Friday, May 10, 2013

TVB makes 'Will Power' an Anniversary Series Attempting to Keep Fala Chen & Moses Chan

Fala Chen's TVB contract is expiring this month, but it is still unknown whether she plans to renew or not. Lately there has also been rumors that Moses Chan intends to head up north to work in Mainland. Due to these factors, TVB decided to make Fala and Moses' new series Will Power the anniversary series this year in hope to keep them. Yesterday Fala expressed she still has not lifted the pen to sign the contract yet, she said: "TVB gave me many choices, we are still negotiating and thus nothing is confirmed yet." Fala added their meetings have been pleasant and because of the relationship, she will take TVB into consideration first. Since Will Power is an anniversary series, is she hopeful to get the TV Queen title? Fala said: "I'll be very happy if its really an anniversary series, more audience will be watching. However, the contract and awards are two separate things, I will not tie them together. I'm discussing the contract because I hope for improvements in acting." Fala expressed there won't be too much of a pay raise when filming TVB series.

Also, it had been widely rumored Fala broke up with her Neway Prince boyfriend Sit Sai Hang. Last night suddenly wrote on Weibo: "Lately there has been a very popular saying: 'Take it serious, then you'll lose'. But I want to say, 'Don't take it serious, then you're destined to lose.'" Her statement inevitably increases the speculation.


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