Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wayne Lai offered 7 figures to portray 'Beggars' Sect CEO' in Malaysian Film

Currently, Wayne Lai has been accepting one series after another at TVB. This year, The Confidant is also a TVB anniversary series, giving him another opportunity to take the TV King title for the third time. As Wayne's series had been popular hits in Malaysia, recently a local filmmaker has considered to cast him in the film Beggars' Hero. It was understood, Wayne is paid a high salary of 7 figures. Wayne will be heading over to Malaysia to discuss with the director on the details and hold a press conference. The film is estimate to begin shooting late October.

Reporters contacted Wayne to confirm. When asked if its true he's offered 7 figures for this film? He laughed: "That is a business secret. After all, I'm very satisfied with the pay." He reveals the reason he accepted this film was not only because of the good pay, but mainly because the Malaysian filmmaker had sincerity, "Actually I was still considering before because I'm going to be very busy after the anniversary. I have to take part in several TVB anniversary activities, work on the sales presentation and promote for The Confidant. However, they were really good about it. They said it's not a problem, whenever I need to go back and work in HK, they will accommodate my schedule. They have so much sincerity, how can I turn them down?"

Wayne frankly expressed he has never participated in a Malaysian film before, but hopes he can create sparks with the local artists there. He said: "Actually HK films are a little saturated, not many new shocks. The films with big cast is not for us to be hoping for, so that's why when offers came in before, I didn't have much interest." It was understood, Wayne will portray the modern version of 'Beggars' Sect Chief'. When asked if he's afraid shooting this film may get difficult? He said: "Nope, it is stated clearly that we will be shooting at most 12 hours. To us, who are used to shooting TV series, it is not considered too difficult."

Moses Chan loses Aimee Chan, ends up 'walking down aisle' with Law Lan

Moses Chan, Aimee Chan, Kenny Wong, Law Lan, Edwin Siu and Samantha Ko attended the promotional event for TVB series The Last Steep Ascent at Wong Tai Sin. The cast celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with all the residents there and played 'wedding' games. Initially everyone wanted Moses and Aimee to pair up for the wedding game to walk down the aisle together with a red flower bouquet. However, Moses ended up paired with Law Lan. As a result, Law Lan felt very loved and blew a kiss to Moses "I really do like him. He's a great help in the series!"

When it was Edwin's turn pick a partner from the hat, he expressed he hopes to get Samantha Ko, "I want a happy Mid-Autumn Festival." However, he ended up with Aimee and joked: "Of course I'm happy to have Aimee, but with Ah Mo (Moses) around, I'm not as happy." Then Edwin had to choose another partner to play the piggy back game, he ended up picking his wife from the series (Yvonne Ho), but he joked and shouted she was too heavy. When Aimee and Moses were asked to take pictures together, they were embarrassed and Aimee dragged Kenny Wong into the picture.

Aimee later explained: "Because Kenny and I are a pair in the series, so that's why I pulled him into the picture. (Ah Mo didn't pick you for the wedding game, are you disappointed?) It's just a game. I wanted to get Law Lan too!" As for Moses, he said awkwardly: "We're not playing a game now, you all are playing us, but luckily I chose Law Lan otherwise it would be a big deal. (Afraid Aimee's going to be jealous?) No, just playing, promotion." When speaking of Mid-Autumn Festival, Aimee was happy to be able to spend the holiday with Ah Mo. Asked how they'll be celebrating the night together? Aimee laughed and covered her mouth: "I'm not telling you!"

Shirley Yeung Upset Reporters Taking Pictures of Daughter, Police Involved

Last year Shirley Yeung broke up with Gregory Lee and then dated Andy Ng. Earlier this year in March, she gave birth to a baby girl in the U.S and returned to HK as a single mother. The other night as Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, many families big and small go out to restaurants to celebrate. Reporters spotted Shirley with her daughter, parents and relatives at a restaurant in Cheung Sha Wan.

The attention was centered around Shirley's daughter. Baby Kristal was sitting in the stroller smiling and in a very good mood. The chubby Kristal's eyes were rolling around and looked very cute. She is starting to look more and more like Andy Ng. Shirley was seen chatting with her relatives, but was unwilling to take off her sunglasses. When the other guests at the restaurant recognized Shirley and started staring at her, she appeared unnatural and stayed in her seat for the majority of the time.

Snatches Reporter's Camera

Shirley's mom took care of Krystal while Shirley went to pick up the car in the garage. When Shirley got her car, she discovered that there were reporters around. She suddenly turned tense and quickly called her mother to notify her of the reporters. Initially Shirley's mom planned to take the taxi home, but then she ended up waiting for Shirley's car with baby Krystal. When Shirley came with the car, she was already agitated as she got out of the car shouting at reporters to stop taking pictures. Then she questioned a reporter: "Why are you taking pictures of me?" The reporter repeatedly apologized to her and explained it is just part of their job. As Shirley was pretty upset, her father tried to protect her and without a sound, he charged forward and blocked reporters from taking pictures and attempted to snatch the camera from the reporter. Shirley's mother carried Krystal into the car and then soon after, Shirley's father called the police for assistance.

Calls the Police

When the police got to the scene, Shirley's emotions recovered, but she still said frustrated: "I'm just having a Mid-Autumn Festival meal with my family!" Reporters also responded that they just coincidentally bumped into Shirley and her family, and did not deliberately try to disturb them. When a reporter mentioned the day before, they bumped into Sonija Kwok with her daughter, and she generously stood still for pictures. Shirley immediately said: "I'm different from her!" Then she rushed into the car and left.

Kathy Chow & Julien's French Kiss Entertaining Their Guests

Kathy Chow and Julien tied the knot yesterday (Sept. 29th) in the romantic old town of Grasse, France. There were tears and laugher throughout the wedding ceremony, especially for the bride Kathy, who was overjoy and teared up nonstop. Even her bridesmaid and younger sister Niki Chow was crying along with her.

Kathy had on a Elie Saab low-cut wedding dress valued at HK$500,000 and a Cartier wedding ring. It was an outdoor wedding ceremony held at 5pm in France, but it was a cloudy forecast with some rain. Before the wedding began, there was some light rain, but when the wedding officially started, the sky suddenly turned clear as if it was sending a blessing to the newly weds. When the bride saw her family and friends coming from afar to witness her marriage, she started getting emotional and teared up.

The most touching moment was when Julien's father made his thank you speech, they also explained the reason to the "White Party" theme at the welcome dinner. He said: "I really like Asia, that was why I sent Julien to Hong Kong to experience it. I gave Julien some money to buy clothes, and unexpectedly he bought an all-white suit and wore it to work. It was just too funny."

Julien's father continued: "Kathy has a very cute personality, and she's beautiful. Our entire family loves her, she is our bridge, who helps us understand more of Chinese culture." Then the father exposed his son's personality of always wanting to win, never want to lose. He said: "So, I'm really grateful that Kathy is able to withstand my naughty son." Kathy teared up once again in response. After the wedding ceremony, the newly weds and their guests held another party nearby and cut the giant Macaroon wedding cake.

Niki cries and laughs during her speech

Niki was her sister's bridesmaid and had to make her thank you speech in French, which was a great challenge for her. Niki already got the speech memorized and started out very well, she spoke smoothly and comfortably. However, she suddenly blanked out because she started getting emotional and her speech turned stiff as tears came rolling down. When she completed her speech, Niki started laughing again and said in Cantonese, "I'm finally done!" followed by a burst in laughter. Kathy and Julien were standing besides her and couldn't help but to start laughing with her.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Aimee Chan keeps mouth shut on all Bernice Liu questions

Aimee Chan took part in the Style In Town - Autumn & Winter Fashion Show as a model yesterday. She excitedly said: "There was a time I had no time to do catwalks. While I was studying, I worked as a part-time model, so this time I think it's really fun. I really like to go clothes shopping too and I love to collect antique accessories and clothing, especially those with beads and lace." When asked, if compared to her boyfriend Moses Chan, who likes to look pretty more? Aimee said: "Often times, it's the girl that likes to be pretty. I studied design, so I pay close attention to fashion and the quality. (Do you help Moses dress up?) His fashion taste isn't bad, he doesn't need my help."

Earlier Moses said he doesn't have ex-girlfriend Bernice Liu's phone number anymore, but Aimee kept her mouth shut: "Sorry, I won't answer this question. (Moses already reassured her?) Ding! Next question please. I rather you all place the attention back on The Last Steep Ascent. I have never portrayed a tragic character, so it was a challenge." When asked if Moses gave her advice? Aimee said: "Acting is displayed by the individual. At most, I would discuss with the producer and director."

Ella Koon & Jason Chan: What Is Happiness To Them

What is happiness? For ME, I want to win the lottery the most...but how will I invest the money after I win? How will I split the money? Just thinking about it can get complicated!

How about Ella Koon? A lot simpler, holding hands with her Western doctor boyfriend, "just strolling the park is already happiness." Ella just signed with a new company and isn't ready to give up her boyfriend just because of her career. She sure has guts!

Rising star, Jason Chan feels achievements in his career is happiness, "I'm already 34!" As a man, that is what's call 'Man'.

Ella and Jason are both from UK, one studied in Birmingham and the other grew up there. It turns out the two have known each other for years, but never collaborated before and their first crossover is this photo shoot and interview with ME!. Dressed in colorful winter outfits and in joyous moods, there is more and more 'feel' in the two. The taste of happiness just naturally arises.

I Don't Want To Cohabit

Recently, Ella has fallen in love with horseback riding. She loves, loves, loves it. She goes for horseback rising lessons 3 times a week, that's over 20 times in a month. She exclaimed: "Crazy! I don't even know how I got this interest?!" On the day of the photo shoot, she came in dressed completely like a jockey and was fully prepared to rush over to get on a horse in Tuen Mun after work, "When I like something, I can get obsessed with it. I really want to raise a horse, so I could ride it." Ella has that much interest [in horses]? Does her boyfriend accompany her? "I have always loved animals. He's not as interested and isn't learning."

She just signed a new contract and has become Warner's Big Sister.... "Wah! I am totally not the Big Sister, I don't dare to take that title."

Ella is physically active and has to work, how does she balance all that with her relationship? I personally think it is a little overbearing!

Ella got straight to the point, "We don't have to perform Kung Fu. Always seeing and checking each other, then the relationship must not be going very well. I really enjoy the fact that we both have personal space. My schedule is never stable working in this industry. Also, whenever I have thoughts, I like to play the guitar early in the morning, it can get really annoying if you're in the house with me, so we don't live together. I'm just that traditional, nobody believes it."

With her career charging forward, is Ella worried she may gain one, but lose the other? "I don't have to be that brave and give up love for my career right?! He isn't just my boyfriend, he's my soul mate."

Ella frankly expressed career and love can coexist, the first criteria is to open up! She said: "A relationship can support me to do other things. I am now seeking a peaceful life, just take strolls at the park is already happiness. Just eating a bowl of plain white rice is happiness. I am a career-oriented woman, family is in second place and love is just in third place."

Dislikes Women Partying

Regarding Jason, we can just say he looks familiar, but its hard to point him out. Actually Jason started off as a temporary actor (extra), he was Bosco Wong's stuntman for 8 years before he was given a role in a sitcom.

Grew up in the UK, Jason's father owned a restaurant in London and because Jason's mother was a huge fan of Andy Lau, he was influenced into following HK entertainment since youth. After graduation, he worked two years in hospital management. Seeing Daniel Wu and Wang Lee Hom, the 'studied overseas boys' having such good development in showbiz, he began having dreams of becoming a star.

"I have confidence in my looks." He does have a nice voice and is quite handsome, but handsome doesn't mean he's at an advantage, he still had to suffer. "When I first entered TVB, my monthly salary wasn't even HK$5000. With rent and only a few thousand of monthly income, I only had $53.8 left in my bank account. The only option I had was to ask my family for assistance, they helped me out for a year." A grown man asking his family for money, that is truly difficult to bear.

Finally someone who recognized Jason's talents came along, he started hosting on TVB Pearl channel and then was recruited by Virgina Lok into the drama department. From there, his career finally started getting somewhere.

As far as Jason's love life, it's a blank piece of paper. He has dated three times, two of the relationships were with British women, but because of the cultural differences, the relationships didn't get anywhere. "Our main issue was that she's always out partying. I really don't like women going out to party."

In the future, will he choose a foreign girlfriend again? "It has nothing to do with ethnicity, just as long as we match. I'm still single now and I know I'm behind, I'm already 34, but my career really is the priority now."

The public sees Jason as the next 'Best Deal' (seun poon) after Moses Chan, what is there to worry then? "If I can succeed like him (Moses) 10 years from now, I'm already satisfied enough."

Jason's Tips

Q: What is your favorite style of British fashion?
A: Long coats. Basically all men in London has one. Very handsome! I have a few long coats myself to watch the door."

Q: You said you like to buy shoes, what was the most expensive one you bought?
A: In 1999, I saw Nicholas Tse with a pair of Birkenstocks. I used 300 pounds to buy a pair for myself while they were on sale. I spent all the money I earned from working at my father's restaurant all at once.

Ella's Tips

Q: How do you like to dress in the winter?
A: Boyish. I have never been that girly. A coat with a pair of jeans and flats, comfortable and looks good.

Q: What about colors?
A: Autumn can be very colorful, I like to match gray with purple, red and green. The whole look is high spirited and harmonious.


Jason Chan
Birth Date: December 12, 1977
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Height: 5'10 // Weight: 165 pounds.
Languages: Cantonese, English
Education: Bachelors' at SOAS in Ancient and Modern Chinese literature, Masters at University of London in economics.
Debut: 2004, TVB 20th Artistes Acting Class.

Ella Koon
Birth Date: July 9, 1979
Birth Place: Taihiti
Height: 5'4 // Weight: 112 pounds.
Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English and French.
Education: Birmingham high school graduate.
Debut: 19 years old, started off as a model. 21 years old started acting. 2009, singing skill was greatly praised for her performance of Endless Love in TVB's The Voice.

T-ara’s full PV for “Day by Day” revealed

After the release of the short preview, T-ara‘s full PV for their Japanese version of “Day by Day” has been revealed.

The PV features scenes from the drama version of the Korean music video plus new individual shots of the members as well.

Check it out below!

Hebe avoids questions on her sexuality

Is S.H.E’s Hebe Tien in a relationship with her manager Liao Huicheng?

The pair was reportedly seen behaving intimately with each other in a park. Huicheng is also rumoured to have spent the night at the singer’s apartment.

At an endorsement event, Hebe, who is the only S.H.E who is not married, was questioned again about her sexuality.

When asked about her relationship with her manager, the singer avoided the question and only said that her ‘fortune was bad’. However, she perked up and added, “I read in an astrology book that my luck is going to improve soon.”

Hebe was also asked for comment on the incident where her fan was injured by her bodyguard in Shanghai. She expressed her concern and added she was apologetic for being unable to prevent the messy situation. She added, “I saw the fan on the same day later, and I think he is fine.”

S.H.E is rumoured to end their contracts with their management company HIM International Music next year. Asked to confirm the report, the singer exclaimed, “I’m so nervous! I know everything but I can’t share the news with the press.”

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rain in the hospital due to back problems, will not receive an early discharge from the military

Singer Rain has been hospitalized because of problems with his back.

Rain’s label explained, “He went to the hospital because of back pains yesterday. He couldn’t attend the soldier star audition where he was supposed to serve as a judge.”

The problem was because of his spine discs. A representative from the label explained, “People who dance usually have problems with their back. He had a herniated disc even before he enlisted. When he was in pain, he went to the hospital to get it treated. But it’s not so serious that people have to worry. It happens often.”

The label also denied the rumors that he may receive an early discharge from the military due to this injury stating, “He’s getting medical and physical treatment at a hospital. There are no large problems with his health. All he has to do is to rest in the hospital. Once he’s done with his treatment, he will be finishing his enlistment normally.”

Navi releases “Don’t Go” MV + ‘Real Love’ mini album

After releasing her music video teaser recently, talented vocalist Navi is back with her new mini album ‘Real Love‘ and her title track “Don’t Go“!

Her title track “Don’t Go“ features Navi’s heartfelt vocals which help deliver the emotions of a woman calling for her lover.

The music video has been revealed, so check it out for yourself along with a few of the other tracks off her album below!

SHINee releases short PV for “Dazzling Girl”

After the release of the teaser video earlier this month, SHINee is back with the short PV for “Dazzling Girl“, which has been officially released by EMI Music Japan.

“Dazzling Girl” is described as an electro-pop number with a polished beat and refreshing melody. It represents the start of a romance with a dazzling woman and the emotional intensity one feels when in love.

The single includes two tracks, “Dazzling Girl” and “Run with Me“, and will come in three versions: ‘First Limited Edition A’, ‘First Limited Edition B’, and ‘Normal Edition’. “Dazzling Girl” is slated for release on October 10th.

Check it out below!

Charmaine Sheh Not Disappointed Excluded from TVB Calendar

Charmaine Sheh appeared back at TVB to take part in the recording of game show Let's Play With Our Food. When speaking of being left out of the TVB 2013 Calendar shoot? She said: "A lot of times, you cannot participate in everything that happens in the company. When the photo shoot completes, I'll tell Virgina Lok to give me a copy. I wasn't included last year either. (TVB didn't make a calendar last year?) Stick my head on it then!"

It was rumored Andy Lau is coming back to shoot a TVB series? Charmaine said: "Good! He's my idol, but I don't know if TVB will cast me in the same series as him. To artists and the audience, this will be a feast to our eyes. However, I don't have time on my schedule until next year."

Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai on November of TVB Calendar

TVB TV Kings and Queens including Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai and Moses Chan team up to shoot the TVB 2013 Calendar for the month of November, the month of TVB's Anniversary. To keep the costumes and the theme secret from the public, they didn't have their complete outfits on. Myolie was asked if her costume is really sexy? Myolie said: "Not really, it's more elegant. This time, it's one Queen and three Kings. I'm afraid I won't be able to support the three TV Kings because I'm just a new TV Queen." She expressed she never thought of becoming TV Queen again, but supports Michelle Yim from The Confidant, Tavia Yeung from The Hippocratic Crush an Liza Wang.

Kevin had a very red right eye, but he couldn't remember how he injured it. When reporters mentioned rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh is in the studio next door? Kevin laughed: "Someone told me already. I don't mind going over to greet her."

This is Wayne's first time being part of the TVB calendar, he said: "Actually it's not necessary just the TVB 'biological sons' that can be on the calendar, there are some that came from other places too. It depends on the promotions and momentum of that year."

Moses praised its a good thing that TVB is making a calendar again. "If your participating in the photo shoot, then it represents you are valued by the company. I am more than willing to be on the calendar for life." When asked if he wants to be on the same month as girlfriend Aimee Chan? He said: "I don't care what kind of arrangement there is, doesn't matter!"

Actresses Expose Him Law Goes Around Asking Girls "Are You A Virgin?"

Recently Him Law has been having such bad luck. Lately, it was exposed that Him is actually flirty around girls. He often asks his female co-stars the bold sex-related questions, the most shocking was "are you a virgin?" Yesterday reporters contacted Gemma Choi (Miss HK 2012 contestant), JJ Jia's junior Rainky Wai, newcomer Ava Wong and many other actresses that have collaborated with Him before. Rainky collaborated with Him four years ago in TVB series Your Class Or Mines. At the time, Rainky was only 14 years old and Him asked her if she was a virgin: "I'm not really familar with Him, but on the last day of filming, that night he suddenly sat next to me and the first thing he asked was 'are you a virgin?' Then he said, 'I think you are!' and then asked, 'If there was a wealthy man that wants to wanted to 'bao' (包) you for $1 million, would you accept?'" Rainky was shocked to hear this because she initially thought he was a nice gentleman, but realized he's actually so flirty.

Ava Wong was present at the time as well. She said Him asked her the same question, which had surprised her. "I was suspecting, was he drunk?!" She also exposed, she never saw Him again, but not only did he pretended nothing happened, he sent SMS to her asking if she made it home safely.

However, Gemma Choi defended Him, she said: "I didn't think he was especially trying to flirt with girls, we just talk about work."

In regarding to all the exposures by Rainky and Ava, Him's management (FilmKo) expressed Him will personally respond to this news, but he is currently busy shooting a series. The deadline for this article was due before Him could respond. As Him's good friend, Oscar Leung, he said Him is definitely not a flirt or a playboy: "I flirt more than he does. He doesn't even make a sound! I have never heard him asking girls if they are virgins, nor has he ever asked me if I'm a virgin. I believe this isn't true, you think it's a doctor asking a patient?"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Michael Miu has to pay for meal, blames Raymond Lam no loyalty

Michael Miu, Elaine Ng, Ben Wong, and Ella Koon had dinner together to watch the premiere of TVB new series Highs and Lows. There were two large dishes on the dinner table, each with 36 crabs, to represent their hope for 36 points TV rating. The premiere averaged 31 points, peaked at 33 points. Michael said he has confidence on the ratings, and when speaking of Raymond saying he's more Chok than him? Michael said: "He's exaggerating! How can I compare to the youngsters? They say I'm Man, that is too polite." Michael also joked Raymond has no brotherhood loyalty because he already flew over to Beijing for work, "He should pay for the meal tonight! We don't even know who's paying for the dinner tonight, if no one does, I will do it. Everyone happy!" As for Elaine shooting her first TV series, she lost weight as she was filming. She lost 15 pounds, she joked she's shrinking nonstop.

It was rumored Ella Koon and Kate Tsui, the two ex-rumored girlfriends of Ron Ng, don't get along. Ella said: "We only met after shooting this series. We had a great time working together and we can chat too! (Chat about Ron Ng together?) Rarely talk about boys. We just chat about the series, I support her for an award this year!"

Raymond Lam & Michelle Ye reunites in October Mainland Drama 'The Purple Hairpin'

According to news from Mainland, Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye are reuniting in October for new Mainland costume drama The Purple Hairpin Romance, an adaptation of The Purple Hairpin. The story sets in the Tang dynasty, revolving around singer-dancer (Fok Siu Yuk), the man dressed in yellow (Wong Sam Hak) and the scholar (Lee Yik). Raymond is portraying Wong Sam Hak. This is also Raymond and Michelle's first collaboration outside of TVB after 10 years. Following Lofty Water Verdant Bow and Eternal Happiness, this will be their third collaboration.

Additionally, Michelle will be producing and starring in this drama The Purple Hairpin Romance just as she did in Ninth Widow (第九个寡妇) and Goddess Athena (雅典娜女神). As the previous two were high quality dramas, Michelle's outstanding coordination and abilities has been complimented as well. This time, Michelle produces her third drama and is putting exceptional effort into the work. She will be using the same crew from Goddess Athena, from the director to the costume designer and art director, she has found herself a great team that has mutual understanding. She also invited famous HK scriptwriter Ka Wai Nam, who has written The Duke of Mount Deer 1984 and Beyond the Realm of Conscience, to help her with the script.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Andy Lau exposes Idy Chan or Rosamund Kwan could have been his girlfriend

Andy Lau accepted an interview from the press and spoke about the past rumored that he was gay. Andy laughed: "I remember Carina Lau said to me, 'You don't even have feelings for me, you must be gay.'"

He also talked about his relationship with Idy Chan, Anita Mui and Rosamund Kwan. Andy expressed if he didn't have a girlfriend, Idy and Rosamund had the opportunity to be his girlfriend, "If I didn't have a girlfriend, Idy may have became my girlfriend. Rosamund had a chance too. Rosamund is really pretty, whether if its her inner qualities or outer appearance, she is beautiful. Idy is also very pretty, but I later found out she was the girlfriend of my idol, so I had no choice but to give up those feelings. I confessed my feelings to her before, but she laughed 'hahaha' as a response." As for Anita Mui, they had mutual admiration and knew the lifestyles of the other.

Bernice Liu turns Pizza Face into V-Shape in Hope to Win Moses Chan Back

Bernice Liu had always had a Chinese-looking face, but at a recent event she attended, it was discovered there were drastic changes around her cheek bone. Her face shape turned into a V-shape, with a sharper chin. Yesterday a magazine reported, because Bernice is looking to reconcile with Moses Chan, she has been calling him and madly SMS him. Also, she purposely changed her face shape to resemble Aimee Chan's facial appearance. Additionally, the magazine report said Bernice complained tearfully to Virgina Lok that she wants to come back to TVB. Bernice's manager expressed Bernice will provide an explanation of that magazine report at the event she's attending tomorrow.

It was rumored before that CTI's boss (Ricky Wong) was highly offended by Bernice's 'Pizza Face', so he suggested she get botox to make her face look thinner. However, at the time Bernice denied the rumor, she expressed she likes natural beauty and that her face shape symbolizes who she is, so she had no intention of making any changes.

Bernice used to be the top earning TVB actress, but after she switched over to CTI and started developing in Mainland, she doesn't get paid as well as she used to at events in Hong Kong. However, her jobs in Mainland just keeps coming. Due to this, yesterday a magazine reported that Bernice complained tearfully to Virgina Lok that she wants to come back to TVB, and it was said she wants Moses Chan back too. Unfortunately for her, Moses is developing smoothly with new girlfriend Aimee Chan and has no intention to get back with his ex.

Ex-Boyfriend: Don't Know How to Respond

Also, Moses appeared at Metro radio to do an interview with Nancy Sit. When asked about ex-girlfriend Bernice Liu changing her face to look more like Aimee Chan? Moses expressed: "No comment. I don't know how to respond either! Currently there are a lot of paparazzi following me, but Bernice hasn't contacted me, so the story is not true. I don't know if the other things on the report are true or not, I don't keep in touch with her. (Do you think Bernice really wants to get back with you?) After all, I never received calls or SMS from her. After we split, we haven't kept in touch at all. (Rumored she cried to Virgina Lok wanting to come back to TVB?) I don't know. I don't know if that is true or not. (If you were to collaborate with her again in the future, any embarrassment?) Haha, I don't know how to respond! I know many of our old colleagues have moved over (CTI), I hope they will have a good future."

It was said Bernice saw through Moses' weakness, that he's too soft (gives in), so there is hope that they can start over? Moses immediately rejected, and quickly reassured his current girlfriend Aimee, he said: "I am currently in a comfortable and happy situation. I look forward to the future and hope for a better future. (Reassuring our girlfriend?) Yes. I received everyone's blessings. I will work even harder and hope to bring good news to you all." Moses frankly expressed he doesn't have to comfort Aimee because of that rumor, perhaps its because they have a series airing now, so the news is used to grab some attention. He reiterated that his girlfriend is great and they won't be affected by this rumor. When asked if he Aimee slept on his thigh, like how Tavia Yeung did on Him Law? Moses laughed: "No, haha! I know the magazine asked her to respond too."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Janine Chang and Peter Ho to marry soon?

Taiwanese couple Janine Chang and Peter Ho who co-starred in drama Ring Ring Bell is reportedly engaged. Janine was spotted visiting Peter in Shanghai at his filming set with her mother a few days ago.

The pair was seen on dinner dates and acting lovey-dovey previously but had always denied their relationship.

Peter reportedly wished for marriage and kids on his birthday this year. When Janine’s mother was seen joining the couple for dinner in Shanghai, rumours started swirling that marriage was on the cards.

The actor was seen heading to a restaurant at around 8pm. Janine and her mother joined him shortly. Janine’s mother was all smiles when Peter helped serve her food and poured wine for her.

The group left the restaurant three hours later. Janine’s mother returned to the hotel herself, while the rumoured couple went for a stroll.

Mandy Wong: Him Law is 'Boyfriend', Oscar Leung is 'Husband', To 'Breakup' Soon

Him Law has become the new generation Siu Sang, this year he had series broadcasting one after the other, L'Escargot, The Hippocratic Crush, Tiger Cubs and the latest Divas In Distress. He is also currently shooting grand production Triumph in the Skies II. In real life, Him and Tavia Yeung are together, but in series Him has a lot of fate with Mandy Wong. Divas In Distress is Him and Mandy's 5th collaboration. It looks like TVB has really made them into an on-screen couple and are not worried of boring the audience. As for Mandy, her on-screen partner isn't Him, but rather with Oscar Leung instead.

Mandy said: "Perhaps being with Oscar in L'Escargot as Kwan Yee Gor and Kwan Yee So has left a deep impression on audience, and the public sees us as a married couple. However, there is a different feeling with Him Law. Previously in Suspects In Love and Tiger Cubs, we were not passionately in love, it was ambiguous and really had the taste of a pair of lovers. This time in Divas In Distress, it's already our 5th collaboration. Honestly, I was afraid audience would get bored of watching us, but luckily the reactions was really good. I have to thank all the aspects, such as the background English songs, the outcome was really good."

Boyfriend and Husband

Mandy joked Him is her 'boyfriend', while Oscar is her 'husband'. In order to have a refreshing feeling, it is likely they will really have to 'breakup' and 'divorce'. Mandy said: "Actually I debuted around the same time as them and producers often cast us together. In The Hippocratic Crush, I was initially linked with Kenneth Ma, but later developed with Benjamin Yuen, which was also well-received. If I have the opportunity to work with Wayne Lai or Roger Kwok, of course I'll be happy."

Not My Cup of Tea

Asked if she'll develop feelings for Him Law since they always see each other? Mandy said: "Him's not my cup of tea. It's great being friends with him though. We have collaborated many times and have the chemistry. I usually say we're good sisters, but Him says we're good brothers. He takes good care of his partner, but I like the matured types. There is too much sunshine in Him, he gives off a feeling of first love. He's also a little clumsy too, I want someone with the sense of security, a matured guy that can take care of me."

Grateful for Liza Wang's Advices

Him was asked if he had any pressure collaborating with Liza Wang and Gigi Wong in Divas In Distress? He said: "Very happy to collaborate with the two seniors and learn from them. I didn't have to worry about making mistakes. Ah Jeh Liza gave me a lot of advice because we had many scenes together. Ah Jeh's speaks with authority, since she's experienced, her advice is definitely helpful. I personally like to work with seniors, otherwise there won't be as many learning opportunities. Also, they're our support in the series, so I can feel more comfortable."

It was rumored Liza is nicknamed 'Producer Wang', has Him been frightened by her? "No, actually we had a very enjoyable collaboration. Most important is to do your part, be familiar with the script and don't be late. That is a must. When Liza sees you that don't have the right expression, she will speak up. When I become a senior in the future, I will be the same as her. Juniors have to understand what their seniors tell them. When seniors are willing to tell you, that means they value you. As a junior, you have to let people know you can accept opinions and advice." Liza plays Him's mother in the series, but what type of mother is Law Mama in real life? "My mom is very gentle with me and I was very attached to her when I was young. Actually my father and uncle were the strict ones, they discipline with some force. Traditional men from the village are usually like that. In the future when I have children, I will use the same method to teach them. Girls will require some patience to discipline and can't use force because that could leave scars. As for boys, they grow up through tripping and falling. When they make a mistake, they should be punished."

Goal: Most Improved Actor Award

When it comes to achievements in his career, does this mean becoming TV King? Him said: "I'm not considered very experienced. Who doesn't want a rapid rise, but you cannot rush it either. You have to take it slowly. Of course awards are important, but you cannot demand for one. When you shoot a series, it is not guaranteed that you'll get really popular, it's all about the right timing. My current goal is to get the 'Most Improved Actor Award', allowing people to see I'm a promising actor. I'll be happy enough with that award."

We remember Him was a film actor turned TV actor, does he hope to get back into films? He said: "I like both TV and film, they are both opportunities and I want to do well in it. I hope to complete my apprenticeship first before I get back into films and be able to show my improvements on the big screen."

[The rest is about Tavia Yeung. Him says his career is his utmost priority. Even after marriage, his career continues to be his priority. Regarding the news that he needs Tavia to support him, Him says artists must accept all types of news, good or bad, otherwise showbiz isn't for them. He says he's a traditional man, and is financially stabled. He hopes to buy his own home at the end of the year. He also doesn't mind working with Tavia in the future, since she is experienced and someone he can learn from.]

Ron Ng & Toby Leung's Intimate Photos from Sanya Exposed

On September 17th at around midnight, after Triumph in the Skies II completed shooting in Sanya, the cast had a pool party. The 35E and married Toby Leung was seen in a hot and sexy bathing suit playing in the pool with Ron and Stephen Huynh. There were 30 pictures taken of Ron and Toby getting intimate, kissing, hugging and holding hands. Earlier Ron responded to the rumor and stressed he treats Toby like a little sister. He insisted they didn't hold hands, kiss or speak foully.

Yesterday Stephen attended a charity bowling event and when speaking of the pool party in Sanya, Stephen explained the situation that night was not like what was reported. It was purely for entertainment and nothing special. Of course when playing in the pool, everyone wears bathing suits. Toby is a tomboy and is already married, they won't be acting foolishly.

Kenneth Ma never seen Tavia Yeung drunk; Unsure of Nancy Wu New Boyfriend

Yesterday Kenneth Ma attended an event for Mid-Autumn Festival, he frankly expressed he was filming overnight for Triumph In the Skies II and then had to attend this event. No wonder he looked exhausted. When asked about the rumor that ex-girlfriend Nancy Wu has a new boyfriend? Kenneth expressed he's not sure: "Really? I haven't been following the news. She didn't mention it to me, and I won't gossip about it. Just as long as she's happy!"

When speaking of good friend Tavia Yeung and Him Law's recent 'incident in the car', Kenneth expressed it's just common news, "It's normal to get drunk, and Tavia doesn't usually drink. Before when we had dinner, we drank, but I never seen her really drunk before because there were other people we weren't too familiar with. That night perhaps she had too much fun with her classmates, but she's a clever girl, she didn't drive after drinking and sat in a friend's car instead, very good decision! Perhaps its because Tavia and Him are popular recently, so that's why the incident got so big!"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

JYP denies rumors of Wonder Girls Sun’s marriage

JYP Entertainment has denied rumors that Sun of the Wonder Girls is getting married.

A representative from the agency stated, “The marriage rumors are not true. At the moment, there are absolutely no plans of marriage. [The Wonder Girls] are putting all their effort into their Asia tour.”

Sun previously made her relationship public on SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘ late last year. She also mentioned on ‘Beatles Code 2‘ that she would be willing to move to Haiti for her Korean-American boyfriend, who is currently doing missionary work in the country, if the two marry.

However, it looks like fans won’t have to worry about her moving to an island anytime soon.

Ella Koon loves wearing 'old lady underwear'

Ella Koon and Jason Chan took part in a fashion show as models. There were several sexy models wearing underwear for the catwalk. Ella was dressed conservatively, and when reporters teased she was on par, Ella laughed: "I don't have the body figure, so I don't dare to do the catwalk. Leave that for the professional models. Actually, I like sexy underwear too, every time I go on vacation, I would buy some. (Wear it for your boyfriend?) No, it's just for collection. I usually like to wear old lady underwear, it's very comfortable and protective."

Jason frankly expressed he was busy preparing backstage and didn't pay attention to the sexy models, "I heard lace underwear is very comfortable, but if I were to buy them for my girlfriend, I will have to take up some courage, after all it is a little awkward."

Cheung Tat Ming Appears for a "Sit-Down Comedy" Despite Illness

Comedian Cheung Tat Ming personally confirmed on Weibo earlier this month that he is suffering a serious illness and good friend Anthony Wong confirmed it was cancer. Also, due to the chemotherapy, he suffered severe side effects including paralysis in the hands and feet and a rapid decline in his overall health. It was rumored he has colorectal cancer, but Cheung Tat Ming maintains a positive spirit and is constantly encouraging the younger generation on Weibo.

In the recent month, Cheung Tat Ming has been focused entirely on treating his illness at home, but yesterday he appeared as a guest speaker at a stand-up comedy show for mental health. This is also his first public appearance since he fell ill. He currently hopes to bring positive energy and help those with mental illness face adversity. Cheung Tat Ming truly deserves the respect as he is still giving back to the community despite being seriously ill.

Before the show started, the MC made a special announcement thanking Cheung Tat Ming for his support. The audience cheered loudly and applauded, one elderly man shouted: "You are so skinny!" Although Cheung Tat Ming is sick, he still had a lot of power when he was speaking, but had to sit down in the between to rest. He even happily cracked a joke: "Other people do stand-up comedies, but I'm doing a sit-down comedy."

He spoke for about 15 minutes, but stayed until the show ended before leaving. As he was leaving, he invited reporters to come interview him. He said: "I'm doing okay, but just feel some numbness when I walk. I have to get check-ups regularly. (Were you stressed when you first found out about having cancer?) Yes, luckily I'm a comedian, so I know how to relax and look on the bright side."

Tavia Yeung trusts him the most, Him Law Meets the Parents

Last year after Him Law broke off with Theresa Fu, it was already rumored that he often served as Tavia Yeung's driver and strongly pursued her while shooting The Hippocratic Crush. Then the two were spotted BBQing together and on dates, although their relationship surfaced, they refused to make it public. A few days ago, Tavia was spotted sleeping on Him's thigh while he was driving her home. Even when reporters were madly taking pictures, Tavia was still unwilling to lift her head up or show her face. Because the incident damages their image, the next day, Tavia and Him quickly held a press conference in Tseung Kwan O to explain.

[Article goes on recapping the press conference and Tavia's explanation...]

It appeared Tavia had tears forming in her eye, she admitted she did cried earlier that day, but she knew crying won't solve anything. This has been her most negative news since her debut. She didn't want her family and friends to worry about her, so she decided to come forward. She said: "Artists are humans too. I understand the basic principle, I won't do something that I know is unlawful!"

Him and Tavia's relationship officially surfaces after their one statement, "still getting to know each other" at the press conference. However, close friends know they have long gone beyond the 'getting to know each other' stage. Him was asked what he likes about Tavia? He said: "She is very family-oriented and responsible. She is persistent towards her work." Him said he feels very comfortable with Tavia, and they just naturally got together. Although Tavia is 5 years older, to Him, the 'sister-brother relationship' is not an issue at all. "Love is not about the age gap, most important is being able to communicate and having common future goals and direction."

When speaking of his break up with Theresa Fu and then dating Tavia, both relationships had been on the entertainment new headlines, does he believe he has to reflect on his actions? "Dating is personal. I'm a normal person and never thought it would get so much media attention and reaction. I also cannot just explain it with one or two words...but I believe, as a public figure, must watch your actions and what you say."

Him has been photographed several times driving Tavia around, it was rumored he spends the night at her house too. He said: "I do frequently go over to her house to have dinner and soup. I met her mother before, but we aren't cohabiting." As for Tavia, she quickly denied: "The truth is, I'm cohabiting with my mom."

Earlier it was rumored, several months ago, the couple were already talking about marriage, but Tavia said: "No, if there is an opportunity we'll let you all know!" Him also denied, but he once said he is a 'big man', when he does get marry in the future, he won't allow his girlfriend to work. Also, it would be best to live with his parents. If it really doesn't work out like that, he has to at least live nearby, convenient for him to look after his parents.

Also, Chris Lai and Tavia's elder sister Griselda Yeung attended TVB sitcom Come Home Love Mid-Autumn Festival event yesterday. In regards to ex-rumored girlfriend Tavia's 'car sex' incident with Him Law, Chris deeply believed they won't act that way. He said: "I've known Tavia for many years, she never had good alcohol tolerance. Once she gets drunk, she sleeps and goes unconscious. In the past, I drove her home before too (Did Tavia sleep on your thigh too?) No. She said she trust Him Law the most, of course she'll lay one someone she trusts the most, and not some taxi driver."

Griselda supported her sister to take legal action on any news that are not true. She said: "I believe in Tavia's personality. At most, she'll just sleep on someone's thigh, but definitely won't do what the news said. That is not what a normal person does anyway. I trust my family and that won't be wrong."

Friday, September 21, 2012

Leeteuk texts female celebrities at 3AM

Actress Kang Ye Sol and SISTAR‘s Dasom confessed they received texts from Super Junior‘s Leeteuk late at night.

Both Kang Ye Sol and Dasom were guests on the September 18th episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘. Kang Ye Sol confessed that she received a text from Leeteuk at 3AM. She said, “Leeteuk texts me every time he changes his number. But a few days ago, he surprised me because he texted even though his number stayed the same.” He sent her texts that said, “How are you doing?” and “This is Teuk oppa,” when she asked who it was.

Dasom added on, “Leeteuk also texts me around 3-4AM.” She confessed that she had been confused as to why he texted so early in the morning saying things such as “Dasom, it’s cold today, so bundle up,” and thought he might be interested in her. But she later found out that he also texted other SISTAR members Soyu and Bora.

To this, Eunhyuk said, “He’s just usually like this, so don’t be surprised.”

Leeteuk explained, “I was in China, and I realized I shouldn’t be like this. So I was looking through my contacts, and I sent everyone in my contacts list a message.”

K-Pop Star’s Park Ji Min to debut in October as part of a duo

Park Ji Min, the winner of SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star,’ will debut in October alongside another trainee in JYP Entertainment.

Park Ji Min will be teaming up with a JYP trainee of the same age (15) known as ‘a genius girl’ within the agency, to debut together as a team called 15& (‘Fifteen And’).

Park Ji Min stood out from the competition and received a lot of attention on ‘K-Pop Star’ with her strong voice and impeccable sense. Not much is known about the other trainee in JYPE, and anticipation is mounting to see what kind of harmony the two will produce.

Recently, Baek Ah Yeon, who placed 3rd on ‘K-Pop Star’ and also signed with JYP Entertainment, debuted with her track, ‘Sad Song‘ and is receiving a lot of love.

A-Mei suffers backlash from ongoing tensions between China and Japan

Seems like the ongoing tensions between China and Japan are affecting artistes and their careers.

Taiwanese singer A-mei who held her Chang Sha concert on Sunday night was accused by Hunan Television producer Li Rui of being pro-Japan. He wrote on his microblog, “Regarding A-mei’s concert, isn’t she on the Japanese side?” The singer was in the musical Turandot and had performed in Japan four years ago.

After seeing Li’s message, A-mei’s fans demanded for the producer to apologise and delete his offending message. They added, “A-mei has nothing to do with this political issue, please don’t drag her into this.” Li has since deleted the message.

A-mei’s manager stated that he did not see the need to inform the singer about Li’s accusation and added, “I don’t find the need to explain [the situation]. Which singer has not been overseas for their jobs? The accusation is not that serious.

He also added that the singer did not attend the celebration party after her concert because the singer wore high heels for her dance segments, despite doctor’s orders not to aggravate an ankle injury sustained two weeks ago.

Raymond Lam & Karena Ng gets 'light bulbs' to shield them on their date

Raymond Lam and newcomer Karena Ng were rumored while shooting new film Love is...Pyjamas. Last night at the film's promotional event, Raymond's good friends Wu Chun, Kate Tsui and a large group of fans supported him. Raymond rarely speaks of his relationships, but when asked if he's worried fans won't like the rumors he has with Karena? He said: "Nope! (Afraid to see Karena later?) Afraid of what? (Awkwardness?) Of course not! Actually after the rumor, we collaborated in a film and always see each other."

In fact, the two are indeed close. When the film promotion ended, they secretly went on a late night date, but to avoid attracting too much attention, they invited other 'light bulbs' to shield them. Karena came out of the theater at 10:45pm, and was accompanied by Wu Chun to Sunshine Plaza. As for Raymond, he left the scene quietly long before. To avoid getting photographed of them on the date, the two went separately.

At 1:45am, Raymond left first and met Teresa Mo in the lobby. The two chatted for a moment before Teresa told him there were reporters outside. However, Raymond still generously walked out of the building and happily greeted reporters. At 2:30am, Karena, Edmond Wong and her manager walked out together. Karena was in a great mood just like Raymond, and didn't mind that their underground relationship surfaced.

TVB & Tavia Yeung Sends Demand Letter to 'Apple Daily' for an Apology

Tavia Yeung and Him Law already had their press conference to explain the 'car sex' incident. Yesterday their companies, TVB and Filmko, clearly stated they will be taking legal action against the related parties to safeguard their artists and get justice back for them. Yesterday, TVB Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs (Tsang Sing Ming) expressed the incident had tremendous impact both Tavia and Him's image and reputation. Their managements are following closely with the case, TVB has already sent a demand letter to Apple Daily and Sharp Daily demanding an apology to TVB and the artists. As for Tavia, she had decided to personally hire a lawyer and take legal action against Apple Daily.

It was said TVB sent someone out to the newspaper offices to look at the pictures, but Mr. Tsang expressed there is no such thing. However, he does admit someone did indeed call TVB executive Virgina Lok, this time the decision to send out the demand letter was made by TVB in order to safeguard the artist (Tavia) and to get the truth out of the report. When asked if TVB plans to shut out Apple Daily and Sharp Daily reporters from taking part in any of TVB events? Mr. Tsang expressed they will have to see how Apple Daily/Sharp Daily respond first before taking any further action.

Also, asked if TVB demanded Apple Daily to hand over the raw photos? Mr. Tsang said: "We don't have demands, just asking for an apology. (Is there a deadline to when they have to apologize?) Sometimes, but it's not convenient for me to talk about it. We want a response soon. (What type of apology did TVB request?) Let's see how they react first. The contents of the lawyer letter, I cannot say."

The other night, Tavia posted on Weibo. She said today's injuries strengthens her life. For all the bad things that happened is the past, she will continue to work hard on her jobs and tomorrow is a new day. The other victim, Him Law, expressed: "My company, Filmko, has already passed the case on to the lawyer. This incident hurt Tavia more than me. Reputation is very important to a woman, so I hope the media can publicly apologize to her (Tavia) and give us our justice." Filmko expressed they hope the media will make a public apology to Tavia and Him, otherwise further legal action will be taken.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tavia Yeung & Him Law's press conference clarifies the incident & relationship

Today, Tavia Yeung and Him Law held a press conference, accompanied by Virgina Lok, to explain the incident from a few nights ago. Reporters spotted Tavia hiding herself with her face in between Him's legs, while he was driving her home. It was suspected they had 'car sex' as well since Tavia appeared to have some drool on the corner of her lip after she got up from laying on Him's legs/thighs.

Tavia: "That day, we had the 13th TVB Artistes Training Class reunion. Basically this is held each year, we all have dinner and drink. I rarely go out to gatherings or go out to social. My alcohol tolerance isn't high either, that night I had such a good time, I drank a lot. Prior to going to the reunion, I already told Him Law, 'Why don't you come pick me up, I definitely won't be able to drive after drinking and hope to have someone I trust take me home.' My classmates and I all drank a lot, we were pretty drunk. When we were leaving, he [Him] already told me there is paparazzi outside. I personally don't like too much attention, I don't want people to follow me when I go out. There was Meini Cheung and two other classmates that went in the taxi with me. We went to Meini's house and then I got in his car later. I already started vomiting in the car, and don't remember what happened. When I got off the taxi, I started vomiting all over the floor, until Him came to pick me up, I already don't remember what happened. As an artist, actually nobody wants to let others see them drunk. To a person I trust, that moment when I slept on his thigh, there definitely are no doubts and is not what the media tried to twist. What I must mention is, why did you all see those pictures, because when we got to the entrance gate of my house, he warned me, 'Hey, Ah Yi, hurry wake up, there's dogs [paparazzi].' An artist facing such a sensitive moment, the first reaction I had was to cover my face with my hat. But when I got up, I felt like throwing up, so I took the bowl of noodles next to him (perhaps he was waiting for me too long and didn't have anything to eat), once I got the bowl, I started throwing up. After throwing up, I had some wet spots on the corner of my lips and this is how the news report came up. Actually I want to clarify, absolutely nothing like what the report said happened in the car (referring to the 'car sex'). Of course, there were some things in between that I don't remember, so he will have to tell you all."

Reporter: So are you and Him publicly announcing the relationship now?

Tavia: We are currently in the direction of getting to know each other and letting nature take its course.

Reporter: Then do you think there is a chance?

Him: I think relationships, leave it to fate. In the future, Tavia and I will positively develop the relationship, but currently we are indeed in the process of getting to know each other. (Tavia: Yes)

Reporter: Are you two still cohabiting?

Tavia: Cohabiting? The truth is I'm cohabiting with my mother, it had been like that all along. I think the word cohabiting could mean, if spotted going in/out together, then it could be called cohabiting; if spotted in the car together, then it could be called cohabiting too. I think the first priority is work. Just like what we just said, we are still in the stage of getting to know each other, and in the future if we develop further, then we'll let you all know.

Reporter: But when you got in the car, you didn't even put on your seat belt?

Him: Actually I was wrong here too. I shouldn't have let her lay on me for so long...I should perhaps...but.. (*both starts laughing) (Tavia: Not laying on you, no.) Well you all know what I mean...

Tavia: Because when I got in the car, when a person is drunk and kinda just collapsed, what can't happen? But in an environment of trust, there are no doubts.

Reporter: Well in the report, it said there was some 'foreign matter' seen?

Tavia: Then did you see it?

Reporter: I didn't.

Tavia: Let's take it out and see it then.

Reporter: Any embarrassment?

Tavia: No, I didn't do it, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Actually, I already discussed with my lawyer today and I reserve the right to take legal action because I think this damages my reputation. To some extent the published words is defamation. I will have my lawyer follow-up with this incident.


[*** Eileen Cha did a separate interview with Him and Tavia on Scoop. There may be some overlap with the press conference. ***]

Eileen: Him, if she wasn't Tavia and perhaps Meini, would you have let her sleep on your thigh too?

Him: As I have a very good relationship with Tavia, of course I will take care of her. If it was Meini, I would perhaps have some other friends take her home.

Eileen: Then what happened? Tavia woke up, and reporters took pictures?

Him: Actually I was already waiting for her at Meini's house. I saw her throwing up, so of course I went to look after her. I helped her into the car. Well actually I set 2-3 hours aside ahead of time (Eileen: very attentive), because I knew she would drink a lot and have a good time.

Eileen: How come you didn't tell her not to drink then?

Him: If she would listen.

Tavia: No, I would only drink with friends I trust. Even if I'm laying on his thigh, I know he's someone I trust. If I'm sitting in a taxi, would I lay on the driver's thigh? Then the news wouldn't be like this.

Eileen: Did you continue to take care of her when she got home?

Him: Well Tavia's mom was there. I saw that she was safe, then I just took the taxi home.

Eileen: 40 minutes in the car, what were you two doing, why did it take so long?

Him: I don't know how long it takes, but it takes time to drive back to Tavia's house. I was driving slowly because she's drunk, I was afraid she would throw up and not feel well. I don't mind if she throws up on me, I can wash it off, I'm more concerned of her feeling.

Eileen: Tavia, do you really trust Him, and always ask him to drive you?

Tavia: I usually drive myself around. Of course, I trust him. When your drunk, you want to get in a car that you trust.

Eileen: Tavia has been very nervous, and we tell her, if she didn't do anything, there is nothing to be nervous about. So, why are you still facing this so seriously?

Tavia: Eileen, I'm sure you know me well. I watch myself very closely, especially my career. After this incident, I don't think I can just relax and say I didn't do it and that's it. I want to formally clarify that we did not do anything like what the report said. It provides an explanation for myself and my family, that nothing like that happened. I've been worried, even though I knew such news would come out because it will definitely damage my image and affect us both. I'm also worried, my family would be affected emotionally. For other things that I didn't do, I'm not worried that people will criticize.

Eileen: But you rarely have these types of news.

Tavia: Zero. So, that's why I think I absolutely have to clarify this incident. For myself, for Him, for my family, for everyone who cares about me, I think I have to clarify my personal integrity because as a public figure, everyone is watching you and what you do. If our behavior is like this, I think I would be ashamed to be acting or to send any positive messages to the public. I have a lot of younger fans, so I feel I must clarify this incident.

Eileen: What is your relationship now?

Tavia: We are currently getting to know each other. He is a person who takes good care of me. There are a lot of things we can't predict. What I think is most important now is to clarify the incident. As to our future development, it depends on what path we take. I hope everyone just don't judge our character just based on this incident and we did something bad.

Eileen: What about you Him? Tavia just described you, how about you?

Him: Of course, Tavia is a good girl. Just like she said, sometimes she can get really playful, but that's fine. I can look after her and protect her. For the future, we will develop the relationship in a positive way.


Also, after the report came out Tavia posted on Weibo, she said: "As public figures, we always reflect on our personal integrity and actions, but as the media, do you all have personal integrity? An article written with a pen can be so remarkable, is it because the Hong Kong media has already reached the end? For what reason do you all not report the truth, but instead twist the truth? .....where is your conscience....."

After the press conference, Him said on Weibo: "Just completed the press conference, set the record straight! I hope friends that support me will understand the truth through my interview with Eileen Cha on Scoop. I know sometimes what we see from our eyes is not the truth. I definitely do what was said in the report."

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Linda Chung & Ruco Chan dressed in 90s costumes for new series "Big Wheel"

Yesterday Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin, Louis Yuen and Louise Lee attended TVB new series Big Wheel (巨輪) costume fitting. Because the story happens in the 90s, the artists went back in time and had the look of the 90s. Linda expressed her personality still revolves around the 90s and she occasionally watched TV series during that period. She has profound memories of this time period and is confident she can handle her character. In the series, Linda is romantically linked with Ruco, she frankly expressed this is her first collaborate with him and believes they'll be able to set off new sparks. She reveals they will have intimate scenes as well. Also, Linda is very happy to be sisters with her good friend Leanne Li: "We are basically very close friends, so there is no acting involved."

Linda discloses TVB is going to produce a 2013 calendar and she has collaborated with Raymond Lam three times in the last 5 years, Bosco Wong two times. Each time, they are on the month of January together. Reporters asked if this represents she's the 'First Sister'? She expressed she still has a long way to go before she can be First Sister. When speaking of last year at the anniversary awards, she was a hot favorite for 'My Favorite TV Female Character Award', but she didn't win, does she have confidence this year? Linda said last year she had the greatest opportunity to win, but still lost. She doesn't dare to put her hopes up too high, just let nature take its course. Last year, she did indeed think, for a moment, that she was going to get the award, but she ended up losing and accepted the fact calmly.

As for Ruco Chan, his look resembles 'Wah Dee', but he didn't want the audience to focus only on his costume, he hopes there will be a balance. When asked if he's excited for the intimate scenes with Linda? He played dumb: "I didn't know, but that's good. She is a person that can get people moved." Ruco exposed in advance that he also has intimate scenes with Ankie Beilke, "It's a little more than a kiss scene. (Bed scene?) I don't know yet." Edwin Siu plays Ruco's younger brother, he envied him for having so many girls, "I only have Kristal Tin!" The cast will be shooting in Macau later.

Caught Directly In Car: Tavia Yeung hides herself in between Him Law's legs

It has always been an open secret in the industry that 33 year old TVB FaDan,Tavia Yeung, is dating 28 year old Him Law, but they never officially made their relationship public. Last night, the couple were spotting in the car together. Him just got back from working in Sanya, and was spotted driving to Hung Hom to pickup girlfriend Tavia, and then take her home to Tseung Kwan O. In the 40 minute car ride, Tavia was seen hiding with her face between Him's legs the entire time. When [Apple Daily] reporters rushed forward to take pictures, Tavia was very embarrassed and refused to show her face.

Although Him and Tavia did everything they could to conceal their 'sister-brother' relationship, this time when Him was driving Tavia home, they were naturally caught by reporters. At around 7pm, Tavia and her classmates from the 13th TVB Artistes Training Class, including Matt Yeung and Tsui Wing, celebrated their 14th anniversary together at a Japanese restaurant in Hung Hom. At around 9pm, Tavia went outside near the restaurant entrance to make a phone call. At the classmate reunion dinner, Tavia uploaded a group photo of them having a great time on Weibo, it appears she was in a great mood and had several drinks. She and the group didn't leave until 1am. Tsui Wing and Matt first helped Tavia into the taxi, while Him was in a separate car secretly followed behind. When the taxi got to a dark street in Hung Hom, Tavia got off the taxi and immediately jumped into Him's car. They didn't leave immediately, but instead waited 10 minutes before taking off. When Him drove into the city, he maintained a slow speed of 30km, but Tavia's head wasn't seen in the car anymore. Perhaps people may misunderstand because Tavia knew reporters were following, so she got out of the car and left.

However, after 30 minutes into the car ride, reporters still couldn't see Tavia's head in the passenger seat. When the car turned towards the parking lot near Tavia's home in Tseung Kwan O, there was some leeway for the car to stop. Reporters took advantage of this opportunity and rushed forward to take pictures. To the reporters' surprise, Tavia was still in the car, but hid her face between Him's legs. Based on natural reactions, we predicted Tavia wanted to avoid the reporters in the fastest way possible, so she quickly dived towards Him's legs and tried to hide herself. It is believed, she was in that same position for a period of time during the car ride. At the time, she was in an ambiguous position, as if she had a super secret and was afraid to show her face.

Big Bang’s Seungri caught with model/actress Anna Kubo by paparazzi in Hong Kong

Big Bang‘s Seungri, who was involved in a sex scandal last week, has been captured canoodling with Japanese model and actress Anna Kubo in Hong Kong.

On September 18, paparazzi photos were released by Taiwanese newspaper ‘Apple Daily‘ with the caption: “Big Bang’s Seungri was captured with Japanese model Anna Kubo acting like lovers. The two held hands and kissed on the cheek.”

Seungri and Anna Kubo are currently in Hong Kong for the Japanese drama ‘The Files of Young Kindaichi: Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case‘ on NTV. According to the newspaper, the two were seen in a group after a late-night filming session for the drama ended. In the video released, Seungri and Anna Kubo appear to be a bit drunk as they left a karaoke bar around 3AM.

Anna Kubo is known to have dated Jackie Chan‘s son Jaycee Chan in the past.

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