Thursday, May 16, 2013

Selena Li Has No Fear, She's Wanted "Seun Poon"

In the new series, Slow Boat Home, Selena Li plays a goddess who appears simple and pure, but in fact she is very ambitious. She frequently takes advantage of her first love Ruco Chan. Selena felt a lot of pressure trying to live in this goddess' life. She expressed not only did she had to convince herself into this role, but she also had to make sure she doesn't get too exaggerated. "In the series, I sacrifice myself trying to climb up the career ladder. I met a wealthy man, (portrayed by Patrick Tang) which reflects the true side of society, especially in the business world. There are people in the business world who bury their conscience to do things. (A lot in the entertainment industry too!) I'm rather a simple person, I don't live a complicated life and my friends are mostly from overseas. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, there was a time I felt really unhappy. I took some things too seriously, whether if it was the awards, my relationships or my career. But now I'm over all that. I used to be very stingy and wasn't willing to buy anything. Honestly, I just purchased my first designer brand handbag two years ago. Now I am more willing to spend some money on myself, like go on vacations or enjoy a massage, makes me happier."

Selena frankly expressed the negative news had once influence her to think that she should leave HK. She said: "I thought it wasn't fair at all. I'm a conservative person and basically not a bold and free person. Why are single girls in this industry called sluts? And the guys like Kenneth Ma and Ruco Chan are considered 'seun poon' (good deals)? Girls can be seun poons, lots of people want me too."

Been Hurt Too Many Times

Asked whether she has many pursuers now? Selena expressed every guy she had met, they are really good in the beginning, but then the true colors start showing later. They are all the same. Nowadays, she will get to know the person more first. Selena disclosed she was secretly dating someone for a year before, but she and the boyfriend eventually broke up because of incompatible personalities. In the future, she will watch carefully and wait for stability first before dating again. She said: "I really don't want to break up again! Each time I go through a break up, I'm really hurt. I've been hurt too many times, had enough!"


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