Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tracy Ip and Sire Ma blasted for poor ratings

Despite its highly-anticipated premiere, TVB's major production "Beauty at War" earned surprisingly low ratings, putting it side by side with the unfortunate "Bullet Brain" which also earned poor ratings.

As reported on Jayne Stars website, the two dramas have been receiving many viewer complaints for their confusing story lines and inappropriate scenes. However, two stars became the main targets of criticisms; Tracy Ip and Sire Ma, who were both slammed for their acting and blamed for ruining the series.

Tracy, who plays a palace nurse Shu Lan in "Beauty at War", was blasted for her bland acting and poor recital of dialogue.

When asked on her thoughts about the criticisms, Tracy agreed with the viewers and stated, "I must accept different opinions if I want to improve. Even my friends told me they didn't understand what I was saying at all during the first episode. That was the very first scene I filmed after I joined the cast and I didn't have a good grasp of the character."

Adding that it was her first time playing a villain, she added, "My performance was average at best. Reading the classical Chinese dialogues drove me crazy! I had to go to the Chinese doctor three times. I couldn't eat nor sleep well and lost 10 pounds".

Meanwhile, "Bullet Brain" actress Sire Ma believes that she has put in her best efforts and saw the series as a welcomed challenge.

The actress stated, "I don't have much experience but I have already done my best and have no regrets. I can't control the ratings or the viewers' reactions. I find this series very new and refreshing. It was also a big challenge for me."


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