Friday, May 24, 2013

Bosco Wong wants to pursue f(x)'s Victoria Song

Yesterday Bosco Wong, Christine Kuo and Korean girl group f(x)'s Chinese lead singer Victoria Song attended a COACH event. There nearly a 100 Victoria fans waiting outside the Coach store. Surrounded by rumor after rumor, does Bosco want to try pursuing a Korean star? At first he said he doesn't know Korean, but he later learned Victoria is Chinese, he then said: "Then I will have to really meet her!"

When Victoria appeared at the event, she appeared friendly and first took a group picture with Bosco and Christine. After the pictures, the staff took Victoria away. During the interviews, Victoria and reporters were already at a distance, but the staff still kept telling reporters to move back and the security came in to stop reporters from interviewing. It turns out the scheduled interview was canceled. Victoria didn't know how to react and just stood there smiling.

After clearing up the confusion, Victoria came back out again for an interview. She spoke in fluent Mandarin, "This time I came to HK alone to attend this event. I feel quite nervous because I usually get interviewed on a large stage. Close distance interviews is a stranger to me." Victoria's favorite HK artists include Andy Lau, Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, but she described them as old actors: "I was born after 1980, to the younger generation may consider relatively older actors, but I do hope to work with them."

All along, Bosco is seen as the 'pursue girl king', after his break up with Myolie Wu, he had been surrounded by rumors. He denied: "Don't give me that title. My career is priority. (Dating?) In series, yes. Watching Raymond Lam dating and rumor marriage, really happy for him, but I haven't found a target yet." It was said he could pursue Korean stars? Bosco said: "I don't know Korean. Is she Chinese? I definitely need to meet her then. Actually I don't mind dating someone of a different nationality, but I haven't met any."


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