Thursday, May 31, 2012

Video of Show Luo flaring up circulated online

How would you respond if vulgarities were hurled at you when you step off a plane?

Singer Show Luo flared up and charged angrily at three to four men who pointed their middle fingers at him and called him names, after he arrived at the airport in Shanghai. The singer shouted, 'Come over here, what are you pointing at?'. The confrontation was caught on camera and a part of the footage was circulated on the Internet.

The men involved are believed to be Jay Chou's fans. After Show kissed his mother at his concert, netizens, speculated to be Jay's fans, dubbed his action incestuous and called him names, leading to the two singers' fans to have a heated clash online.

Show's manager expressed that the uploaded clip painted a bad picture of Show as it did not show the entire incident. He added that Show decided to let the matter rest after the guys apologised to him.

As the 32-year-old arrived in Shanghai on the same flight as Jay, it was once again suspected that Jay's fans were behind the incident.

Responding to this speculation, the singer expressed that he 'believes that it's not done by Jay's fans as Jay's fans have integrity.'

Show also expressed that should there be any criticism, 'please only direct them to me. Please do not insult my mother, that's my bottom-line. Please put yourself in my shoes.' The singer then ended his response with an apology, hoping that the issue will die down soon.

The singer's manager had also expressed that Show and Jay had boarded the same car at Shanghai airport and that there was no grudge between the pair.

Jay's management commented that they believe that 'it is not done by Jay's fans as Jay's fans are very kind.' They also expressed their wish for fans of both singers to quit fighting.

Jang Geun Suk to release his first full length album in Japan

Actor Jang Geun Suk will release his first full-length album, ‘Just Crazy‘, in Japan on May 30. The album has already recorded 130,000 unit sales through pre-order, and has taken 1st place on Japan Tower Record’s online sales.

A track titled “200 miles” from the album has been chosen as the opening theme on a famous Japanese animation called ‘Fairy Tail‘ as well, once again showing the popularity of “Geun Jjang” in Japan. The album’s title song is “Crazy Crazy Crazy“.

His song “Let me cry“, which was released last April and climbed to number one on Oricon charts, the song “Bye Bye Bye“, which was used as a CM song for Seoul Makguli, and “Rain” will all be included in the new album.

‘Just Crazy’ will also include “In My Dream”, which he wrote while he toured Japan and held concerts last year, including one at the Tokyo Dome. His first album will include 11 songs in total, and for the first time ever, three versions will be released: a restricted version, a non-restricted version, and a fan club version.

Jang Geun Suk’s tour, the ‘2012 Jang Geun Suk Asia Tour – The Cri Show 2‘, starts in July. He will have a concert in Seoul, tour four cities in Japan (Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Hokaido), and then move onto Shanghai, Taiwan, Thailand as well as four other Southeast Asian countries.

‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Kim Na Yoon in discussion to possibly debut as an idol group member

Former SBSK-Pop Star‘ contestant Kim Na Yoon has been revealed to be considering a debut as an idol group member.

An entertainment insider confirmed the speculation, saying, “Apart from the Big 3 entertainment companies (SM, JYP, YG), Kim Na Yoon has been contacted by three separate entertainment companies, and has already finished meeting with one of them.

Companies are looking for idol groups members more than solo artists,” the source revealed. “Therefore, it is more likely that she will be debuting as part of a group rather than as a standalone singer.

Kim Na Yoon, who made it to the Top 10 of the audition program ‘K-Pop Star’, was unfortunately eliminated after singing a cover of Adele‘s ‘Set Fire to the Rain‘. Apart from Kim Na Yoon, various other contestants have confirmed their entry into the musical world.

Steven Ma injured his left eye while shooting a fighting scene

Steven Ma was shooting for a Hengdian TV series Mandarin Duck Pendant (鴛鴦佩) and got an eye injury. In one scene, Steven was fighting several martial artists and someone accidentally injured Steven's left eye while charging up to him. At the time, he felt some pain as tears came streaming down, and his contacts started shifting too. However, the staff weren’t aware that there was an accident. To avoid slowing down the shooting progress, Steven just used eye drops to take out his contacts and then got right back to shooting. In fact, Steven's eyes are considered quite calamitous. Just a few years ago, he was kicked by a horse and injured his right eye.

Steven said nobody wants accidents to happen. That night, he immediately put ice on his eye to prevent his eye from swelling and thus affecting the shoot on the following day. However, the next day when he got back to work, his eyes were still swollen anyway. The director saw the professionalism in Steven and understood his situation, so he allowed Steven to get a day off for bed rest. The makeup artist and lightning staff were also considerate, being very careful while putting makeup on him and reducing the lightning to maintain Steven’s good looks.

Moses Chan & Aimee Chan's relationship rumored lie of the century

It was rumored that Moses Chan and Aimee Chan's relationship is the biggest lie of the century and the relationship is just used to hide their actual sexual orientation. It was said the two each have separate partners of the same sex. Yesterday Moses was on Eileen Cha's radio interview and was asked about the rumor. Moses just laughed the rumor off, "You all think too much! Touch wood! My mom saw the rumor and thought it was funny too." Moses heard his rumored partner looks like “Sing Sing” (Aaron Kwok), he laughed loudly and said thank you. As for Aimee Chan, who was working at another recording studio, also thought the rumor was funny.

Moses said: "The rumor hasn't affected my girlfriend and I. Since we started dating, we thank the media for all their blessings, including helping us set our wedding date. I have my own plans and will work hard towards reaching them. I just hope we can have more time to get to know each other more and just wait for the right moment."

When speaking of new series Master of Play, Moses reveals he started having feelings for his girlfriend while they were filming the series, and then started pursuing her. However, it wasn't until they finished filming the series that they started dating. It hasn't even been a year since they dated. When asked if he would mind his girlfriend doing intimate scenes? He generously expressed it's fine, but it would be respectful to let him know beforehand. Finally, Moses did not forget to compliment how "hot" his girlfriend is and she has high flexibility in her acting.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Him Law & Benjamin Yuen didn't take any 'explicit photos' for Lau Ding Sing

Lau Ding Sing's A, B and D cases have already been completed, but according to an insider 30 men were involved in the police investigations, including Him Law, Benjamin Yuen, Bryon Pang, former OCTB senior inspector Ng Ka Chun and a number of the Mr. HK. It was understood, there was indeed some Mr. HK that took photos for Lau. Byron Pang took photos, but Him was conservative and only took a simple photo with Lau at a restaurant. Benjamin only took normal modeling photos. In order to convince the men to take these photos for him, Lau claimed he knew former TVB GM Stephen Chan and EEG boss Albert Yeung. He boasted that there is an executive who gives him male artists to work for him.

Him Law felt uneasy by Lau Ding Sing's seductive voice

A few years ago, Him Law was invited by the police for investigation and reveals to the officer that a friend, Sammy Shum, introduced Lau to him in 2007. Lau basically uses the same tactics on all his targets, he would say he can get jobs and clothing sponsors for them. Later, Him received a phone call from Lau, claiming that he was 'Andy'. Him heard Lau's seductive voice over the phone and thought it was strange. He thought Lau was a gay man and because of this, he felt uneasy about Lau.

Him disclosed the following information to the police: In 2008, Sammy was the middleman and said Andy wanted to meet him. At that one meeting in the coffee shop, Him instantly had a deep impression on Lau: "I thought he had an extreme love for cleanliness and always wanted to look pretty!"

Lau said he could get Him jobs, but he cannot tell his manager about it. Then Lau took advantage of the situation and said he can introduce him to wealthy women. At this time, Him already knew he meant he could supply sex services. Him smiled and declined: "That's not right for me."

A week later, Lau invited him out again. Him went to his house and Lau told him to put on a pair of sandals for him to see. "A gay man asked me to put on scandals for him to see. I thought it was very strange. He probably had another motive, so I quickly refused." Then Lau told him to put on other clothing, but Him refused, which got Lau upset: "You are so protective of yourself!"

Mr. A was touched inappropriately thinking its a job opportunity

An approximately 30 year old male, Mr. A, testified yesterday. On April 24, 2003, Mr. A was a student and a part-time model. He followed his manager's instructions to go for an interview with Lau, who claimed he had an advertisement job for him. Lau took Mr. A to City Garden Hotel in North Point and asked him if he is willing to shoot commercials for sex products. Lau promised his appearance would not be made public. Then Mr. A changed into 4 different T-backs.

At one point, Lau used the excuse of having to fix Mr. A's posture, and went up to touch his penis. Soon after, Lau asked Mr. A to put on a T-back that basically had no fabric. Mr. A couldn't stand it anymore and refused to cooperate. Lau stopped the photo shoot, but asked Mr. A if he's "willing to be a chicken".

Mr. A said at the time he really thought there was a job opportunity, and feared to offend the client, so he didn't know how to reject Lau's demands.

Kenneth Ma finally gets Myolie Wu asks for kiss scenes

Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu, Oscar Leung, Him Law and Kandy@Sugar Club attended the costume fitting for TVB new series Seasons of Love. In the series, Kenneth and Myolie play a couple. Kenneth joked he finally successfully 'pursued' Myolie after 6 or 7 years since To Grow with Love. Back then, Myolie wanted Andy Hui and didn't want him, but he's very happy that he got her this time. Myolie said: "I'll give him a chance to touch my hand!"

Kenneth said overjoyed that he will asked the producer to add kiss scenes and that he's best at adding these scenes. He'll also challenges Myolie's boyfriend Bosco Wong over the air: "My tongue is very long, don't have any shortcomings. It's just my hair is short!" When asked why he isn't paired with Nancy Wu? He said that is a question for the producer and he doesn't know. Perhaps the producer didn't think they match.

Nancy feels she doesn't necessarily have to play a couple with Kenneth, perhaps the producer thinks Myolie is more suitable. When asked if she has any kiss scenes? Nancy said she knows Oscar Leung too well, and it would be weird to kiss him. Fortunately, there aren't any kiss scenes for them this time, but in private she actually kissed Myolie before and expressed her thick lips are good to kiss. When reporters asked again if she's talking about Kenneth or Myolie? Nancy embarrassingly expressed: "Bye bye, I'm not answering that question!"

It was rumored because Francis Ng is delaying Triumph in the Skies II, this series is used to kill time, so the cast won't have to wait foolishly. Myolie expressed: "I heard of this too, but I don't know who we are waiting for, but it's no problem. We'll be starting TITS2 in July anyway."

As for Kate, she expressed she and the optometrist are just friends. When asked if he has a wealthy family background? She stuttered a little and said she didn't want to comment too much.

Girls’ Generation’s teaser PV preview for “Paparazzi” revealed

Earlier, it was reported that Girls’ Generation would be releasing a new single in Japan called “Paparazzi“. It turns out SM Entertainment has already uploaded a teaser for the upcoming music video!

Although the teaser doesn’t provide much insight into the song itself, we are able to get more details about the upcoming music video and song from the preview of the PV that was aired on Japanese television recently.

Check out the teaser and preview below!

T-ara unveils new member, Dani

T-ara has unveiled their new member, Dani!

Dani turns 14 this year and was raised in the States since she was four years old. Despite her young age, she stands at a height of 167 cm with stunning looks that people have compared to the likes of Olivia Hussey.

Although she looks cute upon first glance, there is said to be an inner charisma to her style that makes her all the more charming.

As previously revealed, T-ara will begin promotions with their eighth member starting July 7th. Dani will join the group in December as the ninth member. She will, however, be starring in the group’s upcoming music video as an actress in the meantime.

The reason for the delay in Dani’s joining is because she wants to practice more and join when she feels she is completely ready so as to not bring any harm to the group’s way.

The eighth member will be revealed on a later date, so stay tuned!

Wilber Pan expresses interest in Hebe Tien

Wilber Pan, who had once admitted to liking Jolin Tsai, praised S.H.E. member Hebe Tien for being "cute and pretty" yesterday.

At an event for the 2012's Metro Street Dance Competition in Taiwan yesterday, which the singer is ambassador of, Wilber gave a candid shout-out to Jolin Tsai, whom he had admitted to admire in 2005.

"You must still like me," Wilber jokes, before giving his blessings to Jolin, who is currently in a stable relationship with model Vivian Dawson.

The 31-year-old went on to lavish praises on fellow singer Hebe saying that she is "very cute, and is getting prettier".

Wilber also added that the songstress is "full of talent and (will have) a lot of guys will fall in love with her."

However, when the media present informed him that Singaporean singer JJ Lin likes Hebe too, even to the extent of calling her his "goddess", Wilber appeared shocked and expressed his disbelief.

"That can't be!" he exclaimed.

In other related news, Wilber is due to perform his new song during the finals of the competition and hopes that fans will anticipate his new album.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Female fan falls off bridge while watching Lee Hom's concert

A female fan fell off an overhead bridge, resulting in fractures in many parts of her body, while trying to watch Lee Hom in concert.
During Lee Hom's concert in Shenzhen on Saturday night, fans who were unable to get into the concert venue crowded an overhead bridge nearby to catch glimpses of the concert. A female fan reportedly climbed up a two-storey high pole on the bridge to watch the big screen in the concert hall but was unfortunately pushed down by other fans. According to the eyewitnesses, the bridge was full of fans and the girl fell from the six-meter high bridge, resulting in fractures in many parts of her body. She reportedly broke all her teeth in the fall and her face was covered in blood.
The girl was rushed to the hospital and is now in a stable condition.
Lee Hom, who returned to Yunnan after the concert to continue filming for his upcoming movie, has not been informed of this incident yet.

Faye Wong and Li Yapeng are not having more children

Chinese superstar Faye Wong and husband Li Yapeng attended the opening ceremony for Smile Angel Hospital, a hospital set up by the couple, where Li also revealed that the couple does not plan to have any more children. In 2006, the couple started the Smile Angel Foundation to assist children with clefts after their daughter, Li Yan, was born with severe clefts that same year.
At the opening ceremony last Sunday, Li expressed that the hospital fees will be "similar to other public hospitals" and the Smile Angel Hospital "will keep the public informed of the hospital's finances."

When asked if the couple are considering having more children, Li claimed that although he likes children,"considering the situations and our age, I don't think we will."
On Sunday night, Faye and Li attended the "2012 Smile Angel Foundation Charity Dinner," where the couple's good friends, such as singer Na Ying and actress Carina Lau, attended as well. Faye's 15-year-old daughter, Dou Jing Tong, whose father is Faye's ex-husband Dou Wei, also attended the opening ceremony, where her mature style attracted media attention. The Smile Angel Hospital is China's first charity pediatric hospital and will officially open to public on July 1.

Kate Tsui feels bored pairing up with Ron Ng again

Yesterday Kate Tsui headed up to Nanjing for an event hosted by her skincare endorsement. Kate happily played games with several of the fans, even if there were really enthusiastic fans, she still accepted them cheerfully.

Back in Hong Kong, Kate will be starting on new series Seasons of Love, where she participates in one of the four stories. As she'll be working with rumored boyfriend Ron Ng once again, she heavily sighed and complained: "I think it's really boring, but the producers and audience like this pairing, so we'll continue. Also, this time it's just 5 episodes. (Fear of more rumors?) I'm prepared for it, but readers will think it's really boring to see us two again."

On the 19th of next month (June 19th), Kate will be celebrating her birthday. She expressed she hasn't made any arrangements yet, but fans have already brought a cake with them to the airport to celebrate with her early. They also sang the birthday song to her. One fan was just 5 years old and he gave Kate a kiss. A very heartwarming scene.

Wonder Girls reveal “Wonder Party” teaser photos

The lovely Wonder Girls are set to make a comeback on June 3rd with their mini album ‘Wonder Party‘.

Last week, two lovely teaser photos of Yenny & Sohee along with Yubin, Sunye & Lim were released. Now, a group photo featuring all the members has been revealed.

The photo was accompanied with the text, “The Wonder Girls invites you to the “Wonder Party”. From Wonder Girls 2012.06.03

Are you ready for the “Wonder Party”?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Edison Chen invited Joyce Wu to his hotel

There seems to be no end to Edison Chen's philandering ways as his provocative text messages to Chinese actress Joyce Wu came to light recently.

An insider tip-off claimed that the Hong Kong actor who was once romantically linked with various actresses and models such as Cammie Tse, Suki Wong and Jeana Ho, took the initiative to ask for Joyce's number after working with her in a movie and asked the actress to meet in his hotel for a few times.

A screencap of Edison's text message exchange with the actress was leaked online and the 31-year-old used "there's not much to film tomorrow" as an excuse to meet Joyce at his hotel. Afraid that Joyce's manager would know that they are in contact with each other, Edison instructed Joyce that she "cannot even tell your friends" about their meeting.

The 31-year-old reportedly sent a message to another lady in the crew and through her, suggested a "threesome" to Joyce.

However, some netizens pointed that the messages that were leaked online were entirely in Chinese, a contrast to the exchange leaked between the actor and Cammie which was in English. It is speculated that this might be a deliberate attempt to bring attention to the pair in order to promote their movie.

Meanwhile, Joyce made a response on her microblog regarding the matter, expressing that "as it has already happened, I can only apologize. It is hard to get to where he is now, and I don't want anyone to get hurt. After another two to three days, he will still be Edison, I will still be myself, and everyone will forget about me soon. I will continue to work hard!"

Edison's management has yet to respond to said rumours.

Peter Ho mistaken Kate Tsui for billionaire's wife Cathy Tsui

TVB artist Kate Tsui went to Shanghai for an event hosted by a wine company. At the event, it was the first time Kate encountered Taiwanese artist Peter Ho, who thought she was billionaire's daughter-in-law Cathy Tsui and described her to others as the wife of a very rich person. Later, reporters informed Peter that he got the wrong person, but he still greeted Kate as a "Friend from Hong Kong". Towards this 'Beautiful Misunderstanding', Kate generously expressed: "No problem, I just thought it was really funny!"

With an excellent body figure, Kate appeared in a low-cut dress. She expressed she's been actively trying to keep fit for a new commercial she's shooting. However because of the diet she's on, she felt a little dizzy while shooting the commercial.

Earlier it was rumored that love sparked between Kate and optometrist Dr. Tse Wai Ip. Kate clarified he's just a friend: "He's not in the industry, so I don't want to say too much that could affect his family, thank you all for the concern!" Kate expressed her career is the priority now, she's been working nonstop, shooting TVB series Highs and Lows, commercials and films, "The night before I came to Shanghai, I was shooting for a new film until 3 am, and then that following morning at 8am, I had to get on the flight!"

As for Peter Ho, he was the guest performer at the event. Regarding to mistaken Kate for Cathy Tsui, he expressed his apologies: "I was confused, I'm really sorry!" When asked if he didn't dare to add any more attention for Kate? He tried to patch things up by praising her: "She's a Miss Hong Kong! A beautiful girl!"

Sonia Sui is not ready for new love

Sonia Sui claimed that she is unable to move into a new relationship despite having no lack of suitors after her eight-year relationship with Yao Yuan Hao ended.

Sonia, Yuan Hao and Cyndi Wang were embroiled in relationship mess for the past month where Cyndi was accused of being the third party who caused the couple's breakup.

At an event on Saturday, Sonia claimed that she stopped contacting Yuan Hao after they broke up. Her manager then added that after the high-profile breakup, the actress has had no lack of suitors. Her manager shared that when Sonia was dining in Shanghai, a 40-year-old businessman offered to foot the bill and many fans wrote to the company asking for a date with the actress.

Sonia however expressed that it is "too soon to get into another relationship now". She added that she needed more time before she can love again. When asked if she would ever reconcile with Yuan Hao, the actress pondered for a while before saying that "I have to look forward."

The actress who is currently in Shanghai filming her new drama will see her having kissing scenes with all the four male leads in the show. Sonia jokingly said that she is "happy to film this drama and the character helped me a lot. I am in love every day."

Friday, May 25, 2012

T-ara releases “Round and Round” MV

T-ara has released a new music video for their remake of old-school singer Nami‘s “Round and Round“.

The track was originally released in August of 2011 as an intended follow-up to “Roly Poly“, but “Cry Cry” was chosen in favor of the 80s remake. ”Round and Round” is now being included in a project album called ‘Sonata 2012: 33 Songs Selected by T-ara – High School Days‘.

The album will feature 33 tracks selected by T-ara, including songs by Davichi, Jo Sung Mo, SG Wannabe, Nam Gyuri, Yangpa, and the members of T-ara themselves. It’s planned for release on May 23 KST.

Check out the music video below.

Jessica Hsuan's Mainland drama ratings breaks record; Discloses main reason of leaving TVB

Jessica Hsuan has recently charged up north to shoot Mainland dramas. The other night, she appeared at the Men In Black III HK premiere. She expressed she does not have a boyfriend yet because she's been busy with her Mainland work. She just came back from Beijing, and expressed her latest drama with Benny Chan Love Amongst War (薛平貴與王寶釧) has broke the TV rating record on the Mainland channel. The drama been the top rated in 10 consecutive weeks. Jessica expressed her happiness and said: "I couldn't believe, I have known Benny Chan for some 10 years, but we're only collaborating after we left TVB." When speaking of TVB artists leaving the company and then bombing their old company is wrong? Jessica is known for her straightforward personality, but this time she blandly expressed: "Each person has their own reason when leaving a company, I understand. Perhaps because they want better development, more money or for some other reasons, but I believe my decision to leave is right. After all, I have been with TVB for over 10 years and considered an artist that signed the longest management contract with them. It is about time that I go out and take that first step."

Does she feel she has more freedom and space working outside of TVB? Jessica is grateful that TVB gave her all those opportunities that got her the fame she has today. She also took the opportunity to disclose the main reason for her leaving the company: "Because the internal personnel changed a lot. We all have different work styles and coordination and can't work well together. In the past, I have always had pleasant collaborations. I am getting older, and have already pass the point of working for money. If I'm unhappy at work, then I leave. Now that I have left, I'm feeling quite happy."

When her plastic surgery accusation was bought up again, Jessica was furious. Earlier a plastic surgery company in Mainland invited her to be their spokesperson and implied she got a boob job. Jessica was still upset at the incident: "Because the contract was different from what was discussed before, so I decided to turn down that job. At the time, I was very angry, I felt a little insulted. I'm not opposing boob jobs, but it is just I'm not too happy that I'm getting accused for doing it. I've encountered these incidents after I left my maternal home (TVB), so I've learned a lesson for the future and will be more careful in accepting jobs."

Edwin Siu to get a wife before age 40

Lately, Edwin Siu's repeated appearance in series has boosted his popularity. His earlier performances in Daddy Good Deeds and Gloves Come Off was well acclaimed, but he keeps his relationships low-key. His only rumored girlfriend is artist Gigi Ho (HK TV presenter). Edwin admits he does not like to keep mentioning his relationships, "I won't deliberately talk about my relationships. Start off as friends first, then after some time, think about taking the relationship further. (You didn't have many rumors over the years?) I've been really afraid of rumors, don't want to cause too much trouble, so I'm not very close with the female artists. Every time I shoot a series, the [relationship] just stops there."

35 year old Edwin expressed he has heavier workload due to his recent series. Asked if he's actively saving up for marriage? He laughed and said his greatest wish is to buy a home: "Looking for a dream house. I like the lower units or maybe homes in the village. I don't want to be near too many people. (Then get married?) Not thinking about that yet, after all I'll have a decision before age 40. If you don't see me married by then, then I'm really not going to marry!"

Sharon Chan is healthy, denies having lupus

A year ago, Sharon Chan went on hiatus because she had kidney inflammation. Because her face has appeared swollen lately, a magazine reported she has SLE (lupus). Yesterday Sharon clarified the rumor on Eileen Cha's interview that there is no such thing and that she's healthy. Sharon said: "No! It's just an inflammation, the report exaggerated it. Since I had kidney inflammation, I have to get my blood and urine check every two months with a doctor to ensure I don't get another infection. In the last half year, the reports have came back with nothing."

Yesterday she was shooting at the Sai Kung pier with Sammy Leung and Mandy Wong for new TVB series Justice Pursuit & Attack. The scene was about Mandy's role as the non-local pregnant woman trying to escape and was intercepted by law enforcers Sharon and Sammy. In the confusion, Sharon and Sammy both fell into the sea. The artists were filming under the blazing sun, which left them soaked in sweat.

Sharon knows how to swim using the swimming styles. To warm-up and cool off from the bitter heat, she showed off some of her skills before the actual shoot. When it was time to shoot the scene, the brave Sharon jumped right into the water and kicked the water, signaling that she's ready to go. However, after 5 minutes in the water, Sharon shouted stop: "I can't do it anymore! Water filled up my shoes, it's really heavy. I've been continuously kicking and I'm really tired now. I have to take a break!"

Fortunately after a small break, Sharon and Sammy completed the scene in one take. When Sharon got out of the water, her wet top turned transparent exposing her black bra, very attractive! Sammy kept turning around to check his white pants to see whether his 'Smiley Face' underpants had been exposed. Then he slapped his behind, triggering a lot of laughter from the crew, so naughty of him!

Meanwhile, Mandy was shooting a crying scene and had all sorts of expressions on her face as she cried. The staff around her were giggling at her broken Cantonese. Later, Mandy expressed: "That language I used, is from my hometown with a little modification. I personally don't think its funny, but I've noticed several times, whenever I use it, people around me would burst out laughing! Actually, I was being serious in my acting, haha!"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jolin Tsai hugged by enthusiastic fanboy

Jolin Tsai was surprised by an overzealous male fan when she arrived at Chongqing airport where the fan hugged her and screamed "Jolin Tsai, I love you" at the top of his lungs.

The singer who was heading to Beijing from Chongqing was "attacked" by the fan who confessed his love in front of everyone. The other fans present were shocked by the incident and yelled at the fan but instead of being angry, Jolin laughed the matter off.

It is a well-known fact that the singer shares a close relationship with her fans and would take time to chat with them.

After the incident, Jolin's fan club president blamed himself for not controlling the situation well. Jolin however, expressed her worry for the fan that might be blacklisted by the other fans, and said that her fans are really adorable.

The singer's fan club's microblog was bombarded with messages asking for the identity of the male fan. Worried that the situation might get out of hand, Jolin left a message expressing, "I am fine, I am fine! See you guys next time".

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Michael Tse denies affair with Candy Yuen behind his wife

Yesterday a magazine (Oriental Sunday) reported Michael Tse hooked up with 2009 Miss HK 'Miss Photogenic' Candy Yuen. Last year, Michael collaborated with Candy in Lives of Omission, where he successfully won her heart. A few days ago, they were having a meal together at the TVB canteen, and were flirting in public as if no one was around. At one point, Michael event touched Candy's chest, which was a shocker.

Yesterday Michael expressed over the phone: "No such thing. I won't be upset at the Magazine because it's not my first day in this industry. What's more important is if readers believe it. You have to understand that is the canteen at TVB, there are colleagues sitting nearby. Why would I do what the magazine said I did? In fact, that magazine should put more effort into writing their stories and shouldn't be too careless. If the location was a hotel, then the creditability would be much higher. Actually, it was not just the two of us either, there was another person with us."

Michael expressed he met Candy while shooting for Lives of Omission (TN: She played the role 'Ding Man', the triad leader's mistress). They soon realized they had common friends and naturally had more topics to talk about. When asked if this was upsetting to his wife, Tina? Michael laughed: "How so? She saw the report and laughed. She understands the tactics used by the magazines. We have seen a lot of the photos are taken from behind. I don't need to explain too much. I hope this magazine can have more sincerity next time, don't think readers are stupid."

As for Candy, she did not understand why there was such report and she does feel a tad unhappy. "That day, it's been long while since I've seen Michael, so I showed him the pictures I took when I went Korea for shooting of a travel special. We also weren't playing crazily at the canteen, so he didn't bump into my chest. Those [photos] were just a matter of camera angles. Michael was sitting across from me, and I was just taking my camera over to show him. If the report has cause any unhappiness for his wife, I have to say sorry to her."

Candy expressed she's often telling Michael on Weibo that she has no special intention, "He is just an artist that I like since childhood. Perhaps our personalities are similar and we are playful people, so we became good friends. The magazine interviewed me, and said I said Michael touched my entire body. I was just talking about our scenes in Lives of Omission." She expressed she will not maintain her distance in the future, but may find someone to be in between to avoid any misunderstandings. "I went to Australia at age 13, and came back to HK at age 19. My personality is a little westernized, sometimes I would unconsciously lean on people."

Edison Chen in scuffle with the paparazzi

Edison Chen reportedly clashed with the paparazzi on Saturday night at a restaurant in Beijing.
While the Hong Kong actor and his friends were dining at the restaurant, they noticed the presence of the paparazzi and both parties got into a scuffle soon after.

Edison's friend had reportedly hit a reporter and the whole process was filmed by another reporter who was present. However, as the reporter was blocked by a staircase, it is not clear if the actor was involved in the physical exchange or not.

After the incident, the reporter informed the police, claiming that Edison had hurled vulgarities at him. The reporter added that Edison's friend had violently shoved him during the exchange which caused his camera to be damaged in the process. The police then detained Edison's friend.

The matter came to a close when both parties reached a settlement out of court. Edison's group of friends agreed to apologise to the reporter and compensate him accordingly.

Jaycee Chan's parents are nervous about his action scenes

Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) teams with Golden Horse Best Actor Xia Yu and Jessica C. in new Taiwan director Chang Hsun-Wei's film DOUBLE TROUBLE (BO DOH SEUNG HUNG). This was Cho Ming's first action film. Although he had no kung fu background, he was proud of his father for his great kung fu and making so many years of exciting action films.

When the director asked him to perform in DOUBLE TROUBLE he immediately agreed as he very much wanted a taste of an action film production. As Mommy Joan Lin (Lam Fung Giu) was rather nervous about her son in an action film. In order to keep her calm, Jackie Chan sent a group of Jackie Chan Stuntman Association members to watch Cho Ming and assist with the production.

Cho Ming in the process not only humbly learned from the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association but also performed with an effort. Even though the production prepared a double for him he still would rather personally perform the stunts. Xia Yu also praised his professionalism. He also "risked his life" with Cho Ming in their performance. Cho Ming admitted that during the shoot he often bruised his arms and legs. Luckily he had the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association's elders for guidance. In one scene he and Jessica C. had a chase on top of a bus and almost lost his life.

Cho Ming pointed out in that scene he jumped from eight floors above and never thought that this fight scene on top of a vehicle would take 8 jumps before completion. Once he even fell from the top of the vehicle to the ground and almost got a concussion. That day he was bruised all over. After this scene he could relate to his father's years in action film and was truly convinced.

Did Cho Ming want to follow his father's action comedy route? Cho Ming said that his father's action scenes shot the dramatic and action scenes together. The fight scenes would have a lot of comedy, but now action scenes were all shot separately. On the spot additions of comedy was very hard. He this time had to revive his father's action comedy formula, which was truly very interesting.

Jackie Chan recently at the Cannes Film Festival also praised Cho Ming's DOUBLE TROUBLE performance. He even joked that under his wife's orders he had to hard sell their son. Jessica C. like Cho Ming did not use a double and personally performed her stunts. For her first action film she was very nervous. Before the shoot she trained with the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association for awhile. Luckily she was used to exercising so physically she was able to handle it.

Yet the day of the chase on top of the bus was truly a little thrilling. The Jackie Chan Stuntman Association stood guard on both sides of the bus. She almost fell. Luckily Cho Ming was fast enough to pull her in, but finally he was the one who fell.

Kelly Chen wants to be in-laws with Andy Lau

Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen expressed interest in match-making either of her two sons, Chace and Riley Lau, with Andy Lau's newborn daughter.
On Saturday, the singer who appeared at her first public event since the birth of her second son, Riley, appeared to be in high spirits. The singer expressed that "it's been a while since I wear a pretty outfit and put on makeup as I don't do so when I am at home."

The 39-year-old expressed that she has "no plans to slim down at the moment" as she is still breastfeeding Riley. Kelly, who is preparing to record a new album and busy with endorsements, also revealed that she has no plans to give birth to a daughter as she is "too tired and does not have the urge to do so."

Kelly then let on that although she has yet to meet the Heavenly King, she sent him some baby products which she thought were good after using them on her sons. The singer added that she would love to "talk about parenthood with him" when they have a chance to meet up.

The mother-of-two also revealed that she would love to be in-laws with the actor, candidly expressing that whether that happens would be up to Andy.

Amuro Namie unleashes PV for “Only You”!

Popular singer Amuro Namie has finally revealed the music video for her upcoming single, “Only You“!

Amuro stands out against the rugged terrain of the video as she sings along to her latest song in flowing, bright yellow and red dresses. The PV also includes several black-and-white shots of Amuro riding on a horse and plenty of close-ups, a perfect accompaniment to her mature, yet refreshing, new pop tune.

Check out the music video for yourself below!

AFTERSCHOOL’s full PV for upcoming Japanese single “Lady Luck” revealed

After School (AFTERSCHOOL) will be releasing their 4th Japanese single, “Lady Luck / Dilly Dally” on June 13th.

After releasing a teaser teaser for “Lady Lucky”, the full PV has now been revealed. “Lady Luck” is a ‘kira kira girly’ song and is the theme song to the “Samantha Thavasa ALL STARS” commercial.

Since the song is tied in with Samantha Thavasa, towards the end of the PV, the choreography incorporates the ladies using a Samatha Thavasa handbag.

Check out the PV below:

Fans faint during JYJ member Junsu’s first solo concert

On May 19th, JYJ‘s Junsu successfully kicked off his first solo concert, ‘XIA – 1st Asia Tour in Seoul‘, with an audience of 8,000 fans!

C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “The concert was an absolute success to the point that fans just couldn’t bear to leave the concert hall nearly two hours after the concert had already come to an end. There were a lot of fans that fainted in the middle of the concert, so we’re going to have ambulances on standby for today’s concert in advance.”

Fans from Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Canada, Chile, France, and other parts of the world flew in for the special two-day concert. Representatives commented, “Fans from all over the world came to congratulate Junsu’s first solo concert.”

Junsu performed all 11 tracks on his solo album as well as several musical numbers, bringing the grand total to 17 performances. He worked hand in hand with his dance team and brought out cheers for the sexiness he was able to exude in “Lullaby” and “Intoxication” especially.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Leehom Wang celebrates his 36th birthday

Leehom Wang turned 36 yesterday! When he arrived on location to film his movie early morning, the crew prepared a cake for him and the director gave him tea leaves that were worth 100 thousand RMB. Thirty members from his fan club visited him on location and give him five cases of red wine and two birthday cakes.

Leehom wrote on his microblog in the morning, “My calendar is marked with birthdays from over a hundred friends, is my turn! I almost forgot.” Many of his celebrity friends sent their blessings. Kevin Tsai, host of Kang Xi Lai Le, left the message, “Things that you care about have great depth, and you’re brave in trying new things. It’s just that sometimes they don’t get the kind of attention that you do as an idol.” Vivian Hsu commented that Leehom is “a good man who does the dishes,” and added “Where would you find such a good man? (He’s) filial, tries hard, considerate, hardworking, talented, and handsome...Hope you’ll meet the right girl soon, be happy, and have kids soon!” His fans also left messages wishing that he could find his special someone soon.

As always, Leehom’s birthday wish was to “make better music and movies for everyone.” So far for this year, Leehom has already signed to film 15 commercials, hold 50 concerts, and make 4 movies. He has reportedly made 680 million TWD in just the first half of the year.

Rolling Stone lists “The Top 10 K-Pop Groups Most Likely To Break Into America”

With the ever increasing presence of K-pop, popular US based magazine Rolling Stone recently ranked the top 10 K-pop artists that they believe are most likely to break in America.

The 10 artists they selected are: 2NE1, Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, After School, B2ST, Ailee, SISTAR, SHINee, and miss A.

YouTube’s most-watched Korean pop music video, Girls’ Generation’s “Gee,” has earned 74,000,000 American views alone, even though most mainstream U.S. music fans have never heard of it. The song and video – a calculated, colorful, choreographed affair that sees the nine-member girl group smiling and winking for the camera in flirty outfits as they change formations and soloists without a hitch – epitomize how Korean pop music (K-Pop for short) has been able to break language barriers and captivate a passionate U.S. audience. More recently, acts have begun turning the interest into profitable American tour stops and announcing plans to officially release music stateside. And as if to officially christen the genre’s U.S. crossover potential as an internet phenomenon, Google will host a multi-act K-Pop concert at their California headquarters on May 21st, which will be livestreamed on their YouTube Presents channel.

In the past, popular Korean acts (like BoA and Se7en) made unsuccessful American debuts likely due to the fact that they were molded by American record labels to be presented in a way they saw best to break into the notoriously difficult market.

Yet K-pop has garnered a strong following without the help of any major American backing. K-Pop is a mixture of trendy Western music and high-energy Japanese pop (J-Pop), which preys on listeners’ heads with repeated hooks, sometimes in English. It embraces genre fusion with both singing and rap, and emphasizes performance and strong visuals.

K-pop could easily slide into America’s Top 40 market if correctly targeted at children and teenagers. The following are the 10 acts most likely to successfully crossover to America – as long as they’re allowed to keep the same sounds and concepts that made them popular in Asia.”

Do you agree with their list, if not, what would be your top 10?

Aaron Kwok & Lynn Hung secret marriage, managers upset urges them to think twice

All along it has been widely rumored that Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung are going to be married in June. Although the two have not made the news public yet, according to reliable sources, the two have indeed set the date for marriage already. They have also asked their managers for two weeks vacation and secretly leave Hong Kong to get married in a foreign land. Aaron and Lynn are finally tying the knot, but their managers are extremely upset. Aaron's manager (Siu Mei) got into a fight with Aaron and Lynn's manager (Kim) try to persuade her 'daughter' to think twice. It turns out earlier this year, Aaron started controlling Lynn, damaging their 'mother-daughter' (Lynn and her manager) relationship.

For the marriage, it was said Aaron's good friends such as Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen will be attending their wedding. The two are planning to announce the news after the marriage and although the news leaked, Aaron and Lynn are still refusing to admit it. When Lynn was at the film premiere Love is...Pyjamas, she admitted she has received a ring from Aaron. When asked when the wedding is? She said: "When I get married, I will definitely tell you all. It is currently not the time yet. Until the last moment, I won't know what will happen or what can change. What happens if I end up not marrying?"

When speaking of the marriage, it turns out this February, Lynn wanted to break off the engagement. Then on Valentine's Day, Lynn publicly expressed she received a 'diamond necklace', but Aaron denied he gave her such gift. Because their comments did not match, it was rumored Lynn was borrowing her boyfriend to make news. Later, she announced she is back to being single. At the time, it was said Aaron felt Lynn was very much using him for publicly and that she's forcing him into marriage. He finally decided to end their 6 year relationship. Soon after, it was said Lynn successfully patched the relationship up through SMS and talks on Weibo. Eventually, Aaron finally confirmed her 'Mrs. Kwok' status. However, it turns out there was such crisis that day, and the truth was different from the story that the public knows. It turns out, at one point Lynn was the one who wanted to break up.

According to an insider: "Actually Aaron and Lynn already planned late last year that they will be married in the Dragon year, so last year on Aaron's birthday, he admitted for the first time he celebrated with Lynn and a group of friends. However, this year on Valentine's Day, because of the 'diamond necklace' incident, Aaron's broken promise angered Lynn. From the so many years of hiding the relationship, Lynn eventually blew up."

The insider continues: "Lynn has a sweet side of her and can be very friendly, but she also has another side of her. She has her own principles, and can be very firm. She is qualified to control Aaron, otherwise after all these years, she shouldn't have said a word. Her friends asked her, Aaron cares so much about his image, and she's speaking so much, isn't she afraid? She would say: 'Don't ask him, I like to say whatever I want. Don't worry about him!' In reality, that is indeed how it is like. Aaron already sees her as the one for him and wants to marry her. How can he not spoil her?! So, that day when Lynn wanted to break up and announced she was single, that really scared him. Based on Aaron's personality, he can just sweet talk Lynn behind the doors! Basically there is no need for him to make anything public."

Aaron's manager not fond of Lynn

The two getting married, but their managers are extremely upset. The insider said: "Siu Mei (Aaron's manager) never liked Lynn. Since that day when she asked Lynn to be the female lead in Aaron's MV, the two met and started their romance. Siu Mei really regretted it and always had a biased on her. She believed Lynn and some China girls are the same, that she has another purpose, wanting to borrow Aaron to get up top. She believed Lynn was always mentioning Aaron and has affected his image. So, during the time when the two were dating, Siu Mei constantly tried to break them up and often borrowed the media to do so. She hoped Aaron could give up on this relationship and because of this Aaron got into a fight with her. Aaron no longer tells her about his love life.

As for Lynn, she once told a friend that she doesn't know Siu Mei, which shocked the friend. At the time she said: 'I don't know Siu Mei, but she doesn't like me. Why do I have to try to make peace with her? I don't plan to get to know her.'"

Aaron controlling, Lynn's manager doesn't want her to marry him

It was also said after Aaron decided to marry Lynn, he already started controlling her career. He wanted Lynn to rise in everything and wanted her to be on the same level as the other Heavenly King's wife (Galie Lok).

Insider reveals: "Aaron wanted Lynn to only accept endorsements and public event apperanaces by big brands and companies. She was not allowed to accept small functions or jobs. This made it difficult for her manager (Kim) to help Lynn accept any jobs. All of Lynn's jobs had to pass through Aaron first. All the film scripts she gets, Aaron also has to look through. Kim had a difficult time doing her job and this also damaged her relationship with Lynn. For this reason, Kim didn't approve of Lynn marrying Aaron because Lynn has a heavy responsibilty to support her family. Aaron wanted her to marry and have kids. Kim asked Lynn before, has Aaron bought a home for her? Does did he gave her any money? Does her family have any financial difficulties? It was understood, Aaron has not given her anything, so Kim had always tried to persuade her to think twice and told her that women should count on themselves. Unfortunately when a woman falls in love, it is not about the money."

Edison Chen talks about Nicholas-Cecilia's damaged marriage

Known as a 'bad boy', Edison Chen accepted DJ Ocean Chan's nowTV interview and talks about his sex photo scandal and Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung's marriage crisis in detail. When speaking of Hong Kong, Edison loves and hates the city. HK is considered a place where he grew up and at the same time, the place is where he is most pressured.

Recalling the sex photo scandal, Edison said: "I've completely gotten over it. Perhaps saying this is too extreme, but in fact I have already prepared for death and it's not that I'm thinking of ways to go die faster, but its more like if this is my last day, I can say to myself: 'I've lived well before.'"

When speaking of Nicholas and Cecilia's damaged marriage, Ocean expressed her pity for Edison because no matter what, he's always going to be in between Nicholas and Cecilia. Edison said: "I don't really care, I only care if they care (in English). I believe these things, it is more or less created by the media. I don't believe I have the power to end their marriage, and make them separate. To me, marriage is a very serious matter. If there were a lot of issues before, then there will be many many reasons that leads to a divorce. I don't think you need to pity me."

It was said he and Cecilia's relationship never ended? Edison just lightly sighed: "Why don't I ask these group of people (the media) to write a script for us. I also hope to start shooting a film and recruit someone to write a story. Cecilia and Nic are both my friends, so if I have affected them, I do feel a little sorry." Ocean asked after the crisis, has Edison contacted Nic? He said: "I feel we are still friends. Before his debut in the industry, we already knew each other. During my teen years, the years that changed my life, he was there with me. It is impossible to forget those days. I still feel, if we are to meet again, it would be an extremely joyous feeling. I hope."

After many years, still haven't met, has Edison ever tried to pick up the phone and call Nic? Edison said: "In fact it is very simple, someone asked me why I don't contact this person. Honestly speaking, I may not necessarily have his phone number. I also don't how to be going around asking others for his phone number. Then that will start gossips. I just believe talking over the phone may not be the best way. After all, I believe there will be one day we will meet again. I hope that day, we can keep in touch again. (Will you greet him in a very natural way?) I will, definitely will." Edison feels his relationship with Nic is like a brotherly feeling.

'Master of Play' premiere may trigger 'Adam Cheng Effect' predicted 300 point drop in stock market

Adam Cheng's new TVB series Master of Play will premiere tonight (Monday). Fans are not only on a careful lookout for Adam's comeback, but investors are also on a close lookout for another 'Adams Effect' (aka Ting Hai Effect) to attack Hong Kong. Early May, when the series first started promoting, a drop had already been seen in HK's Heng Seng. On May 16th (Wednesday), Adam appeared for the series' first promotional event, and it was reported Heng Seng's stocks had a 634 point drop from 19,259 to 18,951 points.

Starting from 1992 when Adam's series The Greed of Man came out, the stock market had huge drops and since then whenever an Adam series released, the stocks would just keep dropping. The phenomenon became known as the 'Adams Effect', which had not stop for 20 years.

Tonight, TVB will be airing new series Master of Play starring Adam, Moses Chan, Maggie Siu and Aimee Chan, produced by Jonathan Chik and edited by Chow Yuk Ming. When Master of Play started promoting early May, Heng Seng bank already had huge drops in the stock market, which leaves it difficult for investors to not believe in the 'Adams Effect'. Yesterday at the promotional event, Adam said: "The stocks won't be going back up that fast, but actually should continue to drop. In fact, it shouldn't be the natioanl financial crisis, back then during the 'Adams Effect', there was war and foreign factors and that's why the stocks dropped so severely. In principle, it is buy low and sell high. My wife pays attention to the stocks too, I remember back during the financial crisis, she bought Standard Chartered bank and got a few meals." When asked if Adam personally believes the 'Adams Effect' will kick in again this time? Adam helplessly said: "The stocks are dropping like this, it's hard for people to not believe it, but I'm afraid to jinx it!" Although Adam is afraid to say something wrong, he still predicted that the Heng Seng stocks will drop 300 points!

Meanwhile, yesterday at the promotion couple Moses and Aimee Chan were showing off their love. Towards Adam's predictions that Heng Seng stocks will drop 300 points on today's Master of Play premiere? Moses said: "Even before the broadcast of this series, the stocks already dropped 2,000 points, but after the broadcast it will be different. I believe Adam's prediction is quite reliable. Initially I had no intention to buy stocks, but now I have this plan. However, we shouldn't say Adam is making the stocks drop!"

Aimee frankly expressed she doesn't know how to buy stocks, but she thinks Adam is amazing, so amazing that he can influence the stock market. So, she's planning to buy low and sell high as well. Whichever stock Adam buys, she'll follow.

Better to be on-screen Siblings

When speaking of Adam joking of how he was unaware that he became the couple's matchmaker while shooting Master of Play? Moses said: "We met because we were shooting this series, that is the truth. In the series, she plays my younger sister. Perhaps audience may get more into the story because no one wants to see us on screen as a couple. Just like Tom Cruise, couples should just develop behind the cameras. Personal matters should continue to happen in our personal lives."

Janice Vidal: I will not Say Sorry to Leon Lai

Leon Lai bought Janice Vidal to stardom and now entering the '7 year itch' in the music industry, Janice will be holding a three show 3000 Day and Night concert on July 20th at StarhHall. Janice recalls her growth in the music industry and claimed she was rebellious and misbehaved when she first started. Fortunately, Leon had enough tolerance and didn't give up on her. However, she won't say sorry to Leon because of work, she rather make accomplishments through actions to makeup for her losses.

JANICE: "On April 13, 2005, I officially launched my first album. In just a blink of an eye, it's already been 7 years. Do I have the '7 year itch' for music? I can say 7 years later, I will love my music even more. I am happy that I can keep on singing. I remember when I first debuted, I was so lucky to have been able to make it to stardom in just a 'boom'. Soon after, I experienced a lot. Over the last 7 years, perhaps I have done things that disappointed Leon, including the Japan incident that happened to my sister Jill. I will apologize to Leon on behalf of my sister and myself, 'sorry'. During that period of time, he has put in a lot of his time. However, in terms of work, I definitely won't say sorry to Leon because just a 'sorry' is useless. Why don't I just practically do my best in my every job, and make accomplishments to makeup for my losses. Leon and I long had implicit understanding in our relationship, and it is already mutual understanding deep in the heart.

Actually thinking back, when Leon first chose me to become a singer, I think I gave him a lot of headaches. Especially the first two years after my debut, I wasn't mentally prepared and I was already popular. I couldn't accept the truth. Each time I was on stage, I got so nervous, sweat was coming out nonstop and at the time, I was so naughty and wasn't diligent enough towards my work. Everything added up together, but Leon still didn't give up on me. Hehe....I am really considered lucky! Because I lacked discipline at home during childhood, I did whatever I wanted and even if I skipped school, no one cared, but after I became a singer, I couldn't adapt to the entertainment circle that had rules and regulations. At the time, I was often late to work and when someone has been late several times, no matter what excuse you have to explain your tardiness, no one will by it. At the time, I really gave Leon a headache.

I remember my assistant came up to my door and banged on it to wake me up. She was slamming on the door so loud there was 'boom boom' sounds heard, but I still couldn't get up. In fact, I was pretty extreme. I feel Leon definitely has the authority to scold me. It is me that could not meet the most basic requirements. I won't think he's a 'bad person' just because he scolded me.

Many people ask me if Leon is my benefactor? Leon already has a group of artists [to watch over], he's a boss and a friend, he holds several identities. However, he still helps me through many different situations. If Leon didn't give me the chance to sing, I think my life would be a total mess. He is a person I respect, even if before I was misbehaving, his confidence in me never changed. He didn't give up on me. Leon hates it when I say a bunch of nonsense to him. He communicates with me with his eyes. I remember clearly, every eye expression Leon gives me, it seems like he's saying to me: 'I know you can do this, you can do it!' He gave me a confidant look, of course I can see it."

Name: Janice M. Vidal
Birthday: April 13, 1982
Favorite Music Genres: R&B, Jazz, Blues
Debut: April 2005
Representative Works: Big Brother (大哥), popular hit Confused (心亂如麻), Love Talent (愛才), Run Away From Home (離家出走). What Men Believe (男人信什麼) duet with JW, won the 2010 JSG's 'Gold Song Gold Award'.
Background: She is mixed Filipino, Korean and Chinese. Her sister is Jill Vidal. Their parents were divorce when they were still young children. Janice followed her Korean mother to Korea for several years. When she was 11, her father Joey Vidal returned to HK and lived with her sister, Jill. The two sisters initially just had an English name, it was only after they signed with Amusic, that the company gave them a Chinese name.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Shu Qi no longer with Lee Hom?

Shu Qi, who was rumoured to be dating Lee Hom, was spotted with a mysterious man, speculated to be the actress' new love interest, at Hong Kong's IFC Mall on May 1.
The 36-year-old was dressed casually, donning a pair of sunglasses, when seen shopping at IFC Mall with a middle-aged man. The actress was recognized by fellow shoppers but paid no attention and continued her date with the mysterious man before heading to a café when the pair was seen sharing stories over snacks.
Shu Qi appeared shocked when she realized that they were followed by the paparazzi. She then went separate ways with the man. The couple met up a while later again before heading to the actress' residence together.
The man is reportedly working in the finance sector and Shu Qi, who has always wanted to start a family, started seeing him after breaking up with Lee Hom whom she was rumoured to be secretly dating for the past six years.

Gong Li splits with Singaporean husband

Chinese actress Gong Li's ex-husband, Singaporean businessman Ooi Hoe Seong confirmed that the couple parted ways amicably three years ago.

In an interview with a China newspaper, Ooi expressed that the couple was "apart more than being together" which eventually led to their divorce.

"This is not a gimmick. We are really divorced for three years," the businessman let on, sharing that they parted on good terms and would "call each other during holidays." Ooi added that they are still good friends after the divorce.

In other related news, according to a netizen's tip-off, Gong Li was seen consciously hiding her tummy at the 2nd China-France Film Festival on May 14 and looked visibly tired. The actress, who is dating and living with a French photographer, 13 years her junior, for the past six years, is speculated to be pregnant.

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