Monday, May 6, 2013

Angel Chiang & Brian Chu Caught on a Date Holding Hands

The TVB actress known as "Young Charmaine Sheh", (from When Heaven Burns) Angel Chiang have been seeing newcomer Brian Chu for several months. The media captured them on dates several times, but the two denied their relationship. A few nights ago, the two were caught holding hands, ten-fingers interlocked on a street in Causeway Bay. However, at the sight of reporters they were so frightened, they awkwardly kept their distance at once. When asked if their dating? Angel lied blatantly: "No! (You two are holding hands!) No, no. (Shopping for a suitcase in preparation for vacation together?) No, he's using it for work." Brian just stood next to Angel with his head down and didn't say a word.

The 23 year old actress is currently one of the heavily promoted artists in TVB. She's been accepting series after series, her most recent appearance is on the sitcom Come Home Love. Earlier it was rumored love sparked between Angel and her elder brother from Come Home Love, Joey Law, but the reality is Angel is already with 21 year old Brian Chu, whose notable role was one of the K4 members in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir (and Linda Chung's brother in Missing You).


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