Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Advertisers begin to pull T-ara after controversy

The advertisement industry is starting to feel the effects of T-ara‘s controversy, as many of the brands the girls are endorsing have begun to strip the girls’ image from their stores.

Many of the brands have reported that they are currently receiving hundreds of calls and requests on their official homepages from fans claiming that they will be boycotting their products should they continue to use T-ara as their endorsement models.

Tony Moly‘, a cosmetics brand the girls are currently endorsing, has even gone as far as to publicly claim that they will not be signing the girls again. A representative stated, “T-ara’s contract ends at the end of August. We were in the midst of negotiating a new contract, but now that this controversy has happened, we will not be signing them on again.”

Other fans have actually visited the stores to express their boycott, causing stores to take down all of their T-ara posters from the walls.

Outdoor clothing brand ‘Wild Rose‘ still has eight months left with the girls. Representatives stated, “There is still time left with their contract, but because this is such a sensitive issue, we will be working with T-ara’s company to figure out what to do next.”

Other brands the girls are working with have been showing similar sentiments.

Is Hannah Quinlivan threatened by Jay Chou’s new leading lady?

Dating a superstar like Jay Chou probably leads to its fair share of insecurities and model Hannah Quinlivan seems to be no exception. Jay's new leading lady, who will star beside him in Rooftop has reportedly led Hannah to hurry down to the set to ensure that her romance will not be threatened by the newcomer.

Not much is known about 22-year-old model Li Xin Ai, who has been in magazine spreads in China. Jay reportedly took a personal interest in her but could not sign her on as she has an existing contract with her company. Xin Ai is of mixed descent - one of her grandparents is Russian.

Hannah reportedly rushed down to the filming set with her father and Jay's mother in tow. Her move might be legitimate as Jay has been romantically linked to his co-stars such as Kwan Lun-mei from Secret and Lin Chi-ling from The Treasure Hunter.

Jay's record company, JVR Music - which he also owns - has commented, "There's nothing to refute when it comes to baseless stories."

Two more idol groups suspected of bullying

With Hwayoung‘s controversy with T-ara coming to public light, the K-Pop industry is now attempting to take a closer look as to where these issues could be stemming from. Unsurprisingly, Hwayoung isn’t the only one suffering, as other groups came forward with their own concerns.

Reporters were able to find that the issue of bullying already has strong roots within idol groups, especially with the growth K-Pop has been seeing lately. There’s a correlation between the level of an individual member’s star power and the level of discontentment within the group, as the bigger the difference there is in income, the more prone the group is to bullying.

A B list group anonymously named ‘A‘ has been battling bullying issues since their debut because of member ‘B‘, who is considered the face of the group due to her various activities in dramas and variety programs. Although she helped bring the group’s name to the spotlight, she eventually became the target of bullying due to the vast difference in their earnings.

A former manager of the group stated, “Idol groups are young in age so it’s easy for them to get swept up in emotions. The members know that the company favors to get at least one member to popularity in order to have the group follow, but they still bully that member once it happens. These days, companies have to rotate the group’s center member while eyeing the members.”

The trainee system also plays a part in the issue since stars are picked at a young age and put through five to six years of training at the least, before having to endure hard competition to be chosen as a final member. Naturally, new members that join in the middle get faced with criticism and hate for essentially “getting a free ride.”

Girl group ‘C’ is representative of this case, as they were recently found to have been bullying their new member.

Another manager in the industry revealed, “Whenever I saw member D of group C, she was always standing alone in the hallway outside of her waiting room at music programs. The members would be so immature in the way they treated her, such as forcing her to wear the outfit concept they hated the most or giving her the most outrageous hair concepts. In the case of bigger groups, they’ll try to use the senior card to train the new member into submission by forcing them to use separate hair salons and forcing them into smaller vans.”

The only solution at the time seems to be ample communication between both the members and the company. Pop critic Kang Tae Gyu commented, “The issue of bullying within idol groups is severe, as it’s a sensitive issue that’s difficult for the company to get themselves involved in. Managers will usually only know that it’s happening but not the inner details, and won’t try to resolve the problem since it’s not something they can make a sound judgement on.”

The critic compared the problem to homeroom teachers being oblivious to the problems of bullying within the classroom. Unlike members who are together 24 hours on top of dorming, managers are only with them for certain times of the day.

The solution he offered was that companies setup a system that gives members an opportunity to anonymously submit issues going on within the group, and to open up communication in general. “Lack of communication can ultimately lead to bigger consequences. Just the mere notion of bullying needs to be reported immediately, and members need to be assured that their privacy will be protected.”

Another solution is for companies to make training in character and ethics mandatory.

Shinhwa‘s secret to maintaining a good relationship for 14 years also lies in their communication skills. Leader Eric had stated, “While promoting, there are times when we get sensitive, which later erupts into fights. There are a lot of instances where we even physically fought each other. There were issues, but we ended it there. We all worked hard to resolve them through communication.”

SISTAR overcame similar problems, as previously revealed by Dasom, “I used to believe that I wasn’t of any help to the team and felt envious of Hyorin and Bora unni. I wanted to be acknowledged and win over the unnis too and felt upset when I couldn’t. Every time I felt that way, though, the unnis consoled me, which helped a lot in bringing up my self confidence again.”

Florence Kwok - Laughing at Unpredictable Changes & Situations

Start loving TVB sitcom Come Home Love because there's enough madness in it. There is no age boundary for the madness, 53 year old Yvonne Lam can still pair up with 37 year old Tsui Wing; 70 year old Lau Dan can have a 42 year old sister Florence Kwok.

Florence: "That's not even that ridiculous, later in King Maker, I'm going to Chris Lai's mother! I was so upset, each day when I see him, I get upset, 'you bad boy, your not that much younger than me, and want me to be your mother...'"

Of course, Florence is just joking. Even if in this sitcom, she plays the youngest aunt, and in the next series she plays the Emperor's mother, what's better than continuous exposure on TV? We still haven't even counted the previous series she was in No Good Either Way, Gloves Come Off and 4 in Love.

"This year, it's seriously abnormal, viewers won't have a good day until 2013!" Florence laughed boldly.

She once left TVB for 4 years, but then seeing the changes in the market, she finally made her way back to her old home. Her acting skills were accumulated through all her years and experience in the industry. She unconsciously became a companion to audience over the last many years, that is truly the highest state.

"If I didn't go through it, I really didn't know I actually really love acting."

Relax, Hong Kong people, we never really had any good days anyway, I rather let Florence Kwok brainwash me. Almost forgot, it turns out Florence started out as a Miss Hong Kong too. That happened back in 1992, exactly 20 years ago.

Never Dreamed of becoming a Star

"I never dreamed of becoming a star! If I did, I would have gone to participate in Miss HK at age 18, but I was already 23 when I ran for Miss HK. I was almost overage!"

Florence was initially a white collar worker at an upscale law firm in Central, her Western boss hired her as a secretary. She worked Monday through Fridays and had 3 weeks vacation. According to her, the job was well-paid and had good benefits.

"I was totally Queen Jeh's (O.L Supreme, Liza Wang's role) younger version! With my looks, the White men fall into it."

One day Florence was out shopping, when a modeling company spotted her, the recruiter urged her to go for Miss HK, she foolishly just went along with it. Before she left, she told the boss: "I'll be back." Results, it was a path of no return.

"When handling situations, I'm a person that just makes a decision and won't look back."

Back then, the Miss HK winner was Hacken Lee's wife, Emily Lo. Florence is the only one left in showbiz today. She's lucky, after Miss HK, she was just standing around for three years in The Kindred Spirit. Soon after she was casted in several series including Time Before Time, Feminine Masculinity (Mr. Diana) and Colorful Life. She had a stable seat in the second female leading roles.

"Did you know that the sitcom Virtues of Harmony was developed from Colorful Life? Bondy Chiu's role was suppose to be mine."

Colorful Life was broadcast during the Lunar New Year of 2001, it was very popular, viewers loved watching Florence and Cutie Mui's bickering scenes. Who would have known Florence later withdrew from the 800 episode sitcom Virtues of Harmony, otherwise her destiny would have been written differently.

"I already ate the fatty pork, but then I had to throw it all back up because I suddenly pulled the emergency crisis switch. At the time, I was 32 years old, I believed besides acting, I didn't know anything else. I felt unsecured, is my life just gonna be like this? What happens when I get old? Be a Gigi Wong? Then when I get even older, then what? Be a Ha Ping jeh? I'm not saying they aren't good, but I was afraid viewers didn't want to watch Florence Kwok anymore. If I didn't leave at 32, then I wouldn't have the courage to leave at all when I'm 42. By then, will I leave showbiz and then start looking for a job, asking people to 'give me a chance'?"

Gave Up Acting Career

Florence has the nerves to do things quick and fierce. As she said, once she makes the decision, she will not look back on it. She gave up her acting career, and went to work at her sister's manufacturing company as an account manager, starting from fresh.

"My clients saw a celebrity greeting them, at first they were really excited, but after a few words, they thought I was a joke. I don't think my acting was that bad, I could come up with something to say right? But dang! When the client asked me 10 questions, I answered all 10 questions with 'I'll go back to check and then give you a reply.' They knew I had no skills!"

Fortunately her boss was just her own sister, and can tolerate the 32 year old Florence starting from the bottom.

"One time we were doing an undergarment photo shoot, I was responsible in putting together the run down. Wah! I had a headache, do we shoot first or do the lighting first? Or do we choose the bra colors first? You know, changing models over and over again is troublesome..."

Learning from experience, Florence then realized, she was actually in happiness back in showbiz.

"In the past when I was acting, whenever I wasn't satisfied, I would just shout for the PA: 'Why do I have to wait until 7pm, after completing the 1pm shoot? Then I have to wait until 12am again?" But I didn't know that the PA actually spent hours and great efforts into making the schedule for me. I wasn't the only person in the company! When I was working at the manufacturing company, I first went to meet with clients, then helped models put on shoes and I even took the trash out. I just felt Heaven gave me an opportunity to see another side of things, so I could really get it straight."

After working at her sister's company for a few years, she opened a restaurant with her sister and brother-in-law. Her objective was: "What people do, I don't do. Slaughter out a new bloody path." Florence opened a lamb-specialized restaurant in Causeway Bay. Then the SARS came along, and resulted in a true 'bloody path'.

"Such PK, we were just staring at each other. Conclusion was: 'Finally know why others don't do it!' I just didn't feel good."

Realizes Love For Acting

After leaving TVB for 4 years, she experienced the blood, wind and rain out in the business world and definitely got a different view of things. The greatest reward she got was, she realized what she really loved.

"After my few years in the business world, it was the time when War and Beauty was the most popular hit. I always imagined myself, who would I have been? Perhaps Maggie Cheung's role? But I'm not arrogant or pretty enough...why am I still dreaming? It's because I still really liked acting!"

In 2005, Florence guest starred in Dance of Passion and made her official comeback.

"Although I really lost a lot of money in the businesses, but deep down, I really didn't regret it. I have a boarder view of things, I gained experience that money can't buy. If I didn't go out to see the other side of the world, I think I would still be the old arrogant and inconsiderate Florence Kwok. I dare to say, I treat the PAs a lot better now."

Seeing Florence now, whether in sitcoms or series, she's quite appropriate, if she needs to be strong, then she's strong, if she needs to be funny, then she knows to let herself go.

"When I was in the 'gaming world' back then, no matter if its shoes or shui mai, I could really talk about anything. One time Jonathan Chik scolded me: 'Can you please focus?' And I didn't even know I was wrong: 'Cheh, as long as when you call 3, 2, 1 and I can start acting, it's all good!' Jonathan said: 'Look at Bowie Lam, he doesn't just wait for the 3, 2, 1. He's in the right state of mind all day long!" I suddenly woke up, since I know I love acting, and I'm really happy going to work every day, so why not do my best? I can say now, I am much more concentrated into my acting than before."

Not Hungry or Thirsty for Love

Florence is turning 43 in August, "I've been single for many years. That's not sarcasm. I'm really used to it. When I had the flu earlier, I drove myself to the doctor, it's no problem. I don't mind having a boyfriend, but I'm definitely not hungry or thirsty for one."

As everyone knows, Florence has been in two relationships. The first was in The Kindred Spirit, she was with married man Lau Siu Kwan.

"Back then I was young, I couldn't get out of my character. Now, it's different. In Gloves Come Off, I really loved Kenny Wong, but I know how to get out of it. Today, if you ask me again, anyone who comes near me and has a wife, I would tell them to go home and sleep."

The second relationship was with TVB scriptwriter 'tall man' Chung Kwok Keung. The two dated 4 years before breaking up. "We are still good friends, but can't get back together. If I'm going to think about that, why not just move into the future. I don't look back."

She likes humorous men because she's afraid of being bored the most: "Just like Bobby (Au Yeung), pretty good. Even if it's Louis Yuen, he's okay too, but his gags are a little too rotten."

Myolie Wu & rumored third party Eric Huang's 5 minute kiss

Myolie Wu and Eric Huang collaborated as a couple in Mainland drama A Splendid Family (金玉滿堂). Even if Myolie stressed her breakup with Bosco Wong had nothing to do with a third party, but yesterday photos from the new drama leaked online. There is 'strong proof' that Myolie and Eric's relationship is pretty deep. It was rumored when the two were on the set shooting a kiss scene, they were kissing for 5 whole minutes and even if when the director called cut, the two still continued as if no one was around. The staff were all surprised as well.

It was understood, when Myolie started having troubles in her relationship with Bosco, Eric was always by her side and showed his consideration and concern for her. Working in the cold temperatures below zero, Eric brought hot coffee to the set for her. Someone witnessed the two discussing the script and chatting deeply in a room several times. In private, the two also met up for karaoke and their affair was already an open secret. When they completed shooting the drama, Eric did not avoid and posted an intimate photo with Myolie on Weibo.

Last night, Myolie and Kevin Cheng had dinner and watched the Ghetto Justice II premiere. It appears Myolie's emotions had recovered, but she continues to deny the dating rumor with Eric. When asked if she felt she was 'taken advantage'? She said: "Didn't think about it, either way, it's not a good thing! I know everyone is concerned about the break up, so I thought of many ways that I could explain before, I just hope the speculations will stop." She also exposed the paparazzi has been following her for several days, and sighed: "no one dares to come near me". When asked if she'll move out of her current residence? She expressed its about timing and that her relationship with Bosco isn't as bad as the public thinks it is. It was also reported that she met up with a close friend to bad-mouth Bosco? Myolie explained it was just a normal friends' gathering.

Kevin Cheng was asked about all the recent male artists with Mainland actresses, he modestly said "no one spotted me." Reporters teased that being 'captured' could happen in a very short period! Kevin laughed: "Underestimating me? How many minutes?"

Hilary Tsui: "Impolite Chinese People", gets attacked by 100k Netizens

Eason Chan, his wife Hilary Tsui and their daughter are on summer vacation in Vancouver. Eason and his family celebrated his 38th birthday peacefully. Yesterday, Hilary scolded on Weibo that without her consent, someone took pictures of them. Due to this, a war of words started on Weibo. Yesterday morning, Hilary posted a photo of a girl on Weibo and wrote: "Impolite Chinese people! A family of three are on vacation, and just having a normal lunch together, you all are constantly taking pictures of us! You didn't even bother to ask beforehand! Disrespectful!"

It was understood, Eason and his wife were having lunch at a restaurant in Vancouver, when many other customers recognized Eason. Such a rare occasion to be having lunch in the same restaurant as the King of Pop. Some people excitedly started taking pictures with their cell phones. A witness saw Eason and his daughter playing happily and didn't care about the others looking at them. Hilary, on the other hand, was very upset that the table across from them were taking photos. Then Hilary took her phone out and took pictures of them back, as a counterattack. She had a very angered face.

Hilary then posted the photo she took online and scolded "Impolite Chinese people". Soon after, Hilary knew she was wrong and quickly deleted her Weibo post and posted another message explaining herself.

Hilary said to the people that scolded her, she is also Chinese, but she hopes people be higher quality and give others their privacy. She and her family were just on vacation and people started taking pictures, that made her feel unhappy, so that's why she said that. Hilary brought out the principles: "How can I be upset at people embarrassing the Chinese?" She expressed she often encounters these situations, so how could she be upset? Yesterday at 8pm, there were already over 100,000 comments on her Weibo. The majority attacked her. Some people said, many people like Eason, and asked her not to embarrass her husband.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ella Koon brings up the past, hurt by Ron Ng before

It can be said that Ron Ng and his ex-girlfriend Ella Koon are "no friends after goodbye". After Ron fell into the 'peach blossom trap', causing the break up with Viann Zhang. Yesterday morning at 3am, Ella made a comment on Weibo implying she had been hurt by Ron before. She wrote: "Today I saw the news, and found out people have finally discovered the truth! I've been in love before and I've been hurt before too! I ultimately ended up being hurt! And have been accused of using my relationship as a publicity stunt too! It was really hard for me!" The comment was on her Weibo for about a minute before it got deleted.

Ella and Ron were rumored for 8 years. Even if they were photographed being together, Ron still appeared indifferent about the relationship. It was rumored they broke up before and then got back together. However, they still ended up on bad terms. Ella later found herself a foreign boyfriend. Yesterday [Oriental Daily] contacted Ella, who is currently on vacation overseas with her parents, but she did not respond.

Ron did not respond to ex-lover Ella's Weibo comment and said they don't keep in touch. If they meet at TVB, they still greet each other with a nod.

In 2005, after collaborating in TVB series Revolving Doors of Vengeance, Ella was rumored to have been involved in Ron and his girlfriend's relationship, whom he cohabited with at the time, and cause their break up. Although Ella denied she was the third party, the paparazzi spotted her several times at Ron's house and Ron was her driver.

However, when the two were said to be in a passionate relationship, Ron had several other rumors with Kate Tsui, Toby Leung and Charmaine Sheh. Up until late 2006, Ella indirectly admitted they broke up and implied he was unfaithful. Coincidentally at that time, Ron and Charmaine's rumors became a hot topic.

Niki Chow shoots the HK version of 'Sergeant Tabloid' Ending

Niki Chow, Macy Chan and Evergreen Mak were in Sham Shui Po's busy street shooting for an alternative ending for TVB series Sergeant Tabloid. This version of the ending picks up from the gun fight, but involves guest stars Macy Chan and Evergreen Mak instead. Macy and Evergreen play a married couple, who are drug dealers and starts a gun fight with the police. Because the series had previously been released in Malaysia and overseas, TVB had to put in another HK$500k into shooting the ending for the HK version and come up with a new plot. Dressed in a winter policewoman uniform, Niki was soaked in sweat, she laughed: "I never had to redo a scene after 6 months before, luckily I can still fit into the costume."

First time playing a pregnant thief, Macy said it felt like she's really pregnant. As for the recent scandals involving TVB Siu Sangs and Mainland actresses, she expressed she's not afraid boyfriend Eric Suen would cheat on her: "If he dares to, then he'll die miserably! I cannot tolerate it nor will I even consider getting back together!"

Tavia Yeung - A "Clear Water" Life

Thirteen years ago, Tavia Yeung entered showbiz and started her acting career. Back then, she didn't learn from others and tried to pull publicity stunts. Perhaps this is the reason why it took her 10 years before she started getting recognition from the public. Tavia depended on her acting and abilities to get where she is today. She doesn't mind being known as "Clear Water" (清水) because you can't become a phoenix overnight.

Clear Water: Practical - Won't Rely on the Media to Gain Recognition

In the recent years, Miss HK contestants haven't even been crowned yet, but are seen all over the headlines of Hong Kong newspapers. In the last 13 years, Tavia rarely had any rumors, it was only in the past two years that the rumors started 'surfacing'. In the early years of her career, she didn't have any scandals, didn't get involved in disputes, never deliberately made any news, she carried as "silent" personality throughout. The media called her 'Clear Water' because she's just as simple as clear water, like she has nothing.

Tavia: "I am Clear Water, I think it's good. At least it's a positive image. At least I'm not some strong cup of alcoholic drink, can't shallow it. Perhaps some people can accept it, while others cannot. In showbiz, the ultimate goal is to be able to be accepted by the public. Think about it, how many people like to drink strong alcohol, while watching TV? When other beverages are drank too much, we will all eventually go back to drinking clear water. So, describing me as Clear Water, I am very pleased."

Clear water differs from other drinks, such as strong alcohol, coffee or tea, it does not require personal taste nor does it have the so-called glamorous rank. A cup of strong alcohol, has a rank, has a taste, it's strong and can get you drunk. Over drinking can get you a hangover, then it's all worthless; A cup of coffee, has a certain value, tangible benefits, many different tastes, people first considers its quality before making a selection, but then its gustation; A cup of Clear Water, has no taste, no fragrance, it's light and clear, but it's thought provoking.

A cup of Clear Water is simple, no additives and is suitable at anytime, any day and in any situation. Compared to other beverages it is more popular because it's "popularized" and very easy to "accept". This describes Tavia, she does not need any exaggerated rumors, just taking it slowly is actually easier for audience to accept her.

Clear Water : Views - This Industry is Uncommon

"Everything originated from a cup of Clear Water, when doing anything, it all starts from Clear Water. Whether Clear Water could be diverse or not, it is all based on how that person is taught."

But, artists should be multicolored and have an unique flavor to be able to make a breakthrough. Aside from being popularized, Clear Water doesn't have any outstanding qualities, but Tavia apparently wants to keep being Clear Water. Even if there is no way she could stand out among all the beverages, it doesn't matter to her.

"I'm willing to be like this, its uncommon to be in this industry, but because it's uncommon, I'm willing to be a commoner. But, the most important is, I hope to maintain the purity, and be Clear Water without any impurity. Even if everyone thinks it's better to have more diversity now, but being simple inside is very important."

Clear Water: Realistic - Depend Only on Hard Work to Climb Up

"I think coming out of the Artistes Training Class is a bit stronger, especially with the fundamentals. I'm not saying Miss HK isn't good, just you spend a longer period of time in the Training Class. You have to go from a nobody to someone that people knows. After completing the training, you have to get chosen by [producers] to be able to participate in TV series. Then, you have to wait for the series to air, and after it airs, you have to see if your character left a deep impression on audience. I believe if you want to get up top, you can only rely on your own hard work. You have to count on yourself, count on leaving a deep impression for audience, and to take advantage of the opportunities before you."

Constant perseverance yields success. It is overtime that your accomplishments are seen. Graduated from the TVB Artistes Training Class, Tavia is like a cup that went through a filter before getting to the drinkable water. She took it step by step getting through the layers and layers of sand, gravel and cotton before she was able to get drinking water out. Each step, each footprint; each series, each role; year after year, day after day of training and learning, got her where she is today.

"I think I'm very lucky and have put in a lot of time. If we take the last 12-13 years, I had a pile of luck because many people have debuted earlier than me, and they have actually been very hard working as well, but they still have nothing."

Clear Water - Procedure: Insist on the Convention

"My current position in the course of my life is I am at the stage of work. My next stage in life may be marriage and having children. Then, I must go through illness and death. I just believe this is a life process. I won't jump over a stage in life and not do it. For example, I want to marry. People have asked me if I want to do a wedding photo shoot, I say of course. It is part of my life memories. If he gets old one day, and realizes you have done so many wedding shoots, but none of them are with the person you love, someone who stands next to you to take these wedding photos, then I feel it's a regret. So, I will not miss these steps."

However, Tavia is not rushed for marriage or having kids.

"I believe women have had a moment where its love at first sight. Of course, you look at the person's appearance first, but when you enter the professional world and meet more people, you will no longer believe love at first sight. Because love at first sight, will never leave from the looks that attracted you. I just feel I have to be more realistic, must look at how his personality is like and be friends first. Because in this industry, there are too many attractive things, there are the beautiful ones, like the handsome and very masculine men, these are all just descriptions based on the outer appearance."


Within the showbiz of brilliant colors, if you don't have status, then you will have to spend a few more years of time in order to gain recognition; If you don't have any eye-catching scenes, then you will have to put in much greater effort to let the audience know that you are around. The "Clear Water" Tavia Yeung, who does not pull publicity stunts, have been in this industry for over 10 years before she gradually gets "free publicity", and this is when she really gets a sense of how popular artists are surrounded by gossips.

Although in reality, we all know newcomers want more rumors and gossips in order to become famous faster, but if these rumors are going on every day, it's going to get boring. Just like drinking the same beverage everyday, eventually it gets tiring. Actually, a cup of Clear Water, wins over every beverage out there.

Reality is reality, must have a realistic attitude. Getting popular from rumors, that's just a moment of fame; Getting popular from your true capabilities, that's going to be lasting; Learn to crawl before learning to walk, slowly leave footprints one step at a time; Becoming popular in a reasonable manner, will get you farther. Tavia Yeung deeply understands this principle, just silently plowing through as a cup of Clear Water.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu claim all is well with their romance

Refuting rumours that they have called it quits and dismissing talk of a third party - Korean actress Yoon Eun-hye - coming between them, Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu have insisted that their relationship is very much on track.

Tiffany was speculated to have been affected by the rumours and deleted comments on her micro-blog - a claim she rejected, replying, "(I) wasn't in a bad mood - do I need a reason to delete content on my micro-blog?"

When asked if there were any problems in her relationship, she shared, "We're doing very well, don't worry!"

Ethan, who is currently serving his mandatory military service, commented, "I was shocked (by the rumours) too!" He refuted claims that there was anything going on between him and Eun-hye.

Bosco Wong responds to break up with teary eyes; Virgina Lok: He was unfaithful before

After the high profile announcement of the break up between Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu, ending their 8 year relationship, there has been continuous reports in the past few days. Myolie tries her best to hold in her emotional pain and numbs herself through work. As for Bosco, who has been in hiding for two days, finally appears in public yesterday afternoon at the airport. He responded to the break up in person for the first time.

Since the break up, Bosco did all he could to patch up the relationship, but unfortunately Myolie still decided to split and he has accepted it. Yesterday afternoon, Bosco appeared at the airport with his manager. He'll be flying back to Taiwan to continue shooting Bread Tree Woman for a month.

(Source: The Sun)

R - Reporter ; B - Bosco

R: Emotions recovered yet?

B: The same!

R: Did you know Ada Lin just came forward to explain she's not your third party?

B: I haven't seen the news in the last two days, and I'm actually really sorry. The break up is just between the two of us, but it seems like there are so many people involved, they're all so innocent, really sorry.

R: Myolie was crying during the interviews, like she hasn't gotten over it yet, will you pursue her again?

B: Talk about that later!

R: She was saying it like there was a third party?

B: (*Firmly shakes head*) No! I've been discussing with Myolie on how we can explain this situation. Earlier I already said everything on the radio interview, I'm not going to talk about it anymore.

R: Ms. Lok (Virgina) said she wants you two back together? And when she talked to you, you were crying, is it because of unhappiness or stagnation?

B: Hope so! It's normal to cry when breaking up!

R: Still have feelings for Myolie?

B: (*Sighs, silent for a moment*) I don't want to talk about it anymore, sorry.

R: At the TVB anniversary last year, Myolie said it's difficult to tolerate you? Will you change?

B: My personality is pretty hard to tolerate, but I'm improving each day.

R: What's your relationship with Ada Lin? Did you invite her out for drinking and eating?

B: I don't really know her. Aside from the 2-3 days of filming, we haven't met at all!

R: Its rumored you have a lot of girlfriends? Afraid this may damage your image?

B: I explained this before. I have consensus with Myolie, I will no longer talk about it anymore, sorry. Give us some space. Actually, after this incident, there has been a lot of speculations, I was already prepared for that. The situation should just come to an end now.

R: You once said Myolie is a marriage partner, it's a pity you two broke up?

B: (*Tries hard to hold in tears, voice with sobs*) I don't want to talk about it.

R: What does your mom think?

B: Nothing really, she understands me. But yesterday she took my car out and reporters followed her thinking it was me. She almost fell down. I hope you all can give her space.

R: Still keep in touch with Myolie?

B: We SMS to see how to handle the situation.

R: You, Raymond Lam and Ron Ng are all getting 'played' by the Mainland actresses?

B: I don't want to comment on other people's matters. It's just not like that!

R: Who called it quits?

B: I have consensus with Myolie, we will not talk about it. I hope you all understand.

R: Any more scenes with Ada Lin?

B: No, she's done with her parts. We will not have any more scenes together. This time, I'll be in Taiwan for a month.

R: Spend less time in Mainland to avoid gossips?

B: Talk about it later.

R: Contact Myolie when you get to Taiwan?

B: Give us some privacy to think!

Virgina Lok: Bosco was unfaithful 5 years ago

Virgina Lok is seen as a mother to the TVB artists. The day before, she expressed she contacted both Bosco and Myolie after the break up announcement. She said: "It's been two days, Bosco has probably recovered, he still have to move forward [in life]." She said before the two announced the break up, she could still persuade them and there was still hope, but after the announcement, it's been decided. "I understand how Myolie feels. If I was her mother, I would support her decision to break up too. She's a good girl that placed a lot of time into the relationship, waited so many years and there's still insecurity, she's unhappy, no matter how much love there is, she'll have to let go. Bosco said himself too, if he can't give her a sense of security, then he's wrong. It is my wish for them to be like Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng in the future."

When speaking of Bosco's many girlfriends? Virgina explained: "That's many years ago, definitely didn't happen within the last 4-5 years. Of course there is infidelity in young people. Since Myolie forgave him back then, I don't think their break up was due to that reason, otherwise it wouldn't be this painful now. (Bosco has a lot of girls around him, that's why Myolie doesn't feel secured?) Celebrity couples have much more pressure and challenges." She expressed she had already tried to help the two patch up the relationship several times, but they still ended in a break up. There's nothing left to do, but to accept the fact.

QingDao News mistakenly thought Charmaine Sheh was Myolie Wu

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong's break up was initially just between the two of them, but there are more and more people being dragged into the issue. Even Charmaine Sheh was mistakenly dragged into the mess. Since TVB first line Siu Sang and FaDan broke up, of course it is going to be on headlines on the entertainment news. Even the Mainland press are interested in reporting about the breakup as many newspapers and magazines published the news. Among them was Qingdao News, who mistakenly thought Charmaine Sheh was Myolie Wu and put Charmaine's picture in their article. Just looking at the pictures, people may misunderstand that it's Charmaine who broke up with Bosco Wong!

Him Law Enjoys Upsetting Mandy Wong as His Entertainment

Mandy Wong and Him Law were once a rumored couple, but are indeed very good friends in private. Facing a slow to get familiar Mandy, Him loves to challenge her limits the most. He does everything he could to make fun of her. It's not only until Mandy makes an angry face when Him feels entertained. Once he got his fun, he stops, no wonder Mandy also puts away her anger not long after. So that's why we say, there must be one 'concave' and one 'convex' for a successful friendship!

Rumored Couple Mutual Sarcasm

M - Mandy Wong ; H - Him Law

H: You basically don't want me to find out that you're actually secretly looking at me, otherwise how do you know I got a nice body! I really like teasing you, you're always just so silly and stupid, don't even know the basics. Like you don't even know how to put the plug in the socket right.

M: Girls want to wait for someone to come take care of her. I'm just playing dumb! Then how come you got yourself a 42' chest? When from a slim guy to a big guy?

H: I've watched too many Western films. I think besides the actor's acting, their body shape is also very important. So I copied them, and started working out when we were shooting Suspects in Love. Tak Gor (producer Poon Ka Tak) gave me two types of sports to choose from, I chose the sport where I can show my body, which was boxing.

M: Then you even changed your image completely?

H: Everyone accepted it after the series came out, and I even had to take off my shirt when I was interviewed, so I kept this secondary image. Well then, did I attract you?

M: You rarely take off your shirt in front of me. No! Because your chest is bigger than mines, I can't even compare if I put on 10 bras, but I don't really like slim figures. It's good to have some meat. You have your strengths too, considerate and attentive. Its quite enjoyable partnering up with you.

H: I know I got a bad mouth, always bullying you.

M: Yeah! I don't know how I handle it and don't attack back.

H: Because I'm a bite of sugar and another bite of feces.

M: That's just one of the tricks to pursue girls.

H: I pursued you before?

M: Nope! I mean you can use that when you pursue girls. I didn't say I like you either, you think too much and have a flirty mouth.

H: That's why I got you involved! In the 13 rumored girlfriends, your one of them. Luckily we don't mind.

M: Actually if I wanted to get to know a guy deeper, I'm actually very passive and slow to get familiar, but once I get familiar, I can tell you everything.

H: That time, you wanted to get to know me deeper.

M: Why? Don't make up a story!

H: Haha! That's why I like you getting bullied. When I tease you, once you get upset, I get really happy because I know you'll just be upset for a moment and then you'll be fine.

Wants A Matured Partner

M: To some extent, I understand you pretty well. Virgo men like to protect themselves. They may seem like they have a lot to say on the outside, but then they are really afraid to let people see deep inside.

H: That's why I'm not really friends with you, have to keep some distance, otherwise if I end up dragging you into something in the future, then that wouldn't be too good. When I'm in trouble, do people call you?

M: Basically whatever happens to you, people would call me immediately. The problem is I still need to find myself a partner too! About my requirements, I don't think age is much of an issue, the main requirement is he must be able to take care of me and be mature.

H: You're a 'little woman' in front of your lover. You really accommodate others and don't get upset easily. When I was younger and dated, I would think about the girl's height, but now I think more maturely. As long as we get along comfortably and have common ideals. Most important is, can this person be with you for life.

First On-Screen Kiss Given to Him

H: Back then I met you when we were shooting Suspects in Love. I thought you were really different on and off screen. In the series, you were really stupid, but after work, you're like a pretty girl. This is the most memorable, your first on-screen kiss was given to me, and you took the initiative too!

M: My first impression on you was that bad boy (死靚仔), but after getting to know you, it turns out you're quite a gentleman.

H: This series was our turning point. Bulky Boy and Shy Girl .

M: Before I was the mean "Kwan Yee So", people never forgotten the Shy Girl.

H: Then I had fate with you, I encountered you in every series. We had all sorts of relationships before, even as a couple. Even the producer didn't know we played a couple several times.

M: I thought I didn't have to kiss you in this series.

H: At first, you weren't willing to! It was only after they convinced you, that you were willing to.

M: She's a Shy Girl, how would she take the initiative to kiss a guy? Actually, I'm more than willing to give my first on-screen kiss to you, but if I don't have to, of course that's the best!

H: Perhaps you give people the impression that you take initiatives, but also hide your emotions at the same time. You have to spark with someone first. It is the slow to get familiar type.

M: During Suspects In Love, I thought we don't talk much, but surprisingly you provoked me to talk in the van.

H: You also didn't look like the Mandy you are today. I'm still the same Him, known to talk loudly. Do you remember in Suspects, I always went topless, and asked you why you were looking at me?

M: At the time, I was thinking "What are you doing? You think you're really hot?"

Epilogue: When Him & Mandy Meet, So Loud like a Street Market

On cameras, Mandy speaks a few words, but in private, she's such a chatterbox. She often adds a few English words too, making herself seem like a silly girl. Just like that day during the interview with Him kept teasing her, she couldn't find a place to jump in, but then she kept repeating to Him: "Ask me questions! (in English) Didn't you have a lot to say!" But, Him careless and continued to make his sarcastic look: "You keep repeating that statement, so noisy!" The two bickering constantly, neither of them were willing to give in, and eventually turned the whole restaurant into a "lively" and loud street market!"

Friday, July 27, 2012

Alex Fong & Yoyo Mung at 'A Great Way to Care II' Costume Fitting

Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung, Edwin Siu and Aimee Chan attended the costume fitting for TVB new series A Great Way to Care II. Lead actress Tavia Yeung was absent, but was miserably teased by Alex. He took her latest rumor to joke with, he said: "Perhaps she's still in Korea enjoying and recharging. (With Him Law?) I'm not sure, but that's not bad! Career is good, and love life is good too!"

It's been three years since Alex been in a TVB series, and coming back to shoot this sequel is to return the 'series debt'. He reveals this is the last series in his contract: "I hope to be able to renew my contract with TVB. I want to spend more time in HK to be with my wife and daughter." When asked if he feels pity that Myolie and Bosco broke up? Alex said: "It is life experience, if not dating, then have to marry."

When speaking of Bosco's love affair with Ada Lin and in the recent years, HK male artists have been finding girlfriends in Mainland? Alex said: "I like to work in Mainland too. I think they have some fame in Mainland, and won't dare to mess around. Young people going out for a drink is very normal. We all know I am a father, so I don't have this type of trouble." He expressed lascivious young people are normal: "I was like that in the past too. If not, then it's hard to be in this industry."

Yoyo plays a psychiatrist in the series, she laughed and said she used her boyfriend Ekin Cheng's concert ticket in exchange for knowledge from her cousin's husband, who is a real psychiatrist. Yoyo believed Myolie and Bosco's break up is just part of their personal live experience. In reality, it is only the two of them that knows what's really going on, the most important is the happiness of the two. "I also had my 7 year itch, but Ekin and I are still doing well."

Aimee Chan hopes to steal tips from Alex, and praised he's the HK version of Richard Gere. She hopes her boyfriend Moses won't be jealous: "They are both very man and handsome." Aimee felt pity that Bosco and Myolie broke up. She has faith in her boyfriend: "Love should not have regulations, fate will decide everything."

Kenneth Ma no fate to meet Mainland girls, likes to be practical

Yesterday Kenneth Ma attended a Mini Cooper event. When speaking of Ron Ng's rumors, that he has another secret wealthy girlfriend and even asked her to send him a SMS of her undressing? Kenneth supported Ron: "I don't know about this issue at all. Ron is handsome on the outside and looks like a playboy, but he's not like that. I usually make more dirty jokes than he does."

Ron, Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong have all fell into Mainland actresses love traps? Kenneth said: "I haven't had the opportunity to meet any Mainland actresses, but I think its normal for men to like women. There is no separation of what location or area." Kenneth laughed and said he's a practical person, and definitely won't be in non-serious relationships. "I am not saying I'm not a pervert, but if I don't have feelings for a girl, then I'll feel it's a waste of time and money to go out with her." Asked if he'll be practical and meet a wealthy girl? He said: "No, if the girl has money, then I would be really stressed. I'm afraid people may say I'm living off of her. I like to give more than receive, it's happier like that. Both sides putting effort would be better."

What about Myolie and Bosco's break up? Kenneth praised Myolie's professionalism. "It's a pity they broke up. I'm currently shooting Seasons of Love with her, and she has not let her emotions affect her. I haven't seen her cry. We chat and laugh, nothing different." He smiled and said if necessary, he can introduce guys to her. "But, Myolie has such good qualities. She has many to choose from, no need to rush."

Yugi Lin reveals her relationship with Raymond Lam: "A Playboy Film King"

After the 'Raymond-Mavis Bed Photo Incident', in order to avoid further damaging his image, Raymond Lam turned low-key, until a few days ago when rumors broke out with newcomer 18 year old Karena Ng. Yesterday new rumors circulated stating that Raymond actually has a secret girlfriend, Mainland online goddess Liu Yugi (劉羽琦).

It was understood, last September (2011), Raymond met Yugi at a birthday party in Beijing. A person from the industry introduced them, and they exchanged phone numbers. Raymond sent SMS to Yugi and quickly tried to pursue her. Love sparked immediately between them. Late last year, Yugi celebrated Christmas in Raymond's hometown, Xiamen and even met his parents. Yesterday reporters contacted Raymond about his new romance, he responded through his manager: "Honestly, I don't really know her. Whatever she says, I will not respond."

Miserably hurt by Raymond for saying he didn't know her well, Yugi accepted a phone interview and made a few cold laughs: "There were some friends that told me before he's a real playboy. I have now realized that he's not a good person. (Last year you spent Christmas with him?) That time, he treated me very well, often taking initiative in asking me out. I don't want to mention this person again. He is not important. I did SMS with him, but I don't want make it a big deal, so I didn't make it public. I just want to say, he is not a good man!" She emphasized Raymond never directly say to break up, but he clearly knew she was in HK shooting, and didn't even give her one call.

Slept with Raymond?

When asked where they usually met? Yugi said: "Because we are very low-key, so I have to meet him at his house. (Did you and Raymond sleep together?) You guys go ask him what we did at his house!" She expressed because Raymond loved to be low-key, so they never took any sexual photos, but Yugi knew exactly where things were at Raymond's home. What she remembers most was his bedroom was filled with toys for boys. As for the photo that circulated on Weibo earlier this year, was it taken at Raymond's house? She expressed she will not respond. When asked if she's disappointed in Raymond? She said: "Not really disappointed, I just think he's a film king, and I don't want these things to affect his work."

Yugi's manager expressed she was on a day off yesterday, and she lost her cell phone, so she had been unable to contact her. Yugi's manager said she never gets involved with her artists' personal lives. She only learned about Yugi's relationship with Raymond when she saw the report yesterday, and is still trying to contact her to see what's going on.

Meanwhile, yesterday ex-rumored girlfriend Rose Chan attended an event and when asked about Yugi's comments on Raymond being a playboy? Rose asked: "Why are you asking me? My rumor with him was so long ago. (Do you think he's a playboy?) I'm not aware, but whether if he's a playboy or not, just ask him. I know I'm not one."

Mavis Pan: Watch and You'll See

Ex-girlfriend Mavis Pan accepted a phone interview yesterday. When asked about her ex's latest rumors with Yugi Lin and Karena Ng? Once she heard the question, she criticized: "He's the past, that type of person is not worthy of being talked about. (Do you think he's a cheater?) Just watch and you'll see. Time will prove everything." Mavis said she has seen Yugi once at a public event, and does not have much of an impression on her. She said: "I already have no feelings for Raymond whatsoever. Whoever he's with, it is none of my business."

Ron Ng denies being a two-timer; 'Miss Wealthy' exposes the evidence

Lately, Ron Ng has been troubled continuously by his relationship with Mainland 35F girlfriend Viann Zhang. It was rumored he's a two-timer, dating a wealthy girl outside of the industry, while being with Viann. Yesterday, Miss Wealthy wasn't willing to let Ron see her as a 'playmate', so she exposed a sexual SMS, an ambiguous voice recording and topless photos. Looks like Ron is in serious trouble again.

The report said Miss Wealthy started dating Ron last year, but at the time he was dating Viann Zhang too. Miss Wealthy became the girlfriend that can't be in the light, their dates would just be at home. Ron sent a lustful SMS to her and asked to exchange topless photos of themselves. A sound recording leaked and the voice sounded like Ron. In the recording, the man wanted her to: "Take a picture of yourself in a pink underwear and let me see."

Viann, dumped by Ron, took advantage of this opportunity and posted on Weibo yesterday: "The most frightening is the thing that you have always insisted on believing; One day the truth uncovers in front of you. That's good, I can see it earlier..." Sounds like an implication of something.

Yesterday Ron was shooting on location for TVB new series Seasons of Love. When he saw reporters at the scene, he appeared calm, and took initiative to respond to the Miss Wealthy rumors. Ron admitted he knows Miss Wealthy, but they have never dated before. As for what Miss Wealthy said, it is not the truth. He stressed he never dated her and she even called him once to say sorry. Miss Wealthy also promised to clarify the recording was a misunderstanding.

When asked if, according to the report, the SMS he sent of the bed and topless photos were actually sent by him personally? Ron did not deny: "I saw the report too. She knew this incident would cause awkwardness for me, so she already apologized to me and promised she will come out to clarify the whole issue." He avoided to say if he really did send her those SMS: "I don't want to respond too much!" When asked if he'll be more careful next time when making new friends? Ron said: "I don't do a background check when I make friends."

As for ex-girlfriend Viann scolding that the true side of him has been uncovered? Ron expressed Viann does not know the inside story and he will not explain any further. "I am not a two-timer, nor have I dated Miss Wealthy. Viann refused to listen to my explanation, it is just a misunderstanding." When asked if he's still friends with Viann? Ron did not want to respond any more. He said he was absent from the Triumph in the Skies II costume fitting because of an old cramp, and it is not because he was avoiding reporters. Now that he broke up with Viann, has his emotions been affected? "I am not going to talk too much about my personal matters. I have to focus on work."

When asked about Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong's rumors with Mainland actresses, feeling helpless himself, Ron kept his mouth shut. It was rumored Kate Tsui has been getting closer to him, Ron expressed there is no such thing: "Even for breakfast, we have different taste."

As for Kate, she careless about Ron and Viann's relationship, but regarding to their rumors, Kate said: "Impossible. I am only worried about Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong now. I sent an SMS to comfort Myolie." It was said the three TVB Siu Sangs are falling into Mainland actresses' love traps. Kate laughed and said she will really reflect on this.

Today (7/26th), Viann posted a photo of her "RON" tattoo on Weibo and said: "Today I discovered the truth and cried. Why did you treat me like that? But on second thoughts, this is how I can really let go. The girl that once ran to the tattoo studio, has died. As I will rebirth with fire because I have met a good person. Thank you, 'Good Person'. Washed away the tattoo, I am living again."

Ada Lin cries: "I'm not Bosco Wong/Myolie Wu's Third Party"

TVB Siu Sangs Bosco Wong, Ron Ng and Raymond Lam have been entangled by their romances. Myolie Wu ended her 8 year relationship with Bosco, but emphasized she didn't have a third party, but never defended Bosco on whether he had a third party or not. It has been rumored that Bosco is a playboy, yesterday only his mother was seen out shopping alone, Bosco did not go out anywhere. Because Mainland actress Ada Liu Yan was rumored to have sparked love with Bosco after collaborating with him the drama Bread Tree Woman (麵包樹上的女人), it was rumored she was the third party. Even during the sensitive period, Ada still made a trip to Hong Kong, making people wonder if she's trying to show her authority? It turns out, she coincidentally came to HK to shoot a new film, but when she learned the situation has developed into a severe stage, with over 4,000 Myolie and Bosco fans scolding her on Weibo. Feeling innocent, Ada was left with no choice, but to personally clarify herself.

Usually, Ada is frequently dressed sexily, but yesterday she was dressed more conservatively when she met with the press. She looked like a completely different person. She expressed, it cannot be because she's dressed sexily for work, that she's definitely the third party. Ada said she already has a boyfriend, who isn't in the industry. Their relationship is stabled and simple. At this time, Ada started crying as she spoke: "I just feel so wronged and innocent, nor do I know why there are such speculations. My boyfriend treats me very well. I cannot let him suffer shame like this."

She said: "Even my friends said its wrong, I just went there for two days of shooting. I don't understand why such news would circulate." Asked if she thinks Bosco is a playboy? She said: "I do not know him well at all, how can I comment? Also, whatever I say now will just be taking out of proportion. We have never met before nor do we have any interactions outside of filming." As for HK actors dating Mainland actresses, usually she gets blamed for trying to get publicity and overnight fame? She said: "I want to say, you may be popular in HK, but not necessarily in Mainland. I am popular in Mainland, and have productions that people know me in. I don't need to get publicity at all." Ada said in tears: "I am not a third party, nor do I want to be the so-called goddess. This time, I just feel so hurt, therefore I must personally clarify. I am just a hardworking simple Mainland actress. Even if I look sexy, it is just for work. I hope this matter can end now."

As Myolie has never clarified if there was a third party? Ada denied: "Myolie Wu never said I was the third party either. I have zero rumors in Mainland, never have I had rumors with other artists. I also don't go out for karaoke or drinking. How can I become someone's third party? I honestly can't understand that." Although she's been dragged into the water, she still defended Bosco and Myolie. She expressed Myolie and Bosco are victims as well. Bosco is getting scolded, while Myolie is suffering as well. Everyone should really let the two of them handle their matters and hope to end this 'third party' business as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

BoA releases drama MV for “Only One”

The queen of Kpop, BoA recently returned with the release of her latest album ‘Only One‘ and the dance version music video for her title track “Only One“.

Earlier today, the drama version of “Only One” was revealed through Naver. This music video features famous actor Yoo Ah In and it seems it was directed by BoA’s brother Metaloz.

Check out the drama music video for “Only One” below!

Girls’ Generation’s personal phone numbers being sold online

SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘ reported July 25th that the phone numbers of today’s top stars are being sold online.

A call was made to the seller asking for the numbers of Girls’ Generation, and the seller remarked, “I have all of them. Each of them are $4.”

The seller also explained that if you purchase multiple telephone numbers, you can receive a discount or receive more numbers for free.

When the seller was asked about the source from which the numbers came from, the response was, “There are people who sell them, saying they have connections with people in the industry. I think a sasaeng fan posted it on an online café.”

The fan café in question is currently shut down.

Chinese star claims Deric Wan cheated her of money and love

A Chinese actress by the name of Wan Jiarong has shockingly claimed that Hong Kong actor Deric Wan is her ex-flame and cheated her of her money and love.

She alleged that the two were introduced in 2004 by a mutual friend. At that time, she was still in school but she decided to date him after his relentless pursuit. After they started dating officially, she even went behind her parents' backs to change her surname to match his.

"He forced me not to work and stay at home. My passport, identification, credit cards and bank books were in his possession. I listened to him because at the time, he was my entire world."

In 2007, when Deric wanted to purchase a piece of property in Tianjin as an investment, Jiarong claimed that she forked out RMB100,000 (S$19,600) to aid his purchase. "In total, I gave him RMB500,000 (S$98,000), so when he bought the house, I asked a lawyer friend of mine to draft an agreement stating that if he were to sell the house, he would give me RMB500,000 (S$98,000)."

Jiarong added that Deric promised to tie the knot with her and obtained an affidavit confirming that he is single, which is required in mainland China for marriage registration.

The property in Tianjin is reportedly sold for an estimated RMB3 million (S$590,000) but Jiarong claims that she has not received her promised payment of RMB500,000 (S$98,000).

Plagued with numerous relationship rumours recently, reports claimed that Deric tied the knot with Chinese entertainer Zhao Ting, who will be giving birth next month.

Jiarong broke into tears at the mention of Zhao Ting, claiming that Deric brought Zhao Ting home in June and even chased her out of the home. Deric also said that he furthered their relationship purely for money.

Jiarong claims that she has since given up on Deric and only wants her RMB500,000 (S$98,000) back. She has engaged a lawyer to start legal proceedings against him.

Deric and his management have declined comment on her allegations.

Jiro Wang slammed for insensitivity towards victims of Beijing floods

Beijing was ravaged by the heaviest rain in over six decades over the weekend, causing widespread flooding and the deaths of at least 30 people. Singer Jiro Wang, who has been in the Chinese capital filming My Beautiful Kingdom, was resting in his hotel room when the storm struck, where he was struck by inspiration and penned a rain-themed poem.

He wrote, "The storm outside is like someone's tears; those under their umbrellas seem aimless as the sound of the rain falling echoes the sound of their longing. I foolishly smile like a child; even if there are no clear skies after the rain, I must also paint this colourful landscape. (My) longing is a laughable tragedy, just like this unexpected rain. I can only gaze at Beijing through my window and continue waiting. How wet; good poem!"

In Mandarin "How wet; good poem!" sounds alike and became the centre of much criticism as some fans felt that his likening of the storm to his feelings was insensitive and showed a lack of compassion for the victims of the disaster.

Actress Shu Qi stepped up to defend Jiro on her micro-blog, saying, "We are in Beijing, how could we lack compassion? If you look at Jiro's micro-blog, you'll be able to tell if he has compassion or not."

Jiro's manager has clarified that the poem was written at about seven in the evening and that Jiro had thought it was just a normal storm and learned about the devastation it had caused much later.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Myolie Wu announces her break up with Bosco Wong

Today Myolie Wu announced she broke up with Bosco Wong, ending their 8 year relationship. She still insisted on attending the Ghetto Justice II promotional event, but forced a smile while playing the games. Myolie appeared tired at the promotion, she revealed she and Bosco were on a break for a while, and the break up happened a few months ago. Bosco said he'll wait for her and use time to prove everything? Myolie started tearing up after she heard this: "I'm sorry, I don't want it to be like this, seems like it's becoming such a big deal. I hope...we are adults, I hope we can leave this undisturbed and handle it maturely." During the time, she kept using tissues to wipe away her tears. When asked if Bosco had a third party? Myolie expressed they have already broken up, and she cannot respond for him. She only said she didn't have a third party. She said its been a long time since she's seen Bosco and they broke up peacefully. Earlier Bosco pledged over a phone interview that he'll hire bodyguards to protect her. Myolie became emotional again after she heard this. She just hopes the media and the public won't have too many speculations. Asked if she already moved out of their 'love nest'? Myolie said they have always been living separately.

Earlier on Eileen Cha's radio interview, Myolie said it was after deep thoughts before they decided to peacefully break up. The first person to find out was Bosco's mother. When asked if its because of a third party, Myolie said she has no right to answer for him, but they have once thought of staying together, unfortunately it did not work out. She said fate decided it. It turns out, when Myolie got the TV Queen award last year, the couple already had issues in their relationship, now that they have separated, they are still friends.

[TVB E-News] Eileen Cha called Bosco to confirm and he admitted the break up as well. When asked about a third party and the earlier reports that Bosco had 3 girlfriends, Bosco said it has nothing to do with a third party. His good friend Tang Chi Wai was interviewed and said Bosco has been really unhappy during this period and still is unhappy. Last night, Virgina Lok talked to Bosco on the phone until 4am.

Regarding to the relationship already started having issues last year when Myolie got TV Queen? Myolie was interviewed later and said she actually does not know why Bosco said that because the issues didn't start during that time. Then Myolie expressed that's why she doesn't want to talk about it in such detail, it's unfair to both of them. The reporter said well if she doesn't explain it, then people will speculate. Myolie said even if she does, people will still write nonsense. There were several reports on why they broke up. Some say Bosco is actually very quiet at home, but Myolie said it's not related. Myolie continued and expressed whatever reason it is, she does not want to talk about it because the relationship is between the two of them.

A-Prince releases “You’re the Only One” MV

Revamped rookie group A-PRINCE has released the music video for their pre-debut release, “You’re the Only One”!

“You’re the Only One” has been garnering a lot of interest as it was composed by MBLAQ‘s G.O, who presented the song to A-PRINCE for their upcoming album.

A-PRINCE is also holding a mini-showcase on July 26, 2012, 7:00PM at Cafe Dorothy Jiangnan (Jiangnan Kyobo Tower next to Regent Tower, 1st floor). There is no admission fee and seats will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Watch the “You’re the Only One” MV below.

Super Junior reveals they nearly broke up because of a misunderstanding

The Super Junior members revealed that they nearly split up over a few misunderstandings.

On the July 24th broadcast of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, the Super Junior members opened up saying, “We were on the verge of breaking up because of an argument we had right before a live performance.

Leeteuk once got really mad right before an Inkigayo shoot,” Eunhyuk said. “The members continually joked around with him to the point where he inevitably grew angry.”

He continued, “It wasn’t me that was causing mischief, but Leeteuk misunderstood and thought it was me and got angry. Kyuhyun was the one causing most of the trouble, and Leeteuk made up with him but left me alone so it made me upset.

Leeteuk who was listening to Eunhyuk share this story explained, “I was trying not to grow angry at their fun and games, but it didn’t stop so I eventually exploded. I got mad at Kyuhyun and my emotions got the best of me so I stepped outside, when I found Kyuhyun he was crying and so I comforted him.”

At that moment, I realized that these continuous misunderstandings and agitated emotions are what could cause our group to break up,” Leeteuk continued. “It was only 10 minutes before the live performance, and I felt bad that I could not make it up to Eunhyuk but there was just not enough time.”

In order to make Eunhyuk feel better, Leeteuk decided that he would ask Eunhyuk to say the speech after they earned the #1 K-Chart win. When Leeteuk asked him, Eunhyuk looked unenthused, and his thank-you speech was given with an expressionless face that was rather dry and formal. This only caused the atmosphere within the group to become more tense.

Fellow member Shindong then remarked, “These little misunderstandings caused such big fights that it was really upsetting. After that happened, we were able to bond our friendship more tightly on other variety programs.

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny attracts attention with her beautiful legs

A recent picture revealing Girls’ Generation member Sunny‘s gorgeous legs has attracted some attention. The photo is from a shoot Girls’ Generation did for SM Entertainment‘s IT exhibition, ’S.M. Art Exhibition‘. Sunny is sitting on the floor, posing for the shot in a way that flaunts her long legs.

Her black dress and pose accentuate her flawless legs in the picture, surprising netizens with her amazing figure. Already well-known for her small face and shapely body, Sunny stunned with her perfect proportions.

Netizens responded to the picture in awe with comments like, “I knew her body was shapely, but her legs are gorgeous too,“ “Her proportions are great,” and “She may be short, but her body line is amazing and her proportions are great, what a perfect body.”

S.M. Art Exhibition will be held from August 10 to the 19th at the COEX in Seoul, Samseong-dong.

Kevin Cheng adds his own scene, slaps 'Law Yau' Myolie Wu's butt

After becoming 'double TV King' last year based on the 'Law Ba' role in Ghetto Justice, the title brought Kevin Cheng many gold digging opportunities in Mainland. To keep this momentum, next week's premiere of the sequel Ghetto Justice II cannot fail. For the sequel, Kevin added more to it, on the premiere week he'll have a chain of intense kiss scenes with Myolie Wu and even added his own scene, where he slaps Myolie's butt. Kevin directed his own 'scum' scenes to accommodate the Law Ba and 'Law Yau' (Myolie) gag.

Kevin revealed it was his idea to slap Myolie's butt: "Well the scum stuff is on me. She's my girlfriend, I'm Law Ba and the neighbors call her 'Law Yau', so this scene is pretty funny!" He expressed he has great expectations for the sequel, but he's not sure if the Olympics will affect the ratings.

When speaking of the nonstop kiss scenes, Myolie and Kevin both expressed because they're already a couple in the sequel, so it's reasonable. Myolie said: "I was a little nervous in the first season (part 1), but now that we're more familiar, we have a lot more chemistry. There is even a feeling like we're newly weds, this time the kiss scenes get very hot. (Sparks?) He's like a brother to me!"

Asked if she's afraid boyfriend Bosco Wong might get jealous? Myolie said: "Nope! We're just filming! I'm actually afraid Kevin's fans might get jealous, he's so popular. (A couple team with Kevin?) I am very confident this time, but I want to be a wild couple!" She reveals they create new sparks in the sequel because Christine Kuo gets in between them as the third party. In one scene, Christine got too agitated that there was a car flipping accident too.

Raymond Lam caught on a date with his 'crush' 18 year old Karena Ng

[East Week] recently spotted Raymond Lam with his 'crush'. It turns out his crush is 18 year old, Karena Ng, a newcomer in the film industry this year. The two sparked after collaborating in the film Love is..Pyjamas earlier this year in April. A few days ago, the film company held an end-of-filming karaoke celebration, Raymond and Karena were seen chatting quietly off to the side where there were no people around. They were flirting the entire night until morning. On Saturday (7/21), the two were spotted on a date in Central. Because it was raining at the time, Raymond instantly protected Karena from the rain and walked her to the 7-seater van that was already parked nearby. The van drove them to another building.

When they got to their destination, Raymond and Karena went into the building. After about an hour, the two were seen walking out of the building. At this time, they must have noticed reporters taking pictures, so they quickly got in a taxi and kept their distance while in the taxi. Soon after, the taxi stopped and Raymond suddenly jumps out of the car and quickly ran away. Karena was left in the taxi alone.

Yesterday Karena responded to the rumor through her management: "Raymond Lam is just a friend, we aren't dating." She explained she and Raymond were invited to a private dinner party with a large group of friends. Coincidentally they were nearby, so they met up to take the taxi together to the location. However, Raymond suddenly remembered he had to buy something, so he got out of the taxi midway. Based on Karena's explanation, she really defended Raymond.

It was said Raymond sang love songs to Karena at the karaoke. Karena's manager said: "Actually that dinner party was just the Love is...Pyjamas end-of-filming celebration. The entire cast and crew were there playing, Raymond didn't sing the love songs, that were stated in the magazine."

Michael Tse denies buying a home to celebrate becoming TV King

Last night while Typhoon Vicente was in HK, Michael Tse was at TVB City recording for game show All Star World Exam. TVB especially made arrangements to pick up and drop off artists from and to their homes. Studio audience admissions was also canceled. Michael smiled: "I didn't drive because I can't predict what's going to come flying at me on the road."

It was reported Michael got appointed by TVB executive Virgina Lok to be this year's TV King and he excitedly bought a luxury home in Happy Valley to celebrate. Michael said: "Crazy! What month is it now? The anniversary isn't even here yet. I didn't buy a new home nor have I looked at any homes." It was said HK artists make a lot of money by just shooting one Mainland drama? Michael said: "I will have to ask the Mainland TV Kings. Ask them if they bought a home yet." He had plans to buy a home for many years, but unfortunately the most expensive homes in the world is in HK. It can be as expensive as several HK$10,000 per square foot. His goal is not the Mid-Levels luxury homes, the most important is for the home to be suitable for his status and his capability.

A magazine reported that when shooting new series Justice Pursuit & Attack, the cast boycotted former ATV artist Alice Chan and at the end-of-filming celebration dinner, they teamed up and forced her to drink. Michael said: "Of course we didn't do that, that night we all had a good time. The atmosphere was very harmonious, no one gossiped. We were all happy to have accomplished something together. If you give me a toast, I will give you a toast back. That magazine is speaking nonsense, and 10 reasons could be made just by 1 photo."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BoA releases MV for “Only One”

The queen of Kpop, BoA has returned with the release of her latest album ‘Only One’ and the dance version music video for her title track “Only One” has been released on SM Entertainment’s Official YouTube channel.

Check out the dance version music video for “Only One” below!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jessica Hsuan afraid to die, turns down CTI's offer; Reveals 'Tiger Cubs' Sequel

Yesterday Jessica Hsuan appeared for an interview on the radio station. She reveals TVB has approached her to discuss shooting a sequel to Tiger Cubs. She said: "We did discuss the sequel, TVB wanted me to sign 1 year contract! (Get a pay raise?) Didn't discuss in that detail, still very preliminary. I'm not even sure when the sequel of Tiger Cubs will start shooting, who the lead actor is, I don't know anything yet!" When speaking of Tiger Cubs' ending, where it was exposed she's going to die? She replied: "Really? How so! If I die, how will there be a sequel?"

Also, she discloses Ricky Wong once asked her to shoot a travel show for CTI: "They wanted the show to be more intense and exciting, and wanted me to go to Vanuatu and explore the active volcanoes there! Because I'm afraid to die, so I turned it down. If I was 20 years younger, I would do it! (Did they asked you to shoot series for them?) Yeah we discussed that too, but the scripts were cops and robbers again. I want to try something I haven't done before as my 'first cannon' after leaving TVB."

Kenneth Ma gets punished to brush teeth with shrimp paste

Kenneth Ma, Fala Chen and Samantha Ko were recording an episode of Sammy Leung (Sam Mei) and Kitty Yuen's (Siu Yee) new game show Fantastic Oddities of Southeast Asia (千奇百怪東南亞). Kenneth lost in the game and was penalized to brush his teeth with shrimp paste, but he had a complaint on Sammy: "He deliberately made me lose and only goes easy on the beauties. Luckily, when I get back to shooting later, I don't have any kiss scenes, otherwise with my bad breath, people will definitely dislike me."

This is Fala's first time on a Q & A game show, she refuted Kenneth's complaint: "I even got their names mixed up, I called them 'Sam Yee, Siu Mei', why would Sammy go easy on me?." Samantha just published a book at the Book Fair, and expressed initially she invited Sammy to help her write the preface for her new book, but he declined, so she doesn't believe Sammy was being biased in the game: "Instead Fala helped me write it." Fala praised Samantha's good literature and she also hopes to publish her own book too.

This year at the Book Fair, there was a Lengmo who had a completely nude photo book. Kenneth expressed: "That is too over, next year there should be an adult section at the Book Fair, put all the lengmos there. When asked if Kenneth interested in checking the book out? He said: "No interest, too disgusting. I am a normal pervert, but they (lengmos) could only attract the abnormal perverts." Samantha and Fala expressed it's a bad influence on the children, Fala said: "That's their personal freedom, they weren't forced to do it, they chose to do it themselves, but it shouldn't be allowed at the Book Fair."

CTI new series 'Police Boundaries' starring Liu Kai Chi, Dominic Lam & Leila Tong

Yesterday Ricky Wong held the blessing ceremony for CTI new series Police Boundaries (警界線). The cast including Liu Kai Chi, Dominic Lam, Lawrence Chow and Leila Tong attended.

Ricky expressed CTI currently has enough series and variety shows in storage ready for CTI to begin operations next year, but he's in no rush. Regarding to his confidence in obtaining the free-to-air TV license, Ricky expressed: "We can definitely start operating next year because each our productions are on a HK$20 million budget, so I am very confident." It was rumored because the government keeps delaying the issue of the free-to-air TV license, iCable lost their exclusive rights to broadcast the London Olympics, which indirectly affects CTI's license issue? Ricky told the media not to pull two unrelated things together, don't make things that complicated.

In the series, Liu Kai Chi plays a big thief and will have a lot of scenes opposite of Dominic and Lawrence Chow. He said the new working environment brings new light. Before the series started, the cast and crew gathered to study the script together and took a course on gun shooting, which has never happened in TVB.

Leila reveals she signed a two year contract with CTI and this is her second series with CTI. This is her first time playing a policewoman, she expressed the series is male-oriented, so she'll have more time to look after her daughter.

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