Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SECRET calls out “YooHoo” with their comeback MV

Fans are getting plenty of their girl group dosage this spring and joining the line up is SECRET, who has come back to say, ”YooHoo“, with their new title track from 3rd mini album ‘Letter from SECRET‘!

“YooHoo” is composed by the producing team Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum who are the masterminds behind the group’s previous hit singles. SECRET also teamed up with zanybros for their music video set in Saipan, promising another video worth replaying over and over!

Check out the music video below!

Macy Chan Says Goodbye to TVB, A New Beginning

32 year old Macy Chan ends her 6 year employment at TVB. Yesterday, the moment Macy left TVB, she stopped at the parking lot to take a picture for memories and left a message on Weibo: "Goodbye! Thanks for everything in the past 6 years! It's a new beginning." Back then, while Macy was working as a model, she was recommended by her manager to join MusicNationGroup. In 2004, Macy,Toby Leung, Elise Liu and Bella Cheung formed a group called "Girls Only Dormitory". The group launched one album Life is Beautiful. Macy later joined TVB and started filming TV series, but unfortunately her development was not ideal, but at least she met her current boyfriend Eric Suen. In 2011, Macy and Queenie Chu encountered a car accident while shooting a TVB travel show in Okinawa Japan. Macy was in the car crash and almost fell down the mountain. After the incident, Eric stood up for his girlfriend, denouncing TVB for neglecting their artists' safety. Many artists criticized TVB for their harsh treatment.

This time Macy's contract expired and she decided not to renew it, perhaps her decision is related to the previous car accident in Japan? However, it was also widely rumored that Eric intends to start a family. Maybe Macy is leaving the company because she wants to concentrate on being Mrs. Suen? Just as she said on Weibo: "A new beginning."

Macy expressed TVB gave her very good contract renewal terms, but she feels the need to reflect on her future because she's been with the company since 2004. She does not currently have any plans yet, but perhaps she will go see more of the outside world first. Her boyfriend Eric is very supportive of her decision.

Is her decision to leave TVB related to the fact that her on-screen jobs had been reduced over the last year? She expressed that is not the case. Although she does not film TVB series as often, she has participated in many variety shows. She also had many other outside jobs and opportunities to earn money such as being a MC at events. Will she consider other TV stations, such as Ricky Wong's HKTV? She stressed that thought has never crossed her mind. She wants to rest first.

Sire Ma's Maid Steals HK$3,000 from Bank Account, Sentenced 1 Month Jail Time

The Bullet Brain actress, Sire Ma, trusted her Indonesian maid and gave the maid her ATM pin number, so whenever she needs to withdraw money, the Indonesian maid could help her do so. Unfortunately, the Indonesian maid withdrew HK$3,000 from Sire's bank account for her personal use. Yesterday the Kwun Tong Magistrates' Court confirmed there were two cases of larceny and the defendant was sentenced to 1 month in jail. The HK$3,000 was returned to Sire Ma.

The defendant, 29 year old Ana Nurhasanah's lawyer disclosed Sire had already fired her. It all started in January when Sire hired the defendant. Sire gave her Hang Seng Bank ATM card pin number to the defendant, but she kept the ATM card herself and whenever necessary, she would give the card to the defendant to withdraw money on her behalf. On April 26th, Sire checked her bank statements and realized HK$2,000 disappeared, but the ATM card was still in her wallet. The next day, Sire discovered another HK$1,000 withdrawn from her account and this time, her ATM card was missing from her wallet.

Sire called the police on April 28th and got a WhatsApp message from the defendant. The defendant admitted she withdrew HK$3,000 from Sire's bank account. Police arrested the defendant and found Sire's ATM card under the defendant's bed.

Considers Rehiring the Defendant

Yesterday Sire accepted a phone interview, she expressed this incident happened several days ago. She said unhappy: "I'm living alone in Hong Kong. She worked for me for 3 months and handled all my daily necessities. I really trusted her. A month ago, I was too busy, so I asked her to help me withdraw some money, so she knows my ATM card pin number. I couldn't believe she stole my ATM card twice to withdraw money from my account for her personal use. The first time was HK$2,000, then she took another HK$1,000 and it was then I discovered my ATM card was missing. I asked her, but she did not admit it. I had no other choice but to call the police. She searched through my room and kitchen, she went through my clothes, handbag and makeup products. It turns out, she hid the card when I wasn't aware. I just feel very disappointed."

Sire believes many Hong Kong families hire maids. "We live in the same house; we have a close relationship, like family. I hope she learned a lesson from this incident. Stealing is a very stupid action, don't go and destroy your future. When she comes out, I will talk to her again. If she's willing to change, I will consider hiring her again. I know she has a [5 year old] son in Indonesia. If she doesn't have a job, that would be a huge financial impact on her. I hope I can help her. The most important is she cannot break the law again."

Difficult time getting out of character

In other news, Sire's current series Bullet Brain is suffering from heavy criticisms and the audience dislike her character. She said: "When I accepted this series, I already knew it differs from other TVB series. I didn't think too much, I just concentrated on my performance. My character went through several sudden and unexpected negative impact. There was one time, I had a difficult time getting out of character because I was too absorbed in the character. It was difficult emotionally. After I finished shooting this series, I took a month off, but I learned a lot from this experience and I have tried my best."

Monday, April 29, 2013

'Bullet Brain' Doing Poorly, Sire Ma: I Have No Regrets

Sire Ma, Wayne Lai and Natalie Tong's TVB series Bullet Brain has not been getting ideal TV ratings. Producer Lee Tim Shing frankly expressed he does feel unhappy: "I'll be lying to you if I said no! We reflected on this before, it turns out having the audience sit still and watch a TV series in 2013 is not possible. Even my TV series fans/friends have said they didn't understand [the story]. I just wanted to put my efforts into producing a new type of series, but the housewives miss a few episodes and won't understand what's going on. I won't blame anyone, I just feel a little unhappy inside. I told Wayne Lai and Pierre Ngo not to feel disappointed. (Old cat burns its whiskers?) I can't concede, traditional things, I don't know how to do."

As the artist, Sire Ma enjoyed the filming process: "I am inexperienced, but I try my best in every performance. The sentimental and action scenes were a challenge to me. I have no regrets. (The public wants to cut the series?) That is not my decision. I cannot control the TV ratings and the public's reaction." Wayne Lai expressed if everyone believes its not good, then do better next time. In the series, Natalie isn't selling her pretty face, rather her 'rotten face', she expressed Bullet Brain is a new attempt. She said: "Perhaps people like me as a well-behaved girl more, and its difficult for the audience to accept something new. It requires slow adjustment. There will only be improvements when there are criticisms."

Steven Ma Denies Looking Down On Evergreen Mak

Yesterday Steven Ma returned to TVB for the costume fitting of new series Property Protector (tentative title) along with Maggie Siu, Tavia Yeung, Evergreen Mak, Natalie Tong and the rest of the cast. Steven expressed he had already promised Catherine Tsang a year ago to participate in a series and plus this series is produced by Leung Choi Yuen, there will be even more chemistry.

Steven disclosed he'll be launching a new album at the end of June, and will be holding his first mini concert at the KITEC in July. He does not plan to invite any guest performers and the proceeds earned from the concert ticket sales will go to charity. "I've been singing for several years, but this is my first time holding a concert. I truly enjoy singing and will keep on singing." It was rumored there will be a new season of Apprentice Chef. Steven frankly expressed Catherine mentioned it when they were discussing the contract, but haven't gotten to the details yet. If time allows, he does have interest to be part of the new season, but the earliest is next year.

It was said Steven doesn't think Evergreen is qualified enough. Steven stressed he didn't make a face at Evergreen that showed disdain. They personally have a very good relationship and are very good friends. Evergreen also defended: "Crazy. We have a very good relationship. I will forever address him as '3rd brother', while addresses me as '2nd brother' (Their roles from Where the Legend Begins). Nobody can incite our relationship. I just laughed off the rumor when I heard it." He also expressed he feels happy having the opportunity to officially collaborate with his TVB Artistes Training class classmate, Maggie Siu.

Steven disclosed the initial plan was for him to come back and collaborate with Bobby Au-Yeung: "We were suppose to be in another modern series, but because of his health condition, they changed the plans and turned it into a pre-modern series."

Tavia Denies Relationship is in a State of Emergency

Tavia laughed and said in all of the series she collaborated with Steven in, they have never had a happy ending. This time, she hopes they'll have a happy ending. It was rumored Eliza Sam has intervened in her relationship with Him Law and now their 'sister-brother' romance is in a state of emergency? Tavia expressed: "Emergency? How so? That's nonsense. I understand the magazines don't have much to report lately, but I don't think 'capturing an affair' is a good wording to use." Tavia said she and Heung Heung are friends, the photos published on the magazine are just from the series. That day, the three of them were on the set, it was not "capturing an affair on the set" at all. The magazines came up with a story just by looking at the photos. Does Tavia have confidence in Him? "We get along happily. He is a person worthy of my trust. I just know that the emergency is I really have to go the restroom, I don't know what the so-called romance in a state of emergency is. (Does Him have feelings for Heung Heung?) I have a very good feeling on Heung Heung."

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Joel Chan proposed to Florinda again

After reports saying that controversial couple Joel Chan and Florinda Ho have patched things up, it was recently rumoured that the former TVB actor has lately proposed to his heiress girlfriend.

Asianpopnews website reported that according to a mutual friend, Joel, who rushed to London after hearing that Florinda was ill due to food poisoning, used the opportunity to woo her back by taking care of the casino heiress attentively.

The source reported that Florinda, softened by Joel's gesture, finally agreed to reconcile. However, the actor used the opportunity to propose to her again.

The source stated, "Joel proposed to Florinda and asked for a chance to take care of her for life. Florinda was moved and called her mother Ina Chan to discuss. However, Ina was strongly against their marriage and Florinda had no choice but to shelve the wedding aside."

It was alleged that Stanley Ho's third wife has reservations about Joel, but chose not to object for her daughter's sake. But after learning that Florinda has invested in Joel's fashion business, and has spent a lot of money on him, she was very supportive of Florinda's decision to end the relationship.

The source continued, "After hearing about the reconciliation, Florinda's mother has been calling her repeatedly and urging her to return home, but Florinda has turned a deaf ear to her mother's requests and even chose to ignore her calls."

Meanwhile, according to reports, this was not the first time in which Joel had proposed to Florinda. The ex-TVB actor has been proposing numerous times to Florinda for the two years they have been together, but was rejected as the latter felt that she needed more time to understand each other.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Actress Lee Si Young Makes National Boxing Team

Actress Lee Si Young finally achieved her dream!

On April 24 at the “2013 National Athlete Contest,” Lee Si Young won in the finals for the female 48kg category against boxer Kim Da Som. With this win, the final score reading 22:20, Lee Si Young has now become the first female celebrity to receive the title of Korean amateur representative boxer.

Netizens that heard this news admired, “I heard she practiced really hard,” “She did it!” “To represent Korea, that is amazing,” “She must feel so proud,” “This sounds like something that might happen in a movie,” “Congratulations!”

Meanwhile, Lee Si Young plans to gain weight and compete in the 51kg class for the “National Sports Festival,” which will take place in October this year.

SHINee Releases Full MV for “Why So Serious?”

SHINee has released the full music video for their latest single, “Why So Serious?” today, April 26. It was revealed that the dance was choreographed by the world-renown Devin Jamieson and it takes on the the concept of “romantic zombies.” SHINee has also released the full album of “Why So Serious?- The Misconceptions of Me” at the same as the music video.

The group’s third album’s second half, which is titled ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me‘, has been released containing a total of 9 tracks. This is a continuation from their first part of the album, which was titled ‘Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You‘, and is geared to show you a bit of a transformation compared to their “Dream Girl” promotions.

Jay Park releases MV for “Welcome”

Jay Park has just released the music video for “Welcome“! Although it’s his birthday, he decided to gift his fans with a music video full of eye candy.

Jay’s comeback single album contains the title track “JOAH”, in addition to two coupling tracks, “1HUNNIT“, and “Welcome” for a total of three songs that covers the genres of R&B ballads to hip hop. He’s released “JOAH” and “1HUNNIT” already, and he’s back with the final MV for “Welcome”!

Joyce Tang to marry boyfriend in late 2013

The Hong Kong actress is expected to tie the knot with her non-showbiz boyfriend end of this year
After two failed relationships with actors Marco Ngai and Derek Kwok, Hong Kong actress Joyce Tang will marry with her non-showbiz boyfriend end of this year.

According to the Hong Kong media, Joyce met Matthew Chu, a Canon employee, in 2011 through a mutual friend. The couple began dating after Matthew's hot pursuit.

However, Matthew was later exposed to be two-timing Joyce and was discovered to be in relationship with a girl whom he has been seeing for years. Deeply in love with Matthew, Joyce readily forgave her boyfriend after he apologised to her.

It was said that Joyce, who wants to settle down soon, immediately said yes when Matthew proposed to her early this year. After confirming the good news a few days ago, the couple currently has their hands full preparing for their wedding which is expected to be held this year-end.

Fans are happy to know that Joyce will finally be settling down after her past two controversial relationships. The Hong Kong actress dated Hong Kong actor Marco for nine years before the latter was caught cheating with a Chinese university student. In her second relationship with Derek, Joyce was labeled as the third party after reports revealed that Derek actually has a wife and a child.

Jazz Lam Opens a Second Cafe, Gives Out Buns & MilkTea to Elders

Last year Jazz Lam and director Tony Tang made a 7 figure investment in opening Lung Fung Cafe in Tai Hang. Earlier this year, they opened another one in Wan Chai. To contribute back to society, Jazz will personally prepare his signature food items - scrambled eggs, pineapple buns and milk tea -- every Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5pm to 6pm from April 25th until the end of the year (Dec 31st). Yesterday it was his first day of dispatch and his good friend Natalie Tong went to help him. He initially planned to start the service at 5:30pm, but an elder woman as already standing outside the door waiting at 5pm. Jazz invited her in and instructed the kitchen to cook up the signature dishes for her to enjoy.

He said: "I prepared 100 pineapple buns and milk teas, but perhaps we didn't do enough promotions, we just had a sign up on the door, so today there was only a handful of elders that came. I'm afraid people may misunderstand and think I'm trying to promote Lung Fung Cafe, but actually I just hope to contribute a little back to society." Some people questioned whether his selling of milk tea in the evening caused the elders to have trouble sleeping. However, there were other residents that left him with cash to show their support. Natalie expressed Jazz is like her big brother, so whenever she has time, she would go help him out.

Moses Chan Buys HK$33million Single Family Home, Ready to Marry Aimee Chan

Moses Chan has been dating Aimee Chan for almost two years, and is often doing things to please her. Earlier Moses flew all the way to Malaysia just to visit her while she shoots TVB series Outbound Love. Moses expressed he is someone with a "stable nature" and "enjoys buying homes that holds value". Moses is currently living in the Bellagio located in Sham Tseng, where he cohabits (rumored) with his girlfriend. However, he's still renting that unit. Last year he started the search for a new home, targeting the beautiful Hong Kong island district, but unfortunately things did not work out. According to yesterday's news from the real estate industry, Moses already made the decision to buy a HK$33 million (~ HK$8,086 per sq ft) single family home (4,000 sq ft) in The Beverly Hills located in Tai Po; paving the road for his marriage.

Since Moses and Aimee started dating, the couple had always paid special attention to their privacy. Last November, a bystander spotted the couple on their secret vacation in France; their picture was taken while they were at the Le Louvre (Paris Museum) and was posted online. However, their trip was considered top secret. Also, the paparazzi captured Aimee feeding Moses in the house. This time, Moses found a luxury single family home, the paparazzi will no longer be able to capture them on camera that easily.

Last night, Moses responded over the phone. He avoided the question of whether he bought the home in preparation to marry Aimee. He said: "Yes, today I did go look at homes, but I don't want to comment too much now. (Buying a new home in preparation for marriage? Plan to use the home as investment or living?) Buying a home is planning for my future. Whether the home is used for investment or living, that is part of the scope of my plans and the reason why I'm buying a home. After all, I'm using it for myself!"

Fala Chen to Study in the US, Won't Sign a Long Contract with TVB

It's been a while since Fala Chen appeared in public. Yesterday she attended an event with singer Jolie Chan, model Irene Wan and artist Ronan Pak. When speaking of the rumor that Fala is fussing over her expiring contract and isn't willing to renew her TVB contract? She said her old contract was signed back when she participated in MCI and it expires in May. She is currently still discussing with TVB and its going smoothly, but she expressed the contract has nothing to do with her being pregnant or frozen by the company. Fala expressed: "I hope to collaborate with TVB in a different way. Since entering the industry, I've been filming TV series straight and haven't had a real break. I'm currently thinking of my next steps to take. I want to go for additional studies, and have already registered for a summer course in the U.S (You won't be working anymore?) We aren't allowed to study? It is necessary for an artist to increase his/her value too."

Fala added that the most important is a comfortable collaboration. She grew up in TVB, it is about the relationship and the nature of work, not the contract terms/conditions or how long the contract is. Asked if there are other companies asking her to join them? She laughed: "Nope, but I probably won't sign with ATV. (Work in Mainland?) Someone has asked me to shoot a TV series there, but my company has arrangements for my work in Mainland. I hope to have good news for you all."

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kenneth Ma Enjoys Watching TV Series with Mother

Kenneth Ma is the spokesperson for TVB Network Vision (TVBNV), a network servicing TVB Pay Vision and satellite TV. The staff arranged an elder, middle-aged and young woman to work with this "seun poon" on the promotional clip. During filming, a mother (an Extra) suddenly held onto Kenneth's hand and looked at him deep in the eye, which left Kenneth in embarrassment. Kenneth said: "I actually enjoy waching TV series myself. My mother likes watching too. I installed TVBNV at home too, so my mother could enjoy the series and sometimes I watch with her after work. (Accompany your future other half in watching series?) If I have a girlfriend in the future, I'll install TVBNV for her too, so even if I can't be with her, she can just pass the time by watching TV first."

Ella Koon: I Have 'Man Disease'

Last year Ella Koon joined Warner Music and has been heavily promoted to become the 'First Sister' at the company. Ella launched her first plug So In Love since joining Warner and invited Khalil Fong and FAMA's C-Kwan to help her produce the song. When speaking of her new song, Ella is pleased to have her career and love life going smoothly. She revealed her new company customized this song for her. "The song is about a female just like me, busy with her career, but still wishes to be in love. My company feels I'm full of love and that the market is really receptive to love songs."

Ella has already been dating her doctor boyfriend for over 4 years and is still in a stabled relationship. Ella frankly expressed she enjoys taking care of her partner more than being taken care of. She claimed she's more like the boyfriend: "I am not a clingy girlfriend. Actually I think I'm more like the boyfriend rather than the girlfriend. I don't check my boyfriend's phone and usually girlfriends complain that their boyfriends don't call them enough, but I don't do that. I'm so busy, I practically forget to carry my phone around with me." Reporters teased she's not a typical 'HK Girl'. Ella refuted: "I am a HK girl! My native language is Cantonese, HK is my home. ('HK Girls' are usually very self-absorbed and have princess disease!) Well I don't have princess disease, but I think I possibly do have 'man disease', haha!"

Ella studied in Europe before and the public has always regarded her as a Western girl, but when speaking of marriage, she is very traditional. Ella said: "When I get married in the future, it's going to be extremely simple. The Chinese wedding dress and tea ceremony are must haves. Even if I have to wear a golden pig necklace with my wedding dress, I can accept it because I personally love Chinese culture. I'm proud to be Chinese." But Ella is currently advancing in her career, thus she does not have plans for marriage yet. she hopes to focus on her career first.

Kate Tsui to Co-Star Dayo Wong in New Series, Feels Stressed & Can't Sleep

Kate Tsui attended the Hunter Pop Up Store event, where she showed off her beautiful long legs. Chrissie Chau was also at the event, but only had a small "career line" cleavage, which instantly stole Kate's limelight. Kate did not mind at all, she laughed: "She had always been sexier than me. I'm not the sexy type anyway!" She expressed Chrissie looks slimmer than before: "She used to be very well-shaped, but that does not mean she's not beautiful now. She's still very beautiful! (She doesn't have a boyfriend!) I don't have one either, but I'm so big!" Kate laughed and said she'll be starting a new series with Dayo Wong soon, and by then she'll get thinner and thinner. "When the time comes people will probably pity me, a pitiful piggy!" Kate disclosed she went for costume tryouts earlier and couldn't sleep. "I'm collaborating with Dayo Wong. I'm rarely in comedies, so I really don't know what to do and feel really nervous. I couldn't sleep. Actually earlier when I was on break and went on vacation to England, I watched his stand-up comedy show there. I'm also watching his War and Genders and Your Hired! I thought I could do some homework first. I really feel stressed! (Dayo said he wanted a kiss scene with you!) That's so embarrassing! He said that? We're professional artists, that's fine!"

Kate said she didn't have any one-night affairs during her trip in England. "When I was in England, the Boston Terror happened. I was alone in a foreign country, any stranger who comes close to me, I was afraid. After all, I just dashed away when I see strangers. I'm afraid of danger. What if I couldn't come back to HK? I still have to take care of my parents."

Natalie Tong Locks Herself in Bathroom 180 minutes: "I Wanted to Die"

Natalie Tong had always had the gentle and refined image, but this time she has a breakthrough in TVB series Bullet Brain. She plays Detective Columbo's (Wayne Lai) first love, "Mui Mui". Last week on the series, Natalie appeared like a female ghost dressed in red and coupled with her Schizophrenic behaviors, the audience felt the chills, but many have praised the major improvements in her acting.

Natalie revealed in order to get into character she locked herself up for 180 minutes: "Mui Mui was trapped in a dungeon for 3 years, but I personally never had that kind of experience in real life. I tried locking myself up in the bathroom. After the first half hour, I already felt like I wanted to die. I didn't know was going on in the outside world, I had a lot to think about while in the bathroom. This role has such a miserable background."

"Mui Mui" is 41 years old, but Natalie is only 31 in real life, so in order to convince the audience, she relied on the costumes and 'sacrificed' a little. She laughed: "I used glue to create a lot of wrinkles. My costume really helped a lot, allowing me to get more into character. (Glue really damages the skin though?) Indeed, I got a few more wrinkles after. It took me two hours to do the makeup and then I had endured through a whole day of filming. The crew tried their best to let me slack one day, just film two scenes and then I could go rest." Asked if she has the courage to portray an older role again? Natalie sighed and then laughed: "I really don't know. I dare not to think about it."

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sire Ma rubbishes suicidal rumours

"Bullet Brain" actress Sire Ma recently dismissed rumours of her weird behaviour at the set of the TVB drama, after several sources claimed that she has been showing signs of suicidal tendencies.

Jayne Stars reported that the actress, who plays a character that was deceived by the man she loves, had to film various crying scenes and found herself in an uncontrollable state of mood swings. The result, as it was reported, was tendencies to behaving weirdly and alleged suicidal thoughts.v A crew member recalled, "There was a scene in which Sire had to cry near the sea. However, she cried continuously even after the camera stopped rolling. Once she walked nearer to the water while murmuring to herself, that a crew member had to pull her away before any mishaps occurred."

The crew member continued, "A week later, Sire shot a scene that required her to cry while driving. She banged her head against the steering wheel many times, although the director already said it was not needed. When official filming started, there was already a huge bruise on her head. The scariest part was when she suddenly whispered to me, 'I don't belong in this world....There is no point in staying here!'"

On 20 April, the actress dismissed rumours of a suicidal tendency, stating that it was just a mood disorder and added, "Many people have mood disorders. It's not a big deal! I went on a vacation to the United States earlier, and my mood is better now!"

When asked why she banged her head against the steering wheel without following the script, Sire said, "I had a lot of screen time in the drama and I wanted it to be realistic."

Joel Chan and Florinda Ho make up

After making the decision to chase after his lady love to London last week, it was rumoured that Joel Chan and Florinda Ho have finally rekindled their relationship.

Jayne Stars reported that on 12 April, Joel set off to London boarding a Cathay Pacific flight, allegedly after borrowing money from friends for his airfare.

It was also reported that the former TVB actor also arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport by the Turbo Jet flight from Macau, and directly checked in to his flight through the custom terminals at the pier in order to avoid the paparazzi.

After learning that the heiress has been suffering from food poisoning during the last few days, Joel immediately took her to see the doctor and was seen running errands for Florinda around the city.

Touched by his gesture, sources revealed that the casino heiress has already forgiven Joel and they are now back together.

One of the sources claimed, "It was Vincent [mutual friend] who contacted Joel about Florinda's food poisoning. Vincent also came up with an excuse to go back to Hong Kong so Joel could come to London to take care of her."

Eric Tsang personally invites Charmaine Sheh back to TVB

The veteran Hong Kong artiste reportedly hosted a dinner to persuade Charmaine Sheh to return to TVB
Eric Tsang and TVB executive Norman Leung reportedly hosted a dinner to invite Charmaine Sheh back to TVB.

According to the Hong Kong media, Eric continued his series of 60th birthday celebrations by hosting a dinner at a hotel two days ago. It was said that although Eric invited Charmaine to celebrate his birthday together with him, his actual intention was to persuade her to renew her contract with TVB. The other guests included other Hong Kong big names such as Michael Miu, Alex Fong, Lawrence Ng, Eddie Cheung Siu-fai as well as other TVB executives, and they all took turns to coax Charmaine into returning.

As both her mentor and longtime friend, Eric said he sincerely hoped that Charmaine would return to TVB. Charmaine was previously invited to a TVB special in celebration of Eric’s 60th birthday, but the actress turned down the invitation.

Charmaine was under TVB for 14 years and her shows never fail to bring in high ratings for the company. After her last TVB drama 4 in Love two years ago, Charmaine left TVB and shifted her focus to mainland China’s entertainment industry instead.

As Charmaine’s management contract with China’s Creative Entertainment ended last month, HKTV, NowTV, Emperor Entertainment Group and others have been vying to take her under their wing. In the face of strong competition, TVB has reportedly been desperately trying all means to recruit her.

An insider revealed, “Charmaine still owes TVB one drama, and initially we wanted her to act in You're Hired 2 alongside Dayo Wong, but the filming period didn’t fit with her schedule.”

Meanwhile, sources revealed that TVB intends to cast Charmaine in an upcoming drama which stars the four-time Hong Kong Film Award winner Tony Leung Ka-Fai. Filming is expected to begin in January next year, and talks with Charmaine are ongoing.

The actress confirmed yesterday, “We are still at the initial stage of discussions. I have always wanted to act with Tony Leung. As long as my schedule allows, I will definitely agree.”

Vivien Yeo's Sister Gets Carjacked in Malaysia

TVB actress Vivien Yeo is from Malaysia, recently she has been shooting new series Outbound Love in her hometown. She planned to take the opportunity to visit her family while she's there, but her mother and sister encountered an unfortunate event! Yesterday at 1AM, Vivien expressed on Weibo that her mother, sister and nephew were driving out to Johor Bahru, where they encountered a carjacker! Her sister was injured from the carjacking. Vivien said: "That afternoon, my sister, mother and nephew were driving and were very unfortunate to have encountered a carjacker! My sister was injured."

Vivien disclosed the crime happened at the Bukit Indah center in Johor. To catch the carjacker, Vivien posted the model of her sister's red car, her sister's Facebook, urged friends to spread the news and hope her Malaysian friends can help find the carjacker. Later, a friend informed her that they discovered her sister's car at another location. She said: "The carjacking happened at Bukit Indah Jusco, a friend on Facebook just told me they saw the car near Pelangi. Friends in Malaysia, please help me spread the news. I hope to find her car. The model is a BMW coupe, license plate PKL 8363. Please help. Thanks."

Although Vivien's sister's baby was not in the car at the time of the carjacking, Viven was still extremely angry. She said: "Fortunately the baby wasn't in the car, otherwise I really don't know what to do. At the time, my sister was in the car. The carjacker shouted at her, demanding her to jump out of the car. I am extremely angry. Is there still justice?" The incident has caught a lot of attention, many fans angrily criticized that the unlawful behavior is ridiculous. As for Vivien's Malaysian friends, they also expressed the public security in Malaysia has gotten worse. When speaking of a news about a mother killed from protecting her daughter, Vivien felt extremely heartbroken: "Why has it become like this?"

Yesterday at 11AM, Vivien posted on Weibo again. Still no new updates, but she did not forget to thank her friends' help and reminded the local citizens to be cautious when going out. She said: "My family and I are very thankful for all of your help. Here, I want to remind everyone to raise the level of alertness and be careful out there, especially for females, avoid going out alone. Here, I wish everyone a peaceful daily life." Fortunately Vivien's sister is fine now, she said: "I was not at the scene, but she is fine now. We have already reported the case to the police."

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Joel Chan owes ex-wife alimony

Another rumour surfaced regarding Joel Chan and Florinda Ho's breakup, with sources claiming that the former TVB actor has been struggling with enormous debt after the actor paid a hefty separation fee to ex-wife.

According to Asianpopnews website, Joel Chan, who was rumoured to have been driven out by Florinda due to his massive credit card debts recently, allegedly owed his former wife, Ponny Yeung 18 months of alimony.

The actor, who reportedly forked out HKD500,000 of separation fee to Ponny to sign the divorce papers immediately, had earlier agreed to pay her a regular sum of alimony monthly but has failed to do so.

Rather than working diligently to build his career, Joel spent his time dating the rich heiress, and led a lavish lifestyle that includes high-class dining, luxury beach resorts getaway and using branded products.

A source alleged, "Joel always acted very generous towards Florinda, and often treated her to romantic dinners and lavishing her with branded gifts. He even accompanied Florinda around the world."

However, his over-spending caused him a massive debt and an alimony that has yet to be paid.

The source added that the controversy affected not only the couple but also his ex-wife, and disclosed, "Ponny has had enough over the last two years and dare not even visit her mother now [due to the recent headlines]."

Ekin Cheng wants to try for a kid

The Hong Kong actor, who previously rejected the idea of having kids, has finally agreed to try for a baby. To the delight of his wife Yoyo Mung, Ekin Cheng has finally agreed to try for a baby after previous mentions in several interviews that he is against the idea of having kids.

Yoyo, who had echoed Ekin’s words by saying that “giving birth is a nightmare” and “being pregnant for 10 months is like being jailed”, is reportedly thrilled about her husband’s change of mind.

Sources revealed that the actress has always wanted to a mother and often rants to her good friends about her worries on being an older mum. The actress is also concerned that she would have to give up the thought of having a baby in one or two years’ time as she is already 39.

An insider said, “It wasn’t easy to convince Ekin, who never intended to get married, to settle down. It’d be even more difficult to persuade him to have children.”

“His temperament is like a kid’s. The more you ask him to do something, the more he would refuse to do it.”

Aware of her husband’s personality, Yoyo has never mentioned her baby-making plans to him since they tied the knot in January. Instead, she gathered their friends, including the person who successfully persuaded him to get married, for a meet-up where they ‘tested’ his reaction.

Yoyo’s friend suggested that it would be fun to have children to play games and sports with and that it would be good to have someone to look after the couple when they are older. To their surprise, Ekin answered saying that “it is okay to try” when the actress asked him for his opinion on having kids.

It is believed that she has been making regular visits to the Chinese physician to strengthen her body in preparation for pregnancy.

Lynn Xiong rumoured to have two-timed Aaron Kwok

A new twist has developed in the love triangle between Aaron Kwok, Lynn Xiong and Christine Kuo – Lynn is rumoured to have two-timed Aaron during their seven-year relationship by secretly seeing a tycoon whom she met at an overseas event.

Sources revealed that Lynn had announced the break-up with Aaron in a bid to avoid being labelled a “betrayer”, indirectly making herself a “victim” of the split.

The frugal model-actress is said to have become increasingly materialistic after she gained recognition as a top model due to her status as the heavenly king’s girlfriend.

According to media reports, Lynn first met the billionaire tycoon early last year. The 32-year-old reportedly did not reject his advances as he fulfilled her material wants and promised to give her a “status”. An insider said, “Though she was still in love with Aaron, she wanted to give herself more options, especially when she needed money as her dad was very ill at the time.

“I heard that the tycoon helped her quite a bit.”

Lynn was believed to be moved by Aaron when he promised to marry the model after her father passed away in January. However, she was left disappointed as the singer repeatedly used his concert tour as an excuse to postpone the marriage plans.

Sources claimed that it is during this period of time that Aaron learned of Lynn’s relationship with the tycoon. He is said to have stopped answering his girlfriend’s calls for a month until his tour ended when he initiated the break-up.

On the other hand, Christine, who has been accused as the third party that came between the couple, recently bought a unit in the same apartment building as Aaron’s mum. Her thrifty and easy-going personality has also apparently won her the likes of the singer’s mum, his friends and even his manager Xiao Mei, who arranged the VIP seats for her during the concert.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Curious Little Linda Chung Flies Out of Car Frightening Grace Wong

Grace Wong and Linda Chung are good friends, one is active and the other is quiet. In real life, their personalities are really flipped around! The normally gentle Linda shared her most naughty incident that happened during childhood - she flies out of the car! Grace was so frightened, she shouted calling Linda crazy! As for the usually active Grace, she actually very meticulous in her daily life. In real life, the two have completely different personalities, which is really fascinating and interesting!

Met at a Stage Performance

Grace: Baby, do you remember how we met?

Linda: I remember we were at an awards ceremony in Mainland. You were doing warm ups and the splits on the floor before your dance performance. I went over to you and said I'm really nervous, but you said to me: "You actually get nervous?"

Grace: That was about 4 years ago, I looked at you, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam and Myolie Wu, I just couldn't believe you guys would get nervous at all. I still remember that time you had the microphone in your hand and was shaking. I thought you were really cute!

Linda: I don't remember what we chatted about that day, but you gave me a very positive impression, very real, very much like a Western girl and someone who would be a good friend.

The Laid Back Image

Grace: Then we became more and more familiar, and started going to each other's houses!

Linda: Actually, I really want my house to be clean like yours! Because I'm not a good organizer, my house is a mess....

Grace: But I really like how you are. When I'm at your house, you have your glasses on and your hair tied up. Very awesome and real!

Linda: On the contrary, when someone goes to your house, you have to look prettier, gentle and neat! As for me, I would have my PJs, T-shirt and some other strange looking clothing on! Even if the delivery man came to my house, I would open the door looking like that!

Grace: (*Laughs loudly*) Then did they ask you if you were Ms. Linda Chung?

Linda: Actually no! I don't know why I didn't think about that! One time it was even funnier when I was doing facial. The facial lady said to me: "Usually when artists come to do facial, they came neatly dressed and their clothes would be hanged up neatly, but why do you leave your shoes lying around? I think you are a pretty true person!"

Grace: Actually when I go to your house, you are very laid back. I actually think that's pretty comfortable. I can sleep or crawl where ever I want. I could laugh or cry if I wanted to. I don't have to have a formal dinner with you!

Linda: Being a friend, the most important is to take off the mask, comfort is the most important!

Flies Out of the Car

Grace: Do you remember we chatted until 3am one night?

Linda: That time we were talking about our childhood. When I was 10, my mom was driving and I was sitting in the back seat. Out of curiosity, I asked her: "If I opened the door, what happens if I fly out?"

Grace: (*Couldn't-Believe-It* Look) You crazy!

Linda: Because I wanted to see what the feeling was like, so I really opened the door and of course I flew out. I ended up having bruises all over my body from all the rolling and a mouth full of sand and stones!

Grace: Have you used this experience in acting?

Linda: (*Laughs loudly*) Not yet, haha! Actually I'm pretty brave!

Grace: You are! But did you not like to talk to people before?

Linda: Before I entered the industry, I had a lot to say, but I turned autistic after entering. I slowly began to find myself again! Also I'm more familiar with this industry now and I'm starting to have more confidence. I don't have as much to think about as before, I'm just being myself and I don't need to worry whether people accept me or not because each one of us are very special!

Grace: Actually learning to like your unique characteristics is something very difficult. Many people like to compare themselves to others. Actually if every individual can just be themselves, then this would be a beautiful world. Just like a beautiful garden. If each flower is the same, then wouldn't that be really boring? Instead, if there are some bigger or sharper flowers around, then that be perfect!

Linda: Did anything crazy happen when you were a kid?

Grace: I'm not as crazy, at least I didn't fly out of the car! My naughtiest thing was going out to party, but now I'm much more behaved now!


At the end of the interview, Linda recalled her first impression on Grace. One time in the makeup room, Grace was so loud, Linda couldn't refrain herself from having the "O" expression on her face. She said: "You were incredibly loud, but then I later realized you were chatting with the Miss HKs of your year!" When Grace heard this, she wasn't upset, but laughed out loud instead: "That time I was talking to Kayi Cheung and Lorretta Chow in English! Nowadays when I see the new Miss HK or MCI talking so loudly in the makeup room, they remind me of the time when I just debuted, haha!"

Lawyer Wrongly Blesses Raymond Lam & Karean Ng, Causes "Marriage" Misunderstanding

Raymond Lam and his 19 year old girlfriend Karena Ng are often spotted together on movie dates and they went traveling together 3 times in a month. This couple is always sticking together and very sweet. Raymond often brings her out with him to friend gatherings and introduce his girlfriend to friends. Karena has even met Raymond's parents before, while Raymond is at a marriageable age. The elders often rush him to get marry. Yesterday Lawyer Lam, works as the head at the Paul W. Tse China Legal Services Centre posted a sweet photo of the couple and wrote: "Raymond and Karena, [my] blessings to you." Raymond had a white dress shirt and Karena dignified dressed with a sweet smile. Lawyer Lam was standing behind the couple in the picture. Reporters contacted Paul Tse, asked if Lawyer Lam was helping Raymond and Karena handle their marriage arrangements? Paul Tse expressed: "No because Lawyer Lam does not handle marriages, he is responsible for Chinese law, usually helps artists work their Mainland work." What a beautiful misunderstanding.

Karena attended the store opening of fashion brand Chloe. When asked what her boyfriend likes to wear? She sweetly said: "Light colors, suitable for his age. Usually I do help him pick clothing, I like him in suits because looks formal. (Who likes to look pretty more?) We are not considered pretty boys/girls." Recently there has been a lot more 'third parties' around, will she watch closely of her boyfriend? She said: "I trust him. He's very well-behaved, I told him to watch what he's eating and he's listening to me. After work, he goes back to rest. (Mandarin girls are very initiating?) Worrying so much can get difficult."

When speaking of Raymond's ex-girlfriend Mavis Pan showing off love by posting photos of her and her boyfriend? Karena expressed she heard about it, but she does not know her. She has only seen her once before and has no comment. She said she will not post photos on Weibo: "I won't post pictures of us two on Weibo, but there are large group pictures. We usually get photographed a lot, so why would I put them online. (Bed photos?) Of course not, scenery photos are much more meaningful."

Friday, April 19, 2013

Eric Tsang apologises for wild bash

Eric Tsang recently apologised for his conduct and for his friends' behaviour during the wild party he organised for his birthday. The actor was criticised for spoiling the image of the children-friendly Hong Kong Disneyland because of the event.

According to Asianpopnews website, while attending a Caring for Children Foundation's Sesame Street musical publicity event on 16 April, the actor dismissed the notion that his actions at his birthday party were a bad influence to children, and clarified that the party only started after 10 PM when all the them were sent off the Disneyland grounds.

The actor stated, "I thought it was a private party. We only partied wildly after we closed the doors to the public. This is my way of expressing myself. I am a big kid and I love to party so hard that even Anita Mui used to scold me about it. I often ask people not to send me to the stage because I always sing songs with lots of expletives."

However, Eric still apologised for his behaviour. The actor also denied that he has made insinuations in his party that Charmaine Sheh loves to use foul language in her speeches. He further added that he was only rapping meaninglessly.

He added, "I just love to live in the moment, and I forgot everything that had been done at the party once it ended."

Regarding the fact that they broke the no-smoking regulation, Eric admitted that he was the one who broke the rule by asking everyone not to smoke outside the banquet ballroom as reporters might take photographs and spoil the image of Disneyland.

Kathy Chow wants no marriage

She has been in a stable relationship for ten years with her Beijing boyfriend, but 46-year-old Kathy Chow has no plans to get married.

According to Jayne Stars website, the actress recently expressed, "I already have a family! My parents did not rush me to get married. They just want their daughter to be happy. We have been together for ten years. The wedding certificate is not important to us anymore, and all that matters now is that we get along happily."

When asked about children, Kathy replied that they never thought about having children, therefore find it unnecessary to get married.
However, Kathy revealed that despite their final agreement to not get married, it was not the case initially, as Kathy had rejected several of Mr. Liu's proposals in the past.

"He proposed to me several times before, but I never responded to them. He gave up in the end. It's the 21st century now; marriage isn't as important as it used to be. I've already gone through that age of fantasising."

Kathy also stated, "You need to be in the right mindset in order to be happy. I am a very simple person and am very easy to please. Even small things like treating me candy can get me very happy."

Kathy Chow met her boyfriend, Mr. Liu when she relocated her acting career to Beijing in the late 1990s and was introduced by a mutual friend. Despite Liu being seven years younger than she is, Kathy believed that he is more mature than his age and knew she had found her Mr. Right.

Seductresses - Samantha Ko and Oceane Zhu

Playing the role of a seductress or a third party in numerous dramas does not make you such person in real life, as stressed by both TVB actresses, Samantha Ko and Oceane Zhu.

Popular Asians website reported that the two actresses - who have been playing such roles in various TVB dramas, emphasised that although they are willing to portray these characters, they are highly against being third parties in real life.

"Friendly Fire" actress, Samantha Ko, revealed that she took on such roles because other actresses are afraid to taint their reputation through such characters, and said, "Maybe it's because during my first two years in the industry, I had no experience with dramas, so every time I was cast, I see it as an opportunity. These types of roles allow for more development. An actress has to portray all types of characters."

Speaking about real life, Samantha exclaimed that she would never be a third party in someone else's relationship and stated that if she does happen to end up in a triangle relationship, she will insist to be the one who leaves right away.

Like Samantha, Oceane also sees third party roles as opportunities. "I don't resist portraying third party roles, because I want to try roles with a bad image and give the audience a fresh feeling. Viewers would be bored if an actress plays the same character over and over again."

Asked what her family think of her roles, she stated, "Portraying a third party is a bit awkward, but I'm not afraid of worrying my family. They understand my personality well, and know it's only acting."

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gallen Lo Becomes Father Once Again: Baby Girl Sela is 7lbs at Birth

50 year old Gallen Lo married his second wife, 38 year old Sophie Su two years ago and finally produces a beautiful baby. Yesterday morning at around 7am, Sophie Su expressed on Weibo that she first applied a facial mask before heading to the hospital to give birth to her baby daughter. Then around 10am, Sophie and her husband entered the Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital hand in hand. Finally, Sophie gave birth to a 7 pound, 4 ounces baby girl in the afternoon. The baby girl's English name is Sela (an Israeli name, means 'rock'); the Chinese name has not been decided yet. Sophie chose to give birth via C-section and just got anesthesia on half of her body, she was awake during the birth of her baby. Gallen expressed the process went very smoothly, but he was a little nervous before the birth and kept smoking cigarettes. Now that there is a newborn in the family, will Gallen consider to quit smoking? Gallen said: "If I wanted to quit, that will happen naturally!"

After the interview, Gallen was not alarmed by the recent H7N9 outbreak as he hurried out to let reporters take pictures of him carrying his baby girl. Little Sela had rosy red cheeks and big eyes. She found her father's beard interesting. Gallen gave her kisses on both cheeks and showed off his fatherly love. Gallen expressed Sela has her mother's eyes and lips, and his nose: "The doctor said when the baby was born, she had her eyes wide open and started crying very soon. I was responsible in cutting the umbilical cord. (Shaky hands?) No, I was very skilled because last time when my son was born (Law Yu Sing, ex-wife's son) I cut his umbilical cord too. (Chose the time to give birth?) No, I just don't want to say the time she was born because I don't want her 'Four Pillars' (時辰八字) to be publicized! (Touched?) I'm very happy, my wife and I cried! (Reward her?) Love is the best reward! (Try for another baby?) We have to discuss first!"

Sheren Tang Says 'Beauty At War' Love Triangle is not a Typical One

Beauty at War is premiering next Monday. Yesterday the cast including Moses Chan, Sheren Tang, Christine Ng, Christine Kuo, Kenny Wong, Eddie Kwan and Katy Kung attended the promotional event. Sheren appeared at the event dressed as the powerful Consort Yu. As the series is premiering soon, Sheren feels anxious and had been waiting for 9 years, just as long as the War and Beauty fans for this sequel. She is even anxious about the promotions and will try to participate in them as much as she can. The plot initially had Sheren and Ada play lesbians, but it was rumored because Sheren opposed to the idea, it was cut out. Sheren expressed the rumor cannot be trusted. Sheren is actually involved in a love triangle with Moses and Ada, but it's not a typical triangle, the relationships are very complicated. The audience can find out by watching the series themselves.

In the past, those who no longer has a contract with TVB are not invited to participate in the promotions, but yesterday producer Jonathan Chik still led the promotional event despite having already left the company. It was rumored Charmaine Sheh secretly guest starred in Beauty at War? Jonathan clarified there is no such thing. He expressed he invited Charmaine and Bowie Lam back to shoot flashbacks, but there were schedule conflicts, so there was nothing he could do. This time, the addition of new faces brought an unexpected outcome. Asked if this is his last and best TVB series? Jonathan expressed he is really anticipating the premiere and if there is an opportunity in the future, they can collaborate again.

Moses was asked if his girlfriend Aimee Chan get sexually harassed in Malaysia? He expressed his girlfriend is enjoying the filming process and there was no sexual harassment. He saw the report too, but it's just a camera angle issue.

Regarding Christine Kuo's rumors with Aaron Kwok, the cast supported Christine. Katy said Christine will not be a third party, she is a simple-minded girl. Kenny expressed he has more scenes with Christine Ng and didn't really encounter Christine Kuo, but shouldn't believe in rumors. Moses rarely reads entertainment news, he just laughed off the rumor.

TVB actress Meini Cheung is getting Married in November

TVB actress Meini Cheung is marrying her makeup artist boyfriend (KK) of many years on November 21st. The wedding banquet will be held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Earlier KK proposed to Meini while at their vacation in the Bali island. Yesterday Meini accepted a phone interview and expressed she asked good friend Tavia Yeung to be her maid of honor, Shirley Yeung, Kayi Cheung and Natalie Meng will be the bridesmaids. Other good friends Matt Yeung and Raymond Chiu expressed they'll be part of the sisters' troop. Meini and her fiance are flying to Italy for their advance honeymoon today and then they'll be heading to Paris in June for their wedding photoshoot. She happily said: "I don't plan to have any protection after marriage, hope to have a baby as soon as possible."

*TN: Meini Cheung gained popularity last year from her comedic performance in the TVB show Crazy for History. Her latest notable role is Reality Check as Evergreen Mak's wife.

'On Call 2' Stars Encounters Chow Yun Fat, Tavia Yeung: "I'm a Lucky Lamb"

Where in Hong Kong could you find an international superstar taking the bus, shopping on the streets or eating at a restaurant that easily? The answer is, Chow Yun Fat. According to unofficial statistics, Chow Yun fat is the superstar easiest to encounter by the public. Yesterday, Fat Gor coincidentally bumped into The Hippocratic Crush II crew filming outdoor scenes. TV Queen Tavia Yeung, Lawrence Ng, Tracy Chu and Becky Lee turned into little fans quickly grabbed Fat Gor for pictures. Of course, Fat Gor turned nobody down. What an awesome encounter! It turns out Fat Gor is the actor most 'stamp collected' in HK.

On Weibo, The Hippocratic Crush II stars posted their pictures with Fat Gor and expressed their joy.

Tavia: "Heaven! Today I am definitely a 'Lucky Lamb'. I saw my super idol Fat Gor! I really look forward to have an opportunity to collaborate with Fat Gor one day!"

Lawrence: "My wish of many years finally comes true, I can take a picture with the idol's idol."

Tracy: "So lucky! Today I actually saw Fat Gor while at work!"

Becky: "Can you guess who I encountered this morning while shooting 'on call 36'? The Super Nice Superstar - Fat Gor! You see me jumping in joy? I even forgot to take off my glasses!"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aaron Kwok Upset Mentioning Lynn, Comforts Tearful Christine Kuo

Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung's relationship is no more. Lynn could no longer tolerate Aaron's rumors with Christine Kuo and after so many years, she's still hasn't become Mrs. Kwok. She decided to withstand the pain and withdraw from the relationship. On Weibo, Lynn announced she is back to being "single". Yesterday the 'third party' Christine faced reporters in teary red eyes as she responded to the questions about the rumor. Aaron got upset when reporters mentioned Lynn, but when he found out Christine got wronged, he comforted his rumored girlfriend.

Christine Urges Reporters: Write the Truth

It was rumored Christine Kuo was the cause of Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung's break up. Yesterday at the Beauty at War promotion Christine expressed with red eyes: "This morning, my company told me about the news and rumor. I feel really unhappy. I didn't do anything and people are saying that about me. It's difficult to bear, and I hope they will report about the truth. (What is the truth?) I'm not the third party. (Contacted Aaron?) I concentrate on my work everyday, I don't keep in touch with him. (Last time you watched Aaron's concert, but still no contact?) No. (Any chance to develop with Aaron) Aside from work, I don't want to think about anything else. (Aaron just broke up with Lynn, no chance to develop?) Not at the moment. (Fear people will gossip about you?) My career is the priority. I hope to concentrate on my work and I hope everyone can pay more attention to my improvements and not my rumors. (Lynn Hung no longer wants to tolerate it?) I understand how a woman would feel, but I'm helpless that [the media] is writing about me like that." Netizens scolded Christine is the 'third party', and this is when tears formed in her eyes: "Please, can you all help me clear this up in your reports. (Cried due to unhappiness?) Almost..."

Meanwhile, Aaron attended a celebration event for the film Cold War. He insisted on doing the interview with Nick Cheung. At first, he looked relaxed, but when reporters asked about his break up with Lynn? He got upset. Aaron expressed after shooting Cold War, he got a new friend (Nick Cheung), but when reporters asked if he loses a girlfriend? He said: "Honestly, I'm not going to answer you. You know my personality. I do not respond to personal questions. I won't justify either. Relationships, leave it to fate."

Asked if he's single now? Aaron already lost his patience, he said: "I'm done answering! No comment!" Asked if he could just say it once so other women will know whether they have a chance? He repeated: "I'm done speaking!" Exactly, what is his current relationship with Lynn? He insisted on leaving relationships to fate. He had always kept a low-profile and so he does not want to talk about it. He hopes the public can give him some personal space. Asked again if they have already broken up? Aaron said angrily: "I risked my life filming this movie, but you're not asking me about the work, how is that respectful to the actor?"

Aaron gets upset when Lynn is mentioned, but when speaking of Christine, his face changed. When he learned Christine cried, he said: "So pitiful! There is no need to cry, the innocent will be innocent. Her personality is like this..." He added he is not very familiar with Christine. Nick Cheung suggested he treat Christine a meal? He asked how could he treat her a meal at this time? Later, Aaron expressed his apology to Christine and that fabricated news could damage a girl's image.

Singer Sita Chan Dies From Serious Traffic Accident

Today at 2AM there was a serious traffic accident that occurred in Yau Ma Tei involving 26 year old singer Sita Chan. She was rushed to the Kwong Wah Hospital for immediate rescue, but unfortunately at 4:16AM, she passed away. The news shocked the entertainment circle. Sita's record company Sun Entertainment Culture, issued a written statement this morning expressing their condolence to Sita's accidental death. Sita's manager, Paco Wong, expressed he is heartbroken and sad. Sun Entertainment Culture sends their deep condolence to Sita's family and promises to provide full support for Sita's funeral arrangements.

According to the statement, before Sita's accident, she had just finished working and went to practice singing with her singing teacher. She practiced until 2AM and when she was driving in Yau Ma Tei, she got into the serious accident.

Charmaine Sheh Not Upset Eric Tsang Implied She Frequently Swears

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh attended an event for LANCOME Absolue. The other guests included Jacqueline Chong, Irene Wan and Amanda Lee. It has been a while since Charmaine appeared in HK since she's often working in Mainland. After this event, she's flying to Hangzhou. Asked if she's worried about the H7N9 bird flu? She said: "It will be fine. I have a good immune system, take more vitamins, but I'm heading right back to the hotel after work and won't go out too much."

At Eric Tsang's birthday party earlier, many of his celebrity friends were singing songs with profanity and Eric publicly expressed he should invite Charmaine up on stage to sing along? Charmaine laughed when she heard this. She said: "He's just kidding! That night, we had too much fun and it was really loud. I didn't know what they were singing and I couldn't hear what was being said. It was a very fun evening. (That means Eric said you're always swearing?) They're just playing, it was a big family together that night, just joking behind closed doors. I'm not upset! (You never swear?) I don't believe there is a person who does not swear, but it depends on the setting and what's happening. In general, shouldn't be scolding people using profanity! (Did he apologize to you?) I had dinner with him last night, and I just called him a bad person for putting me on the table! (Worried this might affect your image?) If my 10+ year reputation gets ruined by his one comment, then I really have to do a self-reflection!"

Also, it was rumored Christine Kuo was the third party who led to Aaron Kwok breaking up with Lynn Hung. Because of this Christine was called a flirt. Tabloid magazines had long addressed Charmaine as 'Flirty Sheh', she advised Christine to just do her own part and as long as she has the actual strength, then she does not need to worry about what people say. Charmaine expressed she does not support third parties because that's breaking up a family and not a good thing. She will not be a third party.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sire Ma Loves Wayne Lai Both In and Out of the Drama

In TVB series Bullet Brain, Wayne Lai and rising FaDan Sire Ma develop a romantic relationship. Although this pair do not look matching at all, Wayne insisted its very reasonable. Sire loves Wayne both in and out of the series disclosing she's a young fan of Wayne's.

Wayne expressed Bullet Brain is not your typical TVB drama. It does not follow a sequential plot and leaves the audience guessing. There won't be an explanation until the later episodes. Wayne actually prefers this style to describe a story. The scene where Wayne plays the guitar to please Sire was said to have been too mushy, but he feels that was a wise arrangement. He expressed Detective Columbo often has tricks up his sleeve, making it reasonable for a young adult to like someone older. Sire Ma's role is that kind of person, who can easily be deceived.

Sire disclosed she extremely admires Wayne in the series, but she's actually a 'Wayne fan' herself in real life. When she first found out she was collaborating with him, she was so happy. Sire said: "It feels relaxing and comforting working with Wayne. He gives me advice in many areas. What I gained most from him was his rhythm. This is a rare experience."

Aside from having to handle fighting scenes, Sire also had to break through her fear of snakes and roaches because she had to film with those creatures around. Even Wayne praised her bravery. Whether if its the roaches crawling up under her dress or the snake slithering on her thigh, Sire bit her teeth tightly and did the scenes herself. "I was really scared, but that's the beauty of acting, you can try out so many different things from your roles. You just bite your teeth and do it. This is also another experience for me."

Monday, April 15, 2013

Aimee Chan Clarifies Didn't Get Sexually Harassed in Malaysia

Aimee Chan is currently in Malaysia shooting for TVB new series Outbound Love. Yesterday a magazine reported when she was shooting a scene where she gets harassed by several Southern Asian Extras (temporary actors), they actually sexually harassed her. The report said her co-stars Ruco Chan and Matt Yeung did not try to stop them, which made Aimee unhappy and complained to her boyfriend Moses Chan. Yesterday Aimee personally clarified the rumor. She denied that there was no such thing that happened. She said: "I'm fine! Nothing like that happened. It's just a matter of the camera angles, we all had a pleasant collaboration. Very harmonious."

TVB Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Mr. Tsang Sing Ming expressed: "Catherine Tsang talks to the crew on a daily basis. She knows clearly of what is happening. Today when we saw the report, we contacted the producer and the crew. Nothing like what the report said happened. The outdoor filming is going smoothly and they are collaborating well. The photos were just a camera angle issue."

Tony Leung Steps Back into TVB in a New Series with Michael Miu & Raymond Lam

Lately there has been a lack of Siu Sangs and FaDans in TVB, no wonder Eric Tsang had to throw out his friendship cards and ask his good friends back to shoot series. Earlier Eric expressed he successfully convinced good buddy Tony Leung Kar Fai to shoot a TVB series and since he started his career from the TVB Artistes Training class, he's 'bleeding' TVB's blood. However, it was understood TVB still has not discussed the salary with the fresh out of the oven Film King. This time, Tony is making a comeback in producer Chong Wai Kin's 30 episode series co-starring Michael Miu and Raymond Lam, schedule to start in September. The female lead not been confirmed yet. It was understood, TVB really values the Film King's comeback and will make an investment for the crew to shoot in Vietnam.

Yesterday reporters contacted TVB series production director Tommy Leung to confirm. He expressed all is still in discussion. Tony has a busy schedule and has not had the time to look at the script. Asked if its expensive for TVB to hire Tony? Tommy said: "We haven't discussed about the salary yet, but he's coming back this time because of the relationship and we must give him a reasonable price." As for producer Chong Wai Kin, who is currently working in Foshan, expressed the casting was decided a few days ago and that they are still talking to Raymond Lam about his schedule. He said: "I haven't collaborated with Raymond in a long time, nor have I ever collaborated with Michael. I am looking forward to it. (Does Tony have any requests? What about the female lead?) I haven't talked to him yet. As for the female lead, we are waiting for the story to finish writing first before deciding."

Michael Miu expressed he chatted with Tony at Eric Tsang's party last night, he said: "Tony's my junior and I really do hope to collaborate with him, but there are some conflicts with his schedule. We may have to postpone." Raymond is currently in Hengdian filming, he expressed he does not know if he'll have the opportunity to work with Tony, but he's one of his idols during childhood. Now that he's encountering him in a TV series, Raymond will not need to consider at all, but he does not have the details on what his role is yet. Raymond hopes to learn acting skills from Tony.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Selena Li Afraid of Dry Skin, Uses Skincare Products Proactively

Selena Li has been the spokesperson for a skincare brand for 3 years. Yesterday she puts on a yellow tanktop to shoot a commercial for the brand. She frankly expressed she gets a raise each year and is very pleased with the amount. When speaking of her skincare experiences, Selena expressed she's afraid of getting a tan because her skin gets dry and she'll look older. Selena said: "I apply skincare products on my face each morning and night. During the day, I would put sunscreen on and moisturizers to prevent sunburns. Otherwise, I could easily get spots on my hands. In the evening, I put on body lotion after taking a shower and every week I scrub off the dead skin and then put skin moisturizer for better absorption."

Currently on vacation, Selena will be back to shoot a TVB costume drama in May, so she has to really work out and start stretching her muscles. "I have a dance background, if I need to do action scenes, I want to do them myself. Stretches need to be done over a period of time, so I'm just preparing early."

Niki Chow Fulfills Promise, Gives Michael Tse a "Plastic Wrap" Kiss

Michael Tse and Niki Chow's Sergeant Tabloid celebrated the serial's success with the other cast including Koni Lui, Grace Wong, Candice Chiu, Oceane Zhu, etc. Earlier Niki promised if the peak rating reaches 32 points, she would give Michael a kiss to thank the audience to make up for not having any kiss scenes in the series. She also let Michael choose the area to kiss. The highest peak rating for this series was 34 points.

At the celebration, Niki fulfilled her promised and gave Michael a kiss, but she turned it into a funny moment. She put plastic wrap over Michael's lips and covered his eyes before kissing him. Michael pulled off the plastic wrap and complained: "You covered my entire face, how would anyone know I'm Michael Tse?" Soon after, everyone asked Niki to do the kiss again. Michael was asked how the kiss felt? He joked: "So fake!" Niki explained because of the recent bird flu, it's better to have good hygiene.

During the interview, Niki disclosed she called Michael right before the celebration and clearly stated that he cannot make her kiss him in an inappropriate area, only allowed the five sense organs or face. She said: "When I first said it, I forgot to say clearly where I could kiss. What if he tells me to kiss somewhere that can't be seen? What if he's psycho and wants me to kiss his armpit or lower half of the body? What happens if there is hair there?" Michael said: "I initially thought of making Niki kiss my toes. She wanted to kiss me long ago, now her wish has come true."

When speaking of the possibly of a sequel? Niki expressed the earliest she can shoot another series is in 2014. TVB has also scheduled her other series A Change of Heart to air in the summer. Niki disclosed she is currently concentrated on recording for her Mandarin album that will be releasing at the end of the year. Her boss Richie Ren has got a lot of people participating in producing this album. She expressed her Mandarin is considered passing, but she's feeling nervous because this is her first Mandarin album.

BTOB’s MV for “Second Confession” released

BTOB is finally here with the release of their awaited music video!

The group previously released their latest track, “Second Confession“, which is perfect for the warm spring weather as a sweet confession song that music lovers of all ages will be able to relate to.

Serving as a thank you present from the group to all the fans, the boys make sure to provide lots of fan service throughout the video as they interact with one another and showcase a bit of their cute choreography!

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