Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kary Ng & Shawn Yue Announced their Break Up

On Valentine's Day this year, Kary Ng and Shawn Yue's relationship surface when the couple were spotted seeing homes together in Stanley. The couple later showed off their love in their high-profile vacation. As they say, "change is actually eternal", even if its an ardent relationship, it cannot get pass the personality incompatibilities that leads to break ups. Although Kary and Shawn declined to respond to their break up rumor because its personal, unfortunately "can't wrap paper in fire". Yesterday the two finally spoke up and confirmed the end of their short relationship.

Yesterday Kary's expressed through a public statement her company put out on her behalf that she and Shawn separated because of understanding. "The fate that came this year was we went from friends to a couple. It is also because of the understanding that we broke up peacefully. Shawn and I are still friends now." After Kary sent out her 'break up letter', Shawn also issued a statement through his management: "Although we broke up, we are still good friends. We still care very much about one another and have mutual support!"

Kary also left a message on Facebook to her fans explaining the break up:
QUOTE (Kary Ng)
After a year of love, respect and adoration, Shawn and I have decided to go our separate ways in pursuit of our own personal journeys.

As this chapter ends for us a new one begins, I kindly ask that you respect our privacy during this time.

I will always adore Shawn, and we will remain as close as we always were! We wish nothing but the best for each other.

From the bottom of my heart I thank those who's been there for Shawn and I. I strongly believe the best is yet to come- Let's focus on more important things in the world, always remember to live and love!


B.A.P returns with MV for 1st title track "Coffee Shop"

B.A.P is here, yes sir, bringing you the 1st title track in their line up of three, "Coffee Shop"!

For their return, the boys traveled all over the States including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York, and more to shoot their music video as well as present us with concept photos depicting the matured boys of B.A.P, who have come a long way since their days as six matching blondes.

For "Coffee Shop", the boys are setting aside their powerful warrior concept as they team up with jazz pianist Song Young Joo for a softer sound, so take a look at the MV above as we await the other title tracks!

Baek Ji Young reported to have suffered a miscarriage

Singer Baek Ji Young (38) has been reported to have suffered a miscarriage.

A rep from her agency said, "It is very unfortunate. We are also in a state of shock. It is the truth. Because it happened so suddenly, we are left in disbelief. The couple were so joyful when they first heard the news of their pregnancy. We don't know how this could have happened."

Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won previously announced the good news of their expectancy and tied the knot on the 2nd. The newlywed couple also postponed their honeymoon to focus on the health of Baek Ji Young and her expectant newborn.

Baek Ji Young is currently said to be recovering in a hospital in Seoul with the support of her family by her side.

Steven Ma: Thank God it's my left eye

Steven Ma, who was rushed to the hospital for an injury that occurred while filming "Property Protector", recently talked about what happened.

According to a report on Groove Asia, he revealed that the left side of his nose bridge is fractured, while his left eye is now swollen, and added that he experienced he has difficulties breathing due to his nosebleeds.

"It was not anybody's fault. The scene that we were filming was that my partner pointing the gun at me, I kick the gun out of his hand with my right foot, and he throws me a punch. But when I kicked the gun, his finger was still hooked on the thing and it ended up flying at me!"

"When it happened, I felt a little faint and had to sit down for a long time before I was able to get up. Meanwhile, a lot of blood was gushing out but I didn't feel a thing. I just thought that it was so sweet of Tavia Yeung to help me wipe away my sweat and blood and Raymond Cho to give me a glass of water," he light-heartedly expressed.

However, the actor said that he is thankful that it was his left eye that was injured or he would have been blind, since his right eye has been injured before while shooting "A Change Of Destiny" in 2006.

In regards to his return to the filming set, Steven said that it depends on his condition in the next five days as he needs to rest.

Phillip Ng's relationship with Linda Chung still on

Martial arts expert and actor Phillip Ng recently dismissed rumours of a breakup with his supposed girlfriend, Linda Chung, as reported on Mingpao website.

Speaking to the media at the Hong Kong premiere of Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" on 25 June, Phillip reassured that their relationship is still going smoothly.

When asked if the two of them will follow the likes of Aimee and Moses Chan and get married, the actor stated, "I will announce my marriage to the public when the time comes."

"We have a very good relationship. Nothing has changed, but we do want to maintain our privacy," the actor added.

However, the 35-year-old shared that he may not be able to attend Linda's first mini-concert in August, saying that he already has a filming obligation.

Fala Chen implies breakup with Daniel Sit

With rumours running rampant on her rocky relationship with Neway heir, Daniel Sit, actress Fala Chen recently implied that they have indeed broken up, Mingpao confirms.

The actress, who attended a promotional event for a skincare brand recently, indirectly announced the end of their six year relationship, saying, "Not all that was reported in the tabloids are true, but a lot of things have changed recently. And for girls, any kind of change is good."

The actress shared that she was unable to make any comments regarding the breakup rumour earlier since she was away in the US, but has since talked to Daniel about it.

She stated, "Mr. Sit and I have discussed it together. I asked him if he wants to announce it to the public but he said no. I hope that everyone will give us some space."

When asked if it means that she is now single, the actress was all smiles and said, "I can't say much, but all I can say is that we have reached a consensus. I know that a lot of people are worried about me, but I have been very happy these couple of months."

Denying that she was the one who initiated the breakup nor was it caused by her determination to go to New York, Fala said, "It's impossible to describe it in a few words, especially in a relationship that lasted so long. I really don't have the heart to define it. I want to maintain the privacy and remain low-profile."

Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam deny romance

Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam recently brushed off rumours about their romance, saying that they are too close to feel that way about each other.

According to HK Channel, rumours of romance between the two began even before the filming of their new drama, "Mr. & Mrs. Bean". Sources claimed that in his attempt to hide the relationship, Bosco has been trying not to spend a lot of time with the actress when they were not filming.

However, Bosco, who had just recently been rumoured with another actress, the young Bella Lam, exclaimed, "Please don't do this to me. There is no reason for me to avoid Eliza."

The actor added that he thinks of Eliza like a little sister and stressed that the actress is not the type of girl he would date.

Meanwhile, the bubbly actress cannot help but laugh at the rumours, saying, "I don't mind it. I have no control over what is reported in the tabloids. Once, they even tried to pair me up with Penny Chan when we only shared a taxi!"

She added that she will not be disturbed by such rumours and will focus on her work instead.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

4minute's "Is it Poppin'?" deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS

4minute's upcoming track "Is It Poppin?" has been deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS.

Apparently, the network had a problem with the English word "ass" in the song's lyrics. "Is It Poppin?", by Brave Brothers, is a hip hop dance track about a girl who's upset with her boyfriend who loves to party.

4minute will be removing "ass" from the lyrics in order to re-submit the song for review.

Check out the MV teaser for the song that's causing all the fuss up top, and stay tuned for its release on the 28th!

Virgina Lok's Birthday Party, 3 Favorite Siu Sangs Didn't Show Up

TVB executive Virgina Lok's 54th birthday is on July 1st. Last night, she held her star-studded party in Central, nearly a hundred artists including Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Angela Tong Nat Chan, Michael Miu and his wife Jamie Chik, Ron Ng and "girlfriend" Kelly Fu, Michael Tse, Selena Li, Eddie Cheung, Joe Ma, Wong Cho Lam and girlfriend Leanne Li, Timmy Hung and wife, Oscar Leung, Kristal Tin, Lin Xiawei and many more attended. However, Miss Lok favorite "god-sons" Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng were absent. Luckily at least one of TVB's daughters Myolie Wu was able to attend despite still filming in Qingyuan.

Myolie expressed after the party, she will have to rush back to Mainland to continue filming. Asked what gift she got for Miss Lok? She said: "Miss Lok said we're not allow to buy gifts!" Myolie disclosed recently she's been shooting in the hot weather (37 degrees C) in Qingyuan and got suffered a heatstroke. "Perhaps its just too hot and I had all the head gear on! I was vomiting from the heatstroke, it felt terrible. I took some medicine and had a night of sleep, luckily I'm fine now."

Charmaine was asked what gift she got for Miss Lok? She said its a secret. Recently Charmaine has been in HK and goes back to Mainland for events from time to time. She said the weather had been too hot lately, the most ideal time to shoot a TV series is in September. Asked whether its no leaving until she gets drunk? She said: "No, it should be enjoyable tonight. There are many former colleagues I haven't seen for a long time." Charmaine expressed she won't be back for a TVB series until next year, the details will be announce later.

Joe Ma attended the party alone, asked whether its because his wife and Miss Lok weren't on good terms? He said: "Its the past! Such a long time ago and still mentioning it!" Miss Lok expressed: "There was never any issues."

Rumored couple Ron and Kelly Fu arrived one after the other. Ron expressed he just came back from Mainland, but had to do dubbing work at TVB after the party, so he didn't drink. He smiled: "I cannot drink, so why not just leave early! But Michael Miu forced me to drink a glass!"

Michael Tse's TVB contract is expiring soon, asked if he'll discuss the contract at the party? He said: "Not today, nope. Let her drink and get a little high first, the terms will be better." It appeared the other artists were reluctant to see Michael go, many were seen whispering in his ear. The drunken Michael went to embrace Christine Kuo, then Timmy Hung and even his wife Janet Chow grabbed his cheeks.

Meanwhile, Bosco accepted a telephone interview and was asked why he didn't attend the party? He said: "I had to work on Mr. & Mrs. Bean until 2am last night, so couldn't make it. I already sent an SMS to Miss Lok wishing her a happy birthday. She understands. (Avoiding ex-girlfriend Myolie?) I didn't know who went." Raymond Lam's manager expressed he's filming in Mainland and thus cannot attend. He will make up to Miss Lok later. Kevin Cheng is currently in Taiwan working shooting for the MV to his new songs.

Linda Chung a Violent Inspector, No Longer a BB

Joe Ma returns to TVB for new series Tiger Cubs 2. Yesterday the press conference was held, the cast including Joe, Linda Chung, Oscar Leung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Christine Kuo, Benjamin Yuen, Timmy Hung and Grace Wong attended. TVB also pushed out a birthday cake to celebrate his 45th birthday.

Joe said: "I'm happy to be back at TVB. I have a 2 year per-series contract with them. I'll shoot one series per year. I wonder if there will be Tiger Cubs 3? But its difficult to have a breakthrough in my role this time. I feel a little pressured." As for the female lead, Linda Chung replaced Jessica Hsuan. Linda plays a hot-tempered and violent CIB inspector. She showed the fake scars she had on her two arms, and joked: "I'm no longer a BB!"

Linda was asked about the rumor that her record company favored her more and made the other singers leave? She helplessly said: "Actually my boss cares about all his artists. I'm not a favored one. I've been with the company for 4 years before I get my own mini concert. The rumor has been a slight impact on me, covering up my hard work."

It was reported Christine has been madly letting out her "electricity" on Oscar Leung. Oscar joked after Christine "electrified" him, their relationship went a thousand miles. In the sequel, the two are a married couple, Oscar hoped there will be a bed scene. He said: "I can reveal my chest muscles and let Christine cuddle on my chest. We can sit on the bed and watch TV together. My nipples are pretty good looking." Christine looked like she had gained some weight, it was rumored she injected 'catgut' to lose weight? She said: "I don't know what catgut is. I am seeing a Chinese doctor now."

Fala Chen Indirectly Admits Break Up with "Neway Prince", Rumored Split Assets

Fala Chen's relationship with boyfriend, "Neway Prince" Daniel Sit Sai Hang, had been always been a hot topic in the entertainment circle. All along, it had been rumored the couple were secretly married, but recently it was reported the couple broke up ending their 7 year relationship and have already started the paperwork to split the assets. It was rumored Fala asked her boyfriend to provide the capital to start her own artist management company, so she can manage herself and produce TV series. Not only will she able to promote herself, she can also promote newcomers. However, Daniel's father wasn't willing to make the investment, thus the idea failed. It was said Fala and Daniel got into a fight due to this matter, and Fala moved out of their 'love nest' where they cohabited. Because Fala had been in the US for her studies, she was unable to respond.

Yesterday afternoon, Fala was back in HK to attend an event with Moses Chan and responded to the rumor. Fala expressed she heard about the news while she was studying in the US, and her teacher gave her a lot of enlightenment: "There have been many changes this year. I used to be very straightforward and subjective; I could only see the black and white side, but now I can see things in the grey area. I have changed my values and how I view the world; this is a lifelong change. (The changes include your relationship?) I called Mr. Sit (Daniel Sit) to discuss this matter. There is consensus between us, we don't want the relationship to impact our careers. Give us some personal space and let us handle our own matters. I thought about whether I should clarify the rumor today, but Mr. Sit said that is not necessary. (Are you single now?) We have consensus. I know everyone is concern about me, many friends called me too, but don't think too much. I'm not commenting anymore. I want to say, I am happy now. My thoughts have been clear in the past several months." Asked if she's starting new? She said: "Considered so, things are changing and I'm going to keep on learning."

It was rumored the reason of the break up was because Daniel didn't give her money to start her own business? She said: "I read the report and thought most of the content were not true. Wayne Lai had said yesterday opening a business doesn't require money, you just need to print [business] cards and spent a few ten dollars on the business registration. Most of the rumor is not true."

Dislikes Media Linking Her Career to Money

Fala said honestly she does not like some reports always linking her "ideals" with money. "Like... a woman's career will always be linked to money. I think readers won't have a good impression after reading such reports. Honestly, I know many female artistes that are working hard to do the things they enjoy and I'm the same too, so no matter how my love life and financial situation are like, I will rely on 100% of my own efforts to keep going!"

But how can she describe her relationship with Daniel Sit now? Fala said: "A positive one. (Friend or boyfriend?) Because two people had a relationship for so long, its difficult to just define the relationship in a few words, especially if its a long time relationship, I cannot bear to use my mouth to define him. After all, I just hope to keep a low-profile and have personal space.

Fala called it off?

Reporters pursued the question, was Fala the one who called it off? She spread her hands out and smiled: "I didn't say that. I didn't say that. Haha. (You don't want to hurt him?) I'm not answering, I'm sorry, but I am currently very blessed." Asked if its because of the break up that she decided to go to study in the US? She expressed it is not related and that some magazine reports put their own values on the female artist, don't try to sell a story by raping her values. She said: "Don't link my work to money. I know many other female artists that work very hard to do the things they enjoy, I am no different. No matter how my love life and financial situation is in the future, I will still be in this industry 100%."

Moses Discloses Pregnant Aimee Has Great Appetite

As for Moses, whom had just announced his marriage and Aimee Chan's pregnancy, can he talk about it now? Moses said: "Not yet. (How is Aimee's appetite?) Very good, very healthy. (Drink coffee?) No. Cold drinks are not good for her health; she will cut back on cold and raw foods." Asked if he took off to accompany her? He said: "Not yet. (Bought baby products?) Nope. Actually I don't really know much. My emotions still has not recovered yet, and still need to get accustomed to many things." Ex-girlfriend Bernice Liu had been attacked by the media due to their marriage. Moses said: "I've always said to stop mentioning the past, don't discuss so much of it, but I do wish everyone well."

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Luna Talks About Hardships of Idols in Musicals

f(x)‘s Luna shared her deep and personal thoughts about her thoughts and experiences as a musical actress.

Luna will be starring in “High School Musical On Stage” as the female lead, Gabriella, starting from July 2. She recently held an interview with Newsen and spoke about the public’s bias of idols in the musical field and how idols put in a ton of effort to break those prejudices.

The public is known to view idols in a not-so-favorable light. Luna commented, “The criticisms of the general public about [how some musicals cast idols for] ticket power rather than skill are not wrong. It was really hard for me too. But I also think that if a familiar face stars in a musical, then that musical will become that much more known and therefore, earn more fans. If a musical can get more PR through a star casting, I think that aspect can be viewed positively.”

Luna also talked about the non-idol musical actors who have made a name for themselves, but often get overshadowed by their idol castmates. “I also know how the musical actors view us idols. But the musical actors who I worked with, advised me, ‘Because you’re an idol, many people are watching over you. A few might even view you with a different perspective. So I hope you will work even harder.’ Their straight-up advice made me feel very comfortable,” she shared.

She continued, “During my first musical, ‘Legally Blonde,’ I worked really hard to change those certain prejudices. I hoped that when the other actors looked at me, they would think, ‘I hope other idols will work as hard as Luna.’ I have never rehearsed half-heartedly. It’s a fact that I can be proud of. I also practiced very hard for this musical as well. I hope many people can see how I matured.”

Meanwhile, the role of Troy will be played by Kang Dong Ho, Ryeowook and Lee Jae Jin. Gabriella will also be played by Oh So Yeon and Cho Ah. “High School Musical On Stage” will open on July 2.

Shocking footage of top celebrity soldiers visiting 'Happy Ending' massage parlors

Sangchu, Se7en, and other celebrity soldiers have been recorded going to massage parlors while still on duty.

Before the controversial episode of SBS' 'On-Site 21' aired, a reporter of the show tweeted angrily, "The reality of the celebrity recruits. They're saying that they're worried that reporters would write articles after getting angry that they were hit while investigating.. Sigh. I wonder if he knew that this was an exclusive and that he was being used... If he didn't, he's an idiot, and if he did, he's evil. Wow. I want to just reveal his real name and what he said."

He added, "We happened to find celebrity recruits going to massage parlors. That's why there were physical impacts, as well. For details, watch SBS' at 9PM. It's not my article, so I can't say the real name... How regretful. Sigh."

During the actual broadcast, the reporters followed the four celebrity recruits including Rain and KCM after they performed at an event and went to their motel. At around 10 PM, the recruits came out, and they were filmed eating barbecued chicken as well as beer and soju. They then left again at 11:30 PM and came back to the motel in plain civilian clothing with cell phones at 2AM, and two of them were spotted (Se7en and Sangchu) going to a massage parlor nearby.

The pair came out half an hour later, and when the reporters approached them for an interview, they snatched the mic away and twisted their arms. Undeterred, the reporter asked, "You were just at a massage parlor. It's currently 4AM, and you came to perform as a soldier. You were just at a massage parlor. Can you comment on this?". The two tried to snatch and destroy the camera, but when that failed, they said, "We did not commit a crime. We didn't do anything illegal."

The reporter asked, "Do you usually drink and go to massage parlors while you perform?", and they said, "We didn't drink alcohol at all. We should talk later", even though they were filmed drinking beer and soju. The pair then left back to the motel in a taxi.

The reporter entered the massage parlor and noted that the parlor did not let anyone under 19 inside. The reporter asked the manager and the manager revealed, "They asked things like, 'When can we get serviced?', and I told them 'Not right now'. I refunded them 170,000 KRW (approximately $147 USD)." The manager added, "No one comes to get just a massage. They come for what you're thinking."

The show then talked to the National Defense Media Agency, pointing out that they were handling the celebrity recruits badly, and they responded, "They have an event the day after, as well, so the PD was supposed to take care of their dorms", but when pointed out that the PD didn't manage them either, said, "Sorry."

On the massage parlor visit, they said, "He has a bad back and a bad knee, so he went to get it treated." But when asked, "How about the other one who went without needing treatment?", they had no answer.

Tavia Yeung needs to undergo therapy

TV Queen Tavia Yeung recently revealed that she needed to undergo therapy after her recent hospitalisation due to overworking.

Previously, in mid June, it was reported that the actress was hospitalised for a fever and neck pain due to her hectic workload on the set of "Property Protector".

At the Prince Jewellery & Watch Premier Cup handicap horse race that was held in Sha Tin a few days ago, the 33-year-old told the media that the doctors confirmed that she has a C5-C6 herniation/bone spurs after a closer inspection.

"I think the heavy headgear that I have been using for the drama was the reason for the damage in my neck muscles. I think I need to undergo therapy," the actress said.

She added, "I heard swimming is one of the best therapies, but sadly, I don't know how to swim."

When suggested that she ask her boyfriend Him Law, who used to be a lifeguard, to assist her, Tavia heartily expressed, "He only knows how to save people. But I am not planning to swim, so I don't need him to teach me. It's harder to learn swimming when one gets older!"

Karena Ng surprised with pregnancy rumours

19-year-old actress Karena Ng has dismissed rumours of pregnancy that have been plaguing her recently, CC website reported.

Hong Kong paparazzi spotted the 19-year-old out on a dinner date with boyfriend, Raymond Lam and a few of their friends. When Raymond was seen rubbing Karena's stomach, the paparazzi took the golden opportunity by snapping some photos of it and triggered speculations of pregnancy when it was published in the tabloids.

While speaking to the media at the Prince Jewellery & Watch Premier Cup handicap horse race held in Sha Tin recently, Karena seemed annoyed when asked about Raymond.

However, the actress was shocked to hear about the pregnancy rumour, to which she exclaimed, "Of course not! I've been going to the gym recently and have developed some muscles and abs."

"I was too skinny, so I'd tried gaining some weight. I do feel like I am much healthier now," she added, and then refused to answer more questions regarding her love life.

Steven Ma Injured from Accident During Filming, Grateful Didn't Go Blind

Last night when Steven Ma was filming for TVB series Property Protector, he got hit in between his eyes by a flying fake gun that accidentally slipped out of his on-screen partner's hand. He started bleeding instantly. Producer Leung Choi Yuen sent Steven to the hospital immediately. Once Steven was treated, he was discharged and the producer helped him into the taxi to go home for rest. Steven will get back to filming as soon as his wound heals and his eye stops swelling.

Reporters later contacted Steven for details, he frankly expressed the left side of his nose bridge had a bone fracture and because he had previously injured his left eye before, it is now swollen. He said: "Last night, my left nostril felt stuffed because I had a nose bleed before and there are some damage inside. At the time of the accident, I felt a little dizzy and sat there for a long time before my spirit came back. There really was a lot of blood gushing out Ten minutes later, I called my assistant to bring a mirror over. But that moment when the accident happened, I felt so sweet at heart because Tavia Yeung helped me wipe away my sweat and blood. Raymond Cho gave me a glass of water. They were so anxious."

When asked who was the "culprit"? Steven frankly expressed it was not his partner's fault. "The scene was about my partner pointing the gun at me, then I kick the gun out of his hand with my right foot, and then he throws a punch at me. At the time, my kick was pretty powerful, his finger was still hooked on the gun and the gun ends up flying at me!" Steven gratefully said its fortunate his left eye was injured, otherwise if it was his right eye, he may have ended up blind. "Because when I was shooting A Change of Destiny in 2006, a horse kicked me in the eye and the retina in my right eye came loose. If the accident had happened on my right eye again, my retina can easily fall out and I'll definitely go blind then."

As to when he'll be getting back to work, it depends on his condition in the next 5 days. Steven will need lots of rest and cannot move around too much. He has to be extra careful when sleeping at night: "I was going to attend Pastor Enoch Lam's show this Saturday, but this impacted my singing luck, I may not be able to do a singing performance and can just be there to support him."

Steven posted a photo of his injury on Weibo and told everyone to relax, he joked: "The scar isn't that deep, its quite handsome actually!"

Joe Ma Celebrates 20th Wedding Anniversary

Joe Ma and his wife Karen Cheung celebrates their 20th wedding anniversary. Earlier the couple did a wedding photoshoot at several old districts and buildings in HK. These locations are a record of their love story. Joe and Karen's photoshoot are different from the average romantic fairytale-styled wedding photoshoots, Joe said: "The old cultural districts and antiques embodies many memories, filled with deep feelings and meaning. In reality, a long lasting and harmonious marriage is just like viewing an old cultural district and antiques. The more you look at them, the more feeling and value there are. It is a continuous feeling, so we wanted to breakthrough the conventional wedding photoshoots and try something different." Prior to the photoshoot, the couple did a lot of research online on HK's old districts and antiques.

In March, the couple hired a famous English photographer Simon Wheatley to help them with this photoshoot. Joe and his wife were actively participating through the whole process from the shoot until the post-production; they took this project very seriously. Many of their good business friends and local fashion designer sponsored them as well. They spent two days traveling around 10 locations in HK, every location was filled with unique characteristics and value.

The couple's favorite location was The Wisdom Path and Temple Street was the place where they frequently loitered during the early years of their marriage.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kenneth Ma to Work in Mainland, Anticipates Pretty Girls Knocking on his Door

Yesterday afternoon Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Lin Xiawei, Power Chan, Pierre Ngo and Raymond Cho attended the blessing ceremony of TVB new series Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon. Selena performed the splits on the spot and stole the limelight. Selena disclosed she practiced warm up exercises to prepare for the action scenes she'll have in the series. The producer added even more action scenes for her, but then she regretted it a little because its difficult shooting martial art scenes in the summer. The crew will be heading to Mainland for outdoor shooting in August. Selena frankly expressed she fears the hot weather in Mainland may melt her makeup, but fortunately a fan gave her an air conditioned shirt to keep cool. When Kenneth heard Selena recommended herself to suffer through the heat, he teased her saying she deserved it.

Kenneth expressed he has to practice using a spear. Later, the crew is heading over to Foshan for outdoor filming. When speaking of whether there will be pretty girls knocking on his door? Kenneth laughed: "I had someone knocking on my door! Earlier when I was filming in Mainland, there were cards with sexy girls in bikinis printed on them placed on my hotel room door. It said they provide special services. I didn't dare to try because I was afraid it was some undercover thing, so I didn't make the phone call." The funniest experience was when Kenneth had an Auntie come over to give him a massage, whom touched his ticklish area and got him laughing nonstop. Roger Kwok, who was with him at the time, gave him a strange look.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oscar Leung: A wedding broadcast is bad luck!

TVB may be planning to broadcast the wedding of its newlywed stars Moses and Aimee Chan, but in actor Oscar Leung's opinion, a live telecast of a wedding just brings bad luck.

As reported on TVB News World, at "The Voice: Stars' Legend" press conference on 17 June, the "Sniper Attack" actor shared that while he is indeed planning to get married, his plans may not be realised this year and certainly not on live telecast.

Oscar stated, "There are too many people getting married this year, and most locations for banquets are already full. So I don't think my wedding will be held anytime soon."

When suggested that TVB could help him with the location and maybe broadcast it as well, Oscar said, "I've thought about it, but a senior actor told me that Alex Man and Tien Niu's marriage in 1992 was broadcast live on TVB, and they ended up in a divorce. So I gave up on the idea because it seems to bring bad luck."

Meanwhile, the singer-actor again dismissed rumours that it was already determined that he will be the show's winner this season, after it was discovered that Oscar gained entry into the competition without having to audition.

Oscar clarified, "I don't even get special treatment and had to fill out an application like everybody else. It's just that I was not in Hong Kong during the audition, but TVB felt that since I had previously participated in other singing contests, I must be able to do this. So they allow me to qualify for the finals."

Steven Ma suffers from heart condition

TVB actor Steven Ma may have expressed his wishes to perform his own stunts, but it does not mean that he is in any condition to perform such dangerous actions.

Oriental Daily reported that the actor recently revealed that he is actually suffering from a heart condition and has to bring his medicine with him wherever he goes.

During a tele-interview on 17 June, Steven revealed, "I have been suffering from the disease for eight years and the last time something bad happened was three months ago."

Steven disclosed that upon medical examination, doctors found that his heart contains two nerves that behave abnormally when they come into contact, resulting in his heart to beat rapidly, reaching over 170 beats per minute at a time.

"Sometimes it would beat so hard that my whole body feels it," the actor added.

However, the actor assured that his family and friends have already known about his condition and that it was not as dangerous as it sounds.

"The family doctor said that there is only 1:10,000 probability of a death from rapid heartbeat, so I am not worried," he said.

Kate Tsui is still in pain

TVB actress Kate Tsui may have continuously stressed that she is fine despite her accident on the set of "My Prime Lady", but her inability to bend down, as witnessed by the media recently, clearly showed that the actress has spoken too soon about her health.

According to a report on HK Channel, the actress, who was shooting for an outdoor wedding scene at a hotel in Tseung Kwan O recently, realised that she is unable to bend down to help a reporter pick up a notebook without feeling any pain.

"I've had no time to see the doctor for further check-ups," claimed the actress.

However, Kate assured that the filming crew have been working hard to ensure that the floors are dry, so that accidents will not occur again.

In late May, the actress was rushed to the hospital after slipping on a wet floor as she was wearing a pair of five-inch heels, and ended up with a tailbone injury. However, against advice to rest properly, the actress decided to return to the set in less than 48 hours after her accident to resume filming.

Aimee Chan spotted with baby bump

Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan returned to her hometown in Toronto via a transit flight through London, after her wedding in Paris last week. On the way to catch her connecting flight, the TVB actress, who was spotted with a tiny baby bump, was surprised to find reporters following her at Heathrow airport.

Although Aimee expressed her wish to remain low-key and declined to answer further questions about her wedding, she finally opened up when asked about the unborn baby’s gender.

“I will definitely share [news of my expectancy] if I’m able to,” said the actress with a smile.

It is believed that Aimee has maintained a secretive stance as she is still in the first trimester of her rumoured expectancy - according to Chinese beliefs, it is taboo to announce one’s pregnancy during the first trimester.

In addition, the 32-year-old mentioned that she would continue acting even after giving birth. “Acting is my passion! Women in Hong Kong are very fortunate because they have the chance to work even after getting married,” she said.

Aimee, however, admitted that she will not be taking on any new roles at the moment.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Raymond Lam Won't Announce When He Gets Married

Lately Raymond Lam had been busy filming for Mainland series Detective & Doctors (aka Luk Siu Fung), but yesterday he had a day off to attend a new fashion store opening in HK. Raymond appeared to have put on some weight, he smiled and admitted: "I've been in Mainland for a long period shooting for an action costume series, so I must consume enough starchy foods, otherwise I'm afraid I won't be able to physically handle it. Also the food there is on the greasy side, so I gained some weight."

Raymond disclosed he will only be in HK for a little bit because he will have to go back to Mainland soon to start on producer Lau Kar Ho & Miu Siu Ching's nowTV costume drama The Virtuous Queen of Han (大漢賢后衛子夫). It was rumored Virgina Lok originally wanted HK$20 million for his participation in this series, but Raymond insisted on reducing it to HK$10 million because producer Lau Kar Ho is a good friend of his. Raymond said: "nowTV made the investment into this series, TVB accepted it for me and I will be starting on it soon. (Rumored you insisted on reducing the price?) TVB discussed the prices. Just as long as the terms are reasonable, I will accept it. I believe TVB have considered all factors, such as the scheduling. However, I'm happy because I did collaborate with Kar Ho gor before. This time, we get a completed script and I have confidence on my character."

Once Raymond starts shooting in Mainland, he won't get to see girlfriend Karena Ng as much? He said: "I'm not talking about my private life. (Has she complained about not getting to see you?) No, I'm not talking about my personal life. Thanks for the concern." Good friend Moses Chan had a shotgun marriage with Aimee Chan in Paris, Raymond said: "Congratulations. (Are you going to be more careful?) Not talking about these things. My work is the most important right now." Raymond expressed he loves children and enjoys family life. Asked when he plans to get married? He said: "I haven't thought about it yet. When the time is right, I will do what is right. Right now, work is my priority. (Will you announce when you get married?) Not necessary."

Kate Tsui Surprised Birthday, Dayo Wong Refuses to Give Kiss

Yesterday Kate Tsui, Dayo Wong, Sharon Chan, Toby Leung and Grace Wong were filming at the mall for TVB new series My Prime Lady. They were filming during lunch hour and attracted a lot of young school girls surrounding the location to watch them film. Also, it is Kate's 34th birthday today (6/19th). Dayo, Sharon and Grace surprised her with a birthday cake and a birthday song. The birthday girl screamed in excitement.

As Kate's partner in this series, of course Dayo gets to stand right next to her, but when asked to give her a birthday kiss, Dayo was unwilling to give in. Luckily that didn't affect the birthday girl's excited mood. She said: "I was so surprised. This is my first birthday cake this year. No wonder the crew told me to come early today, it turns out they were lying to me. I never thought this would happen. It feels so warm. (How are you going to spend your actual birthday?) I have to work. I already celebrated once with my family on Father's Day. This year I won't have any big celebrations, just have dinner with my friends! (Birthday wish?) Be healthy. I hope the series will be well-received! Because this is my first comedy series."

Sharon Chan plays Kate's good sister in the series, she expressed she picked out a gift for the birthday girl. She laughed: "I purposely teamed up with the other cast, planning to surprise Kate." A few days ago when Sharon was shooting a scene where she gets suspending on wires, she ends up falling while coming back down and bumps her leg on the wooden ladder. She has a large bruise on her leg now. It seems like the cast from this series are getting injured one after another, is it necessary for them to hold another blessing ceremony? Sharon said: "That time, it was just because I wasn't careful! Also, its an accident. I don't even need to see the doctor!"

Monday, June 17, 2013

When do Girls' Generation think they will no longer be considered as 'girls'

Girls' Generation were met backstage during their Seoul concert for their world tour and brought laughs by sharing some behind-the-scenes stories.

On the June 15th broadcast of 'Entertainment Relay', when asked, "What has changed since your solo concerts from two years ago?", Tiffany cutely replied, "Our age." Seohyun also shared, "Our energy and stage manner improved. We've gained knowledge, experience, and a lot of know-hows."

When asked if Girls' Generation has transformed in any way, Sooyoung gave the blunt comment, "We make enough of a transformation after putting on makeup", making the other members shyly laugh in agreement.

In response to the question, "Which member do you want to go on a vacation with?", Sooyoung had a bright look on her face wanting to be picked by Hyoyeon. However, Hyoyeon pointed to Yuri hilariously calling her, "This thing", and then corrected herself saying, "Yuri", making Sooyoung a little jealous and the rest of the girls laugh.

YoonA gave her thoughts on how much longer her group can still be considered as 'girls' sharing, "Even 7-8 years from now, it would be nice to still be called girls."

Oscar Leung Gives Up on TVB Live Broadcast of Wedding Due to Bad Luck

Yesterday The Voice 4 press conference was held. The TVB artists participating in this season's contest included Oscar Leung, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen and Carat Cheung. Dodo Cheng and Amigo Chui are the hosts; The show will prepare on July 7th.

It was said TVB appointed Oscar to participate and he did not have to audition to enter the contest. Oscar denied he's got special treatment and said he had to fill out an application. It just so happened during the audition, he was not in HK, but because he had previously participated in other singing contests, TVB felt he could sing and allowed him to qualify for the final. He frankly expressed he does not have confidence in winning because his opponents are strong. He supports his fellow competitor Fred Cheng, who started out from a singing contest.

When asked about Oscar's marriage plans? He said: "Not this year, there are too many people getting married this year. There is no place to hold the wedding banquet." Someone suggested TVB help him host the wedding banquet and do a live broadcast of it? Oscar said: "I thought about that too, but a senior told me, Alex Man and Tien Niu's marriage in 1992 was broadcast live on TVB, but they ended up in a divorce. I gave up on the idea because its bad luck."

Moses Chan's Unborn Baby Has Been Prospering Him

Moses Chan's "double happiness" has led to his rise in popularity and increase of jobs. It has been widely rumored he's become really expensive and his unborn baby has brought him prosperity.

This is Moses' third year as the spokesperson for Saint Honore Cake Shop. Yesterday he appeared dressed like a magician in a white suit for the mooncake advertisement shooting. Saint Honore's representative gave Moses coupons and a wedding cake to celebrate his marriage. Moses joked: "I want to give out mooncakes!" With happiness written all over, Moses thanked the heavens for all its care and thanked clients for their long-term support, but he denied that he's expensive to hire. When asked whether the baby inside Aimee's stomach is prosperous to him as a father? Moses smiled sweetly: "OK! But I can't say anything yet. (When can you talk about this?) When the time is right, I will tell you."

A magazine reported Aimee is 10 weeks pregnant and even photographed her pregnant look. Moses denied on his wife's behalf. When speaking of Aimee's plan to retire from the industry? Moses said: "Don't break Aimee's career path. She has lots of potential, it would be a waste if she stops acting. She can be a mother and an artist. There could be a balance to both sides."

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Moses Chan Admits Shotgun Marriage, Exclaims: "SHE IS MY QUEEN!"

A few days ago Moses Chan and Aimee Chan were married in Paris. After marriage, the newly weds went their separate ways, Aimee back to Canada and Moses back to HK for work. This morning Moses and his manager arrived at the HK airport, greeted by a large group of reporters.

Moses was in a great mood and showed off his wedding ring. Asked why they decided to get married in Paris? He said: "Our love story started in Paris. It is very meaningful and special to us, so I thought it would be perfect for us to be married there. Actually I had been planning for a long time." Although the couple deliberately allowed the media follow them to France, fortunately no reporter was able to photograph any part of the actual marriage. Also, the media reported the good news after they announced the marriage. It was rumored its a shotgun marriage and just the wedding was HK$3 million. Moses did not respond, but he does not talk about money, the most important is happiness. He disclosed the marriage was very emotional, he and Aimee both teared up, but expressed they do not have plans to hold a wedding banquet in HK. "In HK, we'll have dinner with different friends, there will be lots of parties." What about the honeymoon? Moses: "A little later." Is Moses starting on a new series in September? "I have a lot of work to do, will see how the arrangement goes, but there definitely are jobs." Ex-girlfriend Bernice Liu congratulated him on Weibo, Moses said: "Thank you." He expressed he did not deliberately tried to conceal the marriage, he just has a low-profile style.

In regards to the shotgun marriage, Moses initially didn't want to say too much, but after reporters kept asking and asking the same question, he finally gave in and expressed his wife Aimee is in Canada on maternity leave. It is indeed "double happiness"! He expressed he will accompany his wife through labor, but haven't decided whether to have their baby in Canada or HK. Aimee will be returning to HK a little later, the exact date has not been scheduled, but he smiled and said he's working hard to earn milk money.

As for the public's thought of Aimee becoming a happy housewife after marriage, concentrating on caring for their baby and managing her husband's coffee shop? It was also rumored Moses already gave half of the coffee shop to Aimee? Moses expressed he doesn't want Aimee to work too hard in managing a coffee shop. Moses expressed he won't stop Aimee from continuing on her acting career, she can make all the decisions for herself. Moses said: "I believe she can be a mom and an actress." Moses added he will give everything to his wife and exclaimed: "SHE IS MY QUEEN!"

Joyce Tang Exposed the Married Marco Ngai Wants to Reconcile

37 year old Joyce Tang had a rough love life. After experiencing two love mistakes -- Marco Ngai and Derek Kwok -- she finally finds success and officially announces that her boyfriend (Matthew Chu) proposed to her. However, recently ex-boyfriend Marco Ngai disclosed on a Mainland TV show that it was a sin he didn't marry her back then. Joyce couldn't tolerate it any longer and made two long Weibo posts last night. She exposed a married man kept sending SMS to her asking for her forgiveness and hope they could reconcile. She immediately declined all of it.

Joyce and Marco's relationship started in 1998 when they were filming Armed Reaction. They had always been known as a loving cupple and match from heaven, but in 2007 they suddenly announced the end of their 9 year relationship. Marco later dated a college student from Chongqing, Zhang Lihua, who was 20 years his junior. The couple were married in 2008 and had a daughter. However, Marco and Joyce's resentment was still there. In 2010, a Netizen said Marco and Joyce are a perfect couple, but surprisingly Marco told the Netizen to go die. He said: "A scum should get ditched as soon as possible, otherwise you will regret forever." At the time, Joyce responded: "A blessed person would not go around scolding people." Marco later explained his Weibo account was hacked.

A few days ago, Marco and his wife were guests on a Mainland TV show "男左女右" and spoke about their marriage. Marco expressed he never intended to conceal their marriage and even dragged ex-girlfriend Joyce into it. He said: "The audience thought since I was with my ex for so many years and we were a couple on a TV series, then I must marry her. I didn't marry her, then am I sinner or a bad person?" The host said: "A heartless man?" He said: "Yes." The camera then focused on Zhang Lihua, who was frowning.

On Weibo, Joyce reposted a Netizen's comment scolding what Marco said on the show. She first referenced the earlier 'hacker' incident: "Can it be that there is another hacker causing trouble? Even the reporter thought this is a mystery. I find it difficult to understand myself, a married man and a father with a blissful life sends me one SMS after another asking for my forgiveness and to reconcile? But then on the other side, he says something else! Could this be a special edition of Office of Practical Jokes? Fortunately, I didn't fall for it. I firmly declined to all of it and I'm smart enough to keep all of the messages and the phone number..."

Then Joyce made another post: "In the past when I was still a single lady, I can say I always praise one's goodness and conceal their faults. Now that I am a fiancée, I will no longer be the 'heroine' ~~~ I can only give you this song: 'Let go, let go of everything!' (from Raymond Lam's 愛不疚) PS: Thanks for the support, I will definitely go on with happiness ~~~ Supporters, please raise your hands!" Netizens strongly supported Joyce: "You must firmly go on with happiness!"

When reporters contacted Joyce, she expressed she has no other comments. Reporters also contacted Marco, he said in a hurry: "I know. I'm not going to say anything! (Joyce said you wanted to reconcile with her?) This was a century ago." He said he was driving and will comment later. However, reporters were unable to reach him again before publishing this article.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moses Chan rejects TVB broadcasting offer

Rumour has it that TVB is interested to broadcast Moses Chan and Aimee Chan's wedding, Asianpopnews reported.

The couple, who have been in the spotlight ever since Aimee's sudden withdrawal from her martial arts drama, "Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon", which triggered rumours of her pregnancy, are speculated to hold their wedding early next year.

Sources claimed that not only the actress, who has returned to her family home in Toronto, will be delivering her baby in Canada, both Aimee and Moses will register their marriage and hold a low key wedding attended only by their close friends and family in Australia and Hong Kong after her delivery.

However, TVB also wants a slice of the cake, and wishes to broadcast the wedding in a grand fashion through TVB Jade, not unlike their previous broadcast of Eric Tsang's 60th birthday.

It was reported that TVB Executive Virginia Lok has been negotiating the plan with Moses and even offered Shaw Studios for the ceremony, although sources claimed that the actor is not too keen with the idea, as the couple preferred a small celebration to maintain their privacy.

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan met in 2010 after playing brother and sister in the Jonathan Chik-produced drama, "Master Of Play".

Myolie Wu wants true love for Bosco

Although Bosco Wong denied having a relationship with 20-year-old actress Bella Lam, his ex-girlfriend of eight years, Myolie Wu, is happy to give him her blessings.

As reported on Oriental Daily, at a promotional event for a food brand on 9 June, the actress was asked about Bosco's new relationship, to which she said, "I'm not following his news nor will I ask about it. We don't want any more pressure."

However, the actress generously added, "I do hope Bosco will find his true love soon. We've been separated for so long already; you don't have to be asking me about his new development every time."

"Actually neither of us are married, so we each should have a new relationship. I also hope I can be in a relationship soon," Myolie enthused.

The actress also expressed her hopes that she will be able to talk to Bosco in front of the media, so that everyone will stop spreading rumours about them.

Kate Tsui has no need to be sexy

"My Prime Lady" leading actress Kate Tsui revealed that she has always been androgynous, and did not expect to be associated with the words sexy and confident at all.

Kuang Ai TVB reported that the actress said that she has always been a tomboy, enjoyed watching sports, and was never able to relate to being a sexy actress.

The 33-year-old actress expressed, "What is sexy? Maybe it is because every woman has a fragile side. In my eyes, Charlize Theron is the epitome of a sexy goddess. I like how she has her own lifestyle and attitude."

However, despite her determination to retain her outgoing boyish personality, Kate admitted that she has always believed in love.

The actress expressed, "I do believe in true love and that I will find him one day. However, I really do not want to date anyone in the [entertainment] circle. It's just like how people are against office romance – I don't want things to get more complicated than it should."

When asked about the man of her dreams, Kate described, "Someone who is intelligent, humorous, and has a bit of an artistic talent. I want to be able to learn from him, to be enlightened by him, and to be able to discover new meanings in being together."

She added, "I have never thought about marriage and don't have any expectations, but what I do know is that if I were to get married and have kids, I will leave the entertainment circle to take care of my family."

Joel Chan has no plans for a comeback

Ever since his breakup with heiress girlfriend Florinda Ho, actor Joel Chan has resumed his mediocre lifestyle, made worse by the latest reports of his losing a spokesperson deal with Regen Medical Group, HK Channel reported.

However, despite rumours of his penniless state, it was reported that the "Bottled Passion" actor has done nothing to improve it.

TVB Executive Virginia Lok revealed that there was no news from Joel at all that indicated his interest in making a comeback with his former employer. The actor previously angered the company by neglecting his acting responsibilities to go on long trips with his heiress girlfriend.

When asked if the station will take him back, Virginia stated, "TVB did not receive any calls from Joel showing his interest in coming back to act."

On the other hand, producer Lee Tim Sing is supportive of Joel.

"People go through good and bad times. Young people need a job; if I have any suitable roles for Joel later, I will include him."

While the actor is still hiding from the media, the opposite can be said of his ex-girlfriend, Florinda Ho. The casino heiress, who has been working hard to lose weight, was recently seen selling clothes and shoes that were gifts from Joel to a used clothing shop called Chew Close.

No mainland dramas for Bosco Wong

Bosco Wong may be one of the most sought after TVB actor this year to work in mainland China, but the golden bachelor revealed that his busy schedule may not allow him to fly to the north anytime soon.

According to HK Channel, the actor, who is filming his upcoming drama, "Mr & Mrs Bean", revealed that he has been offered numerous drama roles from mainland producers.

The actor stated, "I have 6 to 7 scripts in my hand right now, but I need to film TVB dramas and have no room for more in my schedule. Many of my producer friends called me, and I had to tell them that I'm sorry, but I owe them much gratitude."

When asked if he liked filming mainland dramas, Bosco expressed, "I love them. It allows me to purchase a good property," and jokingly added, "I haven't found the perfect one yet though, because I want to live in a penthouse."

Meanwhile, the actor was rumoured to have received HKD 220,000 per episode for his mainland drama "Young Sherlock".

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Katy Kung Exposes Patrick Tang was Unfaithful

It was said before Kayi Cheung was involved in Katy Kung and Patrick Tang's relationship, which led to their breakup. Recently it was rumored Patrick reconciled with Katy, but she exclaimed its "impossible". Katy expressed: "After the breakup, we are still colleagues. When we see each other, we say a few words. As the saying goes once unfaithful, always unfaithful. When searching for a boyfriend before age 30, I won't be impulsive." Katy currently has many pursuers, but she will no longer let a relationship, she doesn't have confidence on, obstruct her career opportunities.

Tavia Yeung Hospitalized from Enduring Too Much Filming

TVB artists work day and night filming series. A few days ago, Raymond Cho posted a photo of himself bandaged up while filming for new series Property Protector. He said: "Just got off work, but getting back to work 3 hours later. Hang in there." A day later, he wrote again: "Still working, but got an early shift tomorrow morning. Awesome!" His co-star, Tavia Yeung, had been filming so much, she got herself hospitalized. She was running a high fever and had shoulder/neck pain. Because of Tavia's hospitalization, she had no way of attending The Hippocratic Crush II's press conference in Shanghai. She expressed she spent the night at the hospital and is doing fine now.

Tavia's fans were very disappointed that Tavia didn't attend the Shanghai promotion. She wrote on Weibo last night: "Thanks to all my fans. I'm very sorry I wasn't there this time! But I saw all of your beautiful flowers! Thank you all." Tavia's elder sister Lenna Yeung (aka Griselda) responded to Tavia's concerning fans, she disclosed: "Tavia slept in the hospital for 2 days, she came back last night. Relax!"

Tavia made another Weibo post with a picture of her back to work. She responded to the media through SMS: "I just had a fever, shoulder and neck pain. I got my collar bone checked and stayed at the hospital for a night. I'm fine. Thank you all for the concern."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fala Chen Visits Psychiatrist For Psychopathic Role

Tony Leung (Kar Fai), Simon Yam, Gordon Lam, Fala Chen and Dada attended the Causeway Bay bus tour promotional event for the new horror film Tales from the Dark I & II (迷離夜、奇幻夜). To fit with the scary atmosphere, Tony appeared in dark shades with two black tear drops on his face. He said collaborating with Kelly Chen this time around, they exchanged their experiences as parents.

When speaking of Michael Wong's daughter caught smoking on camera? Tony said: "My daughter had a smoking picture on Facebook too. It was a picture from her school play, where she portrayed a depressed girl. (Does she smoke in real life?) That I don't know. (Do you allow her to?) I smoke myself, so I have no right to say anything."

Elanne Kong Clarifies Rumor: Don't Drag Linda Chung into the Water

Elanne Kong's singer contract with Star Entertainment expired and she did not have plans to renew. It was instantly rumored the company favored Linda Chung and invested all their resources on her. Yesterday Linda expressed she did not try to fight for favor. Elanne also expressed on Weibo the reason why she left Star Ent. is extremely clear.

Elanne wrote: "I must respond to the latest reports about me. The reason why I left Star Entertainment is extremely clear. (1) My contract really did expire. (2) After consideration, I found my path to pursue in and I want to thank all the love Star Ent. gave me. I'm really grateful! So, please don't drag Linda Chung into the waater, she is a good friend of mines! We supported each other during our time together in the company; it felt especially warm. My singing dream had always been there, I believe my dream will come true one day."

Linda responded to Elanne's comment simply with a "kiss" emoticon, implying her relationship with Elanne is stronger than fame and fortunes.

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