Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Priscilla Wong Tears Up "6.4" Interview Gets Distorted

TVB newcomer Priscilla Wong frankly expressed the re-emerge of her Hong Kong Connection interview back when she was 17 years old, where she mentioned the "6.4 Incident" and the reports that came along with it has been troubling her. She has been emotionally affected by the reports and feels unhappy. When asked where she feels the media distorted her meaning? Priscilla started getting emotional with teary eyes, she expressed back then the interview was about a teenage girl in search of her dream, and not about the 6.4 Incident. She said: "Its difficult to bear, why must [the media] insist what I said was set on the 6.4 Incident. (It was said you're afraid of the sensitive topic, so you 'jumped the boat' and pretended to lose your memory?) I also think its strange, I'm from Hong Kong too, no one will forget this incident. Each individual expresses themselves differently, some keep it inside and others choose to voice it out. Why must you all force me!"

Priscilla said she is just an ordinary person and is still the same as before. She said: "I do not have big dreams, I'm not some great person or a politician. Putting such a huge accusation on me, I cannot accept it."


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