Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shirley Yeung suffers from postpartum depression

Shirley Yeung was 2001's Miss Hong Kong, yesterday TVB hosted the Miss Hong Kong 2012 Recruit promotional event and Virgina Lok invited her to attend as well, but she turned down the offer because she was sick. Virgina had always given her full support to Shirley ever since the news broke out that Shirley was an unmarried mother. When Shirley brought her daughter with her back to HK, Virgina made a special early trip to the airport to pick her up and assisted her in handling the media. Several days after Shirley's return to HK, she had been avoiding reporters and even avoided her manager. Yesterday when Virgina mentioned Shirley's current situation, she was very worried and hoped she can get back up and face the problem, then get back to work.

Shirley has been suffering from the flu for 8 days now, Virgina invited her out for breakfast once, but she didn't go. She said she talked to Shirley over the phone, and believed she's feeling emotional, upset and may perhaps have postpartum depression. Initially, Virgina wanted to meet with her as soon as possible, so her problems could be resolved, and also discuss of her upcoming work schedule, but because of her flu, Shirley has not been back at TVB. After Virgina found out about Shirley's situation, she suggested that she go see the doctor, but she only responded that she can do that.

Virgina frankly said she is worried about Shirley, "Initially I told her to attend the event today, so she can come and out and see everyone, but she's so sick she can't get up However, her voice wasn't hoarse over the phone, I just feel she has some depression, postpartum depression and should see the doctor." Her parents are currently helping her look after baby Krystal and whenever Shirley's manager has documents for her, her father would be the one accepting them on her behalf. She is still emotionally down and aside from advising Shirley to see the doctor, Virgina hopes she can get back up again and get back into work, distracting herself from the emotions is the best treatment. Virgina continued: "Shirley doesn't want to see anyone. when I invited her out for breakfast, she couldn't even do that. I do feel a little frustrated seeing her like this, but at the same time I feel she's very miserable. There are somethings we must discuss and resolve. I'm not close with her mother either, so it's difficult to handle."

As Shirley is currently news worthy and draws attention, she has been invited to take part in shopping mall events as well as stage performances. Virgina said jobs are under discussion, but as of now, she will have to see what Shirley's condition is. Up until today, no contract has been signed. Virgina is worried that Shirley may be unstable and that she may need to compensate for the losses, so all along no jobs have been confirmed for her. The highest possible first job after Shirley's pregnancy is a shopping mall promotional event, the 'comeback' is also especially meaningful to her.

After Shirley had her daughter, she decided to go back to HK and get back to work, hoping for to achieve something. That's probably why she decided to announce the good news about her daughter and even shared a photo with the public. However, due to the earlier incident where she first broke up with long time boyfriend Gregory Lee, hooked up with new love interest Andy Ng and then denying that she was pregnant, her reputation turned negative since then. To Shirley, a comeback must be a great impacton her. The other day, it was rumored when Shirley and Andy were together, Andy had another girlfriend in Mainland, and said that Shirley's mother often urged Shirley to buy a home with Andy. The negative rumors indeed has been troubling Shirley. Since she posted a photo of her and her baby on Weibo after returning to HK, Shirley started isolating herself and didn't post again.

Selina Jen refuses to forgive director Chen Ming Zhang

It has been more than one year since S.H.E member Selina Jen suffered from third-degree burns, after an accident occurred on the set of now-axed drama I Have a Date with Spring back in 2010.

While she's on the road to recovery, scoring her first solo endorsement since the accident, Selina has yet to forget what had happened.

At the press conference to announce her endorsement of a beauty product, Selina joked nervously, "I'm so nervous, [because] there are so many people. Who are you trying to scare?" The 31-year-old, clad in a knee-length white dress with long sleeves, later continued her interview while sitting down, because she is unable to stand for a long time.

When asked if she had forgiven Chen Ming Zhang, the director of I Have a Date with Spring, who had asked her to film the explosion scene without using a stunt double, Selina began to tear.

The singer did not say if she had "forgiven" the director, but told reporters that she had spoken to her husband Richard Chang about it a few days ago. Richard told her that a professional actress would not reject a director's request.

"Richard kept comforting me, telling me he'd do the same (not use a stunt double) if it's him. However, I feel that everyone should protect themselves," Selina said. A staff member with Selina later expressed that it is too difficult for Selina "to forgive" now.

Selina's record label HIM International had said that the director and stunt director had assured Selina all will be well when she voiced her concerns before the shoot.

HIM International added that Selina's psychiatrist encouraged her to face up to her fears and hoped that the singer could heal her mental scars through crying.

2PM’s Junho collaborates with Vanness for Taiwan’s ‘Tiamo Chocolate’ OST

2PM‘s Junho continues to expand his activities overseas, as he’s now singing the OST for a Taiwanese drama titled ‘Tiamo Chocolate‘ with Vanness!

JYP Entertainment revealed, “2PM’s Junho has collaborated with ‘Tiamo Chocolate’ star Vanness to sing the drama’s main OST track, ‘Invincibility’. Following the single’s release, he will also be shooting a music video with Vanness in Taiwan.

For those unfamiliar with Vanness, he’s a household name in the Taiwanese entertainment market. After claiming his fame through the Taiwanese version of ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, he has become a singer and actor of immense popularity all over Asia. His drama, ‘Tiamo Chocolate’, is a teen love story.

Vanness expressed, “I worked my hardest on my production with 2PM’s Junho, and I’m really looking forward to the music video filming as well. Junho’s Chinese pronunciation was near perfect, which really surprised me, and working with him has been fun overall.

Junho added, “I’m glad to be able to work with Vanness through music, and I’m also looking forward to the music video filming.

Jennifer Tse goes on vacation without Andy On

Jennifer Tse Ting Ting two nights ago attended a fashion event. She revealed that in Easter she will travel but her boyfriend Andy On Chi Kit due to his film DUT SHU SUN FUN (SPECIAL IDENTITY) will not be able to go with her. "I will send some pictures to him, haha, will that be too mean?"

Ting Ting admitted that her heart ached over how tough her boyfriend's production was because he earlier injured his neck.

On Chi Kit took over for Vincent Zhao Wenzhou in DUT SHU SUN FUN. Earlier fans of Yen Chi Tan and Zhao Wenzhou exchanged insults online. Was Ting Ting afraid that her boyfriend would be dragged in? She said, "I don't know much about the matter, for now he hasn't run into anything unpleasant, maybe because he is pretty big."

Bernice Liu tells all about messy breakup with

Hong Kong actress Bernice Liu was portrayed by the Hong Kong media as a gold digger who broke her then-boyfriend Moses Chan's heart, and started dating wealthy businessman Alistair Lam last year.

However, the actress revealed in a recent magazine interview that this version of how her relationship with Chan ended is very far from the truth, reported Hong Kong media.

Liu claimed that it was Chan who unilaterally started talking about how he once dated and had broken up with her, just when she was about to undergo an operation for a nasty waist injury that could have potentially ended her career.

Then the rumours of her leaving him for Lam began.

"I was deeply troubled. In addition, my body chose to sound off alarm bells at the time, and I was lying in hospital preparing for a big operation.

"But he publicly addressed our relationship with the phrase 'the past has already passed'. Honestly, I was shocked at the time," said Liu, pointing out that she could not actively respond to the rumours about her due to her injury.

She added that she had not gone public about her relationship with Chan at the time, and was puzzled why the actor would talk to the press about it.

When asked if she is still upset with Chan over the matter, Liu said she is "not disappointed in this person (Chan) because everyone holds different views and acts in different ways".

Chan has since gone on to date Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan.

Liu on the other hand, denied that she and Lam are an item, but became coy when quizzed about whether Lam is currently one of her suitors.

"You'll have to ask the person in question," said Liu.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Netizens regret supporting Vincent Zhao

Several celebrities had since become involved in kungfu superstars Donnie Yen and Vincent Zhao's dispute, which reportedly happened after the two fell out with each other on the set of their new movie Special Identity.

Following the incident, Vincent's fans and netizens had shown their support for the actor. However, they have now regretted their actions after discovering that Vincent's four-year-old daughter holds a US passport. Netizens exclaimed that they "wasted efforts" in supporting the actor.

Vincent married Chinese actress Zhang Danlu in 2006, and the couple have two children. Their four-year-old daughter Zhao Zi Yang has the same name as a former General Secretary of China's Communist Party, while his song Zhao Zi Long shares the same name with a famed general from the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Vincent responded to the report, "The name Zi Yang was chosen by a fortune teller. We felt that the name was a little sensitive, but decided to go ahead with it, for the good of our daughter."

The actor also commented on netizens' anger which came after the discovery that his daughter is a US citizen. He explained that Zi Yang had gotten the citizenship because she was born there, while his son was born in Hong Kong. Vincent then emphasised that he is of Chinese nationality.

Recently, it was rumoured that Danlu had paid people to bombard actress Shu Qi on her microblog, causing her to shut the blog down entirely, but the actor insisted that he "did not hire anyone".

Kenneth Ma no taste in fashion, Tavia Yeung takes him out clothes shopping

Last night Norman Leung hosted a celebration dinner for the cast and crew of TVB series The Hippocratic Crush and announced that there will be a sequel. Lead actor and actress Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung are currently busy shooting for pre-modern series Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles and attended in their costumes.

Kenneth Ma has been accepting series after series, but he modestly said it's not much of a harvest. It is all thanks to THC's high ratings that he got more public event job opportunities and is another source of income. He hopes to save enough money to get a bigger house. When reporters teased him asking if he needs a 'golden house to keep a mistress'? Kenneth jokingly said: "If I'm rich, I don't mind. I want a bigger house, enough for 7 people to live in. This is for the convenience of my sister bringing her two children to visit us, and have more room to move around." Kenneth also believed that home investment is far more practical and valued than having famous cars or watches.

Earlier Lawrence Ng publicly praised Kenneth's good acting. Kenneth thanked 'Ching Ji Mei' (Lawrence's role in Healing Hands) for his appreciation. "I thought he didn't watch. Actually Healing Hands's Dr. Ching Ji Mei is an icon. This time, our doctor roles are more on the greater scale, different from their type." Kevin Cheng also praised that he has hope for the TV King title this year. Kenneth was very grateful: "Have to really thank this big brother, he loves me a lot too. Often times, he gives me advice on what to wear and the way I dress. He also told me he'll take me along to develop in Mainland." When speaking of him lacking a female companion to dress him up? Kenneth claimed that Tavia should take him out for clothes shopping because there will be a discount. He laughed and said this is what Tavia suggested, so he's not worried to be called the 'light bulb' between Tavia and Him Law.

Tavia teased Kenneth's outfit that he looks like a waiter and told him to put on a suit jacket: "Today, he initially came here without the suit jacket. It was only when I said he's always looking like a waiter, that he put that jacket on." Tavia continued to tease her partner: "He has everything, he has a house, he has the acting, but he just doesn't have any taste in fashion. He really needs to change his image, in order to reach the a higher level. Although I don't really have much knowledge on fashion myself, but as a friend I'm not trying to bash him, just giving advice and trying to help him. He is happy to accept any advice, just not many people tell him. (But he has no girl?) Leave it to fate." Tavia also said she doesn't mind taking Kenneth out to shop for clothes, just as long as time allows her to do so.

Mandy Wong bitterly practices walking a ladder for her renovation worker role

TVB rising FaDan Mandy Wong played 'Mei Suet' in The Hippocratic Crush following her popular role 'Kwan Yee So' in L'Escargot and has been on the popularity rise since. TVB is heavily promoting her, as she is casted in series after series, next month she'll be starting on new series A Chip off the Old Block II and will 'continue fate' with Him Law. In the series she plays a renovation worker girl, and to gain deeper knowledge in the role, Mandy especially took out some time before filming starts to learn how to remodel homes from her relative, who actually works as a renovation worker in real life. As Mandy does not have any knowledge on renovation, she will have to start from the very beginning and work her way up.

On her first 'lesson', Mandy learned how to walk the wooden ladder. Her relative took the lead and demonstrated for her first. She saw her relative clamping his two legs to the ladder, and walked while sitting on the ladder with ease. During the time, he was even walking with he ladder as he painted the walls, looking very relaxed. Mandy misunderstood and thought it was a piece of cake, and before she knew it, she was injured instantly when it was her turn. Mandy appeared having a very difficult time walking the ladder, and called for help from her relative: "Why can't I move it?" Her relative saw her struggling and went forward to attentively explain to her how it works. He taught her the tricks to holding the ladder with her legs and walking with it.

After all the hard work, Mandy barely took a step while sitting on the ladder. Although she only made little progress, she was still very happy. Then Mandy just took the ladder home with her and will be moving around with the ladder at home every day. She laughed: "It looks easy, but in reality it's so difficult, so I practiced for several days. My thighs are all sore, but that's ok! How will there be any achievements if there are no effort put into it! I'll just treat this as homework, must accomplish it. No matter what difficulty I encounter, I must overcome!"

Fanboys object to Girls’ Generation members’ continuous kiss-scenes

Some male fans are venting their frustration after seeing their beloved Girls’ Generation members take part in steamy kiss scenes on TV.

Most recently, Girls’ Generation member Yuri had a passionate kiss scene with co-star Lee Jae Hoon in SBS ‘Fashion King‘. In the script, her character Choi Anna (who was rejected by her professional superior) visits her former flame Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Jae Hoon) at his home. Jae Hyuk who still harbored romantic feelings for Anna leaned in for a kiss, and Anna welcomed his affection. Yuri’s kiss scene was more steamy than expected and is creating quite the impact.

Ahead of Yuri’s kiss scene, fellow Girls’ Generation member Jessica had a kiss scene with actor Lee Dong Wook in KBS 2TV‘s ‘Wild Romance‘. Jessica who played the role of Lee Dong Wook’s first love Kang Jong Hee pulled off a screen kiss during her first acting gig, proving her potential as an actress.

And member Yoona who tried her hand at acting before the rest of her members had a kiss scene with actor Kwon Sang Woo in the 2009 drama, ‘Cinderella Man‘. Fans were relieved when her kiss scene with Lee Ji Hoon in the 2008 drama ‘You’re My Destiny‘ got cancelled, but fans are now curious to know if she will have one with Jang Geun Suk in her newest project, ‘Love Rain‘.

Tiffany and Taeyeon both had their kiss scenes in musicals. Tiffany’s kiss took place in ‘Fame‘, and Taeyeon’s in ‘Midnight Sun‘. For both of their kiss scenes, the audience members watching the musical reportedly let out a deep, heavy sigh in unison.

Some male fans are objecting to the girls’ kiss scenes saying, “I’m so frustrated,” “This does not make me feel good,” “Oh, Yuri…“, and more.

Alien Huang willing to do household chores for his girl

It's been a month since Taiwanese singer-actor Alien Huang arrived in Singapore to film upcoming Ch8 drama Joys of Life.

Alien, who usually can't bear the heat, has been adapting surprisingly well to the local weather. During a group interview for the promotion of his latest album Break Heart Black Heart, the singer shared that although he enjoyed the local delicacies, he hasn't had a chance to explore the city due to his filming schedule.

When asked if he was exhausted from his busy schedule, Alien let on that he prefers spending time alone such as watching DVDs, drawing and writing lyrics.

The singer also added that he loves to arrange his things neatly and would also vacuum his bed and sofa regularly to prevent dirt from building up.

Back at home in Taiwan, Alien would often stand and admire his day's work after cleaning and arranging his toys in the cupboard. While he admitted to enjoying doing household chores like these, the singer denied to having obsessive compulsive disorder.

When asked if he would accept a sloppy girl who does not like to do housework, Alien, who felt that "feelings are the most important" to him, surprisingly said, "It doesn't matter, as long as you don't create a mess. You can choose not to do it, I'll do it."

The singer, who is also a host on Taiwanese entertainment programme 100% Entertainment, shared that he had visited a few actresses' houses while hosting the show, and realised they loved piling clothes on their beds and covering them with their blankets, which was something he could not accept.

Alien also did not like people who eat in their beds because he felt that one should only touch the bed after a bath.

"You can be like that in your own house, but you cannot do so in mine. If you come to my place, I have an area for you to put your things. You can place them however you want, but only in that area," he emphasised but added that this is merely his personal hygiene habit.

It had been two years since the singer released an album. When talking about the four self-written compositions in the album, Alien shared that he began writing lyrics when he was still in school. Then, he would study the works of other experienced lyricists, hoping to be like them.

"After I'm done writing [the lyrics], I'd remember that I'm the one singing [the songs]. Sometimes I think I brought it upon myself [by writing these tongue-twisting lyrics] as I find it difficult to memorise the lyrics," he said.

Alien added that the most difficult song to pen was 'Black Heart', because the theme was already decided by his record label beforehand, and he had spent a long time working on the song.

This album contains 'bitter love songs' that would often bring back memories of his past love including unhappy ones, according to the singer.

Alien hopes that his songs would help his listeners get through their broken hearts and move on from their previous relationships.

When asked if he had become a spiritual therapist, Alien laughed, "I wouldn't say I am, but each of us has our own set of experiences to share. It doesn't matter how strong you are, because you'll definitely have your weak moments when you're in love. Superman had fallen out of love before; no matter how strong you are, you don't have the strength to open that memories-filled drawer."

Break Heart Black Heart is now on sale.

SPICA releases the MV to newest R&B single, “Painkiller”

After releasing the teaser video for their new mini-album repackage, “Painkiller“, the ladies of SPICA are back and ready to hit the stage!

Just only three weeks since wrapping up promotions for “Russian Roulette“, the girls have undergone a dramatic image transformation and are ready to prove that they have more tricks up their sleeves.

Their newest release “Painkiller” is a traditional R&B track produced by Ryan Jhun, the composer behind the hit songs of Lee Hyori, TVXQ, and SHINee.

The heartbreaking song sings of a woman who knows the lover that left her is the only “Painkiller” to ease the emptiness in her lonely heart.

New singer Lee Yoo Rim debuts with “First Date”

New singer Lee Yoo Rim, who has appeared on tvN‘s ‘The Romantic‘, has debuted with her self-composed song “First Date”!

A representative of Lee Yoo Rim stated on the 28th, “Lee Yoo Rim will release her first digital single on the 29th. She’s majoring in practical music and composition at Howon University, and has composed around 10 songs herself. We plan on releasing 2 of her tracks first.”

The representative continued, “Because Lee Yoo Rim’s beautiful appearance, it’s true that she’s received numerous love calls from other avenues (Television)… she doesn’t have plans to appear on television programs in the future. She wants to focus on music rather than television.”

Lee Yoo Rim also tweeted on the 28th, “Finally the day to share my self-written songs is here. The title is ‘First Date’. I composed, wrote, and arranged it.”

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Charmaine Sheh praises Kevin Cheng & Annie Liu are a great match

Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung attended a [Next] magazine awards ceremony yesterday. Since Charmaine is currently busy shooting for Mainland drama Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder, she rushed back to HK in order to take part in the awards ceremony. When speaking of rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng's new rumors with Annie Liu? Charmaine laughed: "Congrats!" Asked if she lost Kevin because she's too busy shooting series? Charmaine admitted: "I really have no time, have to film. Kevin left Hengdian earlier than me, so I don't know where he went to shoot." Charmaine said she and Kevin are friends, and did call him up to ask about his new rumors. She believed Kevin and Annie are both considered a handsome guy and beautiful girl, and are very matching on-screen couple. Does she believe she and Kevin are the most matching? She asked back: "Ask the audience!"

Myolie Wu was away from HK for several months shooting a new Mainland series. She expressed she misses her HK colleagues, when asked if she's implying she misses boyfriend Bosco Wong? She laughed and did not answer, but she said since Triumph in the Skies II hasn't begun yet, she took the opportunity to accept another Mainland drama. She said she will be back in HK to promote for new TVB series House of Harmony and Vengeance. Asked if she's earning a lot of the Chinese yuan lately? Myolie laughed: "Not that much, but I'm not used to the Mainland weather, so I fell ill. I hope to get better soon." Bosco praised Myolie for having the capability to earn money, and said he too will work hard for money.

Regarding girlfriend Aimee Chan currently shooting in Mainland for the first time and was forced to take group photos by the colleagues there? Moses believed they just had the mentality of fans. First time shooting out in Mainland, Aimee has been well-taken care of by many people, and is not worried of safety. Moses said: "We chat on the phone every day, she got used to it too. She had so much time, she was able to go walk around everywhere and take pictures too." He hopes to finished shooting his series by April, so he can visit his girlfriend in Hengdian for a surprise.

NARUTO’s 9th anime film to be released in July

It has been revealed that Kishimoto Masashi’s popular manga, “NARUTO“, will be getting its 9th anime film on July 28th.

Titled “ROAD TO NINJA -NARUTO THE MOVIE-“, the film will be Kishimoto’s first original story to celebrate the anime’s 10th anniversary.

“NARUTO” is a ninja action manga that started its serialization in “Weekly Shounen Jump” back in 1999. With 59 volumes, it’s sold a total of over 110 million copies. In 2002, the manga received it’s first TV animation series, and its movie version has been released every year since 2004.

Kishimoto commented, “To celebrate it’s 10th year anniversary, I worked on the story line and design selfishly with all my might. I promise to make it an entertaining movie, so please look forward to it.

T-ara volunteers and meets with disabled children

Despite their busy schedule, T-ara recently took some time to volunteer again, this time for the welfare facility of Seoul Main Customs.

On March 22nd, all seven members of T-ara attended and helped pot plants with disabled children, assisted the dentists with dental activities, assisted with the meals, and even fed some of the children.

T-ara reflected on their day and shared their thoughts saying, “Thanks to the children who warmly greeted us, we were able to enjoy and have another great volunteering experience. We hope to continue to be of a neighbor to these people and will work harder to become “volunteer-dol” T-ara.”

Jang Nara releases comeback single & MV, “I Only Think of You”

Actress-singer Jang Nara once again showcased her talented vocals with her comeback single, “I Only Think of You“.

For her Korean track, “It Was You“, Jang Nara sang a harmonious duet with Clazziquai‘s Alex. And for her many Chinese fans, she sang the title track, “I Only Think of You”, in Chinese, showcasing a more mellow sound.

“It Was You” (with Alex)

“I Only Think of You” (Chinese Version)

In addition, Jang Nara released the full MV of the Korean version of “I Only Think of You”. Check it out below!

2NE1′s CL admits she proactively prevented Sandara from dating

We previously reported that despite 2NE1‘s ‘dating ban’, Big Bang‘s Seungri has been introducing Sandara Park to a number of men.

The March 27th ‘YG Family‘ special of SBS Strong Heart also revealed that Sandara’s fellow 2NE1 member CL admitted that she actively prevented Dara from going on dates.

“I introduced Sandara to a number of guys,” Seungri remarked. “But one said that she hung up on him when he tried to call and talk to her.”

Sandara attempted to explain the situation and said, “That’s because CL picked up the phone and hung up on him.”

“Seungri has a loud voice, so when he calls Sandara, everyone in the room can hear him,” CL said. “But that day, something was strange. I felt like it was an unfamiliar man who was calling her, so I picked up the phone instead and hung up.”

When asked why she did so, CL answered, “Because I’m the leader, and we are banned from dating.”

Also on the same episode, 2NE1′s label mate Se7en evoked laughter by revealing Dara only likes younger, ‘flower boy’ type males.

Jay Chou to scout for fresh face for his new movie

According to the Taiwanese media, singer Jay Chou will form a celebrity basketball team, to go up against NBA superstar Kobe Bryant at the upcoming 2012 Sprite Celebrity Basketball Tournament.

Recently, Jay, together with his celebrity friends Will Liu and Blackie Chen, turned up at the opening ceremony for the event. Will, Blackie and Jason Tang -- all of whom are married -- then said that they will consider taking their wives to the finals of the basketball tournament, and suggested that they name their team 'The Housewives'.

An excited Blackie said, "If Jay brings [his wife], I'll bring [mine too]." Jay immediately replied, "I'm bringing my mum." The multi-hyphenate also shared the progress of his upcoming movie Secret 2, letting on that Will is the executive producer and will be working behind the scenes. As for the main female lead, Jay hoped to find a fresh face, suggesting that rumoured girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan will not be the female lead in the film.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shu Qi heartbroken: "The Past is not a Scar"

Vincent Zhao's fans attacked Shu Qi by reposting her old nude photos online after she supported Donnie Yen on Weibo that he's a professional and serious actor. This resulted in Shu Qi deleting all of her Weibo entries as well as her list of Following. She suffered great emotional impact and wrote about her thoughts in an article: "The past is not a scar." Unfortunately, that didn't settle the disputes, yesterday even Carina Lau was drawn into the situation because it was discovered that she downloaded the 'Shu Qi's Photos' file during the sensitive period and so Netizens teased that she's gossiping, "curiosity kills the cat". Vincent Zhao also publicly stressed on Weibo of his innocence, that he did not hire an 'online thug' to attack people.

The other night, a Weibo entry: "I just discovered a very good document 'Shu Qi zip' (舒淇zip), I recommend that you go take a look." appeared on Carina's Weibo. This entry means she downloaded the file containing Shu Qi's photos, and at the time the message quickly spread. Perhaps even she didn't even know. Soon after, Netizens teased that she's gossiping and started taking her film Curiosity Kills the Cat to joke with. Netizens criticized that she's doing the wrong things during a sensitive period. Carina later deleted that entry.

Being attacked, Shu Qi feels disturb and hurt, so she decided to quit Weibo. Yesterday morning, she wrote an article Back to the Source of Simplicity on her official website. This was a response to the Weibo incident. In the article she refers herself as "she". The following is an excerpt of Shu Qi's article. She helplessly wrote: "The simplest source, is to still have a personal shop, a comfortable shop. In fact she is very heartbroken, after all that was just like her log of feelings. Unfortunately some people, including herself, will always has a dark side."

"Relax, she's well and yet is unwell. She is thankful of the people that has hurt her, allowing her to continuously learn and grow. Although the process was painful, extremely hard to bear, but it still must get by! Thanks to all the people who don't like her, allowing her to actually feel the truth and really reflect on the direction of life. Now ending Weibo, she's not worried her life will slowly be unrecognized, but rather her pipeline of wanting to help people in the future loses a direction."

Regarding her past, Shu Qi writes: "She does not care about any of the comments whatsoever. In the last 17 years, all the disturbances, great winds and waves, life or death moments, she was still able to get through them. Thanks to all those people who have helped her. The past isn't a scar to her, it is a story that tells how she came along. I think she feels proud. Hopefully the future world, the positive energy can overpower the negative. In the meantime, she's a little weak and embarrassed! But please rest assure, just with a little time, she will be able to get through it. I believe she will be a strong heroine very soon!" To end, Shu Qi thanked her fans for their loyalty.

After the Shu Qi Weibo incident good friend Donnie apologized to her and other friends who were dragged into the situation through Weibo. As for Vincent, he also clarified on Weibo that he did not hire an 'online thug' to clean out Shu Qi's Weibo. He even urged Weibo's technical staff to publicize that Netizen's IP address to prove that he's innocent. Vincent insisted that he looks forward to another collaboration with Shu Qi as well.

Ada Choi an expired nanny neglects beloved daughter

Yesterday Ada Choi, Sheren Tang, Christine Ng, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, Christine Kuo and Alice Chan appeared at the blessing ceremony for TVB new series Beauty At War (WABII) in Tseung Kwan O. Ada's daughter is already 10 months old, and is starting to learn walking. Watching her daughter grow, Ada feels blessed and excited, but because she's busy shooting WABII, she doesn't have time to take care of her daughter. She said: "Earlier when I was shooting 4 months for a series, it was so painful because I wouldn't get the script until the night before, I get so nervous and when I get home I go straight to study the script. When my daughter crawls over and gives me a hug on the legs, I had to neglect her because I was just too busy memorizing the script."

Ada was asked if she would ask the producer to release the script earlier? She: "No choice, smart scriptwriters are like that. I'm used to it after so many years of collaboration with Ah Chik (Producer Jonathan Chik) and [Chow] Yuk Ming. I personally just want to have enough sleep, so I have energy and better memory." Ada plays a nanny in the series, when asked if she'll have to put in a fake breasts for the shoot? She said: "Not necessary. I'm an expired nanny, just responsible for telling people to go feed milk."

Yesterday Moses was 40 minutes late, making everyone wait for him before they could begin the blessing ceremony. He said: "I totally forgot it was the blessing ceremony today. I'm in for it this time, I will make more cups of coffee and treat everyone to a meal as my apology." Recently, Moses has been off the fatty foods and has lost 20 pounds. He expressed he hopes to visit girlfriend Aimee Chan on the set in Hengdian.

Christine Ng frankly said she's collaborating with a lot of strong artists this time and feels very pressured. When asked if she NGs a lot during the shoot? She joked: "My surname is NG, so no one can blame me if I NG. Actually we all communicated prior to shooting that if there are NGs, no one should feel displeased, so it's a very good atmosphere." Newcomer Yuang Cheung shaved his head for his small eunuch role, he said it feels fresh and cool.

JJ Jia and Sammy Shum spotted dating

Not long after 29 year old JJ Jia's debut, she was seen as the Goddess among the 'House Boys', but too bad she only loves 28 year old TVB artist Sammy Shum, known as the 'mountain bandit version of Louis Koo'. Recently, Sammy's career is on the rise as he is seen on the sitcom Til Love Do Us Lie paired with Raymond Lam's cousin Lin Xiawei. JJ and Sammy sparked love in 2010 when they were shooting a travel show together. Although JJ earns a higher income than Sammy, she does not hesitate to fork out her own wallet to help her boyfriend, whom she had not been dating for long. She pays for the rent at the Serenity Place, Tseung Kwan O, where she cohabits with Sammy.

The other day JJ had a day off, so she and her boyfriend went out dating in Sai Kung. To avoid being recognized, JJ was very careful, having thick framed glasses on, a hat and a jacket to hide her nice body figure. JJ and Sammy, who also had a cap on, stepped into an Italian restaurant at around 6pm and sat at a table in the dark corner for dinner. However, the couple were already the center of attention to other customers as soon as they appeared in the restaurant. The couple had a huge feast with 5 large dishes on the table. With her boyfriend around, JJ comfortably ate as much as she wanted and cleaned all the dishes from the table. During the time, the two chatted sweetly and because Sammy feared the dinner wasn't filling enough for his girlfriend, he ordered to-go before getting the bill.

Sammy's Profile
Birth Date: May 4, 1983

Debut: 2006 EEG New Talent Singing Contest; In 2008, he entered TVB Acting Class.

- Off Pedder (2010): Sammy played Joyce Cheng's boyfriend and people started noticing him.
- Lives of Omission (2011): Sammy played 'Bau Dang' (Bosco Wong's assistant)

Rumored Girlfriends:
While shooting Off Pedder, Sammy was rumored with Joyce Cheng, then later with Aimee Chan from the same series. He was also photographed on the streets with Aimee before. November 2011, Sammy was spotted with Kate Tsui in Wan Chai for dance practice. It was rumored the two sparked after shooting Lives of Omission.

Oscar Leung rapidly gaining and then losing weight for his Emperor role

Yesterday Mandy Wong and 'husband' Oscar Leung (Wai Wai) were guests for a men slimming center CM SQUARE's new store opening. Well-shaped Mandy does not mind gaining weight for her roles. Earlier when she was playing the 'Kwan Yee So' role, she deliberately went on an unrestrained diet. She will soon be playing a renovation worker in a new series (A Chip Off the Old Block II). She joked after she finishes studying the role, she is more than willing to help friends renovate their homes for half price!

Oscar will be shooting a new series at the end of next month, and will have to gain weight for the role. He has already gained 7-8 pounds, and especially wore a black leather jacket to cover his large belly: "Because I'm going to be the Emperor, who is chubbier when he is younger. It is when I shoot the death scene, I will have to get thinner, so I will take a several days to rapidly lose weight. (Can you physically handle that?) It's quite miserable, my digestive system will get all weird, like I'm not used to the bathroom times and also get pimples."

Ethan Ruan spends his holiday with Tiffany Hsu

Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan has come under constant media scrutiny ever since he enlisted for national service. Not only were there reports of how the actor was coping with military life, the media was also hot on his heels each time he was allowed a holiday.

Previously, Ethan's girlfriend, actress Tiffany Tsu let on that she rarely cooked now because Ethan is often not around and that she is currently busy with work, causing a fast dip in her weight.

Two days ago, the actor, who was on his break, took Tiffany out on a date and had a steamboat dinner, so as to nourish her body. Ethan, who sported a buzz cut, attracted diners' attention as soon as he entered the restaurant, creating a small commotion. However, the actor kept his cool and focused on his meal the entire time.

In other related news, the actor's movie Love did well at the box office, and his convincing portrayal of a man who stutters and has low self-esteem, won praise from netizens.

Jin Akanishi’s Japan tour cancelled as penalty for marrying without telling agency

No national tour, paying fines out of his own pocket, and no jobs for the time being is the price Jin Akanishi has to pay for getting married without permission, it was announced on March 24, reports Sports Hochi and Nikkan Sports.

“I understand that as a working adult I have acted irresponsibly. I deeply apologise to my fans and the people I work with for all of the trouble I have caused,” Akanishi said in a written statement.

It has been reported Akanishi had married actress Meisa Kuroki in February, only telling his agency about it afterwards. Johnny’s however, were not impressed. The agency’s president Johnny Kitagawa had previously told reporters he had found out about the marriage on the news, and although getting married was a great thing, he said Akanishi should have thought twice about the consequences the news would have on his and Kuroki’s career.

As a penalty, his Japan tour which was supposed to go around Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka has been cancelled. Any fines, such as for canceling concert venue bookings, will be paid out of Akanishi’s own pockets. While the talent will not have to refund fans for their tickets since they have not gone on sale, arena concert venues typically charge one to two-million yen for canceling a booking. In a worst case scenario, Akanishi would need to pay tens-of-millions-of-yen. It has been reported the talent has also had some drama roles offered to him, including a role in the upcoming remake of “GTO” planned for July, but the agency has not accepted anything yet, emphasizing the talent’s schedule remains. The penalty given to him reflects the trouble caused to Kuroki’s agency, their sponsors, and his own agency. “Johnny’s & Associates talent Jin Akanishi admits the press reports from February 9 are true and that he married on Feburary 2. Akanishi has sent a fax to those who are concerned explaining the situation,” a representative from Johnny’s said.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Linda Chung's shower commercials is enough to buy a new home

Linda Chung is known as a frugal and hardworking artist. Lately, since she has finally paid off all her 'series debt' (break from filming), she quickly goes out to earn some extra income. Within these two months, she had four endorsements and has pocketed over HK$1 million. The other day, under the some 10 degree C temperatures, Linda was shooting a shower gel commercial for 6 figures. She just had a thin and short white dress on for the shoot and had to run away in the open field with a little girl. She conveyed a natural and healthy message.

Since it was Linda's first time meeting the little girl, she brought her candy and toys. Although Linda had to withstand the cold and please the little girl, she did not once ask for a break. However, the company arranged a personal makeup car for her to use. Then Linda was shooting a showering scene, where she showed off her shoulders and legs for 3 hours!

Linda claimed she's a fan of this brand, and this is the sexiest commercial that she has done since she debuted. Earlier, she especially looked after her body to display the most beautiful skin for the shoot. She said: "Recently, I've been doing a lot of aerobics. I went for several classes in the last two months and now I'm better spirited and feel healthier. I pay particular attention to showering, and the shower gel must let out a fresh scent. I rehearse my lines and sing in the shower!"

As she has been rapidly earning extra income and becoming a little queen of endorsements, Linda didn't deny: "I will shoot any commercial! Most important is to earn money! Although I already have a home, I hope to buy another one this year! (Buy a 'Gu Por' Home?) Haha! Of course a 'brick' is a stronger safeguard. I hope to earn enough to buy another home by the end of this year!"

Moses Chan: Marrying Aimee Chan in 2 Years

Within Aimee Chan's love dictionary, Moses Chan is defined as her exclusive 'best deal' (seun poon). Likewise, in Moses' dictionary, he equally hopes to be with Aimee forever. Moses claims he's a traditional man, and understands how wonderful it is when fate comes. He promises to give Aimee a status within 2 years.

(Moses speaks ...)

I won't compare the differences between my romances from the past and present. After all, a relationship must not be distinguished from right or wrong just by a few words. I will just look into the future and move forward. Whatever happened in the past, whether if its my career or love life, I really believe to just let it be since it's the past. However, I am honestly happier than before. I am very happy to be with Aimee. People say I'm the 'best deal', but in reality you all are just thinking too highly of me. I'm just like any other traditional man. I believe a man should be responsible for everything he does and should really take good care of his other half, giving his girlfriend someone to rely on and sense of security. These qualities are very important. I have my weaknesses too and I am still learning on how to be a good boyfriend because every individual will have a time where they make mistakes. It's just a matter of how much tolerance we have for each other.

Two Minds Interlinked

In my heart, Aimee is a very sweet girl. My first impression on her was very good, and also we have common interests. For example, I enjoy studying coffee and Aimee does too. Coffee is often a topic we talk about. Most important is our thoughts are the same, sometimes we don't have to explain and it seems like we already understand what the other is thinking. It's been less than a year since we started dating, but many people are even more rushed than we are, telling us to get marry soon. Aimee and I do indeed have consensus, we hope to take it slow with no pressure, and allow our relationship to get even better first. I know status is very important to a woman, but I will add oil! Actually I will give her status because the coffee shop that I opened with a friend in Malaysia closed, and I currently have plans to open another one in HK within 2 years. If I really can open a coffee shop in HK, I hope to make her the female boss and let her handle all the finances. This is currently my promise to her. As for myself, of course I will personally put more research into the coffee. Hopefully my dream comes true!

Relationship is 'brewing'

Many people know I like to drink coffee, and before when I traveled to different parts of the world to shoot the second season of my coffee program Coffee Confidential, I actually started to love the coffee that I brew even more. I learned a lot of the manufacturing processes. Whether a cup of coffee is good or bad, it is all made by me, even if it doesn't taste good, I suffer it myself. If I had to describe my relationship with Aimee through this process, the first image that comes to mind is "brewing", haha! Actually, I won't use coffee to describe her, I will never keep coffee that I brewed for more than two weeks because it will spoil, but my love will not change!

Refuses being an on-screen couple

There is another thing we both agreed that we don't want to do, that is to shoot a series as a couple. I talked to her about this, we both don't really want to see this happen. Honestly speaking, in the eyes of viewers, I don't think they want to see a real life couple be in a series. If we had to get intimate on screen, I would refuse because I want to keep work and personal life separate. If we mix work and personal life together, it's going to be hard to focus. I would have no confidence in my performance.

(Interview ends...)

As Moses' girlfriend, how does Aimee think of her 'showbiz's best deal' boyfriend? Aimee attended an event earlier and sweetly smiled: "He's a gentleman and very attentive. I feel very comfortable being with him!"

Since Aimee's parents both live in Canada, they have not had the chance to interview this future son-in-law, but a month ago, Aimee's brother came to Hong Kong and met with Moses. When asked of her brother's impression on his future brother-in-law? Aimee laughed: "My brother had dinner with Moses and toured HK. However, I have no details of his impression!" When speaking of Moses wanting to open a coffee shop in HK and make her his female boss, Aimee just smiled sweetly and did not comment.

Yang Mi promotes new film despite high fever

Mini Yang Mi two days ago promoted the Pang Ho Cheung film LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) in Guangzhou when she suddenly came down with a 40 degree (Celsius) fever. She remained professional and insisted on attending the events. She only cancelled interviews. After the events she rushed to the hospital.

Yang Mi appeared and apologized to the media that has been waiting for a long time. "Today I am very sorry. Originally the make up was done already, but my fever reached 40 degrees. My body truly can't persevere."

Pang Ho Cheung held down the fort alone. He humorously said that he would wait for LOVE IN THE BUFF to pass 200 million at the box office in peace.

Rose Chan tearfully discusses career hardship

Rose Chan Ka Wun and boss Checkley Sin Kwok Lam two nights ago attended the Movie Producers And Distributors Association of Hong Kong held forum.

Rose shared the hardship of her career. Her boss Sin Kwok Lam talked about a film's planning and production process. Rose was teary eyed when she recalled her past.

Aside from all the injuries from fight scenes, she admitted that she suffered from wire work for a film.

"I used to be afraid that I would feel nauseous from wire work. Although the shoot was long, I chose not to eat all day."

Jo Kwon reveals why he never dated during his 8 years as a trainee

On the March 22nd broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon revealed the reason behind why he never dated during his 8 long years as a trainee.

The singer visited where junior trainees were gathered and gave them advice based on his experience as a trainee.

I had never dated during my 8 years of trainee days,” he said. “In fact, seeds of love start to sprout during trainee days. There was this one girl during my trainee days who had feelings for me, but I told her ‘we shouldn’t be like this. We’re about to debut soon. You stepped foot in here because your dream was to become a singer, just like I did. But if we date and end up getting caught, what do you think will happen?‘

Jo Kwon then began reminiscing about the time when he debuted saying, “I’m very realistic. I never really had interest in dating, and only had thoughts of wanting to debut quickly. Once I debuted under 2AM after 8 long years and appeared on stage, that’s when I heard the cheers coming to us from so many people. The feeling you get at that moment is something I can’t describe in words.

He continued, “That’s the reason why I’m still a singer. I don’t need anything else. The moment I stand on stage, my heart begins to race uncontrollably. When I see fans cheering while holding up placards and our light sticks, I couldn’t be any happier.

SHINee reveals choreography rehearsal video for “Sherlock”

After finally unveiling their highly anticipated music video, “SHINee‘s back” (whispers) with a dance practice video for “Sherlock” this time!

The boys are seen dressed down in casual sweats and t-shirts, yet their good looks still stand out as they showcase a perfectly synchronized and powerful choreography.

So Ji Sub releases “Such A Story” MV

Actor So Ji Sub recently released his new mini-album, ‘Seat of the Northern Crown’, and has just unveiled his music video for the title track, “Such A Story”.

So Ji Sub released his new mini-album through various online music sites on March 20th. Differing from his previous 2011 single album ‘Pick Up Line‘, this new highly-anticipated mini-album contains multiple tracks featuring some of today’s top artists.

Composer Kim Gun Woo who has in the past worked with big names in the industry such as Jewelry and SG Wannabe has written and produced all the tracks on the album, and the new release is drawing interest as stars such as Bobby Kim, Huh Gak, and soprano singer Han Kyung Mi have lent their voices to complete the project.

‘Breaking Up’ is a common theme for all the songs on the album which consist of popular melodies that are trending today. The title track, “Such A Story” also features popular vocal trainer Mellow who assisted with vocal training for stars such as Huh Gak, Lee Hyori, and Baek Ji Young.

The lyrics to “Such A Story” sing about a man who wants to leave his lover and his woman who cannot seem to let him go.

Jang Nara’s “I Only Think of You” MV released early

After the release of the teaser, the music video for Jang Nara‘s new single “I Only Think of You” has been released!

Although it was originally planned to be released on the 26th, due to a mix up, it was released earlier through Youtube. There was apparently a mix up with the satellite channel, and the video was leaked earlier than intended. “I Only Think of You” is the first single by the star in 4 years since Jang Nara’s 6th album ‘Dream of Asia‘.

Her management agency stated, “We heard that the music video was released a few days before [the single] goes on sale so we were surprised, but we don’t believe that the satellite channel leaked it with malicious intentions. Though the music video was released unintentionally, we are thankful that everyone is showing so much interest in Jang Nara’s new single album. Jang Nara plans on actively promoting ‘I Only Think of You’ in Korea. Please give her lots of love.

Watch the “I Only Think of You” music video below!

Friday, March 23, 2012

SHINee releases MV for “Sherlock”

SHINee released their mini-album “Sherlock” and fans have been anxious for the music video. Well, the wait is finally over!

True to the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ theme, the MV has a bit of a detective story and in true SHINee fashion, the choreography is outstanding. Additionally, Jessica of Girls’ Generation makes a cameo appearance!

Check out the MV for “Sherlock” below.

Dance practice video for Girls’ Generation “MR. TAXI” and "The Boys" revealed

Some fans have patiently waited and now their wait is over. The dance practice video Girls’ Generation‘s hit track “MR. TAXI” was recently uploaded on the internet.

This dance practice video should bring back some nostalgia of their older dance practice videos in the famed blue cloud rehearsal room. This dance practice video maybe their best to date with the complex synchronization for the “MR. TAXI” choreography.

Following the recent release of Girls’ Generation‘s “MR. TAXI” dance practice video, the girls have also just released the rehearsal video for “The Boys“.

This dance practice video should bring the boys out.

If you haven’t nailed the moves to the hit song yet, you can get a closer look at the choreography by watching the clip below! Also share your thoughts on which Girls’ Generation choreography is your favorite.

TVXQ sets a new record in Oricon’s 45-year history

TVXQ has launched their 10th single to the top of Japan’s ‘Oricon‘ weekly chart!

On March 14th, the duo’s latest release, “Still“, debuted at #1 on the ‘Oricon’ daily singles chart. A week later, it has still maintained its position at #1, coming in with yet another remarkable achievement for the group.

Not only that, but this is the first time in Japanese music history that an international artist landed 10 singles at #1 in the weekly chart, and has beat the previous record (also set by the same group) in Oricon’s 45 years of history.

The records don’t stop there! “Still” also marks the group’s 26th single that made it to the ‘Top 10′, demonstrating that the boys still have what it takes to maintain their popularity in Japan. The ‘Oricon’ made sure to make note of this achievement on their official homepage, acknowledging the men for setting a new record in 45 years of its history.

In related news, the boys are currently on their 11-city Japanese tour.

Timmy Hung and Janet Chow gets married

Timmy Hung and 2006 Miss Hong Kong first runner-up Janet Chow's tied the knot today! Timmy had '10 Brothers' serve as his groomsmen, while the bride Janet had 28 bridesmaids. Timmy's groomsmen included Chin Kar Lok, Michael Tong, Frankie Lam, and Carlos Ng. Janet's bridesmaids included Angela tong, Toby Leung, Elaine Yiu, Margaret Chung, Vivien Yeo and many many more.

The day before, Janet had her bridal shower party and her bridesmaids all went on stage to share their experiences they had with Janet and how they felt about her. The bride got very emotional and cried the whole time. Janet said: "I slowly established this group of friends in the 6 years since I've been in HK. We talk about everything and are about loyalty. We take care of each other, so I really want to share my happiness with them." Timmy's sister was also one of the bridesmaid, Janet laughed: "They said Timmy is lucky to marry me. Even his sister said the same thing. I really don't feel what's so great about me, but I really thank them."

The couple also hosted a star-studded wedding reception at W Hotel. The bride left alone early in the morning to pickup her friends and took them to the hotel. Timmy waited for his bride at the hotel, and then the couple entered together.

As the father-in-law, Sammo Hung arrived at the hotel at 12pm, and personally gave out red envelopes later in the afternoon. He laughed that Timmy knows what to do and does not need to be taught, so he doesn't have to worry. Asked if the newly weds are planning to have Dragon babies? Sammo said its possible. Later, Sammo's wife joined them and happily allowed the media to snap a few pictures.

Wong Jing, Jacky Cheung, Jackie Chan and EEG CEO Albert Yeung were the earliest guests that arrived. Jacky expressed he gave money gift to the newly weds because he has to go up to Shanghai for a performance, so he can only stay for 15 minutes. When Jacky learned Kelly gave birth, he congratulated her.

Ella Chen hopes Hebe Tien will find her true love too

Now that S.H.E member Ella Chen has found true love, she hoped the same would happen to good friend and band mate Hebe Tien.

Ella, together with her Malaysian fiancé Alvin Lai, headed to Guam Island over the weekend with an entourage of 30 people for her wedding photo shoot. Once there, the group visited the various tourist attractions, including Lovers' Cliff, which was Ella's favourite destination. This place is one of the must-visit places for couples on their honeymoon, because according to the island's legend, couples who ring the bell, found on the top of the cliff, three times, will have a long and happy life together.

The singer, who believed in the legend, made her fiancé ring the bell together, before she and Hebe rang the bell together again, hoping that the latter could share her happiness.

There was also a special place on the cliff where couples can write their names on locks and have them locked there, symbolising 'together forever'. There, Ella found a couple lock inscribed with the phrase "Sunshine Hebe" and exclaimed that it "is a good omen. I hope Hebe will find her true love too".

That night, the group enjoyed a dinner by the beach, and was watching a samba dance performance, when Ella and Alvin were asked to join in the dance on stage. Ella, who is known for her bubbly character, shook and twisted with all her might; on the other hand, Alvin did not know what he should do, tickling everyone present with his awkwardness on stage.

JYJ sues Korean news website over "malicious" article

Korean boy band JYJ's management company C-JeS Entertainment announced in a press statement on Tuesday that it would sue a Korean news website which recently published an article that claimed JYJ verbally abused and hit their obsessive "sasaeng" fans, reported Korean media.

C-JeS Entertainment said the article, which portrayed JYJ as aggressors who tried to pass themselves off as victims, had defamed JYJ, and called it "a malicious, sensational article designed to attack the band", adding that they were "left with no other option but to sue".

The company also took issue with an audio recording the website claimed was of JYJ members verbally abusing and possibly hitting their "sasaeng" fans, which accompanied the article.

A C-JeS Entertainment lawyer pointed out in the press statement that the news website had flouted both defamation and privacy laws by "uploading an illegally recorded audio clip", and attributing it to JYJ "without any verification".

According to C-JeS Entertainment, this whole matter had further upset JYJ, who are still reeling from the passing of JYJ member Park Yoochun's father last week, when the band was on its way back to Korea after their performances in South America.

Celebs take sides as Donnie Yen, Vincent Zhao feud escalates

The ongoing feud between Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen and Chinese martial arts actor Vincent Chiu has escalated recently, with Yen suing Chiu for making false claims about his conduct on the set of Yen's new action film "Special Identity".

As things heat up, celebrities in Hong Kong and China have also begun taking sides in the conflict.

Stars like Hong Kong actresses Shu Qi and Kara Hui expressed their support for Yen, while others like Hong Kong veteran action star Yuen Wah and Chinese actress Xu Jiao spoke out in support of Chiu, reported Hong Kong media.

"Donnie Yen is very serious in whatever he does and thinks of ways to make sure every single frame is perfect.

"Even when the weather is cold and he is shivering, cramping up, when he hears 'Action', Donnie Yen will immediately perform without a single word of complaint," said Shu Qi, who had worked with Yen in 2011's "Legend of the Fist", over her micro blog.

"Donnie, I have known you since you were young, I know you are passionate about film and have high expectations of yourself.

"I hope you won't be affected by all these controversies. Keep going!" said Hui, who had worked with Yen in 2011's "Wu Xia" in a micro blog post.

Hong Kong actor Chapman Toh and director Wong Jing have expressed their support for Yen as well, but Chiu too has his supporters.

"I worked with Vincent Chiu on 'Wu Dang' and feel that he is very enthusiastic about his work, personable … I believe Instructor Chiu, strongly support him!" said "CJ7" star, Chinese actress Xu Jiao.

Yuen Wah, who had appeared in countless Hong Kong action films, echoed Xu's sentiments and backed Chiu.

Chiu himself has since dug in his heels and declared that he is ready to fight it out with Yen in court, even if this spat causes irreparable damage to his acting career.

"All ten properties I bought at a low price in Beijing are now worth six times more.

"Even if I stop working, I won't have any difficulty getting by," Chiu told the media recently, in response to Yen's announcement that he would take Chiu to court.

"This issue affects my reputation. I must get justice, because they have insulted my professionalism."

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