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Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” & Psy’s “Gangnam Style” featured on GLEE

Many Kpop fans were expecting to see Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” on FOX‘s hit American musical comedy-drama television series “GLEE“. However, they were in for a surprise when Big Bang‘s “Fantastic Baby” was also briefly featured on the show.

During one point in the show, Harry Shum Jr.’s character Mike Chang stated, “Korean boy bands are tearing up the music scene and there’s a lot that we can learn from them“. He then proceeds to dance familiar dance steps to the music of “Fantastic Baby”.

If you can recall, both Harry Shum Jr. and Kevin McHale of “GLEE” attended Big Bang’s ‘Alive Tour 2012‘ concert in Anaheim earlier in the month.

Check out the two segments below!

Big Bang “Fantastic Baby”

Rebecca Zhu Would Choose a Boyfriend Like Kenneth Ma

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles is Miss HK 2011 Rebecca Zhu's debut TVB series and her co-star Kenneth Ma already playing jokes on her, giving her a very mushy nickname "Morning Zhu". However, the two mutually complimented each other.

In the series, Rebecca stars alongside Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng, making the ones next door envy to death! Rebecca praised the both of them. She laughed and said, if the strengths of Kenneth and Ron were added together, it would be perfect. "They are both tall and handsome, any girl would like them!" If Rebecca had to choose between the two, she would have a hard time: "They are both equally good. Also, Kenneth is right next to me now, so if I don't choose him, he might get upset!" Kenneth joked: "Well that is pretty difficult to choose because I'm sitting right next to you, otherwise you can have my shell!"

Mistaken for "Fala Chen"

It turns out before their collaboration, Kenneth had no clue who Rebecca Zhu was, he said: "Honestly, I didn't have much of an impression on her. I just knew she was the Miss HK winner. I only found out how she looked like on the first day of SSSS shooting." Rebecca exposed on the first day of work, Kenneth called her by the wrong name: "That day, he thought I was someone else, but I won't tell you who he thought I was!" Kenneth interrupted: "Really? I really don't remember, did I call you Fala Chen? Haha!"

The two got know each other more after filming this series together, Kenneth played a joke on Rebecca and gave her a nickname. He laughed: "We called her 'Morning Beautiful Zhu', but later we just called her 'Morning Zhu'. Many people get famous off of nicknames!" However, Rebecca Zhu is still a new name that not many can recognize, she said: "At first, I really wasn't used to that nickname. I actually thought it was really strange, but I can't do anything about it, if he wants to call me that."

During the interview, the two would always be flirting. When asked if acting turned into real feelings? Kenneth said: "When we were shooting the series, there really was some 'electricity', Siu Yau (Rebecca's role) can easily attract people. Anyone would want to protect her."

Ah Gil Admits have been Dating Korean Boyfriend "Mr. K" for 6 Months

31 year old Gillian Chung (Ah Gil) had several rumored boyfriends since her debut. Recently, she and Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu were rumored, but it turns out she already had someone else in her heart. Ah Gil suddenly turned towards the 'Korean wave' and started dating a 'Kimchi Man' for 6 months! It was understood, Mr. K is a filmmaker and also worked with G-Dragon from popular Korean boy band G-Dragon. No wonder Ah Gil tried her best to protect her new lover.

Ah Gil and Mr. K's romance had been kept low-profile, but a few days ago, Oriental Press Group's newly launched free newspaper Good News (好報) (launched today, November 30th) spotted Ah Gil and her new Korean boyfriend at Cyberport Cinemas secretly out on a movie date. The 'meaty' Mr. K made a special trip from Korea to HK just to be with his girlfriend and was willing to stay hidden. Yesterday at 2pm, the couple went in a few circles before arriving separately at the cinema hidden under baseball caps, dark shades and mouth masks.

Ah Gil got her movie ticket first and quickly dashed into the cinemas, while Mr. K stopped to buy snacks and popcorn. At 5pm, the couple finished having their fun and decided to leave. When Ah Gil discovered reporters, she acted as if she lost her soul and quickly walked away as she made her 'rescue' phone call. Mr. K pretended to be a 'passerbyer' and then called a taxi.

EEG artists' manager Mani Fok responded to the 'Gil-K Romance', she said: "Ah Gil is a big girl now, it's normal for her to be in a relationship. That guy, [Mr. K], is her boyfriend, but they aren't cohabiting. I have only seen him once, he is Korean and a very nice young man." In fact, Ah Gil already left a clue that she's in a relationship back in August, she wrote on Weibo: "Just as long as he/she is in your heart, I'm afraid even drinking water would taste very sweet."

When Ah Gil's colleagues learned of her new relationship, they were all very happy for her. Unfortunately, her good sister Ah Sa was not in HK to comment, but her boyfriend William Chan said: "If Ah Gil found someone that loves her, I'm happy for her too." Yumiko Cheng is getting married next year, she said: "I'm happy for her. Next time I have to ask her how much Korean she learned!" As for Ah Gil's ex-rumored boyfriend, Juno Mak, expressed: "I'm currently busy working on a film, I just saw the report myself and I'm happy for her."

Elena Kong Fears Following Joyce Cheng's Footsteps After Kissing Ron Ng

Yesterday Tavia Yeung, Elena Kong, JJ Jia, Kenneth Ma, Damian Lau, Ben Wong and the rest of the cast of attended Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles' Christmas event. Tavia had noticeable pimples on her face and forehead, but she denied she got pimples because the TV Queen battle is stressing her out. She said: "Just have to look after my health more, endocrine disorders and hormone imbalance." Tavia is heading over to Malaysia for the Astro TVB Awards soon, she said: "I do have confidence. (Engage in a skirmish?) I hope to get the award too, but then again I'm afraid if I get the Astro award, I wont' get the one in HK." It was said Kate Tsui was paid more than Tavia at an earlier event they attended together. It seems like Tavia doesn't mind at all, she said: "I don't know how much she was paid, but its pretty good, keep it going, work together and earn more money!"

In last night's episode of SSSS, Elena had a face-to-face 'risk of kiss' scene with Ron Ng. She reveals actually there will be an actual kiss scene to broadcast later, but she's already feeling the 'repercussions'. She said: "Earlier I got some very nasty comments from fans, they said I'm an old cow trying to eat tender grass. (Hard to take?) It's funny! Of course we are at different levels. I've heard there was big reactions when Joyce Cheng kissed Ron years ago, but the audience nowadays are clever, they know how to distinguish." As for her boyfriend (Ng Kwan Cheung) spotted with Chinese singer Mandy Yan at a night club? Elena said: "That's pretty funny too. I trust my boyfriend 100%, the photos were forced to make it look like they were kissing. Basically they have known each other for many years, I know her too. ('Heavy Aftertaste' for boyfriend?) The heavy aftertaste is more on me, just blame it on my black stocking seducing scene, got me some headlines and now even my boyfriend gets dragged into it. (You used black stockings to seduce your boyfriend too?) Why do I have to do that? Once he sees me, he already thinks I'm hot and can't hold it!"

As for JJ Jia, last night she showed off her long 'career line', seduced and kissed Damian Lau. She said: "Accidentally ran into him and kissed him. Damian is quite attractive. (You wanted more?) No, I just can't believe I could kiss my idol." As for Damian, he said: "They're all just kissing me, not me kissing them. You all shouldn't talk about this and lowering the level. When it comes to exotic films, nobody talks about it and just talks about the picture, it's so strange."

Kwong Wa: Don't Watch TV, Don't Even Own a TV

Lately on the HK Golden Forum, there is a 'Male God Chart' and the disappeared Kwong Wa is surprisingly one of the nominees. Netizens in HK Golden Forum said they like watching Kwong Wa play an emperor the most because he has that hegemony feeling. It's been a long while since we seen Kwong Wa on TV, last Wednesday (11/21st) he made an appearance at the ATV's 55th Anniversary celebration show, where he performed as part of the 'ATV Big Four' -- Kwong Wa, Nathan Chan, Jiman Poon and Gilbert Lam. 50 year old Kwong Wa entered the television industry in 1986 and is best known for his Emperor roles. He also loves to intimate Andy Lau, even the Heavenly King Andy had praised him before: "Kwong Wa is more Andy than Andy himself!"

It's been 8 years since Kwong Wa been in a TV series, he would just come out once and a while for stage performances with his wife Connie Mak. He once said he will no longer shoot TV series. In fact, he doesn't even watch TV, and has no idea what a "Male God" is!

Kwong Wa is a year younger than Andy Lau, and when reporters asked him to pose for pictures, he immediately put up a Chok look and sat like an emperor. Despite many years of not seeing Kwong Wa, he is still going strong, but he seems more peaceful than before. He said because he and his wife both became Christians recently and learned to just let things go. There is no need to force or demand anything.

He said, "The 'ATV Big Four' was ATV's idea, you ask me how do I watch ATV? I don't think ATV is that bad. They used to have their good times too. I think the first thing ATV needs to do is to start producing TV dramas again, after all a TV station must have their own produced dramas to look like a TV station. I've been acting for so many years and worked at both ATV and TVB for a long time. I understand a TV station's ultimate priority is to make money, so there are limitations to many things. Just like 2004's TVB series The Conqueror's Story produced by Lee Tim Shing, at the time a lot of the budget got cut. There was suppose to be this one huge war scene with thousand soldiers and horses, but I came out as the 'thousand soldiers' and Adam Cheng was the 'thousand horses'. I understand the way a TV series functions, and I can only say each individual has different needs."

Kwong Wa and Connie Mak were married in 1992 and are still a very loving couple till this day. Recently, the couple made a comeback on stage, providing mutual support and earning money together. Kwong Wa said work is like their honeymoon. A bird kills two stones.

"My wife and I? We don't watch TV at home, actually we don't even own a TV. I've been working at the TV station for so many years and it had always been operating the same way, no changes. That's why I wanted a break. What I feared most were those roles that's like a white piece of paper, nothing on it! I'm currently very happy with my life, and welcome any TV station that wants to approach me offers. The most important is for a good script and a hard working team!

I'm on the 'Male God Chart'? What is that? (It means the male version of Goddess!) Hahaha....Netizens are just thinking too highly of me. I rarely go online, and didn't know people still mention Kwong Wa on the internet. I'm really pleased to know that there are still people that miss me or discuss my old series online. I know I've let the audience down, so I do hope to see everyone soon!"

Fala Chen Accused Being the "Miss C" Always Late To Work

Triumph in the Skies II just finished shooting in Europe and the cast are now back in Hong Kong. However, Fala Chen was not only rumored with the married Chilam Cheung, but someone claiming to be a friend of a TVB makeup artist exposed on Weibo that "Miss C" was frequently late to work. Each day, at around 5:30am, "Miss C" has to get her makeup done, but she gets to work 2 hours later. The staff exposed: "Are you here for vacation or for work? You don't even understand the fundamental of being punctual!"

Once the comment was posted on Weibo, Netizens began discussing on who this "Miss C" might be. The only actress by the surname of Chan who went to France for TITS2 shooting was Fala Chen. One Netizen even criticized Fala, because she already has a wealthy boyfriend, so she "could careless about work"!

Yesterday afternoon, Fala got back to HK. She accepted a telephone interview with [The Sun], she admitted she had been late before, but there is a misunderstanding. She explained and emphasized that since shooting started, she follows the work schedule exactly, she said: "All along, I have only been late once or twice and each time it was 10 minutes late at most. I didn't affect the shooting progress at all." She explained there was miscommunication with the behind-the-scene staff: "The misunderstanding was caused by miscommunication within the staff, but this misunderstanding had already been resolved. This trip was tiring for us all, but we all had a good time with the crew, very good team work spirit and what makes me most unhappy was all the gossips created by the magazines."

On Weibo, Fala wrote: "Self Reflection: Don't assume others know me and understand me, sometimes that's how misunderstand arises. So, don't think its troublesome to communicate with others. Being considerate of others, taking the initiative and another step can probably save the work and render better outcomes. Additionally, sincerity, honesty and tolerance is the best solution. If I did it, I will admit it. If I didn't do something, then I will go find out if there is a misunderstanding. As a team member, I did a self-reflection on how I could be more considerate of others. Ultimately, there was an issue that arose. I'm still busy discussing with you all on how to respond the the public as a public figure and to protect this team. Turns out, I'm wrong. I was thinking too much!"

Nancy Wu & Producer Supports Fala's Professionalism

TITS2's producer (Au Koon Ying) accepted a telephone interview and defended Fala: "The filming schedule in France and England was very tight and the sunset is really early there too, so we have to start working at 4-5am every morning. The makeup artist said she didn't write that Weibo comment. She only vented to her friend before, but then she later realized it was just a misunderstanding. She explained to Fala already and her friend deleted that Weibo post."

Reporters checked the Weibo again and discovered the makeup artist's friend did indeed delete the "Miss C" comment and replaced it with an apology: "From today on, I will no longer say harmful things about people. Please all, start from doing your own part!"

Nancy Wu and Francis Ng are also part of the cast of TITS2 who went with Fala to Europe. Nancy supported Fala that she has a professional attitude: "I don't feel that she has a bad attitude at all, but actually she's very into her work. Every artist has their own makeup artist. Even in HK, artists may not appear at the same time as the makeup artist. This time, we were shooting overseas, perhaps its just miscommunication." It was said Fala is acting like a big shot, Francis expressed: "Fala usually does her own makeup, I am more worried about other people."

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Natalie Tong & Louis Koo's Passionate Kiss in new film "3D Inferno"

Last night, Louis Koo and Natalie Tong were shooting for their new film 3D Inferno. In the film, Natalie plays Louis' girlfriend and the scene was about him proposing to her. That night, Natalie had on a white dress and after she got her wedding ring, she kissed Louis passionately. Filming kept getting interrupted by the bad weather. At 3am, Joe Ma appeared dressed like a fire fighter, but he was on shooting for 30 minutes before saying goodbye to the crew.

TVB Presents Stephen Chow "30 Years of Service"; Wayne Lai & Nancy Wu "10 Years of Service"

Last night, TVB held the Long Service Employees Honor and Awards Presentation, where Wayne Lai, Lau Kong, Nancy Wu, Chris Lai and Vin Choi were in attendance. At the ceremony, TVB presented the "30 Years of Service" award to veteran actor Lau Kong and surprisingly even Stephen Chow still has a TVB artist contract. His 1.5 tael (~57 grams) gold metal was especially delivered to him.

Wayne and Nancy were both presented with the "10 Years of Service" gold metals (weighs 3 maces or ~11 grams). Since Wayne had once left TVB, so his time with the company just adds up to 10 years. Wayne smiled and said time flew by and he should say, "How many 10 years are in life?" He also admitted he had a very prosperous 10 years and hopes he'll become the TV King for the third time. Nancy was pretty shocked when she learned she got the "10 years" award with Wayne, "When I found out, I was so shocked [because] I've been watching him act since childhood." She hopes this year she'll get the 'Best Supporting Actress' as her reward and for memories. Earlier it was rumored Nancy and Kenneth Ma 'sparked love' again while shooting in Europe for TITS2? Nancy already has a new boyfriend, she expressed her romance with Kenneth had already died. Her current boyfriend did not get jealous. This year, Lau Kong got a pay raise and just renewed his contract with TVB, he said: "People say TVB is no good, but the company treats me pretty good. I didn't consider the money issue when I renewed my contract. After all, I'm fine with a pay raise." TVB General Manager (Lee Bo On) denied the "pay freezes" and stressed next year, TVB employees will definitely get a pay raise and bonuses.

Tavia Yeung Felt Tense About Her Role, Feels 10 Years Older

In TVB anniversary series Silver Spoons Sterling Shackles, Tavia Yeung plays Damian Lau's 4th wife. Her role has great emotional ups and downs, but apparently the audience and Netizens just have their eyes on her scenes with Damian, such as the 'lip-biting' kiss. Netizens also criticized that her 'Pinocchio nose' put pressure on Damian. Although Damian already helped her explained, Netizens still wouldn't let Tavia go.

Tavia frankly expressed she and Damian discussed the 'lip-biting' kiss and bed scenes. She said: "In the series, I love and hate him. There are many subtle ways in this world to pull a relationship closer. The lip-biting kiss was to show how passionate and frustrated they were, but perhaps if the scene wasn't done by Damian and I, the reaction won't be so big. (You felt great pressure co-starring Damian?) Of course there was pressure, actually with anyone there is pressure. Damian also has high expectations, he is very into each and every one of the characters in the series. He hoped each of the female characters had different personalities, which got me nervous too. We developed together, the other actresses did well on their roles too. Comparing my character to myself, I actually turned younger. My role feels like I was 10 years older than my actual age and I had to relieve myself from this pressure."

Tavia said her role was difficult to portray because her emotions goes up and down. As for Netizens criticizing her looks, Tavia said: "I don't care at all. They can say whatever they want. They can say I'm skinny, boney, whatever! I don't mind, but I do think my costume came out looking pretty good. We all have different opinions. It wouldn't make sense if I have thinner shoulders and then say I could poke others with it, or if I have a sharper chin, would my chin stab someone?! There are many things I cannot control."

Also, Elena Kong had a sexy seducing Damian scene, which was described as 'heavy aftertaste' by Netizens. Tavia said: "It's not like it won't be 'heavy aftertaste' if they got a younger actress to do the scene. If a younger actress did it, perhaps people would say she doesn't have enough experience and lacked the appropriate expressions."

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wonder Girls’ Sun to marry in January

It has been announced that Wonder Girls‘ Sun will be tying the knot with her boyfriend next year!

As fans know, Sun has often expressed her sincere and deep affections for her significant other, so this announcement may not come as a complete surprise, but it is one that has come quite sooner than expected!

JYP Entertainment stated the following through an official email to allkpop,

Hello, This is JYP Entertainment.

Wonder Girls’ leader Sun (Min Sunye), an artist under our agency, will be getting married on January 26th of next year.

Sun, who debuted in 2007 and led the Wonder Girls as their leader for six years, recently informed the agency as well has the Wonder Girls’ members about her intentions, and understanding that her decision has come after much thought, we have decided to respect her decision.

Sun will be focusing on her marriage and family life for the time being, and the other members of Wonder Girls will be concentrating on individual activities such as acting, producing, solo albums, and broadcast activities.

We hope for many messages of congratulations and encouragement.

Thank you.

Charmaine Sheh 'Startling Step Each Step' During Catwalk @ Fashion Show

The 2nd Women's Fashion Week & High Quality Fashion of France 2012 at Singapore fashion show kicked off last night. This is the second year the fashion show is held in Singapore. Charmaine Sheh was extremely excited to be able to participate in the fashion show as a model and greatly praised Beijing-based fashion designer Guo Pei's beautiful designs and her works of art. Charmaine did the catwalk in a floor-dragging Chinese-styled dress and admitted her height did not compare to the other models. Fortunately, the stage atmosphere and music accommodated her catwalk, allowing her to feel the surge. She laughed: "At the time, I didn't think about anything, I was just very proud of myself. However, the tail of my dress was so long and heavy. I could easily fall, so I had to be very careful and startling by each step. During rehearsal, a lot of models fell down, therefore must be extra careful and take each step slowly."

Since Charmaine's debut, she had little catwalk experience, so this time it was especially memorable for her. She and designer Guo Pei chatted nonstop and even set up their next meeting in Beijing, Charmaine said: "She's so nice, very attentive and she knew I was on a tight schedule. As soon as I got off the flight, she took me try out the dress and accompanied me the entire time. My dress was tailored to fit me, and wasn't completed until 2 or 3am." Although the two spent a short amount of time together, Charmaine learned Guo Pei loves beauty, every time she sees a model dressed in her designs, she would be very happy. How would Guo Pei evaluate Charmaine? She laughed: "She said I did well and had great momentum. I was happy to hear this because I don't have enough experience in this area after all and walking in that dress was a challenge for me."

Jack Wu & June Chan's 7.5lbs Second Baby Girl Born

In 2009, TVB couple Jack Wu and June Chan had their first daughter Wu Ji Ling and yesterday the couple had another good news to announce. Jack expressed his wife June successfully gave birth to a 7 pounds, 8 ounces baby girl; mother and daughter are safe and healthy. Jack praised his newborn girl is very cute and got his ears and nose. Her chin looks just like her mother. Just like their oldest daughter, Master Lee Sing Jak held the responsibility of naming the baby, Wu Ji Yau. The meaning is in hope their daughter lives a life of leisure. He expressed: "I don't need her to grow up rich and famous, but I do hope she lives a free and relaxed life, with no pressure."

Although this wasn't June's first child, Jack expressed he was responsible to cut the umbilical cord this time, he said: "I heard from other people before that umbilical cords are hard to cut, but this time I personally did it myself and discovered umbilical cords have its own toughness, very interesting. I couldn't get it down on the first cut. There was some bleeding as well, which frightened me a little. I stopped cutting for 0.1 second, but when I saw the newborn before my eyes, I was afraid she'll catch a cold, so I quickly finished up." When asked how his wife is doing now? Jack said: "She was initially afraid she wouldn't be able to handle a second child because she has asthma and the weather hasn't been that good lately, but my wife was very strong and made it through peacefully."

Jack is a father for the second time, but he frankly expressed he's more stressed, "Because I'm so busy with work. This month I'm starting a new series and I've been shooting sitcom Come Home Love in the past few weeks. Early December, I'm going to be working outside of Hong Kong for two weeks, so I've been worried about my schedule and whether if I can spend time with my wife. I really have to thank the producers for giving me time off to help out at home."

He directly expressed its stressful having children, so he took a day off to be with his wife and won't get back to work until tomorrow. He praised how lucky his daughter is, "Before she was born, there were already many sponsors wanting to sponsor her, so it's not as pressuring."

As for oldest daughter Wu Ji Ling, she loves her little sister extremely. Jack said: "This morning before she went to school, she already said she must see the newborn. Then I also told her to prepare a gift for her new sister, while I will give a gift to her on her little sister's behalf. I hope she knows we won't be biased." After birth, June quickly uploaded a photo on Weibo and wrote: "Great success!"

Q Bobo Sighs: SAR Gov't Treats Me Like 'Salted Water Grass'

TVB actor Q Bobo (Gill Singh) held the first show of Q Bobo Standup Comedy - I am a Hong Konger?!. This is the first of three shows. Q Bobo is a Hong Kong born Indian, but because of the rejection of his wife's SAR passport application, he expressed he is forced to give up his acting career, which is currently at its peak, and immigrate to the United Kingdom. He said: "Hong Kongers treat me like treasure, but the SAR government treat me like salted water grass. However, I don't dare to go too over in my stand up comedy because I still hope that there's a turning back. Although my wife couldn't get her SAR passport, I don't want other racial minorities to have trouble getting theirs too." Power Chan and his wife Mimi Lo and Louis Yuen supported Q Bobo in the audience last night.

*TN: To get a better understanding of what Q Bobo is implying, according to CantoDict, 'Salt Water Grass' (鹹水草) is used to make mats or tie up bundles at grocer.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Leeteuk sends a handwritten letter to his fans from the army

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk sent a handwritten letter to his fans.

On November 23rd, a letter that he hand wrote to his fans was uploaded onto the official Super Junior board.

In the letter, he wrote,

To. My lovely Fans! My everything is in the ELF’s two eyes…

I’m Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk!! Ah… I’m the 85th recruit, Park Jung Soo right now!! How are all of you? I’ve gone past Euijungboo and I’m now at the White Horse RTC (Recruit Training Center) and having a good time with fellow soldiers that are 10, 11 years younger than me!

I’ve gone from being Super Junior’s leader to now being the leader in my squadron as a recruit. Even here, I’m feeling a lot of popularity. ^^

Before I came here, I was really nervous and scared, but now that I’m actually here I’ve realized that it’s really nothing compared to what I did before. ^^

Thank you so much for the hand written letters and the internet letters! I read every letter clearly here and sometimes I even tear up. Thank you.

I’m just always thankful. I had the most people come when I enlisted? You’re really the best!! I was supposed to take care of our 7th anniversary and the college entrance exams, so I’m sorry. As I work here, do you know that I miss you even more? I miss being on the World Tour with the other members and seeing the blue glowsticks and hearing all the cheers.

Ah! The DVD that we released in Japan was 1st! And ‘Boys in City‘ and there are a lot of other things that you can see me in, so please look forward to it!! I hope everyone can smile brightly through the end of the year awards and conclude everything nicely! I miss, miss, miss you and I really really really really really want to see you guys…. You all have to be happy and healthy! There is a saying that goes, ‘You don’t laugh because you’re happy, but you’re happy because you laugh. So everyone, take care of yourself!!

ELF!! I love you…

From leader Teuk!! ^^

Charmaine Sheh Brags TV Queen Nomination is Because She Performed Well

Charmaine Sheh became the spokesperson for Eaton Hotels, yesterday she attended the press conference and expressed she will pocket 7 figures for the 3 year contract. She said she and her mother can stay and eat at the hotel as much as they like to.

It was rumored Charmaine signed another contract with TVB in exchange for the TV Queen award. She clarified: "TVB and I still have a per-series contact and no new contract has been discussed. I just feel I was nominated because I did well, it's hard to encounter a good role." Charmaine sees Michelle Yim, Tavia Yeung and Kate Tsui as her strongest competitors. She believes this year the 'one vote per person' public voting system is much fairer.

Lately Charmaine has been choosing a script. She will not be able to attend the TVB Anniversary Awards this year, but she made it clear that she is maintaining a good relationship with TVB and hope to participate in a TVB series next year. "I already rested for one round, and hope to find a comedy series to be in next year. I really want to keep my HK fans." As for Ben Wong and Raymond Cho left out in the nominations and scolded TVB for their unfair treatment? Charmaine expressed she is not sure why the two weren't nominated, but she agrees they are both very good actors and she will definitely support them.

When speaking of MCI Candy Chang's drug case, Charmaine was very shocked. Asked if she felt Candy damaged the Miss HK and MCI image? Charmaine said she does not want to comment too much: "It's hard to answer, leave it to the police. I read about the artists using drugs at the restaurant, but I have never been influenced into doing drugs. I'm already too busy filming series and I'm already skinny enough. If drugs get into the mix, I'm going to die!"

Candy Chang Involved in Drug Concealment Case, Acting Career is Over

Recently the 'smell' of drugs has been strong in the entertainment industry. Following five artists caught using drugs at Suki Tsui's husband (Kenny Wong) restaurant, yesterday morning former MCI Candy Chang and her boyfriend were linked to a drug concealment case. The police found 12 small packages of illegal drugs, suspected to be marijuana, in a van with Candy inside of it and she was arrested on the spot. Although Candy was released on bail yesterday, her acting career is most likely over because of this incident.

In the recent year, TVB has been heavily promoting Miss Chinese International (MCI) such as Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam and Candy, who is known as "Jing Jing" in the popular TVB drama The Hippocratic Crush. Next year, TVB had plans to cast her in the sequel The Hippocratic Crush II (THC2) as the second female lead and have her involve in a love triangle Him Law and Eliza. However, due to this drug concealment case, on one hand TVB pitied her, but on the other hand she basically destroyed her acting career because the reputation of an artist is heavily valued by TVB. Candy hasn't joined the crew of new series Master . Understood yet, but Virgina Lok is certainly going to replace her with someone else. In addition, Candy plays a doctor in new series THC2 and the crew is collaborating with the HK Hospital Authority (HA), so it is very likely Candy will be taken out of the case due to her damaged image. It looks like she is about to suffer serious consequences for her mistake!

Producer (Chan Yiu Chuen) expressed he will wait for TVB to notify him before he considers finding a new person. Asked if he's worried Candy's case may bring negative news to the series overall? He said: "Performance and the individual are two different things. Also, she hasn't started shooting yet. After all, we will just wait for more details before announcing anything!" THC2 producer (Poon Ka Tak) is not in HK, therefore was unable to comment.

After being detained for a whole night, yesterday Candy was released and left the police station. She reported to Virgina Lok and was immediately summoned to TVB City for a lecture. Last night, Miss Lok expressed she has already talked in detail with Candy for two hours and her father, a senior dubbing actor, accompanied her. Miss Lok said: "I know she's innocent. She was released on bail and the police is investigating now. (What happens to her new series?) Master . Understood, she is getting replaced because filming takes a whole month and in between, she will have to coordinate with the police on their investigation, so she cannot participate in it. (How is Candy feeling?) She used an entire box of tissues. (She met a bad person?) The driver was a friend of Candy's friend. (Pity her?) Innocence is innocence. The police is investigating! (Why does she have to go on hiatus?) Although she's a well-behaved girl and a Christian, she still has to show it to the public and audience. She is a hard working artist."

Eliza Sam participated in MCI the same year as Candy, yesterday she let out a 'wow' when she heard about Candy's case, "We met while running for MCI. My impression on her was she is a friendly and enthusiastic person. (How is she different?) I don't know how to answer this question. When we chat, we don't chat about those things! Drugs is not good and I hope it's not true. As for myself, I will not touch drugs nor will I get influenced into it. Usually after work, I go to Church. (There are a lot of artists involved with drugs lately!) I can't understand or read Chinese well, so I don't know."

Joe Ma was one the guest judges for MCI during Eliza and Candy's year. He said: "Is it confirmed? It's really hard for me to comment. We are all colleagues, of course I hope it's not true. I haven't collaborated with her before, but I saw her at one of the banquets and we chatted before."

Candy's partner in THC, Nathan Ngai, was very shocked when heard the news. He said: "My impression on her is she is very behaved. I rarely hear her talk about going to night clubs. She is a person that goes home every night. (Will you comfort her?) Yes, I will call her and ask her what's going on; if she's okay. Of course, I hope the incident isn't related to her, after all drug use shouldn't be happening at all." Him Law expressed he just got back to HK and is not sure of the issue. He expressed he cannot comment: "I don't personally keep in touch with her, but I think she's a very hard working girl."

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Raymond Cho does not want a Consolation Prize

Wayne Lai, Raymond Cho, Raymond Wong and Power Chan attended the promotional event for TVB series The Confidant held at a shopping mall. It was announced last week's TV ratings for the series averaged 31 points and peaked 36 points. The cast also tried to pull in more votes for themselves. Raymond Cho expressed he was upset that he didn't get nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' award, he admitted he was disappointed because he just hoped to participate and not because he wanted the award. TVB plans to add an "Outstanding Actor and Actress" award as a "consolation prize" to comfort those who weren't nominated, then will he attend? Raymond said uninterested: "Even if there are any more new awards, I won't attend. I never thought of taking this award either. If I go and I get nothing, then its the same thing. Let's wait until next year when TVB really does appreciates me!" Raymond said he was initially unhappy because he wasn't nominated at all, but now he has recovered: "I'm an adult, I don't want to go beg for an award back!"

It was said the "Outstanding" award was a consolation prize? Wayne said that's good and suggested the award should be divided by age and gender. Raymond Wong is happy to be nominated for TV King and just treating like he made it on the top 10, that is pretty good. Is he just accompanying the others in the race? Raymond Wong said his opponents are indeed very strong, but TV King is his next goal. When speaking of the goofs seen in The Confidant, such as the Stephen Chow's ex-girlfriend name "Yu Man Fung" appeared as one of the deceased eunuchs and a moving bus. He laughed and said before in Can't Buy Me Love, the tombstones had the director and producer's names; Netizens probably used a 70-inch large HDTV to be able see the bus.

Roger Kwok No Confidence for TV King, Hopes for a Miracle

Health product HERBS celebrated their 15th anniversary last night and invited their spokesperson Roger Kwok to their banquet. Roger brought his whole family with him, including wife Cindy Au and their two children. His eldest son, Brad Kwok, was very active and full of expressions on cameras, just like his father. Roger expressed he's usually busy with work and is rarely able to have dinner with his family. When asked how confident he is to grab the TV King title this year? Roger said he has no confidence, "I hope for a miracle! The public voting system is a new attempt this year. (Raymond Lam has so many fans?) I will actively try to more votes for myself. Just in HERBS, we have 100,000 members who can vote for me. I'll also tell my son to help me get more votes back at school. But I'll be flying over to Malaysia soon, because my role in Queens was nominated for an award. It is unfortunate my series aired so early in the year, in terms of momentum, it definitely cannot compare to the series that broadcasted later in the year, especially for Wayne Lai is very strong."

As for TV Queen, Roger said Kate Tsui and Tavia Yeung are the hot favorites, but he supports his partner from Queens of Hearts and Diamonds, Fala Chen. Roger expressed:" "I can see Fala has had major improvements in her acting and she put in a lot of effort into the series. Even if she loses, she won't be too behind in the number of votes."

Kate Tsui has Hope to Seize a "Double 8" - TV Queen & My Favorite Character awards

Last night, Kate Tsui and Alice Chan attended the magazine FLASHon party at W Hotel to celebrate their second anniversary. It was a star-studded party with many celebrities, singers, models and other well-known figures in attendance including TVB executive Virgina Lok, EEG chairman Albert Yeung and his daughter, Donnie Yen, Carina Lau, Hilary Tsui, Kary Ng, Aarif Lee, Janice Man, Kelvin Chan, Rosemary and many more.

Kate was accompanied by Virgina Lok the whole night, but Kate denied that she's being favored: "There are so many people in TVB, Miss Lok loves all of us. This time, the organizers invited both of us to attend together, but I know she loves me too. Tonight, I saw a lot of friends and will try my best to get more votes for TV Queen." She reveals she is number "8" on the "Best Actress" and "My Favorite TV Female Character" award nominations and joked 8 is a lucky number. At the party, Kate met martial arts superstar Donnie Yen, and got his vote for the TV Queen title.

Earlier it was said Kate going to become TV Queen for sure and got her competitor Tavia Yeung upset, therefore she didn't attend the TVB Anniversary Gala show. Kate said: "Of course not, nor can we believe those types of news. We all know Tavia got injured and TVB is really understanding, she should rest more."

Also, Alice Chan's first TVB series Friendly Fire is airing soon, she frankly expressed she feels a lot of pressure because she used a completely new acting style to portray her villian role, she said: "I'm so anxious to see the audience reactions!" As for the Christmas holidays, Alice said she and her husband are both busy with their own work, so they won't be able to celebrate together this year.

Ah Gil: Not Going to Edison Chen's Wedding

Yesterday Gillain Chung (Ah Gil) attended Metro Radio's Original Music Hot Singing 2012 and expressed her hope for Twins to take 5 big awards at the year-end Metro Radio Hits Music Awards. It was rumored Edison Chen proposed to his girlfriend? She stressed that has nothing to do with her, but she does send them blessings. If she was invited to his wedding, will she go? Ah Gil said firmly: "I won't go. Please don't link me and him together again." When speaking of TVB's intention to combine the four station music awards into one and end the JSG Awards? Ah Gil frankly expressed she supports the idea because that way she can save on the money she uses to get her hair done. Ah Gil's not afraid that their be more competition? She said: "No other choice, I still have to work nevertheless." Ah Sa's birthday was a few days ago, but Ah Gil said she wasn't in HK and didn't get a chance to celebrate with her.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kevin Cheng Earns Enough, No Fear of "Filling Shoes" for People

Yesterday Kevin Cheng and Ella Koon were ribbon-cutting guests at the watch brand TISSOT's grand store opening at a shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui. Since Kevin is now a popular actor in Mainland, there was a large crowd of tourists surrounding the location and jammed the mall. The event organizers gave Kevin and Ella watches as gifts. When asked if Kevin minds 'filling shoes' for someone? He laughed: "I'm used to it. If I didn't fill someone's third or fourth shoes for Ghetto Justice, then how will there be me today? Keep it coming. However, it turns out Huang Xiao Ming is the spokesperson for this brand, of course it would be most suitable if he came today. Unfortunately he's injured and so I'm filling in for him. I hope Xiao Ming gets well soon.

Earlier Kevin had an injury near his eye from shooting Mainland TV series Ip Man and had over 10 stitches. Yesterday, Kevin didn't have any noticeable scars, he said its not as noticeable because of the makeup. Also, there are no repercussions of the injury. He believes injuries are inevitable when shooting action films. When speaking of this year's TV King battle, Kevin is ready to lose: "I'm just there to help because this year I only had a month in HK. I don't dare to ask audience to vote for me. There is a good chance Wayne Lai may get it again." Asked about Ben Wong's anger towards TVB for giving him no nomination? Kevin said: "Hard efforts are not recognized every time. I had the same experience before. We're 20 years of good buddies, there is no need to comfort him."

Ella Koon spoke about the recent mistreatment of her dog, last week someone attacked her dog at the garden. She expressed next week her dog can remove the stitches, but he was critically wounded. She is currently planning to move "I hope the attacker will put down his knife and bring his conscience back out."

FACE Magazine reporters prohibited to enter TVB, Samantha Ko in a great mood

It was said TVB artist Samantha Ko relies solely on her 'relationship' with the boss Chan Kwok Keung to get up top and successfully 'kicked' Kate Tsui out. Once the report published, TVB quickly held a press conference for Samantha, where she clarified the rumor in tears. Kate and Samantha also made a second clarification on Scoop together. TVB decided to send out a lawyer's letter prohibiting the FACE magazine reporters from entering TVB City for interviews. In addition, the boss Chan Kwok Keung was very upset by the issue, therefore a SMS was sent out to all TVB artists, stating the FACE Magazine Issue#287 cover story is completely fabricated, which damages TVB's reputation and there are plans to take legal action against the magazine. Effective immediately, [FACE] reporters are not allow to participate in any of TVB's programs and events, Mr. Chan asked all of his artists to accommodate this new regulation until further notice. Although the message was clearly a "friendly reminder", nobody dares to disobey the imperial order. (image).

Reporters contacted TVB deputy director of foreign affairs, Mr. Tsang Shing Ming, to confirm if the "friendly reminder" message was sent to all TVB artists. He frankly expressed: "It's a personal message to the artists from the artists department. TVB will no longer tolerate fabricated stories and false reports. The main reason is because we must protect our artists' reputation and safeguard TVB's image." Samantha Ko thanked TVB for their defense, but she does not want to mention the issue again. Christine Kuo who had also emotionally broke down before due to false news, expressed: "I respect TVB's decision. (Do you think TVB only did something because the boss Chan Kwok Keung was one of the victims?) Of course not, before when the media invaded Vincent Wong and Bosco Wong privacy, TVB already took action. They have always protected their artists."

Yesterday Samantha attended an event in a great mood. When asked about the recent rumors with the TVB boss, she said she has recovered from it. She also exposed she has a rape scene in her new series Friendly Fire. When speaking of disappointing the audience, she laughed: "The rape is not the main focus. This time, there is lots of character development."

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mandy Wong Gave Up Relationship, No Distractions Working Towards Stardom

Some people can give up their career for love, while others believe career is more important than love! TVB young FaDan, Mandy Wong, had her boyfriend's support 5 years ago to participate in Miss Hong Kong and entered the industry from there. Due to her new unfixed work schedule, she and her boyfriend eventually had conflicts and after several attempt recoveries, the relationship had to be "certified".

MANDY: "I believe not many people can remember that I entered the industry through Miss Hong Kong. I remember that time, I didn't have much courage, it was my mother who encouraged me to participate in the contest. I didn't feel strongly about it at all and I was afraid my boyfriend wouldn't like it. However, he was actually very supportive, but I still had a lot of mix feelings while I was running for Miss HK. First, I wasn't someone in the limelight, I just focused on my own training. I was so silly to think, "don't let me win" because if I won, then I would have to give up my relationship. I basically didn't know how the entertainment circle is like. Everyone just has their attention on the popular contestants and I was considered the dark horse. Perhaps because that year they had a lot of dance performances and I had a dance background, so I was able to pick up faster than others and gain more confidence. The moment before the winners were announced, I kept telling myself, please don't say my name, but in the end Kayi Cheung won. I think it was well deserved for her because she has very high EQ.

Starts out Discouraged

After Miss HK ended, I entered the TVB Artistes Training Class, but I started out very discouraged. I saw the three Miss HK winners were dressed so beautiful, doing goodwill activities and gaining experience. It turns out this feeling I had was envy, I really envied them. I started from zero, and I began to think if I had won the title, I could probably get famous faster and my future in this industry will be brighter. Luckily, I quickly adjusted my mentality and soon after, TVB made arrangements for me to join the acting crew and officially start my acting career.

I started working day and night, my schedule wasn't fixed and I had less time to be with my boyfriend. I used to spend the majority of my time with him, but since the filming schedules were unfixed, I couldn't just leave work and go out to play. Slowly, we began having more conflicts and also my family financial issues got worse and worse. Although we tried to rescue the relationship, it eventually didn't work out. I thought to myself, not unless I quit! I felt very contradicting, the relationship was dragging for some time. I knew career and love cannot coexist, so I made a very hard decision, that was to end our 4 year relationship and focus entirely on my career. It is harsh, but I had no other choice!

Would Make Same Decision Even Had to Choose Again

Back to single life, I actually felt like I lost a heavy burden. I could concentrate more on work and didn't have as much to worry about. I didn't have to worry about [my boyfriend] being unhappy because I had a kiss/intimate scene with someone else. There was no longer distractions, I could concentrate more on my character, so even if I had to choose again today, I would have done the same thing, choose career over my relationship without hesitation. I'm not cold-blooded, I just think since I chose to pursue an acting career, I should focus entirely on it. I cannot let other things affect me. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment my work brings me, so I sacrificed my relationship and had absolutely no complaints because a relationship requires engagement by both parties. It is mutual accommodation, and not full of complaints!

In the past few years, I've been very lucky. I was given many good roles where I could really develop on, such as "Aam Chun Mui", "Kwan Yee So" and more recently, "Lai Sui Mui". To the audience, the roles gave off different feelings and seeing everyone discussing about it, whether if its compliments or criticisms, to me, it is all just opinions. This year I've been flattered as the hot favorite for "Most Improved Actress" award. Awards are important to artists because it gives us certainty, of course I hope to get it!

Thankful of Poon Ka Tak for "Aam Chun Mui" Role

Just in a blink of an eye, it has already been 5 years since I've debuted. Counting it all, I've been in many many series. Although I was never the first lead, many producers still treat me really well and give me a lot of opportunities. Just like producer Poon Ka Tak, he is definitely my "Pak Lok" (person identifying her talents) because he was the one who casted me in Suspects in Love, where I gained audience recognition for "Aam Chun Mui". Then it keeps going, like The Hippocratic Crush and Divas in Distress, I had lots of room to develop in both roles. Aside from work, we still meet to catch up. My relationship with him is like mentor and friends. When I encounter a problem I can't resolve, I ask for his advice."

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ella Koon Plans on Moving After Her Dog gets Stabbed Intentionally

Ella Koon's 3 year old sheltie, Barney, was stabbed in the stomach with a sharp object at the garden outside her home last Friday. Yesterday Ella and William Chan attended the FUJIFILM Instax Mini 8 event. When speaking of the awful intentional attack on her dog, Ella said angrily: "Barney was stabbed on his left side. The doctor said, luckily the wound was at the ribs, otherwise his intestines could have pierced through the intestines and stomach. Barney could have died on the spot. His wound was over ten inches long and he got several stitches. He's like Frankenstein now, blood was still gushing out from his wound, it's terrifying!"

Ella reveals 2 years ago, she had another dog who got white oil thrown on his eye. She believes its the same person doing these things to her dogs. When asked if it could be an enemy of hers? She said: "No, perhaps someone hates dogs. When strangers walk by, they would start barking, but no one had complained before. Because the big garden is a public area, basically there is no neighbors and no one lives there." Ella expressed she will discuss with her family first on whether she should call the police, but she does plan to move. "I will try to move out of there as soon as possible. I'm out in the open and the attacker is hidden, I won't know when they'll try to hurt my pets again."

Yesterday it was William's 27th birthday and tomorrow is his girlfriend Charlene Choi's (Ah Sa) 30th birthday , he expressed he already had a seafood feast to celebrate their birthdays. His mother and sister-in-law was there too. William expressed: "Because I know my mom and sister-in-law have the same birthday." Does his mom like Ah Sa? He did not answer, but he said they had a great time at the dinner. His mother didn't rush them to get marry, nor have they thought about marriage yet. William reveals he hasn't received a birthday gift from Ah Sa yet and his birthday wish is to have work every day and earn more money.

Ah Sa wrote on Weibo: "I entered the industry at age 17, today I'm already 30. Being 30 isn't considered anything, it is just the beginning. I'm still young and there are still a lot out there waiting for me. Release the horses over!"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ella Chen plays matchmaker for Hebe Tian

Taiwanese girl group S.H.E recently went on popular variety program Here Comes Kangxi to promote their new album The Flowers Are Blossoming Again.

During the recording, Ella Chen revealed that she is actively looking out for 'good guys' to introduce to Hebe Tian, the only member in the group who is still single.

Ella once spotted a suitable candidate at a dinner gathering. To everyone's surprise, the guy failed to recognize Hebe and even asked about her occupation.

Though the two were said to very compatible, Ella sighed, "It's still a passive situation right now. If there's any 'action', I'd definitely announce it."

"You revealed everything! I wouldn't dare to meet him now," Hebe exclaimed as her member spilled the beans.

The 29-year-old also lamented that her two happily married girlfriends often displayed their loving relationship with their husbands in front of her. She went on to describe how she would play with her phone, while the two wives sit on their hubbies' laps to have lunch.

Kate Tsui "Double Shoulder Attack" for TV Queen by Tavia Yeung & Niki Chow

Yesterday TVB announced the official nomination list of TVB Anniversary Awards 2012. At the press conference, most of the attention was centered around the all-citizen public voting system for the three awards Best Actor, Actress and Series. Yesterday Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung, Niki Chow, Ben Wong, Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam, etc. attended the press con. Lately Kate has been one of the hot favorites for the TV Queen title, but yesterday she was sandwiched between Tavia and Niki's "double slanting shoulders" (referring to their dresses). The TV Queen battle seems fierce. If Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu and Michelle Yim were at the event too, Kate most likely would suffer even greater pressure. As for the TV Kings, Moses and Wayne appeared quite relaxed, after all they have already gotten a taste of the TV King title before. Also since Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng weren't around, Wayne and Moses were just chatting cheerfully and joked around. However, the most interesting was Joe Ma, who was surprisingly nominated for Tiger Cubs despite having already left TVB, but Bowie Lam didn't get nominated for When Heaven Burns.

Kate is depending on her role "Chan Ka Bik" from Highs and Lows to compete for the "Best Actress" and "My Favorite TV Female Character" awards. She admitted she was quite surprised and currently feels distracted, but she does have confidence on this role, after all it did get very good response. She will be working hard in promoting and pulling in more votes. When asked if she's relying on the 'one second gang rape' scene to stand out from the other nominees? Kate expressed: "I hope people aren't just watching that one scene, they must watch the whole series. If its because audience feels sympathy or pity for Chan Ka Bik, I don't mind either."

The media teased that Tavia and Niki are using "slanted shoulders" to attack Kate, but Tavia laughed: "We cannot just depend on this to set the standard. My confidence is 50/50 and I'm not going to stress over the awards, but I cannot say I don't have a chance. (It was rumored she was absent from the TVB Anniversary Gala show because she already lost to Kate?) How can it be that predictable, but I was watching the show at home."

Aimee Chan Should Be Nominated For Supporting Role

Moses Chan's girlfriend Aimee Chan made it in on the nominations for Best Actress. However, Moses' partner from that same series, Maggie Cheung, already left TVB and was not part of the nominations. The public calls this into question, it would be more appropriate for Aimee to be nominated for "Best Supporting Actress". Moses expressed: "It is all involuntary for her too, TVB makes all the arrangements, artists are very passive. She wouldn't say that she must be nominated for lead actress. (Heartbroken?) No problem. In the entertainment circle, there will be people that like you and others that won't like you. Just as long as you do your best on your own part." As for the Best Actor nominations, Moses expressed he's just facing it calmly. He expressed Wayne and Damian Lau are the group with talents. As for Wayne, he joked and said he's part of the Idols group. He said: "Raymond Lam has so many fans, but there are different types of TV audience. We all have different selling points. Perhaps Kenneth Ma will have more professionals voting for him. It's a 50/50 surge!

Ben Wong: Just Doing My Best

Last year's Best Supporting Actor winner Ben Wong was not nominated this year for his outstanding role in Highs and Lows. Not only has Netizens been madly criticizing TVB, but even Felix Wong, Bobby Au-Yeung and Evergreen Mak has shown their support for Ben on Weibo. Yesterday Ben helplessly tried to "withstand" his disappointment at the press conference. He frankly expressed he was very shocked when he learned of the news: "You have to ask TVB, I am just doing my best. (Will you think of leaving?) I still have a contract with TVB." Last year's Best Supporting Actress winner Sharon Chan was not nominated either. She said: "I won't cry. Although I am a little disappointed, but I will continue working hard."

Raymond Lam Acting Like a Big Shot?

TVB executive Virgina Lok is part of the panel of judges, she strongly praised Ben Wong, his achievements is obvious to all and she did vote for him. Hopefully he'll make it on the nominations for Best Actor next year. Virgina expressed she will suggest to add a few more nominees to each category next year. It was rumored Raymond was acting like a bit shot and didn't take the large group picture at the anniversary night? Virgina said: "He was at the restroom. When they finished taking the pictures, he even stomped and asked why couldn't they take it again. (Because he's favored?) How could he dare? It's a public voting this time!"

Eliza Sam 3 Nominations

This year Eliza Sam is nominated for "My Favorite TV Female Character", "Best Supporting Actress" and "Most Improved Actress". Compared to last year's "goddess" Christine Kuo, who's only nominated for "Best Supporting Actress", Eliza has much higher chances. Could it be that this year is dominated by "goddesses"? Eliza laughed, "If I get the Most Improved Actress, I'll be satisfied enough. I do have confidence, but I'm not fighting for the award with Christine. It's just coincidentally, we were both nominated."

Rebecca Zhu's Pelvic Bone Shifting, May Affect Fertility

While at the TVB Anniversary Gala 2012's "Goddesses Falls for the Net" performance, all the attention was on Kate Tsui doing the splits in the air, but her teammate Rebecca Zhu injured her waist during rehearsal earlier and had to take several pain killers before she was able to do the actual performance. It turns out she's been tortured by severe pain in the past few days. Yesterday she rushed to get her injury treated with a specialist.

Yesterday at 4pm, Rebecca took her X-rays to Central and had the word "worried" written all over her face. She limped one step at a time to the business building to see the chiropractor. When reporters went forward to comfort her, Rebecca expressed because she made an appointment with the doctor, she must make it to the clinic on time and will accept interviews after.

Rebecca spent half an hour with the doctor and she appeared even more haggard after the visit. She expressed the doctor did physical therapy on her and also diathermy. She said: "The doctor helped me do a bone shift, I was really in pain!" It turns out since she injured her waist, she was holding in the extreme pain all along, but for the performance, she took several pain killers, anti-inflammatory pills and put on several analgesic patches in order to reduce the pain. The other night, the pain was so severe, tears started coming out. After discussing with her family and manager, she decided to get it treated yesterday.

Rebecca said: "Last night, I was in so much pain, I started crying. I went to get X-rays, and the doctor just said a part of my lower back bone is protruding. Actually it's an old injury, but the new injury discovered that one of my legs is longer than the other. Turns out its because my pelvic bone is shifting, so one side is higher than the other." She deeply understands that shifting of the pelvic bone could be serious and if not treated well, her fertility could be affected! She's only 24, so she's very worried. She said: "I'm very worried because I really want to have children in the future, I hope I'll be fine!"

English Name: Rebecca (Chu San Lai)
Age: 24
Measurements: 34,23,34.5
Debut: Known as the "Pirated Fala Chen" during Miss Hong Kong 2011. This year Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles is her first series. She gained recognition playing Kenneth Ma's wife.

Samantha Ko Sobs Clarifying She's Not In a Relationship with TVB's Boss

Today Samantha Ko was accompanied by TVB Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs (Tsang Sing Ming) at TVB City for a press conference regarding the recent magazine cover story reporting Samantha Ko had successfully "kicked out" Kate Tsui because TVB's boss Chan Kwok Keung is "romantically interested" in Samantha. It was reported she is now known as the "female boss" to everyone within TVB. Samantha came out to clarify how wronged she felt. She expressed in tears that every artist within TVB takes it one step at a time to get to where they are today, and they don't rely on relationships or anything. She was also grateful for Kate Tsui comforting her.

Samantha expressed she felt very unhappy about the report and denounced the report is not true at all, therefore she must clarify. She did not depend on relationships or connections to get to where she is at today and she does not hope all her hard work and future goes to waste because of these negative news. She is also afraid this would affect how the public thinks of her and her reputation.

She continued and said this is not her first time having false news written about her, such as buying new cars and homes or dating wealthy businessmen. It is all not true. As for the rumor that she and TVB boss Chan Kwok Keung are in a relationship, Samantha said: "I know he is the boss, but I have never been in contact with him before. Also, the report has affected my parents, they are worried. Just by this single fabricated report, we are all unhappy." At one point, Samantha felt so wronged she teared up, and stressed nobody at TVB is calling her "Lo Ban Leung" ("female boss", wife of the boss). She said: "I just feel shocked and wronged. Time after time, there are these fake stories. Actually I don't know how to explain it, I just feel helpless."

Mr. Tsang Sing Ming expressed: "Today TVB is formally taking legal action against that magazine publication and will be sending out a lawyer's letter demanding for their responsibility towards this issue. Also, effect immediately, all reporters from this magazine company are prohibited to enter TVB City and prohibited to interview artists in all TVB-related events until further notice." Mr. Tsang expressed this action is requested by the boss Chan Kwok Keung, "We must protect our artists and safeguard TVB's reputation and rights because it is all false and fabricated. We will not handle these situations like how we did in the past, taking legal action is hoping to discontinue fabricated stories/news. If we do not take action to stop this, these things will just go on and on."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Huang Xiao Ming falls from 3-metre height

Chinese actor-model Huang Xiao Ming suffered a comminuted fracture (in which the bone breaks into a number of pieces) in two toes on his left foot when he fell 3 metres during the filming of his new movie The Bride With White Hair 3D.

He was filming a fighting scene in the air when a sudden gush of wind derailed the wires off the crane, causing the actor to crash straight to the ground. The 35-year-old was unable to stand up after the fall. Though he was in pain, he was worried that the accident would affect the shooting schedule.

On the way to the hospital for emergency treatment, he tried to relieve the tense atmosphere by joking, “Don’t worry, I’m the God of War.”

X-Ray results showed that other than the two injured toes, his left arm and right knee also suffered a number of bruises. He was then transferred to a renowned orthopedic hospital in Beijing for further treatment. Xiao Ming showed no signs of head injury after a thorough examination, but he is currently still at the hospital for observation.

Despite requiring surgery for his foot injury, it is believed that he would choose a ‘safer’ treatment alternative as he is expected to be busy with movie promotions of his new films The Flying Guillotine and The Last Tycoon next month.

Xiao Ming’s rumoured girlfriend, Hong Kong model-actress Angelababy, was said to have cancelled her work schedule in Hangzhou so that she could stay with him in Beijing. The 23-year-old expressed her concern via her manager, “It’s shocking to hear about that [his injury]. I’m sure all his friends feel the same.”

Tavia Yeung & Kate Tsui Competing on Fashion Before TV Queen

The two TV Queen hot favorites Kate Tsui and Tavia Yeung attended an event together. In terms of the jewelry and dress, Kate's low-cut dress accompanied with nearly HK$5 million worth of jewelry defeated Tavia. Last night, Tavia was absent from the TVB Anniversary Gala show due to a leg injury. Yesterday she appeared at the event in high-heels and expressed TVB wanted her to rest more, so she was at home watching the anniversary show instead, which included the part where Moses Chan pretended to be her in Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles. She said: "That part was so funny. I saw Kate's part too. (Are you afraid your absence from the anniversary show may affect your chances for the TV Queen award?) Not worried, I will be actively trying to pull in votes." Tavia expressed she will definitely be attending the Anniversary Awards: "If there is an award to get, I'll crawl on stage if I have to!" She stressed there is no viscious competition between her and Kate. There is no awkwardness for them being at the same event.

Also part of the nominations, Charmaine She attended a separate event yesterday and said she watched the anniversary show too. She reveals she'll be back to shoot a TVB series next year. When asked if she has confidence to defeat Kate and Tavia, and get the TV Queen award again? Charmaine expressed: "Having confidence and winning the award are different things. They are both pretty good." When asked if she supports CTI getting a free-to-air license? Charmaine said: "Leave that to the government. (TVB published ads saying they need a stable environment?) This is business between two large companies. We shouldn't get involved, but as the audience, it's good to have healthy competition. But must have quality."

Aimee Chan was one of the TV Queen nominees, yesterday she expressed she is happy with whatever nomination she gets. When asked if she supports Tavia or Kate? She said: "Can I not choose? Wait until then! (Choose Moses Chan for TV King?) I like him too, but I really like Wayne Lai. (Not afraid Moses will be jealous?) I didn't say I won't vote for him."

Raymond Wong Boasts Kissed 90% of TVB FaDans

Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong and Whitney Hui attended the blessing ceremony of TVB new costume drama Master, Understood. Raymond and Priscilla has a relationship in the series and will have a bed scene too. Raymond expressed: "It's quite special." Priscilla expressed this is her second TVB series and she still hasn't given away her first on-screen kiss. When asked who she wants to kiss? She laughed: "I want to kiss 90% of the people in TVB." Raymond boasted expressing he has kissed 90% of the FaDans including Linda Chung, Kate Tsui, Sonija Kwok and Myolie Wu. He laughed: "There are many of the younger FaDans I haven't collaborated with. If its necessary for the story, I don't mind." Priscilla expressed she does not dare to kiss the actors who have families, but Raymond immediately told her to erase that thought, he said: "Why am I an actor? It is because I can jump out of the house."

Raymond Lam Temporarily Says Goodbye to the Stage

Raymond Lam is holding his concert A TIME 4 YOU on January 26th and 27th. This will be his fourth consecutive year in HK Coliseum. Yesterday the press conference for the concert was held with TVB and EEG executives there to support him.

Raymond's concert theme is time, although Raymond wanted to leave the audience with surprises, he revealed after he completes this concert, he will be taking a 1-2 year break from the stage. "Actually I already said I was going to take a break for two years already. also next year, I have several films I have to shoot and really can't make the time on my schedule." When asked if he's already got Virgina Lok's approval? Raymond laughed: "I just told Miss Lok backstage, she just laughed out loud 'haha' in response."

Aside from the schedule conflicts, Raymond added: "I will continue to be in the music scene and release albums, but I hope I'll be give more time to save up songs. Also, I want to take this opportunity to breathe and absorb some new knowledge."

Raymond hopes after he takes his break and if he does get more opportunities to hold concerts in the future, he will definitely bring new elements to his music fans. When speaking of Wayne Lai being one of the hot favorites for TV King this year, it was rumored TVB plans to give both the "Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer" and "Most Popular Male Singer" awards to Raymond as a way to comfort him on losing the TV King award. Raymond said he has not heard of this rumor, but he has heard the singer awards will be based on public vote.

Earlier Eliza Sam collaborated with Raymond on his mini film Love Charming One Minute was shown at the press conference. The director and Eliza personally attended the event to support him. Raymond said Eliza plays a female ghost in the mini film, but because she's not considered the terrifying type, her cheerful personality really fits the role. As for Eliza, she expressed she is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Raymond.

Ben Wong Angered at TVB: Where is the Justice?!

TVB announced the official nomination list for TVB Anniversary Awards 2012 today. Aimee Chan was nominated for both best actress and supporting actress, but Ben Wong, who seems to have a high chance of winning Best Supporting Actor again this year, was not on the nominations at all!

Ben Wong played the "Devil Cop" in Highs and Lows and his evilness was inhumane. On the discussion forums, Netizens predicted that this year's Best Supporting Actor would be a competition between Koo Ming Wa, Power Chan and Ben. However, it turns out Elliot Ngok, Ram Chiang and Jazz Lam were part of the nominations, but Ben wasn't. This means Ben has no opportunity to participate in this year's first public voting system.

Yesterday reporters contacted Ben in regards to this issue. He went from being shocked to upset, he said: "I'm really astonished, of course I'm disappointed! I don't know what the norm is, but this year the public voting is about fairness and public opinion, but now I'm not even nominated. Where's the justice?! If Poon Hok Lai (his role from Highs and Lows) don't qualify for the finals, then where is the justice?" Ben asked reporters if its because he's been promoted to lead actor that he's getting 'blocked'? He blamed: "If I'm not nominated for Best Supporting, then am I a lead actor? A producer once told me, I got the award last year, so I shouldn't compete this year! I just think if someone could get TV King twice, then how come the Supporting Actor can't?" Ben got more and more angered as he spoke: "Now my chances are gone just like that, I don't even have the opportunity to be in the competition. They didn't even give me a chance. If my Poon Hok Lai role can't make it on the top 10, then I really don't believe there is justice?"

Kate Tsui was just as shocked when she heard Ben didn't make it on the nominations, she said: "Huh?" Then added: "Whatever it is, we will fight for the Best Series award together! (Comfort Ben?) He's an adult, not necessary, he's a senior of mines! He understands!" Highs and Lows producer Lam Chi Wah expressed his disappointment that Ben wasn't nominated. He said: "I'm so shocked and disappointed. TVB's mechanism, I'm not too sure of, but actually we can't tell if Ben's role was one of the supporting roles or a leading role. I think he was in a leading role. We have all seen his hard work. The award is important, but the most important is what opportunities TVB will give him from here on!"

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