Monday, April 30, 2012

Ailee impresses on April 28th’s ‘Immortal Song 2′

The ‘Immortal Song 2‘ artists celebrated the life and career of legendary composer Lee Gun Woo.

Lee Gun Woo has gifted Korea with numerous over the years and the Immortal Song artists of Ailee, Hong Kyung Min, DK, Sonya, Lyn, No Brain, and ALi all performed some of his composed tracks.

Rookie singer Ailee unveiled her sexy appeals with a fierce performance, singing her rendition of Kim Soo Hee‘s “Lonely Lover“. However, Hong Kyung Min ultimately came out as the winner with his rock rendition of DJ DOC‘s “Beauty & The Beast“.

Check out the performances below!

TaeTiSeo releases MV for “Twinkle”

After the release of the mini album featuring members, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, Girls’ Generation‘s sub unit, Taetiseo, have released their music video for “Twinkle“!

“Twinkle” is a medium tempo dance track featuring a ’70s/’80s vibe with a catchy melody, and shows off the powerful vocals of the three members. The three girls look quite lovely in the music video.

The girls will then hold their sub unit debut stage on May 3rd through ‘M! Countdown‘, in the mean time check out their music video below!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Daniel Wu sets aside Euthanasia Subject

Yesterday Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Nobel Prize for Literature winner Sir V.S. Naipaul attended a Carrera sponsored Liberatum Literature and Art exhibit to discuss new media's influence on film.

Yin Cho will produce his good friend Stephen Fung Tak Lun's new film HUNG SING GAI (CONTROL CITY SCHEME). He also revealed that if their film TAI CHI 0 would be a commercial and critical hit, it would become a trilogy. When asked if he would try to make a movie with iPhone or a camera, he said it would depend on the genre. He also thought that such a format would be more realistic and documentary like, but it would not be suitable for a big film.

He revealed that he wrote a story but someone told him the content was too sensitive and would not receive Mainland approval for release, so he set it aside for now. "The subject is about euthanasia. (Would you accept euthanasia?) If I am hopeless and only have half a year to live, why suffer? However I may not be able to do it."

Pakho Chau and Ron Ng Design Artistic Product for Charity

Pakho Chau, Ron Ng, Mainland artiste Mickey He, etc. designed 'Denim' concept artistic products for a French fashion brand, including a bulldog, a bicycle, bouquet of flowers, and an airplane for a charity auction. Pakho placed the concept on a bicycle. He said, "France makes me think of the Tour de France. The French's lifestyle is leisurely. I hope to be like the things that I like without worry".

Ron chose a bouquet of flowers for his artistic product concept. He said, "France is an extremely romantic country. Seeing the couples there holding hands, the feeling is very romantic. France's national flower, the iris, is most representative of love and the yearning for freedom".

Kenneth Ma likes rumors about him

TVB Siu Sang Kenneth Ma was shooting for an all new advertisement for a skincare center and has made a breakthrough in his usual style. Kenneth had on a tuxedo accompanied by a bow tie and curly hair. This is a style he has never tried before and even he shouted: "Turns out I could have a curly hair too, truly a breakthrough! Although at first I wasn't really used to it, but its getting better as I look at it. I love it!" It is clear that Kenneth cares more about his beauty than before. During the photo shoot, he was constantly looking in the mirror, afraid his hair would get messed up. When asked if he wants to attract more fans? He said: "Indeed, I care more about my beauty than in the past because I understand appearance is very important to an artist. As for if I can attract the opposite and more fans, that would be a bonus!"

Also, this year Kenneth's career has been doing well, but he personally feels he lacks rumors, otherwise he could be even more famous. Since Kenneth's debut, he had rumors with Margie Tsang, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu and other female stars, but he expressed: "Everyone is afraid of rumors, but I'm afraid I don't have enough rumors. After all, it is much better [with rumors]!"

Chilam Cheung has to explain to his son why he's kissing Annie Liu

Chilam Cheung and Annie Liu attended the Natural Born Lovers film premiere. In the film, Chilam and Annie has a lot of intense and passionate kiss scenes, they both gave an advanced notice that there will be a lot of intense kiss and bed scenes. Chilam said: "The director wanted to shoot the scenes in several angles, so we had a lot of takes. (Did you two kiss over 100 times?) I didn't count, but we didn't have to brush our teeth or any other prep work prior, just naturally went into the scene and had no embarrassment." He expressed after his son Morton saw the film, he asked why his is father kissing other girls, so he had to explain to him that it's "for work".

Annie expressed she was troubled by her life 'weakness' in this film: "When I was young, I had an extreme difficult time with vomiting milk, so that left a shadow in me. Even when I got older, I avoided drinking any milk or foods with cream. In the film, Chilam had to feed me cake to eat, and once I saw the cake I wanted to vomit. It is harder than doing kiss scenes." Chilam disclosed he has a phobia in being in closed spaces, so he can't shoot scenes where he's in a casket.

Niki Chow designs her own Shoe Collection

Niki Chow finally gets to develop her talent in design. Collaborating with the shoe and accessory specialty store Venilla Suite under the company I.T, Niki designs a series of three Venilla Suite by Niki Chow Collection spring and summer fashion. Due to her work in showbiz, Niki often encounters famous designers and stylist, and have the opportunity to wear the special designer clothing, which has widen her ideas on the fashion. She slowly established an unique touch and at the same time triggered her interest in fashion design.

Niki's love for beauty is no different than any other girl, and has a passion for shoes. In regards to having the opportunity to create her own shoe collection under her name, she feels very excited and anxious. Her inspirations came from what she has accumulated through work and her personal experience and demands on shoes and dress. With her proactive attitude in design, coupled with exchange of ideas with the label's design team, Niki successfully creates her very own product that she extremely adores.

Jang Geun Suk involved in a car accident

Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk has reportedly been involved in a car accident in Gyeonggi-do Yeoju. The accident took place while the actor and his manager were on their way to Seoul after filming ‘Love Rain‘ at Mangsang Beach in Kangwon-do.

The car his manager was driving had hit a guard rail and the cause of the accident is said to have been due to his manager dozing off at the wheel. Fortunately, the actor was not seriously injured but has sustained bruises and is complaining of body aches.

A representative of his agency, Tree J Company, stated, “Jang Geun Suk was transferred to a hospital in Yeoju. However, he did not suffer from any external injuries and because he had another schedule for that morning, Jang Geun Suk has returned to the filming location.

The actor is planning on receiving a thorough examination after concluding his filming for ‘Love Rain’.

J.Y. Park’s “You’re the One” breaks into the Top Ten on music charts

On April 29th, one of Asia’s most prominent producers, J.Y.Park, recently launched his newest mini album, ‘Spring‘, making his much-anticipated comeback after a 2 year hiatus.

Prior to the official release of his album, J.Y. Park collaborated with Brown Eyed Girl‘s Gain and released their duet song, “Someone Else“. The song became immensely popular as it reached number one on several music charts. As expected, his latest single, “You’re the One” has also drawn in much love, as it recently placed itself in the top ten of Melon, Olleh Music, Soribada, Daum, and more.

J.Y.Park’s latest album, “Spring” contains five fresh songs including title track, “You’re the One“, “Feel So Good“, “I was in Somebody Else’s Arms“, “Last Love“, and “Please“. All of his songs revolve around the same theme that describes love.

“You’re the One”, which is a medium-tempo song, describes the story of a wealthy man who falls in love with a commoner, and the fear and excitement that follows suit. The music video does an outstanding job, displaying J.Y. Park in a lavish suit, singing the song in a soothing voice while carrying out some sick moves, all at the same time.

According to JYPE, “As much as people have greatly welcomed J.Y. Park’s comeback, who has been producing for the past two years, J.Y. Park is also anticipating it. We hope that people anticipate and look at him as singer J.Y. Park, instead of a producer who leads K-Pop idols.”

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon performs a special stage with “Missing You Like Crazy” on ‘Music Core’

Girl’s Generation‘s kid leader Taeyeon has once again solidified her ‘Queen of OST’ status with the release of “Missing You Like Crazy“.

The song, which serves as the main OST for MBC‘s drama ‘The King 2 Hearts‘, has been topping many charts, so much so that Taeyeon was provided the opportunity to hold a special stage!

On today’s episode of MBC’s ‘Music Core‘, Taeyeon took the stage to perform “Missing You Like Crazy”.

Check out her absolutely flawless performance below!

Stephen Au marries ex-wife again after 15 years

Stephen Au and his wife (Phyllis Man) were married for 15 years, but separated for 3.5 years due to the difference in personality. Yesterday the couple were married for the second time at the Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary. Although Stephen and his wife are already an old married couple, they still appeared very loving to the people before them. When they were saying their vows, they teared up from being so emotional. Stephen even attentively helped his wife wipe away her tears.

When the couple shared their feelings the guests, Stephen said: "We were married 15 years ago, and in between we separated and got back together. It's a rare chance that someone marries the same person two times. Marrying for the second time, I am even more serious and nervous than the first time." Stephen already lifted the bride's veil before signing the marriage certificate, and was teased by the priest that he's too hurried.

Patrick Tang and Katy Kung attended Stephen's marriage ceremony as a couple. Patrick said he deeply felt touched and hopes his love life could be just as sweet as theirs. When asked if he has any plans for marriage too? He laughed and said he's getting older and it's about time, but first he has to save enough money for marriage.

Taetiseo releases “Twinkle”

After the release of individual video teasers featuring members, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, Girls’ Generation‘s sub unit, Taetiseo, have released their much mini album!

Twinkle” is a medium tempo dance track featuring a ’70s/’80s vibe with a catchy melody, and shows off the powerful vocals of the three members.

With the release of “Twinkle” under their belt, Taetiseo will release the physical album on May 2nd. The girls will then hold their sub unit debut stage on May 3rd through ‘M! Countdown‘.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

SHINee reveals Japanese “Sherlock” PV

As reported earlier, Korean group SHINee will be releasing their new single, “Sherlock (Japanese ver.)“, on May 16th. However, prior to its official release, the group has unveiled the PV for the song.

This is the Japanese version of SHINee’s song “Sherlock”, which has already been released in South Korea. The single will also include a Japanese original song called “Keeping love again” as its coupling track.

“Sherlock (Japanese ver.)” will be available in 3 different versions: Limited Edition, Regular First Press Edition, and Regular Edition. We have some time to go before the official release, so check out the PV in the meantime!

Taetiseo releases video teasers

After unveiling several photo teasers, Girls’ Generation sub unit, Taetiseo, has just unveiled their video teasers featuring Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun!

The girls will be revealing a video teaser featuring each of the members one by one, giving fans a glimpse into the music video for “Twinkle”. The official release will be on April 29th, while the rest of the tracks will be revealed online at midnight on April 30th. The offline release will be on May 2nd, and the girls will then take the stage on ‘M! Countdown‘ on May 3rd.

There will be 7 tracks total on the album. Besides “Twinkle”, some of the other tracks on the album are an R&B style track “Baby Steps”, an electronic-retro pop called “OMG”, “Love Sick”, and “Good-bye, Hello”.

Without further ado, check out the teasers below!

Hong Kong film industry furious at YouTube 'piracy'

Hong Kong filmmakers on Wednesday urged YouTube to do more to protect copyright, claiming losses of $308 million due to pirated movie clips posted on the American video-sharing site.

The Hong Kong Motion Pictures Industry Association (MPIA) accused the Google-owned company of "severe" copyright infringements after it found over 500 illegally uploaded clips from 200 Hong Kong films including new releases.

The videos had been viewed about 40 million times, the association said.

"This is a big blow to the Hong Kong film industry," MPIA chief executive Brian Chung told AFP.

"If copyright infringement is allowed to continue, it will deter film investors from investing in local films and it will badly affect the quality and quantity of Hong Kong films."

Movie producers in the southern Chinese city -- home of the late kung fu legend Bruce Lee and beloved of US directors such as Quentin Tarantino -- said the problem affected classics as well as new releases.

Romantic comedy "Love in the Buff", directed by Pang Ho-Cheung and starring Miriam Yeung, was uploaded in its entirety on YouTube within days of its release last month.

It was removed after distributor Media Asia filed a complaint.

Clips of award-winning "A Simple Life", which is still showing in Hong Kong cinemas, were also on YouTube, along with comedy-action film "Shaolin Soccer" and martial arts flick "Ip Man".

"As the world's biggest video-sharing site, YouTube should ensure it will do all it can to protect copyrights, such as installing filters to prevent users from uploading copyrighted videos without permission" Chung said.

Google representatives were unavailable to comment.

A German court last week ruled that YouTube is responsible when users post copyrighted music clips without permission.

Hong Kong became an international movie powerhouse in the 1970s and remains a rich source of film talent, producing stars and films that enjoy huge popularity across Asia.

But in recent years it has struggled to compete with blockbusters produced in mainland China.

Nancy Wu and Kenny Wong supports Kevin Cheng not pretending to be Big Brother

It was rumored Kevin Cheng had a nasty attitude and pretended to be a Big Brother while shooting TVB series Gloves Come Off. He treated the other artists rudely. His co-stars Kenny Wong and Nancy Wu attended an environmental friendly car promotional event and defended the TV King.

Kenny denied that Kevin was trying to pretend to be the Big Brother: "Why would he be older than me? I am older. When we were shooting the boxing scenes, we both had suggestions and opinions to share. I had suggestions too and perhaps there is some misunderstanding there." He expressed they often joke around and are in good terms. He has also never heard of anyone cussing out someone, the most rough language used was : "You bad boy, hit so hard."

Nancy also didn't believe Kevin was pretending to be a Big Brother. Instead, she greatly praised Kevin for becoming more open in the recent years and isn't as cool as before. "Perhaps there are some scenes is gets really agitated, and that caused the misunderstanding. Kevin has become more open in the recent years, often joking with us all. He even smiles more often now." It was rumored Sin Ying Ho [and Gregory Lee's father Sing Yeh] said Kevin was pretending to be a Big Brother, Nancy does not believe Master Sin would say such thing.

Nancy praised the attractive 5-seater new model. It was said a 5-seater is not enough for her 7 rumored boyfriends. Nancy laughed: "Just shove the other two in the back trunk. In fact, among the 7 rumored boyfriends, only Deep Ng and Kenneth Ma were true!"

Yoyo Chen gives birth to 6lbs 2oz Dragon Girl

Last year, TVB artists Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong carefully chose their wedding date to contain eight ones (11/11/2011 @ 11am). Following the marriage, Yoyo announced her pregnancy and lived a secluded life since, awaiting to welcome a new life into the world. All along, Yoyo hoped to have a natural delivery, and often practiced her breathing by doing simple exercises at the park. However, the other day when she went for her pregnancy checkup, there were signs that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. The soon-to-be parents were extremely worried, but immediately followed the doctor's suggestions and went into labor right away via C-section to ensure the safety of the baby.

Yesterday morning, Yoyo was accompanied by Vincent into the delivery room and went into labor half a month early then the expected due date. Fortunately everything went smoothly, Yoyo gave birth to a 6 pounds, 2 ounces baby girl yesterday morning at 9 am. The baby girl is considered light, but she is healthy. In the next several days, Yoyo can also be discharged from the hospital.

Becoming a father, Vincent, was extremely nervous when he left the hospital and couldn't sleep at all. When he personally help his daughter cut the umbilical cord, he was so nervous his hands were shaking. When asked which one of the parents (Yoyo or Vincent) does his daughter resemble more of? Vincent smiled sweetly: "Both! Her eyes are big and lots of hair, just like her mom. Her ears also resemble mom. She has long hands and legs, that is like me! (Have you given her a name yet?) Fung Shui Master Lee Ching Chak will be responsible for that."

As a father for the first time, Vincent expressed he was very emotional and teared up. However, when he witnessed his beloved daughter coming into this world, he felt that it was all worth it: "I was so touched, my eyes were watery. I was video taping the entire process in the delivery room. Watching my daughter born, my fatherly love came right out. My wife is usually really afraid of getting shots, she grabbed onto my hands the entire time and was shaking, while I kept giving her encouragement and support. (How will you reward your wife?) I plan to give her a car, convenient to take our daughter to school in the future."

When asked if the couple has plans to have more babies? Vincent expressed to let nature take its course: "I saw how difficult it was for my wife, I feel reluctant too, but if we can bear the burden, then we are willing to have another child!" In the recent month, Vincent had to work, and will start a new series next month. However, he smiled and said he has been practicing baby caring skills all along: "Feeding milk or changing the diapers, these fundamentals isn't hard for me, but my wife is going into deep research, she's gonna teach me! I've been pretty busy lately, so I've told the producer to give me some time to be with my wife and daughter, hope to have more time together."

Leila Tong balances between family and work, 'hungry' to be in a TV series again

Last year Leila Tong became a mother and in just a blink of an eye, her daughter is already 1 year old. Although she usually has to look after her daughter and work at the same time, she enjoys this kind of life. She said: "My time management is fine, my personal time and work schedule is pretty ok. If I don't have to work, I would take care of my daughter myself, but when I have to work, I leave her with a babysitter." She frankly expressed when she first had to part from her daughter, she felt uncomfortable: "At first, I really missed her and sometimes I would look at her photos. One time, I had to leave HK for several weeks, I was so reluctant to leave my daughter behind. However, now with the advanced technology, I can see her any time over the internet and this actually helps me concentrate more on work. Then, I'm able to get off work earlier and get home to see my daughter sooner."

Leila teaches her daughter each and every day as she grows, she said: "Currently there are a lot of things that starts from zero, like I would teach my daughter to wash her hands after using the restroom, let her get used to it. She is starting to talk, but whatever she sees, she would shout Daddy, it's really funny." She also reveals her daughter is a girl that can really eat, especially the milk powder brand Illuma. She has to have greater portions of it: "She can really eat, perhaps because the formula I'm using is really good, giving her some appetite. My daughter is quite heavy now."

Also, Leila has switched over to Ricky Wong's CTI and will be starting a new series later this month. It's been a long while since she's been in a series, so she is very excited and anxious at the same time. She said: "I've been 'hungry' for a period of time because I stopped shooting series several years already. Fans are worried I'm only doing theater and won't do TV series anymore. This year I'll get back to shooting TV series, very happy and excited." She wants to let audience see the mature side of her, she said: "I was too limited in the last 10 years, many people think I'm a little girl, so I hope to portray roles that are more mature."

TVB announces 'Mr. Hong Kong' put on hiatus for a year

TVB's Mr. Hong Kong Contest has stirred up many controversial topics in the previous years. This year, TVB announces the show will be put on hiatus for a year and when the show comes back, the direction of the contest must be clearly thought out first.

TVB's Director of Production Sandy Yu expressed yesterday the Mr. HK hiatus decision was made when she returned to TVB. "Since the first Mr. Hong Kong in 2005, this is the 7th year. There has been a lot of reactions in society, I don't know if the future of Mr. HK Contest will be high or low, meaning if there is going to be any 'explosions', entertainment or elegance. Since there is no balance between poor taste and elegance, then why not go on hiatus." She believes there are many other shows that could be produced, and what she really wants to produce is a contest for the heroes in law enforcement: "Like the firefighters or police officers that are heroes in the hearts of audience. I've mentioned this idea to a related party before, but the person thought I was joking. I will try my best to make it happen."

When speaking of Ricky Wong poaching the TVB staff, Sandy reveals TVB will be hosting a large-scale recruiting event in the summer to train new talents. As for poaching her old iCable colleagues? Sandy expressed: "I don't dare to say, but if possible, probably would go for it."

Matthew Ko was the first Mr. HK, followed by Francois Huynh, Benjamin Yuen, William Chak and last year's Clayton Li. However the group of Mr. HK winners have just had a mediocre career development, no one has made a breakthrough yet.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fiona Sit brings snack food to an ailing Chapman To

With the recently fluctuating weather in Hong Kong, many caught the flu.  Chapman To Man Jat was no exception.  After almost a month, Ah Jat earlier suddenly saw double and lost response on his limbs.  He even lost his balance.  After a detailed examination, the doctor discovered that he had the rare Miller Fish Syndrome.  In severe case the patient may suffer complete paralysis, breathing difficult and even death.

Ah Jat yesterday said, "Because I live in a house, right now I would be very careful going up and down the stairway.  Becuse this illness is very rare in Hong Kong, the doctor sent my blood to the U.S. for testing to see how severe it is.  The recovery time should be from two weeks to half a year."  Ah Jat who still saw double and numbness in his limbs still optimistically stated, "Although in severe cases this illness can be fatal, rarely does it reach this situation!"

Due to Ah Jat's rare illness, he had to stop many jobs including leaving for the Udine Far East Film Festival two nights ago.  Ah Jat said, "This year I have two movies THE BOUNTY (YUEN HUNG) and VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET) selected for the Udine Film Festival.  I really wanted to go, but now I can't!"  His manager Mani Fok Man Hei admitted that she was scared when she heard about Ah Jat's condition.  Aside from being very worried she also immediately made changes to his schedule and turned away all jobs for the next two months.

Ah Jat admitted that losing seven figures in salary was not too important.  Instead he thought the most troublesome was affecting the casting of the new film SUPER MANAGER (CHIU CUP GAING LEI YUN).  He said, "Originally in May I will go to Beijing Dance Academy to find new actors, now I can't go it really is quite a headache."

Lau ching wan and Joey Man turn fairy tale upside down

Lau Ching Wan, Joey Man Yi Man, director Danny Pang Fat earlier promoted their horror film FAIRY TALE KILLER (JUI HUNG). The ghost film expert Pang Ho directed FAIRY TALE KILLER abandoned the ghost subject and used instead a fairy tale story to package a murder horror story.

Pang Ho admitted that this time the subject did not involve ghost, of course its inspection was easier. However this time Pang Ho ran into another problem; he said that the film's original Chinese title SHOK MING TUNG WA (FATAL FAIRY TALE) due to the overly sensitive and border line choice of words received criticism online and from intellectuals who thought children's fairy tale should not be twisted to avoid negative effect on children.

He said, "Many people said that this would destroy the fairy tale world illusion, people are still scolding online. Anyway, it has been a challenge." Pang Fat admitted that at first he did not think of this issue, but after consideration he accepted the opinions and finally changed its Chinese title to JUI HUNG.

Lau Ching Wan in the film played a detective and a couple with Man Yi Man. They had an autistic son as they formed a less than harmonious family. Ching Wan said that in the film the director arranged for them to constantly argue. The character did not like his family and disliked his son, which made him unable to work with others at work. He was an unfit father and husband.

Pang Fat said that when he first wrote this script he very naturally thought of Ching Wan for this role. Ching Wan was an actor who he really wanted to work with. Pang Fat said, "The story is more special, no one would think that a fairy tale would be more horrifying than the Bible. Cinderella and little lamb would kill the wolf."

Man Yi Man worked with Ching Wan in the film. She said that Ching Wan has always been her idol. When she first started in the business she posed for wedding shop photos with Ching Wan, which she has held on to even today. Did Man Yi Man and Ching Wan have any intimate scene? She said no, in the film they argued the most.

Kenneth Ma thinks Nancy Wu isn't 'flirty' enough to take Charmaine Sheh's position as Big Sister

Kenneth Ma attended a fashion store opening yesterday. Regarding ex-girlfriend Nancy Wu called the "New Generation Flirt" ('Hau Jing'), constantly putting out the 'sparks', Kenneth supported and defined his ex: "It's just for the latest series promotions. (You seem to be really paying attention to Nancy?) That series (Gloves Come Off) has Kevin Cheng in it too, of course I have to watch. I do, however, know that Nancy has a very challenging role in this series, as the mute/deaf female boxer. (Will you mind if you're used as promotions?) I don't mind, there needs to be some noise when a series is out. As long as it's not too over, then it's fine. However, I feel it's hard for Nancy to replace Charmaine Sheh's Big Sister position. (Nancy isn't flirty enough?) Actresses should have that quality, that's how they attract male fans. (Her 'flirt' skills aren't as good as Charmaine?) I haven't seen Charmaine's skills yet." He implied he was once 'electrocuted' by Nancy and that's how they became a couple. When asked if he has been 'electrocuted' by anyone else lately? He joked: "I wish."

Ron Ng focused on work, no marriage yet: If girlfriend can't wait, I'll find another one

Yesterday Ron Ng appeared with a wig for the shooting of the beer brand BLUE ICE printed Ad. Since his last commercial appearance in 2005, where he said 'Mai Fei Fat' (My Favorite), Ron was criticized to have poor English and hasn't been seen on a HK commercial until today. Yesterday he and a Western photographer were working together on the shoot and had no problem communicating. He said: "I don't have a fear to speak English, I can still communicate with Westerners. If anything gets too difficult, I will go ask someone to help me. (Help wash away the 'Mai Fei Fat'?) I didn't say it wrong, that time the Boss allowed the commercial to go on air because he thought it was fine. (Rumored girlfriend Viann Zhang helped you improve your Mandarin?) We communicate using Mandarin, but I learned my Mandarin from my assistant. (When will you announce Viann's identity?) Huh? Work comes first, when the time is right, I will say it. (When you decide to get married?) Earn enough money for marriage first. If can't wait, then I'll just go find someone else."

When speaking of TVB music producer Tang Chi Wai's concert ticket sales aren't doing too well, Ron said: "I don't think so right? There are so many singers in on it together. When Raymond [Lam] has his concert, it gets extreme. I trust Tang Chi Wai has his abilities and talents. (Singer Roy Chow said he won't go to the concert if the tickets are free?) Each individual have their own choices, but my family was fighting for the tickets, I purchased 10-20 tickets myself. (Treat Viann Zhang to the concert?) Tell her to buy her own ticket!"

Natalie Tong gives it all she got on the bed scene with Raymond Wong

Natalie Tong had always gone down the filial girl path. In her new series Gloves Come Off, she plays Raymond Wong's girlfriend, the two will go through three phases from dating to marriage and finally to having a baby. She frankly expressed the majority of her roles in the past were young See Mui or younger sister roles. This time, her role goes from a young girl to a mature woman. She said: "This role is different from the previous young girl roles I had. Before I played a young girl because I really was a young girl then, but in the last two years I have matured a lot, and have reached to another level in my acting. When I was shooting this series, I had great emotional changes."

First time shooting a bed scene, Natalie gives it all she got and will show some skin with Raymond Wong. She said the bed scene this time is her limit as to how sexy she gets. Natalie expressed: "That was the last scene, and the director told me before that I won't have any clothes on. I thought he was just joking, but when we started shooting it, he wasn't joking. It was just the private parts of the body was covered with tape. This is my first time revealing so much." She expressed if she had to do a bikini catwalk, she would definitely turn it down, but since its necessary for the show, she can accept it.

When asked if she'll be an unmarried mother? Natalie said: "Actually in today's society, do we really have to have that marriage certificate in order to have a baby? To me, that piece of paper is not that important, but actually what's more important is if two people can really live the rest of their lives together."

Natalie said her current love life is completely empty, fate will naturally come when its time. She does, however, have several pursuers, but no one of them are suitable for her. She said: "When I was younger, I went to meet people with a blank mind, but now two people will have to chat a bit before finding out if the relationship will work out. I really want to find my Mr. Right, someone that is truly right for me. However, leave it to fate. I'm not rushed at all."

Sherming Yiu Wedding at Ritz Carlton Hotel

Sherming Yiu and her boyfriend Alan Ng haven't formally registered for marriage yet, but are already holding their wedding banquet first. Yesterday the couple hosted 30 tables at the Ritz Carlton Hotel inviting friends and family. Sherming appeared in a sexy deep-V wedding dress and revealed her 'career line'. Her dress was accompanied by jewelry and accessories valued over HK$5 million and also her flashy 1.5 carat wedding ring. Sherming reveals she'll be holding another 100 table 'poon choi' banquet on the 29th and then the couple will be heading to Las Vegas to register for marriage.

Yesterday the bridesmaids was made up of the group called 'Precious Five Sisters' -- Toby Leung, Janet Chow, Margaret Chung, Angela Tong and Charmaine Sheh. Pinky Cheung and Emily Kwan, along with many others attended in low-cut dresses as well. Other guests that attended included Eric Tsang, Alex Fong (Chun Sun), Annie Man, Timmy Hung, Cutie Mui and Evergreen Mak.

That afternoon, during the 'bride pickup' ceremony, Angela Tong was very fierce, first putting packing tape on Alan's underarms and then vigorously pulled the tape off, helping him remove his underarm hair and then she put 'fur tape' around Alan's mouth. The situation was quite miserable for Alan. Later, she put a bunch of Sherming's photos on the ceiling and wanted Alan to go up on kiss each one of them.

Alan directly said he's suffering the maximum mistreatment: "So miserable, I still have to chug down a drink that contains sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, wasabi, wine and bananas." Sherming was asked if she feels heartbroken seeing this? She said: "Its OK. That's how he'll know how to cherish me, it's not that easy to marry me! (Any plans to have children?) I can at anytime. (You're pregnant?) I hope so too. If I do, I fear I won't able to keep the secret for 3 months before announcing the good news to everyone!"

Sherming was asked if she's worried her husband might get 'tortured' again at the next wedding banquet? She said: "So, we have to get Angela Tong drunk as soon as possible, then nothing will happen. (Tell Chin Kar Lok to come?) I invited him too, but he has to work. I'm truly worried without him here. If he's here too, Angela may not be as crazy, and be more of a nice girl."

Sherming exposed earlier she treated her "Precious Five Sisters" on a trip to Taiwan, when asked if they visited the 'cowherd inn' (men brothel)? She said: "No, Charmaine knows too many people." Sherming expressed she and her husband have been dating for several years and have consensus, the most important is to understand how to tolerate the weaknesses of one another and to mutually admire the strengths.

Angela did everything she could to 'torture' the groom Alan, when asked if she's worried they might take revenge on her? She said: "Does it have to be that serious as to take revenge? He already glared at me. I know Sherming is afraid of armpit hair, so I'm just helping him shave it all off, so she'll be more comfortable tonight." Toby Leung standing besides her, exposed all the games were actually designed by the bride herself.

Eric Tsang regards Sherming as his daughter, and was asked what type of wedding gift did he give her? He said: "I'm her biggest gift. Tonight, not going home if not drunk. My daughter is getting married, there's not many left. (How about Charmaine?) She isn't in a hurry to marry, she's playing hard to get." Emily Kwan claimed she's a Sing Lui and won't be able to get married, but Eric exposed: "It's her turn soon, last year she started dating. Eric then joked and praised Sherming's husband: "Holland boy is just so Man."

Is Vic Zhou dating his ex co-star Reen Yu?

Even before the dust of his previous scandal with Bowie Tsang has settled, Vic Zhou, is now rumoured to be dating Reen Yu, his 24-year-old co-star in the drama, Black & White. It is reported that the 24-year-old actress who is currently filming her new drama, complained that she has "no chemistry" with co-star Sunny Wang. Using personal reasons as excuses, Reen refused to cooperate with the filming schedules' changes on several occasions and appeared to be busy with her phone during break times. The crew revealed that the actress once boasted about her relationship status and claimed that her 30-year-old boyfriend is also an artiste, a Gemini, and drives a Lamborghini, sparking off speculations that the man in question refers to her Black & White co-star, Vic. Responding to the rumours, Reen clarified that the pair "seldom contact each other" and are "just friends". She added that the car owner mentioned referred to her "brother's good friend" and not 30-year-old Vic. Vic's manager emphasized that the actor has yet to change his car (to a Lamborghini) and asked everyone to "treat the rumours as a joke and forget about it after laughing".

Thursday, April 26, 2012

2PM’s Junho and Vanness’ “Invincibility” music video tops China’s ‘V-Chart’

2PM‘s Junho‘s OST collaboration with Taiwanese star Vanness for his drama, ‘Tiamo Chocolate‘, has been revealed to have topped China’s video sharing site, ‘V-Chart‘.

On April 25th, the duo officially unveiled their music video for “Invincibility“, the work of a famous director known for producing music videos for names like Jacky Cheung, Vivian Hsu, and Jay Chou. Although Junho wasn’t in the greatest condition when he visited Taiwan earlier in the month for the music video filming, he showed great teamwork with the staff and director, showing a professional attitude that impressed everyone on set.

Junho and Vanness have revealed that they’ve gotten a lot closer through the collaboration, with Vanness even inviting Junho to his drama conference and even giving him a cameo love call.

Junho stated, “The moment I heard that our music video had topped the music video chart, I wanted to thank our fans first. Thank you so much. I had a lot of fun working with Vanness, and I’m proud to have participated in the drama with an OST like ‘Invincibility’. I’m happy that I was able to present my fans with a Chinese song, and I hope everyone enjoys it.

F.CUZ made a comeback after 1 year and 5 months with “No.1“, and a teaser was released earlier on Cyworld Music.

The music video for the title track of their 3rd mini-album ‘F.CUZ‘ (For Century Ultimate Zest) has now been unleashed!

Watch F.CUZ’s full music video for “No.1″ below!

The Warriors of B.A.P are back!

B.A.P has finally released their music video for “POWER“. In this new music video, they transformed from regular Warriors into Space Warriors. The big budget music video features a spaceship boasting a weight of 700 kg (1543 lbs) and a height of 18 m (59 ft).

JYJ’s Park Yoochun voted “Most Popular Male Actor”

JYJ‘s Park Yoochun has been confirmed to receive the ‘Popularity Award’ for an upcoming award show.

Park Yoochun who played a role in MBC TV‘s ‘Miss Ripley‘ secured the top spot in a popularity poll for male TV actors conducted by the 48th annual PaekSang Arts Awards which is scheduled to take place at Seoul Olympic Park on April 26th.

The poll was conducted from March 23rd to April 23rd, and Yoochun earned 53.8% of all votes. He earned 9.3% more than his fellow JYJ member Kim Jaejoong (44.5%) who played a role in SBS TV‘s ‘Protect the Boss‘ last year.

On the flip side, the female actress to claim the top spot for most popular female actress on TV was none other than Park Shin Hye, who played a leading role on MBC TV’s ‘Heartstrings‘. Park Shin Hye triumphed T-ara‘s Park Jiyeon, who came in second for her role in KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High 2‘.

Jang Geun Suk was voted as the most popular male actor to play a role in a film, while Kang Sora was selected as the most popular female counterpart.

In related news, Park Yoochun is showcasing his natural acting abilities in SBS TV’s ‘Rooftop Prince‘.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'Sergeant Tabloid' hasn't broadcast yet, TVB prepping for sequel to keep Michael Tse & Niki Chow

Niki Chow and Michael Tse's new series Sergeant Tabloid hasn't broadcast in Hong Kong yet, but its been a popular hit overseas, like on the Mainland streaming site PPS. It was understood that Michael's TVB contract ends late 2012, and to push him up for the TV King title this year, TVB is currently prepping for a sequel. TVB also hopes to sign Niki to become a contracted artist with this sequel.

Sergeant Tabloid had just completed shooting late February 2012 and already in April, the series was widely released overseas -- Malaysia's Astro On Demand, Australia's TVBJ channel and Mainland's streaming site PPS -- because the overseas buyers had great confidence on this series. TVB then decided to first schedule an overseas release.

According to a TVB staff member: "Many of the series are done this way (warehoused), but this is our first time collaborating with a Mainland website. The overseas buyers had pretty good feedback on the series, so even before the completion of filming, it was already scheduled to release. The cast didn't know the series would release overseas first. Initially, we all thought someone stole the series too, it's funny."

Mainland streaming site PPS aired the series first and started the Sergeant Tabloid surge to popularity: "Never thought the series would become a hot topic among Netizens that fast. HK Golden and other discussion forums have been very actively discussing. In fact, this series is considered one of the high budgeted productions, many explosion and gun fight scenes, so should have good reception."

On the other hand, Michael's contract ends later this year, and TVB hopes to keep Laughing Gor with them, so they are actively coming up with plans.

"It is currently the war period. There are less and less Siu Sang and FaDans around. Of course Michael can't leave! TVB saw that this series had positive response, so they're keeping up the momentum and hopes to help Michael get TV King this year. Also, TVB really wants to sign a management contract with Niki. In fact, it has long been in the works, but just never happened, so even if Sergeant Tabloid hasn't broadcast in HK, the sequel is already in the making. Ideally, the sequel must have the original cast, they even said they'll wait for Niki to see TVB's sincerity." A TVB staff discloses.

Regarding the TVB contract, Niki's manager responded: "TVB had always treated Niki very well. As to if she's a 'daughter' (contracted) or not, that is very secret stuff. It's not convenient for me to disclose."

As for her series being a popular hit even before the actual broadcast, Niki said: "I'm very happy. I just finished recording the theme song with Michael. I hope the series airs in HK as soon as possible! (TVB is already prepping for the sequel!) Of course it's good to have a sequel. It would best if there is a film version too, but we'll see how TVB arranges it!"

Jessica Hsuan accused of having a boob job

In the recent year, Jessica Hsuan started her career development in China, opening up her market and value there. She is often attending both large and small scale events in China. Earlier she was invited to take part in a Mainland event where she visits a cosmetic surgery hospital with fans. However, that Hospital immediately made good use of Jessica for promotions on their official website. The Hospital showed her nice curve and figure, implying she got a boob job and shows signs of intentions to mislead visitors of the site.

Although that Hospital didn't directly say Jessica got a boob job, but in one article, the caption says Jessica's figure was previously mediocre, but in her recent TV series appearances, she suddenly had a cup size increase. On the website, it also said as long as you experience the Hospital, you can uncover the mystery of celebrities doing plastic surgery. Jessica just wanted to make some money in Mainland, but she miserably gets taken advantage of. It would be a lie if she wasn't upset! Although Jessica already pocketed the appearance money, she still decided to give it back and won't be attending the event next month.

Jessica wrote on Weibo: "To all fans, I may not attend the event in Suzhou on May 12th .... the reason is because we will be visiting a cosmetic surgery hospital and that Hospital actually went as far as saying that I got a boob job on their website! For promotions, they can tell such a lie. They have absolutely no respect for me! I am extremely angry! With this kind of lie, will anyone dare to go get plastic surgery at such a place? To me, they are big liars!" Good friend Ada Choi immediately replies: "Ridiculous!" Jessica wrote again: "That company has no professional ethics whatsoever! I cannot help these people do business. I already signed the contract, if nothing can be done I will have to go. However, I must let everyone know what type of company they are and to clarify for myself...the event is cancelled. I apologize to all Fans!"

Reporters contacted Jessica, she expressed her manager will handle the refund. She expressed she visited cosmetic surgery hospitals before, but she had never been accused that she got a boob job: "I really dislike them saying I got a boob job and plastic surgery. Their way of doing things is really a problem. I won't do things that are lying to people just to make money. Luckily Fans notified me!" Jessica stressed she advocates for natural beauty, definitely won't get a boob job!

Raymond Lam & Kate Tsui wants a partner outside of the industry

Yesterday Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Michael Miu, Ella Koon and Elaine Ng attended the blessing ceremony for TVB new series Highs and Lows. Shooting is already coming to an end and the blessing ceremony is held now, Raymond expressed it's strange because there are a lot of action scenes in the series and everyone is worried. Fortunately no one was hurt. As for himself, his past injuries on his waist and back are back, and must do physical therapy. Another headache for Raymond is that when he first start shooting the series, he was rather chubby, but in between he had to keep fit and prepare for his concert, thus losing about 10 pounds. He's a little worried the series won't be consistent.

Raymond had been busy with work all long, and his love life has gone nowhere. Raymond said a lot of friends are worried about him and expressed they must introduce girls to him. However, he hasn't had time to meet them. He personally hopes his girlfriend will be someone outside of the industry, so she can teach him a lot of things. When asked if his last relationship with Mainland actress Mavis Pan scared him, so he won't get a girlfriend from the industry anymore? He denied and said let nature take its course. Also, if he is in a relationship in the future, he won't deliberately make it public.

Kate Tsui was asked if there is a chance for her to develop a relationship with Raymond? Kate said she's not Raymond's cup of tea. Their relationship feels like a big brother and little sister. Also, she hopes to find a boyfriend outside of the industry. When asked if friends have introduce any guys to her? Kate expressed if so, put it on the record, so she can meet them when she has time. She hopes her future boyfriend will be taller than her. When asked if his income must be higher than hers too? Kate directly said it would best if he can take care of her.

Yoyo Mung likes cohabiting with Ekin Cheng, no plans for marriage

The other night, Yoyo Mung was on a radio interview and expressed she's currently cohabiting with boyfriend Ekin Cheng. She frankly expressed she cannot accept long distance love, and supports cohabiting before marriage. She believes this way, the relationship can deepen. She expressed: "Don't look at me on the outside and think I'm strong. In fact, I like to see him everyday because I feel when two people are dating, they should stick to each other. (Consider marriage and have children?) Temporarily no plans. It's tiring looking after a person."

Yoyo exposed when she was 17, she cohabited with her boyfriend at the time, but because her grandmother was living with them, the boyfriend complained. Eventually, she felt he didn't love her as much as she thought, so they broke up. Asked if Ekin had any complaints? Yoyo quickly answered: "No, we have no complaints on each other. Perfect! 100%! (Is your other half now a potential marriage partner?) I already encountered him!"

Annie Liu hopes her Cantonese is better

Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) yesterday revealed that she has already completed work on her film NATURAL BORN LOVERS (TIN SUN OI CHING KONG). Later its trailer will be released and she has been scared. "I haven't made a movie in Hong Kong for awhile. This time live sound recording is used, I hope the audience understand and won't have to read subtitles. I get back up where I fall down, I hope this time my Cantonese will be better than before. I want to be a Hong Kong woman."

Sum Yau said, "Later I would promote FLOATING CITY (FAU SING) with (Aaron) Kwok Fu Sing, I still have several movies in negotiation."

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