".

However, the actress has decided to decline the offer in order to keep her current work relationship with her manager, who has been with Joey since she first started her career in ATV, and her freedom to choose her job with other television stations.

It was also rumoured that Joey had to push back her baby plans with husband, Chan Sap Sam due to her per-serial contract with TVB. If Joey agreed to join TVB's management, her baby plans would be further postponed a few more years.

Kenneth Ma Surrounded by Rumors Natalie Tong, Eliza Sam, Rebecca Zhu

Yesterday Kenneth Ma and Fala Chen attended the press conference for Miss Chinese International Pageant 2013. It was rumored Kenneth have been in a secret relationship with his 'god sister' Natalie Tong for 3 months. Kenneth thought the rumor was really funny: "I just think of it as series promotion. Natalie called and asked me, 'We've dated for 3 months?' I want to thank the magazines for putting me on the headlines, but this wasn't exclusive news, many other newspapers took pictures of Natalie and I eating at Jazz Lam's restaurant. Of course Natalie is a good girl, but I'm not sure who she has a relationship with, I rarely ask about her love life."

Kenneth then exposed his next rumor is going to be Eliza Sam, "Since we finished shooting Triumph in the Skies II, recently we went BBQing at the director's house during the Lunar New Year holiday. It was just catching up with colleagues and I don't have a car to take her home or anything. Perhaps the media got photos of us together. Yesterday a reporter asked me about how I feel about Eliza, I answered she's a very good girl! You all are even more concerned about my love life than my mother."

Reporters contacted Eliza Sam yesterday, she expressed the day of the BBQ wasn't Valentine's Day. When asked how she feels about Kenneth? She said: "Hahaha, he's a very nice and good person. (Any chance of developing further?) Didn't think about it, I heard a lot of girls think he's a 'suen poon', but I just came back from overseas and I'm not sure of his background. No way? It's my turn now? (referring to rumors) Honestly, it's not a problem, when I entered the industry, I was already prepared for rumors."

Kenneth's rumored girlfriend Rebecca Zhu, was asked what she thought of Kenneth and Eliza as a couple? She said over the phone: "Ask them. (Jealous?) Why? I don't even have the time because of work. I haven't seen him (Kenneth) in a while, but I did send him Lunar New Year blessings via SMS. He's a very filial and good person, a 'suen poon'! (Develop further?) Leave it to fate."

As for 2005 MCI second runner-up Fala Chen, this year she'll be serving as one of the judges. She laughed: "Just in a blink of an eye and I'm a See Jeh (senior). This time, I'm in control of [the contestants] life or death! So much pressure!" Contestant #9 Jacky Cai from Melbourne physical appearance resembles actress Alice Chan. Jacky also got the first award "The Media's Most Popular Contestant". She said: "I look a little like Alice and there are others who say I look like Oscar Leung. They are both beautiful and handsome people." Hong Kong representative #5 Carat Cheung hopes to leave a deep impression on viewers.

The MCI 2013 final is held this Sunday, February 24th. Besides the announcement of the winner, first and second runner-ups, this year there will also be a new award entitled "The Star of Tomorrow". That night the MCs are Eric Tsang, Sammy Leung and Sharon Chan.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Actor Park Si Hoo accused of sexual assault by a trainee

Actor Park Si Hoo has been accused of sexual assault by a trainee.

Trainee ‘A’ has filed a sexual assault suit against the actor, claiming that he assaulted her while they were drinking. ‘A’ is 22, and is a trainee who met Park Si Hoo through a mutual acquaintance. She claimed that she had lost consciousness while she was drinking with him, and when she woke up she had been sexually assaulted.

Because Park Si Hoo has just recently left his agency after his contract ended, his old agency said, “We are currently checking into the information reported on Park Si Hoo. Please do not make any rash assumptions“.

Because Park Si Hoo is well known to be a straightforward celebrity that does not drink or smoke, many are confused as to what is really happening. The police will soon summon Park Si Hoo for questioning.

Park Si Hoo has released his official statement through a press release to the media, stating,

Park Si Hoo would like to speak honestly without hiding anything on the parts that can be misconstrued.

To be honest, we admit that he drank with ‘A’, who he met through a mutual acquaintance. However, in this process, they shared a mutual interest in each other as a man and woman. He never forced anything on her. There is nothing he is embarrassed about on this point, and it will be clearly proven in the investigation. Please be patient.

We bow our heads and apologize to all the fans who trusted and loved him but were worried. But we say again that there was nothing forced that fans should be worried about. To prove this, actor Park Si Hoo promises to diligently participate in all the police investigations.

Finally, we sincerely ask to stop the assumptions and exaggeration while the police investigation is still underway.

Dating rumours between Lee Hom and Taiwanese model Evelyn Lin resurface

Dating rumours between Taiwanese singer Lee Hom and Taiwanese model Evelyn Lin resurfaced after the pair reportedly spent Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas together this year.

Sources revealed that Lee Hom flew from Hong Kong to Los Angeles on the first day of Lunar New Year this year, and later made a stop at Las Vegas to meet the model.

When asked to confirm the rumours, Lee Hom’s manager said that the star would be spending his 10-day break in different countries, and that he is currently spending time with his family.

Lee Hom, who frequently posts photos on his microblog to update fans about his whereabouts, has also been unusually quiet lately, fueling speculation that he is indeed on a secret date with Evelyn in Vegas.

Dating rumours first sparked when Lee Hom was caught spending the night at Evelyn’s place after driving her home in October last year. However, he was then allegedly dating Chinese pianist Li Yun Di and netizens speculated that it was a ploy to divert attention from his relationship with Yun Di.

Lee Hom and Yun Di were romantically linked after Lee Hom was photographed visiting the pianist’s apartment in October. The pair was also spotted holding hands when posing for a group photo at Taiwanese songbird A-Mei's bar the following night.

However, the pair have dismissed the dating rumours and stressed that they are “just friends”.

SHINee’s “Dream Girl” MV out

The music video for SHINee‘s newest hit has been released!

“Dream Girl” shot to the top of real-time music charts immediately after its reveal today. The song is the title track of SHINee’s third album, which will be split up into two versions: ‘Chapter 1. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You’, releasing in stores on the 20th KST, and ‘Chapter 2. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of Me’, which won’t be out until April.

Check out the “Dream Girl” MV!

Priscilla Wong's 4 Year Crush on a Guy Paid Off in 'Reality Check'

Priscilla Wong's debut TVB series is Reality Check. In the series, she has a crush on Ruco Chan's role, which triggered memories of the two crushes she had in real life. She had the courageous 'if you did it, no fear to admit it' attitude: "It happened when I was still in school. The first time, I had a crush on a guy for a month, but quickly I lost the feeling. Then I felt so relieved."

When you have a crush on someone, your heart races when you see your crush, but when you don't see [him/her], you feel disappointed. Priscilla's 1 month crush wasn't deep, thus when she encountered her next crush, she still carried a hasty attitude, but unexpectedly she had a crush on him for 4 years and never confessed her feelings. "I woke up one day, suddenly feeling it was time for me to confess my feelings to him, but then I found out he already had a girlfriend." Four years of feeling mentally disturbed from having a crush, she helplessly put it to an end in tears. She expressed: "Luckily I had exams to distract me at the time, so I was able to quickly get back to normal. Today, my ex-crush and I still go to the same Church and we are good friends." Her real life experiences on crushes helped her get into her Reality Check's character easily and her 4 year crush finally paid off for her in another way.

As a Christian, Priscilla laughed off the "fate" theory. A few years ago, she hosted a show with Feng Shui Master Peter So and while her colleagues were asking Master So of their future, Priscilla had no interest in finding out about her future. She only remembered what Master So told her: "If there is a relationship for you to be in, then be in it. If you are going to get married, then get married." From Master So's tone, it sounds like he's trying to tell her not to force anything. She laughed: "Doesn't matter, but in reality I actually don't have a boyfriend."

Priscilla primarily hosted travel shows while she was with iCable. She has been to 55 countries and regions, and is fortunate to say that she met more good people than bad people in her career. She said: "In Chile, someone stole my wallet, but luckily my ID card was in a separate pocket. I pity the thief because I didn't have much money in the wallet." Her most memorable experience was in Ukraine, "The staff were all detained by the Customs because they couldn't read our passports. We were there for 10 minutes. Once I mentioned Jackie Chan's name, one of the officers said they know this person and immediately let us go." This proves Jackie Chan doesn't just simply contribute entertainment to the people of HK, but in other aspects as well.

Gillian Chung's Cell Phone Robbed in Vietnam: Luckily No Intimate Photos

Yesterday Gillian Chung was on CRHK's radio interview to promote for her new song [i]Together[/u] (在一起). She generously admitted she and her Korean boyfriend Mr. K went to Vietnam for Valentine's Day. The couple visited several historical landmarks during the war. However, Gillian encountered an unfortunate event. She expressed: "On our second day of the trip, someone snatched my cell phone away from me. My boyfriend tried to help me get it back, but couldn't do much because there were too many motorcycles around. I just put my head down for a minute to look at the address, never thought someone would just rob my cell phone like that. That night, I was continuously having nightmares of the person robbing me." Ah Gil expressed fortunately she didn't have any intimate pictures on the phone, actually the pictures aren't all that special. The greatest impact is she'll have to start her games over again, which takes time. She said: "My boyfriend said he'll buy me another phone, but I have another one. I bought him iPad Mini as his Valentine's Day gift." Ah Gil expressed the Vietnam trip was a sudden urge and since her boyfriend was able to purchase the air tickets, they decided to go.

It was rumored William Chan is trying to rescue his relationship with Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), and the couple met up in Thailand for their vacation. Regarding this, Ah Gil clarified on their behalf: "They are fine, it's just the reports were saying they're on a cold war. The whole issue is a complete misunderstanding. The person who went to see the concert with Ah Sa is just a friend." When asked if she followed Shawn Yue and Kary Ng's recent rumor? Ah Sa expressed: "I saw the magazine cover. (Do you believe it?) I think it should be true? They were already photographed, I think they're not bad."

Bobby AuYeung First Appearance Since Mishap, Puts up "OK" Sign to the Media

Bobby Au Yeung's condition is improving. A few days ago, he was able to do an interview himself and recalled his 12 hour life threatening condition. Yesterday morning, he was wheeled out of his hospital room for a body check up. At around 11am, the nurse put Bobby on a wheelchair and wheeled him out, where he was greeted by reporters. This is Bobby's first public appearance since his mishap. When the media asked how he's currently doing? Bobby raised his hand and did an "OK" hand gesture. He also expressed, "I can discharge within the next couple of days." Bobby's manager Lydia added: "He should be discharging on Thursday."

Guest Star in 'On Call 2'

At 5pm, Lawrence Ng visited Bobby at the hospital and stayed with him for about half an hour. He said: "Today I come with a loving and caring heart. He said he's 80% recovered. He's very well-spirited and does not look like a patient at all. The only thing is, he hasn't shaved yet. He even cracked a joke and said he wanted to guest star as a patient in The Hippocratic Crush II ('On Call 2'). He said he wants to get back to work, but I told him the series isn't rushed to be aired, and I told him not to drink too much. Perhaps its because filming has been too tiring and he drank a little too much."

Florence Kwok: He's Much More Handsome

Florence Kwok and Toby Leung appeared at the hospital together to visit Bobby. Florence expressed: "Bobby has never looked so young, he's a lot more handsome and well spirited. Very good." As for Toby, it was rumored she and Him Law sparked love 2 years ago when they were filming Wax and Wane. When she was asked about the rumor, Toby shouted: "I'm not responding to rumors that are not true!" It was also rumored Toby only had the opportunity to work with Him because no other actress dared to collaborate with him. Toby denied, but when asked about if she was a two-timer back then? Have they ever dated? Toby avoided the questions and made an excuse that she's in a hurry to go have dinner with Florence. Also, Toby and Him's passionate kiss scene in Season of Love was originally very romantic, but Netizens joked Him went cross-eyed from all the kissing.

Shawn Yue & Kary Ng Secretly Dating in London, Airport Photos Exposed

Yesterday pictures of Kary Ng and Shawn Yue secretly dating in London were exposed. Netizens took pictures of the couple at the London airport; the pictures circulated on the internet. Although the pictures taken were not very clear, the couple could easily be recognized by their height and the way they were dressed. It was understood, when the two landed at the London Heathrow Airport, other travelers quickly recognized Shawn Yue and someone went forward to ask for pictures, but Shawn turned down the request. It looks like Shawn does not want the public to know of their whereabouts. As for Kary, not many people recognized her, but she was much more generous. Someone recognized she was a singer and asked if pictures could be taken, she agreed.

Reporters contacted Kary and Shawn's management and assistant to confirm their relationship. Kary's management expressed Kary will not be responding yet. Shawn's assistant expressed he's currently on vacation. When asked if they're dating in London? Kary's management was unsure and does not know of their whereabouts.

31 year old Shawn and 26 year old Kary's love began last October when Shawn directed the MV of Kary's song Humans Are Not Grasslands (人非草木). At the time, Shawn took care of Kary like a big brother and he was a good loyal friend to her. They would often communicate online. Kary has been in the industry for 10 years and is getting prettier and prettier as she gets older. She also has several rumored boyfriends such as Shawn and his good friend Pakho Chau. Kary previously had an on and off relationship with 'Tennis Prince' (Hung Lap Hei), it was a very unstable relationship as they broke up and reconciled three times. In January, Kary held a her HK Coliseum Concert, and Hung was there to support her. However, a week after the concert, Kary announced she's single and she's only friends with Hung.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Linda Chung's boyfriend meets family

Rumour has it that Linda Chung has brought rumoured boyfriend to see her parents in Canada.

As reported on Popular Asians website, the actress, who took a two-month vacation after concluding filming for "Brother's Keeper", went to visit her parents on Chinese New Year, allegedly accompanied by Phillip Ng, who flew from the United States to meet them.

An insider reported, "Linda hasn't taken a vacation in a long time. She was very excited to take some time off and meet up with Philip in Vancouver and also introduce him to her family and relatives."

The source added, "Linda didn't want to be caught together with Philip by the press so they arrived at the airport on separate days."

Although their relationship has been one of many tabloids reports for the past five years, both Linda and Phillip have never publicly announced that they are dating - maintaining a low-key relationship and hoping to keep it under wraps from the public eye.

Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Ron Ng - Uncovers Attack Strategy on Love

[Cover Story - Speaks out the Four Season Love Song] - Spring, the time of love when the heart beats rapidly, the feeling of first love; Autumn, the increasing warm atmosphere, the season of passionate love; Winter, the blooming [relationship] turns into exhaustion, how to keep the romance refreshing? Summer, the frozen heart, the time when love comes to an end. In the new romantic series Season of Love, Kate Tsui, Ron Ng, Myolie Wu and Kenneth Ma are the leads in two of the four love stories. On the television screen, the four artists have portrayed several different love stories and became the gods and goddesses in the hearts of fans. Gods and Goddesses need love too, but exactly what kind of love are the four leads searching for? Fans, remember to grab your seats, sit tight and pay close attention to your idols, as they uncover their attack strategies on love.

Kate Tsui - One Concentrated Heart

In the series, Kate plays a reality TV show producer and also one of the leads on the dating show. In the show four men actively pursues her at the same time and she accepts the love from all four of them. She simultaneously dates four men and chooses her husband right on the show (similar to The Bachelorette). Kate expressed its difficult for her to accept that kind of situation in real life, "If you just treat it as a show, then it's possible, but it is impossible to just rely on a TV show to find a husband. I don't really understand how a woman can be dating four men simultaneously? I don't think it can be possible. Every individual has a different standard. For me, I think if a girl gives a chance to so many different men at the same time, I really think there is a problem. I don't agree to that nor can I focus on so many different men. There should be a limit to everything. This is not how you should be giving chances to others and it is also unfair to each and every one of them. For me, I am very serious on my relationships, I won't play around."

Ron Ng - Memorable First Love, Rapid Heart Beats

Ron Ng plays Kate's childhood lover, their love sparked from bickering, but unfortunately because neither of them were unwilling to say 'I love you', their relationship didn't get anywhere. First love will always be memorable no matter how it ends, Ron expressed he still remembers the feeling of his heart racing when he saw his first love. "I remember when I was in elementary school, I liked a girl in the other class, every time I saw her, I would get so nervous and I always look at her secretly. However, I kept this feeling inside. When we were young, how would we know how to confess our feelings to a girl, we were really innocent. Two of my classmates started dating, they would just go to school together and get out of school together, they didn't even hold hands. So, when my crush and I advanced to the next grade, we didn't see each other again, unless it was at some big class event. But, I still remember that feeling clearly and was able to put it into good use when Kate and I were pretending to be school girl and boy."

Myolie Wu - Refreshing Feeling

Season of Love is a rare series with different stories, Myolie enjoys this format for a series because it brings a refreshing feeling to the audience. "I think these pure love stories are pretty good, every pair gets 5 episodes, the workload is not too heavy. Usually a 20 episode series may have several supporting stories too, this time the plot does still concentrates on Kenneth Ma and I, but the story doesn't need to display too much. There are a lot of refreshing and innovative plots, I think TVB should produce more of these kinds of series. As for my collaboration with Kenneth, of course I'm happy! He's a 'suen poon'! This is my first time portraying a couple with him, and I hope the audience will like this pairing and the sparks we create."

In the story, Myolie plays a girl searching for her loss memories, and asked Kenneth Ma, who plays a private detective, to help her. While the two were investigating, they slowly developed feelings, but unfortunately Myolie carried too many burdens and memories of her and her ex-lover. Because of this, she was unable to accept Kenneth's love. Myolie expressed in real life, she has her worries in her love life too, "It's hard to say if there are similarities between the characters in the story and our real lives. Letting go of the past relationship, but still have worries in starting a new relationship because the situations we face in reality varies. However, I take many factors into consideration because I am an artist, so I wish to really think clearly about my love life and make it perfect."

Kenneth Ma - True & False Love

Kenneth and Myolie's last collaboration was in 2006's To Grow with Love. Kenneth expressed its a joy working with Myolie again because he can finally 'date' her! "Last time, the story was about me pursuing Myolie, but this time I'm finally successful. It's not often to be so happy when filming a series. I requested the producer to give us a kiss scene, haha!" Kenneth and Myolie had a pleasant collaboration, no wonder Kenneth didn't find it difficult portraying a man giving up his ex-lover to bitterly wait for Myolie to accept his love. Kenneth said: "In reality, if I really liked a girl and she isn't ready to be with me yet, I am also willing to wait for her. I won't be so stubborn with my ex-girlfriend and I still maintain a friendship with my ex-girlfriends, just like my first love is already married now, but I still keep in touch with her. I know she found her other half who is better than me, I am happy for her and feel relieved."

Although Kenneth was happy to have the opportunity to 'date' Myolie, but when they were filming, the magazines reported he was the third party in Myolie and Bosco Wong's relationship and was the one who cause their break up. This made the public dislike Kenneth. He said: "There will be rumors in this industry, I don't mind. Just as long as the magazine's stories aren't too complicated, and won't affect other people, then it's fine. However, that time when Myolie and I were rumored, it was a little awkward because the article said they broke up because of me. Because the rumor involved breaking up another couple, I didn't think that was too good. If my rumored partner is single and not married, then I don't mind being a rumored couple with them. Sometimes rumored couples get more opportunities to make extra income, such as shooting commercials together."

Bobby AuYeung Accepts Interview, Thankful Benjamin Yuen Rescued Him

Several days ago, Bobby Au-Yeung was sent to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) because he fell unconscious. He suffered from acute pneumonia, but his condition has now stabilized and he's been transferred out of ICU. Yesterday Bobby accepted an interview with Maria Lai and recalls what happened.

Bobby expressed the doctor has checked his blood pressure and lungs, and he's doing physical therapy every day to speed up the recovery process. When asked what was the last memory he had before he went unconscious? Bobby recalled: "I just remember my group of friends were taking pictures. I really can't remember anything else. Later, my wife told me the story. At the time, I was sitting on the sofa alone and it appeared I fell asleep. Michael Tao thought I was drunk and needed a nap, so he came over to wake me up (*coughs*). What he saw was I had white eyes and muscle cramps. Luckily, I had several friends who were professionals, such as a gynecologist, police officer and one friend learned CPR before and they were all there. Benjamin Yuen was just amazing, he rushed into the restroom to wash his hands, then he gave me his finger to bite on. He told me not to bite my tongue. Perhaps because I had a little flu and drank alcohol, so once I coughed, the liquid went into my lungs and caused my unconsciousness."

Wasn't Breathing, Could Have Died

Bobby disclosed when he got to the hospital, he wasn't capable of breathing on his own and needed the paramedics to give him oxygen. Still lingering in fear, Bobby said: "It was terrible, I was really about to die. I was in the ER from 2am until the afternoon of the next day, a total of 12 hours. The doctor said I had a 'big life', luckily I was strong and was able to regain consciousness. Otherwise, I would've been in a coma and the condition could have worsen. I really picked my life back up this time, really have to thank my wife and friends for overcoming this rough period with me." Reportedly, the actual cause of Bobby's illness was because he was "violently drinking" and he's trying to conceal the truth. Bobby said: "The fact is I did drink, but I didn't drink that much. Its just because I was too tired, I have heavy screen time in Love Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate." Bobby also disclosed, there were a few times when he was filming in the studio, he had severe chest pain from smelling the strong paint thinner odor. He said: "I was even joking about it, if something happens to me, then send me to get my arteries widened (angioplasty). Esther Kwan said I'm so despicable, how can I die that easily?"

Next Time Suck on the Toes Instead of Finger

Reporters contacted Benjamin Yuen, who rescued Bobby that night and is currently working on the new series with him. Benjamin said: "I've learned CPR before. At the time he couldn't breathe, so I tried to help him find a position where he could comfortably breathe, but I didn't dare to do too much on him. It's a human life! Later, he called to thank me and joked, next time don't use my finger, let him suck on my toes instead."

Good Friends Esther Kwan and Jessica Hsuan Visits

As for Bobby's good friends Esther Kwan and Jessica Hsuan visited him at the hospital. Esther brought a Get Well card with her, signed by the entire Reverse Three Lifetimes cast. Esther stayed with Bobby for about 30 minutes before rushing back to the set for continual shooting. She congratulated Bobby for getting through the difficult times and expressed Bobby is still very well-spirited, he's still joking around with her. It's just because he's still hooked on the tubes and he feels tired. It is clear he lost some weight and a beard is growing. Jessica Hsuan made a special trip back to HK to visit Bobby, she stayed at the hospital for 3 hours. Jessica said: "He's recovering well, he can even talk back to me now. He complained I didn't bring him a souvenir or any snacks. He has a tube up his nose and has definitely lost quite a bit of weight, but he doesn't look worn out. I told him to watch what he eats and exercise more. After all, we aren't 18 or 22 years old anymore."

Bobby's wife Rosanne Fu had a smile on her face, she revealed: "Bobby ate all his food." Bobby's manager Lydia expressed he probably can discharge in 3-4 days. She said: "I prayed for Bobby, he can now go to restroom and take showers. He's not having trouble breathing anymore, just some coughs. I contacted Reverse Three Lifetimes's producer and discussed the followup filming because there are still outdoor filming in East Dragon Island and Foshan."

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leanne Li Bids $5000 "Handela"[Baby] License Plate for Wong Cho Lam's V-Day Gift

Yesterday Leanne Li served as a model for a wedding dress fashion show. She revealed her boyfriend Wong Cho Lam celebrated Valentine's Day on the aircraft without her, no wonder he quickly made it up to his girlfriend as soon as he got back to HK. Leanne said: "Last night, we had dinner with the Inbound Troubles cast and crew, Cho Lam came too. (Will you participate in the sequel?) Scheduling, I hope I could get a comedic character."

Leanne frankly expressed she has not got a Valentine's Day gift from her boyfriend yet, but she successfully purchased a "Handela" license plate as a Valentine's Day gift for Cho Lam because his "Handelababy" character was so successful. She added: "I asked a friend to help me bid it. I bid $5000, nobody else raised their hand. (Does Cho Lam know about it yet?) Not yet." When asked what kind of gift does she hope to get? She said: "I want to get something hand made, that would be quite a joy. In the past, he gave me an autographed album." When speaking of Wong Cho Lam giving out a pair of lucky red packets? She said: "That's odd? I only give out one, I need to ask him. (Did you two secretly get married?) Not that early, work comes first."

Yesterday Wong Cho Lam attended a separate event and gave out a pair of lucky red packets, but he denied that they're secretly married. "I'm just worried she won't be see you all, so I helped her give out her share!" Asked about his previous desire to give Leanne a star? He said: "That was a long time ago, back during our first Valentine's Day. I checked before, they just give you a piece of paper for you to write the name you want your star to be. There won't be any records at the outer space office." It was said he's thinking of casting his girlfriend in the Inbound Troubles sequel? Cho Lam said: "Lately there has been a lot of gossips, but if we're all okay with that, it is possible. I still need to see if there is a suitable role for her." He revealed the sequel will touch on the contradictions in society and admitted this series did bring popularity to many people.

Nick Cheung Orders Bobby Au Yeung: No Drinking for Rest of the Year

Its the 5th day since Bobby Au-Yeung been admitted to the hospital. He is doing better and has been transferred out of the ICU. Yesterday his manager (Lydia) and his wife (Rosanne) brought beef and ginger soup lunch boxes with them to visit Bobby at the hospital. They revealed Bobby is now able to get out of bed to brush his teech and take a shower. He's getting his blood pressure checked and doing physical therapy now, but Bobby just had pneumonia, asked why he has to do physical therapy? Rosanne expressed: "It's something to do with medial, I'm not too sure."

TVB producers Chan Ka Shu and Chong Wai Kin, and Bobby's good friend Nick Cheung visited him yesterday afternoon. Nick stayed with Bobby several hours, he expressed Bobby is doing well: "I told him, he just escaped from calamity and should feel the blessing. His body gave him a warning, so he cannot drink for the rest of he year. Bobby frowned and said he feels like he's in jail." He expressed his wife, Esther Kwan, was initially going to visit Bobby with him, but unfortunately she had to work and couldn't make it.

Ada Choi Inspired by Daughter, Designs Own Children Clothing Brand

Pregnant Ada Choi appeared dressed in a beach outfit with her husband and daughter, along with a group of kids to shoot a commercial for a new line of children clothing. Ada expressed this is her first time making a business investment, she frankly expressed her daughter gave her the inspiration. It turns out, today's children really have their own opinions too and love to match their own outfits. Ada's daughter is just 21 months old, but she's already picking out her own clothes and shoes. Ada laughed and exposed her daughter doesn't let her choose her outfits: "There is a pair of shoes, I have no way of getting her to wear them. She just keeps shouting 'No! No! No!' Some clothes when she puts them on, she takes one look at it and if she doesn't like, she'll take it off immediately!" This gave Ada the idea to create a line of children clothing, so children can take the lead and put their dreams to work. Because Ada personally loves to draw, she spent several months during her pregnancy to design children clothing and will be launching her very own brand in August. When asked how much she invested into this business? Ada expressed she initially planned for 7 figures, but with her husband daughter's support, she expressed at least a 10 million investment. She praised her daughter for inheriting her parent's character, she loves to look at herself in the mirror. However, yesterday when she was shooting the commercial with her daughter and the rest of the kids, they got her running around and gave her a headache. Also, her unborn baby is starting to kick her, so she felt exhausted and had to take several breaks.

Ricky Wong Confident HKTV will be licensed in March

Yesterday HKTV hosted a Chinese New Year event. Ricky Wong gave out $100 lucky packets to all of his employees; it was a lively scene. Ricky Wong frankly expressed his new year's wish is to get his free television license in March. He said: "I think my colleagues, the people of HK and myself would want the government to get something accomplished. (The Chief Executive Officer expressed earlier that the process is complicated?) As expected, but the process is going smoothly now. I heard the license should be approved by the end of March. We can then start preparing for the war." It was rumored he led his colleagues to the government offices for a sit-in? Ricky denied: "No such plans, I believe the government will actively handle the licenses." He added, currently there is good news on all aspects, so he is confident.

Asked about the progress of the Multimedia Center construction in Tseung Kwan O? Ricky expressed he invested over HK$80 million on the project and established a good foundation. He is still waiting for the department to approve the project, the work had never been stopped. When speaking setting off the 'poaching crisis' earlier, did it start out when TVB's starting work lucky packet went from $20 to $600? Ricky said: "I hope for flourishing businesses. I've been doing business for 21 years, even back during the SARS, I still gave out $100 lucky packets. Lucky packets is not about how much money there is, it is about the good intention and respect."

Currently shooting HKTV's new drama, 'first sister' Maggie Cheung also rushed to the CNY event. Asked about the major increase of 'starting work' lucky packet at her maternal home TVB? Maggie laughed: "I want to get lucky packets and give them out too. It's fun exchanging gifts." Asked of her new year's wish? She hopes HKTV can get their license soon and a harmonious HK.

Karena Ng First Public Appearance as Raymond Lam's Girlfriend: He's Attentive & Responsible

Yesterday Karena Ng attended a fashion event after her trip to Tokyo with boyfriend Raymond Lam. This is her first public appearance since Raymond announced their relationship. When Raymond was mentioned, Karena appeared nervous the whole time and stuttered. When asked about her first Valentine's Day with Raymond, she revealed they had dinner in Causeway Bay, "There were other friends too, we had a great time together. It feels kinda boring with just the two of us. (What kind of gift did you get?) Didn't get one yet." Earlier Raymond mentioned he wanted to publicly hold his girlfriend's hand and walk down Causeway Bay, asked if they held hands on Valentine's Day? Sh said: "No, want to keep a low-profile relationship."

In regards to their Tokyo trip, Karena expressed she told her parents about it beforehand and she had a pleasant several day trip. Asked if she minds the trip being called their 'honeymoon'? Karena said: "Actually, there were a few other friends that went with us, but we departed from different locations." Asked who stayed with her in the hotel room? She stuttered: "There were men and women, this is too personal, I don't want to talk about it, but we stayed in separate rooms." When asked if she and Raymond stayed in separate rooms? She nodded implying yes. She added: "This time, our trip primarily revolved around eating. (Paid separately?) Friends eating together, each took turns to pay for the bill."

Fans tracked them throughout their trip, Raymond's boarding pass was even posted on the internet. Karena defended her boyfriend: "That is too personal, that is not the right thing to do. It's fine to take pictures." Also, she denied she visited Raymond's family in Xiamen, but admitted she did send new year greetings to them through the phone, she said: "Let nature take its course, no rush at all."

Raymond said its because of his girlfriend and family that he decided to announce the relationship without notifying anyone. Karena frankly expressed she did not know Raymond would make their relationship public, but she is grateful that he defended and clarified for her. She said: "I really admire him because of this. I never thought he would say such thing, so I was surprised when I heard about it, but I'm happy. (Raymond's fans complained?) In anything, there will always be people that like and dislike. There are times for work and times to relax, that is very normal. (You are the first girlfriend Raymond announced while still in the relationship?) I'm happy. (He's responsible?) He has always been, really has the sense of responsibility. He takes good care of his friends." When asked if the love sparked while they were filming together? She emphasized from the time they met to when they started dating, it was all taken one step at a time, it was not sudden and unexpected. What about Raymond's pursuit tactics? She said: "I'll keep this to myself, a small secret." What kind of strengths does Raymond have? Karena sweetly smiled: "He's attentive, treats his friends well and most importantly, a man should have a sense of responsibility." When speaking of their large age gap, Karena expressed she has no problem communicating with Raymond, "His personality is a lot like a child, he loves toys and games. The things he likes and topics, we can communicate. (Filming together as a couple team?) I don't know, let my company make the arrangements."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gregory Lee Accused of Having a 2 y/o Daughter, Taking Legal Action

Yesterday a magazine accused Gregory Lee for having a 2 year old daughter. In response, Gregory madly scolded the magazine on Weibo: "They clearly knew the 2 year old was my friend's daughter and they still reported that she's my daughter, then why does the media need to ask me? I just think that is truly despicable. I'm discussing with my lawyer right now, we will definitely take this to the end!" He said he has nothing to hide, if he does get married and have children, he will announce the good news. Gregory said: "Having a baby is a happy thing, why would I try to hide it? Also, the Shirley [Yeung] incident was huge, the media followed me day and night, if I really did have a daughter, then how would it not be known? It would have been exposed long ago! Just making up stories!"

Super Dry Kenneth Ma Celebrates 39th Birthday with Pizza & Soccer

TVB Siu Sang Kenneth Ma still haven't settled down after breaking up with Nancy Wu. Even if his friends tried to introduce girls to him, he still expressed he wants to buy a home first before pursuing any girls. The day before was Kenneth's 39th birthday. He had a hot pot celebrated with good friend Jazz Lam and rumored couple Natalie Tong and Stephen Wong. The group also ordered a pizza delivery, Kenneth was seen concentrated only on his food and didn't have much interaction with his female friends. He was just constantly taking slices of pizza and taking big bites. Rumored couple Natalie and Stephen, sat next to each other, and chatted nonstop.

Kenneth later discovered reporters were taking pictures, then he threw his arm around Jazz and Natalie and smiled for the cameras. When asked if its because he didn't have a girlfriend, so had to celebrate with Jazz and them? He laughed: "We're just having New Year's dinner." Jazz added: "We're celebrating his birthday, so had hot pot and pizza." With that said, Jazz pretended to give the birthday boy a kiss on the lip. Kenneth expressed he won't have another celebration because he had to rush home to watch the football (soccer) game. What a dry Kenneth, ending up home alone.

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