Monday, December 31, 2012

Sammy Denies Having a "Foot Addiction": I'm Not a Psycho

Sammy Leung is in the current new series Friendly Fire, it was said he has a "foot addiction" (foot fetishism) and loves to secretly take pictures of actresses' beautiful long legs. Yesterday he responded to the rumor, "I'm not a psycho." He frankly expressed he was frightened when he saw the report, "I didn't know it was such a big deal, I didn't know what was foot fetishism. I only take pictures when I take they look good and I get their consent first. I even send the pictures back to them. I don't put them online and show the world. I know what pictures can be taken and what cannot be taken. I'll just think of this as promotion for my series, but I feel sorry for getting the leg pictures all wrong. (Who has the hottest legs?) Of course Sharon Chan." He also admitted his wife was upset because she became the media's target and was worried this would affect their children.

Linda Chung to be Someone's Wife in 4 Years & Have 3 Kids

TVB FaDan Linda Chung had been working nonstop last year (2012), in the new year she hopes to have even better achievements in both acting and singing. She just released her fourth album and hopes she'll have the opportunity to hold her very own concert. She said: "I already saved up 40 songs, really hope for this day. Actually to me, singing on stage is consider a very brave thing. I remember the first 4 years when I first debuted, I was just filming series and didn't get the chance to do stage performances. One year when I had to perform on stage, I had a strange feeling, why was I so afraid? Because I never had the experience before. That time, I really was shaking as I was singing on stage!"

Linda laughed and said she's a workaholic. She has to make use of the time she's still young and actively work, "Then I will just find my other half and marry off. (When?) Initially I wanted to let nature take its course, but I want to have 3 babies, I'm 28 now, so when I'm 32! (You still have 4 years left, time goes by fast!) It's just a plan! My ideas changes every year. I changed a lot since two years ago, perhaps two years later, I really will get married." In the past, Linda said she wanted to buy a home, but now her greatest wish is to 'buy' good health and a good sleep. She said: "There are so many strange illnesses now, we don't know what will happen tomorrow. I wish my parents good health, I want my Dad to retire and let us take care of him. He's always saying he wants to be my driver, so he can see me all the time and asked me to give him two more years."

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Raymond Lam Not Retiring in Near Future, But Eventually Will Have to Leave

Yesterday Raymond Lam, girl group Girls Kingdom and Super Girls attended a New Year Eve countdown event. It was rumored Raymond is planning to retire from the industry? Raymond frankly expressed he did mention in an exclusive interview that one day he will have to go back to help his father with the family business because he's the eldest son in the family and have to take up this responsibility. However, he said: "I still have a lot of jobs on hand, so this won't happen in the near future."

He believes the media is trying to tie the two matters together because he lost the TV King award, he said: "Of course it would be great to get the award, but I won't feel discouraged because of that. (It was rumored you wanted to take JSG's male singer award?) The reports are quite original, I have never really had aspirations for awards." Earlier he was spotted at a nightclub and had a girl with her hair dyed blond approach him? He expressed that night he was just having a meeting about his concert with his colleagues and music team. As for the blond-hair girl? Raymond said: "Perhaps she's a friend of a friend, I don't know her at all. I didn't even greet her. Often writing stories like this, makes me unhappy because it makes everyone worry about me."

Also, it was said Raymond turned down new costume series Food for Slave? Raymond clarified: "TVB hasn't completely confirmed the series yet, nor have they made arrangements for me to be part of it. I haven't received any notice yet, but won't know until the final moment. (Unwilling to shave your head?) I have do to promotions and must have an explanation for the clients." When asked if he's worried TVB might switch over and start promoting Kenneth Ma more? He said: "TVB promotes everyone, there are so many series in a year, there is no reason to use the same few people for every series."

Moses Chan attended another event and when asked about Raymond's rumored retirement? He laughed: "Huh! Retiring? He said it before, but then what about his fans? (Take on his fans?) I cannot handle it. (Rumored he turned down a series?) Actually he is very active in this industry, hope he doesn't have the intention to retire so quickly. He still has many opportunities, must cherish them. (Because he lost TV King?) Actually, its not that big of a deal. Didn't get it this year, then try again next year, got to be more open." Nancy Sit told Raymond not to retire, she praised he's handsome, can sing and dance. He'll get TV King later too.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Steven Ma Tells Raymond Lam: "Don't Waste Yourself"

Yesterday Steven Ma attended The 47th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo (HKBPE) to promote for the brand 'Han Sang' in which he is the spokesperson for. When speaking of his junior Raymond Lam has plans to retire from the industry due to his TV King loss and take over his father's family business? Steven said: "Actually he has a lot of potential, very suitable for this industry. At the end of the day, don't feel discouraged, awards are just secondary, don't waste yourself! (He said he wants to help his father's business?) Well he can hire other people to help. Just continue acting on one side, while learning how to run a business on the other!"

It was also rumored Kevin Cheng turned down a TVB costume drama Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon because he didn't want to shave his head and TVB is turning to Steven for help? He said: "I temporarily left TVB in February of this year, but we have always been in touched. Catherine Tsang contacted me several months ago, but it is definitely not about this series. The rumor is a beautiful misunderstanding. Ricky Wong and other TV stations have approached me as well. If all goes well, I will have a decision after Lunar New Year. (Siu Sangs are unwilling to shave their heads?) I understand this because we can't accept other jobs for 6 to 7 months! I often shave my head, already 6 times. Although it is troublesome to do other jobs, but for a good script, it's no problem."

Moses Chan Won't Make Aimee Chan an "Aged Pregnant Woman"

Earlier Alastair Lam disclosed he dated Bernice Liu before. Last night, he and Bernice's ex-boyfriend Moses Chan attended the same event, the designer brand Hackett London opening in the Hong Kong and China market. However, Alastair appeared to have deliberately avoided Moses. The two did not meet at all during the event and prevented an awkward situation. It was recently rumored Alastair is dating wealthy girl Carol, but she quickly denied their relationship.

Alastair later expressed even if he does see Moses, there will not be awkwardness, he said: "That time, Bernice said had never dated Moses before, so I'm not considered a love rival. I don't know Mr. Chan."

Earlier Moses was spotted spending Christmas as his girlfriend Aimee Chan's house. He admitted he was at Aimee's house, but they were having a party with a bunch of other friends. When asked what kind of Christmas gift he gave his girlfriend? He laughed: "I promised I wouldn't say it. After all, it is very warm and requires money to purchase it. (Personal product?) To me it is personal! (Did you and Aimee each give each other underwear? Does your girlfriend know your size?) Haha! Nope! (When are you two getting married?) When the time is right. (Pregnant before marriage?) That won't be too good, I'm a traditional man, must take it step by step. I won't have a baby before marriage." When speaking of good friend Ada Choi almost got a miscarriage, Moses said he has not heard about that, but will contact her to ask if she's alright later. A female reporter told Moses not to turn his girlfriend into an 'aged pregnant woman', he laughed: "Yes Madam!" Although the couple haven't planned their marriage yet, Moses exposed his mother loves Aimee as if she's a future daughter-in-law. "My mother praised she's a good girl, she's very pleased with her and believes she has promising potential in her acting career!"

Interview with former TVB veteran actor Deno Cheung: The ‘spoiled young master’ endures with all his might

Having toiled silently at TVB for 18 years, Deno Cheung (張松枝) is best known for his villain roles, which he started playing back in 1999 when he portrayed the role of a spoiled, rich young master in the series Plain Love II (茶是故鄉濃) – since then, that ‘spoiled young master’ image stuck with him and had become his ‘specialty’ role of sorts over the years. Fortunately for him, audiences seem to like and appreciate Deno’s villain roles – when fans bump into him on the street, they ‘chide’ him for being ‘such a bad person’ [referring to his characters in the series], but yet at the same time, they have smiles on their faces. This little bit of ‘recognition’ can be attributed to the years of hard work and effort that Deno put in to building his career. At one point, Deno reveals his experience of almost going into shock while filming a particularly strenuous scene, yet at the end of the day, he endured it with all his might and successfully completed the filming.

Deno Cheung entered the industry when he was 20 years old. He recalls how he was swimming at a beach in Shek O one day where, coincidentally, a commercial was being filmed – the PA (production assistant) went over to him and asked if he wanted to participate, and just like that, his filming career began. In those first few years, Deno filmed commercials for all sorts of products, including toothpaste, M&Ms, real estate, etc. During the height of the karaoke craze in the early 90s, Deno switched to filming karaoke MVs (music videos) – in 4 short years, he filmed close to a thousand MVs and got the opportunity to work with some of HK’s most popular singers at the time, such as Kelly Chen (陳慧琳), Cass Pang (彭羚), etc. Deno recalls those early years with fondness: “Back then, we filmed 4 days a week and sometimes, we would even travel offsite to various locations.” Asked about his experience filming the MV for music queen Kelly Chen’s hit ‘Care Too Much About You’ (對你太在乎), Deno smiled and praised Kelly’s down-to-earth personality: “I remember how much she loved talking about food! During filming, she would constantly ask what we would be eating for lunch and where we should eat when we got off work!”

No pay raise for 12 years

It turns out that filming MVs was actually only a ‘side job’ for Deno – his ‘real’ job was in mechanics: “My friend had a company that specialized in buying second hand cell phones from Japan, refurbishing them in HK, then selling them in Mainland China -- since I had studied mechanical engineering, I was the one responsible for refurbishing the phones. It wasn’t really a full time job, so I still had time to film MVs on the side.” So with 2 salaries coming in, life must have been worry-free then? With a slight smile, Deno replied: “Worry-free? Of course not -- in fact, the work was quite arduous! Later on, I joined a certain company [TVB] and in a few years, that ‘double income’ was gone.”

In 1994, through a friend who worked behind-the-scenes at TVB, Deno was introduced to the station’s manager of the artists’ department at the time, Hsiao Siu Ming (蕭笑鳴). [TN: 蕭笑鳴 left TVB not too long after Virginia Lok took over the Artists’ Department in 2004; she is the wife of TVB’s production head Tommy Leung (梁家樹) and the mother of TVB actress Toby Leung (梁靖琪)]. After meeting with ‘Ba Jeh’ (Hsiao Siu Ming’s nickname), Deno signed with TVB and with that, started his 18 year ‘relationship’ with the company. Deno expressed that his early years with TVB were the happiest – at one point, he was practically filming non-stop and participated in so many series that he was able to accumulate over 290 ‘shows’ in one year! However, all of that changed in 2000 when, during the filming of the series Gods of Honour (封神榜), TVB held up Deno’s schedule for 7 months, yet only had him film for 3 days – as a result, Deno didn’t have enough ‘shows’ to fulfill his contract and had to rely on his meager salary from previous months to survive. Luckily, the next year, producer Lau Shi Yu (劉仕裕) invited him to participate in the series Country Spirit (酒是故鄉醇), which allowed him to ‘recover’ the lost wages. Deno revealed that for 12 years, he was never given a pay raise, which definitely made life difficult: “Luckily, I consistently had work and was very careful about spending money – at least eating the boxed lunches at TVB helped me save a lot of money on food!”

Filming action scenes in extremely hot weather almost sent him into shock

As the saying goes: ‘One minute on stage takes ten years of practice/hard work (台上一分鐘,台下十年功) – this has definitely been true in Deno Cheung’s case. Deno expressed that from the moment he joined TVB and filmed his first series, he was already ‘learning’ from the many experienced artists he collaborated with – one of those artists was actor Michael Tao (陶大宇): “Back when I participated in Detective Investigation Files 2 (刑事偵緝檔案II), I got the chance to work closely with Michael practically every day. Every time we had scenes to film together, I would practice by looking through the script and try to memorize all his lines, then imagine myself filming the scene in his position – when it came time to actually film the scene, I would observe the way Michael did it and see if there were any similarities with the way I practiced it – this was my way of learning. After that, I started doing the same thing with every series and slowly, it helped me learn a lot about acting – more importantly though, it also helped me develop a good memory. I remember back when I filmed Eternal Happiness (再生緣), I had a scene with Raymond Lam (林峯) where my character had 5 pages of dialogue – we did that scene in one take! Another time, when filming a scene for Country Spirit with Paul Chun (秦沛), my character had 3 full pages of dialogue for that particular segment. At first, I thought that since I was somewhat of a ‘newcomer’ at the time, Paul Gor wouldn’t pay much attention to me, but then, as I was practicing that particular scene with the director, Paul Gor heard me reciting those 3 pages of dialogue practically in one breath – when he noticed me practicing that scene, he immediately told the people around me to keep the noise level down so that I could concentrate. Seeing him do this truly made me feel very happy in my heart!”

In one of his last series with TVB, 2012’s Three Kingdoms RPG (回到三國), Deno played the historical character of Zhao Zi Long (趙子龍) – his performance was very well-received by audiences. Deno expressed that even though he already knew going into it that the character wouldn’t have much screen time, it was still important for him to do the best job he possibly could with it: “The action choreographer told me that at the end of the day, I’m the one in front of the audiences and so how much effort I put in to doing the action scenes, the audiences will definitely notice. The 2 days that we spent filming those scenes were very grueling and arduous. Coincidentally, that was also the time when the extras [temporary workers] went on strike – originally I was told that there would be 50 extras filming the scenes, however when I arrived, I found out that there were no extras at all due to the strike. Therefore, the production team had to call around last minute and eventually were able to find 10 students from the acting classes and 5 stuntmen to serve as extras – since we would have to re-use the same people as extras in the other scenes, we couldn’t have the cameras focus on them too much, so the cameras ended up being focused more on me and showing them fighting in the background with their backs toward me. This meant that I would actually have to be the one ‘fighting’ the entire time – throughout the filming, I felt like I had ‘died’ 4 times because we were filming outside under extremely hot weather with heavy costumes and armor. In between some of the fighting sequences, I would have to rest for 5 to 10 minutes to catch my breath and drink water – it was so strenuous that I almost went into a state of shock! I ended up drinking 8 bottles of water just filming those scenes alone!” Looking back now, Deno expressed that even though the filming was exhausting, the memory of that collaboration was a happy one, as he was able to work together with the production team to overcome the difficulties and finish the scenes.

In many of the series he participated in, Deno often played similar characters: the spoiled young master, the chap who betrays his triad boss, and other similar ‘villain’ characters – towards this, Deno laughed and stated: “Sure I would like to play other types of characters such as comical ones for example, but it rarely happened. Actually, come to think of it, producer Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德) helped me a lot in the beginning, as he was the one who initially gave me the ‘good guy’ roles to play, such as the ones in Rural Hero (離島特警), Untraceable Evidence (鑑證實錄), The Awakening Story (婚前昏後), etc., but later on, even he started asking me to do villain roles too…haha! In terms of the ‘spoiled young master’ character, producer Lau Shi Yu (劉仕裕) was actually the first one to have me play this type of role back during Plain Love II (茶是故鄉濃) – from that time on, I continued playing that role.” Even though Deno did play a lot of typecasted roles, at least his performances were well-received by audiences – in fact, a netizen recently suggested that Deno should get together with other ‘known villains’ [artists who regularly play villain characters in series] such as Timothy Cheng (鄭子誠), Ricky Wong Chung Tong (王俊棠), Wong Man Piu (黃文標), and Cheng Kar Sheng (鄭家生) to film a ‘battle of the villains’ series: “Hey, if you send the idea to HKTV (CTI), there’s a huge possibility it might happen, as there is a lot of flexibility with their series – it could be 5 episodes, 10 episodes, even more! Since there’s 5 of us, we could do a 5 episode series and it would only take 1 week to air!”

Raymond Lam - Retiring From Showbiz One Step at a Time

At this year's TVB Anniversary Awards, it is the first year TVB did an all-citizen public vote for TV King and Queen awards. Everyone thought Raymond Lam, who had the most fans, would certainly get the award, but what was the result? He didn't even get half of an award. What a disappointment. Raymond said: "Of course there is disappointment, but I was already back at work the next day, how can I let disappointment drag me down? But honestly, I did think about what I would say if I got the award. I thought of many people I had to thank. This year, I really have to thank every one of my family members and everyone who loves me. Ai! But it's already good enough to have my family and fans support! There are a lot of news and rumors going around, but actually there is no such thing."

The public is saying Raymond isn't happy with Wayne Lai becoming a three time TV King? Raymond said: "There is no such thing. I've always wanted to collaborate with him, but its unfortunate I still haven't had this opportunity. Wayne came to support me during my concerts and for my upcoming concert, I plan to invite him to come watch too."

But Raymond is only doing one TVB series per year now. It was initially set for Raymond to be part of next February's series Food for Slave with Ron Ng, Wong Cho Lam and ex-rumored girlfriend Linda Chung and he already did the sales presentation for it. However, he told TVB that he's not accepting this series. As TVB is lacking Siu Sangs and the current Siu Sangs like Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong are already in Mainland filming; Moses Chan and Kenneth Ma are working on other series Transfer of Love Firm and The Hippocratic Crush II respectively, TVB is having a major headache on the casting and could only try to persuade Raymond to accept it.

Tommy Leung: Will Talk to Him Again

It was rumored Raymond declined to be part of this series because he was upset that he did not get any awards this year? Executive producer Tommy Leung expressed: "I am really not sure, but that role belongs to Raymond. Of course we hope he can be part of the cast. (But he didn't want to shave his head?) I'm currently on vacation, when I get back I will find out what the situation is. I'll try to talk to him again, there is still some time because the series doesn't start until late February."

Food For Slave producer (Wong Wai Sing) said: "The role has not been fully confirmed yet, many times the sales presentation isn't the final cast. (But its been said TVB intended Raymond to be the first lead?) This role is indeed very suitable for Raymond, it is about a prince becoming an emperor. The role has lots of room to develop and Qing dynasty dramas are very popular in Mainland. We can discuss more and he doesn't necessarily have to shave his head. Just stick on a wig, but the hair on the side must be shaved."

Lost TV King & Turning Down Series Not Related

Raymond admitted he turned down the series, he said: "The main reason is because this is a Qing dynasty series. If I had to shave my head, then I can't do other jobs, such as commercials, sponsors or music. There is no reason for me to be wearing a hat all the time. Also, I have a lot of jobs on hand between February and May. Filming schedules are tight, and at the same time I have two films releasing, Saving General Yang and another TVB invested film, so there is a lot of promotion work to be done. Saving General Yang isn't just promoting in Mainland, it's globally promoted. I feel sorry too, but I actually just want to concentrate on one thing, I don't want to be too distracted. First, that is physically exhausting and secondly the outcome won't be that good. Why should it be this way? Basically, this has nothing to do with me not getting any awards and I'm fussing to TVB about it."

Not An Impulsive Thought

In the past, TVB 'biological son' Raymond Lam had always been under the impression that he's 'bleeding TVB's blood', but it was understood Raymond actually only has a year left in his contract and he still does not have plans to renew it. Raymond did not answer directly, he said: "My contract isn't up yet, haven't really thought about it. I'm just focused on my concert. (What is the relationship like?) We've been okay." After some more talk, Raymond finally said honestly: "Ai! I've been confused before and didn't know what direction I'm taking. Should I be continuing to pursue my acting career? Or should I go back and be the eldest son in the family? I eventually chose family, my family. If I continue to be in this field, it is impossible for me to spend time with my family. Actually, I really like to be home and not many people know this. Because there is too little time for me to communicate with them, even my family doesn't know. When I first entered this industry, I wanted to do something I had interest on, something I could make a living off of and not let my family worry. However, there are a lot of unnecessary news that worries them. This reality is far from what I had pictured."

It looks like Raymond could only choose one out of the two, family or acting career. Will Raymond be willing to give up his career and retire from the industry completely? "I only could choose one out of the two. How can I not be willing to? What I'm pursuing is basically not these things, and it is not an impulsive thought. I've been thinking about this deep down for a very long time, my life goal is to go back take up the responsibility in my family. If I spend my life like this for another few years, then what? Since I've entered the industry, my mentality had not changed, my family is still the most important. My Dad is already 60 years old, his rags-to-riches family business, how could I not go back and help him out? That is not filial at all. I'm a family-oriented person."

When will this happen? Raymond said: "Won't be too long, but at what time, I really don't know. When I get to the point where I really don't have motivation to continue pursuing anything (referring to his acting career), I will choose my family." Is it because you lost the TV King award that you feel discouraged? "Absolutely not related. I have always had this thought inside my heart. (Disappointed?) How so? What if I get a lot of awards, then what? My plan, ideals and thoughts are all around me wanting to spend more time with my family. That's it. (Not afraid Fans be unhappy about this?) They love me very much and hope I find my own goals."

Thursday, December 27, 2012

S.H.E visits ill health children on Christmas Eve

Taiwanese girl group S.H.E played Santarinas and paid a visit to the children’s ward at National Taiwan University Hospital on Christmas Eve. This is Ella’s third time celebrating the festival with the kids and her spouse, Alvin Lai, joined the girls’ on their charitable deed this year.

Decked in red outfits, the trio added festive cheer to the atmosphere in the hospital. Knowing that children’s programs are popular with the kids, Selina even did an imitation of “Butterfly Sister” who is a well-liked TV personality on children’s programmes for the young ones.

While the three ladies tried their best to lighten the mood of the ill-health children, the kids were too young to recognize them and even refused to accept the albums that they distributed, saying, “I don’t want [the albums]!”

Embarrassed by the kids’ rejections, the trio pasted strips of paper ‘tears’ on their faces and tickled the kids with their hilarious expressions. Hebe, who prepared many hand-folded Christmas trees, confessed that she was worried about doing a bad job with the craft-work. The songstress’ worries were unfounded as the children were delighted to receive the handmade gifts.

Parents of the warded kids also encouraged Selina, who has been through a tumultuous journey after the ‘fire accident’, to stay strong in face of the long road to recovery.

The 31-year-old shared her thoughts on her microblog after the hospital visit. She wrote: “This Christmas Eve is especially heart-warming and peaceful.”

Michelle Ye & Raymond Lam a Passionate Love Story 'Purple Hairpin Romance"

Mainland drama The Purple Hairpin Romance starring Hong Kong stars Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye is currently filming in Hengdian. Michelle plays the song girl, Huo Xiao Yu (Fok Siu Yuk), who has blissful fate with Raymond's character Wang Shan Ke (Wong Sam Hak). Unfortunately, destiny plays games with them, the two goes through a bumpy road. According to the production crew, for a more touching story, Michelle and Raymond practically washed their face with tears. Even the behind the scenes staff couldn't help, but to say "they saved up 10 years of tears and used it all up!" When speaking of Michelle rather put efforts into crying scenes, Raymond frankly expressed: "Very fortunate Michelle and my own emotions were able to turn bitter quickly, so we basically had no NGs in these bitter and sad crying scenes. We completed it all in one take. This is the probably the most crying I've done in my 10 year acting career and the most heartaching drama. "

Collaborating again after 10 years, Michelle expressed although its been 10 years since she's seen Raymond, their friendship did not fade off at all. She said: "I remember my first day at work with Raymond, I couldn't help but to say to him, 'Ah, our chemistry is still the same, didn't change.' Just an eye expression and we take the same action without any words. It turn out time and distance can't affect chemistry. Both of us are greatly gratified by this fact."

Kevin Cheng Wants to be Wayne Lai's Father

TVB recently joined with Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group (SMEG) to form TVBC in Shanghai. Yesterday TV Kings Wayne Lai and Kevin Cheng joined TV Queens Tavia Yeung and Myolie Wu in Beijing for the press conference of the new establishment. Kevin and Wayne were asked what type of role they hope to challenge next? 48 year old Wayne joked he wants to play 43 year old Kevin Cheng's younger brother. Kevin joked back and said he wants to be Wayne's father. This TV King collaboration is much anticipated to actually happen.

Myolie expressed besides [portraying] good people, she hopes to try out images of all kinds of different people, she no longer wants to do those behaved or girl next door roles. Tavia has portrayed several scheming roles, she expressed she no longer wants to be the villian, which is completely opposite of Myolie Wu's wish.

Alice Chan Clarifies Her Relationship with Husband Hasn't Changed

Alice Chan and Taiwanese businessman (James) have been married for 4 years. In the past year since her comeback on the television screen, it was repeatedly rumored that she and her husband's relationship had changed. Yesterday Alice responded to the magazine reports of her 'marriage in a state of emergency'. She expressed the report is not true and someone who has paranoia came up with the story. Coincidentally her husband was in HK, she gave him advanced notice that there was such rumors circulating, but they both felt helpless.

Alice admitted she rarely sees her husband. His highest record of business trips was 37 flights within a month. He just came back from South Africa a few days ago. However, their relationship is still strong and haven't been affected and even if there are negative news going around, her husband hasn't tried to persuade her to leave the industry.

She expressed her husband accepts her looking sexy for work, but she has to especially clarify her relationship with her in-laws. It was rumored she's not close with her husband's parents? Alice said: "My mother-in-law loves me lots, every time I go to the US, I would cook up a delicious meal for them to enjoy."

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wayne Lai Claims He’s a TV King Bargain

Yesterday afternoon Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu and Kristal Tin attended a Christmas event and played games with the audience. Wayne expressed he has several jobs to earn extra income from Christmas to the Lunar New Year holidays. Since he continues as the TV King, he is getting paid the same amount, no wonder he joked he's a bargain, "I haven't had a pay raise in years. (Go to Mainland to shoot dramas and earn the real money like Kevin Cheng?) I don't really care for that, I love my son so much, how could I bear to leave him behind for so long?" It was recently reported Wayne's wife Julia is pregnant. Yesterday Julia accompanied her husband to the event and clarified the rumor: "Of course not, before when our son was still young, we were trying everyday, but not anymore. If I'm really pregnant, I will announce on Weibo."

As for Kristal, reporters kept asking her questions regarding ATV firing 5 of their artists. She helplessly said: "Can't help it. Artists just want more opportunities to perform, not going back to the company to punch in (time cards). I will pray for my former colleagues. It's useless talking about it, just get frustrated the more we talk about it."

Nancy expressed this year she spent Christmas with her boyfriend for the first time, but they celebrated together with a large group of friends. She laughed: "Christmas was celebrated like a normal day, the atmosphere is much more lively with more friends." What Nancy really wants is to work with Wayne to earn more money together by attending more shows in pairs.

Moses Chan Introduces 'Big Brother' to Natalie Tong, but No Fate

Yesterday Natalie Tong attended a Christmas event, where she performed with the acrobatics team. Natalie expressed she's working hard earning money during the holiday and earned 6 figures. She hopes she can buy a home next year. When asked about her current love life? She expressed she has no pursuers yet, "Waiting for a courageous man. (Everyone thinks you're Amigo Chui's girlfriend?) This thought has left too deep of an impression, but I'm waiting for someone who does not care about rumors and has an understanding.

Natalie revealed Amigo didn't do anything for her on Christmas, not even a SMS, but Moses Chan acted as a matchmaker and introduced a 'big brother' to her. Moses praised the big brother was more handsome than he is, but unfortunately the two had no fate.

Also, earlier Stephen Chan threw a Dooms Day party, but Natalie did not attend. She expressed: "We keep in touch by SMS, but he didn't invite me to the party. (Stephen is still troubled by a lawsuit, did you comfort him?) Nope, I don't want to bother him. (It was rumored TVB didn't allow their artists to go to his party?) No such thing."

Oscar Leung's 'Locust Theory' In Response to Kenny Wee's Demand Letter

Yesterday Oscar Leung, Sharon Chan, Samantha Ko, Alice Chan and Sammy Leung were on CRHK's radio interview to promote for their new series Friendly Fire. Oscar frankly expressed he has already received the demand letter from Kenny Wee's lawyer, demanding him for a public apology on the "defaming" comments he made about Kenny, otherwise he will be sued for defamation. Oscar came to the interview prepared with a 'locust theory' in response to the demand letter. He revealed on Christmas Eve, there was a locust that bumped into the glass of his window in his home and fainted on the balcony. He said: "Do you all want to know how I spent Christmas Eve? I don't usually out because I stay home to do chores. So, I wiped down my windows and clean them so well, there isn't a speck of dust. Last night when I was watching TV, I suddenly heard a 'dong' sound on my window, so I walked over to see what it was. I saw a locust-like insect on the floor. It probably wanted to fly into my home, but I cleaned my windows so well, it thought there was no glass and could easily fly in. But, the locust hit itself so hard on the glass it fainted. I was thinking if I should rescue it or not, but thinking deeper, he can't be rescued." He added 'Batman' appeared on his balcony and ate the locust. After Oscar finished telling his story, Sharon and the other guests applauded.

When asked who the 'locust' was? Oscar did not directly respond to the question nor did he say any names. He stressed Hong Kong is a place with free speech, he said: "All of the rumors that happen in HK, the people of HK have the right to comment and the comments made do not constitute defamation. I'm a HK citizen myself, I have my rights to make comments on HK news." Asked if he has contacted Eric Tsang? Oscar said: "Nope, we are all enjoying the Christmas break. There is no reason to waste time on worthless news."

Ron Ng Does Not Believe Raymond Lam is Leaving TVB

Yesterday Linda Chung and Ron Ng attended a Christmas event in Tsuen Wan. Linda appeared in a sexy red outfit and did not fear exposure as she had on see-through parts in her outfit. She laughed: "I have underclothing on for protection I really have experience with exposures, I'm considered to be the Queen of Underclothing!" She exposed she met with an attached fan backstage, "The fan is handicap, spent 3 years looking for me and sent me a lot of letters. I didn't know until the reporters mentioned it to me. When I saw the fan just now, I was very happy and emotional too, he is very optimistic!"

Ron said he does not believe his good brother Raymond Lam wants to leave TVB because of the earlier award results, he said: "It's just a rumor. TVB treats him well. (Comfort him since he didn't win any awards?) I'll comfort him when I see him, I did watch his series. He and Kate Tsui did very well, it's quite disappointing!" Ron has been busy shooting in Shanghai, but he has been following Eric Tsang's recent slapping case and Oscar Leung, who had suddenly gotten involved. Ron said: "I don't believe Eric would do that. Whether Oscar's comments are too over or not, it all depends on how the individual sees it. I don't think it's a problem! (Oscar refuses to apologize?) I believe Oscar is supporting Eric until the end." Earlier Kelly Fu exposed because she was too into character, she actually fell for Ron while they were working on Triumph in the Skies II together? Ron laughed: "Thank you! But, I think she's just talking about the series! If a female confesses to me, I would feel shy and embarrassed, but she didn't take any actions. She's a good colleague, and handles the love scenes well. (Any love sparks?) We'll have to see if there is a third installment, talk about it then!"

Monday, December 24, 2012

Fans still reluctant to accept Jimmy Lin’s wife

Jimmy Lin caused a stir among his fans when he revealed plans for an overseas wedding celebration and honeymoon with his wife, Taiwanese model Kelly Chen, next year. Although the boyish Taiwanese actor has been officially married for three years, fans still cannot accept the 28-year-old model as his wife.

They have a prejudice against Kelly and give negative remarks whenever her photo surfaced online.

His fans have also expressed hope that Jimmy would reconcile with his former girlfriend, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin, after they were recently seen chatting happily with each other at an event.

Jimmy and Ruby had a two-year relationship in 1995 but broke up due to their busy work commitments at that time.

Netizens even designed a photo of the ex-couple and commented, "They [Jimmy and Ruby] look so compatible together. Kelly, watch out."

The 38-year-old actor has dated Kelly since 2007, but he kept their relationship under wraps for fear that he would lose his fans. During his birthday celebration in 2009, Jimmy officially announced their relationship to the media and disclosed Kelly had given birth to their child, Kimi. They registered their marriage that same year.

Kelly has since reduced her modeling jobs and stayed away from the limelight. She only appeared in public for the first time since getting married when Jimmy's father passed away in May last year. Kelly was spotted in public the second time when her sister-in-law got married last month.

In response to this matter, Jimmy's manager said, "It's not easy being a celebrity's wife. Not all fans will accept it, but most fans are rational."

Kenneth Ma Denies Dating Rebecca Zhu

Yesterday Kenneth Ma attended a mall event at Tin Shui Wai. Regarding the recent rumor between him and his Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles co-star Rebecca Zhu? He said: "Absolutely a misunderstanding!I didn't get 'caught', Adrian Chau was with us at the time. (Rebecca said when the series first started shooting, she just broke up with her boyfriend?) Really? I really didn't know. There is no reason to ask about her relationships or if she has a boyfriend, but she was pretty quiet in the beginning. Ron Ng and I kept chatting with her and she eventually improved more and more."

Kenneth is taking opportunities to make extra income during the Christmas and New Year holidays, he laughed and said making money is his priority. He said: "It's fine if I can't invite friends out, making money is my current priority. I'm waiting until the housing prices go down a little more, so I can buy one. In the past, I bought stocks as my investment, but I lost 6 figures. Homes are better investments."

Wayne Lai to be in 'The Confidant 5 Tigers'

Three time TV King winner Wayne Lai was on a radio interview yesterday. when speaking of the rumored The Confidant sequel, Wayne said: "I haven't heard about it, there are no plans for so far into the future. Rosy Business 3 will be shooting until July, but I heard TVB intends to start a series called The Confidant Five Tigers (basically the 5 eunuchs Wayne, Raymond Wong, Power Chan, Edwin Siu and Raymond Cho from the series) because TVB feels we click very well." Kenny Wee (Suki's husband) sent out a lawyer's letter to Oscar Leung suing him for defamation? Wayne sighed: "I hope he's fine, but all these gossips, how many of them really end up going to court?"

Jason Chan hopes to pair with TV Queens, waiting for Kiss Scenes

Yesterday Jason Chan attended a childrens event. Asked if Jason has plans to have children of his own? He said: "I want to have a two boys and two girls, I love a lively atmosphere."

Jason reveals he is currently busy shooting new series Transfer of Love Firm with the two TV Kings Wayne Lai and Moses Chan. Asked which actress does he want to portray as a couple the most? He said: "I've paired with Fala Chen, Lily Ho, Sire Ma, etc. before, but of course I hope to work with Myolie Wu and Tavia Yeung, they're both TV Queens. I'll learned a lot from them! (Do you mind kiss scenes with them?) If necessary for the scene, I don't mind!"

Raymond Lam & Kate Tsui Loaded with Jobs Despite Losing Awards

Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui were the hot favorites for TV King and Queen at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2012, but unfortunately lost to Wayne Lai and Tavia Yeung. Today on Christmas, each are busy with their own jobs. Kate just finished shooting the Lunar New Year film (I Love HK 2013) and will be busy from beginning to end of the coming year. A rare opportunity that she gets a day off, Kate tries to have the best of fun with her family and friends as they gather for a Christmas party. Tomorrow, she'll be going back to work in Beijing and will celebrate a White Christmas there while she's at it. Kate smiled and said its a memorable Christmas. Kate reveals her relatives trained since youth to become a "Big 2 Master", so she can

Although Kate lost the TV Queen award, she is still loaded with jobs and will have a prosperous year. When asked what Christmas gift she's getting herself as a reward? Kate said: "I've always wished to live with my family, in fact, what I want most is to buy a bigger house, so we can all live together. I am currently saving up for the down payment." Kate didn't get the TV Queen title, but compared to Tavia, she won the audience hearts, asked if she feels that's more important than the award? She said: "The speech I made on stage is from the bottom of my heart. I feel so warm knowing so many colleagues like me. I've gained a lot." Raymond and Kate's relationship is like 'aiya' siblings, does Kate feel its a pity that he didn't get the TV King award? She said: "Of course I feel disappointed, Ah Fung (Raymond) is a three-habitat artist, he handles all three areas of TV, film and music really well."

As for Raymond, he is shooting for a Mainland drama during the Christmas holidays, and will not be able to celebrate with his family. Raymond is also holding a concert in January, so aside from shooting series, he has to record songs and rehearse for the concert.

Kenny Wee Sues Oscar Leung for Defamation

On December 5th, Eric Tsang slapped Kenny Wee at former Miss Karmen Cheng's wedding party due to the celebrity drug use scandal at Kenny Wee's restaurant. The police later arrested Eric, but he is temporarily released on bail. "Most Improved Actor" Oscar Leung is also good friends with Eric and was one of the guests at the wedding. After the Eric slapping incident, Oscar bashed Kenny for having paranoid delusion disorder: "Eric likes to play with people, perhaps Mr. Wee is just more sensitive, he has paranoid delusion disorder. I personally don't know Kenny Wee, I just know he's Suki Tsui's husband and has been having news coming out recently. He likes to create gossip, so he can be newsworthy." Kenny felt insulted by Oscar's comments. It was understood, last week Kenny's lawyer sent out a lawyer's letter on his behalf to Oscar and his management, TVB, has already received the letter. Kenny demanded Oscar to publicly apologize to him, otherwise he will take it a step further and sue him for defamation. Yesterday Kenny responded over the phone: "I passed the case to my lawyer, not convenient for me to comment." Reporters contacted Oscar to confirm if he had received the demand letter, Oscar said: "I didn't get it. I didn't know until they told me. I'm not worried, nothing really to worry about. It's not a big deal. Perhaps TVB received it, but if so, they would have notified me. I'm not sure yet." Oscar's manager, Amy, expressed she did not receive the demand letter.

In regards to Kenny asking Oscar to make a public apology? Oscar calmly said: "I'll see what happens then. I contacted my own lawyer about the case as well. Since he sent out a lawyer letter, I could send out my lawyer too. Hong Kong is a free society, if its a illegal to speak, then there isn't any freedom. I didn't use profanity or attack others in a derogatory manner. He thinks it's a big deal, but I don't think so. Perhaps some people think I'm speaking incoherently or arrogantly, but its their mouth, I cannot stop them. It really doesn't matter." Oscar did not believe his comments were too overboard and refused to take it back. He said: "I take back the words I said, but I still said it."

Kenny's wife Suki Tsui appeared at her first public event since Eric Tsang's arrest. When asked if she feels she's stuck in the middle? She said: "I'm ok. I will continue to do my work. There are other work to balance out." Will there be awkwardness if she sees Eric? She said: "I rarely go back to TVB, we don't bunch into each other all the time. Sometimes I do see him around, and I greet him, he's a senior." Will she help settle the issue? She said: "I don't have that ability, leave it to the professionals." She denied her public appearance rate declined due to her husband's case. She said: "I choose my jobs and I want to spend more time with my family." When asked if she's on her husband's side? She avoided: "It's not convenient for me to comment."

Esther Kwan Teases Bobby Au-Yeung's Belly Bigger than her Husband

Golden on-screen couple Bobby Au-Yeung and Esther Kwan have reunited for TVB new series Reverse Three Lifetimes of Fate. Yesterday on Christmas Eve, the two were shooting in Yuen Long and fortunately they were able to get off work early and countdown for Christmas with their families. Bobby said although he hadn't collaborated with Esther for a long time, the sparks are still strong. He joked Esther is much more refined compared to the past. Bobby also exposed Nick Cheung ordered him to take good care of Esther, he laughed: "Mr. Cheung told me to please his wife as much as I could. When he found out we have to film overnight, he would sneak to the set and since he's been physically training, he brought some of his muscles with him too. His arms are doubled the size of mines." Esther heard Bobby's comment and laughed: "But his belly isn't as big as yours!"

Esther said she's just having dinner with her family over the Christmas holiday. She said her husband injured his arm from filming and feels heartbroken that he's always getting hurt, so she's currently looking for a doctor to treat him. However, she won't force him to reduce the amount of action scenes he does, she just hopes he takes better care of his body. Esther said: "Actually he's very careful, but sometimes its necessary for the film and accidents happen!" Its been a while since Esther's been in a series, she felt excited coming back to acting again, but for now she's only going to do one. She will have to see how the audience react before she decides whether she should continue filming series.

Friday, December 21, 2012

ATV Fired Up on Dooms Day, Fires 5 Truanting Artists

In the past year, ATV's rating has hit a new low, several of their programs are getting TV ratings of 0 (zero). Earlier investor (Wong Ching) did the popular horse-riding dance protesting against the government's issue of more free-to-air licenses, the outcome was 'shocking'! In the past week, ATV suddenly 'threw a tantrum' and asked their young inexperienced artists to undergo an artists training class. ATV executive and first line artists including Jaclyn Chu, Gilbert Lam, Kenneth Chan and Lau Shek Yin served as their instructors. All 'Miss Asia', 'Mr. Asia', 'Asian Million Stars' and contracted artists must report to Tai Po to accept ATV's training on acting. The training is four weeks long, Monday to Fridays, from 10am to 12pm, and then again from 2pm to 5pm. It is close to the normal office work hours (9-5pm).

Monday's lesson was surprising mostly about ATV's 55 years in the industry, their footprints, standpoint and views on the free television licenses. The lesson was similar to a brainwashing course and the content was very boring. Several artists left half way and didn't go to class at all in the following two days. ATV executives were highly displeased by their behavior and on Thursday, they asked contracted artists to sign another term in the agreement. The artists are to promise to actively accommodate to ATV's training project. Yesterday Wong Ching personally served as the instructor of the class and was alarmed to see the low attendance rate. He was very angered, he immediately went to find the absented artists and fired 4-5 of them, including former Miss HK Priscilla Chi, Ben Cheung, lengmo Aki Chan, and host Cheung Tsz Ying (Che Che).

This issue startled many artists, they commented on how heartless ATV was being. They believed forcing artists to attend an unpaid training and working for free is unreasonable. Some of the comments made were, "Why force artists to go to the course every day, like its an office job?" , "Since ATV and the audience already recognize us as artists, then why do we still have to attend these lessons?" , "There are no series filming now, then why are they still trying to teach us acting?". It was understood, Priscilla and Che Che were back at ATV yesterday to get their "big envelope".

As one of the instructors, Kenneth Chan was shocked to hear the news, he feels everyone should maintain peace: "This is a heavy punishment, there should be a warning first!" He expressed he is not in HK a lot, and his topic was 'messing with one's mind', which is very vague. "If I'm able to help new colleagues understand the work more, then that's okay, but they should really hire a professional instructor to do the training. (Salary?) Haven't discussed that yet!" Kenneth expressed he doesn't have an educational background in performing arts, so he does not know how to teach others, but he's also fears if he says no he'll be the one fired as well.

ATV executive Yip Ka Bo responded: "Those artists were dismissed only because they could not accommodate the company's requests. (Artists feel taking lessons again is unreasonable?) This is not an acting course, it is a training course. It is fair and square. They could not accommodate, then ATV had to take such action. (Their contract says they must take this course?) The dismissed artists had that written in their contracts." Yip Ka Bo expressed "Asian Million Star" (Gong Si Hak), Miss Asia (Dominy Chau) and artist Chun Kai Wai were given a raise for good performance.

Aimee Chan Spent 10 Hours Picking Out a Loving Christmas Gift

TVB artists Aimee Chan, Tony Hung, Ruco Chan and Lin Xiawei took part in the costume fitting of new series Unrequited Love for Two Cities. Aimee expressed she already got a Christmas gift for boyfriend Moses Chan, but she groaned: "For his gift, I spent 10 hours at the shopping mall trying to pick something out for him. I bought something useful for my boyfriend. (Intimate product? Underwear?) No, it is a coffee-related gift." Yesterday was the start of the Winter Festival, asked if she's spending the holiday with Moses? She said: "He's working until very late at night. (Celebrate early?) I had a Christmas dinner with Auntie and Uncle earlier."

Ruco expressed they'll be heading over to Malaysia for outdoor filming, he said: "My role is a tourist living in Malaysia, but actually I'm a music producer." Ruco expressed the whole series is revolved around sunshine and the beaches, which is different from his past serious roles. He expressed his role is rather playboyish, "I will have a romantic storyline with Aimee, Lin Xiawei and Elaine Yiu." Elaine posted a photo from the costume fitting and expressed she plays a singer-songwriter in the series, her name is "Hong Yi Kiu", which is the same as her role "Ko Yi Kiu" in Bottled Passion, but this time her partner isn't Raymond Wong, but rather Ruco Chan.

This is Tony's debut TVB series, he said he's been working out to get some muscles, "Because I have to wear swim trunks. (You and Lin Xiawei are a couple in this series, afraid of rumors?) It is an honor to have rumors with her!" It was rumored Tony is in "Sandy Yu's Party" (TVB executive), asked if he's worried of gossips that he's depending on a high executive to get up top? He expressed: "I can only depend on my hard work to prove everything."

Sharon Chan Taking Good Care of Herself Ready to have Baby

Yesterday Roger Kwok and Sharon Chan were shooting for their new series Justice Arrogant Hero. A Netizen with sharp eyes spotted the police badge used by Sharon in currently airing series Friendly Fire, which read in fine print "used for props only". However, TVB must make it clear that the police badge is not real, therefore those words must be added on. It is not because TVB is being "sloppy" again.

When speaking of Sharon's role in this series, she plays an unmarried mother. She praised her young co-stars are extremely smart, "They act like adults, so cute! (Have a child of your own?) One day, I will. Wait until I get better health and I currently enjoy my dating life." Earlier there were a lot of complaints on the TV King and Queen results, even good friend Kenneth Ma appeared extremely shocked when the TV King was announced. Netizens screen capped his long stunned reaction and madly circulated it online. Sharon expressed Kenneth is cute: "I'm not surprised because I voted for Tavia Yeung. As for TV King, I voted for Kenneth, so these things is very subjective." As for Roger, he praised Wayne Lai deserved the TV King title, "If we're just counting who has the most fans, then there should be a 'Most Fans Award' instead. (Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui are calling it quits on series?) Well then, let's see how they could be pleased. Ask to TVB to add another 10 concert shows for Raymond, so he can earn more money. But I think Raymond should shoot more series, it's difficult to balance in all three areas, music, film and TV series."

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eric Tsang Released on Bail, Throws a Dooms Day Party

The artist drug use scandal led to a slapping incident involving Eric Tsang and Suki Tsui's husband Kenny Wong. Yesterday Eric was arrested and caught everyone's attention. Eric allegedly slapped Kenny Wong at a wedding party. He was released on bail last night, but the arrest did not affect his mood. Eric still invited his good friends out to play soccer and waved to reporters. When asked about his arrest, Eric said: "Actually, I don't have much to say because the case is still under investigation. I believe there is justice in the law!"

When speaking of how he's feeling, Eric expressed after the incident, he felt there feelings among people in this world. He said: "I'm very happy that so many people care about me. Since 8am this morning, my phone has been ringing nonstop! Even those whom I haven't been in touched with called! (Extremely worried?) All my friends are worried! (Report back to the police next month?) Just changing the guarantor!"

Eric later threw a "Last Second Dooms Day" party where he and his celebrity friends had a feast. When asked if he'll avoid drinking? Eric was already feeling high as he said he will continue to enjoy drinking: "Of course I'm drinking! It's last second!"

Meanwhile, after Kenny reported to the police that Eric slapped him at the wedding party, it was understood he told the police he had a celebrity witness. However, when the police talked to that witness, [he/she] said "I didn't see anything". Yesterday Kenny appeared at the Central police station to supply more information about the case. His wife, Suki Tsui, accompanied him to the police station.

Jason Chan Touched by "Flower Buying Fate" with Linda Chung

TVB's 'best deal' Jason Chan possesses good looks, has a foreign educational background and a fluent English speaker. He's any girl's deal man. He is currently one of the rising Siu Sangs in TVB and takes on his first lead role in new series Missing You. In the series, he plays a lovable social worker and often helps the people around him.

Jason expressed before he started filming this series, he was very nervous: "Actually I started feeling very nervous a few days before the first day of shooting. I was really afraid I wouldn't be able to handle it and won't do well. However, the majority of the time while I was filming, I didn't think too much!"

When speaking of the interesting things that happened during filming, Jason frankly expressed he clicked well with his co-star Linda Chung. One time he and Linda were chatting about their small collaboration back when he first debuted. He said: "Back then I was still studying in the TVB Artistes Training class, and collaborated with her in one series. That time I just had a small role of the person selling flowers and she was my customer. That scene was just a short 1-2 minutes, I had to think about it for a really long time before I could remember, but I really felt touched that she (Linda) still remembers after so long."

But when speaking of touching moments, Jason said this year he is really thankful of all the opportunities TVB gave him. He said: "This year I had two series and I have hosting jobs. Really thank TVB. (Will you find a girlfriend to share the happiness?) Nope. If I get busier later, then I definitely won't have time to date. I rather just focus on my career."

Rebecca Zhu Criticized Poor Acting, Vents to Her Teddy Bear

Miss Hong Kong 2011 winner Rebecca Zhu is currently being heavily promoted by TVB. Earlier this year, she worked alongside Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng on her debut series Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, but her acting was criticized. Some Netizens scolded her severely on Weibo, giving her a lot of pressure.

When speaking of this, Rebecca was clearly unhappy and had red eyes, she said: "Because I really worked hard on portraying the role. Of course I know the audience is focused for there to be so many discussions. However, as a newcomer I don't really know how to handle it. I will have to allow myself to grow slowly. (You're always reading the comments online?) Everyday a lot of people talk about it! (Which comments was the hardest to take?) They scolded me using profanity. That's not very nice, I really can't accept it. I just feel they don't really know me, but they're just attacking me. Others told me to retire from the industry and don't do any more acting. I saw some comments say I look ugly and that I should go get plastic surgery done as soon as possible."

Rebecca does not have many friends in the industry, so she doesn't have anyone she can vent to. She expressed she would just cry to her teddy bear at home: "Friends know my family isn't here with me, so they gave me a teddy bear to accompany me. When I'm unhappy I would vent to my teddy bear and I have a habit of bringing it with me when I go traveling."

As one says, there will only be growth with experience. Rebecca said many of her seniors aren't rapidly rising, so the only thing to do is to just suck it up and get through it. She said: "I have to try and be strong, learn to let go. Some things, I really don't have to be so stubborn on. I've cried about this issue before, I was just sitting on the couch crying all night! After I cried it out, I'm fine."

Christmas is around the corner, Rebecca plans to spend the holidays with her mom. She intends on cooking a big dinner to show her filial respect. When asked if she has a date with the opposite sex? She bashfully said: "I do have a pursuer, but he didn't ask me out. Actually, after I entered the industry, I like lively atmospheres. If friends invite me to a party, I would go if I have time. It's a pleasure to exchange gifts with friends. (A romantic day, will there be any sweet memories?) Broke up two years ago! I've cooked my own Christmas meal before, but that was my first time and it will be my last time. I hope someone could cook it for me in the future. Girls like to focus on being romantic."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

T-ara turns down coveted alcohol commercial deal

Girl group T-ara is said to have turned down an endorsement deal with an alcohol brand, a coveted commercial deal in the entertainment industry.

Aside from Ahreum, T-ara’s youngest member (with the exception of Dani, who will join the group later), all of the members of T-ara are legally adults in Korea. However, as a big girl group in Korea, T-ara has apparently turned down this offer.

Their agency Core Contents Media stated, “We believed that having the girls appear in an alcohol-related commercial is not fitting, for the dancing, singing, fashion, and actions of idol stars are highly mimicked by the teenagers of Korea, and thus, we have turned down the offer.”

They further added, “[T-ara] will not be appearing in commercials that condone drinking culture to teenagers in the future as well.”

Nancy Wu Hopes to Get Married in 4 Years

Now that her career is going so smoothly, TVB actress Nancy Wu revealed that she has been thinking of marriage.

According to Jayne Stars, the actress considers her current boyfriend, Patt Shum, to be good husband material, and plans to get wedded to him in four years.

"Many of my friends are already married and some even have kids running around. I am 31 years old and I believe it is the right time for marriage. I shouldn't be playing the fields anymore. What I want now is stability and security, and Patt is the one who can offer me both. Maybe a few years from now, let's say before I turn 35, we will be married."

Previously, Nancy's string of romances included actors Deep Ng and Kenneth Ma, both of whom she had to keep a low profile with. Patt Shum is an entrepreneur in the advertising industry, and is considered to be an 'outsider', which was why Nancy felt able to talk openly about her romance.

"In the past, I cannot disclose my dates, as we were both entertainers. What we did may affect each other. Whatever he did, the media will come after me for information, and vice versa. We spent most of our time trying to fly under the paparazzi's radars; we didn't even want to go out to eat."

To date, the two having been dating for close to six months. During her birthday, Patt gave her a self-painted oil portrait of her.

Linda Chung incurs wrath of production crew

There is a growing rift between Hong Kong singer-actress Linda Chung and the production crew of her new TVB drama Big Wheel. This is caused by the 28-year-old’s repeated rejections towards dinner invitations extended by the show’s sponsors.
The actress, who is admired by a number of wealthy magnates in Macau, has been frequently travelling to the city for filming of late. Many businessmen have tried to ask her out for dinner gatherings via a middleperson but to no avail.
The representative of the renowned Koi Kei bakery, which the drama is based on, invited the cast to a steamboat dinner last weekend and Linda was again absent from the gathering, despite the full attendance of her fellow co-stars such as Edwin Siu, Louis Yuen, Ruco Chan and Kristal Tin. She is said to have returned to Hong Kong in a hurry after she was done with filming for the day.
The staff tried coaxing her to turn up for the gatherings by saying that “it is only for a short while” with “no alcohol served” but her determination to reject such ‘entertainment’ activities has incurred the wrath of the sponsors, colleagues and co-stars alike. Some believe that her actions are a display of faithfulness to her boyfriend Philip Ng.
“She’s always been aloof, but it’s just a meal. We’re just trying to make things go well [by making the sponsors happy],” the crew complained.
Although Linda has since become a ‘loner’ on set, she remained firm that she is not at fault and had broken down in tears previously as she felt wronged.

Eric Tsang arrested over 'slapping businessman (Kenny Wong) at wedding'

Actor-director-producer Eric Tsang Chi-wai was arrested yesterday on allegations of slapping businessman Kenny Wee (Wong) Ho in an Admiralty hotel earlier this month.

Wee, husband of Suki Chui Suk-man, a 2006 Miss Hong Kong contestant, told police earlier that Tsang slapped him in a dispute at a wedding party at the Marriott Hotel.

A police spokesman confirmed that a man surnamed Tsang, 59, was arrested at Central police station yesterday in connection with a common assault and criminal intimidation case. The man was bailed and ordered to report back in mid-January.

A police source confirmed the arrested man was Eric Tsang.

Tsang said: "[I was just] assisting [the police] investigation. I can only say this much."

The source said Wee insisted to police that Tsang had slapped him. The actor was arrested when he was invited to Central police station for investigation.

Tsang, who was accompanied by a lawyer, has denied the allegations, the source said.

Earlier, Canto-pop singer Eason Chan Yik-shun and wife Hilary Tsui Ho-ying denied Tsui was a drug abuser amid claims a video had been shot showing celebrities taking drugs at Wee's restaurant. Chan's lawyer complained that someone was attempting to criminally intimidate his client with a "so-called video clip".

The lawyer also brought up another incident involving Tsui and a female friend at the restaurant.

The board of the restaurant, which is headquartered in Taiwan, issued a statement yesterday saying that what the lawyer had raised was libellous and it would reserve its legal rights.

On the video clip rumours, the statement said there was a notice at the entrance advising of CCTV cameras in the restaurant that were there to protect customers' safety and the restaurant's property, but it did not elaborate.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pre-debut photos of Taeyeon, YoonA and Jooyeon show their natural beauty

Pre-debut photos of idols are gaining hot attention.

A fan compared photos of Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and YoonA along with After School‘s Jooyeon from before and after their debut. All three of them boast of perfect beauty from even before debut, proving that their beauty was natural.

Fans commented, “I’m going to go crazy from YoonA’s beauty“, “Taeyeon is so cute when she was younger“, and “Jooyeon is so pretty even from before debut“.

Michael Tse Teases Tavia Yeung: Marry "Mr. Law"

Fresh out of the oven TV Queen Tavia Yeung attended TVB new series Friendly Fire promotional event along with the other cast Michael Tse, Sharon Chan, Sammy Leung and Alice Chan. The cast all congratulated her and gave her kisses. However, Michael pulled a prank on her while he knelt down with flowers to propose to her and said: "Marry him!" This frightened Tavia as she asked: "Who?" Michael replied: "Your Mr. Right! He's very 'Him' (modest)." Michael was referring to Him Law. During the games, Michael gave a giant empty check to Tavia, but later signed the check "Mr. Law". Tavia was so embarrassed she went and attacked Michael.

The night after the TVB awards ended, Tavia celebrated outside TVB City with all her fans. When she got a giant congratulations card, she thanked fans for their suport and was so touched she cried. She promised fans she will be like Wayne Lai one day and get the award 3 times. It was reported Tavia plans to repay TVB by signing another 5 year contract? She said: "I already have a contract, and haven't thought of signing another one. I'm currently focused on my work and hope people will offer me more work so I can make more money."

Tavia said she hasn't celebrated with rumored boyfriend Him Law yet, but will probably do so with a large group of friends later. Her greatest wish now is to go on vacation with her mother. When asked why she didn't announce her relationship or confess her love at the award ceremony? She said: "Two different things! Still have lots of time, no need to rush. Take it slowly."

Raymond Lam No Award, Fans Fires at TVB for not Disclosing Voting Results

This year TVB created an 'one vote per person' voting system allowing HK citizens to choose their TV King, TV Queen and 'Best Series'. Results, Wayne Lai and Tavia Yeung were crowned TV King and Queen and When Heaven Burns was the 'Best Series'. TV King hot favorite Raymond Lam pitifully went home empty-handed, and frankly expressed he was disappointed. Raymond's fans were ticked off because TVB refused to disclose the voting results and wants to fight justice for Raymond.

At the TVB Awards show, it was announced there was a total of 1.54 million votes, Wayne got 114,947 and Tavia got 110,795 of the votes; When Heaven Burns got 84,472 votes. The audience doubted these results and believes it was calculated incorrectly.

173 Complainers Displeased with Results

Yesterday the broadcasting authority received 110 complaints of the unfair award results; unsatisfied that TVB wouldn't publicize the voting results; and not enough time for the award presenters and winners to speak. TVB received 63 complaints for the same reasons.

Raymond was 'desperate' for the TV King title and had a huge group of fans' support. Last night, the fans waited for their idol outside of TVB and once Raymond appeared, one fan got very emotional and teared up: "We really support you!" Raymond said thankfully: "You guys are my best award!" Fans gave him a DIY 'Happy Sir' figure as a gift. Raymond said: "I'm disappointed I wasn't able to go on stage to thank my family and my loving fans. I will continue to work hard. Actually each candidate was a hot favorite, I just faced it calmly, but I did think this year's voting system was very fun and exciting. I saw Wayne backstage and told him I felt a little nervous because there are a lot of supportive fans. I feel regretful that I never collaborated with Wayne, he is a senior I respect. (You have better hopes for the music awards?) I just hope to have more rehearsal time and not focus too much on the awards." Later, Raymond joined Kate Tsui, Mandy Wong, Virgina Lok and Tommy Leung for a midnight snack. Raymond and Kate paid for the meal. He expressed the gathering was arranged earlier on, whether they bring home awards or not. Mandy celebrated her birthday early.

Kate lost the TV Queen award, but got the 'My Favorite TV Female Character' award instead. She said over 30 fans celebrated with her outside of TVB city with champagne and cake. She was very touched. Kate expressed Tavia Yeung wasn't her enemy in the TV Queen race, nor does she feel disappointed. She expressed she tried her best to get votes and has no regret. In the process, she gained love from her friends and colleagues, and thanked everyone who voted for her. She believes working at TVB from here on out will be very enjoyable and she'll continue working hard next year. Netizens attacked Tavia online, Kate said its all-citizen voting, she got the award because audience supported her and people shouldn't get too excited. She said she did chat with Tavia and gave her a hug backstage. She asked the public not to be so sensitive.

Oscar Leung Won Award Because of Myolie Wu's Lucky Kiss

TVB "Best Supporting Actress" Nancy Wu won the same awards in Malaysia and Singapore earlier, thus she got through 'three obstacles'. No wonder good sister Myolie Wu held a special celebration for her. Last night, Nancy Wu, Oscar Leung and Koo Ming Wa had a personal party at Tsim Sha Tsui to celebrate their victories. Myolie expressed she is very happy for them all. She had zero interaction with Bosco Wong at the red carpet, Myolie said: "Really? We are fine. We're colleagues and I'll still greet him when I see him." It was rumored Bosco and his co-star from new series Niki Chow sparked love? Myolie didn't believe the rumor, she laughed: "Really? He won't, just people want to find a story."

"Most Improved Actor" Oscar Leung sweetly said it was because he got Myolie Wu's lucky kiss before the award ceremony that he could win this award. Myolie was so happy she gave him another kiss. Oscar joked before the awards, he was sitting on the toilet seat thinking of his acceptance speech, but when he got up on stage, he forgot to thank Felix Wong and Michael Miu and his wife. Good friends Chilam Cheung, Anita Yuen, Michael Miu and many more congratulated him on Weibo. On stage, Oscar thanked his girlfriend Tina, Michael Miu and Jamie Chik praised he's a responsible good man.

Nancy was very excited she made it through the three obstacles, she expressed Hong Kong is her main market, if she left empty-handed, that would be embarrassing and thus this award is important to her. She said: "I've realized my crying look is ugly. This time, I wanted to look pretty, so I tried hard to hold my tears in." Koo Ming Wa won over Power Chan for the "Best Supporting Actor", he said his wife and daughter went on vacation, but when he called his daughter to tell her to good news, she was in tears of joy. He expressed there is a high chance he's renewing his contract with TVB and he's pleased with the terms. When asked if he's worried the public might say he's signing a contract in exchange for the award? He said: "No, people say everything. It's after the awards that I discussed with TVB about the contract."

Kenneth Ma Extremely Shocked: Thought Raymond Lam Would Win

There was a small episode when the TV King award was announced last night. When the MC said Wayne Lai was the winner, Kenneth Ma instantly had a shocked expression on his face. It appears he was extremely shocked, like he couldn't believe it. Netizens discussed Kenneth's reaction and supported that its normal for him to have such reaction. Some Netizens expressed they were just as shocked and praised Kenneth's cute and real reaction.

Yesterday Kenneth responded over the phone: "This year the one person per vote system, I thought Raymond Lam had the biggest chance. I was just about to get up and congratulate Raymond, but when they announced it was Wayne, I was shocked, like dead air. I feel sorry for Raymond too because he has so many fans and his chances were really high. Of course, Wayne deserved the award too."

The 'Best Deal' Kenneth was photographed by a magazine of him in the car with Rebecca Zhu. It was rumored they started dating. He denied: "That day we just finished watching SSSS ending and went out for a late night snack together. Adrian Chau was also in the car with us, just the magazine cunningly covered it. Rebecca Zhu is a good girl, but I just want to focus on work now." Rebecca also praised Kenneth is a good guy, but they are just colleagues. That day, there were others in the car as well.

The other night after Wayne finished the photo shoot for TVB Weekly, he celebrated his victory with fans. Yesterday Wayne started working on new series Transfer of Love Firm and had a special celebration. Wayne said: "I had leftovers when I got home that night. (How did your son react?) He's very cool, he just congratulated me on Weibo. (Kenneth Ma was very shocked when TV King was announced?) I was shocked too! (Get a pay raise after winning this award?) I hope so, it was rather low before, at least increase 20-30%."

There were doubts on the number of votes for TV King and Queen? Wayne said: "TVB hired a third party company to calculate the votes. It's very careful. No game has completely fair rules. This is the first time, there is room for improvement and we should all show understanding. (Some people were displeased by the TV King results, do you think they are Raymond's fans?) No, healthy competition." In regards to the 24 complaints that he won TV King? Wayne said: "I can't do anything. Everyone has someone they like. I won't feel unhappy, and I accept opinions."

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui & Kenneth Ma's Final Promotion Before TVB Awards

TVB Anniversary Awards 2012 will be held tomorrow night. Under an all-citizen voting system, among the TV King hot favorites Raymond Lam, Wayne Lai and Kenneth Ma, Raymond has the most fans and its probably a sure win for him, but he still actively goes for the last straw and promotes everywhere. He even openly said he's waiting for the award!

Today, Raymond, Kenneth and Kate Tsui attended the final referendum event before the TVB awards. At a glance, Raymond had a large group of fans, he openly said: "I've been nominated so many times in the past years. I've been on the top five since I was 20 something years old, and now I'm already over 30. I also hope to have something more practical. (Do you have confidence?) Yes! My colleagues and fans are very supportive too. I'm also very pleased with my production, it's a good timing!"

Raymond appeared with a blue sash around his shoulders, just like the pink one Kate Tsui had, that read: "Please vote for #8 Raymond Lam". On one hand he had a long bullhorn and on the other hand a poster asking for fans' support. He expressed he will not let go a single opportunity to get more votes, "I've been asking for votes whoever I see. Earlier I saw Eason Chan's mother, I said: 'Hello Auntie, I'm #8 Raymond Lam!' She said, 'What? I thought Raymond Lam was your real name?' She thought my name was '#8 Raymond Lam'!"

Kenneth expressed: "This is my final opportunity to pull in more votes for myself. (Netizens support you?) I heard too, I think they're saying 'HK Golden's Male God Attacks Raymond Lam'. TVB created this voting system just to make some noise, mission accomplished!" Although Raymond's fans were screaming loudly at the event, Kenneth said: "I'm feeling normal, the results are hard to predict. (TVB supports you, giving you chances to get more votes?) Many of our colleagues have work on hand, it's not special treatment."

Kate said: "I was working Macau last night and didn't get home until really late. This morning, I had to film really early, so didn't get much sleep, but once I hear fans screaming so loud, I'm all awake! (TVB giving you special treatment, give you the chance to promote?) It just so happens I'm free! The filming crew was willing to let me go, I'm still wearing my costume from the movie I'm filming now. Actually I want to ask, how come I'm the only girl here? I want more people around, better atmosphere! (Sure win for TV Queen?) No, there are a lot of factor. I haven't thought of my speech yet, whether if I win or lose, I still have to say something!"

TV Queen hot favorites, Kate and Tavia Yeung continue their battle. Kate expressed lately she's been asking for votes while she's filming on the set. She successfully got over 10 votes from the filming crew. It was understood Tavia's votes for the 'My Favorite TV Female Character' award has been abandoned, so if she loses the TV Queen award, then she'll leave empty handed, therefore she has to work very hard to get votes. She laughed and said she asked Virgina Lok and her family to vote for her. Also, she attended a Christmas event and made a cake on the spot. When asked if she'll give the cake to rumored boyfriend Him Law? She said: "He should give me one first. (What kind of Christmas gift you want from him?) What I'm afraid of most is I won't get a gift. The most important is I get a gift."

Artists Version - Who Do They Support?

Wayne Lai supporters: Michelle Yim, Maggie Siu, Moses Chan, Alice Chan, Chow Yun Fat

Kenneth Ma supporters: Linda Chung, Sharon Chan, Tavia Yeung, Damian Lau, Kevin Cheng, Wayne Lai

Raymond Lam supporters: Lin Xiawei, Karena Lam, Joe Ma, Michael Tse

Moses Chan supporters: Aimee Chan, Maggie Siu

Damian Lau supporters: Sheren Tang, Elena Kong

Aimee Chan supporters: Moses Chan, Maggie Siu

Kate Tsui supporters: Raymond Lam, Lin Xiawei, Donnie Yen, Michael Tse

Tavia Yeung supporters: Him Law, Kenneth Ma, Damian Lau, Sharon Chan, Myolie Wu, Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yim, Alice Chan, Linda Chung, Fala Chen

Michelle Yim supporters: Maggie Siu, Aimee Chan, Bernice Liu

Myolie Wu supporters: Kevin Cheng, Chow Yun Fat

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