Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Niki Chow Experiences Life or Death in 20 Seconds

While A Change of Heart is airing, Niki will be working on a Mainland costume series The Last Empress with Raymond Lam. Yesterday she flew from Hong Kong to Hangzhou, then traveled in a 7-seater van to Hengdian to prepare for the new series. However, she almost lost her life! Yesterday at 11am, Niki was still on her road trip to Hengdian, but because of the uneven pavement, the van suddenly got a flat tire on the highway. At the time Niki was deep in her sleep, but because the driver slammed on the brakes, the steering wheel twisted from left to right, and a truck from behind almost crashed into them at a high speed, there was danger all around, Niki's manager and assistant immediately woke her up.

Fortunately, the staff sitting in the front passenger seat helped the driver twist the steering wheel in the right direction at the right time and prevented an accident. However, Niki was already frightened to death. Reporters later called Niki, she expressed the life or death experience happened in 20 seconds, she was still frightened that afternoon: "Luckily nothing happened, everyone is ok and I am thankful."

Niki's assistant wrote on Weibo: "Big news, our tire blew on the highway, very dangerous, the cars were going so far. We almost got into an accident and the police came too." Another friend in the car said: "That moment when the tire blew, life or death in 20 seconds, and you (Niki) was still sleeping. Scared me to death! And we almost got hit by a truck." Niki added: "That was indeed a dangerous event. We were on the highway waiting to be rescued! I don't dare to sleep again." Niki's assistant disclosed they waited for the Public Security for 2 hours, but because Niki was on a tight schedule, she called another van to take her to Hengdian.

Niki wrote on Weibo: "Reporting my safety to everyone. We made it safely to the hotel! I'm prepared to start working! Thank you all for the concern and support from the crew!" Christine Ng was very worried about Niki's safety and warned her repeatedly to be careful.


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