Sunday, May 19, 2013

Felix Wong defends Sheren Tang

Sheren Tang may have been the only "Beauty At War" star who is brave enough in voicing out her dissatisfaction towards scriptwriter Chow Yuk Ming's work discipline, but fellow actors, especially Felix Wong and Eddie Chung understand her woes.

Jayne Stars reported that at the Hong Kong Star Football Team event recently, Felix, who has worked with Chow before, stated, "Actually, nine out of ten artistes hate receiving uncompleted scripts, but it happens often. It's very difficult and there's not enough time to prepare for the role."

Felix revealed that Chow had so many last-minute scripts during the filming of "The Criminal Investigator" and "Secret Of The Heart" previously that he became furious with the latter.

"20 years ago, we have talked about it. I seriously cannot accept late and incomplete scripts. A professional actor needs time to digest the character. If script comes by bits and pieces, the actor has to rely a lot on the screen writer and producer."

When asked about his thoughts on whether the late and incomplete scripts will affect the ratings of "Beauty At War", Felix said, "I don't think the two are connected but still, actors should be given the finished scripts on time to be productive."


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