Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kelly Fu Wants Ron Ng to Publicize Relationship Before She Admits

Model Kelly Fu had many scenes with Ron Ng in TVB series Triumph in the Skies II. It was rumored Ron frequently drives out to buy dessert soup carryout for Kelly, whose filming late in the night. The rumors are getting hotter and hotter!

Yesterday Kelly attended a hairdressing event, reporters asked if there were any men who had praised her beautiful hair? She expressed: "Clients did." What about rumored boyfriend Ron? She smiled: "He likes my look too." Asked if Ron brings her dessert soup carryout? She laughed: "I love dessert soup! (You guys are just so sweet!) He...he...treated the dessert soup to the whole crew, very generous and sweet. (Is he a 'seun poon'?) Definitely. Usually, he seems like he's really cool, but actually he's quite humorous and considerate. (He's just humorous with you?) We had many scenes together."

When reporters asked of their current relationship, are they dating? Kelly answered: "We are just really really really good friends. (Change to develop further?) Nobody knows the future. (What's missing?) When he announces to you all that he's pursuing me, then I'll admit it. (He says it first?) Guys should be gentlemen, girls should be reserved." Kelly revealed she and Ron have a good relationship and that dating is all about the feelings. Reporters teased, did Ron ask her out on a "sing K" (karaoke) date? Kelly smiled sweetly: "I like to sing, karaoke type. (How does it feel to be a "K girl"?) K for Kelly! ("Double K" a great match?) I don't know." (TN: Ron is nicknamed "Ng Cheung K" (吳唱K), hence "sing K")

Regarding Ron's negative news? Kelly frankly expressed: "People that know him don't think he's that type of person. He's a pretty good guy. He's different from what I read in the papers. He gets more points in real life. (How many more points?) A high score. (Why not a perfect score?) If he really does pursue me, likes me and announces it, then I'll think about it. (Avoiding?) No, TITS2 promotions are starting soon. I will accommodate the crew in their arrangements. (Do you want to be just as sweet as Raymond Lam and Karena Ng?) Any girl dating would want it to be sweet. I hope to be just like them."


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