Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Michael Tse Advances to the "Next Grade Level", Not Renewing TVB Contract

Last night, Michael Tse was recording for the new Super Trio show Super Nova and admitted he does not plan to renew his TVB management contract when it expires in July. He expressed is is the end of a phase: "Its similar to students graduating from school, they still have to advance to the next grade level. Just as Fala Chen said, going out for continuing education. Each individual makes different decisions, I want to expand my knowledge elsewhere. (Has TVB tried to convince you to stay?) Actually the contract terms are great, but I hope for a breakthrough. (Work in Mainland?) I've always been working in both areas. (Sign a per-series contract with TVB?) It's possible. (The salary isn't good enough?) Its been said for several years, TVB gives you more opportunities than money. You cannot make all the money out there. I wish to collaborate with people I haven't before. (Switch over to Ricky Wong's HKTV?) There are still a lot of choices."


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