Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bosco Wong enraged by relationship rumour

Following reports that he has found Myolie Wu's replacement in 20-year-old actress, Bella Lam, a furious Bosco Wong dismissed the rumours as rubbish and demanded the media to stop publishing news about his love life.

Groove Asia reported that on 27 May, the actor, who saw the headline, exclaimed, "Don't write nasty things about me. I am disgusted by the news. Just leave me alone. We collaborated in "Lives Of Omission" a few years ago and didn't keep in touch at all."

When asked about the rumours that Bella claimed herself as his girlfriend, Bosco was furious and expressed, "Stop playing games with me and stop creating rumours. I just want to do my job peacefully."

Earlier, a tabloid reported that the "Come Home Love" actress, Bella Lam was the primary reason for Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu's breakup. When asked about the truth behind the rumour, Bosco stressed, "Don't ask me! I don't like to read this kind of news anyway, it's just for fun and I'm not sure if the girl was trying to get publicity."

Bosco also stressed that his relationship with Myolie is a thing of the past and that the media should stop hurting other people with their speculations.


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