Thursday, May 2, 2013

Leila Tong's Relationship with Her Son is like Sister & Brother

Pretty mom Leila Tong is still very fit after childbirth. Her facial shape seems sharper, clearly giving her a more mature and feminine look. When asked whether caring for her son had been too difficult that she lost weight? She said: "When I'm not working, I stay with my son. I love playing with him, it's so much fun. I don't find it difficult at all." Leila's friends says she and her 2 year old little boy resemble more like an older sister and younger brother. Such a cute and heartwarming relationship.

Also a dog lover, Leila has four dogs. She lives with her coffee-colored mongrel hence his name "Coffee", the other three dogs stay at her maternal home. Coffee is not only a playmate to Leila's son, but also his "big brother". Leila laughed: "My son calls him 'big brother' because Coffee is in fact older than him. Also we're just like a family."

Recently, Leila has fallen in love with yoga, she expressed exercising can get tiring, but it can relax one's mind and be a stress reliever. She said: "Yoga made my mind a lot more peaceful and can help regulate stress in my everyday life, so I will continue with this exercise."


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