Thursday, May 30, 2013

Selena Li Felt Terrified Had No Jobs Since January

Former Miss HK Selena Li attended an event yesterday and disclosed she gained some weight. She now weighs 120 pounds and her manager has urged her to lose weight. Since Selena's current series Slow Boat Home has been well-received, she has been offered more job opportunities in Mainland. Selena said: "Even if I don't sleep, I still have to go make the money because it has been really quiet recently. I didn't have a job from January until now, which is something I have never experienced since my entry into the industry. It's terrifying. Luckily because the series is doing well, the jobs are coming back and I'm feeling happier now."

Also, due to the large crowd at the event, the security tried to maintain order and ended up bumping into a female reporter. The female reporter shouted someone sexually harassed her. The public relations spokesperson expressed: "Actually its because there were a lot of people, someone just accidentally bumped into the reporter. I believe its not intentional. I immediately apologized to that reporter, but that security officer will issue a statement to clarify as well."


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