Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kate Tsui: TVB Lacking Artists, Similar Cast in Every Series

Yesterday Kate Tsui participated in a McDonalds charity event, where she especially visited ill children at their school. When speaking of Angelina Jolie getting a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer, Kate said: "She conveyed a very important message, that is girls should really pay attention to their health. I get my periodical physical exams too. (Queenie Chu is considering getting a mastectomy after age 40?) That is a very big decision to make. If there it is because of the family health history, then I think must proactively face the fact and I can accept mastectomy."

As for the recent wide rumors of TVB artists leaving the company to develop their careers elsewhere? Kate's contract has not expired yet, she said: "Where you go is not important, the role is the most important, but I'll miss my colleagues if they're leaving. TVB is really lacking artists, several series has the same pairings and does not create enough sparks. Everyone hopes to see new sparks. In every series we see, it's either you or me. I know the audience will complain. (It was rumored the former iCable artists has an executive supporting them and are getting more opportunities?) I don't care who or where, just as long as there are new sparks, that would be good."


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