Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kevin Cheng to Produce TV Series, Hopes to Work With Kenneth, Wayne & Myolie

A few years ago, Kevin Cheng got very popular in Mainland from his TV series Startling by Each Step. Since then, he participated in 7 other Mainland series all in one breath, including Ip Man. Also with the addition of his other jobs like events and commercials, his income had already surpassed a 100 million in just a little over a year. Recently on the Forbes China Top 100 Celebrities list, Kevin is rank 46, which is the highest rank among the HK Siu Sang and FaDans.

Currently filming in Mainland, Kevin accepted [Mingpao Weekly] exclusive interview and expressed: "Of course when I learned about the Forbes China rankings, I was very happy and surprised. After all it is a form of recognition. As one of the representatives in the TV industry, I am happy to have such accomplishment."

Earning so much money, is Kevin saving up for marriage? "I established my own work studio, so I have to save up in order to start shooting TV series. In my first project, I'll be part of the cast, but I need to have attractive and strong artists to participate too. This will require quite a bit on my budget." According to a source, Kevin hopes to get his good friends to participate in his first TV series. Kevin laughed: "It's all still in the works. I've been searching for a good script before and still working hard now. It is really not that simple being a producer. You have to invest a lot of time and energy into it, so in June when I complete the series I'm filming now, I will be concentrated on getting my first TV series up and running. On the side, I'll be recording for my new album as well. I do indeed have ideas, I want to collaborate with my good friends in this debut project, such as Wayne Lai whom I had always admired, but we had never really encountered before; Kenneth Ma, we had very good sparks in A Fistful of Stances; Myolie Wu and Cecilia Liu, I've worked with them on Ghetto Justice and Startling by Each Step respectively. We established good chemistry from those collaborations. It will be fun and entertaining to work with good friends." Is Kevin going to be launching his new album this year? "When I go back to HK, I hope to finish recording my songs and there are some other jobs I have scheduled. So, the earliest I could be back to shoot a TVB series will be early next year."


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