Thursday, May 2, 2013

'Bullet Brain' Fails, Producer Lee Tim Shing: I Can Afford Failure

TVB series Bullet Brain has been and continues to be a low rated series. Day after day, there are discussions on the plot -- from Columbo (Wayne Lai) going crazy to Sire Ma calling "Bo Bo" 35 times, even Bao Ping On (Pierre Ngo) has gone crazy too. There was also the science fiction fight scene between Columbo and Ping On. In last night's episode, "Bo Bo" suddenly had the power to read a person's mind and saw right into Mui Mui's mind (Natalie Tong) as she cuts up her affair partner (Geoffrey Wong) with a chain saw and then cooked him in soup. Despite the heated discussions, the TV rating for that episode (Weds. night) dropped to 21 points. Natalie Tong's psychotic murdering scene got 10 complaints too -- shouldn't be airing such scenes during family hours; causes a negative influence on children; the scenes were too bloody and violent; and the handle of the corpse was too terrifying and disturbing.

Producer Lee Tim Shing investigated into the issue as to why this series failed. He said: "The fault is I didn't know the audience didn't like to sit and watch TV. I asked for opinions, some people told me they didn't understand what was going on. I was curious as to why they didn't understand, the character developments should have worked out. I asked again in more detail. It turns out the audience were skipping episodes. If you skipped two episodes, then of course you wouldn't understand what's going on!"

Tim Gor continued: "Working at the same job for so many years, I'll go crazy. I wanted to do something new!" He found a reason from his failure, the audience just don't like this kind of structure for a series. They just aren't used to sitting still to watch TV. During the filming of this series, he and the editor done all of their 'kung fu' to produce this series and didn't slack on it at all. "The cast, editor and I have put our heart into the work, it does not matter whether we lose or not. I can afford failure." However, the audience still favor ethical stories. No Reserves (RB3) is also Tim Gor's collaboration with the Bullet Brain editor Yip Gwong Yam. He expressed this time, the big concept isn't as complicated. When asked if he dares to do another one of these again? He laughed: "Temporarily put it aside first, but I just cannot concede!"

In the series, Sire Ma constantly calls Wayne Lai "Bo Bo", which has been annoying the audience. Yesterday afternoon, Wayne attended an event and when taking pictures, a reporters called him "Bo Bo". Wayne was immediately taken aback, he jumped and laughed: "Don't call me that! Even the dead will come back alive!" Regarding the failure of this series, Wayne said: "Failure isn't a bad thing, one can learn from the negative and bad experience. I'm matured today because of my past failures. I'm very positive, I won't feel unhappy because of this nor will I try to escape from the issue. I don't think this series is bad, and I've done many bad films in the past."


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