Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Aimee Chan Sweetly Implies Moses Chan Proposed to Her

Yesterday Aimee Chan, Selena Li, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Oceane Zhu and KK Cheung attended the promotional event for TVB new series Slow Boat Home, which is premiering next Monday after Bullet Brain. Aimee expressed she is not worried about the ratings, the most important is the public response nor can her series be compared to Bullet Brain. Ruco said: "There is only opportunity when there is risks. It can't be calculated like that. I don't have any pressure. Dramas cannot be the same genre forever, so this time I can see TVB is trying to change."

When speaking of her boyfriend Moses Chan buying a HK$33 million single family home to establish their "love nest", Aimee had a sweet smile the whole time: "I don't know, I don't know anything! (He admitted it, but its not confirmed yet.) I'm happy for him. (You get a copy of the keys and be the female owner?) I don't know how to answer you. (You're included?) I don't know anything! (Anticipating?) Let it flow." But, she does admit Moses mentioned to her that he went to see houses before, but she does not currently manage her boyfriend's finances. She said: "Why am I managing his money? We are not at that stage yet, that is for a different status." Reporters pursued the question on whether Moses had already proposed to her? Aimee did not deny, and continued her sweet smile: "Either way I'm not telling you. Also, this question shouldn't be asked to the girl." As for Moses' new series Beauty at War low ratings? Aimee expressed all she did was sleep when she got back from Malaysia and hasn't had the time to watch the series, however, she praised he's a stable and flexible actor.

Raymond Wong disclosed his youngest son Ransley's 100th birthday is coming soon, but he just plans to have dinner with family and stressed he does not plan to try for a girl. He explained: "Because I don't know how to allocate the love." Regarding Slow Boat Home replacing the low rated Bullet Brain, Raymond hopes their series could help rescue the ratings. "Bullet Brain is a small setback, but our series is light, relaxing, happy and simple. Its unique because the series is set in Cheung Chau, Dr. Norman Leung was very supportive of this series and the Cheung Chau residents were really helpful during filming."


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