Thursday, January 31, 2013

SISTAR19 returns with MV for “Gone Not Around Any Longer”

After heating things up with several teasers, SISTAR19 has finally made their comeback with the release of their new single “Gone Not Around Any Longer“!

The sub-unit, consisting of vocalist Hyorin and rapper Bora, teamed up with producer Brave Brothers once again for their new title track, which is a song that expresses the feelings of both falling in love and drifting apart. Director Joo Hee Sun, who also directed SISTAR‘s “Alone“, also participated in SISTAR19′s new music video.

SISTAR19 will be starting their comeback stages through ‘M! Countdown‘ later today!

Without further ado, check out the MV below!

Barbie Hsu: I am not pregnant yet

It’s another false alarm in baby news after Barbie Hsu denied being pregnant. The actress emphasised on her microblog: “Please be patient. I’ll announce personally if I have any good news. I don’t want this ‘misunderstanding’ to stress me up.

The Taiwanese artiste, who is well-known for her role as Shan Cai in Taiwanese idol drama Meteor Garden, recently rejected an invitation to reunite onstage with former onscreen co-stars, boyband F4 for Jiangsu TV’s Spring Festival Gala next month. This immediately sparked a flurry of speculation that Barbie is finally pregnant with her first child.

According to an insider, most of Barbie’s friends in Beijing are already aware of this good news but she refused to disclose the news to the public due to the “three months rule” (according to old age beliefs, sharing the news before one becomes three months pregnant would lead to a miscarriage).

Talks are rife that she would dedicate most of her time to take care of her pregnancy and has declined all future work assignments.

However, the rumours have effectively been quashed, following Barbie’s clarification on her microblog post on Tuesday.

The 36-year-old spurred countless baby rumours ever since she openly expressed her desire to have a child after marrying Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei in March 2011. In order to conceive, the petite actress who was once a vegetarian even changed her eating habits by consuming meat in order to gain weight.

Selena Li Will Marry Kenneth Ma 50 Years Later if Still Single

Kenneth Ma, Selena Li and Katy Kung attended an event in Ho Man Tin. As Patrick Tang's ex-girlfriends, Selena and Katy were not embarrassed to be at the same event at all. Selena even took her rumor with Kenneth out to joke with, she laughed: "My fans said Kenneth is the 'Best Deal' (suen poon) and told us to start dating. I told Kenneth if we're still single 50 years later, then we'll get married!"

Katy joined in on the fun and laughed she thinks Kenneth is the 'Best Deal' too. She exposed Kenneth asked for her phone number: "He told me to tell you all that he just got my phone number. We've known each other for a long time though." Earlier good friend Elaine Yiu made an innuendo about Patrick and rumored girlfriend Kayi Cheung to defend Katy. Elaine said Patrick liked to 'cut steak'. Katy said: "She (Elaine) has a very good character, we are very good friends. Thank her for trying to defend me. (Do you know if Patrick is in a relationship?) We don't keep in touch, I don't know."

Ekin Cheng brings wife Yoyo Mung Back to HK & Apologizes to His 'Brothers'

The newly wedded couple Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung secretly got married on January 28th at an ancient palace in Tokyo. After their three day honeymoon, the couple returned to HK at 8pm last night. They appeared at the airport ten fingers interlocked and were greeted by 500 reporters. Mrs. Cheng had a sweet smile on her face the entire time and left the majority of the question answering to her husband. The two stood still for pictures and when asked about how they're feeling after marriage? Ekin joked: "We already expressed it just now." Yoyo added with a wide smile: "Happy!"

When Ekin learned he 'offended' his friends by having such a low-profile marriage, he apologized several times. Ekin said: "I have to apologize to many of my friends because I wasn't able to invite some of them." He made a special apologize to Wilson Chin: "Because I knew he has to wrap up with the Lunar New Year film and is very busy, so I didn't dare to tell him."

Asked if they're planning to make up for it and hold a wedding party in HK? Ekin joked: "Huh? Another one?! You're kidding me!" Ekin explained the reason why he chose to hold the wedding in Tokyo was because his first vacation with Yoyo was to Tokyo. He plans on seeking for another special place in HK to make up the marriage formalities. It was exposed Ekin cried a lot during the wedding? He laughed: "It's just to have something to write about. I smile when I'm happy. The most emotional moment in the course of events now.

Yoyo laughed and said she's not used to being called Mrs. Cheng. She joked: "Isn't it the first year we don't have to give out red envelopes?" Reporters teased she actually have to give a pair of red envelopes. Yoyo said: "Aiya, married at the wrong time!" Ekin learned from reporters that his ex-girlfriends all congratulated him, he said: "I know, thanks." His good buddy Jordan Chan announced he's going to be a father soon, asked if he plans to be a father along with him? Ekin said: "Let's see if he can handle it first!"

Linda Chung Extremely Nervous Performing in Korea

Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu and Linda Chung were in Seoul recording for TVB's Chinese New Year show Golden Viva Spectacular. The TVB artists performed in collaboration with local K-Pop groups such as SISTAR, U-KISS and SS501's Park Jung Min. Linda performed the English song Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You and Myolie performed I Dreamed A Dream. On stage, Linda appeared tensed and nervous the entire time. She sang the song from beginning to end, all in one breath, but did not get off-key at all and won applause from the audience. Facing the local K-pop singers, Myolie laughed during her interview: "It went by way too fast. Just singing one song wasn't enough."

During Chinese New Year, Raymond has a break and will be spending the holiday back home in Xiamen. He said: "My sister had two babies, so I have to go back home for new years. (Are you going to spend New Years with BB?) Yes. Where ever my family goes, I'm going with them. (Going to send new year greetings to Karena Ng?) I will send greetings to many of my relatives and friends. (Is Karena family or friend?) Don't ask me these questions, I have ear plugs on and suddenly only understand Korean." Raymond said because of the language barrier, it was difficult to communicate with the Korean singers. However, he did praise girl group SISTAR's lead vocalist for having a pleasant voice. Raymond revealed earlier the boy band BIG BANG invited him to their World Tour concert in Nanjing as their guest performer. Unfortunately, it didn't work out due to schedule conflicts.

During Linda's interview, she expressed she was still shaking from her nervousness after she got off the stage. She said: "The Korean singers have been training since youth, they are all so amazing. Before I went on stage, I gave Myolie a hug to give some support to one another." On stage, Linda and Raymond were spotted chatting nonstop, Linda explained its because they haven't seen each other in a long time, but she didn't gossip about his rumors. When speaking of Raymond's new song BB, will the female lead be "Linda BB"? She laughed: "No, artists' privacy is better to keep it low-key, I understand how he feels." Linda feels her rumor with Raymond is already the past and should be removed from the list. She said there is now a new generation BB.

Myolie revealed she has a pursuer, someone outside of the industry, but she's not sure whether he's wealthy or not. After her break up with Bosco Wong, does she not want to date another artist again? She said: "Well can't say that, it all depends on fate. We are happy as friends now, still getting to know each other. If I really do get in a relationship, I will announce it. I'm already at this age, not going to play with an underground relationship anymore."

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'Ching Chi Mei' Lawrence Ng is Back, Pressured Meeting 'Famous Doctor' Kenneth Ma

Yesterday The Hippocratic Crush II costume fitting was held at TVB. The original cast including Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen and the additional new cast members Eliza Sam, Tracy Chu and the 'Three Wahs' - Lawrence Ng Kai Wah, Louisa So Yuk Wah and Jerry Koo Ming Wa attended. Although rumored couple Tavia and Him were there, the attention was still focused on 'Cheung Yat Kin' (Kenneth) meeting 'Ching Chi Mei' (Lawrence).

It has already been 7-8 years since Lawrence has been in a TVB series, he expressed he feels pressure collaborating with the 'Malaysian' TV King Kenneth Ma and TV Queen Tavia. It was said Lawrence is considered 'god-level' and his juniors cannot compare to him? He laughed: "That's just a rumor! It's the past! I didn't come back to TVB to rescue them nor am I'm back as Ching Chi Mei, I'm Chan Sai Mei! Coming back to my maternal home, it's not difficult to adapt." Lawrence's role is the doctor designated to answer questions about strange diseases. When Tavia first debuted, she collaborated with Lawrence in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, when asked if he remember Tavia? He said: "Tavia is getting prettier and prettier. I looked frightening during my debut."

Tavia and Him became a rumored couple after On Call, Him expressed he only has "normal scenes" with Tavia and his relationships are complicated, he'll be romantically involved with Heung Heung (Eliza) and Crystal Li, but he won't avoid other people just because he's in the same series with Tavia. He said: "We all have to get familiar with one another, that's how we can create sparks."

In the sequel, Tavia will continue her relationship with Kenneth as a married couple, asked if she'll avoid [intimate scenes] with Kenneth? She said: "I don't mind shooting kiss scenes. If there are kiss scenes, I'm still going to do it. (Him is surrounded by two girls?) It will be better if they get rumors, help promote the series!"

As for Candy Chang's role 'Jing Jing' from On Call, she's still getting held back due to her involvement in the drug concealment case. Producer Poon Ka Tak expressed she wasn't dropped from the cast, but the arrangements will be made after her case settles. In the story, 'Jing Jing' went overseas and may come back in the end. The climax in the sequel is when Lawrence performs a major surgery on Kenneth.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vivian Chow seen shopping with a 'mysterious man'

The '˜90s screen sweetheart was spotted at an outing with a 'mysterious man' in Hong Kong

Hong Kong singer-actress Vivian Chow was recently pictured shopping in a mall in Central, Hong Kong, with an unidentified man. Her husband Joe Nieh was not seen at the outing and Vivian's shopping companion was described as a 'stylish bespectacled man'.

Vivian and the 'mysterious man' entered a luxury store together, and the singer walked out of the shop carrying a bag of purchases 20 minutes later. Interaction between the two was said to be close and natural as Vivian reportedly wore a bright smile on her face while chatting with her companion. Masked by a pair of shades, she left the mall under his escort.

In other related news, Vivian has been making frequent appearances as guest stars at her celebrity friends' concerts lately. Her well-maintained looks and figure solidified her position as the envy of ladies and the timeless 'dream girl' of men, even as the former screen sweetheart turns 45 this year.

Ekin Cheng & Yoyo Mung “EY” Secretly Married in Japan

Ekin Cheng announced on Weibo, he married girlfriend Yoyo Mung in Japan! Ekin's manager (Lam San San) confirmed the good news, she said the wedding was a complete secret, but it was a very touching. Lan San San said: "I got a surprised invitation to the wedding, we (the guests) just found out probably about a month ago. Ekin asked if we had time for dinner, then later he asked again if we had time for dinner in Tokyo? Based on Ekin's personality, we knew there was something big happening, but we didn't dare to ask him. We just booked the flight and hotel separately, so we all didn't really know where we were suppose to go. It wasn't until we got there, Ekin told us there will be bus to take us to an ancient looking restaurant. Inside, there were really pretty flowers, it was a really small scaled and simple wedding party. We had a French meal and then the newly weds made a speech of their feelings. Yoyo started crying as soon as sje started speaking. As for Ekin, you wouldn't believe it, he cried even harder and couldn't stop either. They just thanked us for coming on short notice, but we didn't know what gift to get the couple since it was so sudden. Whatever comes toind, then we'll buy and give it to them immediately! The most touching was when Ekin called Yoyo 'Ah So' (wife), then Ah Lo (Jerry Lamb) and Chan Kwong Wing called her 'Ah So'. That ended the beautiful evening." Also, Lam San San reveals: "It had been snowing in Tokyo, but once their wedding started, the snow stopped. Really have to thank God. I respect the couple's wish of keeping their private lives low-profile, after all it was a very touching wedding. The majority of the guests were very moved and teared up." In the photo Lam San San shared with the media, Ekin had a tuxedo on and Yoyo had a low cut wedding dress.

On Weibo, Ekin posted a photo of two teddy bears with the letters "E" and "Y" on the bears' feet. The EY represents Ekin and Yoyo. After Ekin's Weibo announcement, his wife Yoyo replied sweetly! Good friends from the industry such as ShuQi, Bonnie Chiu, Christine Ng and many more congratulated the newly wedded! In other news, all along the media reported Yoyo was born in 1975, but according to the Japanese marriage certificate, she is actually born in 1973. Ekin will resume work on Saturday and attend a show in Macau with his "Young&Dangerous" brother Jordan Chan.


Chin Ka Lok: He was so secretive on Weibo, Ekin had always kept his private life low-profiled. There has been so many good news lately, Jordan [and Timmy Hung] became fathers, and now Ekin's married. (How would you rate this 'Ah So' Yoyo Mung?) To able to tie up 'Chan Ho Nam', she gets 100%! We'll catch up when they get back!

Chris Lai: I already knew about this, but I couldn't go because of filming. I know they wanted to plan a really memorable wedding. I'm very good friends with them, so I'm sad I wasn't able to go. Wait until they come back, I'll pick out a really good wedding gift for them.

Leo Ku: My heart is so moved! Congrats to my good brother and 'Ah So'. This day has finally come! They remind of one of Ekin's songs Only Love You For Life. I listened to this song today and there's so much feel.

Michael Tse: I'm happy for them. Tell them to hurry up and come back to HK, so we can have a wedding banquet here! (Rush them to have a baby?) Let them think about it themselves, I'm not their parents. Jordan is going to be a father soon, now he's married. It's truly double happiness!

Bobby Au-Yeung: Wah! Finally got married, that's great, love blossomed! I know them both very well, they love to play games and do physical activity. Congrats to them!

Jordan Chan: I just came back from Shanghai and found out about the good news. He already congratulated me for becoming father, I need to congratulate him for getting married as well.

William So: Wish the couple together forever, I waited for this day for too long. My neck grew long from waiting so long. Ekin is basically a big kid, can Yoyo withstand him? If they have a baby too, it will be difficult to handle two kids! Children are not as important, the most important is their happiness.

Miriam Yeung: Congrats to Ekin. He's always going to those pilgrimage holy places. I hope they get a baby soon, should have one while they're still young. The earlier, the happier.

Ella Koon: Congrats to them, wish them together forever. I remember my first time collaborating with Yoyo. On the first day, first scene, I had to scream at her, calling her "Bat Por"!

Joey Yung: He really loves Japan. (Save on the money gift?) Oh yeah, just in time for Lunar New Year, I can get his red envelopes. Every year, we all go to friends house to send new year greetings. I'm happy for Ekin.

Ekin's ex-girlfriends - Gigi Leung, Maggie Siu and Maria Lai were happy for Ekin and congratulated him.

Gigi Leung: "Congrats from the bottom of my heart. When I heard the good news, I was really happy for them. I dedicate my song Exchange Treaties (換約) to them because this song is about marriage. I wish them together forever!"

Maggie Siu: Congratulations. I am not surprised they suddenly got married nor am I surprised they got married in Japan because Ekin had always loved Japan and this fits his low-profile personality."

Maria Lai: He's so secretive. I think just friends within the industry knew about it. He always used to say he didn't want to get married or have children, but now he's already married. I see he changed his mind and would want children! Every individual should do this at some point in their lives in order to maintain the relationship between two people.

Kevin Cheng & Nancy Wu Exposes Myolie Wu Has a New Pursuer

On Lunar Chinese New Year, February 9th, a special show TVB Golden Viva Spectacular is globally broadcasting live and can also be viewed on's MyTV. TVB artists are traveling to Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan to do the biggest CNY show. Artists to Korea: Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung; to Singapore: Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Edwin Siu, Nancy Wu, Alfred Hui; to Taiwan: Eric Tsang. Artists staying in HK for the show -- Nat Chan, Liza Wang, Dodo Cheng, Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen and Vivian Chow will be performing in the show.

Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung and Raymond Lam appeared at the airport today for their departure to Korea. Then after the show, Myolie and Kevin are going back to Mainland to continue filming. Kevin said he knows Myolie has a pursuer. Myolie said: "Just a pursuer, not successful yet." Nancy Wu attended an event and revealed: "Myolie has a pursuer now, he's someone outside of the industry I told her not to worry so much about work and enjoy it."

At the show in Korea, Kevin will perform a Mandarin song, while Linda and Myolie will perform English songs. When asked why aren't they don't rehearse Korean songs? They said: "Leave the Korean songs for Korean singers. This show is airing during the Lunar New Year, the songs are sung to Chinese people, therefore its better for them to understand the language." Kevin expressed he won't be dancing, that he will leave for Raymond Lam.

When speaking of Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung's surprising marriage, Kevin said this is the couple's personal choice and he congratulates them. However, when asked about his own love life, Kevin said: "Not getting anywhere." He revealed he's currently busy shooting series and only gets half a day off on Lunar New Year. He took this opportunity to clarify the rumor of his withdrawal from Startling By Each Step 2, he said: "Before when I asked the crew, it wasn't confirmed that I will be in it, so later I accepted other jobs. Unexpectedly, it was later said that I would be part of the cast. It is a timing issue that I couldn't be in it. However, if there is an opportunity, I hope to guest star."

As for Linda, she collaborated with Ekin in a series before and disclosed Ekin's his 'See Fu'. She was very excited to hear that he got married and praised he and Yoyo are a match from heaven. She hopes the couple will have a baby soon: "When I saw the report on them before, they said they're not planning on having children, but I hope that's not true. Ekin's handsome and Yoyo's beautiful, they will definitely make a beautiful and behaved baby!"

Raymond had a large group of fans waiting for him at the airport. About Ekin and Yoyo's marriage, Raymond was really surprised and disclosed he had always referred Yoyo as his elder sister. He said: "I asked her before when they're getting married, but her didn't answer me. However, I do wish them to be together forever and I hope they'll hold a wedding party in HK. If not, we should get together for dinner at least." Asked when he plans to get married? He said he will copy Ekin, and announce after the fact: "After all, marriage is between two people. Just have to celebrate with family of both sides. (What about you and Karena Ng BB?) I need to concentrate on making more money now, work is my priority."

Kristal Tin is Neither Jealous or on Bad Terms with Joey Meng

Last night, Linda Chung, Louis Cheung, Kristal Tin and Leanne Li attended TVB series Brother's Keepers end-of-filming dinner. This is Louis' second series after Inbound Troubles, and in March he'll be participating in new costume series Food for Slaves with the original cast. He plays the 'Eighth Royal Brother' and will be shaving his head.

It was said Linda withdrew from Food for Slaves? She explained she asked TVB to take two months off half a year ago, so she can spend some time with her family and educate herself more. Although Linda didn't go to Raymond Lam's concert, she still sent him a flower basket. When speaking of rumored girlfriend Karena Ng making a high-profile appearance at his concert, it was said their relationship has is now public? Linda said: "I didn't gossip about that. They denied the rumor, but if its real, I will congratulate them. They're a matching pair."

It was rumored Kristal Tin has been jealous that Joey Meng already got a leading role in her first TVB series, but she's been with TVB for 7 years and is still only a second or third string actress. Kristal said she will not respond to imaginary stories. Artists should not be divided into the so-called string actors, the most important is whether the role fits you. Kristal said she and Joey are not on bad terms, they both know what's going on. Also, she does not believe that there's a "TVB Party" trying to boycott the "ATV Party". They are all professional artists, why would they have such mentality? She joked she's actually part of the "To Party" (referring to husband Chapman To).

Monday, January 28, 2013

Timmy Hung & Janet Chow's 7lb baby TJ Looks just like Grandfather Sammo Hung

Congrats! Yesterday afternoon, Timmy Hung and Janet Chow's baby boy "TJ" was born! TJ weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces at birth; Mother and son are safe and sound. Yesterday morning at 8:40am, Timmy drove his wife Janet, mother and mother-in-law to the hospital. Janet expressed she didn't feel nervous about giving birth. After Timmy got his wife settled in and did all the paperwork, he accepted an interview at around 10am. When asked if he'll cut his son's umbilical cord? He said: "Nicholas Tse said cutting the umbilical cord is really harsh, it feels like you're hurting the baby with your own hands. I was thinking about it and agreed to what he said, so I'm still deciding."

At 3pm, Timmy appeared once again for another interview. He announced the good news to the media, revealing Janet went into labor at 2pm. The baby was 7 pounds, 6 ounces. When asked if they chose a lucky time to deliver the baby? He said: "No, Janet and I are both Christians. Actually, our expected date was February 5th, but the baby's head was too big, so he was born earlier than expected." First time as a father, Timmy expressed he is not nervous, but because Janet couldn't sleep the previous night he didn't get any sleep either. Timmy disclosed when they were having dinner the previous night, Janet thought her water broke, but it was just a false alarm. He said: "Last night when we were having dinner, Janet suddenly said the baby is ready to come out, but nothing happened. Perhaps she was just hungry."

Because of Nicholas Tse's one comment about the bloody umbilical cord, Timmy decided not to help his son cut it and just allowed the doctor to do the honors. Timmy laughed: "The doctor said I couldn't cut it!" He frankly expressed once he heard TJ crying, he was so touched he wanted to cry. He said: "The tears were about to gush out, but I held it all in. It feels so magical, so moving. As soon as I heard the baby cry, it was so touching." Timmy expressed the baby looks a lot like his grandfather Sammo Hung. He said: "When I looked at the ultrasound before, I saw the baby had a 'big rod' (big genitals). At the time, Kevin Cheng teased me, he told me to watch out, I might get a black baby boy. But, my baby is as white as snow and very healthy. He has big hands and feet, and a powerful cry. He cries so loud, it sounds like in the zoo, the goose's call."

Last night, grandfather Sammo Hung and his wife Joyce Godenzi visited Janet at the hospital. When Sammo saw his little grandson looking exactly like himself, he was very excited. Sammo proudly said: "Of course, I'm so handsome! (Did you get to carry your little grandson?) It's the flu season now, I don't dare to act blindly without thinking, so I didn't get to carry him yet." When asked what kind of reward does he plan on giving his daughter-in-law? He expressed he is very grateful of Janet: "Thank you daughter-in-law. No need for a reward, it's enough that our family know she's great. The most important is a happy family living happily together."

Sammo expressed he is currently thinking of a name for his grandson. He said Timmy has his own ideas as well, so the father and son will have to engage in a war first. Whoever wins the battle will get to decide on the name. Then Sammo suddenly added: "Actually in life, it really doesn't matter. Play from childhood to adulthood, 60 years later, as long as we can still see each other. Honestly, I don't know who will go (die) first."

Angela Tong Waiting to See Baby's "Big Rod" for Herself

Good friends Angela Tong and Charmaine Sheh already knew about the good news from their group chat earlier. They also saw the baby pictures and expressed they were extremely happy for them. Charmaine said: "So happy! When Janet discharges from the hospital, I'll go to their house to visit them. (What are you buying for the baby?) I don't know yet, not sure of the baby's size. I saw the baby had two long lines from his closed eyes. His eyes are probably really big. Janet said the baby looks like her father-in-law." Timmy joked his son had a 'big rod', Angela was asked if she'll arrange a marriage for her unborn daughter and Timmy's son? She laughed: "I don't believe him! Haha! I don't believe Timmy, wait until I see for myself!"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Niki Chow's Taste Changes, Caucasian Handsome Man to Cure her Dryness

Since 33 year old Niki Chow's debut, she didn't have many rumors, just with Kevin Cheng, 'Textile Prince' (Eric) and most recently Bosco Wong. Earlier it was rumored Niki still had feelings for Kevin and hoped they'll get back together, but she ended up being hurt and in the past year, she didn't have any new love interests.

Niki said before, she enjoys her single life, but actually she's been longing to be in a relationship. A while back, she disclosed she asked Koni Lui's husband (Dickson Wong) to introduce guys to her. Recently, it was rumored Niki found a new love interest and the 'couple' frequently attends friend gatherings together. Last night, [Oriental Daily] spotted Niki all dressed up in Central to attend her good friend, designer Alan Chan's birthday party. That night, Sandra Ng and her husband, Annie Liu, Balia Chan and Yeo Tin Ming were at the party as well. It was understood, Niki was in a great mood and had a Caucasian handsome gentleman accompany her the entire night. It seems like after Niki saw her sister Kathy Chow and her French boyfriend tie the knot, her taste in men changed. At the party, Niki and the foreign gentleman seemed very familiar with one another and were enjoying their glasses of wine sweetly. The party ended at around 1am, Niki and Balia Chan were chatting nonstop as they walked out of the building, and the Caucasian male friend was such a gentleman, he stood besides Niki and waited patiently. When Balia's 7-seater van drove up, the Caucasian gentleman gave Balia a goodbye kiss, but Niki had 'no eyes to see' and looked away. Later, Niki and her Caucasian male friend had a slow romantic walk on the street and then stopped to wait for a taxi. The two chatted as they waited for a taxi to come and often made eye contact. Niki often gave her handsome friend a sweet smile, whereas he tried to hold her hand. However, Niki had a sharp eye and spotted reporters from a distance. She had a brief surprised look on her face, and then frowned that the reporters ruined her nice moment. After another few words with her friend, the two left separately. Niki quickly got into a taxi and left. The male friend watched her leave safely before he took off as well.

Earlier Bosco collaborated with Niki in TVB new series A Change of Heart and had rumors with her. Currently filming in Hengdian, Bosco generously congratulated Niki once he learned she has a new love interest. When asked if he feels relieved that he's finally 'set free'? Bosco laughed: "Don't say that, we were just rumored while working together... not a big deal!" When the two were working together, did they talk about relationships? Bosco exposed Niki's really dry and now that she found a new love interest, he feels happy for her. He said: "That time, she told reporters herself that she was really dry! It's great now, I'm happy for her! (Do you still keep in touch with her?) After we finished A Change of Heart, I had to go back to China for work, so I haven't been in touch with her!"

Lin Xiawei - 2 Years in TVB Already Promoted to 2nd Female Lead

If you wanted to count the TVB rising FaDans, Raymond Lam's younger cousin Lin Xiawei (Wei Wei) is definitely one of them. She has already become one of TVB's heavily promoted artists just after two years of entry into the industry. Missing You just finished airing, then The Days of Days aired immediately after, you can find Lin Xiawei in both series. Wei Wei frankly expressed she is considered one of the luckier ones, since she is already getting second female lead roles just after 2 years in TVB.

In new series The Days of Days, Wei Wei plays Sonija Kwok's younger sister 'Tong Nga Man', who is a rebellious young woman. She clearly knew her sister didn't like her being with the gang leader 'So Fei', played by Raymond Wong, but she still ended up being with him just so she could irritate her sister. This is Wei Wei's first time playing a sassy role, she laughed and said her role is completely different from her in reality and thus she had some difficulty portraying the role. "I'm actually more of a tomboy in real life, so having to portray a Miss Sai Kwan/Xiguan character is pretty difficult to grasp. I just thought of it as a challenge. At the start of the series, I could sleep into the late afternoon and wake up naturally, but in reality I cannot possibly sleep and wake up myself. I was fortunate to have Sonija and Sunny Chan give me pointers on how to control the headstrong feeling in this role as we were filming." Wei Wei added in a serious tone, "I want the audience to see a solid Lin Xiawei. Actually, I have a lot of different sides and I'm very independent."

Not Just "Raymond Lam's Cousin"

Wei Wei is known as "Raymond Lam's cousin", she said this label did help promote her level of fame, but it also means she has to work harder than other artists, in order to be acknowledged by the audience. She said: "I have a very good relationship with Raymond, and I don't mind people referring me as 'Raymond Lam's cousin' because I truly am his younger cousin. Also because we're both in the same industry, it is easier for us to understand the mentality. I hope audience can see my abilities and that I'm not just 'Raymond Lam's cousin'."

Zhang Ziyi's Young See Mui

During her childhood, Wei Wei wanted to be a lawyer and it was a complete accident that she became an actress instead. When she was in high school, she participated in the "Nation Superstar of Tomorrow" contest and won the competition. Friends then encouraged her to study performing arts, so she left Xiamen alone and went to Beijing's Central Academy of Drama, where Zhang Ziyi, Vicky Zhao and Wen Jiang had studied before. She used "breakthrough" to describe her life back then, "At the time, my family did not support me at all, but I wanted to prove my abilities through action."

After she graduated in 2009, she worked as a full time actress at the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and then entered TVB in 2011. She expressed: "At first, switching from the stage to television, I could not adapt to it. Stage acting requires exaggerated bodily motion and facial expressions, but it becomes over exaggerated when used in television series." Wei Wei's acting in her debut TVB sitcom Til Love Do Us Lie as Suen Ling On (June) still had the 'theatre' shadow, but she gradually broke away from that type of acting in her other series Missing You and The Days of Days. She was also fortunate to have participated in an over 100 episodes sitcom, where she learned a lesson. She said: "I think we shouldn't compare to other people, just focus on my own work and just so long as each performance shows improvement compared to the previous one. I'm lucky to have a bunch of good artists around me, just like The Days of Days, Raymond Wong and I have the most scenes and he brought me into character. We usually discuss on how to portray the role, which helped me get into character faster."

It's been 2 years since Wei Wei been with TVB, asked if she got the results she expected to have? She said: "That day when I entered TVB, I hoped to absorb experience outside of the theatre. In the past 2 years, every time a series broadcasts, audience would give me their opinions. Whether if those opinions are positive or negative, I am willing to accept them all. Til When Do Us Lie's Suen Ling On (June), Missing You's Ting Fan Chi (Vincci), The Days of Days' Tong Nga Man and the currently filming Unrequited Love in Two Cities' Ching Jin Jan, each role is different. In each role, I'm able to experience different lives. I am a person with high expectations on myself, I strive to do my best in every series, but this also puts invisible pressure on me. I'm currently learning to relax myself. Sometimes when I'm stressed out, I would go take a stroll at the beach and this relaxes me. My current goal is just as long as my performance improved from the previous one, then that works for me. I try to the best of my ability to do the best in every series. As for other matters, just take it slowly." She also claimed she's a person filled with positive energy and believes whatever difficulties she encounters in this industry, she will be able to get through it smoothly.

Nancy Wu Brings Boyfriend to Meet Parents, 'Lightning Marriage' Anytime

31 year old Nancy Wu has been dating her 36 year old wealthy boyfriend (Patt) for half a year and are in a stable relationship. Yesterday she appeared at an event in a sexy red dress to earn extra income for a fat prosperous year. This year Nancy will be spending the Lunar New Year in HK and enjoy her grandmother's homemade turnip and water chestnut cakes. She also disclosed she'll be bringing her boyfriend home for the reunion dinner. Nancy said: "My boyfriend's family lives overseas, so I'll be bringing him to my family's reunion dinner and also send New Year greetings to grandma. My grandma has seen him once before, but didn't rush us to get married. She's satisfied just seeing us happy together."

Nancy frankly expressed she is not hurried to get married, but she does regard her boyfriend as a marriageable partner. "I feel very comfortable with our current relationship. At our age, we have talked about marriage before and of course hope end happily together, but it is not confirmed when marriage will happen. Also, I just got the awards and have a new start in my career, so I hope to accomplish more first." When speaking of the possibly of a 'lightning marriage'? Nancy expressed she does not have an answer to that question. If it happens, then it happens. Sometimes there are changes in the plans, so just let nature take its course.

Angela Tong Exclusive Pregnancy Interview

Angela Tong accepted [Mingpao Weekly] exclusive interview despite being 8 months pregnant. She went to the interview with her 42-inch giant belly and expressed: "The first Inbound Troubles promotion was held on an open top bus and there isn't seat belts on the bus, it's a little dangerous. Chin Ka Lok didn't think that was too good, so that's why I didn't go. After we finished with our marriage and wedding, I concentrated on my pregnancy. Since I get tired easily, I could only go out to the supermarkets to buy groceries to make soup. My friends have scolded me that I cannot be like that, so today it would be impossible for me not to go out. Let me tell you, I am currently 8 months pregnant, but I don't even have a shirt for my baby to wear when we discharge from the hospital. My mom has to help me buy everything."

Angela sure does have a giant belly, when asked if she already thought of a name for her baby? She said: "I'm responsible for the English name, I want her name to follow mines, a name that begins with an 'A'. Ka Lok is responsible for the Chinese name." Angela's belly is so big, it's a little exaggerating, "Haha! I measured my belly, its 42 inches and weighs over 40 pounds! I'm considered pretty lucky, my baby is doing very well. Since I became pregnant, everything started going smoothly. I did not have any difficulty whatsoever, I didn't have morning sickness at all. Many other pregnant women would feel especially disgusted by certain foods, but I don't have that wanting-to-vomit feeling. I just want to eat, and this allows me to really enjoy food. Also, I think I look quite pretty like this."

When asked if she's planning to give birth naturally or via C-section? Has she discussed with Chin Ka Lok yet? Angela laughed: "No need to discuss, we both plan to have more. We aren't young, but we don't just want to have one child. I hope we have two or three children. Ka Lok and I both have brother and sisters, it's better for children to have companions. We talk about anything, so won't be alone on this. Actually, I don't mind whether the baby is a boy or girl. I still haven't decided on whether I should give birth naturally or via C-section. I saw my younger cousin, who had a natural birth, she was able to get out of bed quickly. I have nose allergies and often sneeze, also I'm worried the wound would be difficult to deal with after surgery."

Angela is expected to due mid-March, Ka Lok expressed before after he finishes up his current jobs, he'll take time off to spend with his wife. "Ka Lok should take off to accompany me, but I don't know if he's coming into the delivery room with me yet because he's scared of blood. If he has to work, that's fine too because when the time comes, I have 6 or 7 women in my family to accompany me, my domestic worker, mother, mother-in-law and friends, Ka Lok might pass out from being so frightened!"

Shooting Dangerous Scenes During Pregnancy

In Angela's latest TVB series Inbound Troubles, she had a bed scene with both Bob Lam and Roger Kwok, which has attracted a lot of discussions. Angela said: "I don't really have the guts to watch the series at home. Ka Lok has been getting off work early lately, so he's at home in the evenings. Earlier he saw a scene where Roger was trying to please me, and gave me a kiss on the lip, he looked at me and said: 'hey!' Ka Lok had such a huge reaction on an elementary intimate scene, I was already in fear thinking, what are the intimate scenes in the later episodes considered then? Next week, I have a scene where I try to seduce Roger and that is even more intense. The last bed scene I had with Bob, luckily he was out at a dinner gathering. I hope next week there's going to be a soccer match or something, so he won't pay attention to the series." Recall when Angela first started shooting this series, she was not over 3 months pregnant yet, therefore the cast and crew were unaware she was pregnant. No wonder she got so many bed scenes, flying, jumping and other big action scenes. Angela said: "At the time, nobody knew about my pregnancy, but I was careful. Just like one scene, I had to pretend to be sexy and eat raw oysters, I turned that scene down. My reason was I would vomit if I eat it, so the director let me off. However, I had another falling on the floor scene and asked the director if I could have a stunt double do it for me. At the time they didn't know I was pregnant, so they kept saying the cameras could accommodate me. In the end, I did the scene myself."

Now as a wife and mother, will Angela request to not have too many intimate scenes from now ont? "After I have my baby, I don't think I can get back into acting that quickly. After all, I want to concentrate on my baby. I can still do hosting jobs, but if I do shoot a series, I cannot just ask to not do this or that scene. I have to look at the script before I decide. I am still an artist after all, and the television scale won't go too over."

Earlier when Chin Ka Lok played All Star World Exam, he won the big prize of two air tickets to travel the world. It turns out this sneaky couple already had plans to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary late this year and perhaps hit "another target" and "have 2 babies and 3 years". Angela said: "Haha! We do indeed have plans to celebrate our 1st year wedding anniversary in November. By that time, the baby should be a little older. (You're willing to just leave your baby behind?) I will have to even if I'm not willing to. What I'm really not willing to do is let Ka Lok go with another woman. I asked him before, if I can't go, which other woman would he choose to go with? He said he'll go with Mimi Chu."

Toby Leung Takes Vacation to Babysit

The only reason why Angela has no worries is because her baby's "god mother" Toby Leung promised she'll babysit her newborn when the time comes. She said: "Toby agreed to help me babysit my baby girl. She has nephews and nieces, so she's a good babysitter. I am not worried at all." Good sister, Toby also admitted: "Angela's daughter is my god-daughter. Earlier they checked the schedule with me. All of Angela's big events in her life, such as marriage and babysitting, I handle it all for her. During this period, I will take time off and concentrate completely on taking care of her baby girl. They have to work hard and quickly have more babies, then I'll be really happy. I can take this opportunity to work hard myself (making baby)."

Friday, January 25, 2013

Stanley Fung praises Bosco Wong's potential

Veteran actor Stanley Fung Shui Fan recently worked on the Shaw Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG 2013 (2013 NGOR OI HK GUNG HEI FAT CHOI) and played a 70s restaurant boss. "The production was a lot of fun. Every scene has a dozen people and extras as the customers, it was pretty hard to handle! (How did the younger generation perform?) Honestly, I didn't know many of them. Since I am working with Bosco for the third year we are the most familiar. (How's his potential?) Great! I don't have to say that! For me to say he has potential I am already too late!"

Last year his intimate scene with Susan Shaw Yam Yam became the selling point. Did he want to shoot another one? He said, "This year isn't so explosive! I don't mind though, depending on the story!" He praised that this script focused on the social changes and humanity. He hoped that it will be a big hit. Earlier Tony Leung Ka Fai said that he was not fully paid when he worked with Shaw. "I don't think so, how can such a big company be so absurd. It definitely is a misunderstanding."

Girls’ Generation admit that YoonA earns the highest income among the members

On the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Girls’ Generation confirmed that YoonA is indeed the member who earns the highest income among all nine members.

When asked, “YoonA was ranked #1 in earnings among the team. Is it true that YoonA is #1?”, all of the members nodded and confirmed the fact.

MC Yoo Se Yoon then asked, “How do you know these things?”, and Hyoyeon responded, “Isn’t it very obvious?” Sensing Hyoyeon’s uneasiness when responding, MC Kim Kook Jin fired back, “Hyoyeon sshi, did you just come back from a fight somewhere?”, and MC Kyuhyun added, “Hyoyeon seems to get a little emotional when talking about income”, bursting everyone into laughter.

The MCs also pointed out, “If there’s a #1 in ranking, there’s also a #9 in ranking”, to which the other eight members looked down and stated, “We’re all pretty much the same.”

BoA to release MV for “Disturbance” starring SHINee’s Taemin

After the release of the album cover of the upcoming single “Disturbance“, it has been revealed that BoA‘s brother Kwon Soon Wook has once again featured as the director of the MV, showing support for his sister.

BoA will perform and unveil the music video for the new single for the first time during her solo concert, ‘BoA Special Live 2013 ~Here I Am~‘, on the 26th and 27th.

To make the music video even more special, SHINee‘s Taemin, who was seen posing as a couple with BoA on the album cover, will also be starring in the music video along with BoA! The two have already shown their chemistry during their performances of the soloist’s latest single “Only One“, and have fans hyped up to see them coupling up again.

BoA’s first solo concert will be held at the Seoul Olympic Hall on the 26th and 27th. For those who can’t attend the concert, “Disturbance” will be released on music sites on the 28th.

Ailee to attend Grammy party and ceremony

Rising star of K-pop, Ailee has been asked to attend the 55th Grammys to take place on Feb.10.

YMC Entertainment announced yesterday that the 23-year-old Korean-American singer has been invited as a VIP guest and will walk down the red carpet in Los Angeles with record producer and sound engineer Tony Maserati. Ailee’s date for the night is nominated for the Best Engineered Album in the Non-Classical segment and has previously worked with the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas.

YMC also let it slip that Ailee will be performing for Grammy attendees and hall-of-famers at the Pre-Grammy Party to take place on Feb.7. “The party will be hosted by Mnet America and Ailee will sing 2 or 3 songs in front of the biggest stars,” said the singer’s agency. Meanwhile Mnet American confirmed the details and added that Ailee would also be given the “Rising Star” award by them.

Meanwhile the young entertainer herself said that she was so excited about the upcoming events. “I’m counting down until the day,” said Ailee who said that next time she hopes to be nominated for an award by the famed music awards ceremony.

Aimee Chan Refuses Private Valentine's Day Party with Moses Chan

Yesterday Aimee Chan, Ruco Chan, Tony Hung, Lin Xiawei and Samantha Ko attended the blessing ceremony of TVB new series Unrequited Love for Two Cities. Aimee reveals they won't be shooting in Malaysia until April, so she'll get to spend Valentine's Day in HK and by then, she'll be spending the holiday with her colleagues and good partners in the filming studio. When asked if she'll celebrate early with boyfriend Moses Chan? Aimee said: "Actually I said this before, any day could be Valentine's Day. There is no need to designate one day for it, but I respect that day. Recently, I've been busy studying the script in hope to get the outcome the producer expects to see." In the series, Samantha Ko plays a bold and open girl, she expressed she'll have a bikini scene. Aimee is very excited to shoot in Malaysia, she expressed her role has a straightforward personality, "I don't mind shooting scenes wearing a bikini, but it must be necessary for the plot. My character has a straightforward personality and will often be arguing with Ruco Chan."

Aimee feels gift exchange isn't necessary, it is already a very good gift if she has time to spend with her other half. When asked if she'll visit the 'studio next door' and have a secret party? Aimee smiled sweetly: "That romantic? I cannot do that. We don't usually go to the 'studio next door'. Once I get into character, my colleagues know not to mention Moses Chan otherwise I'll jump right out of my character. I put my personal character down and once I start working, I don't even answer phone calls. I cannot be distracted."

TVB executive Sandy Yu's favorite Tony Hung expressed he didn't get support from her for shooting this series nor did she visit the set. He said: "After all, she belongs to the variety shows department, she cannot cross the line."

Anthony Wong: Stop harassing me

Following recent reports on Anthony Wong's rejection to make peace with Show Luo through peacemaker and veteran singer Alan Tam, netizens who were believed to be mostly Show's fans, blasted Anthony on his microblog again, leaving crude remarks on his personality.
The Hong Kong veteran actor became irritated by these disputes, and expressed his dissatisfaction, "What's happening? Everyone says I'm using [Show] to create publicity. Am I the one holding a concert now? Please stop harping on this issue. I'm very old now. Stop harassing me, I'm being mentally molested!"
The 51-year-old also allegedly referred to Show's fans as "mental patients" after he posted in his microblog update, "There are so many mental patients appearing recently. I refuse to respond to any of their questions."
Meanwhile, reports suggested Anthony stressed that he did not know Alan well and "both of them were not considered friends". He declined to explain further on his "busybody" criticism on the veteran singer.
"Stop! This matter will not come to an end if I talk about this again," he added.
The actor had exchanged harsh remarks with Show's fans almost eight months ago, commenting that he did not know the 33-year-old, indirectly referring him as a "nobody". He was reportedly unhappy with Show after the latter allegedly made a dig at him publicly during his concert in Hong Kong last weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eliza Sam SDU Training for "Sniper Attack", Eating More During New Years

Yesterday at an event, Eliza Sam revealed she'll be staying in HK during the Lunar New Year holidays and will be visiting friends to send new year greetings. She said: "Last year, it was my first time spending new years in HK, there were so many New Year's foods I haven't seen before, I wanted to try them all. I'm currently shooting new series Sniper Attack 2013 and have to do a lot of training because I play a member in the SDU. That's why this year I can eat a little more, but I don't dare to go overboard." When speaking of giving out red envelopes during CNY? She said: "I'm not qualified yet!" Currently airing series Inbound Troubles has already got over 200 complaints in two weeks, Eliza guest starred in the series as the young Mimi Chu, she strongly supported that the series is not trying to mock HK people or Mainlanders. Its goal is to bring laughter to the audience, she said: "I know there are a lot of complaints, but I also heard a lot of people are watching happily. I hope everyone won't take it so seriously because TV series are to entertain people."

Also, Raymond Lam and Linda Chung were unable to participate in TVB new series Food for Slave, and the female lead is still open, Eliza was asked if she had interest in participating in this series? Once she heard the series is a costume drama, she was frightened, "Wah! There are a lot of four-character idioms! For now, I will just focus on modern series. I do hope I'll have the opportunity to do costume dramas in the future. If TVB wants me to be in one, then I'll be very nervous. I believe God won't force me to do something I'm not ready to do."

Power Chan Has No Hope to Renew TVB Contract, Mimi Lo Considers Leaving

Last night, Power Chan and his wife Mimi Lo were guests on TVB new game show 滿Fun情趣鬥登對. Since Mimi's maternity leave, she has been actively paying TVB back the "show debts", but her contract is expiring in August. She revealed she might consider leaving the company, she said: "There are too many people here, so I may not get my turn. Perhaps I'll just take on a few jobs, do some musicals and sing some songs. Ricky Wong's side has a lot of people too, who knows, I might just go over to ATV."

Mimi's husband, Power Chan gained popularity after his "Pang Sam Shun" role in The Confidant. IT turns out his contract is expiring end of this year, but no one has contacted him for a renewal yet. Power expressed if all goes smoothly, he will renew his TVB contract, but he doesn't want to place too much hope on it. He said: "I'm not discouraged, just thinking realistically. I'm not a newcomer who just debuted, perhaps I'll have to wait another 20 years and see if I can become like Wayne Lai or maybe see if I'll get another breakthrough role as big as Pang Sam Shun." Mimi teased her husband that he's already considered a veteran actor. Power claimed: "Veteran very soon!" Since Power became a father, he has turned into a talkative person and has wide smiles on his face. Mimi said she's not jealous of her daughter.

Vincent Wong: A "Snake baby"? Depends on wife Yoyo Chen

Vincent Wong, his wife Yoyo Chen and a child actor were shooting a commercial for HK fashion label Giordano's launch of a special edition line of apparel for Lunar New Year. When Vincent saw his wife dressed in a cute cloak, he said: "Her youthful look reminds me of the time when I was still pursuing her. She's messing with my emotions." Vincent and Yoyo have a daughter, are they planning to try for a "Snake boy" this year? Vincent laughed: "You will have to ask Yoyo!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Show Luo: Vivian Chow was my dream girl

Taiwanese artiste Show Luo wrapped up four gigs at the Hong Kong Coliseum with much aplomb over the weekend. His series of concerts featured a glitzy line-up of Hong Kong stars such as Jimmy Lin, Alex To, and ‘90s screen sweetheart Vivian Chow.

Well known for her ladylike image, Vivian was the guest performer for the his third show where he confessed that the singer-actress was his dream girl during his teenage days.

“When Vivian released her first album in Taiwan in 1992, I fantasised that she was my girlfriend and pasted her photos all over my room,” the 33-year-old admitted.

According to media reports, Show was too shy to maintain eye contact with Vivian throughout their rehearsal sessions. He turned green with envy when his assistant and the make-up artists took turns to take photos with the star, and exclaimed, “Great! All of you are ignoring my existence!”

Besides presenting his “dream girl” with a stalk of rose during the concert, Show teasingly attempted to give Vivian a peck on her hands, but ended up kissing his own hand instead.

He was taken aback when Vivian offered a hug after performing the duet ‘Love Expert’. The startled star, who hurriedly wiped off his sweat as he went forth to claim his hug, morphed into fanboy and collapsed on the floor afterwards.

The “Asian Dance King” brought laughter to the arena when he held Vivian’s hands and gave a shout-out to his mother. He hollered, “This is the first time I’m bringing you [Vivian] to meet my mum.”

Wonder Girls’ Sun’s wedding photos revealed

Wonder Girls‘ Sun‘s wedding photos have been revealed!

As mentioned previously, the idol took part in a wedding photoshoot ahead of her upcoming ceremony with famous photographer Oh Joong Suk.

For all the fans who have been eager to see more from the bride-to-be, JYP Entertainment shared some of the photos from the shoot on their Facebook page featuring the two lovely, happy couple.

Sun will be tying the knot with James Park at the Seoul Lotte Hotel on the 26th.

Check out more wedding photos below!

YG bans cosmetic surgery for newbies

In an unusual move in the glitzy K-pop industry, YG Entertainment said that it has banned members of its up-and-coming girl group from going under the knife.

In a contract signed with the members and the agency, a clause stipulates that the girls abstain from cosmetic surgery.

Last week, YG released a picture of Kim Ji-soo, a member of the group yet to make its debut.

“As she is a still a kid, we thought it was best to portray her as she is, without being made up,” said the agency in regard to the picture of fresh-faced Kim revealed as a teaser.

YG Entertainment’s head honcho Yang Hyun-suk said that he would reveal members slowly from mid-January. The agency has since uploaded pictures of various girls, a few of them already known for having appeared on singing-audition shows.

However, Yang said that not all the girls whose pictures are on the agency’s Web site will make it into the group.

Raymond Lam Exhausted from Concert Dance Rehearsals

Last night, Raymond Lam was rehearsing for his HK Coliseum concert A TIME 4 YOU held this Saturday (1/27th). This is his 4th HK Coliseum concert, but after he finishes this concert, he will temporarily say goodbye to the stage and take 1-2 year break from the music scene. In order to leave the most perfect "Fung" moments to his fans, Raymond has been rehearsing his singing and dancing from morning to night. That day, Mainland actress Eva Huang made a special trip to visit and support Raymond at the recording studio. The two had previously collaborated in a film before and once they met, they were chatting nonstop. They're such good buddies!

Raymond revealed this time, he'll be showing off his dancing skills on the stage. Just the dance rehearsal took away all his physical energy, he said: "This time, there will be a lot of dances. After the dance rehearsals, in the evenings, I go to the band rehearsals. I just felt like I didn't have much physical energy left and just had to eat beef flank rice. I was eating and rehearsing at the same time." He joked he's afraid he might faint when he gets on stage: "After so many years, this is the one time where I had to use the most physical strength. (Are you worried you might get fat from eating so much?) If I don't eat, then I'll really collapse on the stage."

As for his guest performers, Raymond revealed he invited Taiwanese boy band LOLLIPOP F as guests for his first show. He said: "Because earlier at the music awards, I had a good time chatting with them. Also, they are a dance group, I'm quite familiar with one of the members A-Wei (Wayne). Before when I was working in Hengdian, he was in Hengdian too and I told him to come play with us." When asked if its because Lollipop F helped him take the "Asian-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer" award, so he's returning a favor and invited them to his concert? Raymond immediately denied: "A-Wei and I have always been in touch. Six months ago, I already suggested to my company to invite them. I have a lot of dancing parts in the concert, and they're a dance group, so there should be quite of bit of sparks." Asked if he invited rumored girlfriend Karena Ng to watch the show? Raymond frankly expressed he did: "I've invited everyone who I know within the industry."

Oscar Leung's New Film Shows Buttocks and Plays "Foursome"

New film Heavy Flavor (重口味) held a blessing ceremony. The film is divided into three different stories on prostitution, gambling and drugs. The lead actors Oscar Leung and William Chan equally have daring scenes. Oscar has to reveal his buttock, while William will have to strip dance. The other cast includes, Christine Kuo, Dada Chan, Kelvin Kwan and Michelle Wai. Oscar and Christine Kuo are a pair in this film and will have kiss scenes. First time as the lead actress in a film, Christine gives her first time to Oscar. He said: "Christine gave me her first time in both television and film. Many people ask me if there are kiss scenes, I believe the director won't let us go. We'll probably have a superficial kiss."

Oscar warns in advance that there are more intense intimate scenes in this film than his other film Young and Dangerous Reloaded's threesome scene, but his partner won't be Christine. He said: "I have a few scenes that are pretty intense, there is one where I'm one man with three women. I will be revealing my nipples and butt crack, that I can accept. The director got me several different types of underwear to choose from. I eventually chose a rather tight and protruding pair of undies, but I don't need any padding, I have confidence in my body figure." Christine laughed and said: "I will definitely visit him on the set and see him do the revealing."

William plays a foolish young man, he said: "The story is about me trafficking drugs and taking drugs by mistake. It's an extreme comedy flick, I will have to strip dance too. If I had to take my pants off, I would wear another underwear underneath." William is currently shooting another film, where he plays a fire fighter, so he has to train to look bigger. Next month, he'll have to lose the weight again for his role in Heavy Flavor. "The director asked me to get thinner because I cannot fit into any of my costumes. Before shooting begins, I will have to lose 20 pounds. Time is tight, so I'll have to lose the weight as soon as possible."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Charmaine Sheh Praises Eliza Sam's High Acting Flexibility

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh and Eliza Sam (Heung Heung) attended cosmetic brand Lancome's ribbon-cutting ceremony in Macau. During the time, a butterfly suddenly flew over to Charmaine, but then landed on Heung Heung's chest instead. Charmaine patted her chest to calm herself down, while Heung Heung had a shocked expression when the butterfly landed on her.

When speaking of Heung Heung's portrayal of the young version Mimi Chu in new series Inbound Troubles, she smiled and said Mimi played her mother in another series, so they have quite a bit of fate. She laughed and said: "Mimi and I really do look alike!" One time Mimi asked her: "Are you the pirated version of me?"

Charmaine praised Heung Heung's high acting flexibility and has hope to become one of the top FaDans. It was rumored TVB invited Dayo Wong back to shoot a series and used Charmaine's partnership with him to entice him to sign a contract? Charmaine expressed she still has a contract with TVB and hopes to collaborate with Dayo again. Earlier Bowie Lam criticized TVB is running out of people, even singer Ivana Wong has to film a series. Charmaine said: "Those are two separate and unrelated matters. Ivana did a great job, she's so cute and a singer filming a series can increase the sparks. Back then, I collaborated with Ekin Cheng too. (It was rumored EEG Motion Pictures invited you to join them?) They have contacted me, but whether I shoot a series or movie, it depends on the script. Nowadays, I'm more about the quality rather than quantity."

Kenneth Ma Saving Up to "Marry" Rebecca Zhu

Yesterday rumored couple Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu attended an event at Landmark North in Sheung Shui as a 'couple team'. When Kenneth and Rebecca got on stage, they frequently looked at each other and collectively created a new line of cloisonne ornaments. The MC said the products have a "romance crystal" meaning to it, then asked Kenneth and Rebecca who they will give their creations to? They both said they will give it to their mother in order to avoid awkwardness.

This is Kenneth's first time attending an event with Rebecca as a 'couple team', he was clearly pleased and said the most important is to make money. "I'm very happy, after being rumored for so long, I finally get to attend an event with Rebecca. (Get paid more?) I don't know, the price is higher for rumored pairs, but the arrangements were all made by my company. (Upgrade to become a real couple and make even more money?) Rumor or real, it's all the same!"

Kenneth frankly expressed he does not mind attending events a rumored couple with Rebecca and expressed to him, the most important is to know how to save money, "I am very practical now, just hope to concentrate on saving money. (Save enough money to marry Rebecca?) I have to save money no matter who I marry."

Rebecca agreed with Kenneth on saving money is the most important. She said she hopes to save enough to buy a home. Also, when asked if Kenneth and Rebecca will meet each other's parents during the Lunar New Year holiday? Rebecca said she has to work during new years. She reveals she remembers Kenneth giving her a red envelope last year, but Kenneth completely forgot about it.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Samantha Ko - Treacherous Success

34E Samantha Ko (Ko Ling) successfully gains recognition in the entertainment circle. Since Samantha participated in Miss HK in 2008, she had been the goddess to the "HK Golden brothers" (from the popular HK Golden forum). When attending public events, Samantha is often requested to dress sexily and show off her nice body figure.

In her latest TVB series Friendly Fire, it was the opportunity for her to change her image. She even had a rape scene in the series, which caught a lot of attention. Ko Ling said without concealing: "I've long had the desire to portray this type of role and series. Of course I'm not talking about the rape scene, but I really wanted a role that I could really develop on. Usually being somebody's girlfriend, there's only on way to present that." If Ko Ling gets a role where she can display her acting skills, then she doesn't care whether there is a rape scene or not.

Goes to Thank Producer in Tears

Ko Ling's greatest weapon is her sexy body figure, but she actually hopes to wash this image away and let everyone get to know her all over again. Ko Ling's blood and sweat acting was her first step in accepting challenges. She is very grateful of Producer Man Wai Sing for casting her in this series. Ko Ling said: "People always say no matter what role it is -- a mistress, lover, girlfriend or crazy HK girl -- Ko Ling gives off a sexy feeling. But when the producer and scriptwriter watched me on the food programs, they can see the real Ko Ling actually isn't like that. At the time, I went to the producer in tears, finally someone can see that I'm not the way people think I am. It was that type of happiness when someone finally discovers the real you. I thanked them in tears." Ko Ling was finally able to put her chest away when she went for the costume tryouts.

Kiki is similar to the real Samantha

Ko Ling had resonance with her role (Kiki). Kiki's personality and family background is very similar to hers in reality. She said: "Kiki is somewhat similar to me. She grew up in poverty and lived in a rooftop hut before. When I was young, I really did live in a rooftop hut before. I struggled before too, so that's why I worked really hard in school and relied on myself to change my life. When I was portraying Kiki, it was easier for me to grasp her mentality." Ko Ling reveals her father saw her performance and ended up with teary eyes as well. She said: "Kiki's mother has a street stall, which is very similar to my mother in real life. My whole family watched this series and felt sympathy."

The controversial series Friendly Fire finally pulled down its curtains, but Ko Ling actually feels pressured, she said: "I'm currently working on two new series Will Power and Unrequited Love for Two Cities. When this series got such strong feedback, I'll be happy if the audience thinks I improved, but I don't want them to think I'm not improving. This becomes pressuring for me. My greatest hope is to get one series after another. I really anticipate a "Most Improved Actress" award nomination at this year's TVB awards based on my role in this series."

GEM & Jenny Tseng Clearly Still on Bad Terms, Jenny: "She Apologized?"

 The two singers of different generations Jenny Tseng (Yan Nei) and G.E.M. were still unable to break the ice at last night's RTHK Music Awards. The two said they didn't encounter each other at the awards, but it was said when Jenny was on the side of the stage waiting to walk out, GEM was standing nearby 10 steps away, but the two still acted like the other is invisible. No wonder Jenny continued to bash GEM on stage, "A singer should be self-cultivated. Don't act arrogant."

When Jenny accepted an interview, she was asked if saw GEM? Jenny said: "Nope. (GEM invited you to attend her concert, will you go?) If the time is right, why not!" Earlier, GEM apologized to Jenny via Weibo, but Jenny criticized: "Oh…..she apologized? (GEM explained on Weibo she saw you chatting with friends that day, so she didn't want to disturb you.) We were in the same line for a long time, I wasn't being interviewed, but that is the past and not a big deal. I don't understand why this issue has been so exaggerated, very surprising."

Jenny frankly expressed she just wanted everyone to learn and have self-cultivation on how to get along with others. Self-cultivation and good singing voice are the key to being a successful artist. She's just trying to 'put money in everyone's pockets' (give advice): "I didn't tell a single lie. I can't even say her three character Chinese name, there is no need to be directing towards anybody. I also have a concert soon, and I don't want people to think I'm trying to get publicity. I just hope you all go easy and help me, help others."

GEM expressed she was already mentally prepared and imagined if she were to see Jenny, would she say hi, shake her hand or give her a hug. However, she and Jenny never met backstage. Jenny disclosed that day, GEM actually had more than enough time to go greet her, but she didn't? GEM helplessly said: "In my memory, there wasn't this opportunity. (This time, you missed the opportunity to break the ice with this senior?) Leave it to nature, I feel very pressured!"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Disgraced Rain looks for reprieve

Rain attended a patriotic show of military force on Saturday (pictured above), in what many consider a bid to shore up his image tarnished by secret rendezvous with his girlfriend Kim Tae-hee while on military duty.

More than 1,000 reporters and fans showed up to see Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, accompany fellow soldiers on a five-kilometer (3.1-mile) hike from Gyeongbok High School to Samcheong Park in Jongno District, central Seoul.

The event, arranged by the Army’s Capital Defense Command, marks the 45th anniversary of a failed assassination attempt by North Korea on former President Park Chung Hee.

On Jan. 21, 1968, 31 armed North Korean commandos infiltrated the South and approached the hiking course, only hundreds of meters away from the Blue House, before being gunned down or captured by South Korean guards.

It was the first public appearance for Rain since he served a week of probation through Wednesday after public outcry over his secret dates.

Kevin Cheng will produce his own dramas

Lee Lik Chi may have doubt his star power in China, but "Ip Man" actor, Kevin Cheng is determined to prove that he is not a one trick pony.

Popular Asians website reported that with the opening of his own production studio in China, the 43-year-old actor has revealed his true ambition to be a producer.

The actor expressed, "I invested real money in it. I have confidence in my production studio. Based on the current situation, the risk is almost zero. I hope to have a win-win situation, winning on word-of-mouth and on ratings".

Earlier in the week, Hong Kong director Lee Lik Chi slammed the actor for not being good enough to command a high remuneration in China. However, Kevin did not refute Lee's statement, only saying that he had declined Lee's drama after reading his script.

Kevin said, "Now that I am studying scripts myself, I realised that script writing is very complicated. I have changed the script over and over again. The script has evolved into many versions and I am currently selecting it".

The actor is also planning on launching his music album and revealed that he is in the midst of recording songs. The album in expected to launch before the end of this year.

Sharon Chan Exposes Sammy Leung Made a Million off "Friendly Fire"

Last night Sammy Leung, Sharon Chan, Alice Chan, Derek Kwok, Louis Yuen and the rest of Friendly Fire's cast and crew watched the finale and had dinner together. The cast hopes for a sequel. The refreshing new pairing Sammy and Sharon has been well accepted by the audience and attracted several advertisers. Sharon disclosed Sammy earned a lot more milk money due to this series. Sammy admitted: "This series has brought me a lot more jobs and endorsements. I'm still discussing with one advertiser right now and got over HK$1 million income." He joked and said he's currently stealing TVB Siu Sang's 'rice bowls' (jobs), "Sharon got a slimming ad too, we're all getting a lot more income." Sammy suddenly called Sharon "mother", he said she takes care of him like a mother and teaches him how to pose for pictures.

Just Have to Beat ATV

After the finale aired, Netizens said there are lot of unrealistic scenes in the series. Sammy expressed his support and said the story line is reasonable, he said: "Perhaps Benz Hui took the bus or taxi home?" He also does not mind, Inbound Trouble getting all the attention. He said: "We took away The Confidant's finale limelight! That's how it is when a series replaces another series. Don't we just have to beat ATV?"

The other pair from the series, Alice Chan and Derek Kwok, had a chain of intimate scenes. Alice was asked whether her husband was upset seeing those scenes? Alice laughed and said her husband hasn't watched the series, "I'm not afraid that he'll get jealous, he already knew about how intimate we get before shooting. He is a professional viewer. (You and Derek had even more intense kiss scenes on the yacht?) A lot of it were cut, perhaps the producer saved the cut scenes in his own private collection. It would be best to release Friendly Fire Director's Cut, share the good stuff with others." Netizens praised Alice's hot looking body figure in the bikini scenes, and that she hasn't aged much. Alice laughed: "It was so difficult for me, I didn't eat for several days! It is because I didn't have any confidence, so I have to keep fit!" Derek expressed he had high expectations on their very intimate scenes and joked: "I don't think there will be anyone asking us to participate in a CAT3 film!"

Mary Hon Named "The Most Heartless Mother"

Recently, veteran actress Mary Hon's popularity has been on the rise. She is practically seen in every TVB series. The audience really have to have good eyes to be able to distinguish which series is which.

A Netizen posted screen captures of all the series in which Mary Hon has been a mother abandoning her children. She was named the "Most Heartless Mother" -- Sam Tong (Francis Ng) in Triumph in the Skies, Ken Ma (Joe Ma) in Vigilante Force, Tong Tong (Kate Tsui) in Speech of Silence, Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung) in The Hippocratic Crush, and the latest being See Hing (Jason Chan) in Missing You and Kam Bo Tei (Sammy Leung) in Friendly Fire.

[Excerpt from an article by Yang Cheng Evening News] In a Mainland interview, the reporter mentioned Mary has been acting for many years and portrayed so many different characters, sometimes the roles get repetitive. Mary was asked whether she had a time where she felt exhausted? She said: "I've been with TVB for so many years, and have tried every type of role, such as a drug user, a vegetable lady, a rich wife and other villain roles… of course there will be a bottleneck period. I would think, why am I portraying the same role over and over again? Is it because I can only portray one type of role? But even if the roles are the same, there are still differences. For example, a mother reuniting with her son. One mother is a judge, and the other mother is an Alzheimer's patient. The performance is definitely different. It is the artist's responsibility to let the audience see the differences in each role." The next question was whether Mary ever thought of leaving TVB? She said: "I'm getting older, so I place heavy emphasis on friendship/relationship. I've been with TVB for so many years and they have treated me well. Damian Lau greatly influenced me on this aspect, he said I grew up in TVB and when TVB is a crisis, I should stay in the battlefield and help them fight. This is very reasonable."

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