Saturday, March 30, 2013

Roger Kwok's Son Likes Performing, Won't Stop Him from Entering Showbiz

Yesterday Roger Kwok and his wife Cindy Au attended an event together. The pair served as the guest judges for a baby crawling contest. When asked how Roger celebrated his oldest son, Brad Kwok's birthday? He said: "His birthday was on the 23rd, we took him to Ocean Park for a charity event and played for a full day. He was really happy seeing the small animals there. I hoped to take that opportunity to teach him the importance of environmental protection, which made it a meaningful birthday." Roger laughed and said Brad inherited his parents' genes. He loves to sing and perform; he's always intimating his mother's popular cartoon theme song Chibi Maruko-chan. If Brad were to have interest in joining the entertainment industry in the future, Roger will not be opposed to it and hoped to allow his son to make his own choices. As for Cindy, she revealed their 1.5 year old daughter already knows how to walk now. She copied her brother's every move and Brad knows how to take good care of his little sister as well. They rarely fight.

As for good friend Ada Choi, just had her second daughter Zhang Shun Yee, Roger and Cindy expressed they were happy for her. Roger laughed: "Three beautiful girls in the family, we are getting more baby girls in the entertainment circle now. Angela Tong just had a girl too. That's great, my son will have more options in the future!"

Niki Chow Gets Touched by Michael Tse, Wanted to Scream But Couldn't

Yesterday Niki Chow, Michael Tse, Matthew Ko, Grace Wong, William Chak, Koni Lui and the rest of the cast of TVB series Sergeant Tabloid attended the promotional event. The cast played a game, where the female artists would serve the blindfolded male artists. Michael got attacked from all sides, Niki sat on his lap and fed him grapes, but Michael ended up touching her thighs and frightened her so much fell off.

Niki claimed its been a long while since she sat on a man's lap. She laughed: "I wanted to scream when he touched me, but we were playing a game and I couldn't make a sound, otherwise Michael would have known its me. Actually, screaming is a normal reaction. I can't remember how long ago was it since the last time I sat on a man's lap. But, boyfriends aren't just used to sit on. I currently have pursuers too, but it's just they aren't right for me. Although I'm having a difficult time handling my love life, who knows, perhaps someone will come along later on! There just has been too many people asking me lately, I feel kind of stressed. (Your sister introduced any guys to you?) I think its because she heard the media talk about it too much, so she's starting to do some work now!"

Micheal complimented and then bashed Niki: "She got lighter! It was quite comfortable when she sat on me, she got slender legs and smooth skin! (She said she wanted to scream when you touched her!) Of course! How often does she get touched by men? But, I just touched her jeans! She said if the serial's TV ratings gets over 30 points, she'll kiss me, but I get to decide where she kisses. I still haven't thought of where yet!"

Casper Chan Unrecognizable After Botox

In A Great Way to Care II, Casper Chan played the girl who failed to woo Ben Wong's character, lately she had caught viewers' attention. Why? Because her looks changed dramatically!

Casper Chan's face is now plastic and stiff, her nose is high and unnatural. But, what she looked like in A Great Way of Care II wasn't as strange as her earlier appearance in Divas In Distress. Turns out, in July 2012, she was a beauty salon spokesperson and went to get botox. She got botox on her nose and chin; the whole procedure was captured on camera as well. Unfortunately, on the news she doesn't look much different from before. Probably nobody would have known she was a botox spokesperson! Netizens responded to Casper's 'new' look with comments such as "accident during the procedure", "so terrifying", "so scary...", "worst after the botox, you were fine before" and "you were cute before, but now you look like a jigsaw." Based on the response, it seems more like that beauty salon is gonna get their signboard taken down.

Casper was a participant in the Miss Hong Kong 2000 pageant and was previously nicknamed "Pirated Loletta Chu". Unfortunately her popularity later went on a decline and she's only been floating around in TVB.

TVB's upcoming series Bullet Brain has Casper Chan too and that was the time she just got her botox done. We'll definitely have to check this one out!

Yesterday Casper accepted a telephone interview, she said: "I only got it done once last year when I was a beauty salon spokesperson. I won't get botox again. Actually, its already wear off. Perhaps I have less jobs, so you all don't see me as much. (Regret getting plastic surgery?) I didn't do it because of beauty, but rather I was the spokesperson, so I gave it a try. (After the botox, people couldn't recognize you?) Nope! I filmed A Great Way to Care II last year, now I look just like how I looked before!"

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lee Hi releases “Rose” MV

Lee Hi has released the music video for her second title song “Rose“!

Part 2 of the ‘monster rookie’s first album ‘First Love‘ also includes “Fool For Love“, “Because“, “Am I Strange“, and “1,2,3,4“.

“Rose” is the title track this time around and is the work of 1TYM‘s Teddy, who wrote and arranged the track, and Song Baek Kyung, who composed it.

Jolin Tsai slammed for indecent exposure

Jolin Tsai was recently slammed by the Chinese media for being “indecent” after she reportedly exposed her underwear while performing a split during her concert.

The Taiwanese singer recently embarked on her world tour 2013. Wearing a jewel-studded costume, Jolin put on her usual sexy dance performances at her show in Haining, China two nights ago.

However, the 32-year-old exposed her underwear while performing a split and the incident gained widespread attention after the Chinese media went into an uproar.

Jolin was criticised by the Chinese media for being “indecent”, claiming that it was unsightly to see her perform complicated gymnastics dance moves in her revealing dance costume.

In response to the reports, Jolin’s manager claimed that Jolin did not expose her underwear. “People thought it was her underwear, but what they saw was actually a pair of jewel-studded safety shorts which was specially designed for the concert,” he said.

Her manager also emphasised that Jolin’s performance was “absolutely decent” and said that Jolin usually wears two pairs of safety shorts under her dance costume.

“Jolin always ensures that her dance moves are done to perfection. She is well aware that her movements and actions are usually exaggerated during her dance performances so she always makes necessary precautions to prevent exposing herself.”

Alex Fong & Tavia Yeung Fight Out a "Brotherly" Relationship

Since The Building Blocks of Life several years ago, Alex Fong and Tavia Yeung collaborate once again in TVB new series A Great Way to Care II. Although they aren't a couple, just a doctor and a police undercover investigating the same case, they still had chemistry right from the start. Tavia regards Alex as the 'TV Drama Soul', she complimented that his performances are steady and has his own style to portray the role, which helps his co-stars easily get into character. She believed if the new generation actors can learn this strength of his, then there will definitely be good prospects.

When speaking of having scenes opposite of this handsome Alex Fong, one can easily get 'electrified' by him? Tavia laughed and said their relationship is like brothers. When they were filming, they mutually showed off their skills and prepare their responses together beforehand. Many times, Alex would test her to see if she could improvise on the spot. She said: "The grudge between Alex and I started from Building Blocks of Life. The moment we met, we started fighting and it can get really intense too. Although Christine Ng is the strongest, when the three of us come together, we could really play hard. We're always breaking the props on the set. He pushes me; I bump him, but all of the bruises are on us, he gets none of it. But it's a joy still."

Although Tavia encountered a playful co-star, she did not hesitate to say that Alex does have his attentive side too. She disclosed during filming, she had an unhappy incident happen to her and as a good friend, he went to comfort her. Even though he just said a few words, but it's the thought that counts. Tavia said: "At the time, my emotions weren't that bad. When I got to work, I still played with Alex. I thought the things the aren't true, I shouldn't let them bother me. I really have to let it go. My colleagues won't know that much, they could only support me spiritually and cannot help me resolve the issues, but now it's already the past. Don't have to pay too much attention to it and not like it's a big deal."

Alex praised Tavia back, expressing her acting is great otherwise she couldn't have become TV Queen. The playful him did not forget to tease Tavia: "Now you have more life experiences, in both your acting and love life. If not, then don't take the TV Queen title! Actually dating is a part of life, next time just don't lean towards that area again when you vomit! But, I do have to compliment that you have good ethics of an artist. You get injured or sprain your ankle, but you still limp back to work!" This good friend of Tavia's teases her first and then compliments her, Tavia didn't know whether she should be laughing or crying.

Gordon Lam Turns TVB Down Without Second Thought: "I'm Not Needed"

In the past year, TVB Siu Sangs have been focused on their development up north (China) and not many have stayed behind to help the company. TVB are just trying to bring their former Siu Sangs back like Eddie Cheung and Lawrence Ng. It was understood, TVB also has their eyes on 45 year old Gordon Lam who is doing better and better in the film scene. TVB tried to convince Gordon to come back and help them by offering him a script tailored for him. However, Gordon gave TVB the 'lemon' and didn't even considered it. He didn't even ask what its all about and just turned them down. He firmly said: "I can't help them nor am I qualified to!"

TVB used to be the boss, whoever was in the blacklist, they will never be hired. However, today the situation has changed entirely. There are just too many outside channels that artists can utilize and the television giant can no longer have such an enormous voice. In fact, they have to tone it down and try to persuade their former artists to come back. Two years ago, the 45 year old actor, produced his first low-budgeted film Gallants, which won Golden Horse's "Best Film" award. He even had three Golden Horse nominations for "Best Supporting Actor". Gordon is definitely not a small potato anymore! He's been in the industry for 24 years and was once a TVB Siu Sang. The majority of his series got over 40 points TV rating and set the record for being in a TVB Anniversary Series for 4 consecutive years. Unfortunately, the time at the company became dull and it felt like he was in jail. Because it was difficult to tolerate, he left TVB after shooting Country Spirit 12 years ago.

Gordon disclosed: "TVB contacted me last year, but I didn't even ask for the details and just turned them down! (Maternal home needs your help though?) I don't see that! Honestly, they are a large corporation; they have to many people; they have so many Siu Sangs coming out each year. I am not qualified to help them. Actually it's better for them to train the young Siu Sangs rather than seeking external help. The most important is to find artists with potential and fire. Can't just rely on the good looks, otherwise they're just a pretty face. Just like Mandy Wong has the potential and Oscar Leung has the fire, he should really have the heart [for acting]! Over the years, there has been many handsome guys and beautiful girls who came out of TVB. The true leading actor/actress is who can bring the TV series into the house and draw in the gap with the audience, just like Ha Yu or Liu Wai Hung. Back in the day, I was a nobody, I wasn't as handsome as the others, but I was able to get into the house and become a lead actor."

Gordon doesn't need the TVB platform, he has many other opportunities. He laughed: "I'm greedy! If God gives me 3 wishes, I hope to become a director, scriptwriter and a lead actor in the future and have achievements in each one of those jobs."

Niki Chow's Waist Bruised from Wearing 16LB Police Belt

In the current TVB series Sergeant Tabloid, Niki Chow plays a policewoman, but it turns out this is her first time portraying such role. For a more realistic portrayal, she did a lot of homework prior to filming. She said: "I spent two months on physical training and I chatted with a real life policewoman." She expressed the policewoman was introduced to her by her brother-in-law and the scriptwriter: "Because it just happened my brother-in-law met an instructor's wife who is a police inspector."

But Niki expressed the most difficult part of filming was she had to carry a heavy police belt with her on a daily basis. She said: "The belt was 16 pounds, and I had to be chasing thieves with it. When I got home, my waist was bruised from it. Even the last time when I wore my costume to the promotional event, just had it on for a little bit and already felt the sore." Immediately after, Niki lifted up her shirt to show the female reporter her bruised waist. Indeed, there was a bruised area and we can imagine how severe filming can get. Because of this Niki expressed she had to give special thanks to the police officers, especially the policewomen. She said: "Because besides from working everyday, they still have a family to look after, so mighty. This series wanted to convey the message to the men, don't be so superficial, must admire the inner beauty."

In the series, Niki is known as a 'sing lui' (unmarried middle-age woman), and in reality she is a sing lui as well. Since her debut, one can easily count her rumors with one finger. The most memorable relationship she had was with Kevin Cheng. Asked if she still keeps in touch with Kevin? She laughed and said the question is too sharp: "We only keep in touch if we're working together. (That means you haven't been in touch with him for a long time?) We're both busy. (Send messages on holidays?) Not deliberately. I don't want this to get hooked, [the media] been talking about it for so many years. We both have matured. (Ok relationship?) Nothing, we always see each other backstage, we greet one another and chat too. (Any chance of sparking the relationship again?) Haha, we have never sparked, how could we re-spark?" Asked again of her current love life? She expressed she's in that state where she's getting a lot of pursuers.

Joey Meng's health unfit for pregnancy

TVB actress Joey Meng has expressed her intentions to become a mother for a long time ever since marrying her scriptwriter husband, Chan Sap Sam since 2000, but luck has never been on her side.

As reported on Jayne Stars website recently, amidst rumours of her husband's supposed impotence and her busy schedule, a new rumour surfaced that the primary cause behind Joey's failure to conceive is due to her poor health.

A tabloid revealed that while filming an action sequence for "My Date with Vampire 3" in 2004, Joey injured her lower spine and had never truly recovered. Her health had further deteriorated due to her long filming hours at ATV, causing the actress to suffer from acute hepatitis several times.

The actress was also cited from a previous interview, saying that she gets sick easily and that "I see the doctor more than I eat".

The actress was also quoted saying, "Conceiving is not impossible, but the doctor advised that I should be extra cautious if I become pregnant."

However, despite reports of her poor health, the actress never withdraws herself from filming action-packed dramas, including her latest project, "Food for the Slaves". Joey will also be busy shooting for the upcoming "Inbound Troubles" sequel and film adaptation, making it less probable for the actress to get pregnant anytime soon with her busy schedule.

Christine Kuo apologises to Lynn Hung

Christine Kuo recently made an apology to Lynn Hung for her comments about the relationship rumour surrounding Aaron Kwok and herself.

According to Asianpopnews website, the actress recently dismissed the scandal between her and the Hong Kong heavenly king Aaron Kwok, later referred to it as "a rotten peach flower".

However, while speaking to the media at an event that was held on 24 March, Christine apologised to Aaron's girlfriend Lynn Hung for her insensitive remarks.

The actress stated, "I should make an apology. I am not very fluent in Chinese and I could have used the wrong words. I will not respond again. I am afraid that I may say the wrong things again and implicate others into the picture."

The actress was referring to Lynn Hung's statement earlier, when the model-actress was asked regarding Christine's "rotten peach flower" comment.

Lynn, who praised the actress as a sweet looking girl, only hinted, "It will be fine as long as you do not provoke the peach flower!"

Charmaine Sheh's Now TV offer

Charmaine Sheh has been getting offers left and right since leaving TVB in 2011, and it was recently reported that another TVB rival, pay-television station, Now TV, has offered the actress HKD120,000 per episode to star in their upcoming palace drama – produced by former TVB producers and married couple, Lau Ka Ho and Mui Siu Ching.

According to Jayne Stars website, rumour has it that Charmaine is currently in discussion with Now TV to star in the station's first official production. The actress is said to be willing to film for a lower fee to repay good friends, Lau and Mui, for their roles in Charmaine's career success.

Sources disclosed that although the actress is currently earning RMB200,000 (app. USD32,000) per episode in mainland China, Charmaine will be taking a 40 percent pay cut should she agree to film the new 40-episode drama.

However, at a press conference that was held on 26 March, Now TV executive Ho Lai Chuen dismissed the rumours, stating that HKD120,000 is too small an amount for a popular star such as Charmaine.

When asked whether he had invited Charmaine to film for this project, Lau admitted, "I had spoken with Charmaine about it but I also discussed this opportunity with many other artistes. We are currently considering mainland actresses to lead the drama."

Lau further stated, "Although Charmaine is unable to film for us at the moment, there remains a possibility for collaboration in the future."

Ada Choi's Second Daughter is Born! Zhang Ziyi Rushed to Visit Her "See Mo"

Yesterday afternoon Max Zhang posted good news on Weibo, he announced Ada Choi gave birth to their second child on March 25th, both mother and daughter are healthy. He uploaded a new family photo on Weibo and wrote: "Women going through pregnancy for 10 months, it's easier said than done. Life is wonderful, thank you God!" Ada responded immediately: "Congrats Mr. Zhang! A house with three beauties, you are the happiest man!"

Their eldest daughter, Chor Yee was 9.4 pounds at birth, but the couple didn't disclose the weight of their newborn this time, but from the photo "little Ada" looks just like her sister Chor Yee. Max taught international superstar Zhang Ziyi swordsmanship when she worked on Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon back in 2000 and they recently worked on The Grandmasters together Yesterday Zhang Ziyi visited the couple at the hospital and even showed off her maternal love by carrying "little Ada" for pictures. On Weibo, Zhang Ziyi reminded her [martial arts] "see fu" (master) to take good care of "see mo" (master's wife) on Weibo: "One moment that makes me especially happy is watching my friend bath in happiness. Congratulations 'Empress' (Ada) for getting another 'princess'. Ma Sam, (Max's role in The Grandmasters) if you don't treat Ada Choi well, then the 'eight trigram palm' of the Kwoon family (Ziyi's role in The Grandmasters) will not forgive you!" Max is getting quite a bit of attention for his role as Ziyi's "see hing" and back during Couching Tigers, he had already been Ziyi's stunts double, therefore they developed a deep friendship.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Younha releases “It’s Not Like That” MV

Younha has released the music video for her pre-release “It’s Not Like That“.

As another singer who will be making a comeback in April, she’s sought the help of Naul, who composed the track, to give you a taste of what’s to come. “It’s Not Like That” immediately rose to #1 on music charts after its release.

Check out the MV of the breakup song below, and stay tuned for more updates on Younha’s comeback!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

2AM’s Jo Kwon hospitalized due to gas poisoning

2AM‘s Jo Kwon has been hospitalized due to gas poisoning.

It’s reported that the idol fell asleep in a vehicle with a leaking portable stove, which caused him to experience headaches and breathing issues. After examination, it was found that Jo Kwon is suffering from mild gas poisoning.

His agency first stated that because the results of the first examination were normal, Jo Kwon would be going on to wrap up his schedules for ‘Show! Music Core‘ and ‘Love’s Request‘.

However, after performing live for ‘Music Core’, Jo Kwon was not in a normal state, so he was hospitalized for further examination.

Jo Kwon’s schedule will continue when his condition stabilizes.

Ruco Chan Denies Fighting for Screen Time with Classmate Edwin Siu

Yesterday Ruco Chan and Priscilla Wong attended the "Fluffy House" Easter event. It was rumored while Ruco and Edwin Siu were filming TVB series Brother's Keeper, they were fighting for more screen time. It turns out the two are the same age and are classmates back in elementary school. They were rumored to have been competing from childhood until now. Ruco said: "Filming for that series has already completed, perhaps because we didn't have any rumors with the female leads, so there's rumors that we're on bad terms. I'm older than Edwin, it makes more sense for me to be his older brother, but I do envy that he has a lot more shows than me. I have never competed with him. I love playing ping-pong, but he likes soccer. Maybe we should do a sports competition one day."

This is the first time Ruco and Priscilla Wong attended an event as a 'couple team'. Priscilla thanked Ruco for bringing the opportunities to her: "He's a beautiful housewife killer. Unfortunately, I don't have the qualities to be one." Also, after shooting the daring travel show Pilgrimage of Hope (走過烽火大地), Tony Hung, will be partnering up with the experienced travel show host Priscilla Wong in a new travel show (走過浮華大地) -- they will be visiting places such as the United Kingdom and France.

Edwin Siu 36th Birthday, Haven't Thought of Marrying Gigi Ho Yet

Edwin Siu celebrated his 36th birthday with a large group of friends including Alex Fong, Johnson Lee, Otto Chan, Sharon Chan, Christine Ng and 'girlfriend' Gigi Ho. Edwin's popularity has been on the rise due to his recent role as the 'Buck Teeth Boy' in A Great Way to Care II. Edwin's birthday was on March 23rd, his friends threw him a surprised birthday party at a restaurant on the 22nd. Edwin said: "They asked me to help get stuff, but then I saw them all there. Many of them gave me glasses, perhaps because of my recent 'Buck Teeth Boy' look."

When asked what his rumored girlfriend Gigi Ho gave him? He denied the relationship, but revealed: "She and her sister Lily Ho spent a lot, they both pitched in to buy me a new computer, probably because they knew my computer is broken. We're just friends though."

Johnson and his girlfriend Bobo Wong ('spring roll') were rumored to have broken up, but Edwin disclosed the two appeared as normal. This is the first time Edwin had seen them attend a private party together. Bobo expressed her relationship with Johnson is stabled.

Yesterday afternoon at the A Great Way to Care II promotion, Edwin was asked since he's a big boy now, when is he planning to get married? He said: "Never thought about it. My career is my priority. (Have consensus with Gigi?) No need, I have always kept my relationships low-profile. Also, we are just good friends." Edwin is pretty lucky in this series, he has several scenes with Aimee Chan and Christine Kuo. He joked: "Many guys envy me. Later, I'll have a kiss scene with Aimee and then another getting wet rain scene with Christine. (Will Gigi Ho get jealous?) There won't be anyone jealous, they should all be happy for me."

Him Law Defends Current & Former Lovers: "Just Because They Love Beauty"

Since 28 year old Theresa Fu exposed her ex-boyfriend Him Law beat her back in 2011, she had been frozen by her company for some time and spent the majority of the year in Mainland. Theresa loves to play, she often shares pictures on Weibo with her fans, and it can be clearly seen that her physical appearance has changed significantly. Over the years, Theresa is looking more and more different in her pictures, especially her nose has become taller and straighter. Even fans are having trouble recognizing her. One fan said: "Her face changed again? You don't look like Theresa! You were prettier before! You kind of look like Karena Ng." Theresa responded to her fan: "Doesn't look like me, but indeed that is me. You don't look like you, but you are you are still in fact you."

Ex-boyfriend Him Law attended an event yesterday and expressed he has not paid attention to Theresa's recent photos. "I'm busy filming, haven't really paid attention to her photos, so I'm not sure." He expressed he does not keep in touch with Theresa, but didn't deliberately avoid her news. He still follows her on Weibo.

When speaking of women and plastic surgery, Him said in an open manner: "Its just because they love beauty." Rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung is often said to have gotten plastic surgery, Him immediately defended her: "So that's why don't talk about it all the time!" Reporters suggested Him should pinch Tavia's nose to see. Him said bombastically: "That is too intimate, I cannot do that. At most is just interact with the eyes! We are currently filming The Hippocratic Crush II, but don't have much interaction, we just have dinner sometimes in private."

Reporters teased Him likes to choose girlfriends with higher noses, Him said embarrassed: "I'm all about fate. I don't have any special standard for facial features."

Adam Cheng & Raymond Lam Chok Out a Father-Son Relationship

Adam Cheng and Raymond Lam play father and son in new film Saving General Yang. Their first collaboration was actually 10 years ago in TVB series Blade Heart. On the day of their interview, Raymond immediately took out his iPad to show his "father" Adam his latest MV. Adam praised Raymond: "My first collaboration with Raymond was 10 years ago, that time he put great effort into the fighting and horseback riding scenes. Hard work is a form of Chok! Back then, I thought Raymond's fighting scenes looked like he's gone crazy, but now he does everything with ease."

Raymond knew what the right thing to do was, he gave the "King of Chok" title to Adam, "That time, I already noticed Adam was quite Chok! Adam had a solo swordsmanship scene. He held the sword like a fencer, which was useful to me for a lifetime."

It was said Wu Chun, who played general Yang Yanzhao, had muscle-showing scenes and stole the limelight. Raymond stressed the 7 brothers each have their own brilliance. His "father" Adam laughed and said all '7 boys' respect the elders: "What made me really feel sorry was I accidentally poked Wu Chun and Fu Xinbo with my spear. I remember the first day, the scene was about them rushing to rescue me and already poured out real feelings. These boys are really smart. I'm a lot simpler, just have a dead look." Raymond joked: "Chok until death!"

Friday, March 22, 2013

TVB Accommodates Flora Chan for her Comeback

Flora Chan is currently back in school studying at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) for her Master's Degree. She once expressed her husband's bankruptcy did not affect her and she's maintaining the same quality life, however, according to a report by [Good News], Flora did not mind filling Veronica Yip's shoes (being the second choice) in TVB's new proposed series Aerobic Girls. The series is scheduled to start in June.

Aerobic Girls' producer Chan Wai Kwoon admitted in a phone interview that this is true and he had already discussed the script with Flora. "We chatted before, she has to go to school, but won't start the semester until September. The series will start shooting in June until sometime in October, the schedules may overlap a little. (Is she filling Veronica Ip's shoes?) No, I have to clarify this, Flora's role is not Veronica Ip's one. There are a few female leads in this series, Flora's role was written based on her character." Yesterday TVB executive Virgina Lok responded and said Flora's participation in the series is not confirmed yet, but TVB will try to accommodate Flora's schedule for school and caring for her daughter as much as possible. As for Flora, she has not responded yet.

Ruco Chan Pursuing Myolie Wu? Depends on Fate

Yesterday Myolie Wu, Ruco Chan and Jason Chan attended a fashion show. Myolie appeared dressed in a low-cut back revealing Harvey Nichols outfit. When she sat down to enjoy the fashion show, she almost exposed herself, but Myolie told everyone to relax because she done all the necessary safety measures. She said: "Super safe. I have never exposed myself before. Even if pictures get taken, there is nothing to see!"

There were a bunch of pimples seen on Myolie's forehead, she explained its a skin reaction from the hat she's wearing for TVB new series No Reserve (Rosy Business 3). Myolie praised Ruco and Jason are considered handsome men, but she had never collaborated with them before. She also expressed its been a long while since she had a vacation, so after she completes No Reserve, she'll be taking some time off. She hopes to go on a vacation to France with friends. Myolie said excitedly: "I like shopping for clothes and shoes. I'm a shoe addict, I own over a 100 pairs."

France is a romantic place, wouldn't it be a waste to go without a boyfriend? She said there's no other choice. Will she find a French boyfriend during her trip? She said: "That's good too, I can learn some French. I've never dated a French person before and if there is one, I won't resist."

Ruco was happy to hear Myolie complimented that he's handsome, he also hopes to collaborate with Myolie one day. He expressed: "Myolie really put int a lot of thought into this event and she kept a very good body figure. Myolie has portrayed a lawyer in series before, and so have I. We could try a lawyer series together." He modestly expressed he has no fashion sense, when asked if he'll find a girlfriend with fashion sense? He said: "That's good too." Reporters mentioned Myolie has sense in all aspects, she doesn't have a boyfriend now, will he consider pursuing her? Ruco smiled: "Huh? (You don't dare to pursue her?) I cannot say there won't be a possibility. Fate is hard to predict. Myolie has so many pursuers now."

Matthew Ko Hopes to Reborn From Villain Role

Former Mr. HK Matthew Ko was heavily promoted by TVB when he first debuted, but later he didn't get as many opportunities. It appeared TVB wanted him to change his image and eventually gave him villain roles, but he frankly expressed he's not afraid the villain roles would have a negative influence on his image, he just hopes for good development. He did not hesitate to say that if he makes no accomplishments in this industry, he'll just retire and go back to Canada.

Since Matthew participated in Mr. HK, he had always had a gentleman image, but recently producers have been giving him room for development in villain roles. Matthew said: "Earlier in Friendly Fire, I was suppose to be Samantha Ko's rapist, but unfortunately I had a leg injury and had to undergo surgery, so couldn't participate. Then for A Great Way to Care II, producer Marco Law asked me if I could handle the Cult Leader role because there are a lot of action scenes. Although at the time, I had just recovered, I didn't want to lose the opportunity." In the series, Matthew and actress Davily Leung have a 2 minute long passionate kiss scene. He laughed and said that was his first passionate kiss scene. Fortunately he and Davily were already familiar, so they didn't NG.

When asked if he's afraid the villain roles would negatively influence his image? As the founder and principal of a children arts school, Matthew expressed he has no fear on whether the audience can accept or not, he is more worried about his young students, if they could accept it. He said: "I told the parents to just allow their children to watch the 8:30PM series Sergeant Tabloid. My role in that series is more sunshine and childish."

When speaking of Sergeant Tabloid, Matthew frankly expressed this series made him very emotional. He did not hesitate to say, not even a year after he became Mr. HK, he was already given the second male lead role in Man In Charge, but he failed that time. At one point, he felt obstructed: "That time after I completed Man in Charge, it was my first time after all and I was just 22 years old, I wasn't mature in so many ways. When the series aired, people said my acting was bad and then producers didn't give me as many opportunities. I just got minor roles, but then Sergeant Tabloid came along, I saw this series as my last chance. I thought about it, if this series doesn't get good response, I'm just going to pack my bags and fly back to Canada."

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sharon Chan Denies Retiring from Industry Due to Illness

Earlier Sharon Chan had SLE (skin disorder), earlier it was rumored the illness came back and she decided to retire from the industry and marry her boyfriend at the end of the year. Yesterday Sharon attended a wrist watch store opening ceremony and although she face looked a little swollen, she appeared well-spirited. Sharon denied the rumor of her retirement to get married. "I really like my job, I really enjoy acting. I'm starting a new series next month too. My health is doing well. My boyfriend and I currently do not have marriage plans for this year, so it definitely won't happen at the end of the year, but I will eventually get married in the future." She expressed the rumor frightened many of her relatives and friends. "I don't mind the marriage and having babies rumors, since those are good things, but [the media] is frequently saying I'm sick, many friends and colleagues have asked me. I am very healthy right now. Since I had kidney inflammation, I've been closely watching out for my health. I consume a lot of healthy foods and I'm even more healthy now!" Sharon expressed TVB treats her very well and that she won't be in several series at once. It was rumored she tried to provoke her boyfriend to propose to her? She laughed: "Don't mess with him, that will scare him."

Next month, Sharon will be collaborating with Dayo Wong in a new series. In the series, she plays a girl who has a crush on Dayo. "I feel pressure collaborating with Dayo. I really like and admire him, but I haven't seen him in person before. I just finished watching his Standup Comedies and hope to learn from him." Sharon said she has to sing and play the guitar in the series, so she hired a teacher to give her lessons.

Michelle Ye Might Make a TVB Comeback

Today, Michelle Ye appeared in Central for the press conference of a new stage play 如此長江 that she's participating in. She expressed this time, she was persuaded by her respected mentor Poon Ka Tak. She said: "I'm really trying something new this time, after all I didn't start out from the performing arts school, so I don't really have much experience in this area. However, they had confidence in me, so I decided to push my worries onto them."

Michelle is going to stop working and concentrate entirely on rehearsal. Of course, this also means she'll suffer losses in her income. Asked when she'll come back to shoot a TVB series? She said: "They have approached me before, after all TVB and Poon Ka Tak are my respected mentors, so if needed, I will definitely do it. I believe they won't cause harm to me."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2NE1 to be featured in Will.I.Am’s new album

2NE1 has participated in Will.I.Am‘s upcoming album!

Will.I.Am will be releasing his single “#That Power” with Justin Bieber on the 25th. He will then release his full album ‘#Will Power‘ on April 22, and it has been revealed that 2NE1 will be featured on the album!

2NE1 joins a star-studded guest list on the album including Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus, and more! Will.I.Am is also working on the girls’ US debut album, so hopefully 2NE1′s featured song will give us a hint on what that will sound like.

Mandy Lieu Gives Kiss, Kenneth Ma Becomes Stiff

Model Mandy Lieu, on her 28th birthday, and 'Hot Property' Kenneth Ma were at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre attending an event for 'FILMART 2013'. Mandy, who was in a good mood, gave Kenneth a kiss on stage, causing Kenneth to 'stiffen up'. He laughingly said, "Today, worth it to not accept a fee!" When returning backstage, Kenneth immediately gave Mandy a birthday kiss in return. Kenneth praised 'Goddess' Mandy as having an outgoing personality and being the best...will privately meet up. Mandy also praised Kenneth as being refined and captivating. When talking about meeting up, Mandy said, "When?"

Eddie Cheung ill-treated by TVB

Tired, injured, but still filming, TVB actor Eddie Cheung recently hinted at his displeasure of working on the upcoming drama, "Sniper Attack 2013".

As reported on Jayne Stars website, Eddie, who recently injured one of his ears during an explosion scene, might have fully recovered from the said injury, but his body is still not in the best of shape.

The actor expressed, "I think I've caught a cold. I haven't been feeling 100 percent well. Since the production is coming to an end soon, my rundown sheet is packed."

Eddie revealed his jam-packed filming schedule, stating, "I started filming location scenes today at 6 in the morning. It will be nonstop filming until 7pm, when I continue to film some studio scenes. That will keep going until 9am the next morning, when I will go do some location shoots again.

That will last all the way until night too. It is thirty hours in a row. Filming movies are not as laborious."

The actor then added in afterthought, "They don't care about [us]. It is all about getting the mission done. How will anything good come out of it?"

Produced by Kwan Wing Chung, "Sniper Attack 2013", also stars Kathy Chow, Michael Tse, Alice Chan, and Eliza Sam.

Kevin Cheng works 16 hours a day

Kevin Cheng had to turn down the "Bu Bu Jing Xin" sequel to film drama, "Hua Xu Yin", and now the actor has to work at least 16 hours a day in order to conclude filming before his next drama, "Ip Man 2", begins production. Such is the busy life of an actor of his stature.

According to Jayne Stars website, Kevin, who is paid as much as RMB35,000 per episode, is speculated to earn approximately RMB14 million for his starring role in the fantasy drama. However, his decision to join the cast of "Hua Xu Yin" also means that he has to rush and finish the production in May, as the sequel to his mainland drama, "Ip Man" will begin shooting the next month.

An insider revealed, "Kevin told the director that he didn't mind working on a laborious schedule as long as production finishes by the end of May.
He told the crew that the schedule rundown didn't have to accommodate him too much." The actor was also reported to have spent over RMB40,000 from his own pocket money to hire a driver and a recreational van to bring him to the set every day.

He is said to have made the van his "portable home" for him to rest and eat a quick lunch every single day, taking no longer than 20 minutes for every break.

Meanwhile, rumour has it that TVB executive, Virginia Lok has been busy planning for Kevin's return to TVB at the end of the year. The actor has been notified not to take on any mainland projects by the end of the year in order to make room for his TVB schedule.

Eric Tsang rumoured to share a 'special relationship' with TVB starlet

Rumour has it that Hong Kong artiste Eric Tsang and TVB starlet Meini Cheung are in a "special relationship," as the latter has been spotted accompanying the veteran actor to various events for the past few months.

Eric included Meini in his entourage that consisted of several artistes such as Jordan Chen, Michael Miu, Nancy Wu, Jaime Chik and Toby Leung, to a dinner function held in a Macau casino recently. Although the actress did not perform on stage, she was seen by his side throughout the event, mingling and taking photos with the sponsors.

After the dinner, Eric booked a nightclub to throw a party for Meini, whose birthday is in March, and the group only returned to their hotel at 3am.

Sources revealed that the two were not on intimate terms until former Miss Hong Kong Kayi Cheung introduced them to each other six months ago. Meini is said to have kept close contact with Eric, attending parties in sexy outfits and delighting the actor with her wit and outgoing personality.

Since then, Eric has reportedly brought her along on all events and has created a number of job opportunities for her, especially in China.

Despite singing praises about the actor's generosity, Meini denied the rumours when asked about her relationship with the actor, saying 'Everyone knows I have a boyfriend.'

Gallen Lo spotted on HK streets with eight-month pregnant Sophie Su

Celebrity couple Gallen Lo and Sophie Su was spotted on the streets of Causeway Bay on Monday, where they reportedly shopped for pink and white infant garments, which hint that they are expecting a baby girl.

When asked if he knows of the baby's gender yet, the dad-to-be laughed, 'I do, but I'm not telling.'

Gallen then asked the reporter for directions to Hilary Tsui's boutique in return, claiming to be good friends with the latter's husband, Eason Chan. Though the actor wanted to check out the shop after hearing that it carries lovely apparels, the couple left the boutique empty-handed.

Displaying their bliss uninhibitedly, Gallen and Sophie wore outfits that showed off the couple tattoos on their ankles, and the actor even pinned a badge printed with their portrait on his backpack.

The couple met in 2007 while filming drama Perfect Ending. Gallen, who moved to China after his divorce with Fong Man Yee in 2008, tied the knot with Sophie in 2009 and announced her pregnancy last October.

Ha Yu Sets Conditions With His Son To Join The Business

Ha Yu and his son Wong Chun Ming attended two films ATM (TAI FOON GEI) and BLACK MAGIC (TIN HA DAI YUT DUK GONG) press conference. Ha Yu is the producer. He said that ATM will start production in August. Will his son Dixon Wong Chun Ming star in both films? Ha Yu said that has not been decided yet. He himself started as chore boy, thus he wanted his son to start from the bottom too. Why would Ha Yu permit his son to join the business? Ha Yu said that they have an agreement of no smoking, drinking, drug, joining the mob and gambling for his son.

Although his children were grown, Ha Yu never thought about retiring. Speaking of the recent family tragedies, he joked, "After reading about them I dare to retire even less. I am afraid that I would lose touch with society. If I don't work, what am I going to do when my son cuts off my head and puts it in the freezer?" He also jokingly said to his son, "I am sorry for any inconvenience, please forgive me." He even told his son who has not dated yet that it would be best for him to find a rich woman to take care of him.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

JYJ’s Yoochun goes dark and tough for fashion magazine ‘Singles’

JYJ‘s Yoochun recently completed a photo shoot with fashion magazine ‘Singles‘ for their April edition, as well as an interview.

The concept of the shoot was based on his most recent drama role, Han Jung Woo in ‘I Miss You,’ a tough detective. The shots were darker and tough-looking, with cuts of Yoochun charismatically gazing into the camera.

In the interview he stated, “I’m aiming for acting that looks natural. Honestly, I still need make-up to act better. I have a lot of things to fix because I suddenly started acting straight out of my singing career. However, if I get a little older, I don’t think I’ll worry as much about how I look. I want to try very strong roles, or try my hand at action roles.”

The rest of Yoochun’s photo shoot and interview can be found in the April edition of ‘Singles’ magazine. Check out some more cuts below!

Selina Jen still affected by burn accident

Taiwanese artiste Selina Jen recently wrote a magazine article titled “A letter to Selina” where she focused on the filming accident that took place in Shanghai three years ago that left her with severe burns on her body. In the article, she illustrated her journey to recovery and revealed that she once thought of leaving showbiz as the sight of her scars made her extremely depressed.

Besides going through the pain of the physical injuries, the 31-year-old had to cope with a wounded confidence as she found herself becoming “fat”, “ugly” and “crooked-face”. Despite her gradual recovery, the singer admitted that she still breaks down thinking about the damage the accident had caused. Sharing intimate thoughts through her writing, Selina let on that she often questioned her own decision to stand before the cameras again.

Nevertheless, she expressed her gratitude towards her husband Richard Chang who has provided much needed support, reminding her that “the worst is over” and that she should be thankful for the successful recovery.

According to Selina, his encouragement often helped to erase her negative feelings: “What’s lost is lost. We should look forward to the future. It’s a waste of time to wallow in sorrow. Don’t think about how you used to be like. I miss the six-packs that I had when I was young too!”

Bobby Au Yeung Films Suicide Scene, Health is Better than Before

Yesterday Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan were shooting for a suicide scene on the beach for TVB new series Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate. Last month, Bobby suffered from acute pneumonia and was hospitalized for a few weeks. Now back at work, Bobby can pull through several scenes without taking a break. The director didn't give him special treatment either, and asked him to shoot a water scene at the last minute. Esther, who had to pull Bobby out of the water, complained he's too heavy! The scene was about Bobby attempting to commit suicide because of his distress and frustration from his 'three losses' and Esther was suppose to go stop him. Initially the director just wanted do a shot of Bobby starting to jump into the water, but to make the scene more realistic, Bobby and Esther ended up in the water as well. Bobby joked: "Luckily we only had to get our feet wet, I didn't bring underwear!"

Bobby expressed [health wise], he's doing better than before, but after completing this series, he plans to take some time off. "I don't want my wife to worry. Last time I freaked her out. After work, I go home right away and won't think about where I should go party. I used to be really free, playing real hard, but the doctor told me I should only play 70-80% only. (Did you drink after recovery?) Earlier when I treated the doctors and medical personnel to thank them for their care, I only drank a little that one time."

Esther said Bobby's hospitalization actually benefited them: "Working at TVB for so long, I never had to work 3 days and have a day off." She expressed the crew will be heading to Foshan for outdoor shooting, and she'll have to leave her daughter behind for a few weeks, but she said it's a good chance for her daughter to learn how to be independent.

Also, Mandy Wong portrays Esther's younger sister, but because of Bobby's hospitalization earlier and the swift in the filming schedules, she has to simeotaneously shoot this series and The Hippocratic Crush II.

Nnadia Chan - My Beijing Love Story

It's been a long time since we've heard from Nnadia Chan. (TN: Apparently Nnadia changed her named to 'Adia' last year, removing the double n's.) This time she comes back for the promotion of her new CD. Nnadia's acting career started at age 14 and her personal life ended at age 14 as well. In the past, her album had reached six platinum record sales before, even more powerful than Alan Tam. But, she wasn't happy and felt like a loner. "Aside from acting, I didn't know anything else. I was like living with disabilities."

20 years later (year 2005), the 34 year old Nnadia decided to end her acting career and officially start her personal life. "I gave all my LV handbags away because I really didn't need them." Materials were actually a burden to her, she had to get back to the basics in order to start her new life. In 2007, she met a Mainland actor Zhang Ze, 8 years her junior. The pleasant way to label this type of romance is "sister-brother love", but there are other medias that like to be more fierce, calling her "old cow eating young grass".

Nnadia: "God puts each person besides you for a reason. When you find your other half, age is basically not a concern. Why should I care about what others say?" Nnadia currently resides in Beijing, over there, she doesn't feel like a loner.

Hold Out Hands And Ask For Money

Where is Nnadia's home now? She didn't even pause to think of her answer, "Must be with my lover. My home is where ever he goes!"

What a heart warming response. Nnadia has never held back on expressing the love she has for her husband. Zhang Ze is from Harbin (Northeast China) and a graduate of Shanghai Theatrical Institute. Because of his outstanding academic record, the institute hired him to be an instructor. In the past years, he's been working both behind the scenes and on-screen, when he met Nnadia, he was working on the Chinese drama Blood Isn't Cold Yet (血未冷).

"His parents are in the communist party, thus he grew up being educated orthodoxically. At first, we really couldn't communicate. Of course, I wasn't his dream lover. The only type of Hong Kong actresses he knew were those like Vivian Chow or Rosamund Kwan. When I met him, I had short hair, very much like a tomboy."

The man had a little arrogance in him, but the woman was like who cares. Unexpectedly, the thousand mile fate had already been destined.

"Perhaps because he was a teacher before and has taken his students on a field trip to Europe before. He has a lot of self-confidence and has his own principles. Although I have more acting experience compared to him, I did not know anything about drama theory and thus I liked to listen to his theory talks. What part of me attracted him? I think its my simple and pure character. He has so many students, what type of girl hasn't he seen? I have never thought of myself to have any spot lights. The only thing I knew how to do was to try my best to be an upright person."

The local students studying drama each have their own goals, but encountering a girl from HK, who actually doesn't have her desires or demands, perhaps that is her spot light. The two had many common topics and when they finally realized they were 8 years apart, it was too late, they had already sank into the river of love.

"Due to the living conditions, he matured and learned to be independent early. His type is like a mountain, who would have known he was younger than me? Just by the looks, he didn't look younger! When I found out he was 8 years younger, I sent out a signal of retreat and the worries of a typical HK girl came right out: 'Men don't age that fast and they can easily keep it well...' I said to him, I have to consider on whether or not we should continue. He just said: 'I'm not afraid, what are you afraid of?'"

After getting through her psychological gateway, she had to get through future mother and father in-law's gateway too.

"At first, they really couldn't accept a HK girl and the fact that I'm older than their son. But because my husband is the only son, they just loved him too much. If their son liked this girl, then they could only accept it. They aren't hard to get along with, but I definitely had to spend some time to break the ice. I later realized honesty is the way to go for anything. Just say whatever is in your heart, slowly they understood whether I'm a '0' or '1' person, it really doesn't matter. We currently get along very well. They moved to Beijing as well. When I'm in HK too long, my husband would call me and say: 'My mom wants to say she misses you, hurry up and come back!'"

Ever since the couple got married in 2010, Nnadia's home was in Beijing. When her husband goes to other provinces for work, she would put on her tennis shoes, grab her backpack and follow him where ever he goes.

"It's not that I'm trying to check on my husband. Instead, I believe a marriage needs to be maintained. While at work, he needs someone to take care of his food and lodging! I take care of his everyday life necessities. He takes care of my brain."

Nnadia's husband knows she's clumsy woman, so he taught her a special catchphrase: "Hold out your hand and ask for money." (Say that in Mandarin)

"Actually, its 'ID-Cell-Keys-Money', meaning my ID card, cell phone, keys and wallet. I just have to remember to bring these 4 items whenever I walk out the door, then no matter where I go, I don't have to be afraid I can't make it home!"

Nnadia emphasized several times that her husband was the man God destined for her. Zhang Ze greatly loves and protects his wife as well, even if he's filming in Dalian, he would fly back to Beijing daily to see her. When she comes to HK for promotions, they would talk via face time and it's always going to be her husband making the calls. Consequently, Nnadia is more than willing to tone her jobs down and stay in Beijing to be his housewife.

"All of my old LV bags, I gave them all away. When it comes to bags, backpacks are actually more useful. The only thing I kept was my Cartier wrist watch because it still holds value. Living in Beijing the last several years, I re-integrated myself. It turns out, people actually have to smash themselves in pieces in order to grow up."

Still Felt Lonely

Nnadia's story, only the latter half is filled with happiness. It turns out the first half was all loneliness and sadness. At age 14, she participated in the Sally Yeh Impersonation Contest (part of Enjoy Yourself Tonight) and entered showbiz from there. She signed a contract with a record company and by the summer she became a singer. When she portrayed Zhou Xuan in the 1989 TVB series Song Bird, she was just 17 years old.

"Uncle Siu Sang (1980s producer) wanted to find a female lead and found me through my record company at the time. That time I was surprised myself. I was at home making soup and dropped the soup ladle I had in my hand from the surprise, then the soup over boiled and spilled all over my thigh. Uncle Siu Sang saw me lying in the hospital with a pitiful look, and gave me the Zhou Xuan role. I'm an Indonesian-Chinese, that time China basically had no knowledge whatsoever, but you tell me to do it, then I'll do it."

Her father is Indonesian and her mother has a bit of Spanish blood in her family. She possesses the qualities of a foreigner, she looked enthusiastic and simple. This face was rarely seen in HK. Nnadia instantly became popular once she debuted, the Song Bird OST reached 6 platinum record sales, which was more than Alan Tam's Illusion Stage selling that same year.

"I didn't know how to be happy, actually I was like a machine, operating 24 hours a day and didn't have any thoughts of my own. I watched the movie You Are the Apple of My Eye two years ago, but I didn't have much feeling because I have never experienced that type of feeling before. Once I debuted, I sang (Midnight Ten Minutes), then I was in Song Bird, that was a lonely feeling."

Encouraged to Drop Out of School

Back then, the young Nnadia didn't know she was feeling lonely, she just knew she wasn't happy. She insisted to continue on with her education and got into the Bible Seminary of Hong Kong, where she barely got through 2 years of studies. The one who could see her unhappiness was the university president.

"It was better in middle school, I was just studying on one side and acting on the other. The feeling was quite refreshing, but when I got to college, I started feeling exhausted. Aside from studying and acting, I did not have a life. The most disturbing was I insisted on not shooting kiss or bed scenes because when I got back to school, my classmates would point fingers at me. I really felt uncomfortable, but it wouldn't be professional for me to drop out because of that. I just didn't know what to do..."

The university's president actually encouraged her to stop school and concentrate entirely on her acting career.

"I was crying as I heard him say that to me because I thought he was rushing me away, but the adult saw right through me. It was probably because he saw the difficulties I had and I just wasn't aware."

Disabled Life

In 1993, Nnadia began working as a full-time actress. She was a female lead in several grand productions such as Instinct and Cold Blood Warm Heart.

"So what if I'm the female lead? My daily life was completely disabled. My water, gas and electric bills, I didn't know anything about them. I didn't know how to apply for a credit card, I didn't even know how to take the subway. That is not funny at all and not something to be proud of."

Her manager arranged everything for her, but in fact that made her feel like a useless person.

"From the start, I was just a student who mistakenly entered showbiz and foolishly rolled through 10 years in the industry. Basically, I have never really put my heart into acting. I didn't try, and taking a step back was the right thing to do."

In 2005, there was finally a turning point. She hired a new assistant, but the media reported she was a lesbian and because of this, she had a fall out with her manager, whom she had known for many years. It never rains, but it pours. Eventually the tumor in her ovary came back to haunt her and she had to go through surgery. When she recovered, her father passed away and suffering all those impacts, she just couldn't handle it and decided to leave [the industry].

"Since 1985 when I participated in that singing contest until 2005, it was already 20 years. I was really really tired. That year, too many unfortunate events happened. Since then, I felt completely unsecured about my future, I didn't want any money, my only goal was to leave HK. I could go to Taiwan, Singapore, where ever, even Hollywood or Bollywood I would have been willing to go!"

She didn't need to go to Bollywood, she had plenty of places to go in China. Just as long as she finds the right direction, that would be for life.

"Several years ago, I didn't cut my hair, didn't put on makeup and didn't dress up. I just wanted to be an ordinary person as much as possible. I wanted to be myself. One day I looked at myself in the mirror again and realized how long my hair has grown out. I came to realize that I finally didn't care about my image. It was that moment, I had truly grown up."

2013, now at the age of 42, Nnadia finally knows how to discipline herself.

"At present time, I'm ready for any combination in life. I still wait for a good script, I could sing again, but whatever it is, family is always in the first place."

Matthew Ko & Christine Kuo 'Love Sparked' at Stefan Huynh's Wedding

On the night of Stefan Huyuh's wedding, former Mr. HK Matthew Ko served as the MC and sat at the same table as the 'goddess' Christine Kuo. The two were chatting nonstop. Every time Matthew had to go on stage to speak, the two appeared as if they were reluctant to separate. However, shortly after Matthew went over to 'rub' Christine's head, which pleased her so much she let out a cute expression. Later, Matthew took the newly weds to joke with and got Christine laughing so hard she returned his gift with an electrical discharge in her eyes. Also, Matthew posted an intimate photo of him and Christine on Weibo.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Moses Chan's gets Lectured on His Bad Driving Habit of Cutting Lanes

Yesterday when Moses Chan attended Shell's "FuelSave" event, he disclosed he will comply with the traffic regulations and definitely won't speed. However, he exposed he had no patience and tolerance in the past. He had a bad habit of cutting lanes when he drives. Moses said: "I used to cut lanes all the time, one the driver that I cut in front of, actually stopped his car and told him 'One person per lane, one space per person'. I really thank him for reminding me."

Moses added his girlfriend Aimee Chan is a safe driver, but many times he would be her driver. When speaking of Yoyo Mung terminating her TVB contract? Moses expressed: 'I heard that too, but first I want to congratulate her on her marriage and I'm not too sure about her work, but I do hope she has good development."

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