Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ada Choi Returns to Work, Her Daughter Mistaken Eddie Kwan for Her

Yesterday Ada Choi returns to work after her postpartum month ended to shoot an advertisement for skincare brand Suisse Reborn. Ada successfully lost weight after childbirth, but expressed she still has to lose 8 more pounds. "My daughter is already 20 pounds. I'm breastfeeding her, but she has diarrhea after drinking her milk, then she'll drink again and the cycle repeats. I'm so exhausted I asked her why doesn't she take a nap first because her mother is just too tired! But when I see her cute and chubby face, it's all worth it."

When speaking of her new series Beauty At War's poor ratings. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, the ratings went down to 20 and 21 points; that's a new low! Ada admitted she does feel a bit unhappy: "We all know about the ratings, but I hope the audience will have a bit more patience and watch the series carefully. When I'm watching, my daughter cries, but I just stick a stuff animal at her. My daughter also thinks Eddie Kwan is me! Because he's covered with the Chinese opera makeup."

Sheren Tang disclosed the script wasn't ready at the time of filming. Ada expressed: "We just didn't have our lines yet, the scenes were all allocated already and there was a synopsis, so we knew what the story was about. Actually, I didn't have to do as much homework. This way, nothing was set up and the outcome is more natural."


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