Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Joyce Tang Admits Boyfriend Proposed, Waiting to be a Bride

It has been rumored Joyce Tang is getting married at the end of the year. After getting through two failed relationships with Marco Ngai, then Derek Kwok, this 'sing lui' goes right back into the battlefield and finds her true love. A year ago, she started dating the executive of the digital camera company Canon (Matthew Chu). At the time, Matthew had a girlfriend, but she got defeated by Joyce. In the past year, Joyce had been focused more on her relationship and reduced her time on television. It was rumored Matthew successfully proposed to her and Joyce is ready to be Mrs. Chu, so she decided not to renew her TVB contract. Apparently, her upcoming series Awfully Lawful will be her farewell series in TVB.

Yesterday Joyce was spotted at the supermarket in Causeway bay. She purchased steak, eggs and beverages, ready to cook a loving dinner for her boyfriend. The 37 year old, soon-to-be-bride was seen shopping like a modern housewife. She was happily chatting on the phone, perhaps she's talking to her boyfriend? When reporters approached her for interviews, she smiled and admitted her boyfriend had proposed to her. However, she was unwilling to disclose the details. Asked how her marriage preparations is going? She laughed: "I'm not sure! (Let your boyfriend handle everything?) I didn't! No! You all ask him!" Asked how she would rate her boyfriend? She happily expressed her boyfriend gets a perfect score.


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