Friday, May 24, 2013

Wayne Lai Warns Mainland Company Who Impersonated Him, Legal Action Will Be Taken

Some company in Mainland claimed they have an artist management contract with Lynn Hung, Irene Wan and Simon Yam. On their official website, they posted photos of Faye Wong, Fan Bingbing, Donnie Yen, Wayne Lai and 10 other artists from China, HK and Taiwan. The website listed how much the artists' "sponsor fees" and "appearance money" are. It seems like they are trying to show the company is capable of making job arrangements for those artists.

Yesterday Wayne expressed in a statement on Weibo, he denied ever accepting any jobs through this company and expressed there is a change he may take legal action against the company. "To the representative of the related party, please have some self-respect and delete the false advertisements, otherwise there will certainly be legal action taken against you."

Reporters investigated deeper into the issue and found the "sponsor fees" and "appearance money" the company listed were all sky-high prices. Just take Faye Wong for example, it is impossible her appearance money can reach up to HK$31 million. It is clear this company is borrow the names of these artists for personal gain.


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