Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ron Ng won't date a celebrity

TVB actor Ron Ng revealed that he has no intentions of settling down at the moment, but hopes to marry a non-celebrity when the time comes.

As reported on HK Channel, the "Triumph In The Skies II" actor, who recently dismissed relationship rumours with actress Kelly Fu, disclosed that he has no intentions of dating anybody at the moment.

"I want to focus on my career," said the 33-year-old actor, who confidently added that he will be able to get married regardless of his age.

However, Ron revealed that he wishes to marry someone outside of show business, saying that being with an actress would narrow their scope of interaction.

"We will have nothing to talk about at home. I already know almost everything about filming. There is no need to be with another person who knows the same thing. What else there is to do then? Gossiping about other artistes?"

Although he would not completely reject the idea of dating another artiste, Ron is not convinced about being in a relationship at the moment, as his busy schedule will only cause trouble for his relationship.
The actor further added that he dislikes clingy girls and that certain types of women may not understand his personality and ways of thinking.

"I like to keep things to myself and women whom I dated in the past thought that I kept secrets from them. That's when the conflict begins," he said.

Mandy Wong denies dating rumours

Actress Mandy Wong denied her relationship with Tse Sui Luen Jewellery's Deputy Director, Anthony Jim, for the second time after being caught having a dinner date together recently, and stressed that the two of them are just friends.

HK Channel reported that the "Sergeant Tabloid" actress was seen having a candlelight dinner with Anthony at a restaurant situated at The Peak a few days ago. The couple were seated at a quiet corner, presumably to avoid attention, and spent hours talking to each other without realising the presence of the paparazzi nearby.

They left the premise separately around 11pm, but then met each other to walk to the parking lot before exiting the area in Anthony's Mercedes Benz, heading for Happy Valley where his Villa Rocha apartment is situated.

However, Mandy insisted that it was just a simple meal between friends.

The actress exclaimed, "I have been busy with work and had no time to go out for lunch or dinner with friends. It has also been a long while since I visited The Peak, so Anthony called me and invited me for a meal. It was not a romantic dinner. The restaurant lit all the candles to light up the place since it was night time."

Mandy admitted that they have known each other for nine months, but disclosed that they are not in a romantic relationship with each other.

When asked why she left the place with Anthony in his Benz, Mandy explained that she left her car at his place as she did not know how to go to The Peak from the island area where she was working the same day.

However, Mandy hinted that she does not rule out the possibility of dating Anthony in future, saying, "I have been filming nonstop this year. If I have the time, I will try to understand the 'script' first. One can't know a person after just a meal."

Joey Meng explains issues in Mainland China

Actress Joey Meng finally addressed rumours about being bullied at the set of her period drama in mainland China in June, Oriental Daily reported.

Previously, it was alleged that the actress had been experiencing a hard time shooting her mainland drama as she was reportedly given scripts at the last minute.

It was also reported that the mainland actors would take all of the food prepared by the Hong Kong production crew, leaving her and the rest of the Hong Kong actors without anything to eat.

Although the actress declined to talk about the rumours earlier, she finally made clarified at an event in Sheung Wan recently, saying, "It was not as bad as how it was reported. Actors should communicate with each other before filming. That way we can all prepare our roles according to script."

In regards to the food situation, Joey said that it was only a misunderstanding, as she was the only vegetarian on the set.

"The food crew forgot about that, but it's not their fault," she humbly added.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Him Law injures derriere

Hong Kong actor Him Law was recently injured while filming an action scene for "Tiger Cubs 2", reported Mingpao.

On 22 July, Him was rushed to the hospital for an emergency treatment and received two stitches for his injuries.

Sources revealed that the actor was shooting an explosion scene at TVB City when he landed on fragments of tempered glass that were on the ground. His left buttock was then injured due to a glass shard piercing the area just above the thigh, causing him to bleed profusely.

Producer Lam Chi Wah stated, "We will rearrange Him's action scenes for another day so that he could heal."

However, while speaking to the media after his treatment, Him appeared to be in good spirits, saying, "I will be more careful in the future. The producer will rearrange the shoot according to my condition, so fans should not worry."

The actor also added jokingly, "It was more embarrassing than painful. There were female nurses during my surgery!"

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Myolie Wu is a workaholic

Eligible bachelorette Myolie Wu attended an endorsement event for female brand, Whisper in Hong Kong recently. The actress, who has been single since July last year, previously dated Hong Kong actor, Bosco Wong for eight years. After the split, this 33-year-old has been burying herself in tons of work.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the workaholic has taken up three TVB dramas, two China dramas and many other endorsement jobs in just a year.

When asked if she was worried that she will have “no time” for love, she said confidently, “Not at all!”

Besides filing up her time with work, the actress revealed that she has been keeping an eye on the property market. Telling reporters that she aims to buy an apartment every other year, the actress showed no regrets about her lost relationship.

In addition, Myolie was calm in response to Bosco’s romantic rumours with fellow TVB actress, Bella Lam. Reaffirming reporters that she does not hate him, Myolie also revealed that the two might have chances to collaborate in future.

While Myolie continues to work hard, she remains optimistic when it comes to matter of the heart and hopes to find a taller and more mature man in the future.

Aaron Kwok have a new love interest

Is love in the air for Aaron Kwok? According to media reports, the heavenly king has been secretly meeting 26-year-old Chinese model Anna Kay whenever she travels to Hong Kong for work.

Anna, who is also Jaycee Chan’s former rumoured girlfriend, was spotted being fetched to Aaron’s apartment in the Tai Hang district in his van last Friday. Fellow residents revealed that the van arrived outside the carpark at noon and the model was spotted walking into the building hurriedly with her head bent low.

Six hours after they met, Aaron was seen driving out alone in his sports car before returning with bags of groceries. Later that night, the singer-actor drove to Wanchai to pick up some takeaway food. Reappearing only on Saturday evening, Anna checked the surroundings before boarding the van to return to China.

Sources also claimed that Anna was introduced to Aaron by Julian Cheung, her co-star in the Chinese movie Natural Born Lover. As Aaron was still attached to Lynn Xiong at that time, the two were just friends.

In addition, the 47-year-old actor-singer who is said to be enjoying his bachelorhood, has reportedly been keeping a distance from Christine Kuo, the alleged third party who caused his break-up with Lynn. “He thinks that he is not suitable to have a ‘regular’ girlfriend,” an insider said.

Aimee Chan's father is pleased with Moses Chan

According to Hong Kong media reports, actress Aimee Chan's father was initially a little unhappy with the lovebirds' abrupt marriage. However, he was eventually moved by Moses's sincerity and has given them his blessings.

Moses, who reportedly spent HK$5 million (approximately S$8.1 million) on his betrothal gifts to please his parent-in-laws, was beaming with happiness even when he was spotted returning to Hong Kong alone yesterday.

Being four months pregnant, Aimee has decided to stay in Canada to prepare for childbirth '“ and word on the street is that she will return to Hong Kong for her delivery in August.

In response to rumour, the smiley father-to-be teased reporters, 'Tell you later?'

While the gender of their unborn child still remains a secret, Moses revealed that the couple is now busy deciding on the name and getting ready for his/her arrival.

Kate Tsui Not Wasting Time, Find Mr. Right and Go Right into Marriage

Yesterday Kate Tsui, Sammy Sum and William Chak attended the promotional event of TVB Pearl drama Elementary. Kate appeared to have slimmed down, she disclosed she is preparing to shoot a fashion commercial, thus she has to eat less and exercise more to lose weight. She has already lost several pounds.

Asked if her weight loss might shrink her cup size? She laughed: "I never really had much anyway. Its more like my wallet is shrinking because the weight loss machine cost money too. This is my fourth year collaborating with the slimming company, and I get a raise each time we collaborate. I'm very pleased." In the past year, Kate has been so busy, its impossible to ever finish working. She disclosed she will be heading to Taiwan to shoot a new film, then flying over to Singapore for promotions, then to Genting for a concert and finally to Beijing for the film festival.

Since she's earning so much now, does she intend to buy another home? She said: "What do you mean another? I'm currently living with my mother, but I promised her I'll be a homeowner this year and have my parents live comfortably after retirement. The housing prices are just too high, I will have to wait until the prices fall a little first before I'm capable of buy one."

Asked whether she plans to buy a mansion? She said: "No, but my mom has her own expectations on a home. Well I do want her to live comfortably too. (Does she have high expectations on your choice of boyfriend too?) She has rushed me, she said its urgent, but I don't want to be impulsive. She told me not to waste any more time, I must choose a right one and date the guy only if he is a marriagable partner. Even my friends are trying to introduce me to guys now, but I don't want to be impulsive."

Ruco Chan's Secret Plan is to Open an Eye Glass Store

Yesterday Ruco Chan appeared at the grand opening of a dessert shop. He expressed the owner is a friend he "played with since childhood". The reason is because when he first debuted in the film industry, the owner was the first person who signed him, so he must be there to support him. Ruco was asked if he wants to be a boss of his own store too? He said: "I do have plans. Many friends have asked me to partner with them, but I want to concentrate on filming series. I don't want to be distracted." Ruco expressed if he does start his own business, he hopes to open an eye glass shop: "I want to be in the eye glass industry. Since childhood, I have always loved glasses, I feel people wearing glasses really have good taste and self-procession."

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Raymond Lam brings girlfriend to film set

Actor Raymond Lam has not been focusing well during his filming in Hendian, as he missed his girlfriend Karena Ng, who is in Hong Kong, which caused the filming crew much distress.

As reported on HK Channel, a production crew member of Raymond's upcoming drama, "The First Empress" recently complained, "The weather has been really hot and it's hard to film period dramas in a 40-degree weather. The lead actress Wang Luodan also does not get along very well with Raymond until now."

He revealed that Raymond suddenly took leave to go back to Hong Kong, allegedly to meet up with Karena, which caused more issues on set.

The crew member stated, "When he is not around, we had to use a body double. Action scenes may be easy to film with body doubles, but not other scenes. Even when we use one, we still have to re-shoot when he returns. We're not happy with this."

It was also reported that Raymond finally decided to take Karena Ng with him to Hengdian after his return to Hong Kong on 13 July, so that they can spend more time together.

The actress was spotted accompanying Raymond to the film set on 15 May and stayed inside his car while Raymond worked.

Steven Cheung Admits One-Night Stand, Lengmo Keiko Insists They Dated

Yesterday 21 year old 'lengmo' Keiko disclosed to [Oriental Daily] she had a relationship with Steven Cheung 4-5 years ago. At the time, the 24 year old Steven went on a few dates with Keiko and then got her to sleep with him. After their one-night stand, they broke up because Steven neglected her.

But yesterday Steven denied several times of ever dating Keiko in a phone interview. He only admitted their one-night stand, but does not acknowledge her as a girlfriend. He said: "There was indeed an one-night stand. I've done a lot of bad things in the past. (It was with Keiko?) Actually I don't know her Chinese or English name. It was only after a friend send me the article that I remembered this incident." He admitted Keiko was his "one-night stand" sex partner, but after that one night, they were not in contact again. Keiko teased he "completed the work" in a few minutes. Steven helplessly said: "Whatever, its just a matter of opinion."

Asked if he's upset with Keiko for disclosing his privacy? Steven generously expressed he is not upset. He will face his mistake with courage and be responsible for what he did. He said: "I blame myself. Men has their needs, its just too bad I was lascivious! But after I started believing in God, I've been striving hard to change my bad habits. Give me some time." Steven expressed he's currently busy filming series and preparing for his new gospel album, so he has no time or interest to look at the Lengmos' photo books. Steven expressed if he does see Keiko again, he will feel awkward, but will still greet her or he can be friends with her too. He is not worried of other Lengmos exposing things.

Keiko accepted a phone interview as well. In regards to Steven denying ever dating her? She insisted: "I have dated him before. I'm not afraid to admit it. Guys are just lowly! (He said he just had one-night stand with you!) He has bad memory!" To prove she's not lying, Keiko recalled how Steven pursued her. She said Steven used the excuse of him being a public figure and it wasn't convenient for him to go out in public, so he wanted her to go to his house. When they were dating, Steven called her nonstop expressing his love and kept telling her: "I really love you, I really miss you." He told Keiko his rumors with Sherman Chung were just for entertainment news.

Turned Cold After One Night Stand

Claiming she really loved Steven, Keiko said: "We dated for a month before having sex. He was the first guy I had an intimate relationship with. At the time I was just 17 years old." But then Keiko turned around and criticized he was heartless and was a two-timer. "After that night, he was really cold to me. He even called me and said Sherman Chung got very upset because the media found out we were dating. He wanted me to call Sherman to explain. After I called Sherman to tell her Steven and I weren't together, me and Steven were no longer in contact." Keiko expressed after she was miserably abandoned, she felt so heartbroken she fell into depression and thought about committing suicide. She was fortunate to have family and friends comfort her, that she was able to get back up and start over.

Sherman Chung: Don't Mention the Past

When Sherman learned about Steven admitting about his past relationship, she said: "I'm proud of him. I've watched him grow and after all I've known him for too long. When I saw his news, I knew the people who love him won't be happy about this. Also, I don't want to talk about the past." Sherman greatly supported Steven is a true man. "He is very brave. He just bluntly admitted it. I know he's learning to be a responsible man. I will pray for him, it's a part of growing up and the process of maturing. The Steven today is not the same as the Steven from the past."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong tones up his muscular figure in a BTS photo

Kim Hyun Joong left jaws dropping with his new and improved figure as shown in a BTS photo!

The BTS photo was posted on his official Facebook with the comment, "At the photo shoot for the album jacket..", and showed Kim Hyun Joong's hard work and dedication to giving fans the best eye candy possible with his hard-pressed abs and arms of steel.

'Round 3' will be unleashed on the 22nd!

Taecyeon hasn't been attending his classes at Korea University

2PM's Taecyeon made headlines when he was accepted in to Korea University's School of International Studies and earned praise from fans and the public initially, but it has now been reported that contrary to popular belief, he hasn't been attending his classes.

He'd previously said, "I wondered what it'd be like if I helped use the influence I have as part of 2PM internationally in a good way, so I decided on that major. I might not be a scholar, but It's something I want to try. I'm going to work hard so that I can become an ambassador of peace."

Even though some articles had reported that Taecyeon was diligently attending classes, asking an actual student at the School of International Studies revealed that Taecyeon had yet to attend his classes. In one of the attendance lists for Taeceyon's class, it shows Taecyeon had never been to class since the beginning of the semester and the professor seems to have given up on marking Taecyeon's absence after a while.

One student who was in 5 of Taecyeon's classes said that he'd seen Taecyeon once during the entire semester, leading netizens to wonder whether that means he also hasn't handed in necessary reports nor taken the midterms and finals.

Korea University's School of International Studies said, "By school rules, a student get an F is he is absent for more than 1/6th of the classes. However, there is a portion where the professor can give his own opinions for a grade. Even though Taecyeon registered, he missed his classes, so he probably hasn't received grades. It's difficult for him to expect grades if he's not coming to any classes."

In response to the report, netizens have been voicing various opinions that range from criticizing celebrities who use their status and image to be accepted into the school only to not attend in the end, to reasoning that Taecyeon was probably too busy with 2PM promotions lately to attend and should be given a chance to explain.

Taecyeon graduated from Dankook University with a degree in business administration and was accepted into Korea University Graduate School of International Studies.

Joe Ma Hopes For a 'Triumph in the Skies 3'

Yesterday TVB new series Tiger Cubs II was shooting in Sha Tin. The big bad guy Johnson Lee was seen in a black hoodie, surrounded by a group of SDU members including Joe Ma, Him Law, Oscar Leung and Benjamin Yuen. Due to the thick and heavy SDU uniforms, the men were sweating nonstop. Joe kept eating to replenish his physical strength and avoid a heatstroke.

Joe played the pilot Vincent in Triumph in the Skies ten years ago, but did not participate in the sequel. Today, the sequel is well-acclaimed, does Joe feel he lost out on the opportunity? He said: "Vincent from TITS died, and also when TITS 2 began filming, I had some issues with my TVB contract and didn't make a decision yet." TITS fans really miss Vincent though, Joe expressed he hopes there will be an opportunity to shoot TITS 3. He also praised the TITS 2 cast looking very hot in their uniforms and it had triggered his good memories too.

Linda plays a police undercover in Tiger Cubs II. Although she is paired with Joe, they do not have any kiss scenes. She laughed: "The plot will explain my role is very man, so there will not be any kiss scenes. There will only be expression through the eyes."

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Myolie Wu: "No Reserve" is my most challenging drama

Myolie Wu may have been in more than 40 dramas since her debut, but the actress admitted that her character in "No Reserve", also known as "Rosy Business III", is one of her most challenging roles yet, reported HK Channel.

The actress, who felt pressured to give her all to the third instalment of the already successful hit series, revealed that she suffered from mood swings and sleepless nights since playing an undercover spy named Chun Kei Sang.

The 33-year-old actress shared, "The drama's atmosphere is very heavy and dark. My character has to witness death of family members and friends while working as an undercover spy. It's hard to get into Kei Sang's state of mind and I have suffered from insomnia because of it."

However, Myolie added that despite of all that, she felt like her efforts paid off whenever she watches her playbacks and sometimes gets emotional when she is able to nail a scene in one take.

When asked about her plans after filming concludes, Myolie enthused, "I am taking a vacation after completing "No Reserve". I already have my flight booked. I am so excited! But I'll still be very busy afterwards, with projects already lining up in Beijing."

"Rosy Business III" is scheduled to be released in 2014.

Moses Chan Loves Queen Aimee to Death Tears Up at Wedding Banquet

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan held their wedding banquet on July 17th at 8pm at the Legend Chinese Restaurant in Toronto. That night, Aimee was treated like a queen, Moses held his pregnant wife's hand the entire time and took great care of her. The couple flew around the restaurant stopping by at each of their guests' tables to take pictures with them. Moses stood by Aimee's side the entire night and when he smiled, there were tears in his eyes. When the couple went on stage to make their speeches, Aimee emotionally teared up, while Moses embraced her tightly. He said their baby is comforting Aimee, then he took a tissue out to wipe her tears away. Aimee smiled sweetly in response.

A heartwarming slideshow of "Double Chan" pictures were shown to the guests and they had a singer perform on stage to accompany the warm atmosphere. When the passionate feelings came, the couple couldn't help themselves for a kiss, then the guests wanted more and demanded them to kiss some more.

The wedding banquet had 16 tables. Double Chan had two round bars of handmade gift soap for each guests, the soaps had "with love" written on them. The banquet's decorations were simple with a red carpet for the newly weds and their guests to take pictures on and 5 bodyguards. Double Chan hired a production company to come take instant pictures for the guests; the background printed "I Love You" in several different languages from many different countries. The design is simple, but has a fairytale feel to it. They also autographed thank you cards for their guests.

Ron Ng and Kelly Fu Impossible to Become a Couple

Ron Ng has been busy shooting in Mainland and hasn't really appeared in HK. In his new series Triumph in the Skies II, he continues portraying Issac Tong, "Sam Gor" Francis Ng's younger brother and develops a relationship with Myolie Wu's new role. When asked if he has any kiss scenes with Myolie? He said: "All the kiss scenes in the series, leave it to Kenneth Ma and Chilam Cheung. (What a disadvantage for you?) Nope, I didn't ask for any. Perhaps Chilam asked the producer for kiss scenes. In the series, Chilam is a pilot I really admire, but he's always dumping girls and I'm the one who helps him handles it. (You're good at doing these things in real life too?) Nope! Nobody asked me to help them!" Ron is coming back to HK very soon to start on a new series, but when reporters mentioned he has earned quite a bit in Mainland? He said: "I'm considered the 'mosquito earning money', compared to many other people, I don't make that much." When speaking of his rumors with Kelly Fu, Ron frankly expressed she only loves him in the series, but after TITS2 filming completed, he had only encountered her at work. Kelly mentioned before they are still developing? He said: "I asked her before, she said the reporter twisted the truth. I will say it again, I have never dated her before. I'm not dating her today and it is impossible for us to start dating in the future!"

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Angelababy: I'll talk when it's confirmed

Model-actress Angelababy is very calm about her rumoured breakup, telling the media that she will only talk when there is actually something to confirm.

As reported on Xinhua, previously, rumours were rife that Angelababy and her alleged boyfriend, Huang Xiaoming, have called it quits, after fans saw that the two of them were no longer on each other's Weibo list, fuelled by reports saying that she has been spotted meeting an old flame at a hotel.

It is speculated that the two of them broke up due to Angelababy's decision to focus on her blooming career.

However, at a jewellery brand event in Beijing recently, Angelababy simply responded, "I'll let the press know when it's [the breakup] confirmed."

The model-actress later posted on her Weibo, "News such as this appears all the time. I haven't been following up with them."

Sharon Chan dismisses conflict with Kate Tsui

Sharon Chan recently debunked reports of a conflict with her "My Prime Lady" co-star, Kate Tsui.

According to Mingpao, the actress, who attended the "Din-Dong Summer House" promotional event in Ma On Shan recently, was enthusiastic to talk about the highly anticipated series. She brushed off talks about her supposed conflict with Kate, which was believed to be caused by their desire to have more screen time.

The actress stated, "There will always be rumours about actresses in conflict in any series. Kate and I worked well together and there was no misunderstanding between the two of us."

Meanwhile, the actress enthused that as the production of "My Prime Lady" has concluded and there are no new projects for her until late August, she plans to go on a summer vacation with her boyfriend.

Sharon's next project will be a drama with "A Change Of Heart" actor, Michael Miu. Both of them have worked together before in 2007's "Devil's Disciple".

Aimee Chan Makes Trip to Pickup Husband While Covering Bulging Belly

Since Aimee Chan got married in Paris last month, she went straight back to Canada to go on her maternity leave and had not appeared in public at all! On July 15th, her husband Moses Chan arrived in Toronto to prepare for their wedding banquet held on the 17th. After the marriage, it has been a little over a month since Aimee seen her husband. Last night, Father Chan drove Aimee to the airport to pick up her husband, but to avoid chaos, Aimee remained in the car and waited patiently for Moses. When Moses finally made it in the car, he smiled sweetly at his wife. Aimee had her black purse over her stomach to cover her pregnant look, but it was obvious she had a small bump. However, there are no sign of swollen hands, legs or around the face yet.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ron Ng denies relationship with Kelly Fu again

Once again, Ron Ng has debunked rumours about a romance with his "Triumph In The Skies II" co-star Kelly Fu.

As reported on Singpao, after new actress Kelly Fu's recent interview in which she talked about the possibility of romance with Ron Ng, the pair appeared ill at ease with each other at a recent press conference for "Triumph In The Skies II".

Although both Ron and Kelly finally allowed the media to take a picture of them together, they did not interact with each other otherwise.

When asked about their relationship, an annoyed Ron replied, "You are mistaken. I have told you numerous times that she is only a friend. We are not dating. She told me that she never said anything about us being a couple and the reporter misquoted her."

Pressed whether he is upset about the rumours, Ron reiterated, "I have no feelings about it. I consider it publicity."

Joey Meng denies harsh treatment on set

Actress Joey Meng recently denied rumours about her receiving harsh treatment on the filming set of TVB series, "Gilded Chopsticks" in mainland China.

According to Wenweipo, previously, it was rumoured that the actress has had a bad time shooting the series. Not only was her co-star Ben Wong prone to demand script changes spontaneously during filming, the drama crew also did not prepare her lunch during filming breaks.

It was alleged that the actress cried as soon as she saw her husband when she arrived at the Hong Kong airport, fuelling rumours that the actress was not treated fairly at the set.

However, while speaking to the media at the "A Change Of Heart" finale dinner event, Joey exclaimed, "We're having a good time tonight. I will tell you everything when "Gilded Chopsticks" airs!"

She also denied rumours that she was treated unfairly by TVB, saying, "That's not true. I have filmed three different series with TVB and had a pleasant time with other stars."

In regards to her airport drama, she clarified, "I tear up every time I see my husband at the airport. It's just that the media never reported it before! My husband even told me not to be such a cry-baby and greet him with a smile instead so I told him to bring me flowers the next time he picks me up!"

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Qri becomes the new leader of T-ara

Qri has become the new leader of T-ara!

As fans might know, T-ara has a rotating leader system. Several members have filled the coveted position over the years, taking turns as the head of the popular girl group.

Qri will be replacing Soyeon, who will be stepping down after one and a half years in the captain's chair.

"Qri will be the new leader of T-ara beginning in the next round of promotions," Core Contents Media stated. Her first stage as leader came yesterday at the Tokyo Budokan, where she greeted thousands of fans and promised to take good care of the group.

Best of luck to the new leader!

Fala Chen Dressed Like a Nun Frightened Her Fans

Fala Chen is currently studying in the US. Yesterday morning she suddenly posted a photo of her dressed like a Buddhist nun and created a beautiful misunderstanding. A fan thought she turned to become a nun and left a message expressing their fear and how unbelievable it is. Many other fans believed the photo is from a series. Fala later expressed she was very pleased to hear her professor complimenting on how hardworking she was and was touched by a written piece, making her feel so minute. She said: "Today my professor complimented that I'm an extremely hardworking student. I'm still feeling happy. Then I saw a written piece that left me in tears. It was as follows: 'There are four states in success: small success rely on diligence, middle success rely on wisdom, big success rely on virtue and eventually becomes a road.' It turns out, I spent half a day and I'm still a 'small Chan'."

Sharon Chan Accuses Louis Yuen for "Bribing" Producer for Several Kiss Scenes

Yesterday Sharon Chan attended 'Din-Dong Summer House" promotional event. She expressed she had just finished filming My Prime Lady and had many kiss scenes with Louis Yuen. She joked Louis probably bribed the producer to give him so many kiss scenes. She broke her own record of the most kisses in a series, she had to kiss Louis 5-6 times. Luckily Louis has thick and soft lips and he takes good care of his partner, so it was worthwhile. IT was rumored Sharon and Kate Tsui were fighting for more screen time? She expressed: "There will always be bad-term rumors in any series. Kate and I collaborated well. The most important is there are no misunderstandings between the two parties involved."

Sharon is not starting on her next series until late August, so she will have a month of summer vacation. Aside from promotional events, she will take some time off to go on vacation with her boyfriend. In the next series, Sharon is collaborating with Michael Miu, whom she had not worked with in a long while. She said Michael is too handsome, the first time they collaborated she almost fainted and it is unknown whether she will have any kiss scenes with him.

Moses Chan Holds Wedding Banquet in Canada Like an Emperor

As [Oriental Daily] predicted, Moses Chan and Aimee Chan are holding their wedding banquet in Canada on July 17th. However, the couple have not invited their friends from the entertainment industry. Moses plans to invite his good friends out for dinner when he gets back to HK. After attending yesterday's event, he will be heading to Canada. Yesterday Moses had happiness written all over his face. When speaking of the rumored wedding banquet, Moses said: "Predicted, but I want to keep my personal life low key. (Will your wife be wearing a wedding dress? How about a tea ceremony?) Not sure. As the purpose is to hold a wedding banquet, we will have the appropriate ceremonies."

Moses expressed he will not be in Canada for long. Asked where Aimee is having her baby? He said: "Haven't decided yet. Wait until later when she comes back. We still have time. (Is the baby a boy or girl?) Not sure. (Thought of names yet?) I haven't really thought about a lot of things. (Accompany Aimee in labor?) Try my best. (Reduce jobs for rest of the year?) I hope to balance both sides." Asked of Aimee's current condition, Moses expressed she is doing well. Reporters asked if Aimee is pregnant with twins? He joked: "Let 'jum' check check first."

Saturday, July 13, 2013

2PM try life without electricity for 'The Human Condition'

2PM will be trying out a partial electricity-free life on an upcoming episode of 'The Human Condition'.

The boys tried out some parts of the electricity-free life as the panel members were challenged to live without electricity. The cast members introduced the 2PM boys to their dorms which had no lights on but only dimly lit with candlelight. The cast also showed them an electricity-generating bicycle which would turn on the lights in the room.

2PM got on the bikes themselves and, of course, being one of the most athletics idols out right now, they were able to light up the lights and even a fan really fast! Afterwards, they went out into the garden to light up an electricity-free barbecue.

Dani to take Ahreum's place in T-ara N4

With Ahreum leaving both T-ara and T-ara N4, Dani will be taking her place in the "Countryside Life" subunit.

Since T-ara will be promoting only with its original members, Dani won't be joining the actual group - she'll just be promoting with Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon as a member of T-ara N4.

Since Dani's fluent in English, this may help the girls during their American promotions when their English album is released. Dani will also be promoting as a T-ara N4 member in Korea as well.

Ailee makes an eye-catching return with U&I

Ailee is baaaack!

The songstress has made her return with her mini album 'A's Doll House' as well as the MV for her title track "U&I"!

She left us thoroughly teased last time as she made a powerful transformation to become a dancing diva in her MV teaser, and now the full video has already been released in Korea for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Myolie Wu Teases Him Law & Tavia Yeung Implying They're a Couple

Yesterday Myolie Wu and Him Law attended a sanitary pad brand, Whispers, promotional event. Him was not embarrassed at all promoting feminine hygiene products and even gave Myolie a massage on the forehead. On the contrary, Myolie appeared embarrassed and kept shouting she felt scared. She then teased good friend Tavia Yeung and Him, implying they are a couple. Because Myolie and Tavia both have a "Yi" in their Chinese name, Myolie joked: "I'm a 'Yi' too, but I'm not the same as the other 'Yi'. Although Tavia won't be jealous, I have thought of calling her to tell her. Just now when Him gave me a massage, I never thought I would feel embarrassed, perhaps because [Tavia's] a good friend of mines, so I feel even more awkward." She greatly praised Him understands women which is very sweet. Ask Him to introduce guys to her? Myolie said: "Just meeting new friends. If the guy is as fit as Him, then I would think being with him will give me the motivation to work out to look more fit and thin."

Him expressed he understands women go through a difficult time during their menstrual cycle, so men should exercise more care and patience. Asked if he takes care of Tavia? He said: "Men should be a gentlemen to women. She works long-term, she works hard for 365 days, but I never seen her irritated." Myolie indirectly said Him and Tavia are a couple? Him had a big reaction: "Even talk about these things? I have nothing to admit or deny about." Him said massages are good for couples to enhance the relationship, but he has never given Tavia a massage before. "Massages are usually given before bed time, I have never seen her before I go to sleep." The event organizers gave Him a box of sanitary pads as a gift, but he refused to say he was going to give some to Tavia. He expressed he plans to give them to his family and his Tiger Cubs II co-star Mandy Wong.

Raymond Wong's 'Karma Rider' Loses to the weight of TITS2

Yesterday Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, Evergreen Mak and the rest of the cast of TVB new series Karma Rider attended the promotional event. The series is premiering on the same day as grand production Triumph in the Skies II, but Raymond still had confidence in the ratings. He stressed the genre of the two series are different. Just as long as they can successfully attract the audience to "fall for" the series during the premiere week, then its a success! Raymond said: "Otherwise the premiere week might be lower, after all the cast is weighted differently. Karma Rider is a little breakthrough, the positive story is told using a gray tone, but audience will have to have some patience. It won't be difficult to understand though." Raymond described the series as a good faith production. He and Priscilla had already done their promotions and the other cast are helping online.

Priscilla does not dare to have expectations on Karma Rider's ratings, but she did stressed she is not afraid of TITS2 and it is actually a benefit that the series is airing with TITS2. This is Priscilla's first leading role, the majority of her scenes revolve around her relationship and her crying scenes. She said "I felt just as nervous as first time producer Chan Yiu Chuen. Many producers want to use TV ratings to safeguard artists, but Chan Yiu Chuen took up the courage to cast me in his series. I was very scared and hope it didn't impact anything. I hope the audience will notice me while they watch the other artists."

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ahreum leaving T-ara for solo debut

Ahreum has been confirmed to be leaving T-ara to pursue a solo career.

After joining T-ara as the 8th member last July, she debuted with "Day by Day" and was also active with T-ara N4 for their "Countryside Life" promotions, but it seems her run with T-ara has come to a quick end.

In a video posted to T-ara's official fan cafe, Ahreum said, "There's a new update. It looks like I'll be seeing you all as a solo artist. Don't forget T-ara's Ahreum. Thank you for giving me so much love. I felt so much love at the fan meeting and while promoting with T-ara. In the future, I'll be meeting you all with an image that's a few thousand times better than the Ahreum you saw in 'Countryside Life'. The time I had with the unnis will be a fond memory, but Ahreum will most likely be returning solo. Still, the unnis will continue to be active, so don't forget them and don't forget Ahreum either. Ahreum fighting and T-ara fighting. Thank you so much for loving Ahreum until now. Please don't ever forget the songs or performance I had with T-ara. I miss you. I love you."

The agency stated that the reasons Ahreum is becoming a solo artist are so she could focus on hip hop, which she's always been interested in, as well as to give her the chance to pursue other activities like acting.

T-ara will now be promoting with the six original members - Q-ri, Boram, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon. Core Contents Media is also currently deciding whether to replace Ahreum with Dani, who fans were also introduced to last year as an upcoming member, in T-ara N4.

Mandy Wong Wants A Family Before 35

TVB actress Mandy Wong expressed her wish to start a family before turning 35, and has only three years to achieve her goal!

As reported on HK Channel, the 31-year-old actress revealed that while she is still working on improving her acting skills and her career, her personal goals are still to become a wife and possibly a mother before 2017.

When asked if she has already found the man to spend her life with, the "L'Escargot" actress, who broke up with her boyfriend of four years before making her debut in showbiz, shared, "I used to find it hard to find the time and energy to meet prospective partners due to my busy schedule. I will always find excuses not to meet men that my friends want to introduce me to."

However, the actress admitted that she is more mature nowadays and understand that it is normal to meet guys and go out with them.

"But still, it is much harder for us artistes to meet new people outside work," the actress lamented.

When talking about her ideal husband, Mandy disclosed that she has no need for rich men as long as they are compatible with each other mentally, and preferably not from the entertainment industry.

On whether such man has appeared, Mandy enthused, "Not sure. But I have met someone who met all the requirements. We are still getting to know each other. But if I do date in the future, I will not deny it."

Bosco Wong and Linda Chung criticised

Actors Bosco Wong and Linda Chung were recently criticised for their poor singing during their live performances at the first round of 2013's JSG Selections.

According to Apple Daily, Bosco and Linda, who won a Golden Song Award each for their hit single, "The Final Blessing" and "You Are One Half Of Me" respectively, disappointed their supportive fans with their lacklustre performance when asked to perform live on stage.

Netizens claimed that the two actors' could not control their vocals and did not hit the right notes. Some even questioned Linda's ability to hold a solo mini-concert in August after her uninspired performance.

When asked to comment on the criticism, Bosco Wong stated, "I thought I have given a good performance. But still, I will accept the criticism and improve my routine."

Meanwhile, Linda Chung has no comment on the criticism. Her "Love Love Love: mini-concert will be held at the Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Center (KINTEC) on 22 and 23 August.

Shawn Yue cheated on Kary Ng

Rumour has it that the Hong Kong singer-actor, Shawn Yue, was involved in a shady relationship with a co-star, Liu Anqi, in his new movie, Sex Duties Unit which resulted in his break-up with Kary Ng.

Although the both of them have repeatedly clarified that there was no third party involved and it was a peaceful break-up, the reason behind their split is still a hotly debated topic.

According to an insider, Shawn texted a lot of girls while in a relationship with Kary. An unknown source shared that the 31-year-old actor had the habit of changing the names of the women he texted so as to not get caught.

During their one-year long relationship, the 27-year-old singer reportedly did not have the habit to check on her then-boyfriend. Kary only became suspicious of Shawn and peeked at his messages when she subsequently received tip-offs about his chummy relationship with co-star, Anqi.

The last straw that led to their split was when the singer decided to seek a proper explanation from Shawn, one week before her birthday. In response to that, Shawn reprimanded her and left Kary to celebrate her birthday alone.

During an interview, Kary's bossom buddy added, 'She just wanted an explanation from Shawn. But instead of answering, he scolded her for looking at his phone. After which, he refused to pick up calls and reply messages from Kary.'

The ex-couple made an official statement last week announcing their break-up.

Elvina Kong Ends 12 Year Marriage with Jackson Ng

Elvina Kong and Jackson Ng have been married for 12 years, but recently it was said the two have divorced! In the past year Jackson had constant rumors that he wasn't doing well financially and he was popular among the opposite sex while working at a night club. This led to misunderstands between him and Elvina. After several patch ups in the relationship, Elvina finally decided to call it off, both parties agreed to divorce. It was understood, Elvina has already moved back to her maternal home. Yesterday reporters called Elvina to ask if she really did divorce? She hesitated a little before answering: "Yes, our separation is a fact. (What was the reason?) I don't want to talk about it. After all it is our personal business, but we are still good friends and we will maintain a good relationship." According to a news source, Elvina mentioned to a friend before the divorce that the decision had absolutely nothing to do with a third party. It was just purely because of incompatible personalities.

Actually Elvina and Jackson's romantic relationship has lasted over 20 years, which is definitely not easy. It was understood each time they encounter a problem, Elvina and Jackson would tried their best to work it out and patch up the relationship. Valentine's Day last year, Jackson made a special trip to Japan and surprised Elvina, who was working there at the time. He gave her a diamond ring, cake and card. The couple may seem to have a sweet relationship, but the stable 12 year marriage suddenly comes to an end. It is indeed shocking.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong recruits Jay Park and Dok2 for his long-awaited Korean comeback

Kim Hyun Joong already had eager fans checking their wallets after the announcement of his first Korean release in almost 2 years, but there's more good news to spill! Jay Park and Dok2 will be featuring in his upcoming album!

Key East Entertainment revealed, "Jay Park and Dok2 featured in Kim Hyun Joong's new album, 'Round 3'. We ask for your love and support for this new and exciting collaboration."

Dok2 participated in the R&B-style title track, "Your Story", while Jay Park added his attractive voice color to the track, "Unbreakable".

Get ready, ladies and gentleman, because Kim Hyun Joong is coming back on the 22nd!

Rain is officially discharged from the military

The day many fans have waited for has finally arrived with Rain being officially discharged from the military at 8 AM KST on July 10th.

Rain appeared before the crowd that had gathered, including 100 reporters and 800 fans, in his military attire and respectfully gave his final salute. As his reps mentioned beforehand, the singer didn't waste time with a drawn out event, and got straight to the point as he stated, "I thank all of you for coming out to see me. I am always thankful and I will continue to do my best."

Rain will now start a new chapter of his career with Cube Entertainment.

Check out the photos from Rain's discharge below! Welcome back, Rain!

Huang Xiaoming And Angelababy Stop Following Each Other Online

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy earlier were rumored to have broken up, as sharp eyed internet users discovered that they stopped following each other's Weibo. Earlier Angelababy at a Beijing jewelry event lightly said, "If I respond to one news item after another, they will never end. My life now is very happy! As for my private life, I never talk about it. We will talk when I can talk about it!"

The Baby starred A SENTIMENTAL STORY will soon open. She shared her personal production experience but displaying "handsomeness" was not easy. She said that she looked very handsome in those car chases, but actually after the shoot her legs had many bruises. When she walked she needed help from her assistant. However she still felt it was worth it.

Kandy@Sugar Club Dumps Boyfriend Dominic Ho for Using Her for Publicity

Sugar Club's "Tong Mui" Kandy Wong was known as a goddess due to her cute looks. She spent two years pursuing the handsome Dominic Ho, who is over a foot taller than her and she was successful. To maintain her "goddess" signature, Kandy initially refused to admit to the relationship, until a year ago when [Oriental Daily] spotted her boyfriend at her house late at night. Since then, their relationship surfaced.

Dominc's had been rumored with several lengmos including Dada and Jeana since his debut. At the HK Book Fair, Dominic released a photo book where he appeared feminine and revealed his buttock. It was understood many of Kandy's good friends said Dominic is going to damage Kandy's healthy image. Also, the two have a huge gap in their incomes. Kandy can earn 6 figures in a month from shooting series, travel shows and commercials. On the contrary, Dominic is just a minor actor in films and does not earn as much as his girlfriend. Yesterday a relative disclosed the couple had ended their "short-long leg" two year relationship a few months ago due to all the pressure.

After the relationship surfaced, Kandy is willing to mention her boyfriend at public events, but frequently tries to avoid it and only gives one word answers. On the contrary, Dominic is not as popular as his girlfriend whether if its interviews or at events, he's always mentioning Kandy to increase his exposure rate. He even took advantage of her at the Book Fair, titling his photo book Kandy Krush.

Due to all the pressure from the public, Kandy felt too distressed and since Dominic used her as a publicity tool while her career was taking off, she eventually decided to break it off. Yesterday Kandy accepted an interview and expressed it has been a long time since she seen him: "Yes, we broke up because of the time issue. I've been really busy lately and basically have no time."

Kandy said there was no third party in their relationship. Asked if she feels its a pity? She joked: "Everyone, its raining today, but don't feel too sad. We didn't really say we're breaking up nor were there any special communication between us."

A few days ago Dominic still insisted that they haven't broken up yet and even said they're in a sweet relationship? Kandy indirectly criticized he's trying to get publicity: "Other people's publicity, I don't want to add my comments to it. My company had never given me pressure, they just told me not to help other companies promote."

Yesterday Dominic was still unwilling to acknowledge the break up, he said: "At this stage, I still care very much about her. Sometimes we don't have the same views when discussing about work." He stressed they are both busy with their own jobs, so its difficult to make time for dates. Asked if he feels he's borrowing his girlfriend for publicity? Dominic said: "Its not true. The false stories are for publicity. The real stuff has nothing to do with publicity. I dislike this thought."

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