Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TVB Clarified Didn't Cut Sheren Tang Off; Announces New Improved Employee Benefits

A new scandal started involving Beauty At War's lead actress Sheren Tang and TVB's 'last minute scripts' system. Earlier Sheren scolded TVB for not having the script available at the time of filming and frequently gives them the script at the last minute. It was said Sheren and the Beauty At War crew got into an argument, and TVB decided to cut her off. TVB General Manager Mark Lee On Po directly said Sheren Tang cannot lose and thus will no longer collaborate with her. In regards to this, TVB Assistant General Manager Peter Au Wai Lam expressed: "Don't use the words 'cut off'. It is just like a family quarreling, then why not just do less talking and temporarily take a break. We didn't say we won't collaborate again, we just want to settle the issue first and I do hope this incident didn't happen. Team spirit requires a common goal. As a member of the team, one must sacrifice their own belief and honor to be able to reach that goal. TVB does not hope artists express their views through the media, don't wipe out the hard work of the other staff and don't use the TV ratings to determine win or loss."

Sheren's old partner Wayne Lai expressed they don't really keep in touch, but he often encounters her at work. He doesn't think this is a big deal, he said: "If the collaboration does not work out, then don't collaborate. Sheren has her work, the cut off won't be too much of an impact on her. TVB can also choose to work with others."

Improved Employee Benefits

Fortunately, Peter Au took advantage of the large promotional event yesterday to announce the new employee benefits. He expressed from 2014 and on, all series must have at least 80% of the script completed before filming can begin; Artists should have 8-9 hours of rest time in between each scene; There will be an increase of behind-the-scenes crew members to help reduce the workload; and TVB plans to recruit former artists back. The 300+ artists at the promotion cheered in support of the new benefits!

Liza voted in favor of the changes in production and artist rest time. "I personally would like to have the complete script. Long hours of filming, it is very important for an artist to get enough rest."


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