Thursday, May 30, 2013

Him Law Fears Exposure When Wearing Swim Trunks

Yesterday Him Law and singer Shiga Lin attended the sunblock product Biotherm's event. The lengmos Phoebe Hui and Bonnie Leung appeared dressed in bikini tops as well. It was said Him was too "conservative", but he frankly expressed he still cannot accept attending a show in his swim trunks. He said: "I think swim trunks are too much like underwear, there are too many precautions to take. I'm afraid of exposure. (What if you get a high pay for doing it?) I can handle wearing beach pants in outdoor events." He disclosed he's been busy shooting for a new film and hasn't had time to keep fit, but fortunately he is still able to maintain his 7-pack. Asked if his abdomen muscles attract his girlfriend the most? He said embarrassed: "Men most attractive qualities are treating women well and a positive mentality. It is not about the physical appearance because one day that will be gone. I believe I cannot keep my current body figure until age 45. When that time comes, my figure will turn into a typical man's figure."


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