Friday, May 10, 2013

Gallen Lo Demands an Apology & Compensation from 'Next Magazine'

Last month, Gallen Lo's father passed away and kept the funeral arrangements low-profile. However, Next Magazine reported Gallen isn't filial and used HK$8,000 to lure his ex-wife and current wife to have dinner on the same table. Because Gallen's father passed away and his wife was going through labor in HK, he had to handle both "red" and "black" events, which made it a sensitive situation for him. In regards to Next Magazine's May 8th report, Gallen feels the content is severely fabricated and constitutes to libel. Earlier he issued a written statement with clarification and yesterday he took it a step further by asking his lawyer to send Next Magazine a demand letter. He wants Next Magazine to submit a written apology to him within 3 days and to compensate for damaging his reputation and all financial losses that came with it.

Gallen's ex-wife responded: "That's too exaggerated! There is no way you can get me to do something I'm not comfortable with for HK$8,000. I can easily make that money from working. It's not like I don't have enough to survive. We all did have dinner together, but there was no awkwardness. Actually, Gallen and I have been divorced for so many years, I already let it go! It's not that big of a deal, we are still friends. Also, our son really looks up to him. Our relationship cannot be cut off completely because that won't be good for our son. (Gallen going through "red" and "black" events at the same time, isn't a problem?) It's a timing issue! Everyone handles situations differently. I don't really feel anything."


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