Friday, May 24, 2013

Sharon Chan Gives Louis Yuen a Passionate Belated Birthday Kiss

Yesterday Sharon Chan and Louis Yuen were at the beach in Sek O for the shooting of TVB new series My Prime Lady. The scene was about how Louis' grandmother pursued his grandfather back in the 60s. Louis played the young grandfather and Sharon played the young grandmother. Yesterday at the beach, Sharon appeared in a 60s bikini, showing off her beautiful 43-inch legs. Sharon knew she didn't have much to show on her upper body, she grabbed Louis, who was dressed in an one-piece bathing suit and joked: "I can't show much on the top, let me borrow your milk to take pictures!" The two were shooting a 'hero rescuing beauty' scene, where Louis had to help Sharon do CPR and won himself a belated birthday kiss from Sharon.

Sharon expressed she didn't go on a diet because of this bikini, but disclosed if she were to compare to her co-stars Dayo Wong and Kate Tsui, she and Louis are a pair of mad eaters. "Dayo and Kate are not eating! Even during our lunch breaks, they're not eating. Usually they just sit with us at the table and not eat, not sure if they got anorexia or something!"

Louis just celebrated his 46th birthday a few days ago, but because of work, he just had 3 hours to celebrate with his family, girlfriend and several friends. His girlfriend did the cooking that night and invited good friends Charmaine Sheh, Michael Miu and his wife Jamie Chik, Felix Wong, Annie Man, Toby Leung and Angela Tong. He said: "Charmaine saw my girlfriend always in the kitchen cooking, so we all met up to have a happy dinner together." Louis said he had to leave early that night because he had to rush back to filming, but his friends continued having a great time. However, someone broke his chair and spilled the wine: "There were two friends sharing a chair, so it broke. Well then, I had to ask them to pay for it. The most important is everyone cherishes time together." When asked whether his mother forced him to hurry and start a family? Louis said he and his mother came to an agreement 20 years ago, "My sister has kids already, my mother is grandmother, so I am in no rush."


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