Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aimee Chan's Sudden Withdrawal from Series Sparks Marriage Rumors

TVB is starting a new costume series Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon in June. It was said lead actress Aimee Chan has withdrew from the series, TVB is left with a headache on finding a replacement. Yesterday reporters contacted producer Marco Law, he admitted this is indeed a fact. He said: "Aimee is having some family problems, she has to go back to the Canada to handle it. (Her role has too many fighting scenes?) That's not the reason. (Found a replacement for her yet?) No, we are currently looking for candidates."

As for Aimee "rushing" to withdraw from the series, she was asked the reason why? She expressed she's going back to see her parents for personal reasons. Asked if she's planning to secretly marry Moses Chan back home? She laughed: "Haha! Thank you all for the blessings, but wait until I really get married first!" Aimee's boyfriend Moses expressed over the phone yesterday he knew about Aimee withdrawing from the series: "She's going back to Canada. It's not convenient for me to talk about the details. (You going with her?) I have work in HK. (Flying over there to get married?) I know you all are concerned about us, but we'll announce when there is good news. I'm a traditional person, I will definitely let you all know when I get married."

The serial's lead actor Kenneth Ma frankly expressed he did not know Aimee was withdrew from the series, he said: "I haven't collaborated with her before, that's such a pity. We would have had a lot of fighting scenes too. (Practiced your Kung Fu?) I wish, but I'm still filming another series and don't have the time."


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