Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kenneth Ma Too Tall Kung Fu Horse Stance to Accommodate Tavia Yeung

Last year Kenneth Ma swept several awards based on his "Yat Kin Tau" role in the popular TVB drama The Hippocratic Crush. Yesterday at around 5pm, he was shooting an outdoor scene for the sequel with Tavia Yeung and Benjamin Yuen. First it was just Kenneth and the staff studying the script intently, then Tavia arrives and the first thing she did was to change into her costume in the company van. Not long after, Kenneth and Tavia got in position ready to shoot the scene. Tavia was dressed in a black suit jacket, blue jeans and 3-inch heels, but there was still a large gap between her and Kenneth's height. The tall Kenneth was such a gentleman, taking initiative to adjust his height and stood as if he's doing the Kung Fu Horse stance. After NGing several times, the director finally accepted it. Kenneth was standing in the Kung Fu Horse stance the entire time and did not complain at all. Having the 'male god' be so attentive to her, Tavia was clearly happy and couldn't stop smiling.

Then Benjamin joined them on the scene and "got in between" Kenneth and Tavia. He agitatedly grabbed Tavia by the arm and pulled her on the street. However, the three of them kept bursting in laughter and NGed many times. The short scene took 30 minutes to complete.


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