Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Q Bobo Officially Says Goodbye to HK, Takes off to Scotland

Last night, Q Bobo (Gil Singh) appeared at the HK airport ready for departure to Scotland, where he'll be imprisoned in the "immigration jail". Dressed in a "I Love HK" T-shirt, Q Bobo brings a TVBuddy figure and a special custom made "HK's First South Asian Actor Award" trophy, a birthday gift from good friend Johnson Lee, with him on the flight. On the back of his T-shirt, it also reads "I'm a HKer". Q Bobo frankly expressed he has a contradicting feeling: "I really feel reluctant to leave HK, but at the same time I'm happy to see my family again. Also, my wife enjoys living in a bigger house in Scotland!" Before departure, Q Bobo left a final goodbye message on Facebook and got many blessings from fans.

As the first South Asian actor in all of HK, Q Bobo expressed he feels honored to represent the minority group: "I'm very pleased to be able to contribute to society and I hope there will be an emerge of more Q Bobos in the future." He also did not forget to thank the audience for all the support and acknowledgement given to him. There were several fans sending Q Bobo off at the airport. Fans asked for pictures with him, and he answered them one by one. He disclosed in August, he'll be attending an event in HK. When asked if he'll come back to HK for work after "going to jail"? He said with a regretful tone: "We'll see how it goes! Sometimes in life, there are things destined to happen and there are other things that are not, but you cannot demand it."

Q Bobo expressed earlier in a phone interview: "My wife is already in Scotland. I purposely chose to depart on Mother's Day because HK is like my motherland. I really feel reluctant to leave, but then again I don't want my family to be separated in two places. Thank you Minutes to Fame and the support my manager gave me thereafter. Thanks for taking me all over the world for stage performances and bringing me so many jobs. Also, I want to thank producer Amy Wong for casting me in her series and allowing the audience to know how I am."

Q Bobo was born in HK and his wife had always been living in HK for 22 years, but unfortunately she was unable to get a HK SAR passport. She only holds a passport from India."


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